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Hello, welcome, welcome to thriver Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful business growth and scaling strategies. And of course grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ such a blessing to have you here with me, whether live or watching on replay. Today’s training is dedicated to a topic that I believe you’re gonna find quite refreshing and needed. And so I call it joy infused marketing. It’s my approach to marketing. Nobody else has this, you’ll only find it right here. Now, when I use the word joy, and marketing together,



does that sound like an oxymoron to you? Like, you might say, well, well, well, I would never put joy and marketing together. Like that’s an inherent contradiction. If that is you, and tell me in the chat, if that is you, you’re gonna love today’s teaching, my philosophy on marketing, okay, I’m gonna give you five rules to follow. As you implement marketing in your business. Now, these rules are not meant to constrict your creativity. In fact, these rules will actually allow you to increase your creative thinking, right? As you reject the feeling of overwhelm, or I don’t know or fear, right, marketing is you.



I want to bring more of you to your marketing. Okay, that’s what joy infused marketing is all about. And, of course, thanking God for everything he’s given us to allow us to be in business in the first place, right? So be sure to take notes, be warned, these rules are not the conventional copy, paste, trending tactics that you see advertised all throughout your social feeds. Okay? If marketing right now feels like a burden to you. If you feel like I don’t know what to say. And if you get a feeling in your body, at the mere mention of the word marketing, and that feeling is like dread.



Anybody feel like that? If that’s you get ready for a breakthrough. I’m excited for that breakthrough for you today. Well, it feels so so good to be back with you the past several weeks, I’ve been out sick. It started while I was on vacation.



Let me tell you, it’s great to hear the ocean from your hotel room.



Right? But it’s not so great when you’re laying flat on your back in bed feeling horrible. But I made the most of it that I could.



And I opened up the slider door and I heard the ocean as I’m laying there. Anyway. But you know what God is good.



As he always is, hallelujah. Right? And I’m feeling stronger every day. Just dealing with a lingering ear issue. Did you ever have a time when like, I don’t even feel congested, but it must be something in my brain. And when I was flying home, this right ear, like totally closed up. And so I kind of feel that imbalance anyway, so I’m praying for that issue to resolve but I’m just so grateful to the Lord God Almighty because he has been so gracious to me, he is teaching me things, even through the sickness on vacation. Okay, and, and I was kind of mad at him. Let’s be real.



I wanted a vacation hanging out with my kids get on the beach. It’s and I was on my back in bed feeling horrible. But here’s what I know. He still loves us. He still loves us.



And he gets it. Right. And when He disciplines us, it’s only because He loves us. He only he says in First John that he only disciplines his children, those he loves. So if like me, he’s taking you through something, no matter how awful it is, trust Him. Ask Him to reveal what it is that he’s trying to teach you and be open to that teaching. Believe me. I know that’s not easy, but it’s exactly what we are called to do as followers of the one and only Jesus Christ our Lord. Now if this is the first time you and I’ve met Hello there, my friend, I’m Judy Weber. I’m a women’s business strategist and scaling expert, and I’m setting the gold standard in business coaching for Christian women. And if you don’t know this about me already, you will come to learn that I am unconventional in my approach to running a business and I’m unapologetic about my faith in Jesus Christ. I’m convinced that the Lord calls each of us his daughters to do business boldly, courageously, faithfully, joyfully, impactfully ndS unapologetically, profitably, profitably, it’s not a sin.



tend to have big goals because in order if you have big goals, then you’re reaching lots of great people and you’re impacting them and using your gifts. That’s, that’s your calling. So lean into that. Right? We have the power that raised Christ from the grave inside of us.



Are you are? Am I using that awesome power that He’s given us? Or are we playing small and allowing fear and doubt, to hold us back? That is a very convicting question. I think it’s one worth exploring every day. Okay, now, today’s topic, again, is joy, infused marketing five rules I’m gonna give you but as always, before we dive in, let’s praise the Lord God for His blessings. Okay. Heavenly Father, we thank you, I thank you that I feel almost normal. And then I’m able to come here and that technology is working. Lord God, I believe that joy infused marketing, the philosophy that I take to this



is a direct download from you, God, so please allow me to be your vessel, speak through me, Lord, I’ve prepared I’ve spent hours preparing this message, but God, take it. I’m gonna be open to the Spirit’s prompting, because I really want to over deliver, and serve everyone watching me.



For as long as this thing exists on a podcast or on a video, wherever it is God, your will be done, and speak.



In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray, and we thank you in advance. Amen. Amen.



All right, let me just see, there’s a comment here. Someone said, Hey, Judy, Marilyn says, Hey, Judy, Yes, God is good. And someone’s watching me on LinkedIn. And I’m sorry, I don’t have your name here. But all right, let’s dive in to these five rules of joy infused marketing. Here’s rule number one.



