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Hello, and welcome to thriver. Thursday live. This is the place to be to learn powerful business growth and scaling strategies. And of course, always we want to grow in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is such a blessing to have you here, whether you’re with me live or watching or listening on the replay. Listen, I really missed you last week. I was in Vegas, attending Risa con 2022. And it’s an annual event for real estate staging Association. And it’s interesting because I say I was in Vegas, but it was in a beautiful resort, not on the strip. And that was just a okay, it was an absolutely stunning resort. So I feel like even though I was in Vegas, I didn’t experience Vegas, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me. Anywho it was just interesting being there. You know, I’m from the East, the East Coast, a Philly girl now living in the Charleston area. And so I like green. There’s like comfort for me with a look at the mountains and I see green. And it was interesting because and I know this from being in San Diego a couple of years ago for another conference that I spoke at. But it’s funny in that part of the country, the mountains are brown. And that reminds me of death. And I guess it is a desert. Right. But that was a little bit jolting for me. But anywho I went there with my husband, we had a blast. And I saw so many old friends that I haven’t seen in a while show and Tori and Shawna Lynn Bobby Leslie among so many others, and I got to meet some ladies that I know online, or that I’ve met online but never met in person, which is amazing. Yolanda Felicia Joanna dusty Pam. And if I didn’t mention your name, please do not be offended. There’s too many names. You know, there’s just something about being together live. It’s a different feel to the entire event. It’s a sense of sisterhood that virtual just can’t touch. Like I love us being here. But I’m here using stream yard. I’m not I can’t be as interactive for whatever reason as I would be if I were on that platform. So anywho we do what we can, right. But I do have a spoiler alert. For those ladies generating 75k in annual revenue and higher. I’m in the process of putting together a killer three day live event. It’s going to happen in quarter one of 2023 feels far away, but it’s not right. And I’m beyond excited to meet you there. So stay tuned for more details as they become available. And finally, Hey, Jay, Hey, God, I’m so glad to see you can Okay. So finally, I’m going to be speaking at the upcoming International Christian coaching Institute’s first ever live event happening September 28 to October 1 in Texas, you’re a Christian, that’s why you’re here with me, right. And if you are a coach, whether life coach, business coach, health, finance, mindset, whatever your expertise, this is an event you’re not gonna want to miss, like heavy hitter players, I’m telling you, and I have a special code where you’ll get 25% off your ticket. And there are both live and virtual tickets available. So to find out more details about that upcoming event, you can head on over to ICCI Again, ICCI, where you can just DM me everywhere at at Judy Weber COE and I’ll definitely be able to give you the code and answer some of your questions. And I would love to see you there. Well, today’s training is about accountability, accountability, so that we can get results. Now here’s what I know, when you invest your time and dollars in coaching, and when I invest my time and dollars in coaching, to grow and scale your business, you want to know that you’re gonna get what you came for. Right? And what you go for what you invest in for is to get results. And if you’re like me, may have heard this, if you’ve listened to many, many episodes of the podcast ago, I talked about my investment that I made last year, it was a scary investment, but it changed who I am fundamentally as a CEO, but if you’re like me, you’ve invested in things that absolutely moved you and your business forward. Right? If that’s you give me a one in the comments. But unfortunately, you may have invested in things that did not move you or your business forward. That was me to put it to for that. Okay. By the way, did



you notice that I just mentioned two ways to move forward. That is, as it relates to the investment in your business, I don’t want you to miss this to get to the next level wherever you are right now. Whether it’s to a million half 1,200,000 Or your first 100k. To get to your next level, you must address two different but related things. And they are strategy and mindset. Gotta have both. And that’s why I put that into all my programs. I can’t just give you one without the other. Okay because they feed off of each other But I want to get some engagement. Hey there, Amanda, great to see you. Before we go into detail on accountability, tell me in the chat, which is more important strategy, your mindset. Now, if you believe strategy is more important than mindset in order to get your business to that next level, Papa, three in the chat if you think strategy is more important than mindset, but if you believe mindset is more important than strategy pop before in the chat. Okay, which is it? Well, I will tell you hands down its mindset all the way. And I have no hesitation in saying that. In fact, while your strategy may be improved or upgraded, if you changed nothing about your strategy. The thing is, if you dramatically improved your mindset, your business would be more successful. No doubt about it. And both Amanda and GD say four, which is Yeah, mindsets, more important, it really is. And really, I want to talk just briefly about what mindset really is, when I’m talking about mindset. I’m talking about