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All right, welcome. Welcome to thriver Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful business growth and scaling strategies. And of course grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Hey there. My name is Judy Weber. I am a business coach for Christian women who are successful and committed to growing and scaling their business. And it is such an honor to be here with you today, whether you’re on Instagram, or LinkedIn or Facebook or YouTube. Welcome, welcome. Listen, before we jump into today’s topic, which is the four stages of business from brand new to seven figures, I want to talk to all the coaches out there. Okay. I mentioned this last time, the International Christian coaching Institute’s first ever live conference is happening September 28. To October 1 in Texas. I’ve never been to Texas, I cannot wait. The keynote speakers are like the best of the best in the Christian industry, right in the Christian world, including Aleta Reynolds with women of faith. Shout out to a leader. I interviewed a leader on my podcast, the joyful scaling podcast. That’s episode 276. So if you want to go check out episode 276 of the joyful scaling podcast that is a Christ rich interview that you don’t want to miss. Also, Steve arterburn is another keynote speaker he’s with He’s the president of New Life Ministries. And when I was coming to faith, years and years ago, he was a big part of that. And that ministry was as well. And the keynote keynote is Nick Vujicic. I don’t know if I’m saying that name, right. But I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. He’s the Australian evangelist, who was born without limbs. And there is a couple of other real heavy hitters as keynotes I’m also going to be on the stage. And I have a 25% off coupon whether you are going to be able to be there live, or if you prefer to buy a virtual ticket. So if you would like more information on the ICC I first ever live conference and the coupon code. How about your drop a one in the comments, and I will come back later today. One, if you want to find out more and get that coupon code. Now as we go to God in prayer, I want to invite you to, I want to encourage you really to be sure to carve out time in your day every day to spend with the Lord. And I’ve got to confess that there for a while, I had fallen away from that daily habit. And surprise, no surprise, my life was affected and of course negatively. But since I have recommitted to spending 30 to 60 minutes with him each and every morning, I feel the difference. It impacts all areas of my life. And my business so much more joyful, I feel stronger, mentally, physically, it always right to handle the stress of the day, no matter what comes in my mind has never been sharper. God by His grace created us for relationship with him. And oh, what an incredible gift. May we may you may I not take that precious gift for granted as we each pursue our loving father with renewed fervor. Alright, let’s go to God and prayer and invite Him in. Heavenly Father, thank you for joining us here in thriver. Thursday, it’s amazing. I see Marie in France, and I see so many others. And I’m not sure where all of them are from But Lord, this is a world wide mission that you put me on God, as you know, the gold standard in business coaching for Christian women. And so Lord, I just ask for your anointing. I asked for you to bless the words coming out of my mouth, change them in the Spirit, you know, tell me Ooh, don’t say that say this. I am open God. And I pray that each and every woman who is here with me live or on the replay or listening on the joyful scaling podcast as this is going to be repurposed their Lord, I just pray that the words are going to land as they need to, like we’re going to trust you to help those words to land in the hearts and the minds of the women who really want to grow their business, mostly for your glory. I mean, that’s the whole entire point, and also to impact clients. So Lord, thank you for how you’re gonna move. We love you help us to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen. Amen. All right. Now I have seen the stages of business.



