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All right, ladies, welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling Podcast. Today, we’re talking about Kingdom entrepreneurship and the merging of ministry and business and why your results start with your beliefs. And although we’re talking about, you know, important serious things, today’s show is going to be super fun, because of my lovely guest shinies klikly. shinies is a business and life strategist. She’s the co host of the nationally syndicated the big red radio show. And she’s the CEO of smart cookie, a small business development firm here in South Carolina. She’s a keynote speaker and author with a background in entrepreneurship, political advocacy, and technology. You’ll see for yourself that shinies is high energy, okay, she’s like, I think she’s got me beat. And that’s a lot of saying a lot. She’s known for motivating audiences to use their faith and belief system as their secret sauce to success. So let’s welcome shinies to the show.



Hello, everybody. And thank you, Judy, so much for having me. Appreciate. Oh, my



gosh, this is gonna be so much fun. All right. So where shall we start? Where shall we start? Let’s talk about Kingdom entrepreneurship. Yes, because they’re really for all the Christians that are out there. There aren’t a whole lot of us. And so you know, Christian coaches who say Jesus Christ is Lord of your life, bring him into your business, like he shouldn’t be he wants to be. And in that regard, I’d love to throw out this question to get started. I’m sure you found the same too many Christian women have this underlying if not in your face, belief, fear, wrong thought whatever you want to call it, that they can’t be a good Christian, and one mega success for their business. That



it’s that false humility that we’ve been taught. So we’ve been taught that humbleness means being meek being mild, not wanting to be too much just being okay with that success that if it comes it comes, if it naturally beats as a part, it’s there when it’s not true awfulness is basically knowing where it comes from. I mean, I know that all my success from it comes from God, I know that it comes from Jesus, Jesus is the is my mercy. Oh, actually, he’s the CEO. And I’m the CEO. Oh, but nevertheless. And yeah, but there’s so many Christian women who are out there, number ones are scared to tell themselves that they’re Christian women. And then number two, is I don’t want to make too much. I just want to make just the right amount. And that’s not true. Girl, you want to make a lot of money, and it’s okay. It’s okay. You want to make money. You want to have mega impact. You want people to know your name. And it is okay to be t o the too much the too talkative the two Bibles. It’s okay to be too.



That is so good. And why is that? I mean, for me, and I know, I know that we are we are we think the same on this. But let’s just emphasize why. I feel like going way back when I had kids, and I was a lawyer, I had so much mom guilt, huh, mom guilt that I felt like, I had love these kids, oh my God, my first OB said, I’ve never met a happier, more excited mother to be than you. So I take my kids and my mothering very seriously. But I felt like there was something more that I needed to do. And I didn’t look at it as like a selfish thing, really. But yet, I still had this guilt wrapped up in it. So. So I’d love you to speak to that. Because I know that women are grappling with this thing of guilt. But that’s how God made you.



Right? It’s a societal, it’s a societal aspect that has been placed on us. When we become mothers, or if we’re doing something that’s nurturing, then we’ve been told that that’s everything that should complete us. And that’s not true. The we are a we have so many facets of us, that many things complete us all these different parts. So I’ve been a mother longer than I’ve not been a mother, I actually had my first child that’s 15. So all I’ve ever known is motherhood. So I had to deal with how can I be the mother that my oldest child needed me to be and still grow up, still be a teenager still be a young adult, and that that harmony was very hard of understanding. Then I got to the point of knowing that if I can be happy and joyful in who I am, she will then want to be the same way because my oldest is my baby girl and she will be happy for that thing. So that guilt is because other people tell us that all we can do is focus on our kids is focus on the aging parents is focus on whatever the nurture is, instead of embracing the fact that the nurture is just one part of you. It’s not all of you. It’s just one part of you. Because I’m also very assertive. I am very much an innovator. I am very much a hyperactive, Anna, get out there and do with woman I am that’s missing. Yes. I have to incorporate incorporate all of it to make me feel whole. Yeah, I