how you think, and what you think, and how you think and what you think stems from your perspective, right, your approach to things, to business, to your clients, to the world, to your offers, to your sales to your marketing, right? What is your approach? What is your perspective, and all of that is the result of your beliefs. You see your beliefs in form, your thoughts, and your thoughts, create feelings, and your feelings lead to your actions, but all of it, all of it is fueled by your beliefs. That’s where it begins. And your faith is what makes up your beliefs. So that’s why I say faith fueled business, not just faith based. Yeah, my business is based in faith. That’s, that’s well and fine. But how about we tap into the power that is ours in Christ hallelujah, right. And we allow our faith, we live it in our business so deeply that it fuels everything we do in the business, right? You see, as Christians, our perspective, our beliefs, and our entire belief system is built on the Word of God, hallelujah, absolute truth. And I mean, here’s what I, here’s where I really want to, because I might trigger some people, but I really think this is important, I felt led to do this. That’s what we profess. That’s what we say. That’s what we tell ourselves. I am faithful by God’s grace, right? I am righteous, by God’s grace. And in him, I had the strength and the power, right. But what I found through my own mindset work, especially over the past year, year and a half, is that if I was really honest with myself,



I wasn’t living the faith that I profess. And I have to confess that to you. And it was hard, because I didn’t want to admit that. But the more deeply, I looked at, what I say, I believe, and how I was living my life in my business. Just there’s a lack of alignment there, really. And that realization about myself makes me even more passionate about pursuing my column with a renewed fervor and without apology. And why is that? Because I feel called by the Lord to share the wisdom that he by His grace imparted to me, I need to share that with you, my sisters in Christ so that you can fulfill God’s calling on your life. Right. And as it relates to business, that is to serve the people that he’s chosen for you to serve, and to do it confidently and boldly and courageously. I mean, Almighty God is a winner, hallelujah, right. And he tells us that his plans for me and for you are not to harm us, but to prosper us. So if he’s gifted you with unique talents and abilities, and he has to get an amen on that. His desire is that you would share them with others share those talents, right? Not to hide those gifts under a bushel, not to play safe, but rather to put them on a lampstand for the world to see. And in particular, making sure that your people, your best clients see it right. So that we boldly proclaimed how God has gifted you and your purpose and your passion to use those gifts, as you’ve been called to write, to have faith that God is who He says He is. That God will fulfill all of his promises, including his promise to equip you in order to accomplish the purpose that he’s given you and that he’s called you to faith that your business will thrive by His grace and according to His plan. Now, importantly, Faith will will happen only when you surrender everything to him that we understand and that not just in our head, but in our hearts. And as we live, that it’s in his power at work and in through you that you’ll be able to bring about the success that he has for you. He’s planned it, he’s got it right here, right. Now, even as I say that, I can kind of sort of feel the resistance coming through the screen of some of you, it’s palpable, and whether your one’s watching me now, or listening or watching later, see, because I know my audience, right. And you may be thinking, Well, it sounds like little bit like you’re emphasizing the importance of money. And it sounds like the prosperity gospel. And I need to tell you No way. I am talking the one true gospel and taking Almighty God and His Word. And I’m being very clear about what he said, right? I mean, this is how I based my life and my business on it, it is not a sin to be wealthy. Just look at the Proverbs 31 A woman study that. And money is not the root of all evil. It’s the love money. And that is not what I’m talking about, right? What I am talking about is complete surrender of yourself of your business, to the One who created you and called you to that business. It’s all his right, he has wonderful plans to prosper you. And so without faith, without belief that his wonderful plans will come to reality and will be fulfilled. You know, without without that, you’re going to be struggling, because you’re fighting the natural order of things, the supernatural order of things, right. And he’ll do his part, guaranteed, but he’s reliable, we got to do our part. Right? Go to Him, seek His wisdom daily work, okay, listen to this ladies. In Christ, we can work from a place of rest, and a place of peace and joy in him. Living the faith we profess. And when we do that, and it may seem like women, women, I am so pressured, you know, I’ve got this team, and I’ve got to, you know, keep payroll going. Or maybe you’re in the earlier stages, and you’re like, you know, I have good months and not so good month, and I don’t know what I’m doing. And that right? Hold on a second, God’s got all the answers, and you know more than you think you do. So don’t allow yourself decide, I’m not going to get overwhelmed. Decide I’m not gonna feel pressure and decide that you’re going to take God at His Word, and work from a place of rest, peace and joy, I would love for you to take that in, I will work from this day forward from a place of rest and peace and joy in Christ.



