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Welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling Podcast. Today we’re talking about entrepreneurship as a faith and personal development journey. And it’s funny, I want to start with that phrase personal development. For the longest time, I felt that whole issue of personal development was 1,000% secular, because it was always talked about in a selfish kind of way, kind of like thinking Grow Rich, which I know some Christians would read that book, I want to, in love, I will ask you to look at the author of that book, do your research, not a good book, and a lot of the personal development, books and resources and, you know, influencers, they’re not of the Lord. And so I resisted this whole idea of personal development. But I can tell you this, we need as entrepreneurs to pursue a faith journey, and a personal development journey in order to succeed in business. So that’s what I’m talking about today. Let me think, oh, go back, if you would, to your entrepreneurial dream, right. And while most ladies listening, already have a business, I know there’s a segment of my audience. And this segment seems to be growing, that you’re professionals, or corporate, like I used to be lawyers, doctors, accountants, you know, interior designers. The whole, you know, the whole professional realm, as well as sitting in corporate, you know, and senior management director level, even C suite level, and you’re thinking, you know, what, I am tired of this grind and being undervalued and unvalued. And, you know, so you’re thinking about starting a business. So I want you to hear me on this, everyone listening. But this entrepreneurial dream, we think we’re going to open a business, right, a service based business, and we think I’m gonna do what I’m great at serving clients to the uttermost with my god, given talents and abilities, hey, I’m great at that, we think, and so build it, and they will come. And so a lot of times, what I see newer entrepreneurs, they have unrealistic expectations about what’s really involved, to live that out. Right? To live that dream, to be in demand with great clients, to have freedom in our day, to live your priorities, and to have more time to spend doing what really matters, right, Precious Moments with your family, serving in the church, serving in your communities, advancing God’s kingdom. And what else is involved in this dream, not just being in demand with great clients having freedom with our time, but also financial freedom, to sustain the family’s expenses, and to fuel your retirement account to pay for annual vacations when you currently maybe can only afford to get away, you know, infrequently, right or or can’t afford to go where you really want to go. Or maybe your dream is to, to really pursue this entrepreneurial journey to, among other things, pay for your kids college, or maybe your daughter’s wedding or something special for your grandkids. But here’s what I know, when we start a business, we tend to think about the best case scenario we’re dreaming, we get excited about the possibilities of what our business could be, what it could do, and have a lord would receive glory from all of it. But what often happens, before long, once the doors are open, a very different reality sets in.



It’s harder than you thought. And for many think women, I’m great with clients, I don’t know much if anything about marketing. And I hear this a lot. And this makes me kind of crazy, but I get it when you say and by the way, I hate sales. Right? So you’re all disillusion. And so what happens is, you keep at it for a time you’re showing up, you’re sending out those emails, you’re posting on social a lot. Hint, hint, not necessarily necessary, okay. You’re not really sure about what you should be doing. And so you just tried, all right, it’s been getting on the wall, and it’s not long before frustration sets in. Despite your optimism, it’s not working. You think to yourself, What am I doing wrong? Why does it seem so easy for others? What the heck am I missing? And by the way, this happens not only for those in the early stages of business, but also for many women who have plateaued as well, right? I know a bunch of ladies who have reached six figures and even multi six figures but they still feel stuck. Right? They think how can I scale How can I get beyond this? What the heck am I doing wrong? What am I not doing? Why are others able to do this? But I can’t, I’m smart. What am I missing? So you see, this entrepreneurial journey has its ebbs and flows for all of us at all levels. And so in today’s episode, I wanted to talk very candidly about the entrepreneurial journey as a faith development and yes, a personal development journey they go hand in hand right. Now, you may have heard me say if you’ve been listening to this podcast for any length of time that parenting my three boys who are now men have 21. Let’s see if I got this 23 And almost 26, that parenting men with the most sanctifying work for me, wanting to raise them to know Jesus Christ as Lord wanting to be a good mom before God. But making plenty of mistakes, like yelling too much, and just missing opportunities. And oh, golly, as I was preparing for this talk, I was reminded of this the many, many nights that I would lay my head on the pillow and cry. Thinking about my mistakes of the day. Why did I snap at Ryan? When he asked me a simple question? Why didn’t I pay more attention to Ben, when he just wanted to show me what he drew? And he was so proud of it? Why was I Curt with Mike, I need to stop cutting him off, what a blessing that he wants to share things with me. Does any of this sound familiar to you? I bet so. But what I found in my nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur, which is insane to think, How old am I growing as a CEO and building a business and getting it to the point of winning awards and generating multi six figures even towards seven figures and doing it more and more in reliance on Christ. And less and less on my human abilities alone, I discovered that like parenting entrepreneurship is sanctifying work as well. You know, running a business brings to light your weaknesses, your shortcomings, your thought patterns that do not serve you. And in fact are holding you back. Your thought errors and Longley held beliefs about business, about money about service, about sacrifice, and authenticity and integrity. And as a Christian entrepreneur, you know, it requires that you examine all these issues in light of Scripture. What does God say about all this? Right? We always have to come back to the Bible and God’s word. And I found that almost across the board, the same issues arise for women. Okay, these same issues, perfectionism, people pleasing guilt, overwhelm, doubt, mind drama, right? Mind spiral, money issues, right? We all have these issues. I haven’t met any woman who doesn’t, hasn’t grappled with with all of those. But what as a Christian, these issues go even deeper. Okay, let me explain. For example, while women generally are undereducated about money, right, it’s like, the husband holds the pocketbook. And, you know, we



