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Hello ladies, welcome. Welcome to thriver Thursday live. This is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and to grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We meet here each and every Thursday at 11 o’clock Eastern. So glad to have you here today. I am Judy Weber. I’m a women’s business strategist and scaling expert, and I’m setting the gold standard in business coaching for Christian women. I’m unconventional in my approach. I’m unapologetic about my faith in the Lord God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Super strategic yet real practical, God has called me to uplevel the way his daughters do business, right? And how does he call us to do business? Well, he calls us to do it boldly. And courageously and faithfully, and joyfully, right. And impactfully. And, of course, profitably, just read Proverbs 31 Listen, it is so good to be back with you, sister. I was away the last week and a half my husband and I drove to Rosemary Beach, Florida. Oh, my goodness, do you have that place where you just feel more alive? It could be in your hometown. If it is, that’s great. But for me, it’s Rosemary Beach, Florida. And every time I’m there, I just like, I come to life, right. And I was laughing with my husband on the way home because as much as I love, love, love the beach. I am not the kind of girl who spends hours just kind of baking in the sun. I think that’s so boring. Now in my 20s, I could lay there working on my tan for hours, but not these days. But it was so good to get away a beautiful place if you’ve never been to Rosemary Beach, Florida. Check it out. In fact, while we were there, we were looking at some houses. We found one that we really want to live in. It’s a 55 plus community. And I’m like, wow, I never thought I would live in a 55 plus community. But reality check today. You’re over 55. So that makes sense. But anyway, enough about me. How are you doing? Ladies? Are you planning a vacation this summer? Tell me in the comments whether it’s live or on the replay. Where are you going? Or where would you like to go? Because I’m going to be coming back and checking that out. Now today’s topic. I got a lot of feedback on this one. I put this out yesterday, selfish ambition, versus pursuing God’s calling. Now, if you’re here with me right now you are probably well educated, driven. And you have big dreams. Okay, that’s me. And no doubt you love the Lord Jesus Christ, which is also me. And that’s why we get along, right. And after working with literally 1000s of you. What I’ve discovered is that many even I would say most experience guilt or shame to some degree around making money, and in particular, too much money. Okay, and this very topic was the subject of a recent mastermind session inside my joyful scaling mastermind, where understand that the average woman inside of my mastermind, is generating well over $200,000 a year. Okay. Many of them have been in business for well over 10 years, they’ve developed a stellar reputation in their industry, they are truly the best of the best, offering incredible value and incredible services to their clients and serving their local communities on a regular basis. And yet,



and yet with all of that, every single one of them has said that they grappled with the issue that’s on the table here today. Okay, and so



you know, and that issue is, is my ambition, my drive, my desire to impact more lives? And of course, along the way, as you do that, making more money, is that okay? Before God, right? Or am I being worldly minded, such that my priorities are askew? Okay, that’s the issue on the table. Now, frankly, I have grappled with this issue myself. And so today with you, I want to unpack how to discern whether what you do and inside your business is selfish ambition, or truly living into your God given calling, which is what we should be doing right. So let’s first invite God in because he needs to lead us and keep us on track today.



Heavenly Father, thank You. Thank You, Lord, for how you move Thank you God for times of rest and respite. Thank you, God for times of fellowship and community like this God.



We know that every good and perfect gift comes only from you God and so we praise you for that. And as we as we look at this issue that that really is triggering. For so many in the Christian faith in those that follow you god there’s this thing about money.



And we know as we closely read scripture, Your word says it is the love of money, not money in itself.



But the love of money that is the root of all evil. It’s a god we want no parts of that.



What we want today God is clarity



as to, you know, right? Thoughts, right beliefs, right desires, as it relates to fulfilling your call on our lives, to serve our clients, to the uttermost. So God, I’m so excited to see you move, you know, I’ve prepared a talk, but I’m open to the spirits movement and prompting God, speak. We want to hear from you. We love you. And we trust you help us to do that more and better every day. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen. Amen.



All right, have you ever said, any of the following statements? Okay, I’m gonna read through a bunch of sentences. And you tell me which of those you’ve said, Okay. I want to make a difference in people’s lives that you



have about this. I want my money to make a difference in people’s lives.