Right? When you do that, you’re going to think differently, because your faith, your belief will be strengthened. How, by more conversations with the Father, and more trusting that he’s in charge. And he wants to tell you things. Are we seeking Him? Are we looking for his answers? And when he whispers those sweet answers to us? Do we hear him? And then if we do hear him, do we act on what he told us? Are we obedient? So mindset, how you think what you think, all flow from your deep abiding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, hallelujah, we gotta get that right. We have supernatural power in the Lord. We need to live into that we need to lean into that we need to live that. Okay? Because when you get that right, and you trust Him and you’re obedient to Him, your faith will be rewarded. The Bible tells us that time and time again. So there’s no need to stress or worry or doubt about having the right strategy. He can take any strategy and make it work whenever he wants. Amen. So are you in him? Who is Christ to you? What has he called you to do? And how committed are you to that calling? That’s all mindset holding every thought captive as unto Christ. Okay, that’s the beginning of success, where the impossible is possible, limitless possibilities exist in him. All right, well, I felt compelled to spend some time before I get into the real meat of today to frame our conversation because if you like me for many years, resist the thinking part, the belief part. And as Christians that faith aspect, right? That’s where the power is. Right? total reliance on God the Father and when it comes to your business decisions, all of it if you resist that, if you avoid thinking, right, it says if you’re at the same time putting your foot on the accelerator with a strategy But yet with the other foot, putting it on the break, by your lack of faith, your lack of belief. So you’re trying to get going with the strategy. But at the same time, you’re not believing that it’s gonna get you anywhere you’re doubting that what you’re doing is valuable to your people. I could go on and on about that, but just wanted to introduce that concept, okay. And that is why when you invest in the growth of your business, he got to address address, not just strategy, but also mindset. Now, as we wrap up the intro, I wouldn’t say if you were triggered, and felt the resistance that I was speaking about, I encourage you, sister to spend time with the Lord asking Him to reveal any thinking or beliefs that don’t please him. There’s no judgment or shame or guilt, okay, we all are on a sanctifying journey, none of us is perfect, we’re not going to arrive till we meet the Lord in heaven, right? We all have work to do. But how wonderful and beautiful it is that we have a loving God who is alive, hallelujah. And he wants to have a deep and abiding relationship with you, and with me, and he wants to reveal his heart to ours. So you and I, we all need to see the awesomeness and the immensity of that gift of relationship with the Father and immerse ourselves in that most blessed opportunity to sit at his feet, to do our work, from a place of rest, peace and confidence and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ our King, may it be Lord, may it be all right, because when your strongest desire becomes pleasing Him, your thoughts are going to change, fear and doubt, are going to be replaced by faith and confidence. Right, and when your thoughts changed, then your feelings will change. Oh, the anticipation and hopeful expectation for what God is doing and what he will do for you and your clients. And so you’re gonna feel differently in your body, like, you will feel different because of the power of your thoughts fueled by your deepening faith in him. Right. And because your thinking is more clear, more intentional, you’re thinking at a higher Yes, supernatural level, right. And when you do that the actions that you take are going to be more effective, there’s going to be way better execution, cleaner execution, done with a sense of call. This sounds great. If that sounds great, Papa, five in that chat. And the result of all this is a more successful business, a more joyful business. You know, that, again, not just profitable and more impact, but business done in a way that feels good. Because you realize that while you must do your part, God’s gonna do his. And so yes, you’re gonna take that action. But the biggest, most important aspect of your part is leaning into your faith in Christ, trusting him more, seeking Him more and being ready to not only hear what he tells you, but to act on it. That’s faith at work. There’s nothing more powerful than faith. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. How many times does Jesus comment about a lack of faith in the Bible? Oh, ye of little faith, he calls us to greater faith. Why is that? So that he can work? Our faith opens the door. Okay? Do you see that? Hope you feel what I’m saying to you.



