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Welcome, ladies to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast, today’s episode. Ah, I’m just so excited, but it’s gonna start at least with the power of the unseen life. And a little spoiler alert there. Think iceberg. Okay, so today I am here with Bethany Murdock. She’s a Board Certified Master life coach. She and I both serve on the International Christian Coaching Institute board of reference such an honor. And Bethany serves there as a mentoring coach and a coach trainer. She’s also a guest voice with women of faith. And I’m sure many of my listeners are familiar with that beautiful ministry and podcast. Bethany’s greatest passion is to seek people from every walk of life, and help them realize their goals and callings. So they can live a thriving and flourishing life. Bethany is as she termed it, a Foundation’s coach. Yeah, so she exists, and her business exists to help people repair, rebuild and restore the foundations of their lives. So welcome, Bethany.



Thank you so much, Judy. It’s great to be with you.



This is so good. So let’s start right here. Yeah, the value of the unseen life? Yes. See world and we’re talking about, you know, what’s unseen. So help us kind of where we are in that.



Yeah, I think it’s easy because of social media and the value of A we love social media, we love what we can do with it. And it’s got so many positives, but with it, there’s so much focus on your filter, so much focus on you know, how you can get all these apps to change how you look and make it just right. And so the focus is on what you bring externally. And there’s just so much power, though, that we’re missing in the unseen life of if all we care about is what people can see. And so I think it’s important to spend that time, you know, a lot of our time, really preparing ourselves, I heard it said one time, by a woman I respect a lot she goes, we have to, we have to prepare in the spirit for what we’re going to execute in the natural. In other words, so in the spirit, spirit is not something you see, it’s something that you know, it’s within us, it’s our spirit. It’s something that’s formed by God. And that is what eventually what will live on for all eternity. And so when we focus in the spirit, our spirit connecting with the Spirit of God, for what it is, whatever it is, it’s in our hand that day, then we can execute to the ability and to then measure that we spent in a spirit, we can execute that in the natural.



Yeah, I really want to I really want to land here for a second. Okay. Yeah, I just got off a one on one call with one of my business clients. And she’s doing a lot of doing. And I was just like, Wait, okay, so we spent the last 20 minutes talking about doing this and the changing up of the website, I said, But you know, what the most important work isn’t even that. Because what the most important work is, is your work with Christ and hearing from him and being not doing and so that’s really what we’re talking about here. I really would love us to unpack this a little bit more.



Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You know, I read years ago, that about the iceberg principle. And I think it’s important to kind of cover that because it gives you a great visual of how, how different the scene can look from the unseen. And basically, the idea is that 10% of an iceberg is seen. So even if you’re, you know, on one of those amazing ice cruises somewhere, and you know, the Titanic waters, wherever that is, and you’re seeing these icebergs that looks so mighty, so amazing. You have to realize that what you’re seeing no matter how big, and how amazing it is, or even how small maybe it’s a tip or something, it’s only 10% of what is underneath the iceberg principle just means 10% seen 90% unseen equals an indestructible life. And so we get that wrong, we just kind of want to get through if we even look at it all. If we even look at the unseen at all, we kind of just want to get through it so that we can get to the part people can see. And that’s the world we live in. People want to see you before they want to work with you though it’s just we have to accept some of that reality of the this is the world we live in. But the stuff that God cares about, I believe the stuff that he will open up doors for I believe the the measure of influence ground you’re going to take all of it comes from what you’ve done in those unseen years and even Jesus if we want to like just bring it down in which way it’s not bringing it down. It’s actually bringing it to the highest place we can bring it we talked about Jesus, but only 10% of his ministry was Part of his journey there was 90, there’s all these years 90% of the life of Jesus, we don’t really know what happened. The last thing we hear from Jesus after birth, and, you know, he was in the temple reading, and his parents were worried because they got us lost, they were freaking out, then we don’t hear anything. If you if you think about it, what happened between that moment, and then he shows up on the scene with John the Baptist, he’s getting baptized and basically commissioned into his earthly life ministry. So what happened in those years? Well, the Bible doesn’t really say, But the Bible does say that He grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God a man. And so wisdom, stature is not just how tall I am, but kinda how tall I am in the Spirit, and the favor learning to gain favor. And sometimes when I think about Jesus, just as an aside, I think, what would it have been like to learn carpentry, and even to maybe make a coffin for someone when you are, you are not only God, but you are the resurrection and the life and yet in that season, he was baby, maybe just a, you know, an out there thought maybe building some coffins along the way. And yet, it wasn’t time yet. For him to move in his ultimate calling. It was time for him to spend the time maybe building the coffin, maybe building across maybe building some things, and having to kind of keep and ponder within his heart. What was next. We don’t know what any of that is, you know that in that period of time, we can only sort of guess, because it was unseen. But it mattered and that that stage obviously got that it was important that he was born, and that he spent some time on Earth, and then became, you know, into this place where he worked miracles and ultimately died for the sins of mankind, that unseen space was the largest space that he spent on Earth.