And that is simply this. Decide that marketing is simple.



Decide, marketing is simple.



Be confident, and know that you can do this.



Think about it. If you have a task to do, let’s say cleaning your house.



And your thought about cleaning your house is I hate to clean it stupid. Why bother? Just gonna get dirty in a couple hours anyway? I hate to clean. How do you think that cleaning time’s gonna go?



It’s gonna be misery. Right has to be because you’ve already decided cleaning is stupid. I hate it.



So of course, you’re not gonna feel good. Doing the task, when that’s your thought. Okay, now, if that’s you, and I must confess, I am not a clean freak at all. I don’t enjoy cleaning. So if that’s you, I’m right there with you. But if that is you? And what if instead of mumbling to yourself, I hate this. It’s stupid. It’s gonna get dirty in a minute anyway, what have you tried on a new thoracic trying on a new hat? What have you tried on a new thought?



And you know, it’s time to clean so you’re gonna do it. So why not just try a different way to approach it? Right? Let’s say you approach that cleaning day with the thought, gosh, I can’t wait to see how beautiful the house is gonna look when I’m done.



Can you feel the difference? I mean, it’s kind of subtle, but it’s pretty powerful. Right? From I hate this. It’s stupid. It’s almost like there’s no reason why I should do it anyway, from that to cash, I can’t wait to see the pretty, that’s gonna come from my work.



It’s the same thing whenever we approach a something a task.



It’s how we think about it, that’s going to allow us to feel what we feel as we’re doing the task. And all of that is going to ultimately impact the result of what we’re doing. Right.



So instead of monitoring yourself, this is stupid, I hate it. If you’re anticipating the beautiful result, that’s gonna fuel you to jump into cleaning and get it done well, and you can revel in the beautiful clean house when you’re done. It’s a different fresh approach to what you need to do.



And that didn’t just automatically fill your brain with new cleaning skills. But what that shift in perspective did is opened you up to the possibility that cleaning has a purpose that matters.



Right? And that you love the result, even if really don’t love the work it takes to get there but but when you look at the result and you anticipate that with excitement, and a positive attitude about it, and you see that what you’re doing is fruitful you know that



Then the feeling will be much different, you’re going to be more productive, you’re gonna get more done.



Okay? So again, your thoughts about the task, greatly impact how you approach the task, down to how you feel about it. Now, you may say that is far afield from marketing, I want you to consider that it really is not.



And that example, I wanted it to help you see the importance of deciding ahead of time, how you’re going to approach a task.



It’s important it matters. So I want you to decide right here right now, that marketing is simple. There’s no need to complicate it, there’s no need to have a bunch of moving parts. Here’s what marketing is. And if you followed me for any length of time, you know, this, marketing is simple, because here’s what it is. Marketing is serving.



And ladies, God innately wired us to do exactly that. Marketing is simple. It’s doable, for me, and doable for you



decide, it’s that easy. Now, one mistake I see all too often is women hiring a third party to do their marketing.



Delegate it, I’m a CEO, I don’t want to do it. Delegate. Now, if this is you be very careful. Okay? There was so much money being poured down the drain by women hiring someone to do all their social posting, in many cases, very little due diligence on the part of the one you hire, to get to know you, your brand, your process, your philosophy, your voice.



Like, what’s the point?



We’re going to talk about quality over quantity in a second. But I really see this happening a lot in the real estate space. I see so many agents subscribe to an automatic posting service that literally post the exact same post for all agents all across the country. There’s nothing local, nothing specific or relevant to any particular region, certainly nothing specific to you, the individual agent



who by the way, you’re the CEO of your own business, you got that, right.



So the the priority in that situation, when you’re hiring out in the way that entity is doing their work, the priority isn’t value.



Certainly not value for your best client, they don’t even know who that is.



Instead, the priority is get it done. Check the box.



But I want to ask you, to what end?



What are you really accomplished accomplishing?



If somebody says willy nilly posting generic stuff about real estate, is that really gonna help you? Are people gonna look at that and say, Wow, I gotta hire Judy, or Samantha or Marilyn.



If they look on the feed, and three or four other realtors have the exact same thing.



You are your brand, you are the reason that a client says yes. So we your audience, we need to see you and your marketing, you are the differentiating factor. So please don’t hide.