Okay, I pray that what I’ve said was heard and received by you in a way that awakens and renews your perspective on the power of faith in our lives and in our business. So let’s formally go to Him and seek His presence, then we’re gonna dive into accountability. Heavenly Father, I pray that the words I’ve just delivered to these beautiful ladies, God, these sisters in you, that, that they’re pleasing to You, God, every time I come live, I take that responsibility very seriously, as you know, Lord, and so I need you. We need you to be here with us, guide my words, you know, I have a plan. But your plan is better than any plan that a human could make Lord, so May the Spirit lead me. And as things come into my mind and spirit, please make it clear that I should be saying them and going off script so to speak, Lord, thank you in advance for how you’re going to move. We love you and we trust you help us to love and trust you more in the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus our Lord we pray, amen. Amen. All right, accountability, what is it? And who should be holding what accountable when it comes to investing in your business? And specifically, because I’m a coach investing in coaching, I thought that would be an interesting topic. Now, in the coming days, I encourage you to head over to my joyful scaling podcast go way back toward the beginning to Episode 23, episode 23 of the joyful scaling podcast. That title of that episode is accountability, tips and truth bombs on holding yourself accountable. That’s from April of 2020. So it’s a different take on this topic, but it’s still highly relevant and useful. So I encourage you to take a listen. And remember you can find have links to all of your favorite platforms at Judy All right, so first a definition. Merriam Webster defines accountability as The quality or state of being accountable. Well, that’s helpful, right? Here it goes. And in particular, accountability is an obligation, or a willingness to accept responsibility. So you feel obligated, or you’re willing to accept responsibility to account for one’s actions. So let’s break that down a little bit. Accountability is about accepting responsibility, being responsible for something and in this case responsible for someone’s actions. Could be your actions could be someone else’s actions. And according to this definition, accepting responsibility can be either something you can do, you’re willing to, or something, you must do an obligation. So let’s bring all that back to us as business owners investing. Okay? Now, interestingly, the word accountability only recently I was doing a little bit of background info. And that word, accountability has already become a buzzword in the past 10 to 15 years or so. Before that, it really didn’t come up much. I mean, there was, but it wasn’t as prevalent it is, as it is right now. And as a coach, one thing that I see as a trend more and more is that both coaches and clients are looking to someone else, to hold them accountable. Right. So what does this mean? Well, in general, the coach, I’m talking, these are broad generalizations. But let me know if you agree that you’ve seen this, the coach, generally speaking, looks to the client, and says, hold yourself accountable. You’re 100% responsible, it’s all on you. And at the same time, the client looks to the coach and says, Wait a minute, I need you to hold me accountable, you coach are 100%, or at least significantly responsible for holding my feet to the fire, and so on, you



know, what’s wrong with this picture? When they this scenario, no one’s taking responsibility. They’re pointing to the other saying it’s on you. And that’s wrong. That will not create a great client experience. And that lack of taking any responsibility is destined to not end. Well. Do you see that? I hope so. Now, in the beginning of my online entrepreneurial journey, I mistakenly believed that it was my coach’s job, it was her responsibility to hold me accountable. To follow up, check in with me regularly to monitor my progress. What modules did Judy watch? What modules didn’t she watch? And to kind of always read my mind. That’s what I expected. Silly, right? I expected her to kind of just know, I don’t know how, what I needed. And she’d be there, right. And thinking that way, and approaching any coaching relationship that way, demonstrates, frankly, a lack of understanding, and immaturity, I was immature. Because as a CEO, you and me, we’ve got to take full 100% responsibility for everything we do everything we say everything we think all the decisions we make, right? It’s no one else’s obligation to hold you or me accountable. Okay, we as CEOs need to take 100% responsibility. But I don’t want that responsibility. When I say that, to create a feeling of pressure for you know, that’s just what a CEO does. There’s no pressure, take responsibility for everything that happens in your business, no excuses, no finger pointing, okay, and no self deprecating, you know, beating yourself up, right. Your growth, and the growth of your business depends on one person. And that you as CEO, you are the decision maker. And with that comes responsibility, but also comes a freedom. You see how that works. See you as the CEO are responsible for all the winds, all the knots or winds and all the learning from every failure, right? And you get to make decisions, though, that gives you the freedom you get to do things your way. Right? And your way, as a Christian would be doing things that honor the Lord, and what he’s told you to, because His ways are perfect, and we should always seek to do His will. Right when you want to think more and more like him, so that his desires become our desires. And they they became they become the same and so then we’re just walking with him. And we’re we’re living joyfully we’re living faithfully. While we still do hard things, while we’re still learning along the way. Okay, so with that, what is the answer? who’s accountable for what so I have two points that I want to make care point Number one, you as a CEO, absolutely, I’m going to reiterate this, you are 100% responsible for everything inside your business, it’s your job to hold yourself accountable. It’s your job to honor the decisions you’ve made by carrying them out, no matter how you feel.