How about this one? I was raised by frugal parents. And as a result, I’m constantly second guessing what I should use my money for. That you



have at this one. I look around this world and there was so much need. And I feel guilty when I want to spend money on non essential things like new skis or a new car, when so many people out there are hurting. And even hungry, right? Is that you? How about this statement? I have an internal conflict going on about money? Like how much I make? How much I want to make? Is it okay?



How about this one? I’m proud of the business I’ve created by God’s grace, like I only could have done it by him. And by His grace, I’ve worked hard and it’s taken many years. Right now things are really starting to take off. Why do I feel guilt around making this kind of money?



Is that you?



I bet this one, I don’t want the money to steal my joy.



Have you ever thought that?



How about this? How do I know if this guilt I’m feeling is like condemnation of the enemy? Or conviction of the Holy Spirit? Wow. Great question, right? And finally, this statement, sometimes I think, Am I doing what I should be doing? As I work and see my neighbors relax with their families while I work? I think should I really be working today?



Have I passed the line? Like, am I doing this to fulfill God’s call on my life to serve others? Or is this really selfish ambition? On my part?



How many of those have you thought? It’s heavy stuff? Right? Does any of that sound familiar? For me? It sure sure does. Right? Let me tell you, this is hard stuff. And right out of the gate, I want to say that I believe that each one of us will find our answer, ultimately, only through private time with the Lord God himself. I certainly can’t judge your situation. And I certainly can’t judge your heart, nor would I want to, it’s not my place that’s reserved only to God. But what I want to accomplish today is to think on scripture, right? Review scripture for you to consider and to offer my best advice and guidance on this matter, because it’s an important one. Because let’s get down to the crux of the matter. If you have guilt, around making money, that will impact your business. Right? In many ways, it’s going to impact the way you show up, how frequently you show up what you say, how you say it, your guilt is going to rear its ugly head, in your marketing in your sales process everywhere. Right? So this is an issue that must be dealt with. What does God say about this? So I really want to focus on Philippians, two, three. And here it is.



Do nothing out of selfish ambition, or vain conceit. But in humility, consider others better than yourselves. Short first, but it’s a lot there. Let’s look a little bit more closely. Okay, I’m going to start at the end in humility. Consider others better than yourselves. Well, that’s a high bar, right? Consider or think of others better than you. Now, what’s interesting is although that is a high bar, I would say that at least 90% of the women that I know do exactly that. Right? They put their clients interests top of mind like I want to help people is the mantra of literally every woman



I’ve ever helped. It’s my motto, I want to help people. Right. And as I think about my clients, one industry in particular, that stands out for me, and that is real estate. The truly excellent brokers and agents out there put their clients interests well above their own. For those that are excellent in real estate, it’s not about the money. It’s about what’s best for my client. Okay, it’s not about Ooh, how can I manipulate things so that I get a commission check a higher commission check? It’s not that it is, what does my client want? I mean, and that, that, my friends is true service. That is taking action in your business from a place of humility. It is considering others better than yourselves. So the last part of that verse Feels good, feels easy. Right? Check done. Let’s look at the beginning.



It is a sweeping statement. Okay. Do nothing. Not one thing, okay? Do nothing out of selfish ambition, or vain conceit. Okay, two words stand out for me here in this part of the verse, selfish, and vade. Both are so focused. And I just got done talking about how women, we typically put others interests above our own, in other words, serving others, and prioritizing that service over the What’s In It For Me mentality. And so ladies, I want to offer if you are among the many, many women I know, who operate your business from that perspective, right? The What can I do for you? It’s all about you. It’s all about service, then from where I sit, it would seem that you’re not running your business out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Because for you, it’s not about the money.



And I hear that time and time again. Now. I think the idea it’s not about the money can also be problematic. We’re going to talk about that at the end. But really, I mean, if that’s your thing, like I care more about my clients than the money, then don’t worry that you know, to me, you should have no guilt or shame, what is it based on? And that’s what we’re going to be unpacking a little bit, I want you to think about that. If you feel shame, or guilt around making money. Why?



Where is it coming from? Right?



So I’m gonna go back to the selfish ambition or vain conceit. I read a commentary, and one defined selfish ambition as a self above others approach, succeeding in any cost focusing on you.



And as you’re doing that you’re kind of negligent or even recklessly disregarding others. Now, my guess is that is not you. Okay? So it’s not selfish ambition. Don’t let anybody else you know, get into your head and say, Ah, your business is built on selfish ambition.