So good. And I know, before we hit record, that’s what you said that struck me the unseen is what makes you indestructible. That’s right. And so, you know, as you were talking about that, it’s like, Jesus had such an intimacy with the Father. And I still don’t quite understand how they’re one and I know me either infinity so mine’s Exactly. But that’s the beauty of it that he was so in tune with the Father. Yeah, he did not rush. You know, a couple times the bad boy, it’s not time yet for that. not time yet for that. And I will admit, Bethany, that I am, I am so I so long for that. Because I, you know, God made me a doer or so at least I thought I was right. And so so for me, it’s okay, gotta keep going. Gotta keep going. Gotta keep going. And so such a beautiful reminder today to get with the Father.



Yeah. And not just yet with him, which is awesome. I think maybe we should talk a little bit about what does it look like? What does focusing on your unseen life look like? Because people can be like, Well, I would love to, but I don’t. What does that kind of mean? It sounds great. Yeah, I can assume everyone knows what that is. But as I sit across from people I find more often than not, they don’t know, they don’t know what it means. And if if we knew more, I mean, we’re all I will say, Hey, I’m the first one to have not arrived. I have not arrived in knowing Jesus. I do not sit in an armchair as an expert, except for the fact that I have spent a lifetime knowing Jesus and following Jesus and it’s out of that daily obedience that you begin I mean, obedience is really what gives you intimacy with the Father. And so if you’ve got areas of your life that you know, you’re kind of generous with God in like, Okay, I’ll give you this. I’ll give you that, you know, serve you there. But when it comes to this area, I don’t know if I trust you. Like if I’m really pulling it down, and I’m really being honest, and you know what, it’s okay to be honest, if if somebody’s listening today, and they’re like, that’s me, but I feel ashamed to say that you don’t need to feel ashamed to say that because we’ve all said it. I can tell you I’ve said it, where I’ve realized I really haven’t surrendered which Surrender means to give over control. For those of us that are type a leader of leader people, we don’t give control easily. And you know, I live in a a really special forces town. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. And so we have tons of Seal Team Six lives here. The seals are trained for the whole eastern seaboard on right here in Norfolk, Virginia, and I was a worship pastor. I’ve been a worship pastor for about 12 years and also a I’m an executive pastor, as well not doing those things anymore. But I use, I’ve learned so much, and I still consider him still an ordained pastor. So I find myself doing it wherever I am. But I would notice in times of worship, it was funny how the Holy Spirit can speak to you, even while you’re leading people into the presence of God and worshiping yourself that I would see certain strong looking men out there. And I could see that they were moved, they wanted maybe to lift their hands, but I could tell it because they were getting stiffer by the song. And it just was, like, I could say, I could see that the stiffness was showing me how much they wanted to actually enter in, and and actually do that, but those soldiers are trained to never surrender, and the posture of your hands lifted, and your hands open your arms lifted your hands open, is a posture of you know, I surrender white flag, I surrender in when you’re worshiping God, and you’re not just I’m not just talking about in a service, but when surrender is who you are. And you learn to have those open hands, it can be a little bit of a thing for a while, where you realize this really isn’t as easy as people might make it sound. But to give over control is something that the human soul doesn’t want to do. But when you do that, it gives you access into the presence of God like nothing else, and an ease in the presence of God.