Seen this hope that didn’t mess me up on Instagram, I have seen this broken down into eight stages, and 12 stages, and even more, but you know me, I love to take the complicated and make everything super, super simple. Why? Why would I want to do that? Well, so that you can take and apply what I’m teaching. So as I did some power thinking along those lines about what are the stages from opening your doors to seven figures. I see four, only four, not eight, not 12. And so first I’m going to tell you what those four stages are and then I’m going to go back We’re going to dive deeper into each one, including where you need to focus in that stage to get you to the next level. Okay, so you’re ready. Okay, the four stages of business are stage one, newbie, stage two worker, be stage three, leader, and stage four CEO. All right, newbie, worker, bee, leader, CEO, let’s talk about the new beat. Of course, they’re just getting started. So excited about your business, right? Think about when you first started your business, you’re so excited. And you know, you can help people, and you feel called to business by the Lord. So with that you feel super optimistic about what is to come, and how God’s gonna move. You dream about what life will be like when you have a successful business generating consistent revenue. And during that time, freedom that everybody talks about, right? You aren’t sure what to do first. And you know, there’s lots that you don’t know, right? But you’re just so excited about making the decision. And yes, that is a beautiful decision to open your doors. And you’re so excited that the doubt and the fear are overrun by your optimism, and the future that you imagine. But here’s what I see happens in this first stage, the vast majority of these newbies do these things that are really not what you need to be focused on, right, newbies just starting out tend to set these as priorities, it’s gotta get my website up. Gotta get my brand colors and fonts and logos figured out. Right? I’ve got to get my business cards, it’s kind of like setting up shop. And so they’re more concerned about setting up shop than actually making money. But the reality is, without money, you’re not gonna have a business. So here is what you should be doing. In this newbie phase. First and foremost, you gotta meet people. Sounds obvious, right? But think about it. Did you do that in the beginning? Or if you’re in the earlier stages now is that the priority? It needs to be the priority meeting people, and ideally, people, you, you that need what you have to offer, right? And one of the biggest mistakes that I see in this regard is not choosing a best client. Like, who do I really want to serve? And I want to give you an example, because I want this to land for you ladies. You could say, Well, I’m just a weight loss expert for women. I’m a weight loss coach. Well, that’s good. Now only half the population is your potential audience, right. But you’re going to do yourself and your business so good. By going more specific, like weight loss for new mamas looking to lose that baby weight, those final 10 pounds, right? Or maybe weight loss for women over 40 fighting the belly bulge. Do you see how in each case, I’m very specifically talking to a particular segment of the market.



And that is when you are heard, okay, because trust me, the market is plenty large enough in each of those categories. And whatever other one you choose, that you will definitely be more hurt if you go as a as a specialist, rather than a generalist. And I’m going to make a statement here that prediction, generalists will not survive, period, as we go forward, a marketplace is getting too crowded, you just won’t be heard, you won’t be seen. So you’ve got to specialize. That means you have to choose your best clients. And the sooner you do that, the better. So number one, you got to meet people next, not just meet them and and you know, Hey, can I take your business card? Hey, you know, as you go out to networking events, or are here on social, you’re like friending and connecting with people, but you’re not doing anything with it, like what the heck’s the point? So the second big thing you need to focus on Besides meeting people is building relationships. Like talk to them, like a real person. And don’t worry about scripts, what am I supposed to say, just talk from the heart, and give value and serve them with your expertise and show them that you’re the expert. And all without expectation of working together, you’re just showing up as the expert. That’s what experts do, right? And you’re not giving away your best stuff. That’s not what I’m talking about. But it is sharing enough of yourself and giving them value, ie, the ability to have many wins, as I call them. So that they’re like, Wow, she really knows her stuff, right? So you’re you’re meeting people, you’re building relationships and and then maybe you point them to a free resource that you have. And sometimes give it to them, just, you know, just let them know, hey, I want to invite you to this and I’ll send it your way. Or you could in other ways, make them give you an email for the download. And that’s fine either way you’re serving. And it’s great in the latter one when you’re getting an email because now you’re starting to grow your email list which is another thing thing that you really should be working at, and it’s never too soon to start. So here’s what happens after showing up building relationships giving and serving to things may happen, okay? I guarantee they will, if you keep at this long enough, don’t give up before it’s working, because it’s gonna work. First, they are going to reach out to you. And that can and will happen when