Don’t let them have that power sister. Okay. How about vain conceit?



One commentary define that as an elevated an incorrect sense of self, or excessive pride.



Now proud about the work I’ve done.



proud about the accomplishments and the awards and all that that’s not what we’re talking about here. excessive pride is, I’m awesome. I’m great. I’m going to keep on doing this for me. Oh, my clients? Yeah, yeah, I don’t really care about them. Now, again, in my experience that does not describe most Christian women.



And if that is the case, and I truly believe that it is, why do so many of us I would submit virtually all of us to some degree have money hangups. Why?



Well, I think the simple answer is the enemy is a liar. And he’s great at what he does. deceives, right. He loves to plant seeds of doubt. Whispering thoughts in our air? Who are you to make that kind of money? You don’t deserve that? When there’s starving children in the world? How selfish can you be? Have you ever heard the little whisper the enemy there?



Those are lies.



So we’ve got to grapple with that the fiery darts of the enemy,



as we also have plague in our minds, what we heard our parents and others say, as we were growing up,



and those sound bites play over and over and over and over in our minds. Does anybody get me? No, I’m not seeing comments. Again. I don’t know what’s up with stream yard. But even if I can’t see it, please do keep commenting. Do you agree that some of you



Some of the money stuff we have in our minds, comes from what our parents told us. Okay, now listen, did your parents say any of these things? Because I think for the most part my parents did, except for maybe one or two. All right, here’s a couple. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Every year that I bet this ain’t your food, they’re starving children in Africa.



The rich, get richer, and the poor, get poor.



Rich people are greedy.



Or even worse, rich people are just plain evil. You ever hear that?



How about this one? Rich people don’t care about anybody but themselves?



Or how about this one never trust a man in a suit.



We were poor, we were poor.



And a lot of the above things my parents said over and over and over and over and over. How about you?



Now when we hear things as kids, and these statements are made by those that we love and trust, what happens is we blindly accept what they say, as truth. At least that was my experience.



So over the years, you know, I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2003. Born in 1965, do the math. Over the years, I had to examine those statements in order to assess is it really true that all rich people are greedy?



Is it really true that you can’t trust a man in a suit?



I’ll tell you, some of those were, you know, said over and over and over for so many years, that to me, they just became true. It it was very, very hard for me to think differently. It took time and dedicated intentional effort on my part, but it is so necessary for each one of us. Because here’s the deal. Yes, many rich people are selfish, but not all. Some poor people are selfish, right? Yes, money doesn’t grow on trees. But making money isn’t impossible. It doesn’t have to be hard. Heck, I’ve come to learn that making money can be simple and fun and joyful.



My mom and dad ever told me that God bless them. And I love them so much. I mean, no disrespect.



And yes, it is so sad that there are starving children in the world. But here’s the deal, here’s the truth. The more money I make, the more money I can donate to the church, and to other worthwhile worldwide ministries and charities so that I can make a real difference in other’s lives so that that money that I make, can be put to great use. And so with that, I just want to pause and say what money stories are running on repeat in your mind, on the daily,



I encourage you to take a thought audit, I’m going to pop that in the chat.



Take a thought audit.



All right. So as that is popping in, let me go back to my notes here. And I want you to do a thought audit.



Because I want you to become aware of your thoughts. Right? Because before you could deal with thought errors, right? Your thoughts that are kind of holding you back, you’ve got to first identify the thoughts that don’t serve you. thoughts that are in fact limiting beliefs that are holding you back that you’re holding on to and they are holding you you’re holding on to them, and they’re holding you back. And they’re keeping you stuck. So before you can deal with them, you got to first become aware of what you’re thinking.



So I encourage you to keep a piece of paper next to you today. And for the next several days, maybe for an entire week. And I want you to take note of the thoughts you’re having throughout the day, all of them, not just those around money. Okay?



For purposes of today, yes, keep track of your thoughts around money, but all of your thoughts, write thoughts as you’re writing an email, thoughts as you’re going live thoughts as you are, you know, interacting with your team, whatever it may be. It’s great to do a thought audit once in a while. Okay. Now, as you’re doing that, I want you specifically around thoughts around money, those are going to come up when you’re dealing with things like selling, having sales conversations, or even making calls to actions to to jump on a call with you for those conversations. So what are your thoughts around selling?



