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All right. Welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling Podcast. Today we’re talking about one of my favorite subjects. We’re talking about sales and mindset. It’s the truth behind why you hate sales and play small in business, of course, from a biblical perspective, and I’m joined today by Karissa Quaid, she is a biblical money mindset coach and speaker and the CEO of change your finances. Karissa empowers ambitious Christian entrepreneurs, which I know is you to get past the beliefs that making money is bad, or that wealth is evil, and all those other crazy negative things that somehow go through our brain, and that keep us from scaling. Okay, I don’t want that to be you. And also keeps you from multiplying your legacy in ways that actually honor God. So by leveraging what the Bible actually says about money in business, Carissa is on mission. And I love this mission to teach 100,000 of you the powerful steps for overcoming the battlefield in your mind, so that you can confidently multiply your legacy and wealth in ways that reflect God’s goodness and His generosity. Let’s welcome Karissa to the show.



Thank you, Judy, thank you for having me on here is such a pleasure and an honor.



Oh, my goodness, I feel like we’ve kind of been following each other for a time. And so actually seeing you here is just so like, Thank you, God, we finally get to do this. All right. So let’s jump on in, you know, let’s not even dilly dally around this attack right away and identify the common beliefs that too many Christian women have around making money, sales and creating wealth.



Well, there are all these beliefs, we feel like making money is bad, that we’re going to become someone horrible if we’re wealthy. And we even doubt if that’s even Okay, right? If God even actually wants us to be wealthy, but then there’s a lot of us that hate sales, and we just feel, salesy, scammy. And we don’t want anything like that. And there’s a couple things that are going on. And the first thing is, we really, the verses that are talked about about money, are usually taken out of context. And so then, what I’ve seen, they’re taken out of context, and they’re used in such a way that they keep women, especially paralyzed by fear. The second thing is that we don’t understand what the Bible actually says about money, and about business, and that God has created it, and he has called it good. And we really live out His commandments to love Him with our whole heart, soul and mind, and love our neighbor as ourselves through our business. But then there’s a third thing, we have all these thoughts about, I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough. I, you know, maybe I’m an imposter who do I all the things. I’m not talking anything that is foreign to you guys. And these are the thoughts that we don’t realize that one everybody else has them. But to we don’t know that we are, we can get free from them. And there’s a The interesting thing. I mean, some of us are on thoughts from what other people have said, but there’s also lies from the enemy. To



plenty of them. Yes.



And the reason why all of this is happening is because the the power and the influence that you will have as an ambitious Christian, female entrepreneur, when you understand what the Bible says about money and business is going to be massive. And it’s going to impact so many clients, your family and overflow into your community for generations to come. And all this brings glory to God and the enemy doesn’t want any part of it.



That’s so good. All right, so let’s go to some scripture. Because I’m sure if the ladies are listening follow me they they’ve heard the verses that I pull out, not the least of which is First Timothy six where it is not money. That’s the root of all evil. It is the love of money, but I love how you found some verses in Genesis to really support the fact that making money he’s like kind of what we’re supposed to be doing.



Well and then the reason why I found these verses in Genesis is because you know I struggled with all these my myself. And so I had a turn to the Bible and said, Okay, I need truth, I need to know for sure what God says about money, wealth and business, because I’m in business and I need to put business, okay? And so I’m reading it. And I’m really studying and marking every passage that talks about money. And I come across this verse, it says that we, it’s in the account of creation. So that’s the background. And it’s talking about this as good and not as good God’s created the heavens on Earth. And then it says, and there was a river that flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and from there divided and became four rivers. The name of the first is to Shawn, it flows around the pool land of Cavalia, where there’s gold, and the gold of that land is good. So me, I’m like, Okay, that was an interesting passage to stick in creation. So I research it, I study it. And I look into the Hebrew word, and the word for gold encompasses money, currency, it encompasses wealth, and it encompasses trade and business. And it’s also powerful. And this kind of addresses why we hate sales, and why we’re feeling weird about money. It addresses both of them. Because it’s the eighth mention of something being called Good. And, Judy, that is significant, because in the Hebrew language eight means partnering with God to make the world a better place.