Don’t be so quick to delegate it off. Okay, we need to see extrordinary perfectly imperfect you



is that resonating with anybody? Marketing is simple. Now on the way of delegation, there is a caveat. Okay, once your brand is established, and you have an employee or vendor that truly gets your brand, and you’re generating hundreds of 1000s of dollars, on your way to making even bigger impact and more revenue, of course, Delegate aspects of your business, including marketing. But until then, I wouldn’t encourage you to be your own CMO,



your own Chief Marketing Marketing Officer, I want you to lead the charge and execute the strategy that you decide on. And we’re gonna address strategy in just a moment. So hang on.



But I will tell you that that experience of doing the marketing yourself will not only make your brain more valuable that this is your business asset right here, your brain. But it will also make your brand more visible to the right people. As you hone your marketing skills.



It’s going to be far more effective.



Because you took the time to think things through and come up with a strategic intentional marketing plan that we’ll talk about in a second. Okay, so again, rule number one is simply there



It’s as easy and as hard as this, decide that marketing is simple, you can decide that right now. So if you’re watching me right now, whether it’s live or on the replay, I want to see the chat say, marketing is simple.



Decide it, live it, feel it, try that thought on, make it real for you. Because that’s the truth.



Okay, now I want to pause for a moment to make sure you notice something.



Rule number one to join fuse marketing is not the strategy.



But was it



it’s about mindset, your perspective on and your approach to marketing. If your mindset around marketing is not where it needs to be, you will not get results, period.



It’s the mindset, the inner work that always comes first. Okay, so marketing is simple. That’s rule number one, here comes Rule number two, and it’s kind of a twin of rule number one, you know, I’m a twin. So I love the whole twin thing, okay. So the size of marketing is simple, I want you to right now, decide that marketing is fun. Marketing is fun.



Stay with me here.



Especially if you aren’t confident right now in your marketing efforts. And you feel like you’re doing all the things and nothing’s landing.



I need you to remember this fact. Your results don’t flow from your actions, your results are a direct result of your thoughts.



And how I know that’s true, is I see so many of you do do doing posting on social on, you know how many times a day, you’re DMing new friends and connections, you are exhausting yourself working long and hard.



Your focus is on the doing.



So you follow gurus who tell you you must do this, you must do that, like and point and go on Tiktok and Instagram and they don’t even talk about if your ideal clients there.



They say it, they look successful. And so you do it. It’s not your fault. But I’m telling you please do not do that.



You’re just wearing yourself out to burn out.



Okay, and that is because even though you’re do do doing, you’re taking action, which is absolutely important. You got to take the action. But it’s the thoughts, the perspective, the mindset that you have as you take the actions that makes all the difference in the world. And frankly, if you’re doing an action, and you might be having great thoughts, but if you are somewhere where your ideal client is not. Wow, that’s a waste of time, right.



So if you engage in the marketing activities that you have strategically chosen, stay with me at the end, Rule five is all about strategy.



If you engage in these activities, from our perspective of this is fun, I get to provide value to my audience, I get to serve them and wow them and and let them feel seen heard and cared for when your marketing is decidedly about them.



And you decide ahead of time that all of its going to be fun, fun for you fun for them. I’m telling you, your results are going to dramatically improve.



And you’ll no longer get that dread feeling in the pit of your stomach. When do you even think about implementing your marketing? Anybody feel dread?



What do you think about marketing?



From this day forward, we’re deciding that marketing is simple marketing is fun. So there’s no more fear, no more second guessing and certainly no more procrastination, all that negative stuff. We we’re going to decide right now, to replace it with excitement and authentic joy. We’re not faking it to make it. Okay, we’re deciding,






I’m deciding that I am approaching marketing with a fresh brain with a fresh perspective, marketing is fun.



Right on to rule number three. And this one piggybacks beautifully on what I just said, and I really want to emphasize it. And that is marketing is serving your best clients a lot of keywords there. It’s about service, and it’s about your best clients. We don’t need to talk to everybody.



My marketing and every your marketing needs to be polarizing. You need to call out who you want to work with. To make clear who that is. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ, you probably love every time I say Jesus Christ.



And when I call him Lord, and when I say he is the Lord of my life and hallelujah, and but for him, I would be dead and all of that, right? The biblical principles that I’m convinced of that I build my life and business on. If you love Jesus Christ, you’re all in.



But if you don’t know Jesus Christ, if you don’t like him, to me, if you don’t like him, it’s only because you don’t know him respectfully. Then you’re like, Thanks, Jude, no matter what you say, can’t get on board. That’s okay.



Because I’m here to serve my best clients. And they are Jesus freaks like me. Okay? So with everything you do to market your business, your intention is simply this. I’m going to take care of my very best clients. And again, that’s not everybody.



Now, what does this mean? As a practical matter? Like, what difference does it make to prioritize serving your best clients? And my answer is everything. Right? When you put your brain to work to think independently, not just blindly following strategies or content, or an approach of a guru with a million followers, when you take time to think about at a deep level, what are my best clients want? Today?