What are your thoughts around your pricing?



What are your thoughts around your goals? Right? We’re almost to the half year mark are



Are you 50% to your goal? If you’re not, Nope, don’t No worries, no panic here, we don’t panic. But aren’t you know where you are year to date on your dollars?



And what are your thoughts around those goals?



And what are your thoughts around making money? Right, all of it. Now, if you missed any of my podcast episodes about the power of your thoughts, you’re definitely want to go back to the podcast page of my website, Judy Again, Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast, and you’ll want to take a listen, including episode 234. That’s called self sabotage. And the three categories of thought, Ah, I think I’m gonna have to go deeper on that three categories of thought. Anyway, once you’ve conducted your thought audit, I want you to look at them, even on the daily and then if you’re doing it for several days, go back and see what thoughts keep coming up. Okay. Because I don’t want I want you to identify what are your predominant thoughts?



Like, where do you spend the majority of your time? Like, what do you think about?



And as you look at that, then, generally speaking, are those thoughts coming from a place of scarcity and lack and fear? Or are your thoughts predominantly coming from a place of abundance? And faith? Right?



So as you review your thoughts, and the feelings that come up for you, as you do, are you feeling more like a victim, or a victor?



Now, I know some of this may be like, super uncomfortable, because I know a lot of us were taught don’t talk about money, don’t talk about money, right? But I’m telling you, Sister to Sister entrepreneur to entrepreneur, this needs to be dealt with, we can’t just put it under the rug. Okay. And so you may be surprised when you do this thought audit and this exercise in full, that you may realize, wow, you know what, I’m not the positive thinker. I thought I was. And you know what, that’s okay. We need to be real with ourselves and uncover those thought errors, those stumbling blocks, the thoughts that we may have believed for years, thoughts that maybe we don’t want to believe anymore, right? Thoughts that we can see. Now that we pull up, take a 30,000 foot view, and we’re being objective about kind of where we are, what we think about what we believe, we can decide today to change them. And indeed, if we have limiting beliefs, they’re holding you back.



So I know this may be uncomfortable, but the bravest thing we can do is to do the uncomfortable so that we can get to that next level and overcome this plateau that many of you have reached and you’re wondering, why can’t I get past 250? Why can’t I get past 300? Right? So my prayer for you is that you would do this think work. Because your thoughts have led you to exactly where you are right now. Trust me on that. Those thoughts, those beliefs, those prompted feelings, which lead to actions that you’ve taken. And those actions have created the results that you have now, in your life and in your business. Now, in an upcoming episode, I’m going to go deeper into the importance of thoughts in your work and in your life. But for now, make it a point to become aware of your thoughts so that you can re examine them. Okay, so you can take them to God and seek His wisdom on whether those beliefs you currently hold are in fact, in keeping with his word, and His plan for your life, right.



All right, now let’s get back to some of those beliefs around money and the feelings they generate. And I want to take him head on. Okay, so first, first, is it sinful to have big dreams? Pop it in the chat? Is it sinful to have big dreams? Say yes, it is sinful or no, it is not. Okay. As an example, I’ve got my eyes on a seven figure year. It is coming. We are so close. Okay. So let’s just lay all of our cards out there.



A seven figure year means seven figure impact.



And that’s what I’m most excited about. Helping more Christian women be bold and courageous and unapologetic about serving others with their God given gifts, right, so that they could fulfill their calling in their purpose, which is the very reason that God gifted them the way he did. So a seven figure year means more women being helped by me right? To go bolder in their business so that they can help more people with their gifts. And in each and every case, every life touched, bringing glory and praise to the Lord God Almighty, hallelujah, hallelujah, that is the point. Okay, so






with that, by way of background, does that seven figure dream of mine sound faith fueled and God centric and others focused? Or is it sound like selfish ambition? Me, me, me? So it’s my seven figure dream a sin?



My answer is Heck no. Because I know my heart. And I know how I do what I do and why I do what I do. Like I said, I’m setting the gold standard for business coaching for Christian Christian women, that I believe is my calling. That’s my life’s mission from the Lord God himself. And so to do that, requires a level of boldness that requires courage, it requires putting myself out there in a big way. Okay. And and so, right now what I’m doing, I’m merely stepping into and fully embracing who he made me to be in going big in dreaming big and being obedient to the Lord’s call on my life. So Whoa, ho, sinful versus obedience. Okay. Now, let’s be clear.