you consistently show up and give content that actually helps them. Or maybe you decide that you want to reach out to them and invite them to work with you, but not in a sleazy way. Not in a high we just met, here’s what I got, can I help kind of thing is after the relationship is built, it’s after you give in, then only then do you warrant the you know, the, the opportunity to invite them in to see what I’m saying. If you do say, Papa too, and in the in the chat, okay, so that is where you need to spend your time, you do not need a website, you do not need a website until you hit like 50k 75k Trust me. But here’s what you need to do, be bold enough to get out there and meet people in some way. Right. So doing this, what I’ve just laid out in this beginner phase is going to do this for you, it’s going to help grow your identity as a business owner. And as an expert, which is so important. It’s going to grow your confidence, it’s also going to put you out into the world so that you’re gaining visibility, right, you’re going to begin to develop your email list, which is way more valuable than social. Why? Because you’ve on the list, everybody’s going crazy about social, we really got to pull that back. And doing what I’ve just laid out is also going to allow you to bring in dollars into your business instead of spending 1000s upon 1000s for for branding experts and website developers, you don’t need that right away. Okay. Now, sadly, many never get out of this newbie stage. And it’s not because they aren’t great at what they do. But because they resist doing what I call the hard stuff. Now, what’s the hard stuff? When I say hard? I mean, hard in their mind, like they think it’s hard. And why? Because they’ve decided that it is right. And that is that everything makes it everything that makes a business a business they think is hard, which is bringing in money, right? If you’re not bringing in money, then it’s not really a business. It’s like a hobby, okay. And they also think that marketing is hard. And sales is hard. Because in their minds, marketing is sleazy and sales is pushy, when really marketing is what I just laid out, meeting people talking to them, building relationships, being vulnerable with them, putting yourself out there giving them value. And then sales is merely, hey, I want to invite you to work with me. That’s it, it’s so easy. But so many don’t get out of the newbie stage because they think all of that is hard. That’s just a story they tell themselves. So if you are there, the sooner you embrace marketing and selling, which are really the same thing, okay, because marketing is providing value before working together. And selling is providing value in order to work together and actually inviting them, okay. So the sooner you embrace this hard stuff of marketing and sales, and putting yourself out there, and commit to learning these skill sets of marketing and sales, the sooner you’re going to succeed. Okay? Now you’re gonna know you’re about to graduate to the next level, when you have several clients under your belt. And those clients are getting results, they’re getting what they came for, right? And when your revenues get to about 25k or so the next stage is coming. Right? Who remembers what stage two is? It’s the worker bee. Now in this stage, you’re growing in your marketing and scale and sales skill set. You’re getting more comfortable getting out there and meeting people and doing your thing, right, you’re definitely feeling stronger and more confident about having a niche being that specialist. And as a result, guess what? Your business is growing, right? You’re being bolder in making offers to the right people, not everybody to the right people and your client roster is growing prop Ah, right. And you’d love working with your clients is taking up more of your time now that you’re having clients coming in, right? And so with that, you’re finding it more difficult to do all the things on your own. Can anybody relate to that? If you can relate? Maybe you are here in this stage, Papa three in the chat, okay. What you’d rather do is serve your clients then post on social or send emails or other marketing okay. But you think it only needs to be done. And you think that you have to be the one to do it either because you think you can’t afford to hire people to help which you really can. And you kind of can’t afford not to at some point, okay? Or you believe that nobody can do what you do better than you or both. So, in this in this As worker bee stage, it’s aptly named, you work a lot. You’re typically working without a plan. And so you’re running by the seat of your pants, and you are doing things in the moment. And at first, you’re like, Well, this is kind of fun, I’ve freewheeling This is fun. But then you think, hey, wait a minute, I’m doing all the things. This is working. But I’m feeling overwhelmed. Right, and you feel really tired. And you’re feeling worn out. And like you’re constantly being pulled in, like 1000 different directions is anybody relate to what I’m saying.