No matter whether you’re having a good hair day or not, no matter if a client just, you know, left or whatever the situation. And no matter what it looks like, right? Ladies, we operate not in the natural, but by God’s grace, as Christians, we are empowered with the Holy Spirit. So we we operate in a supernatural realm that’s like a basic tenet of Christianity, right? Hopeful expectation without seeing the very definition of faith. Right. So we’re going to do what we say we’re going to do. And this is 100% responsibility, when it comes to coaching investments that you make, means that it’s your responsibility to make sure you get what you came for. So I’m gonna give you a couple examples of what that looks like, because I really want this to be useful for you. Okay, so first thing, how do you take 100% responsibility and make sure you get what you came for? Right? First, you show up, and you do the work. Every live coaching session that you have in whatever investment program you’ve gotten in, you know, think about this, every session could be the one where the light bulb goes off for you, moving your business forward, like tenfold. Seriously, it’s possible, and even more possible, unlikely when you’re looking for that to happen. Right, approaching every coaching session as if your entire investment was for that one session, showing up with that intention. And with that expectation. Again, that’s an example of being 100% responsible to get which came for, right. So you need to show up, how many times people don’t show up. But yet, a lot of times those that only show up in a haphazard way, maybe one in four, they’re the ones complaining, it’s not working. I don’t like this doesn’t work. Ladies, we need to take responsibility for getting all the coaching sessions in our calendar right away. And then we honor the time block no matter what things you’re always going to come up, you know that the enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy everything about you this business and everything that would be according to God’s purpose in will and plan for you. He’s gonna tempt you to blow it off just this once. Who cares, right? No, you are a mature CEO. So you decide, I’m going to attend this, I invested dollars in this, I’m committed. So I decide to take full advantage of everything that’s being offered, you decide. And then you commit to your decisions, and then you follow through with them every single time. And not just coaching sessions, whatever other resources are available, get access to them, use them. I know that when I put programs together, I take out the fluff I edit back so that every training video, every handout, every template, every swipe file, whatever the resource, it is there for a reason, because I’ve determined that it was necessary in order to give my clients the results they came for. So another part of showing up and doing the work is really trusting your coach trust the process and do the work. Hopefully, that’s given since you’ve invested. Okay? Now one more example of making sure you get what you came for inside a coaching relationship is that if you don’t understand something, you need to speak up. Your coach is not a mind reader. I don’t know how to help someone if they don’t raise their hand, right? So never be afraid to ask a question thinking that’s a dumb question. I’m gonna look stupid. There are no dumb questions, and you won’t be stupid because look, no doubt, if you have a question. There’s got to be others that have the very same question. Okay, so show up, do the work. And if you don’t understand something, please raise your hand. Okay, so you my friend, as the client, are 100% responsible for getting everything you came for, you must hold yourself accountable period. And again, how do you do that? How do you make sure that when you invest in a coaching program, for example, that at the end of it, they’re gonna get the result that you were promised, and the result that you expect? Here’s how, and this works 100% of the time, decide ahead of time that you will. You’ve got to be intentional, again, with every coaching session, with every module with every resource available to you be intentional about, about about consuming that and studying it and then implementing it, learn and then apply. When you consider that every aspect is important. You’re gonna show up in an expected way ready to learn like a sponge. So you’ll grow each and every time you do the work, so it makes sense. You are 100% response Well, but let’s move on to point two, that’s not the end of the discussion. No doubt about it, the baseline is clients are 100% responsible



Oh, have a responsibility to the client, I have a responsibility to the client. And that is, it’s my responsibility to set my clients up for success. And that means to give them the resources, the support everything they need to succeed. And so every day I kid you not. Every day I go to work, power thinking, I think at a high level, I think about my clients, I put myself in their head. And I asked myself, How can I get my clients quicker, simpler results. That’s my responsibility as your coach. And I spent hours and hours each and every week thinking about my clients, I want to see where they’re stuck. I want to review their questions. Right in the Facebook group during our group coaching, whatever it is, and I asked myself, How can I teach that concept differently, to make it more clear, because I know, the clearer I make it, the easier it’s gonna be for them to implement and get the results. That is my responsibility as a business coach, and a scaling strategist that cares about her clients. Now, again, I started earlier with this trend that I’m seeing that too many coaches, whether life business, whatever it is, they they’re kind of backing away from taking any responsibility. It’s that