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Welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast. And today we’re talking about marketing. And specifically, the key to making whatever marketing strategy you choose actually work. Okay, and my goal here is that you would have a breakthrough. And really, that is the goal and intention for every single one of these episodes. We’re going to talk about that today. All right, sister. So I want to start here.



I mentioned this before, but I wanted to emphasize this point, right out of the gate, and that is, you know, all you need is one working marketing strategy to get you as far as you want to go in your business, one.



Now, I know based upon what the Guru’s tell us, and all of that, that it may seem like, I wish, like that’s not possible. But in today’s episode, I want to what’s that word in the Bible, I want to abhor you know, I want to set the word, I want to impress upon you so deeply that it’s true.



Like when you simplify your business, not only does that open up time in your life and space in your brain,



but it makes what you’re doing more effective



and better for your clients. Like, like when you simplify everything, it’s not only good for you, but it is very, very good for your clients. It’s good for them the way of how you market to them to show them that their problem is so solvable. And you know how,



and you know, that they can actually do it. So the simplicity cannot be overemphasized. If you really want to take your business to big places, big places of impact, big places of value given to the client and dollars in your bank account. Okay, so I want to, I want to just reiterate that one strategy is all it takes. Whether that strategy is email,



or YouTube, or podcasting, or writing a book, or speaking on stages, or networking, or Pinterest, or doing what you do on social and so many more, like both organic and paid. And by the way, if you didn’t hit six figures that yet, I want to really implore you, I guess that’s the word to stay organic, there is no need for you to pay in order to get clients in that first six figure,



you know, dollar amount. And I know a lot of gurus will disagree with me on that, trust me do things the way I suggest you do them, you’ll save yourself time and money and have more success. Okay. So whatever strategy you choose, they all work.



But you’ve got to decide,



you got to choose, you got to be courageous enough to go all in on one marketing strategy. Right? I’m telling you, there are three steps to success in business. And these are the same three steps that are going to get you to consistent 10k months, and consistent 100k months and beyond. And those three steps are grab your paper and pen. It’s this easy ladies. Those three steps are Decide, commit, implement.



That’s it. And I know it seems like whoa, there has to be harder than that doesn’t have to be and it’s not. Okay, you decide. I want to go all in on one marketing strategy. And I’m going to choose



this strategy. Now you might say, Well, how do I do that out of the plethora of possibilities, okay, you consider two things. And I don’t care the order, but these two things. Number one, what are your natural gifts? Where do your interests lie? Like, do you love the idea? Like, like this podcast, where if you’d see what I look like right now, you would be like, Whoa, right? I’m still in my pajamas. And it’s what time 1030 in the morning.



You know, so this is great that I can talk and deliver value without having to put on my makeup. Or maybe you love video, maybe that’s your chosen medium, great. Then do lives or go on YouTube and develop that channel, for example, right? Or maybe you love the written word and that’s where your gifts are and that’s where your interests are great. Then you look at a book and lower look at you know, devoting your time and attention to email marketing because I’m telling you email is not dead far from it. It’s way more stats prove it is way more effective than anything you could possibly do on social.



Okay, so but the point of what I’m saying is, decide pick one. So that’s the first thing



You consider, what do you want to do? What are you great at? And the second and very, very important consideration, which actually might be the first consideration is your best client.



What do they want? How do they prefer to consume? Value? Where are where are they hanging out, right? And I’m telling you right there, that’s kind of putting the cart before the horse, if you have not been courageous enough and bold enough to have chosen your best clients, what are the top three to five characteristics? You know, my clients have to be X, Y, and Z. And that doesn’t mean that’s the only people you work with. But it does mean that this is the three to five or whatever it is characteristics that I am going to speak to and address intentionally in my marketing period.



Okay, now I can do a whole other



our long tirade on that issue, but if you are still holding back and you’re hesitant, and you’re like, Oh, I can’t niche down or I can’t be specific on my best client, because then I’m, you know, these other people who need me will miss out? No, no, they will miss out because they won’t even see it. But so will you. And you won’t get to serve the people that you were truly meant to serve by God’s hand. Okay, so you’ve got to decide, pick just one that you’re gonna go all in on, okay. And then the second step to success in business, as I said, is commit, you’ve made that decision, now you’re going to commit to it. And I would suggest you commit to it for at least six months, more like a year, okay. But we decide and we commit.