And so you’re working too much. You constantly feel behind, you have no control over your time. And the freedom that you dreamed about a short time ago, it’s just not happening. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. And for those that left corporate, to enjoy time, freedom that you heard so much about, at this point, you are completely disillusioned, you’re like, wait, I am making less money, and I’m working more what’s going on. So with all of that your confidence takes a hit. And you go back and forth and doubt who to make the right decision by this is harder than I thought is this really for me, maybe I should go back to my nine to five. Okay, so here’s what you should be doing in this phase in order to, to succeed in this in this stage and get past it to stage three. First, you’ve got to gain clarity around what your brand stands for. First of all, you got to make sure that if you didn’t yet choose a specialization, like choose specifically a targeted audience, the right people, for you, your best client, that is priority number one, okay, because that’s going to help you with your messaging, which we’ll talk about in a bit, but gaining clarity around your brand and what it stands for, who do you work with? What is your specialty? What are your core values? Right? What is your approach to your work? And how do you look at your industry? How do you do what you do? And why do you do it that way? What makes you better about better than your competitors? And how do you do things differently? Right, that’s a part of how you’re better than your competitors. This is the hard work to Okay, and it’s not hard. But I say that because in quotes because a lot of you look as a human being we resist that. We as humans think that if we just keep doop doop doop doop doing into exhaustion, even that we’ll get there. Grit, you know, and there is a bit of that, and scrappiness, but stopping to use your brain that God gave you, and strategizing and thinking through and getting really clear around who you are in business, what your business really stands for what it’s all about. If you don’t do that, you are going to struggle. Because all answering all the questions that I just laid out. So go back and watch or go back and listen again, when you do that and answer these questions. That helps to bring you clarity in your messaging. Okay. And by the way, when you’re talking about your industry, what do you hate about your industry? What do you want to see changed? Get out there stand up for your clients in that regard, they’re gonna love you for that, and you’re gonna stand out. Okay, now too many skip this part, because they think it’s hard. But it’s too important. You can’t skip it, you’re never gonna get to the next phase if you skip it. Okay. This is Wait, this is what branding is, ladies, it is not your logo, your fonts and your colors that can come in this phase. But the priorities got to be the messaging, what do I stand for clarity around your brand? And Marie says yes, it’s foundational work. Absolutely. Okay. Here’s the here’s the truth to be in the top 10%, who will not only do the hard stuff I’m talking about the hard stuff that others won’t, is what’s going to get you to the next level. Right? And that 10% is hitting that six figure mark, only 10%



of women hit six figures. And again, it’s not because you’re not smart. It’s not because you can’t you don’t have a lot to offer. It’s because you’re focusing on the wrong things. So please hear me as I go through all of this, right. All right. So besides clarity around your brand, you also should be focusing on like, intentionally growing your email list at this work or B, stage or phase? I want you to decide on a marketing strategy. And one of them’s got to be growing your email. Okay? But besides that, choose one marketing strategy and go all in. Maybe it’s doing these weekly lives. Maybe it’s starting a podcast, maybe it’s you know, I don’t know, what do you like to do? Maybe it’s YouTube. But decide, decide is the first step to success in business deciding, but decide where you’re gonna show up and how You show up, right? Do your people prefer video? Or do they prefer podcast? I don’t know, do you know I hope so. And then create a strategy around that chosen marketing strategy. And that strategy should include creating valuable opt ins for your people. I mentioned that earlier. And now you’ve got to do it in this phase, whether a checklist and audio training, a video series, a webinar, challenge, whatever you choose. So developing a strategy needs to be done at this stage when it relates to your marketing. And the earlier you have that strategy and plan, the better. But again, most are gonna resist the hard work and they’re gonna grit their teeth, they’re gonna get scrappy, and they’re gonna hustle, and they’re gonna be proud of the hustle, because so many crazy people are saying, You gotta hustle to make it. No, no, no, you’re gonna burn yourself out, okay? There’s an easier way, there’s a better way, you know what that is, stop doing what everybody else is doing. And listen to what I’m telling you and get strategic and slow down and use this beautiful brain that God gave you. Okay? Because too many burnout in this phase. And a lot, don’t get past it. And I’m telling you, you will not get past this phase without hiring help. And I’m not talking about a massive team necessarily, but hiring, you know, independent contractors maybe to help you with admin stuff. Or if you’re not, you know, super creative when it comes to graphics, hiring somebody, but you got to give them KPIs. And now I’m going beyond the scope of this, but but you’ve got to think about, I don’t want to do everything. This has not given me the freedom that I signed up for when I opened my doors, okay. All right. So the final thing you need to be doing in this second phase is honing your sales skills. Now, I want you to hear me on this. Even if you decide later to farm out your sales to somebody else, you need to master sales yourself, it’s a skill that you will tap into as your CEO, you’ve got to sell people, you’ve got to sell your your clients, internally, your employees, right. And you’re obviously you sell to the world, right? You sell to your right people, every entrepreneur must learn how to sell, because when you master it, you’ll always be able to make money.