In light of the world’s events, in light of whatever Biden’s crazy crap he’s doing today, right? In light of whatever’s going on in the world. What do my best clients need right now?



What information? What resource? What insight are they looking for in this moment that I can provide?



When marketing becomes helping your best clients experience something that is uplifting, motivating and truly valuable? When your marketing becomes helping your best clients to take a palpable, tangible step forward? What I call a mini win, when that becomes the goal, ladies, and your focus? Not oh my gosh, am I having a good hair day? Or did I lip sync that canned reels template correctly, and you spend 30 minutes re recording it to get your lip syncing just right. Right? If you say no to that stupidity, and the focus is making a difference in your best clients lives when that becomes the focus of your marketing.



And all of that is with the mindset that marketing is simple and doable and fun. Something incredible is gonna happen.



You’re gonna get more engagement. You’re gonna start hearing from your best clients, they’re gonna reach out to you. You’re gonna sign more clients, many seeming to come out of nowhere. Wow, it just, they just reached out. I never even knew they were following me. Ladies, it can be that simple.



No gimmicks. No fancy tech required. Right? And definitely no slimy salesy fake urgency time is running out in authentic marketing speak. We can also see through that, let’s agree on that. Aren’t you tired of hearing the same phrases, just see them all repeated over and over again. Please do not add to the duplication. bring something new to the industry, bring something new to your audience of best clients, they will thank you for it. And you will be propelled propelled into thought leadership, okay, marketing. It’s not about you. It’s about your best clients. You are using your God given talents and expertise with your heart to serve devoting your time and energy and focus on serving your best clients. Now I want to give you an example of how it actually works in real life. Okay. One of my clients is a parenting coach. She’s a busy mom of four, all under 12 years old, she didn’t have time to waste right. Now before we started working together, she was spending hours and hours a day on social. And if her notification went off, she dropped what she was doing to respond, because she thought that’s what she had to do right. But in many cases, the notification was a lie from a friend. It was not an outreach by a prospective client if she didn’t need to interrupt herself. And she’d spent her day posting and commenting and DMing and just like it drained her. The constant interruptions made her infinitely less productive. And her obsession with having to post all the time without much thought as to like the substance of what she was saying. left her exhausted and frustrated.



Why are people not seeing me? Why are they not reacting to it?



Again, she was focused on the doing, and the doing, just for the sake of doing without intentional thought behind it, definitely without a strategy. But but but but as we work together, the first thing we did was take a pause. And remember what marketing is all about your best clients. So she got crystal clear around who her best client was, it wasn’t all moms, it was moms of those under 10.



And it wasn’t general parenting. It was gentle parenting, and the philosophy around that approach. And our best clients were those that not only paid lip service to the importance of parenting, but they truly valued that area of expertise. And they were ravenous to consume that philosophy of gentle parenting and to learn more and to hone their parenting skills.



And that clarity around our best clients, what mattered to them? What was relevant and timely around their preferred method of parenting in these times. Right, she really got clear on that. And she got clear on the very specific parenting issues they were grappling with, like, parenting with a toddler is very different than parenting a teenager isn’t it.



And when she did all of that her content topics just literally poured out of her, she used to say, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to talk about, wow. Now, they just poured out of her topic ideas literally flowed.



And what she learned was that creating content wasn’t even hard. She just needed to take the time to mine, her own brain based on her expertise, and her intimate knowledge of her best clients, and their issues, their problems, their concerns, what they were experiencing. And in that way, she could serve them with exactly what they needed, over and over and over.



It’s about your best clients, my friends, it’s not about you.



So prioritize what already comes naturally. For us, ladies, by God’s grace survey, make that the first step in devising your marketing strategy. Giving your best clients something they want something they need, specifically something they will find valuable. Do this focus here, and you will never run out of qualified leads, I promise you. And over time, all of your marketing efforts are going to be compounded. Okay, so that your best clients will reach out to you on a regular basis. So right now today, decide all what I’m telling you, okay. And as a part of that, say bye bye to chasing people down to work with you, or begging people to hop on the phone with you when they’re not even really interested in you or what you offer. Okay?



Be very intentional about why you do what you do.



And remember that when you have fun in your business, and you consistently show up for your best clients and you deliver them this true value, I’m talking about helping them get a mini win regularly, that’s when your marketing is going to yield results. Okay, one more thing on what you remember.



Impactful a profitable business, impactful, profitable businesses, they are not made overnight.



The reality is business. This thing called entrepreneurship is a long term thing. It takes time to build a reputation. It doesn’t have to take years and years and decades, right? It could happen quicker. But understand consistency in your marketing is required. But when you approach marketing as simple and fun and doable, and you’re doing what you love serving your very best clients with information and resources and inspiration that moves them forward, then consistency is not a burden. It’s a joy, your heart to serve and your faith in the One who gave you that heart.