I know, for generations, you know, it was like, He’s the breadwinner, and I don’t have to worry about it, it’s on him. And so we don’t even get involved. I mean, that’s just not optimal. It’s not good for us to totally rely, we should know something, right. But that’s generally the case out there for women. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a stay at home mom, or if you are in the workplace. I know that was me for a time, you know, okay, I’m bringing in the bacon too. But you pay the bills, honey, right. But I can tell you this, Christian women tend to have a real resistance, even to the idea of making money. Now, it’s funny, I will say this, I and I’d love to know your thoughts about this. So please give me your feedback. I feel like somehow for some reason, there is more resistance to making money on your own. As an entrepreneur. There’s more like stuff there, then working for somebody else in corporate or otherwise. I don’t know, I really love your input on that. So if you could take a moment and leave me some feedback on that. I’m at Judy Weber, co wherever you are, or go to my podcast page of my website, Judy Scroll down. Leave me a voice note. Please. I would love to hear from you on that. Is there more resistance when you’re making money on your own versus kind of receiving a paycheck? In any event? I feel like there is a lot of resistance. There’s a lot of tug at making money, right? I mean Are we, you know, women get we understand that business involves generating money. And of course, it’s about helping others making an impact and serving the Lord with those beautiful gifts that He’s given us. But I have yet to meet a lover of Jesus Christ, a female follower of Christ, who didn’t at one time deal with a view of money that was literally resulting in her putting the brakes on the work that she was doing in her marketing. And in the conversations and things said, you know, in a sales call, I myself have had to deal with my past money stories, stories perpetuated by, you know, many lower income families like mine, by loving parents, whose parents taught them to think this way, and they just pass it along down the road, right, as my dad taught me, you know, making money is hard. I was told to get rich, you got to step on people. You know, rich people are greedy, godly people don’t pursue wealth, it’s sinful to do so we’re gonna be content with what we have and where we are. And if we want more than money’s become an idol, right, we lost our way, right. And finally, the rich get richer, and the poor get poor. This is what I was told all my life, whether in church or at home, or both. And in working through these stories and mantras that were so ingrained in me for decades, right, and told to me by the two people I admired and loved more than anyone at the time, my Mom and Dad, how could they be wrong, I thought and so wrong. And I’ll be honest, I know this sounds harsh. But there was a time when I like resented being told these things on my life. Like when I realized those stories, which had become deep rooted beliefs of mine, those beliefs to keep me playing small. And constantly, like I said, playing this tug of war with myself, you know, trying to navigate the past while coming to a new place of understanding, I kind of resented my parents. Right? It was tough. And I’m still working through it, I don’t know that I’ll ever get fully their right to a good place and a right place of understanding with money, this side of heaven. And for me, money also was emotionally fueled, or just an emotional topic overall, because it was a source of many a fight by my parents, like there for a time when I was in middle school and early high school, when it was almost weekly arguments that got very loud and scary. And there was definite trauma around the subject of money as a result.