think that’s why that is so good. I mean, if God put that deep desire in our hearts and in our souls, I mean, I don’t know about you, shinies. But I feel like since I was a little girl, I felt like I was destined for something big. I had no idea what it was. We were dirt poor. But I used to tell my mom, Mama, I’m gonna do something big. She’s like, okay, honey, you know, and I think I might even be a millionaire really, like we can barely pay the bills. You know what I mean? Right? So so God made you that way. Now, I want to say right now, when I left the practice of law to stay home with my kids full time, I felt like this friction between stay at homes, decided to go to work. And it was almost like, I felt like even though I was home, I felt more aligned with those that work because again, it made me but the older I got, I’m like, it shouldn’t be this, you know, friction, we should allow each other to be who God made us to be and go all in on that.



Yes, I stayed at home too. With my last child. My forte number four, I stayed home with him. And I quickly realized that I’m a great mom, I suck at a lot of stuff. But business and mothering are not one. So I’m a good mom. a stay at home mom, I am not. I can’t, I can’t because my brain has to focus on something other than the nurturer. It really does. And many stay at home moms, their gift and anointing is that nurture. I just went through a time in my life where my assignment and my calling was to stay home for my kids, and to make sure that they got everything they needed. But what it did do is the part that I enjoy of being in an environment that didn’t involve me mothering, I needed that more than I needed the mothering. And it took a long time for me to be okay with saying that, but I my hats are off to women was that their anointing? And that’s their calling. fit that calling and be okay with that call it my calling is business. My calling is not staying at home. So I think if we honor each other in those realms of knowing that at this moment, this is what I need to do. It won’t be such a tug of war. Yeah,



yeah, we’re all on the same side. We’ve got especially sisters in Christ. Unified. So



you gotta be and I think that when we get become, um, stay at home moms too. We still allow someone else to take over our lives. So I started letting my child take over my life. I didn’t know how to be his mom and still be shinies. So it was every moment I thought of my kid. I mean, really, it’s like, he was growing up. am I teaching him to write letters and numbers? Am I for after school care? Did my oldest one, my oldest son, um, he was home with us, too. So it was I am not going to need to go to baseball practice. I did nothing for myself. Nothing. I didn’t write. I didn’t journal. I didn’t watch the news. I watch doggone Peppa Pig all day. You know how crazy you go. If you watch it every day. It was a no harmony. There was no watch Peppa Pig when the kids awake. And then watch CNN and night. It was none of that. It was pepper all day every day. Yeah, that means that I lost myself. And I can’t do that. You just can’t do that.



So let’s talk about that. You’ve used the word harmony for a while. And I love that because your concept is balance is a myth. Yes, we need to embrace work life harmony. I really want to go deep on that because that’s so important. Yes, because when



we try to balance things, we try to make them equal. They got the scales of justice, okay, you got the scales of justice, or heck just scales and measurement, though. Let’s just do that. But you got scales. If my family is here and my business is here. I can’t give equal parts to both of them at the same time. I can because that just makes everything on a level playing field and it makes you chaotic. Sometimes my business that takes priority and my family not that they’re not prioritized in my life, just just at this time. I don’t need to give them as much attention. Other times my family needed more tension, and my business can go on the, on the, on the straight and narrow and run by itself. It wasn’t even on the back burner, it just didn’t need all my attention. So what harmony allows you to do is do the ebbs and flows of life as you prioritize them. So it takes away some of the guilt is, okay, what’s happening, I got a launch happening in my business, I’m getting ready to bring on some new employees, therefore, I’m going to have to spend more hours in the business, I’m telling my husband, I’m telling my kids, hey, I’m not gonna be home as much. I can’t go to this particular meeting. But I can go to a different meeting. I can’t do this or that. But I’ll catch you on the flip side. Now, when that side is over, that that launch is over, then fine, I’ll come right back over to you. I’m right here. Tell me what happened to show me the pictures. So this is a give and take. And now I don’t have to feel bad. I wish I was there. No, I made a logical division to do what I needed to do.