Oh, wow. Okay, wait, we need to go back and make sure if you’re not listening zone out, come back to us, because it’s too important to miss. Say that, again, please, can you reference where this is in the budget, where’s the



Genesis 210 312 is the first I just quoted, and it talks about there is gold, and they’ll gold of that land is good. And so gold is referenced to be money, as well. And it’s also trade and business. And when it’s the eighth mentioned of something being called good by God, then eight is significant, because that means partnering with God, to make the world a better place. So he has put Well, in the land. And land you also find out later is a symbol for business.



And we’re called to cultivate it, are called to be fruitful



and multiply. And those are not just talking about having more kids. It’s a financial holistic blessing. We do this, we cultivate that wealth that God has already put around us, put in our businesses, by partnering with him to serve the world, and make the world a better place. And we do that when we come to business. All of you have amazing businesses. And if you just think about this, I grow, I tried to grow a garden, I call it my snack garden. And I may have a carrot, or two beats or something, right. I love feeding my family. And I’m more than happy to go to the grocery store and hand over money to get all this produce. When we are operating in business as Christians, and we’re partnering with God, we are taking somebody’s problem, and we are making it better. We’re making our lives better. We’re bringing a little bit of kingdom of heaven here on earth as it or kingdom of the kingdom of God, here on earth as it is in heaven. And we are allowed or God set up this payment system that our clients now delight to pay us. And he calls all of this good.



I’ll tell you, I’m 56. I was raised in the church. I have never, ever heard this. I mean, where did you first like really dig into Genesis two? When was that? Was that like was that your individual study? I would love to just I’m curious.



When Oh, I have a I have a bad memory for exactly. I mean, it’s been several years, it’s probably been within the last seven, seven years. So more on that, that I really been diving into it. I would say maybe more in the last five years. And when I came across that passage, and but I’ve been studying money in the Bible, and coincidently because a lot of these verses talk about money, but they also talk about business and apply to business. I’ve been studying that for about 12 years.



Okay, so good. Okay, so, so we have these common beliefs. And before I get into that, one thing that you seem to emphasize which I really want to dig into is that women in In particular, tend to be paralyzed by fear. When it comes to this whole salesy thing, even though, you know, some of us, I know some of my clients, they stand confident in their expertise. But yet when it comes to and they know, they’re good at what they do, but yet there’s this thing, you know, so I’m just curious, what was your study and things? Why is it hit and impact women so much more.



You want to open up a huge can of worms or just a small? Well, so there’s a couple of different theories going on. There’s, predominantly, as we look back in history, women have been under leadership of men under the authority of men and limited in what they can do. And so we see that through the church, through culture, through society, we see that pretty much everywhere. But God created Adam and Eve and call them both to cultivate the land and to multiply and be fruitful, and to. I have dominion, right. So he made us equal in the beginning, and this is his design. And the other reason it’s such a big thing is because we there’s studies proven and I don’t know if you’ve read any of the Millionaire Next Door, books, fantastic books, but Dr. Thomas Stanley, he researched millionaires. And there is one of book The Millionaire, business woman or millionaire woman next door. And he talks about how women particularly who, who gain wealth, their whole community benefits. And this is proven in research, they benefit far more than and they’re more generous to their friends or family or community than any male, demographic. And when you add the Christian aspect to it, when we’re doing it for the glory of God, we’re truly wanting to serve people, which is why we’re in business, right? We want to make their lives better. And when God blesses us with this income, and we’re managing all of our fears, and all everything, they line up with Scripture, we ended up being so much more generous than any other demographic. In a way that one is powerful, because God favors upon us and flourishing our business and making it prosper, which I know you’re all about doing with your clients, right. And when we manage it well, when we are being extremely generous, all of this does, is pointing to God as being generous, and good. And so we have this powerful calling, and it reflects. So I mean, it does for men too, but it’s even more powerful with women because we’re more generous in their community. I love that. And you know, it reflects the honor and glory of God.