But God, ah, it’s one of my favorite all time phrases in the Bible, but God in seeking to grow not merely as an entrepreneur, but as a faith fueled entrepreneur, right, a business owner committed to doing business in a way that honors Jesus, he helped change me and transform me, and he graciously granted me wisdom around money around what it means to make money to steward money to spend money to save money to invest money, you know, what does God say about this? So looking into your own deeply held beliefs around money, you know, business does involve money. Let’s like put it right out there. And we should, you know, not be ashamed of that. Right? Think about this, if the most successful entrepreneurs are secular, and we Christians play small and stay small, and, you know, just content with barely making ends meet, I mean, what what will result from that? Like, what causes will the secular entrepreneur give to? And what will that lead to, as opposed to when we Christians, we true lovers of Jesus, who are who are pursuing him passionately, daily, you know, in a real way, when we are successful, and we’re successful, because we’re great at what we do. And so to exchange value for value, we are, you know, gathering financial wealth as a result of stewarding these gifts that God gave us and as a result of all of that we’re able to donate to our causes to God’s Church, to bring people to Christ. I mean, that could only be a good thing for the world and bring honor and glory to the Lord. Now with all this money’s just one area where I grown personally and spiritually, and I really want you if you have a stuck point around money. I really want to think about that, what would happen? When not if, when my business grows to x, whatever that is for you, when over my lifetime, I’m able to generate a million bucks or many millions of dollars? What would I do with that money? That is the Lord’s? What would I do with it? How would I honor him with it? And when you pursue business with that heart of service, and primarily and first and foremost, with the heart of serving the Lord, how could being successful and thriving and and building wealth be a sin? How could it right? So be grateful that you’re on this journey, or if you’re about to step on it, step on it with a realistic view of the work involved, it’s not just about learning the marketing strategy, or knowing how to communicate to your best clients on a sales call. It’s about this inner work. It’s about really closely examining your beliefs and developing and growing in them. Okay, but besides money, there’s so many other issues we have to deal with, like leadership, and management, right? And, gosh, just so many I could I could go on and on. But I’ll say this growing as a faith fueled Jesus loving God fearing CEO, it forced me to take a hard look at my beliefs overall. Right? What are my beliefs around leadership, and showing up and really fulfilling my call in this life? And, and in doing that, I became convicted by the Holy Spirit.



And I thought, wow, okay, here’s what I say, I believe, what am I doing, that would evidence that I really believe that. Because ladies, it’s not what we say we believe. But what we do, because our true beliefs will always be displayed by our actions, right, as the Bible says, where your heart is, there, your treasure will be also. So for example, if I say that God is sovereign, and that he called me to business, and that his timing is perfect. And if I believe that if I walk in faith, trusting Him that He will provide. And if I say, I believe all of that, but my actions look very different. Right? I might wake up in dread or fear or doubt, that He will fulfill his promises to equip me where he calls me. And instead of going to him, and waiting for him to answer if I if I do things my own way, in my own power without even going to Him in prayer, right. If instead of patiently waiting to hear from the Lord, I step out and start doing all the things and if I take action in a very humbly grasping way, right, what we say we hate, but are we doing it? And if we take action, you know, from a fearful, desperate, doubting, uncertain place, if all that’s really going on, you got to ask yourself, Do I really believe what I just said, I believe that he’s in control. And then he’s going to provide me equip me to succeed in the work that he’s called me to, through my business. Like, this is what I’m talking about. We say we believe, X, Y, and Z. It’s our inner work really, as a person, but the entrepreneurial journey just brings it to the fore, that we need to look and examine is what comes out of my mouth. being displayed in the way I live my life. sanctifying work all the way to succeed as an entrepreneur who loves Jesus and knows Him as Savior and Lord, we got to identify all of our issues. We’ve got to do the work to dig them up. And then take them to him, asking the Lord to show us the way. What is your truth God is is the Absolute Truth, right? So we go to him, he’s got all the answers. What should I do? How should I do? And super importantly, how shall I think, okay, when we have fellowship with the Lord, and we go to Him in prayer, not just about our life, but also about our business, we open the door to let him in, and show us his desires, and show us his plans. Show us his mind and his thoughts. Now we know that his ways and his thoughts are higher than ours, and we may not fully understand them this side of heaven. But, but but but when we seek Him with all of our hearts, He will do a work in us just as he brought us to himself and sanctifying us in the fate. We want him to grow us and grow our faith, not just in our life, but also in our business. So that our life and our business will be more joyful and more aligned with him, right? We’re we’re living, and thinking and being, right and entrepreneur being as Christ, right as he would. So I encourage you to take some time today to be alone with a notebook and pen and the Lord. And ask him to help you brain dump all of your thoughts, your fears, your questions, doubts, issues, everything around your business, take the time to get them out of your mind, explore your mind and be open to the things that the Holy Spirit will will tell you and prompt you. Maybe some things you never even thought about before. That by His grace, He will show you capture that all on paper, and be excited about discovering and identifying your fears and your thought errors, right? You are finding ladies, your potential growth areas, your opportunity to learn and deepen your faith. As you develop your CEO mindset. The fact is, you’ve got to lay it all out on the table, right? Call out all that doesn’t serve you. thoughts and beliefs that aren’t of God, we got to call them out of hiding and we got to address them so that we can heal. Gosh, God has really impressed been impressing upon me these past couple of months, actually, the importance of healing. Now, I’m not one to bring up the past to kind of, I’m never one of these types that wants to be hypnotized. Or think there’s you know, I You can disagree on that one, you know, but for me personally,