So businesses, ladies, so sales, you cannot just say oh, I’m not good at sales, I’m doing that to somebody else, you’re doing yourself a disservice. And you’re doing your business a disservice. Because it’s not going to grow. Your business can’t grow beyond you. Period. Okay. All right, you will know that you were ready for the next stage stage three, when you hit six figures, or get very close to that right 100k in your business, that is a big milestone in the life of your business. And it absolutely should be celebrated. And as I said, only 10% of the women out there hit it. But this is just the beginning system, because the next phase is where quantum leaps happen. And that phase is when you are the leader. And here are your priorities in this third phase. First, you got to streamline your offers. I know a lot of you think you need to have a whole offer suite, you know, five to 10 offers of various pricings. Why? Because some expert told you that, that that’s just a lot of work. And remember what I said before every offer is a business. It’s true. Each one has its own marketing, promo calendar, all that stuff anyway. But you got to streamline your offers as this third phase leader with a focus on how can I serve my clients to the uttermost? And how can I do so profitably, while leveraging my time, okay, because in the newbie phase, you’re not bringing in money. And in the worker bee phase, you you should be and by money, I meant into your pocket in the newbie phase before you can move on, you have to be generating money, but you’re not really seeing much in the way of profit. Because in that phase, I forgot to mention that you really should be reinvesting back into your business, investing in your growth as a CEO, whether that be with a coach or a mentor, or something so that you can in the second phase of work, or be you’re working yourself like crazy, you’re bringing in clients working your business to 100k. And at some point, you have to be very proactive in deciding how much of the profit you are going to take as your salary. Okay? And in this third phase as leader, that’s very important. Okay, because you’re making 100,000 up to a couple 100,000. And you’ve got to not just bring in revenue, that’s all well and fine, but there’s got to be profit leftover. And that a portion of that needs to go into your pocket. Okay, because you’re working, you’re working hard and so you know, you need to get paid for that. Right. So in the way of streamlining your offers, you can get to seven figures with one offer. And if you don’t think so Then Papa no way in the chat, and we’ll connect. It’s absolutely possible. I did the math in a prior workshop, I think it was called 2020 to your million dollar year, which is on YouTube, if you want to go take a look at that. Alright, so at most, I recommend limiting your offer at this stage of leader the third stage to to one of which has to be a higher level premium offer. Okay, so you got to streamline your offers here. And again, looking at time and looking at profitability. And thirdly, optimal delivery for your clients. All right, next, the second thing you need to be focusing on is hire and training full time employees. And not just warm bodies, okay? These need to be those that are committed to your vision and mission and your core values of your business and those with drive and initiative. And those that don’t require oversight. So that you can empower your people and the with the expectation that they’re going to drive revenue, right, you’ve got to be very intentional in your hiring choices in setting expectations. And so in this phase, get ready, because you’re gonna have a lot of firing, in addition to the hiring until you learn how to do that. By the way, if you want my cheat sheet on the checklist for, you know, hiring people that are actually going to help drive revenue, pop a five into the chat, and I will get that to you. Okay, a five if you want my cheat sheet on hiring amazing people on your team. Okay. Third, what you have to do is now that you are generating consistent revenue, right things are working, now is the time above 100k, when you should be considering ads. Now, I want to I want to explain why I’m saying that now, as opposed to in phase two, okay, here’s the thing, you can’t just throw money to fix a problem.



Right? If you don’t have ads, or rather, if you don’t have clients coming in, if you don’t have the process down in the way of marketing, and your sales down so that clients are coming in, you can’t just put an ad up and think that’s going to alleviate all of your marketing and sales issues. It’s not. So it’s very important that before you put money into ADS, that you have a system that’s working. Otherwise, you’re just going to pour money at it. And that’s only going to that’s only going to make the problems that you’ve already had much bigger. Okay. In this leader phase, next thing you need to be focusing on is systematizing. The back end processes, SOPs, okay, standard operating procedures, that’s what SOPs are, for everything happening operationally, you got to set those up. Okay, so that’s the backend. But you also have to establish the operational aspects of your client work in the leader phase, such as onboarding, right? And where applicable, tracking your client milestones like in my mastermind, that’s exactly what I do and implementing a referral program, these kinds of operational client facing aspects. Okay. Another priority in this third leader phase is you’ve got to spend time power thinking, gosh, I love thinking, I love strategizing, I honed that skill as a lawyer, but you’ve got to spend time power thinking about improvements that are going to allow your clients to get faster, and even better results. So as an example, you know, looking at the process, like me as a business coach, like, formalizing that process, and fine tuning it, because after you take a lot of clients through it, you see where foods, maybe something wasn’t as clear as it could