Amen. And I was thinking, there’s the Proverbs 31 woman, who I didn’t realize until more recently, in more recent years that, you know, God right there in Scripture says that she was a serial entrepreneur. I mean, she didn’t say that. And that’s what we see. And, you know, and he said that she was profitable. And she was pointed out as a woman of noble character. So that’s why I love to say sales is noble, like there should be no hesitation here sales is, is noble, and we are helping somebody else. It’s value for value. So I don’t know if you want to, if you want to say anything on that before we move to the next question.



I mean, she does not such a great example. But she’s also not only a serial entrepreneur, she’s very, she plans her businesses, she brings in additional businesses to to make her family’s legacy longer. You know, like your she’s buying a field and a vineyard that’s going to outlast her. And it’s going to when you have a field or vineyard which are all symbols for business, flocks, fields, vineyards, all of it. There are symbols for business. And when you have a business, let’s pick a vineyard. You’re not going to be able to take all of that and use the grapes and the wine for yourself. So you sell most of it to somebody who is doing something completely different. So they’d benefit so now you are enriching your community. You’re benefiting your community by selling it But she has a long longitudinal view, which is why I love to say you’re multiplying your legacy when she’s doing her businesses, and we are called to increase our business, increase the money that we have to do good works. And we’re gonna be held accountable for it. And when we can do good work such as I don’t know, what’s the what’s the cause on your heart that’s really close to your heart that you want to see a difference in duty?



Well, one is Mothers Against Drunk Driving. That’s fine.



Okay, Ken, so let’s use that. So as your business flourishes, as you’re partnering, God, you’re serving other people, you have this extra money coming in. So now you can really get behind Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who are doing a phenomenal work with your financial resources. And now you can see that good work being multiplied.



Ah, so good. I love that. I love that. And that’s what I think every time I donate, at the end of a month, I make sure I get caught up. And then some, you know, as I look at what, what what came into the business, and I just like pray over every dollar and say, Lord, like, multiply it. So that is so so good. Well, so So how does someone how does a woman that’s listening? Who still feels like I don’t want to be called a salesperson sales? I don’t know, this may sound good, thank you for pointing out Genesis two. But, you know, I just can’t embrace this thing called sales. It just doesn’t feel good. How do we break those beliefs? And, you know, I guess increase our sales conversions as a practical matter?



Well, breaking those beliefs, I found you have to one identify where those beliefs are coming from? Was it something your parents said, I have several clients who said, one of them, particularly her dad said, when she was in high school, she wanted to start a business, I think it was a, you know, some I don’t know, if something like Mary Kay, you know, the MLM type thing? And he said, Well, you could do either make money, or you can have reps. So, we have to identify where did that belief come from? Was that something somebody said was at the church, my parents? Where did that come from? The second thing is, you have to look at what the Word of God says. Yes. And in that case, he’s saying, selling is good. Because you are serving other people, you are loving your neighbor as yourself, and you’re making their lives better. This is my whole purpose in bringing restoration and, and redemption to the world. And you’re doing that through business.



I never I’m sorry, I’m writing that down. Those are powerful words, Karissa, redemption and restoration. God’s way through your business that is insanely great. I mean, right? There’s motivation to say alright, you better get out there and make sure the world knows the gifts and talents that God gave you and not be shy and hold back. Right? Ah, so good.



But the another practical thing is, we see so many news stories of business people who are cheating, being, you know, exempt on their taxes and oppressing their employees. And so if that’s our view of business, of course, you’re not going to want to be in business, we’re not going to want to be successful in business. Because if I am subconsciously, you’re telling yourself, I’m going to be like that. When that’s a twisted version of business, what we just have talked about is what God’s designed for businesses. And when we show up with his design, and we’re honorable in all of our dealings in business, that shows like a city on a hill. And that shows reflects God’s true design for business, and his character.



So good. Oh, my gosh, so good. And I love that I’m learning something so you can see my reaction. This is just so good. All right. So we were talking about the how how to kick, the playing small, and the thinking sales is made out of our brain and the first one was, identify where the belief came from. And then secondly, look to the Word of God. What’s next?