That fuels your efforts. Ladies, that’s pure joy. Right? I don’t have to go to church on Sunday. I get to I love it. It’s my favorite time of the week.



My next favorite time of the week is serving my clients. How about you?



Okay, I want to take a little mini pause here. And I want to check in has your approach to marketing shifted?



Even with the first three rules? Let me know in the chat and if you’re listening to this on my joyful scaling podcast in the future time here, I want you to leave me review and tell me what shifted or you can visit my website Judy and scroll down so you’ll find that



little microphone. And there, you’ll be able to leave a voice note I would love to hear from you and feature you on an upcoming episode again, Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast there, you’ll find all my podcast episodes with links to all of your favorite platforms.



What shifted?



Alright, let’s move on to marketing rule number four.



There are two sides to marketing, one to many, and one to one.



What I want to offer you is that even within the one to many aspects, like what I’m doing right now, doing lives,



dropping regular podcast episodes, posting on social talking on stages, right? Even when you have that one too many opportunity, you must seek to make a one to one connection.



Okay, next week, I will not be bring you a frog or Thursday live because I’m going to be speaking at Risa con, the real estate staging associations conference happening in Las Vegas, I’ve never been to Vegas, kind of scared, kind of excited, okay, I love that I get this opportunity to meet some people that I’ve known through the internet that’s going to be super duper fun. And they’re going to be hundreds and hundreds of women there. And I’m going to be speaking from stage to them.



I’m blessed to be given a platform of authority speaking to hundreds of people that’s powerful. What an opportunity Hallelujah to the Christ for that. But think about even even how much more powerful the one to one connections that I make will be to meet women when I get off the stage and have a person to person conversation, right. So what I’m saying to you is yes, the one too many opportunities are fabulous. But even as you’re doing that, even as I’m doing this live,



I have a couple of my best clients in my brain right now.



And so I’m approaching this presentation today, this training, thinking of a couple of select people, I’m understanding that there are individuals watching. And so I phrase things in a way that if it doesn’t land this way I phrased it hopefully it’ll lay in this way I phrase it right. I’m very mindful of trying to make a one to one connection, even though I’m presenting this in a one to many situation.



Does that make sense?



Here’s what I know. The guru’s tend to emphasize numbers, massive numbers, grow your followers. They’ll even say it’s a numbers thing. But no, numbers don’t tell the whole story.



It’s not about warm bodies. It’s about getting in front of and serving the right people.



And connecting with them in a real way. Right? When the Guru’s push, get those followers up. That is pure vanity metrics. Yay, I pat myself on the back.



But, you know, another thing they do is like, Yay, you’ve grown your following, but they’re not even the right people. And they say even if they’re not the right people, that’s okay. Because the more people you have, the more it’s gonna help with the algorithm. Wait a minute, who or what am I trying to please?



I’m a human being. And so what Judy does here, I prioritize connecting with other human beings. I don’t need to, nor do I care about connecting with technology, an inanimate object, an algorithm?



What some of you are, so Oh, my gosh, well, I have to look at I gotta post not at 750 I gotta post at 715. Because some who knows what says, that’s the better time and then I and then I go crazy trying to make sure that I posted at the right time and and then they go schedule it, post it with the scheduler but now they’re saying Oh, no, the algorithm sees through that. And now they’re not going to like you could drive yourself nuts trying to please a freaking computer.



I will never take action in an attempt to do that. I don’t want to impress a robot. Sorry, not sorry.



LinkedIn experts will say join a bunch of pods. Get 100 likes, oh, well you make sure when you join your pod. Make sure that everybody there is committed to stop what they’re doing anytime anybody posts so you can like and comment like



right now.



So what does that mean? And you can tell I’m getting hot on this because I really I see it all the time and it’s insane.



As a practical matter, several times a day, when you’re in these 3456 pods, you’re forced to stop immediately what you’re doing, like and comment on other pod members posts, so that they do the same for you.



Nevermind that those other people in the pod are not your best clients. They don’t even read your posts really, nor do they care about it. It’s just tit for tat, with one aim to fake out the algorithm. So that the platform pushes out your content to more people what it should do anyway, if it really wants to serve people. There I’ve said it.



Stop doing that.



You know, and some of the Guru’s say, Well, you know, I don’t do that I’m too busy. So I hire somebody else to post me in a pod.



It’s ridiculous.



They act so high and mighty.