be. Or you’re thinking, how can I do things differently, so that my clients get it quicker, and they get results quicker and better results? Right. So formalizing your process and and formalizing, like your philosophy around the way you do business and creating assets for them, right workbooks and other deliverables in your high end premium programs. And of course, what those are, it’s going to look differently depending upon your industry, right? Realtors, you know, you may not have like workbooks per se, but think about that food, how can I stand out and be different in the industry? I just throw out Realtors because I know I have a bunch following me. How how can I you know do things differently and maybe create something amazing that when I first meet them, they’re like, Wow, and I’ve never seen anything like this. This is what I mean by power thinking. Right? And this becomes your IP, your intellectual property. Eat, which is incredibly valuable business assets, right? That should you at some point down the line, think about selling your company is going to make it that much more valuable. And again, all of this, to streamline your business so that you’re leveraging every minute that you and your team members spent. And you are, you know, kind of optimizing that client experience on every level. Right? All right. And if you haven’t already done so, right now, the priority has to be getting an accountant you trust, and one that ideally, that not only like works defensively, like looking at the past numbers and all the past books, but analyzing them and an optic offensively, they look forward. And they talk with you about your plans for the future so that you together can look from an accounting perspective. And she as the accountant, and really, the financial advisor can help you make decisions that are going to help you move forward and look ahead far enough to know, what should I be thinking about, right? So you need that financial advisor. Now you’re going to know that you’re about to graduate to the last phase of business growth, when these things happen. Your offers are sold out, and you’re weightless, or full. Right? When you have a team, at least when I say team, it could be very lean, it could be even 1123 could be more. But every team member at this phase, you have a team where they all own their role, like they’re responsible, and they take responsibility, right. And so your business is running smoother, and you’re feeling more in control of the dollars coming in. And you’re in control of your time. And it feels really good. If you want to get to this phase, Papa zero in the chat. Okay, get excited about this. Right? Okay. But at this phase, even though all that’s going well, you know, you’re not quite there yet. Okay, your back end operations and systems, they need some fine tuning. And while you streamline your offers, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal with your marketing, right to really scale your business. Okay? Now, also, you’re gonna know you’re about to move on to that fourth stage, when you’re consistently hitting 25 to 40k months, which is 300 to $500,000 annual revenue, which by the way, only 3% of women reach this stage. So when do you get there, Rob? Ah, and if you’re there, Rob, ah, sister. Now at this point, you’re about to embark on the final stage, and I call that stage CEO. Now, don’t get me wrong, my dear sister, you are the CEO of your business from day one. Make no mistake about that. But at the beginning, you don’t know what you don’t know. Right. And when it comes to actually building a business from the ground up, in the way of strategy, and mindset, it’s just like, wow, you don’t even know. Like I said, you don’t know what you don’t know. And so you are the CEO, but you have so much growth, to get to this fourth CEO stage. And so even if you’ve had an executive position in corporate, you could even been in the C suite. Or if you’re a licensed professional prior to jumping into business for yourself, as I was like a lawyer, doctor, therapist, accountant or interior designer, something like that, without prior experience as an entrepreneur, there’s a learning curve.



Like it takes time and experience in the trenches to step fully into that role of CEO, which means Chief Executive Officer, okay, so here’s what a CEO really is, ladies, and this is when you have the space and the capacity to really step into this role. The CEO is the visionary. She sets the long term goals for the business, and she is the face of the business, right? And she manages her executive team. And I have that in quotes. Because when I say that it doesn’t have to be like an army. It may be a team of one or two on that executive team. Right? And they’re leading all of the work for you, right? I mean, you had your up here, and you had your executive team and they manage the rest, right? And a CEO does not do the grunt work, the daily tasks that have to be done. Now hear me on this, that work is vital to the growth of your business. It is incredibly valuable, but it is not work to be done by the CEO. Agreed. Right? Because as CEO, your goal at this final fourth stage is to step away from the doing in the business. Leave that to your capable team, who would love to have a capable team, right team in the comments if that’s you, right? All right. So here’s what you’re working on. In this full fledged