Okay, so that is so good. So on the practical then, yeah, I would think most of my listeners have a daily devotional practice. A lot of times in the morning prayer, reading a devotional or reading a portion of the Bible. Yeah. So is there something else? Or is there something deeper? Yes, it’s an ongoing thing throughout the day, I mean, I just kind of want to get your here, I think it’s both. And



at, first of all, we don’t have to get all legalistic and religious about it, where it’s like, if you have not prayed for four hours, starting at three in the morning, then you cannot get there. And that’s just not how God works. He’s so glad would come. He loves us as we are, if you’re in a busy season. And it’s literally like you’re pulled at every end, it’s really in that moment about bringing him in, not forgetting that you can call on his name and say, God, thank you, your grace is sufficient today. And you take a moment, and you say that I don’t feel like I have the grace for this day, I don’t know, I feel overwhelmed by what’s in front of me. And I can’t tell anybody because they all work for me. And if I told them how overwhelmed I was, then you know, that would you know, Spark fear in the ranks, and then everybody gets stressed out. So I can’t do that. But what I can do is take it to you. Because I can do all things through Jesus through Christ who gives me strength, and you’re bringing him into it. So that’s one way. I also think in a world where there’s so so many ways to listen to podcast to which is awesome to like audiobooks, things like that. I would just encourage there’s not a right or wrong. So in no way am I condemning anything, but I do think there’s something to be said about opening your Bible. And I’m just grabbing my and feeling the pages and turning the pages and you know, God speaks, I got all these notes everywhere. And there’s something about it, that that happens in your soul with your hands on the page. And so And as you’re doing that, I think a really helpful way to spend time with God. And you know, after you learn kind of function in this way, it becomes second nature, you don’t have to think about it anymore. But there’s an acrostic called soap. So if you wrote the number, if you wrote the letters for soap just vertically, S stands for scripture. So this could be super simple. We’re gonna use Psalm 23, as an example, just it’s just coming to my I don’t turn there. But we know Psalm 23. And so scripture and then Oh is observation. And then A is application. And then P is prayer. And so what you’re doing is you’re training your soul to just stay engaged. I don’t know if anybody else besides me, has read the same line of a book over and over and over and you realize you still don’t know what it said like a half hour later, because your mind is so in 800 places. This just helps give you focus. And so Scripture doesn’t mean quantity. It doesn’t mean you have to sit down and read all of Leviticus and go for the Levitical rules that morning. You know, before you start your day, it’s about grabbing something and God’s causing something to stand up in your spirit. And so I’ll read a scripture. Let’s just take Psalm 23 Verse one from the Amplified Bible, it just says, The Lord God is my is my shepherd. And then it says in parentheses to feed guide and shield me all day long. I will that fear. And it’s like, whoa, okay, so I don’t even need to go to verse, verse two, because I got to stop there and say, okay to feed guide and shield me all day long. So observation would be for me, I would say, what’s standing out to me out of that is that he wants to feed me, he wants to guide me, he wants to shield me all day long. So I don’t need to be afraid. And then you go to Application. So God in this area where I’m worried about lack and you can name what it is, you can say, God, I’m worried about my numbers, not making it this month, I’m worried that maybe I won’t have what it takes. Or you know that the economy is freaking me out right now, the thought of a recession is freaking me out. But thank you, God that in my life today, you want to show me that you’re going to feed me, you’re going to guide me, you’re going to shield me. In other words, every need that I have is going to be met. And then you go to prayer, and you can write it down. And you can just say, God, I thank you in these areas today, that you’re going to seal inside of me that you’re my provider. And that’s it. You’re out for the day. Unless God leans on you to do something else. But it brings focus and you don’t forget what you said what you spent time with God about that morning. So good.