And, and exactly, and you were you were walking in your purpose. And prioritizing for the moment. And that’s what I really want to emphasize. There’s too much guilt and I stand and I’m sure she disagrees with me. Let today be the day ladies, that you no longer revel in shame or regret, or any of that negative stuff. We do juggle a lot, but you know what God knew that we had to so he built us to do it, as long as we get out of our own brains. And I love how you put that shinies that there’s ebbs and flows of life, and business. So we flow with it and always looking to God for His guidance. So let’s talk about that kingdom entrepreneurship. I love how you say it’s the merging of ministry, and marketplace. So how do we Christians do business different than nonbelievers?



I feel that we do it different because Kingdom entrepreneurships means that you are driven by Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit is helping you. And not if doing it all your own. On the discerning process. You don’t have to wonder you don’t your why is very simple, folks, people who are not Kingdom entrepreneurs of others look at you crazy as like, What do you mean, why did you do it? Because my dad told me, so you just did it? Because God told you. Yeah. And it worked. Right? Yeah. I mean, I had a desire. And I knew that desire, but then I allow the Holy Spirit to direct what the actions are going to be in order to get to that desire. And of course, desire means his is what he loves. Right? So I want it business. Entrepreneurship, to me is a ministry. Entrepreneurship is my mission field. And my goal is to have Christian entrepreneurs or believers to be able to learn how to lean on Jesus to run the business. Yeah, I still do strategic plans. I still use data. But the first question I ask every one of my clients is, well, what did Jesus tell you to do?






To do, and, oh, so you may tell me you didn’t ask? No. I just know I wanted to open up this restaurant. Did you want to open this restaurant? Or did God tell you to open this restaurant? or did somebody get in your head? So if that’s the only truth we can base things on, start with the truth?



Yes, Jesus Christ. So how about this, so many of the women that I am interacting with on you know, a regular basis, some of which are my clients, they, they have doubt, like they think they hear, I think God told me to do this. But how do I know Judy, if it’s really Jesus, if it’s really the Holy Spirit, if it’s really of God, or just the enemies deception?



I have a few practical ways that I do that. So one is, is do you know how God speaks to you? And it’s like, What do you mean how God speaks to you? Tell me a moment that you truly know that God says something to you, and they’ll tell me what it is. Okay. So that’s how it usually comes to you. So for me, I get visions, he shows me stuff. I can be just wide awake, and I’ll see something and an image of pop in my head. And I’m like, Yeah, I know, Goodwill. That wasn’t me. And so I know, that’s how he talks to me. Other ways. It’s through physical reactions with my gut. I know, I get this butterfly II kind of feeling that it’s like, oh, something’s about to happen. So I tap into that part of the Holy Spirit telling me what’s going on. It’s that that discernment of knowing so that’s one way that’s just to figure out the second way is you know, goodwill, Something’s just not your idea.



It didn’t come from you.



Come for you. It’s just like when you say, I have no idea where that came from, yes, you do. That came from the Holy Spirit. If it is one that is confusing you not necessarily that is causing chaos that is causing you to go against your character, your integrity, the things that you stand for four values. That’s the enemy. When you have to second guess it, that’s the enemy. Not saying that God is not making you think about it. But there are times when thoughts or actions come to you. And you know, good and doggone well, that it doesn’t stand for what you stand for in life. That’s the enemy.



Right? That is so good. I think that women tend to overthink. Okay, well, I want to make sure it’s kind of like Gideon with with his fleece. Yes. Okay, Lord. Now I want I want everything else to be dry and displeased to be wet. Oh, yes. It did that. Now. I still don’t believe it. So now reverse. Right,



right. And that second guessing comes from competence. And it comes from a belief. So if your belief system is the fact that you have faith in God, and that you believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within you, then why not ask that Holy Spirit to tell you if it’s real or not? And believe it? The second guessing is you not leaning into what you believe as much? Oh, yeah. Oh, that’s okay. So it’s not saying that you’re wrong. But you gotta lean into your belief. If this is what you believe, lead into that.