And you’ll know that when if you look at people’s posts, you’ll be able to see it, because they consistently have within five to 10, the same number of comments or likes every single time. And you’ll know if they post on a weekend. And instead of having 100 likes, now all of a sudden they got five



because the pods or whatever eight working on the weekend,



if that’s the way you want to run your business, God bless you.



Just laying all that out exhausts me. That’s not marketing, it’s nonsense. Somebody typed that in, that is not marketing, that is non sense. What are you accomplishing?



Nothing, nothing of substance, nothing of value.



Listen, ladies, marketing and sales, which are two sides of the same coin are all about serving your best clients with value they want.



And so marketing and sales are foundationally about connection and relationship.



That’s what I want you to remember. And that is the importance of Yes, the one to many is amazing. But make sure you’re connecting one to one in some way with them, even in the context of that one too many opportunity. And how you do that is you know, your best clients so well.



That you using the words that you know is going to draw them out.



Unapologetically. And you’re being you.



Okay, listen, I hire a coach, not because she has 100 likes on her posts, I couldn’t care less. I hire a coach because I feel seen, heard and cared for and served by her.



She knows me. I can tell she knows me by how she speaks. And, and and when I do comment on her stuff, she responds. And I know it’s hard. It’s not some cockamamie who knows what writing we can tell the difference.



And then that way, I feel a connection with her. That’s why I buy. So think about that for yourself. Do you invest with someone who’s all about me, me, me, there’s just one person this influencer on LinkedIn. All she does is talk about she has her own sexy pictures. And she talks about how this is my life before and I look I’m amazing. It’s like, on one hand, I want to say bra sister I want to I want to cheer you on. That’s great. But if the other hand I’m like, are you doing this so that the guys go crazy? And like you and does that pump you up? And it’s just really odd what you see out there? And believe me, I study it.






All right, so much more I could say I hope this is like, how are you feeling about this? I really want to twist your brain on what marketing is and where you need to focus your time. Okay.



All right. Well, last thing I’ll say on this point. years ago, a bunch of people didn’t engage with a post that I did on social. Or if I didn’t get hundreds of downloads on a particular podcast episode, I felt disappointed. And what I thought was, I did it wrong.



But wait, that’s not true. In fact, it did work what I was doing then I did connect with many people, maybe not hundreds. But that’s okay. Ladies, you need to start where you are.



And understand it is way more important to have a loyal audience of your best clients than having 10s or even hundreds of 1000s in your audience, quote unquote, who never buy from you and they really don’t care have any interest in the specifics of what you do.



Today, I appreciate every single person who engages it is so valuable, even when someone says yes to your OPT in a freebie.



they’re still paying with their time, they’re paying with the attention they’re putting on it, they’re paying with giving you their email address, right? So I want you to understand that when,



when you price your services, you know, I’m all about the sophisticatedly, simple business, I’m not here to build an empire, I don’t want to have layers and layers of departments and you know, hundreds of employees, that’s not what I want. Maybe that’s you. And that’s great. But I specialize in helping my clients build a sophisticated ly simple business. And so in that business model,



the idea is price your services to the value of what you offer, so that you don’t need hundreds and hundreds of clients to generate multi six figures. In fact, I want to do some quick math with you. If you have a $20,000 offer, you only need 50 clients to hit a million bucks.



Now, if you have mine drama, read a $20,000 offer. Or if you think 50 clients is a lot that’s fine, then you’re not quite there yet. But I want you to understand to make a million bucks, you do not need 1000s and 1000s of clients and you don’t need umpteen offers, streamline. Be Smart, Be intentional, be strategic about the business you’re building. Again, it’s about perspective, approach your marketing with the goal of individual connection. Use these one too many platforms leverage this awesome opportunity, right. But as you prepare your lives, and your podcast episodes and your posts, and your talks on stage, whether they be virtual, or in person, all of it, prioritize that all important one to one connection. Okay, business is about authentic relationship building. And that my friends is a one to one thing.



Okay, finally, marketing rule number five, this is about strategy. And here it is.



There is no one marketing strategy you need.



I see so many searching for that, right? That perfect marketing strategy is going to change it all



doesn’t exist. Because all marketing strategies work.



They all work.



But you don’t need any one to make it.



So you can be successful. If you don’t have a blog,



you can be successful if you don’t go live. Heck, now this one may blow your brain. But if your business is a local business, like real estate, or a local or regional service provider, your business can thrive without social media. Yes, ma’am.



Now, would I advise that you not do social at all? No.



But I know that too many of you are wasting way too much time and dollars in social doing all the things without a strategy. And side note, okay. Besides flying by the seat of your pants, you’re not tracking what you’re doing to even know what’s working and what is it?



That was a little side note there? Are you? Are you tracking what you’re doing? Like? Do you have any idea?