You have a choice.



Are you going to continue staying comfortable with all of those negative self criticism? All of those lies in your mind that you think are just affecting you and it’s been around for so long you think it’s normal? And it feels safe to stay in that environment, even if it’s toxic? Or are you going to say, You know what, I am going to take God at His Word, I’m going to put my belief in him what his design is. And I’m going to choose to walk in belief, and walk in faith, because it’s all about believing God and His promises, and then walking out and obedience. So you’ve got a choice.



So good believing, and you know, living out your faith, right? Oh, my gosh, it’s so good. It’s so good. All right. So I want to pivot just for a moment. And I’m gonna get to some practical, and that is, here I am on a sales conversation. And so many women, and I’m talking about some of my clients who are making multi six figures, and especially realtors that that I have, in my one on ones and it’s like, okay, so when I first started working with them, I say, Tell me about your presentation. And they go through it and get it out of that. And I say, Okay, what happens at the end? And so often? Karissa, they say, Well, I leave my materials with them. And then I say, Well, let me know when you’re ready. And they walk away. There’s no appointment set. There’s no asking for the business. There’s no nothing. So that always astounds me how you can make really, pretty good money, but it makes you think, wow, how much money leaving on the table. So help us give us some guidance, if you can around the sales conversation and actually asking for the business, introducing them inviting them in to work with you.



Can I just use a quick example to illustrate it? Sure. If you have children or children around you, I have nieces, you know, and one of them were to get really, really sick. You are grilling, do everything that you can to make sure that they can get that expensive treatment that they need. Right? Yeah. And you’re not going to think anything else about it. We have to remember we have to come into that sales conversation, one, knowing I’m partnering with God, to serve them and to make the world a better place. But we also have to realize that our clients or our potential clients, they’re praying desperately for an answer. And, you know, even in what Jesus said, he said that he had compassion on on the people, because they were harassed. And they were hurried. They were like sheep without a shepherd. When we fail to say, Judy, I see that you have a problem, I see that you’re struggling, I see that you’re desperate praying for an answer. And I have a solution that might work for you. And we forget, we don’t want to talk about that solution we don’t want to talk about and that solution is your product is your service is saying, I’m asking for the sale. That’s what it is. Okay. We hide that solution. And so now our potential clients who have been praying desperate, if we go back to that example, how long have our kids been sick? How much money have we tried on this doctor, that doctor? And there is no answer. Our clients are doing the same thing. And if they walk away from us, I believe that God is merciful, and He does hear their cries, and he’s going to provide a solution through somebody else. But when we as Christians can offer that solution to them, having this whole framework, that this is good, that we’re loving the Lord our God, we’re serving our neighbors, we’re making the world a better place. And we’re coming in with the love of Jesus. Then that changes, how we show up in the sales conversation.



That is so true. That is such a beautiful example. Because whether you actually whether the ladies listening, have a child or not. If we have a child in our life that we love, there is nothing we wouldn’t do. There was no mountain we wouldn’t climb, there was no nothing, nothing that we would not do for them. And you can see I’m tearing up. So it’s that kind of reality, where we have to know the work that we do in the world and the gifts that you know, God gave us to allow us to do that. Is that important? Otherwise, why are we doing what we’re doing? Well, it’s



also got important to the person who’s praying for that. answer



exactly. That’s what I mean, it’s important for them like, like you are the solution, like before we were born. And before the creation was made, God chose, I believe the people that He has for us like, like he gave us our experience and education and our goods and our beds and ups and downs so that we could show up for those people that he chose for us. And so if we minimize that, and minimize the importance of our work and minimize the pain of that prospective client that is sitting with us, or on the zoom with us or on the phone with us, I mean, we’re really do I would say, That’s selfish on our part. We’re not



loving our neighbor. We are not loving our neighbor. Wow, that’s a Mic drop. Don’t ask for the sale. You are not loving your neighbor.