So good. I so need how you say it that way. I say, are you really living your faith? Like, you know, faith, God is a God of order. He has a lot of clarity. He is, as you said, not a God of chaos and disorder and crazy. So if if anything makes you feel kind of anxious, look at that. It may be fear. It may be you know, just I’m the enemy, whatever, and you have a choice. Every moment, we have a choice to choose faith, or as you say, leaning in to your beliefs, which is awesome. Or we can kowtow to the enemy, and say, I’m not gonna do that video today. I’m not I’m not gonna put that out there. And it’s really a shame because you know, who loses out your clients who don’t see you or who don’t know about you write exactly



your answered prayer. So you mentioned anxious, so I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder. And I came to understand that my general anxiety disorder, it’s really my body’s physical reaction to me, not leaning into my faith. Now, I don’t know how it is for other people. But for me, my anxiety has to deal with the fact of I’m trying to be Jesus, and that like Jesus, perfect. Make no mistake, having contingency plans, worry, all those things. That is where my anxiety disorder comes from. And so when my anxiety starts rearing up, I have questions that I asked myself, it could be about recording something going for a big contract, whatever. And I’m like, okay, am I feeling this? Because I’ve never been here before. Check. perfectly okay. Am I feeling this? Because I think I’m not capable. Hmm. Check myself. Am I not capable? Or is that the enemy telling me I’m not capable? Have I asked God for discernment on this particular issue? Check. So if I can go through those issues, then I know that anxiety and if I check, yes, for most of it, then that means I’m capable for it. I’ve asked him for it. And I’m just scared. So now I know to take that anxious energy and turn it into excitement. Okay, I’m about to do something new. I’m about to do something new. Or I could take the anxious energy and say, I’m just not ready. I’m just not ready. I’m just not ready. I’m just not ready. So it’s one of it’s the Zoloft gonna be working hard, or is this Oh, it’s not gonna be working at all.



Ready, so good, because I know I in the past, really suffered from anxiety. I had panic. And I had agoraphobia for a time when I was graduate about to graduate from law school, and it was just too much stuff happening. And it was April 19, of 1995 when there was some sort of crazy crazy thing happened in the world. I don’t know if that was when they blew up the garage of the World Trade Center, something crazy happened. And, and that anxiety, manifested in my paralysis, like physically, like I was afraid to take my law school exams I didn’t think I’d make I was afraid for all that. But I love what you’re saying about how we can kind of check the cause of our anxiety and I can agree with you and I’m feeling I’m anxious these days to nice it is because I am not in the word like I should be, I am not going to God as much as I should. And I’m not let the bottom line trusting him. Otherwise, I would feel peaceful. Right? That’s our that’s, that’s what he gives to us. So that’s so good.



Such, it really is. Because anxiety is a real emotion. It is something for everybody, just for some of us, we go more than a step we go, we go a step further, where it becomes the physical manifestation of the worry that we have in our head. And so for believers who have it, and the believers who are dealing with anxiety, lean on the only truth we know, which is God’s word. And so if I am now basing my feelings on his word, I can then control my mind and control my body to line up to his word, because His Word has power. Hmm, yeah. causing it to line up with what, who controlled it. If God created this body, he created this simple, you got to line up with what God says. And when you do you feel great, you feel great, you get better, you get that way. I still have it. I am still actively in general anxiety disorder, I am still taking medication, I’m still going to therapy, and I still go to Jesus. But I know there is with the techniques I’m learning. I have not had a huge act of panic attack. In months, I mean, months, upon months, when I used to have the daily, huh. So will I be off medicine? I don’t know. But will I know how to manage this and live an abundant life? Yes, I will. And this is how I do it.