And once we’ve decided, and we’ve committed to that decision, the third and final step is implement. And that’s all you do. Now, here’s where it goes, right. And here’s where women have, where they experienced problems. And that is that they don’t stick with their decision, they decide



that they don’t really commit.



So what happens is they decide, for example, to go all in on a podcast.



And then after doing it for a month or two, they change their mind.



And the brain.



This is how our beautiful brain works. It’s amazing how it can work against us in so many ways. But the thought could be after you’re working hard and long for a month or two, and you’re like it’s not working. So I’ve got to change things.






Or you might say, You know what, people aren’t listening. I’m not getting 100,000 downloads. Listen, I’m well into my second year, and I have not quite yet hit 100,000 downloads. Although it is growing in listenership and the buzz daily, it takes time.



Too often, we’re so impatient. And I would say we even have unrealistic expectations on how long it’s going to take for us to actually see something working.



Okay, so we change our mind, we think it’s not working, we’re impatient. There’s even judgment to it. We’re like saying, You know what, this must not be what my clients want.



And you do that without due diligence as to who the heck your best clients are? Right? I just talked about that. Or you just assume that because you’re only getting 12 downloads on your podcast in the first month. Despite your posting all over the place, you’re like, well, this topic may not be, it just isn’t what they want right now. Well, wait a minute, if you don’t know who you’re talking to, how would you possibly know what they want? Or if you have decided who your best clients are? And you have identified those top three to five characteristics, how many of those very people have you spoken to and ask directly? What are you looking for? What are your problems? What keeps you up at night? What do you care about all those things, right?



And we change our mind besides all of that, based on what we see. All right, and get clients from this. I’m not getting enough downloads, I’m not getting enough engagement, I’m not getting enough lights, I’m not getting enough shares, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Right? So again, we’re changing our mind, we’re going back on our commitment to our decision because we really never committed in the first place. So we’re changing our minds based on what we see.



Now, Christian, ladies, Christian sisters, what’s wrong with that?



We act not natural, but in the supernatural. And we should think, like God, thanks. So we’re not thinking and making decisions based on what we see. We follow our, you know, saints that came before us in the Bible and notably in Hebrews chapter 11, the faith chapter, faith, it’s taking action, not by what we see, but by believing.



You know, we are in God’s will. And God always wins. Therefore, if he’s called me to business, all I got to do



It is pursue his wisdom, seek him out right at every turn. For every decision, I’m gonna go to him, I’m gonna listen to him. And I know that can be hard. But that’s the point, right? So that when we know we’re in God’s will, we know he’s a winner, we’re more than a conqueror and him, therefore, we’re going to have faith. And so when we make decisions on that one marketing strategy, we’re not going to change our minds based on what we see.



We’re not going to allow impatience or distractions, or doubts or judgments, or any of that, take us off course we decide, we commit to that decision, and then we implement. Okay. So maybe you have decided on one marketing strategy, and you are all in on it. Right. And you’re committed to it, and you’re implementing it.



And you’re not changing your mind and rub off for that. However, the other flip side of this, if you’re not changing your offers, and changing your mind on the marketing, right, then what I find in the way of marketing is, you’re doing too much.



You’re doing too many things. So you really haven’t chosen one,



you may be really focusing on one, but then you have all these other things that are taking up space in your brain



and taking up your time.



And so your best work is not being you know, your your best value is not being created in that one marketing strategy. Because you’re wearing yourself thin because you’re doing too many things.



You’re you’re you’re buying into the enemy’s lie, and so many gurus lie that you got to work harder,



got to do more. Right. And you really get in trouble when you do it without the strategy.



When you just are willy nilly posting or willy nilly speaking, or whatever the case, okay? You need to be intentional about all of it.



Okay, so let’s assume that after this, you are going to take the time, and I encourage you to do that, to decide on one marketing strategy, and you’re gonna get rid of everything else, you’re gonna put blinders on. And I know that is scary, your brain will say you are crazy, don’t do that. This is very uncomfortable. But trust me, just do this for six months, commit to it for six months, okay, decide on that one strategy.



Commit to it. Don’t go back, don’t change your mind. Don’t add more things to it. Okay, Decide, commit and then implement go all in. Okay. And I want to hear from you. If you do that, I want to know what your one marketing strategy is that you’ve chosen. But now in the second part of this podcast, I’m going to talk to you about the key to making any one marketing strategy work.