Alright, so the idea of rule number five is getting a strategy in place. So how do you devise a marketing strategy? If you don’t have one right now or when I say that all of a sudden, viscerally you get like, paralyzed? Right. Let’s take a breath. I’ll walk you through it in the next minute or two. Okay.



First, when you’re looking to devise a marketing strategy, I want you to begin with the thought I know enough.



You know, a straight Ayers the word enough doesn’t feel good at first.



But here’s the thing, even a 3040 50 year lawyer don’t know everything.



Or 3040 50 year doctor, nobody can know everything.



So knowing enough, it’s a beautiful place to be.



Right. So to begin with that thought I know enough about marketing my business, especially with the roles Judy just went through. I know enough.



When we approach marketing with the emphasis of how can I serve my best clients? Let me tell you, you absolutely do know enough when you prioritize them, and serving them. In fact, your intimate knowledge of your area of expertise, combined with your depth of understanding your best clients, what are their needs, what are their concerns? Where do they struggle, what do they want? With all of that?



which is right here in your brain, you just have to mine it and pull it out and get it in writing, so you can look at it. With all of that you have everything you need to create a powerfully effective marketing strategy. Okay, so again, start with the thought of, I know enough.



The second step to devising an effective marketing strategy is, I need you to embrace the fact that less is more and quality over quantity. Okay, what do I mean by that quality, always Trump’s quantity, not only in the number of followers or the number of those on your email list, right, but also the quality of your marketing activities. Like Don’t just post a check a box, oh shoot, I posted three times today.



It is far more important than the number of posts per day or per week to keep it high quality, high value.



A check the box type post won’t impress anybody.



Instead, I want you to be intentional about your content, keep it high value every time.



Even if that means you show up every other day, instead of every day.



That’s what I mean by quality over quantity. Now, when it comes to less is more, it’s better to focus on one strategy. That could be one platform, right? And even one aspect of one platform,



it’s better to focus on that one strategy, rather than doing all the things all over the place. Right? It is far better to master one thing to hone your skill level on one thing and actually see results happening



with that one strategy before adding another one.



Like a baby first masters crawling before walking.



They don’t do both at once, generally speaking, right? A baby babbles before talking in complete, coherent sentences. They don’t do both at once. There’s a progression here. Okay.



So when it comes to entrepreneurship, here’s a fact CEOs are not born, they’re developed. I want to say to get right that if you would, CEOs are not born, they are developed



with intention. Okay? This key, the CEO skill set involves soft skills, like communication, leadership, as well as hard skills like analytical and strategic planning, marketing, sales, okay. So the woman that’s committed to her business, and in growing in her CEO skill set, she’s the one who’s going to succeed, her success is inevitable, and she knows it. And she knows that even before she gets there, even before she achieves the success, that she has vision for herself. That’s the mindset of a CEO.



Well, we’re talking about the power of deciding which is where we began today, I want you to decide to adopt that mindset today, that my success is inevitable.



That that I am on my way to this dream, this vision that God gave me it is happening. I don’t have to panic and I don’t have to rush. And I don’t have to do it the way the Guru’s told me to do it. God gave me a brain.



And my whole makeup, my experiences, my intelligence, my experience is unique to me.



I’m gonna get there my way,



looking to God to guide me, right.



All right, so where do you start when it comes to devising your marketing strategy? That’s a topic I can talk about for hours. But I want you to start with what you know. So your marketing strategy starts with considering your philosophy about your industry, and about your work.



Is that in writing?



Do you write that down?



So that you can refer to it and tweak it and add to it as necessary?



Besides your philosophy, how about your process? How do you help your clients? What are the steps? Or what are the pillars that you take them through? Is all of that in writing?



Or when you think about your industry? What’s wrong with the way your competitors do things? What do they do wrong? In your opinion, right? Or what’s wrong with their perspective? What doesn’t work? Where did they get it wrong?



You never want to call somebody out by name but to identify where your approach differs from the conventional. It’s always a great thing. Did you ever think about that? And did you write it down?



Now, when you have all of this your philosophy or process your myths in the industry that you want to bust those kinds of things. With all of this, you can literally create a lifetime of content. And I go way deep into this topic in Episode 269. That’s episode 269 of my joyful scaling podcast. And the title of that episode is how to create a lifetime of content, hold on to your hat in just one hour.



We’re gonna decide to get it done. We can always add to it later. But I’m telling you, I lay it all out episode 269 of my podcast. And when I put this into the podcast, I’ll include that link to that episode in the show notes. All right. So once you have these content topics that you can devise in an hour, you’re gonna map out how you’re going to share that content. Like that’s the strategy. Here’s all these beautiful nuggets of awesomeness that my best clients need. Now, here’s where I’m going to put it. Here’s where I’m going to show up. Okay, that’s your strategy. So maybe one go to Marketing Strategy. Remember, I said I want you to start with one. And I mentioned platforms like social but it doesn’t have to be that.