Well, you know what, I really appreciate your vulnerability. Because as I read, and that was only a portion of shinies his bio, by the way, when I read what I read to introduce you nice, they might think, oh my gosh, she’s got it all together. And you do, but I’m just saying like you’re a human being. So that’s yet another example. What are we up to 5299 that we should not look at to anybody else and assume we know what they’re dealing with. All have our stuff. And that is why we need to support each other always. Because we’re all people, we’re all dealing with something. So we’ve got to support each other, especially especially sisters in the Lord. Let’s talk about that about I want to talk about the power of belief, specifically, as it relates to your business and just how far you can go,



Oh, I just got through reading a book called illogical by Emmanuel acho. He is a news person that was sportscaster he was an NFL player. And he’s a sportscaster now. And he says that things can be illogical, a lot of things that we’re doing, and he wrote this from the standpoint of being very politically correct. What I got to that that book about illogical because he is a Christian as well, is, it’s illogical to the human eye, but it is not illogical to what God has for you. When God tells you to do something, no matter how crazy it looks, no matter how frivolous it looks, when you believe in it, it will come to pass. So I love the scripture of Rebecca, Rebecca was you know, write the plane write it the blame, people forget about going a step further, which is verse number three, there’s number three have it says, And when after you write it down, it may tarry for a while, but it will come true. So you can write these plans, you can have these visions, you can do a strategy, but you’re going to have to wait some time because God already told you if he it came from him, it’s going to come true. So your belief that it will come true is what people are calling manifestation now. So there’s so many different buzzwords that’s out there that as Kingdom believers and kingdom livers we can use them to manifestation for us is the belief and seeing your faith come to action is all manifestation is so good for us is one of the things I write is I’m going to be a multimillionaire with pay taxes. That has been in my journal, I write it all the time, because God has already told me that I will not have to struggle. He’s already told me that my business my personality is going to make way for me, he’s already told me that the reason I’m making this money is so I can be the arms and legs to do things that I need to do in order to help his kingdom. It’s not just because I want money. It’s because there’s other things that’s opening up for me for access when I have the money. So I believe that it right and it will manifest



Oh, it’s so good. Okay. Hey, so ladies, listen, I really want to go deep unless she needs just said, because in my deep mindset work, belief and mindset, I’ll tell you shinies up until about a year and a half ago, I poo pooed it. I said, yeah, yeah, nobody out works Judy Weber, just tell me what to do. And I’ll do it and it got me pretty darn far. But then when you get closer to seven figures, like, Ah, you got to get it. And so that’s and you know what opened up for me one of the women in a mastermind I was in, she made 10 million in 18 months. 10 million. Yes, my mouth just flew open. I’m saying. And I looked at her website. It’s nice, but I was like, I was trying to find like, what was it? Then I looked on her social, okay. But nothing really special. But when I looked deeper at what she was saying, in her videos, and in her website, she was actually a mindset coach, interestingly enough, but she was worldly. So she attributed all her success I manifested I love when people say I manifest a baby. Wait a minute, you created the baby. Really? When I manifested my house, really? You okay, anyway? You get my point? Yeah, but But I saw that she believed that she was going to make it big. She believed it. And she put it out there and her energy. And that’s another thing I’ve been grappling with, like we God gives us an energy. People always say, Oh, God, I love your energy. And I used to like it, whatever. I don’t know what that means. But I’m sure people say that to you to date, like, like, there is an energy. Because when you are on mission, God’s mission, you’re walking your walk, and you’re walking in faith doing those scary things. Who would have thought that I’d have like a globally ranked podcast? Who the heck am I? Who would have thought that I would have gone to law school and been in the C suite? Do you know where I come from? Exactly. So I’ve been pursuing the impossible all my life without knowing it. But from a little girl, I knew Jesus Christ. He was the God of miracles. And so ladies, I’m telling you, you’re looking at two women here right now. She Denise and Judy, and we shouldn’t bind the natural world have been doing half of what we’ve done. And it’s only the club because we are walking in our calling and getting firmer and firmer in our belief of what God told us. Oh, you just



said something that just oh my god, it triggered me. Manifestation is the pursuit of the impossible. That’s pretty much it is, is making all your energy go to that being that you think is impossible. But there’s nothing impossible for God. Amen. I mean, when you said that, it just really just it hit me. And you’re right. You’re like, you know where you come from? I am like you. I am a team mama. Okay, I was I had a wonderful childhood. I was raised that 14 had a baby at 15 got divorced and 30 get remarried at 33. I’ve been bankrupt. I have inherited children. I got four kids. And now I’m like, I’m with the love of my life. I have the business I enjoy. We have an abundant life. I got four amazing kids. I got a dog and a bird. Okay. And yes, like, this is the life that I did not know that I want it. Who would know who was bullied in a world that quite honestly, the chips are stacked against a black woman from the south? Who fluffy. Okay, it just it just really, I got all the isms. I got. I got I got the racism, the sexism, the size is on all the isms yet. In it all. I am the norm. Not the statistics. I am the norm of someone that living a life for Christ.