And that is having a marketing system behind it. Okay, so that was strategy. Right? What am I doing? And now, I want to talk about a marketing system behind that chosen strategy. Now, by marketing system, I’m talking about your client journey is basically what does your best client, right, your prospect at this point? What do they experience. And when you intentionally map this out ahead of time, and put your brain to work on creating a, an absolutely beautiful, doable, highly valuable, and even fun experience for that person, your best client, right, the best would be client, that system that you put in place, that client journey with that extraordinary experience is going to do the heavy lifting for you in your selling, because it’s going to help you pre sell your offers and your services. So that by the time they get there, and we’re going to talk about the journey, your your offer becomes a no brainer for those best clients. It is a yes, please.



Your services your offers become something that your client finds irresistible. And isn’t that the entire point of what we’re doing to sign clients and change lives. Okay, so briefly, I want to lay out a framework for you to think through and create



for your marketing system. Now, this marketing system is going to allow you to do three things. So this is this is the why why would I want to set up this client journey? Why do I want to take the time to do this set up this marketing system that’s going to help you do three things First, it’s gonna help you grow your email list. Second, it’s gonna get you more qualified leads, right? And as I said, all of that the qualification it’s going to help you in your selling. And that gets us to the third why which is going to allow you to sign more clients and do it much easier and more consistently than you are right now. Okay, so you’re ready to talk about this client journey, the marketing system. Okay, there are five steps in the



Complete client journey or marketing system. And right now we’re going to cover the first three. Now these first three steps are from the best clients, your best clients perspective, and I’m going to tell you what they are. And then I’m gonna go a little bit deeper into each one. Okay, so these are the three steps aware, absorbed absorb a point. So again, it’s aware, absorb a point. Now I’m talking about aware, I’m talking about awareness, this is where your best client becomes aware of you. And more than they just find you. The goal here your goal in intentionally, you know, putting mind and effort to creating this first step, the marketing system, your goal here in this step is that your best clients interest in you through the value that you’re putting out there for your best clients to see that they are compelled to pay you quote, unquote, for an opt in, that you’ve created with their email address. Okay, so the awareness, you’re posting, for example, right. And that, that makes them aware of you. And they’re like, intrigued by the words you use and how you do what you do. And so that compels them to say yes to your opt in, and they pay for that with their email address, I think a lot of times their payment in that regard, is under, under, under appreciated, you know, for someone to take the time to opt in and give you their name and email address, they paid that they’d be paid it with their time, and they’re allowing you into their world, we should celebrate that all day long. Okay, so that’s the first step. In this marketing system aware, your best clients become aware, the next step is absorb. They’re gonna absorb your stuff, right. So listen, after your best clients become aware of you, and they love what they see so much, that they’ve opted into something that you’ve created just for them to solve a problem or to inspire them or somehow make their life better. You know, so they’re awesome experience, their journey with you continues from aware into this absorb phase absorb. And this is where they consume more of your value that you’ve created and put out into the world. Whether that be podcast, interviews, social posts, webinars, training series, YouTube, or other lives, or whatever it is. And so not only are they absorbing and consuming your valuable content, but they are hooked on it as they do so. And why. And this is the goal for this second step, because they’re receiving many wins along the way, from all of the content you’re putting out there, what they’re absorbing, is giving them a win. So I’m gonna give you two examples for me. Okay, one example of a mini win is the ladies who downloaded my ultimate scaling guide,



where I lay out four proven steps for exponential growth in your business, right? And so I get DMS pretty much every day or emails attesting to the fact that thank you for this. It’s helped me move forward. Right? It’s helped them create their marketing strategy and their sales strategy and their operational strategy. How? Because inside, I lay out the questions to ask yourself



in order to identify these strategies for yourself, right, so inside the ultimate scaling guide, I talk about developing a memorable brand, right, that becomes a movement with a loyal following. But that’s not all inside this freebie this opt in that so many of you have downloaded, you’re also gonna learn about the power of believing and living your faith in your business. And finally, I address creating your own intellectual property so that your offer becomes one of a kind, nothing else like it. Okay, so I put time, effort and value into my ultimate scaling guide. Because I wanted to intentionally purposefully make sure that every woman that that consumes it, that downloads it that implements it, is going to get a win. Okay, and so if you have not yet done that, if you’d like to experience this mini win for yourself, download a copy, just go to Judy That’s Judy And you’ll see a banner right at the top of the page, you can grab a copy of my ultimate scaling guide. All right. Now, here’s another example of a mini win. And that is what you’re doing right now. This podcast. This is my legacy. Every week, I’m creating a body of work that offers tons of value. I mean, at this point, we’re nearly 300 episodes, and each of those episodes is created with a intention behind it. I’m gonna give you my precious sister and valued listener, a breakthrough a win so that you can move your business and your life forward. So, on this step, what will your best clients absorb?