pass the buck mentality that, you know, it’s not my job. It’s your job. That happened all the time when I was in corporate, where people were content with just doing the minimum and pushing off solving a problem to another Oh, that’s not my department, send it over there. I don’t know, I have to ask Joe for that. Or go Sarah, whatever, right. And it’s this, I’m not responsible mentality. It happens also with vendors out there. You know, it happened to me just the other day, right? They tout how awesome they are and what great customer service, they have to get the sale. But all too often, when an issue comes up, and hey, it happens. But when an issue comes up, and you reach out, and your vendors slow to respond if they respond at all, and make excuses anything other than take responsibility, and I can’t stand that. I just I don’t tolerate it. I paying you money, I get to you know, get a little bit of something something here, right? Can you relate to that? You know, how many times I had to follow up with a vendor holding their feet to the fire, because they wouldn’t do it themselves. hand holding, following up I had to do, I felt like I was doing their job chasing them down. That’s not right. But when I’m the client, I will do my part. But the person I hire needs to do this as well, they are responsible, and they need to fulfill their promises. Now back to the coaching relationship. The vast majority of coaches say, here’s what you’re gonna get. But I can’t guarantee results. Because your success depends on you, I don’t know what you’ll do how you’ll implement, okay, and yes, that’s true. But saying that the client is 100% responsible and that they’re successful, ultimately depend on them. That doesn’t mean that the coach has zero responsibility. Now, I feel so firmly about this, that I have a responsibility to get my clients what they came for, even though I’m not obligated to I want to. And so I’m revamping some things inside my business, I’m thinking very deeply about my responsibility in that coach client relationship. And so later this fall, I’m going to be introducing a brand new offer. So that if you are not at the 75k annual revenue, missing that threshold to participate in my joyful scaling mastermind, you’re gonna be able to jump into a program created specifically for Christian women in the earlier stages of their business. It’s getting to their first six figures in 12 months or less. And I’m going to be offering a guarantee as a part of that. That’s going to be coming your way soon. And I see that me offering the guarantee, as a win win. You win, because he can guarantee the guarantee alleviates your risk. That’s a clear win for you, right. But I also win. Because when I put your brain to work



to make sure I’m sorry, when I put my brain to work to make sure my program is so valuable, that I’m able to guarantee results. Oh my goodness. That means that my clients and not only have an extraordinary client experience, but you’re gonna get results. And then I get a bunch of glowing testimonials, right? That’s a win win, you win, I win. And that’s what business is all about. Right providing value in exchange for value. And the way I like to think about pricing is that I want my client To give me less value than they get from me. Okay, I want it to be a really amazing investment for them where they’re paying me x. And they’re receiving 2x 3x 5x. Right? So that’s a winded up here. Accountability. Yes, the client is 100% responsible for their own success. Make no mistake, but the coach is responsible for serving her client to the uttermost by creating a container, and curating an experience that delivers what was promised. Can I get an amen on that? All right now, I’m curious, as we wrap up, did you experience any breakthroughs, or lightbulb moments or anything stand out for you, I would love to know, I spoke in terms of coaches, and the coaching relationship. But no matter what service you provide, you can take this and that’s another thing when you’re inside of a coaching programs or any investment, even if you’re not the one being coached. And even if if an issue doesn’t relate directly to your business, right? There’s so many different industries within the service provider arena, I want you to ask yourself, how can that concept, in this case, the idea of taking responsibility for helping my client get results? How can that apply to me? That would be wonderful use of your time today. Because ladies, your brain is your most valuable business asset. You strengthen this, your business is going to be strengthened, right? I encourage you to put it to work put your brain to work on this topic. All right, well, listen, thank you so much for watching today. Or if you’re listening on the podcast, when I post this there, thank you for listening, I would truly love your feedback. So DM me, wherever you hanging out on social I am at at Judy Weber CO at Judy Weber CO or you can leave a voice note. I would like to hear your voice. Go over to the podcast page and my website is Judy Judy Scroll down a bit, you’re gonna see some awesome free resources. But before that, you’re gonna see a neat little microphone. And you can leave me a voice note with your feedback and I would absolutely love it. And who knows I might feature you on the podcast. Right? So get over there and tell me your feedback. Tell me about your experience listening to the podcast. Tell me your favorite episode. Suggest some topics, you know, suggest some guests maybe pitch yourself there. I would love to hear from you. Again. That’s Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast. Alright ladies, God bless you. Last couple days of July let’s let’s really do the work so that we can end the month strong. And I will see you here next week. God bless you


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