I’m not about dredging up the past to, you know, I don’t know, as a psychologist would would do it, right. But I do firmly believe that God is telling me, Hey, dude, you got some stuff you got to heal, you got some healing to do. And I believe that to address these issues into he seek to heal them, that’s required in order to become a more faithful follower of Jesus, to be the person that God made us to be both personally and professionally. And that’s required to have the courage for us to go outside of our comfort zones and try new things, hard things, even things that we may think today that we could never do. And God says, Ah, yes, in your own power, maybe not. But with me, yeah, wait till you see what you’re gonna do even blow your own mind when you let me fuel it. Right. That’s why I’m all about not just faith based, that’s all well and fine. But I want to be faith fueled, in my business, in my life, all of it. Here’s the thing, though, if you and I refuse to look at our thoughts, and the beliefs that fuel them, then the results that you have right now will be your results going forward. Right. And you may become stagnant and perhaps like so many before you, you may ultimately down the line decide to quit. Now, if God calls you to business, I’m telling you, he does not want you to quit my sister, he is calling you to himself. Oh, and he’s doing it so graciously. And he wants to see you walk in faith. He wants to see your faith expanded and deepened. And that absolutely make no mistake requires a hard look a realistic examination of your beliefs. Now, I’m going to end with this thought. Just as we came to Christ, often in our lowest moments, right, I know I did going through a very painful divorce. We’re going through this pain. But then we come to Christ. And or if we’ve already known Christ, we had this more intimate relationship because we’re going to him more because we’re in such pain, and ah, the joy that was on the other side of those lowest moments in Christ, right, and your growth and your inner transformation that resulted from that lowest moment. I want you to look to your lowest moments as an entrepreneur and CEO, right and what you consider today to be a fail, right? But that instead, I want you to look at that as the beginning of an exciting new growth. Because every fail is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to learn. It’s an opportunity to seek answers from the one who’s got them all hallelujah, the Lord Jesus Christ, growth in your business acumen and growth in your faith. It has to happen to get you to where God has called you to write your success is inevitable. But here’s the truth that you have to remember if there’s any resistance to pursuing this, this growth journey, right, this faith growth journey as an entrepreneur, here’s the deal. Our businesses can never outgrow us. Right. If you have a stuck point and an issue, that’s gonna keep showing up. So we’ve got to address it Gotta get past it, we’ve got to overcome it. But hallelujah, we are overcomers in Christ, right? We’re more than overcomers in him. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. So we have got to be willing to do the work. And that is in large part, not the actions that we take inside our business, but rather, it’s tackling this inner stuff, our thoughts, our beliefs, and yes, our faith, looking at our faith. How is it evidenced right. And I know that process can be hard, and it can feel yucky, it can be really painful. But that’s okay. Because those that do the work, those of you and me who are willing to feel the feels, even when it’s yucky, and horrible. And despite all of that yuckiness and the pain, you keep moving forward, trusting God walking in faith, moving forward with hopeful expectation that success is yours. And what is faith all about? Right? It’s knowing that not just believing it like, like, knowing it deep in your bones, knowing success is mine in Christ, before you see it. Right? So So many times we think, Well, I’m gonna feel like a success. When I have X number of clients, or when I make X number of dollars, you got it backwards, we are faith fueled people. So we are called by God to know that success is ours before we see evidence of it. And so we’ve got to be that that that powerfully decisive and confident CEO, before the clients actually sign. And I know that’s counterintuitive. But that’s our beautiful God, isn’t he? And those of you that are willing to do that,



and to go through the Yuck, in order to come out the other side and heal. You are the winners in life and in business. And so today, that’s my prayer, my sister that you would do this thought dump this brain dump, ask God to, to bring to four, bring to the front of your mind, everything that he knows you need to deal with. And that he would grant you the courage to not only do that, but then to do the work and go to him and say, Okay, God, I do have these money issues. I do have these issues and questions and all these things helped me Lord, to get past them and to see how to do that. Give me the steps, Lord. That’s my prayer for you today, sister, Alison, I hope that this episode blessed you, as I said, I’d love to hear a voicemail. I love voice notes. And so I put one on my website, go to Judy Scroll down a little bit, you’ll see a picture of me with a little microphone. Let me know your biggest aha. And let me know also what you think, you know, my question about do we have more of a resistance about making money on our own versus taking a paycheck? And if so, I’d love you to just like share kind of what are your thoughts on that? Anyway, I love you. If you have been listening to this episode, whether it’s your first time or for many times, if you feel inclined, I would so appreciate if you’d leave a rating and review. It kind of keeps me and my team energized to know that this work that we’re doing really matters and that we are helping by God’s grace to change lives and that ripple effect through our clients and their families and so on. So I love you sister. We will see you next time. Thank you so much for listening.

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