or from your world, right from what you’re putting out there in this step of the journey. Okay, so aware absorb. And the third step we’ll talk about today is a point, a point, this is where your best client says yes, yes to hiring you and working with you. Now, this step can take many forms, right? It could be a sales conversation, or a sales console, or a sales appointment, or maybe an application for that appointment or console. It could also be a webinar, whether free or paid. Or it could be an invitation to join a waitlist and so much more, right. But here in this step of appoint the best clients are taking affirmative action toward the yes, here, they’re reaching out to you for more. And that’s the goal here in this third step. And that is that your best clients get so much value from you. And they resonate with your approach and how you do what you do and all of that, that they’ve experienced a win or two along the way, such that at this stage, they are exploring what it would be like to take it to the next level to work with you. Okay, so when you look at that marketing system, and it can be easy to just fluff over it, oh, I don’t have to think this through. I’m telling you, this is why only about it’s less than 2% of women make it to seven figures, it’s not because you couldn’t get there.



It’s because only that percentage less than 2% are going to take the time to slow down to speed up to think through each of these aspects of the marketing system of the client journey to really make your marketing the most effective that it can be, and what to what benefit to serve your best clients. Okay, well, I hope today’s show has created a breakthrough for you sister in the way that you think about marketing and your approach to it. And in both strategy and systems. You know, not all that long ago, I was doing all the doing. And I believe the lie that if I just worked longer, but just worked harder. And if I could only find that one right, perfect strategy, that I’d be on my way to millions. Let me tell you, that is a lie. The enemy is peddling it everywhere, right? The Hustle mentality is glorified. While those that really embrace that are heading straight to burnout. They’re not seeing results, and they’re ready to quit. So the goal, trust me is not do all the things. And if not find the perfect strategy and keep jumping from one thing to another thing to another until you do No, no, no. All right, this is called joyful scaling this podcast. And so my whole message to the super ambitious high achieving Christian woman is replace hustle with joy, joy in business, it’s not some elusive result reserved for a select few joy in business can be yours. And indeed, think about it as a lover of the Lord Jesus Christ. In all things, joy, joy, and all things is like what we were to be about, it’s ours.



In faith, we need only pursue it, choose it, receive it and live it not only in our lives, but in our businesses too. Right.



All right. So before we end for the day, I want to talk to those in the earlier stages of your business. This is called joyful scaling. So a great percentage of you are past six figures on a multi six figures and towards seven figures. But if you are listening, and you’re in the earlier stages of your business, and you are working to hit consistent 10k months, I want you to know about a brand new three part video training series that I’m putting together. And it’s called Build a 100k business in 12 months or less. Every business I’ve built, I’ve achieved six figures in that first year. And in the last two businesses, I created multi six figures in the first year. So believe me, I know how to get there. And importantly, I know how to do it from a place of not only integrity and authenticity and without compromising your faith in the Lord in any way. But also getting to six figures in your first year from a place of joy. Dare I say rest? Yes. And I want that for you. Now this series isn’t quite ready for release yet, but it will be later this summer. But you can sign up now and reserve your spot. Just go to build a 100k biz bi And you can get on the list for that. So again, if you want to be a part of my upcoming three part video training series called Build a 100k business in 12 months or less, head on over to build a 100k and 100 is the number not written out but it’s the number build a 100 K biz bi



Hey, thanks so much for listening sister, I pray that this was so valuable for you. And I love that you’ve listened. But I really want you to implement what was your biggest takeaway? Go back and listen again, map out your marketing system after choosing one marketing strategy and don’t forget to let me know reach out to me. I’m at at Judy Weber, co everywhere on social DME, email me. I want to hear from you. Thank you so much for listening. And God bless you. We’ll see you next time.


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