Oh, wow. I you know, in my old age,



fan, probably the same age. Oh, no. But yeah.



Me I am a Go Go goer. And the older I get, the more I slow down. And the more I just like to sit and really ponder. Yeah, so yeah, what you’ve just said, and I have I have soaked before and then that you laid that out. But it’s so so good. All right. So where do we go? Next, I want to talk about something that you and I said beforehand. And it kind of in keeping with this practice, the practical that we’ve just did. And that is freshness staying fresh. Most of my listeners are entrepreneurs. Yeah. The soon entrepreneurs and something that you mentioned earlier about how this came to you, and the fresh, and freshness and how that actually can, you know, bring you clients, yeah, who are just truly who God made you to be. So I’d love you to speak to that.



Totally. I love this subject, we first of all, this is so fun. I hope I hope that whoever’s listening is feeling encouraged today that you can do this don’t feel bad, but actually feel like you’re probably doing more right? Than you’re not doing right and, but freshness is something that you cannot fake. Okay, so you can’t fake freshness, you might, you know, do everything you can to muster it up, and maybe for a season, you can fake freshness. But over time, you won’t be able to hide what’s really in you, you just can’t. And part of what we just said about the unseen life will add and will bring that freshness that you need into whatever it is that you’re doing in whatever arena it is, and and the world is constantly talking about nutrition and, and how to be healthy and what you can do to keep your your natural body in a in a, you know, moving place. But we don’t often talk about what’s going on on the inside. And I believe freshness is your calling card. I mean, I was telling Judy before and she won’t say this about herself, so I’ll just do it for.



But when I’ve listened to her and just even look at her face, there is there is a magnetism that is there. And it’s not I can tell she’s an amazing person. But it’s not really her. It’s what’s inside of her that brings that out. And so there’s that excitement that draw that, that that thing that is you still stay in that place of anticipation. I think that’s why God, Jesus so often pointed us back to children, because they live with anticipation, there’s nothing too small for them to get excited about. And as we get older, we live in this place where you become a little cynical, you become a little jaded, even the best of us to try not to operate in that, you know, you see enough of a weird thing for a while, and you start to just be like up, you know, I guess I can’t expect certain things anymore. And God wants us on the edge of our seats in the Spirit. For us when I say that it’s not an airy fairy in the spirit. I’m in this glory cloud place. But in my own spirit that I’m expecting you to move today that I’m expecting you to give me strategy today. I’m expecting a download from heaven. And you know, I used to try and plan my sessions with clients. I would you know, when I first started I would be like, Okay, so in order for them to feel like they got their money’s worth out of what I’m doing then I need to have a game plan for when we start and you know what, I have an appreciation for that because in some people’s work and fields, you do bring that to the table and you need to but for me, I found that No two people were coming in a lake. So if I just repackaged the same thing I used on the last guy with the new girl, you know what I mean? Then I’m going to that, um, that might not meet the need. But Jesus was so good at going to the specific need of people. And what enables you to do that is that soak time that you just spent washing in the spirit with the Word of God, and with the Scripture and all of that will bring that calling card to the table and the passage that really comes to my mind is Matthew five. And it’s Jesus’s words, which says you are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it become salty again? It he says, it actually can’t. It can’t. It’s thrown into the fire. It’s useless at that point. And so salt I actually got to be honest, I’m an avid I love to cook. I love it. I just find it fun. I watch all Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa all that stuff. So but I didn’t know, I really didn’t know that salt really could lose its saltiness. I don’t know why I didn’t believe that it wasn’t a conscious disbelief. But it was that my mother in law’s once and I was sprinkling salt on on something that desperately needed it and, and I was like, This isn’t working. So I kept doing it and doing it. And I’m like, I finally realized, I think the salt might be old, I poured a little on my finger. And it tasted, I was like, Oh, my gosh, it’s true. Matthew five is true, it can lose its saltiness. So if you can lose your saltiness, there must be a way to keep your saltiness. And I just believe that Jesus offers that. And that we don’t have to have that. That stale, decayed, used by date on our life. Hmm. And I think a lot of people sort of operate like that, where you kind of get to a point where you now you can sit back, maybe you’ve made some money, maybe you got some great accolades under your belt, and you could kind of ride for a season on gifting. Anybody can. You know, for a while your gifting is great. And you can tell people what you’ve always told them. But after you’ve been through your list of things, and it’s time to bring something new to the table, if you haven’t been in that place where you are asking God actively to put freshness in what you do. And for me what that prayer looks like is God would you breathe on what I’m doing today? Because literally, if you don’t breathe on it, it’s forgettable. I don’t care how good it is. I don’t care how state of the art and strategic and all of it it is. No one will remember it if you don’t read on it. And the breath of God is what makes something fresh.