I’m a lawyer, so I know how to how to spin things, right? And where to put focus. Okay. Let me tell you something. As a lawyer,



I never lied.



Like, like you spin things, meaning you highlight things you really want to highlight, and maybe diminish things you don’t want to. But I never lied. I know there are lawyers out there that do.



So trust me when I say all the facts that I just put out there 1,000% True.



But you see, where if you didn’t understand the background, and maybe if you didn’t know me, and you see somebody out there on social saying, I want to make seven figures this year?



What our knee jerk reaction be? Who would it be kind of a pullback and a hesitation and, and a judgement?



And if so, why is that?



Why are we so quick, quick to jump on that?



See, I don’t really have answers, ladies, like I said, that’s gonna be between each of us and the Lord God. But I do know that there are triggers, there are patterns that I have seen women make Christian women.



And I just want to bring it to the fore to say why. And do they make sense? And I think in a lot of cases they don’t. It’s judgment, which we’re not supposed to do anyway, we could be discerning.



But we’re not going to condemn, right.



So here’s the deal when it comes to when it comes to my seven figure goal. People may come along and criticize. They may judge me from afar. And while I won’t like it, I mean, never feels good to hear from the naysayers. I refuse. I refuse to let others opinions or judgments take me off course, from where I believe I’ve been called. Because from where I sit, if God gifted me with all this ambition, and with this brain, and all of my schooling, and my life and work experiences, both good, bad and ugly, and if you know me, you know, my background is not all you know, dancing through daisies, right? So if God gifted me with all of that,



and I just decided to play small, and I decided not to put myself out there boldly. And I sought to make myself kind of the best kept secret to business coaching for Christian women. Like to me what is that? That’s the parable of the talents. And what did the master call the servant? What did he master nearly being God called the servant you and me who played small? He said, You wicked and slothful servant. Yikes. I do not want to be called slothful, lazy, I’m not. And I certainly don’t want to be called wicked. So I choose because I get to, I choose to go big.



And I encourage you who feel led to go big



to go with what God tells you to do. And stop worrying about judgment of others, even if that judgment is close to home. And that is where it really can be tough. When it’s your spouse, or your mother or your mother in law, who doesn’t understand because they can’t. Because entrepreneurs like us. We’re a unique breed. Right.



All right. So as we’re getting to the end here, let that simmer for a second.



I want to go back to a statement that I hear a lot from women. And it is this. It’s not about the money.



Now, in my experience that can absolute



it’d be a stumbling block, or be it a very well sounding statement. Right?



Okay, so let’s really unpack this thing. What does this statement even mean? It’s not about the money. What’s the it?



What? What’s not about the money?



Is it your motivation? Is it your heart? Of course not. Of course, you’re not about the money, you are not waking up every day just to make dollars. You’re waking up to impact lives, right?



Okay, so if the motivation in your heart isn’t the it in the it’s not about the money? What is it?



Because if the it is business, if you’re saying the business is not about the money, hang on a second, hang on. Business is about money. Sorry, not sorry. Selling is something of value in exchange for value dollars, right? And even nonprofits need money in order to exist and serve people. So if your business is not a business, then what is it? It’s a hobby, and likely a very expensive one at that. So it seems that women definitely more than men feel the need to like apologize for making money or even wanting to make money. Where does that come from? And again, I’m not talking about those that are, you know, making peanuts. I’m talking about women in my mastermind, making 150 250 $350,000 a year grappling with this.



Why does it seem that the issue of making money is a problem more in the context of entrepreneurship than in the corporate world? Have you found that?



Like, why is making a couple of 100,000 as an entrepreneur somehow, like at all shameful when earning a couple of $100,000 a year salary in corporate isn’t?



I don’t know. Why is that?



Do you see my point?



Is making money as an entrepreneur and a category of its own, like distinct in some way for making a salary working for somebody else? And if so, why?



And how about this? I’ve heard women say that somehow it feels okay to want to start a business. But when you set a goal to make real money, however you define that, then it feels selfish. Wait a minute, here. See, see, we’ve got to stop just accepting these thoughts as true. We’ve got to unpack them. This is our I love mental gymnastics. I love I love looking at words, and and what does it mean? And and how does that impact our lives?