Yeah, that’s a mic drop moment. Oh, my goodness. All right. So what do you say? Karissa to those that are like, well, I don’t know what to say. And they’re looking, you know, they’re downloading about, you know, 20 or more perfect sales, conversation scripts, you know, and they’re kind of looking at them. And then they’re like, wait a minute, this doesn’t sound like me, and it doesn’t feel good. What would you say to that woman who’s like, I just don’t know what to say.



I mean, if you’ve already gotten the resources, you know, because sales hasn’t been my background. So I’ve gotten a lot of those resources, too. But it’s coming into it and listening to what their problem is, what they’ve struggled with, what they’ve tried, and what they want. And then saying, you know, well, I can serve you. I mean, I have my sales script, okay, I have a printed out, I work notes on it all. Most of the time, I don’t even end up using it. Because I have the format. And then I’m like, you know, I sit here and I listen, I validate what they’re going through. I get excited for them with what they want. And then I say, well, would it be alright with you? I think I can help you can I share about that? Or I think I can serve you and I can definitely address, you know, all of these mindsets that you’re dealing with. And I tell you how.



It’s as easy as that. I love it. Don’t overthink it, ladies. Right? All right. Well, I can’t believe our time is just about gone. But you have a very special gift for our listeners. Yes, please tell.



So this is a gift. It’s called the truth behind why you’re hitting a revenue wall. You’re playing small business, and you’re limiting your legacy. This is an 18 minute training. It’s a free training for you guys. And for you just special guests of this podcast, I have it at change your scaling, danger scaling just for this podcast, just for the guests here on this podcast. And I would love to give that training to you. If anything that we’ve talked about, it’s like, wait a minute, I need to go deeper. This would be a great first step to do.



So good. And I appreciate you making that available to our listeners. I know I’m gonna be listening. This is just so good. Thank you so much. Karissa. So, as we wrap up, where can where is it best to connect with you, our listeners, I’m sure they will want to number one. And number two, you don’t get your website, we already gave it change your That’s the best website to go to. Right. Okay, how about



social social is change your finances, Instagram, Facebook, and the like. And I just want to leave with one last thing is, you know, it’s small shifts. That will make a huge difference in where you end up. You don’t have to like overhaul your whole mind, right today. It’s small shifts, but and I’ve built made hundreds of these small shifts over the years. And instead of having that Battlefield and all that tension of is this okay? Is this not okay? Now there’s confidence and joy in my business. And instead of really feeling stuck, not sure what to say not sure how to serve more people. Now I’m on the path to serve multitudes. And instead of worrying about money really being an idol. I don’t know if anyone else has struggled with that, but I did. Now I’m excited to cultivate wealth and leave a legacy that honors God and you all can do this too. It starts with one 3% shift and then another. And God has given you guys all this incredible desire to create a massive legacy through your business and your legacy matters.



Amen. Thank you for that. That is just such a beautiful way to wrap up. Legacy I especially loved how you pointed back to the legacy what Sit on the vineyard, the fact that land outlives us all. So, that was a beautiful picture that, you know, this whole wealth building concept is of God. As long as we keep our eyes on Him were always going to be good. Right, so Karissa, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom here. I so appreciate it. And I’m sure the ladies are like having many aha moments as I did.



Well, and if there’s anything I can do to serve you, I would be honored if you guys reached out. Really, I am on your side. And I want to see you guys flourish with having with partnering with God and His Word. And so if there’s anything I can do, I would be more than honored to do so.



Beautiful. Well, again, thank you for sharing your wisdom that God no doubt downloaded to you and your studies. And thank you ladies for listening. And please, if you have not yet left a rating and a review, this will be the perfect time to do it. Because I have no doubt I would be hard pressed to think that you didn’t get one major AHA in today’s episode, so let us know what that is. leave a review. Head on over to the podcast page of my website Judy There you can leave a voice note and tell me how amazing you think Carissa is and how much you’ve been blessed by this episode. I would want nothing more look. This is for you ladies, we put this together for you. So let me know what it is that you need. Alright, so once again, Karissa, thank you and ladies, ma we will see you next time.


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