Oh, man, it makes it alive. Whether it’s so good. And as you’re talking, I’m thinking too many even us Christians. Yeah, meet a fresh idea, quote, unquote, yeah. Too many we looking at these gurus, these worldly gurus or competitors were like, Oh, how can I reframe what somebody else is doing or what somebody else said, instead of getting an original word from the Lord, which I always tell ladies you know what? You are here for a purpose with a unique message which isn’t even your own. It’s just it’s a message from God that he chose you when he knit you together in your mother’s womb to be the one that’s going to deliver his message in this unique way and so listening that is such a good work Breathe, breathe, Lord. What I’m doing today give me your fresh idea for me that my people the ones that you’ve chosen me to serve need to hear



and I when I used to lead worship, you know sometimes you’re doing multiple services I would do five in a day at one point and it can you can easily lock into same old same old it worked in the in the eight o’clock it’ll be great at the two o’clock. Yeah, not true at all I found that God brings he does it he’s let me before starkly notice the difference between something that completely flew one minute and completely fell flat the next sometimes the flat feeling is me. And sometimes it’s the people what they’re coming in with like the people that might come in at the eight o’clock are the old faithfuls the ones who are coming to get something somebody hungry because they got up at eight. The two o’clock is like Yeah, after brunch, if I can get there, I’ll get there and what do you have for me like the trough pigs at the trough kind of thing. And so you have to you if you’re not relying on the Holy Spirit, and you keep that conscious, I don’t care if it worked yesterday, God don’t ever let me get too familiar with your power with your presence because I need it fresh in this moment. So we might be seeing the same Psalms, I might be preaching the same word, I might be sharing the same passage, or the same idea with somebody God, but if you are not in it, if you do not open their eyes and put them in a place to receive, and you don’t put me in that place where I’m listening, and I have an ear, ear to them and ear to what’s going on, you’re to heaven, God, and this is not going to work. But I believe that’s always meant meant for us to live with that push, I kind of I, I rate things but not consciously, if a person has a push in their spirit. What I mean by that is that there’s something in them that you feel it’s magnetic, it’s something that that you feel drawn to that you want a little bit of a of where you’re sitting back, saying, I think I’ll have what she’s having. Whatever that is, I need to spend more time with that person. Because that person has something. Yeah, go ahead. You’re gonna say, You know what, yeah, because



you’re using the word magnetic and because Christ, I totally resonate. And I know exactly what you’re saying. Yeah. I think I am faulty of if a word has been hornswoggled, or like overtaken by the world. And I reject it. So magnetic has been a word. When I see that messaging, for example, I’m just like, ooh, that’s whoo, whoo. Okay. So I love that you brought this around. So this is a beautiful segue into the last thing I want to talk about is our work in ICCI. And ISIS eyes work and then need for Christian coaches. Yeah, I will tell you just as a lead into this, that half of my clients have said to me, I wasn’t looking for a Christian coach. But I pulled away from Christ and you’ve revived the need that I like, yes. Why am I forgetting my Christianity when it comes to my business? And then there’s the other half that it was like, I didn’t know you existed? I always hoped. Would you know what I mean? So yeah, so talk about the need for Christian coaching? My gosh,