This is living life. Ladies, this is this isn’t the bump at all up against scripture to say, what is it all really mean? Lord?



What is this for me? Or is it not for me, right?



So hang on a second on this issue of making real money to some real money could be 25k a year. Yet to others real money begins in a million bucks. So where’s the line? Like what is real money? And hold on a second here, a number is just a number.



What makes it feel too much or not enough? Is the thought there’s that word again, the thought that comes up for us. And for each one of us is going to be different. Right? Who says 100k is too much money to make as an entrepreneur



who says a million bucks is too much money to make as an entrepreneur who says



and when we say too much money, too much money for what? You see what I mean. You can see I’m getting hot on this. It’s all subjective.



And the line we shouldn’t cross mentally comes from a place of fear, shame, judgment, and ultimately from the enemy, the father of lies.



His goal was to keep you small sister. His aim is to steal from you to kill you and destroy you.



Especially destroy anything and everything of the Lord, which is you, which is your business.



And so thankfully, we have a choice on what to think about.



And on what to believe. A thought is just a thought. We can choose to ruminate on it when we think that through let me like bake on that or we can let it go. It’s our choice. We can choose to believe a thought



or reject it out of hand.



You see how the human brain works is when a thought



It comes in our head, our brains, which I’m finding after study are quite lazy. Our brains want to conserve energy. So when a thought comes in our brains automatic reaction is to believe it, and then act on it.



And that is why we must be intentional about becoming aware of our thoughts. And here we go. Here’s the most important part of everything I’ve just said in the last 10 minutes. As it relates to thoughts, as commanded in Scripture, we are to hold every thought captive, as unto Christ.



And so that means when a thought comes in our head, we need to examine it, to hold it captive.



And ask ourselves, does this thought make sense in light of Scripture?



Is this thought in keeping with the Word of God? Is this thought in line with what he has told me in our time together? Right, our devotional time?



Or, as is often the case, is this thought, really a lie?



Is it a twisting of Scripture, right? Is it really something intended to pull me off course to keep me small limit my belief that in fact, the Lord Jesus Christ can do anything?



You see, again, we’ve got to go back to what we know.



With Christ, even the impossible is possible.



And so let’s live our faith in our businesses and believe in the limitlessness of Jesus Christ, hallelujah. Can I get an amen on that? Right? Let’s commit to opening our minds to not only what’s possible, which is way more than we can even imagine right? But even more beyond what’s possible to what’s impossible, quote, unquote, but for a movement of the Lord God.



My life verse Ephesians, 323 20 speaks to this. Now to Him, Jesus, who is able, Oh, hallelujah. to Christ who is able, what is he able to do? He is able to do immeasurably more we couldn’t even measure. But he can do immeasurably more than all not just some.



All we ask or imagined, by His power at work in us. Now, I’m going to read it all again. Ephesians 320. Now to Him, who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, by His power at work in us.



Ladies, sisters, No more playing small.



No more allowing ourselves to be deceived by the enemy.



No more putting human finite limits on what God can do in and through us as we work in our businesses, fulfilling his call on our lives. Okay, we commit to that, No more playing small, no more. Let’s do that thought audit this week. And then DM me I’m at at Judy Weber, co everywhere at Judy Weber co I would love to hear from you even now in the comments as you’re watching this, as you’re listening to this when I turned it into a podcast reached out to me at Judy Weber co better yet go to the podcast page. Judy Scroll down a bit. Leave me a voice note. Some of you have done that. I want more of you to do that. Hey, Judy, I love this episode, I learned x. Or I really disagreed with you on that episode because of the let’s have that discussion. Ladies. That’s what makes this fun.



I am bringing you my very best I do seek to serve you to the uttermost, using my god given gifts. This is really a dialogue. Because that is when we all grow when we are brave enough to have these uncomfortable conversations. And we share our experiences, our what we’ve discerned from talking with the Lord when we grow and learn. So with that, I will leave you today have a beautiful blessed Thursday. And golly, I just I really hot on this subject. It is so hard, dear, near and dear to my heart. And I really believe that God is wanting this message to get out. So if you’ve kind of had some aha moments here, would you please share this out to your friends let them know about the podcast joyful scaling podcast. It is only for Christian women who love Jesus Christ and want to do big things inside their business to help others. So once again, thank you for joining me today. Laugh love you so much.



sister we’ll see you next time


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