One. Your go to marketing strategy could be podcast guesting?



Right, maybe that’s yours. And they tell you ladies, that’s a fantabulous idea, tapping into other people’s audiences and leveraging that opportunity of the one to many, when you’re thinking of the one to one and how can I communicate with each and every other person people that are there? Right. And so podcast guesting can be such an incredible, a highly effective marketing strategy, so long as you make sure your best clients are in their listening audience, right? We just don’t get on podcast to get on podcast, we get on the right podcast, right? That’s one option.



And so your strategy would be, what podcasts? Am I going to go on? How am I going to pitch them? What topics would I talk about? Okay, so doable, step by step. Okay. Or maybe, maybe your go to marketing strategy that you’re committed to sticking with until you own it is doing weekly lives like this, right? Oh, you will post valuable content regularly, wherever that regular posting is whatever you decide. But if you decide that I’m going to go all in on weekly lives, and that that is where you’re intentionally creating your body of work, that you can point your best clients to consume so that they can be well served, like valuable content that will truly help them move the needle. If that’s maybe that’s where you want to go. Right? It’s so you’re going to put your mind to work on strategy. Okay, what are going to out of all my content topics? What am I going to introduce, when I’m going to look at my calendar, I’m going to map it all out for the rest of the year. Okay.



And that is that next step, once you decide which of your go to Marketing Strategies, it is where are you committed to really going all in and honing one marketing strategy, then you go to work and you map it out? Clearly, specifically detailed, because details matter. And getting them on your calendar. Okay, even calendaring, when you’re going to do this think work and deciding what is my go to marketing strategy. And here, okay, next Tuesday, between two and four, I’m going to focus on mapping it all out for the rest of the month or the rest of the year. Okay.



I’m telling you getting things on your calendar is going to help you to show up consistently and confidently. That’s why we strategize ahead of time.



Okay, so there you have it. I went way too long today. But



these are the five rules for joy fuse marketing. I’m going to briefly go through them you ready?



Okay, rule number one decide that marketing is simple.



It is. Number two, decide marketing is fine. I love coming live.



This is fun.



As I serve you, right. And that’s rule number three, understand and live. The fact that marketing is serving your best clients, something you love to do. So you’re gonna prioritize your best clients, you’re gonna serve them value every time you show up.



Rule number four, we’re going to prioritize one to one connection, not merely the one to many. We’re not going to go for the vanity metrics, right? It’s about India.



vitual personal relationship building that is the foundation of a successful business. And finally, rule number five, we’re going to develop your lessons more quality over quantity, go to Marketing Strategy in detail.



All right, so



we’re wrapping up, what’s your biggest takeaway? How will you apply what you’ve learned? I highly encourage you to grab your calendar right now, whether it’s hardcopy, or right here in this phone and say, you know, pick an hour, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe early next week, of putting your brain to work on devising your marketing strategies. One, one strategy that you’re going to hone that you’re going to start seeing results is going to compound over time.



Did you have a mindset shift? Do you see how marketing can absolutely be joyful?



And that it’s absolutely within your control?



Decide today to not blindly copy anybody else. If you’ve done that, no shame, no blame, no judgment, but do it no more.



And stop searching for that elusive perfect marketing strategy that you just haven’t quite landed on yet?



You do you? God made you special, unique, he made you for a purpose to do what only you can do. So we’ve got to see the Lord’s wisdom and input and of course, he’s the master strategist. So we will trust in Him, we will allow that trust in Him to allow us to feel joy in the doing, we’re not going to feel rushed.



We’re not going to doubt and ruminate in, you know, oh, golly, I’m not quite ready, okay, we’re gonna decide, we’re gonna map out the strategy, and we’re going to do



and we’re going to feel joy.



Even when there may be some lingering feelings of doubt or fear, we’re going to choose joy.



And if you follow five rules that I just laid out, trust me, you are doing marketing, right?



I really want you to trust that and above all, trust in God’s calling on your life.



And again, allow yourself to feel safe in doing the work that he called you to do. In Christ, the impossible is possible.



And in him, I guarantee your success is inevitable. So thank you so much as always for watching, especially in this took a whole solid hour. I love you ladies so much. I do hope you head over to my website, Judy Scroll down, leave me a voice note. Even right now when we get off. I want to know



what’s your mindset shifted?



If so, how?



And what are you going to do differently? How are you going to apply what you’ve learned today? I can’t wait to hear from you. Love you so much, sister. Wow. God bless you.


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