yes, I think God is raising up a people for such a time as this, who are not afraid to speak, who are not afraid to give a hard teaching, and a hard teaching. I think of Jesus, it’s spoke to me, it’s spoken to me so many times where Jesus was sharing with people, and he had this huge following. You had this groundswell beginning to happen. And then he shared about communion, basically. And he said, You know, I want you to eat my flesh, and drink my blood. And everyone, including the disciples said, Yeah, Lord, yeah. So this is a hard teaching, you know, like, do you really want us to do that. And then the Bible says that, that 1000s of people left him that day. And there is something that I think we are so worried about keeping people that we are afraid sometimes to speak the hard truths. And I think the best coaches are ones that, you know, again, the Bible says, wisdom makes knowledge acceptable. So am I talking about being a bull in a china shop? No, there is a way to do it. And that, again, everything we’ve talked about kind of leads again to this spending time with God, staying fresh, God will give you the tone, and he’ll give you the way to speak things that people need to hear. And it’s almost I believe that we’re all called to be prophetic. And when I say prophetic, I don’t mean woowoo. I don’t mean crazy, the word prophet, by definition means inspired teacher, or Proclaimer, of the will of God. And you’re like, Well, who am I to say, what the will of God as well, you know, you hold in your hands, everything that the will of God is, which is the word of God, when you’re sharing the Word of God with someone, you’re sharing his will. So it’s not my opinion. It’s not what I think it’s not all my training. It’s like, Hey, I can’t I can’t change what I’m going to say for the person that’s sitting across from me. And I’ve worked with publicists of NBA players. And I’ve worked with celebrities and stock, stock market, Stock Exchange, individuals in New York and a lot of medical research scientists that at Harbor, these are people that would seem in the natural, like intimidating people to work with you, God, God has put something inside of me and I believe that he is calling coaches in general he wants people to be coaches, who are going to be fearless in these times, that you don’t change the message and you know what I find you gain more people than you lose. The devil is a liar. He will tell you if you say that, then nobody’s gonna want to work with you. If you are hard lines, and you actually say what the Bible says. Then they’re gonna leave you and God put peace in my heart one day saying, Listen, I brought you to this place. I’ll keep you in this place. It’s not by my it’s not by power. It’s not by anything else, but it is by My Spirit, says the Lord. And so we do need coaches, but we don’t need more of the same. And when I say the same, we need some fearless people, we need some people who actually have friends in the world. We need some people who walk into arenas that aren’t all Christian, that you actually can sit and you know how to talk to people, because you’ve met people that deal with things that most Christians would rattle off certain buzzwords that are so unattractive to the world. But Jesus was attractive to the world because he walked, he walked with people like Zacchaeus. And he knew how to talk to the murderer or next to him on the cross. He knew how to win people in general, because he wasn’t just with Christians. So I would encourage you, you know, if you’re interested, if if you’ve ever thought maybe I should look in to just expanding my my skills, I would encourage you know, look into ICCI, you just, the website is icy ICCI And there are endless ways for you to gain more skills, but I’ll tell you, whatever it is that you learn in a class or in a course, God again, when he breathes on it in real life, it becomes something absolutely electric. He calls us to be terrifically alive when we’re talking to people. Yeah.