ops, sales and marketing leaders, okay, they are managing that. Now, the ops could be one person sales and marketing could be another. I don’t see how it could be one for all of that. That’s just No, this is too much right? When you are at half a million get into the million, there’s got to be two people, right? And as mentioned earlier, having regular contact with your financial adviser, or maybe at this point, you hire a fractional CFO, your chief financial officer for the company. Okay, not necessary, but maybe right. What else are you focused on here, you are focused on leading and training team members. And I’d say more leading than training, because that leadership team should really be overseeing the training, but you’re leading them so they can become capable of running the business without you. Right, your access to the world is less. Right? You You may decide to have private clients, a handful of private one on one clients, right. But if you do, it’s very high ticket at this stage. And in your programs, your masterminds and your groups, you oversee team members handling customer service issues, and stepping up to deliver some additional client facing value while you show up a couple of hours a week giving your clients your very best. Okay, that’s exactly what happens in my mastermind. I show up I know every single one of my clients in my mastermind I know where their businesses are. But I don’t do a lot of the other little stuff that still has to be done. Right? Okay, what else you have to focus on at this stage, while your offers, you’re going to further refine them, you’re going to streamline onboarding and other client touchpoints. Everything’s just going to be super dialed in, and as systematized as possible. And speaking of systematized your back end operations are becoming more and more systematized and automated wherever possible, and you have quality leads coming in every day, every single day. With your marketing, dialed in, right ads are working, you invest $1, and you see $3 or $5 return or maybe $10, right, you’re showing up in the way you choose. Love podcasting, great, go for it. Do you want to step up on stages and speak great, that’s what you’re gonna have time to do. At this stage, you have garnered a reputation for yourself, and you’re known in your industry, and you become a thought leader. All the hard work of the past the countless hours building the business, one offer, and then another what felt like slow growth. Now it feels kind of like an avalanche. People are coming clients are coming, people are reaching out to you to get you on their shows, right? To be featured in publications and even on television, right. And here you have consistent revenues in excess of 50k. You are so grateful. God is good all the time. Hallelujah, right. And in this stage, now you have the bandwidth and the ability to take more vacations, knowing that you have your team that can handle anything that might come up. And you can know you can rest assured that your marketing your sales systems are bringing in quality clients on autopilot, right, huge congratulations. If this is used Sr. Right, you’ve not reached the pinnacle of success, you have now reached the pinnacle of success at that seven figure mark, which is an achievement reserved for just over 1% of all female owned businesses. Now, of course there is a next level beyond getting to seven figures, right? That would be scaling to eight figures and beyond. But when you get there, it’s really just going deeper into the activities of this four stage of a CEO. All right, so there we go. You have the newbie, you have the worker bee, you have the leader, and you have the CEO now tell me in the chat and I want you to stay to proudly no matter where you are. Which one are you? You can put stage 123 or four right? Stage one again, is the newbie stage to work or be stage three leader stage four CEO tell me and I want you to be proud because look, entrepreneurship is a journey. And too often we think oh, it’s gonna be so much better when I get there. Right. But when we get there, like like we’re just starting out. Oh, I’m just so thankful that I have a $5,000 month they wouldn’t get through. Oh, oh, I can’t wait to get your $10,000 month. Oh no, I can’t wait to get to a $25,000 month and so on right? And you realize that they’re what you thought was there where you wanted to land? It’s not enough. Like like you’re satisfied you’re happy but now you’re you’re ambitious so you want to impact more people. So they’re just keeps moving. And so many women just keep chasing the there and they look for stuff deficiency in the there, and I want to offer you this. I hope this is making sense. Ladies, I want you to be grateful for where you are right now today.



Because you are right where you are, because God wants you to be here. That’s why you’re here. And you know, I know that I know that you are here where you are in God’s perfect timing. Right? So so don’t be smart or lament, small beginnings, as scripture says, small beginnings is where we all start, right? So instead, I want to encourage you to be joy filled at all the stages of this entrepreneurial journey, because trust me, there, wherever there is, it’s not better than right here. And if you think that it’s only a thought, in your mind, doesn’t make it true. Right? Where you are right now is great. Rejoice in that place where you are today, because in Christ, you are sufficient in all things. Hallelujah. Can I get an amen on that right? There is not better there. But when we keep saying, Oh, I can’t enjoy today, because I gotta get there. You miss this efficiency and the celebrations of today. Okay, so I pray this episode makes clear your work, whatever stage you’re in right now. And I’d love as always to hear from you and feature you on my podcast. So head on over to my podcast page of my website is Judy Judy The link is there in the bio for Instagram, scroll down on that page till you see the little microphone and leave me a voice note. Tell me what stage you’re in. Share with me how these thriver Thursday lives or the joyful scaling podcast? How have they impacted you and helped you grow as a business owner and as a CEO, I will tell you that I personally listen to each and every one of your voice notes. And when I get messages, my heart sinks. So go on over to Judy and send me your feedback and your questions. Whatever you like. All right, thank you so much for joining me ladies. I love you so much. Have a blessed beautiful rest of your day. I will see you next time.


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