Oh, that’s so good. And you just captured on something that’s so important for me shinies which is I’m on mission to normalize like Mega crazy success for Christian women in business because I don’t want us to put our little toe in the water. I don’t want to I don’t want to just try. I want my clients to dream big. What did God tell you? Oh, he told me I was gonna do X or Y Great. Go back. See what else has got for you. Come on, tell me your biggest dream. And now we’re going after it.



And I am in I actually just pulled out my my manifestation journal, but I don’t even know what to call it. But what it does is it helps direct my visions and my goals and desires. The things that God and I have talked about because I haven’t done it in a long time I’ve been living off of the same desires and Now that I’ve achieved so many of them, got it, I have to go back to the drawing board, because I need to know exactly what he is telling me to do in the achievements that I’ve received. And so in doing that, a few have popped up in my head. I’m like, why are we doing that? God? Okay, I don’t know why I don’t understand. And then I had to back myself up, it’s not for you to understand is for you to do. So one of the things he wants me to do is write a business book for Christian entrepreneurs, for Christian women. And I’m like, huh, how are we gonna do that? And why? There’s a lot out there. But then he had me researching the ones that are out there are not into, like you said, the principles and the strategies of the mega success. It’s not it’s not the, for lack of a better term. John Maxwell, high level or deep level set Gogan kind of stuff. From a Christian standpoint, it is very aboveboard, very, very light, like superficial, right, superficial, and he wants me to go deeper. And I’m like, Well, God, am I that deep? So I’m just, I’m like, I’m asking him like, really? He’s like, write it down. I’m like, okay, writing down. statement. I am the author of a best selling Christian business book. Okay, I’m gonna write it down. I don’t know what you want. I haven’t gotten to the police yet. But you told me to do it. I know. Good. Was that one. My ideas?



are good. So so good. Oh, my gosh, this has been so good. I, I am sure this is going to be a high ranking episode. No doubt in my mind. Alright, so we’ve to wrap it up. I want you to tell us the promotion, the opportunity you have for our listeners to go grab an amazing thing and also where we can find you online.



Yes. So guys, ladies, I want to tell you something, we have been talking about work life harmony, that is my thing. Harmony, not not balanced. And because of that, and because Judy is so amazing, I am going to give you guys this free course it is quick. It’s called Business bond bond, which means that you can create, you can go through this whole module in 10 to 15 minutes quickly. But it’s going to give you nine strategies to better work life harmony, okay, nine of them. That’s going to help you get rid of that guilt, bring in more understanding about yourself, and actually the tools you need in order to create work life harmony in your business. So I definitely want to give that to you. Those nine strategies that’s right there. And to reach me online, you can go to www shinies. Collect It’s my name. If you don’t know how to spell she nice because my mama made it up. It is she in Nice, she in Nice. So if you go to shinies, you can go and you can find about me, and I’m always on socials. And I am shinies see, I am she in nice feet.



That’s so good. And I’m gonna leave all of those links in the show notes. shinies Thank you, Sister. It has been so wonderful. You know, spending some time with you and sharing your genius with my audience. Thank you so much you, Judy,



for having me. I’m really appreciated. This has been fun to have this conversation. Thank you.



Right You are so welcome. Ladies, if you’ve enjoyed this episode, and I’ve no doubt you did, and you have not yet left a rating and a review, please do so it matters. We want to keep going in the ranks. We’re at 35 countries now. And zeroing in on 75,000 downloads. We want to get to 100,000 we add more than just that for the accolade. And for the milestone. We want to impact more Christian women I know shinies and we couldn’t be more aligned in that. So thank you for listening. shinies again, love love you sister. We will see you all next time. Take care. Bye


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