Oh, good. One thing I want to talk about, and then we’ll wrap up. And that is that is the belief. And so that goes together with what we’ve talked about what I mean is, I’ve been in groups in years past, where someone, for example, made $10 million as a I don’t even know what she was, I think she was a mindset coach $10 million in 18 months. And she didn’t have proper quote unquote, schooling. Yeah. And she was of the world. And so I remember like, I just wanted to sit with that. And I said, Lord God, what was it? You know, but you know, what she really believed? In herself, she believed in her calling. Yeah, so one of my like big foundations. Now, what I’m really wanting to put out there is to say, hey, as Christians, like the belief of our calling, and how important it is for us to be polarizing, and deliver that cuff Word, Jesus never diluted truth, and neither should be. But I really want to talk about that, like belief. I think that too many times we’re listening to too many voices. A lot of them are the worldly voices. And that’s why ICCI does such important work in our work in Yeah, one price. But but anything coming up for us, I’m talking about that in the way of belief. Yeah, I



think, you know, when, when I mean, it’s so simple, because the word believe is so important, so integral to salvation, because it says, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. It doesn’t say expand or expound on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved or move or scooch towards the Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be said, but believe, and so there is power. And what you believe, that God has called you to do, something I have struggled with, I will totally admit, is is like dividing self promotion, away from just letting people know what you can do. And because again, the seen world and everybody’s kind of stomping their product, or their book, or their album, or who they are, it’s put a bad taste in my mouth, for even putting anything about myself out there. And a lot of good people, I wouldn’t say a lot of my strategic voices, the people that I love, and really trust, had looked at me really challenged me on that they have said, Listen, you need, it’s not that I don’t believe that I can offer something, it’s that I don’t want to be seen as a self promoter, because I hate that. And and I believe that what the Bible says is, you know, the promotion doesn’t come from the east or the west, straight from the throne of God. And I believe that, but I also think, if people don’t know where they’re, if they don’t know that you’re out there so that you can help them that how are they going? And there’s that scripture that says, you know, how will they know unless someone sent in less than somebody has sent to them? How will they hear if no one preaches to them, you know, how will they read if no one teaches them how to read, you know? And so I think believing that you are called according to His purpose, then then you can with competence, it’s not competence in myself. You know, I think that’s the shift. I you know, Bible says put no competence in the flesh. So anytime we make that shift into No, I have it. You’ve got this. Everyone loves to say that you’ve got this, you’ve got this. Is that bad? No, because we’re just trying to encourage people but if you really kind of peel it back, it’s not awesome. You because that’s not the bar, the bar is not you got this, it’s priced in me is the hope of glory. And so am I believing that Jesus wants to touch somebody’s life today that Jesus wants to change the atmosphere of whatever room I’m walking into, just by me walking in, it’s not me, that’s going to change the atmosphere. It’s priced Jesus inside of me, that brings the hope of the world. And so believing those things gives you competence, where you can muster up enough sometimes for some environments.



So good. And I spoke to this yesterday, in my talk on sales, has just like self promotion and sales. Yeah, right during and then misunderstandings about scripture, that money is the root of all evil. No, it’s the law. Right? It’s just so good. All right, as we wrap up, is there anything on your heart Bethany that we did not talk about that you just want to mention here in closing?



Well, it’s not something that probably most of us your, your listeners wouldn’t be familiar with, but something I want to leave on and that’s God gave me a job description. Really, from the outset of my life as an even as a young child, I met him as a young child and I felt in it’s changed into this exact sentence of this is your job description. So it can change forms, it can change, you know, arenas, God can I can be pliable in God’s hands, but Matthew 633 says, to seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. And if we are a seeking after God, I you know, your greatest wins, your greatest successes will be born out of a life that chases after God.



Wow, I teared up on that. So good. Yeah, that is so that’s it. Thank you so much. So tell the ladies where can they find you? Where’s the best place?



Yeah, reach out. I’d love to talk to you or come alongside you in any way. And my website is Bethany lense., super easy. Bethany lens. Le N TZ



Great, awesome. That will be in the show notes. That’s so much. This has been such a power packed Jesus episode.



Amen. God bless you.



Yeah. Thank you so much. Ladies, thank you for listening. If you haven’t yet, left us a review, please do so. And also feel free to go to my website. Leave me a voice note. Go to Judy Scroll down a bit and you will see a place for you to leave your feedback. Your Aha, your thank you to Bethany and some of our other beautiful guests for how they contribute. But thank you so much for listening and we will see you next time.


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