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Ep 277 Transcript


All right, we are live Welcome to thriver. Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I come to you each and every Thursday at this time. 11am Eastern, so be sure to mark that on your calendars. My name is Judy Weber and I’m a woman biz women’s business strategist and scaling expert, and I’m setting the gold standard in business coaching for Christian women. I’m unconventional in my approach. I am not cookie cutter, right? And I’m unapologetic about my faith in Jesus Christ. Super strategic, yet practical, right? God has called me to uplevel the way his daughters are doing business, because the Lord calls us ladies to do business boldly, courageously, faithfully, joyfully, calmly, right. impactfully and profitably, because running a business successfully requires both strategy and mindset. It encompasses it all branding, marketing, sales, ops, finances, HR and even legal Yes, you cannot piecemeal your way to a seven figure business, you’ve got to approach it in a comprehensive fashion. And that’s exactly what I do with my clients by the Lord’s grace and by His power. So welcome, welcome. Today, we’re continuing our sale to serve sales training series. Okay, this is part three. And today we’re going to talk about the three key aspects of this thing called sales, and spoiler alert. For each of these. They are in complete service to the client. It’s really about the client sales, you will recall from a prior installment of this series sales is really about the other person. You said that service is about giving value. It is about sincerely caring about the other person. All right. Now, if you’re like, what this is part three, where’s part one? Where’s part two? Well, let’s talk about that for just a moment. In part one, which you can find as episode 273. In my joyful scaling podcast, go check it out joyful scaling Podcast, episode 273. In part one, I introduced my signature sell to serve philosophy, right, we saw how sales is in fact, noble. Think about that. There’s lots of words that come up when the word sales is thrown out. And I think noble tends to not be one of them. But it should be. Let’s change the script on that. Okay, we have the power to do, okay. And besides being noble sales, absolutely service. And in part one, episode 273 of the podcast, we explored what God says about sales, because what he says matters more than anything else, right. And then in part two, last week, we dove into the sales conversation. Because look, ladies, no matter what your service offering, is, how well you handle the sales conversation, if that is a part of your sales process, that’s going to determine your success in signing new clients, right and really scaling your business. And that can be found in Episode 275. With the podcast. Now, as I’ve said, throughout this series, my prayer for each of you is that you would have a palpable like, like almost tangible shift in the way you think about sales, right? A confidence boost, and therefore a dramatically different result to your bottom line, right, simply as a result of not only watching each of these three video trainings, right, but by applying what you learn, because I know that when you do that, things are gonna be different for you, right, you’re gonna unlock freedom, unlock freedom, how awesome is that ladies that I really want you to hear this. And this is why I come to you every Thursday. Because I want you to experience that freedom, and that joy, and that peace and calm even in growing and scaling your business that is absolutely possible in Christ. So speaking of him, let’s pause for a moment and invite him in and ask him to lead our time together.



Heavenly Father, we come before you just so grateful. Here we are the first Thursday of June. And we’ve got let seven months left in 2022. And we know that no matter where we are right now, if we’re happy with where we are, but we have big goals, we can hit them and then some or if we’re not really happy with where we are that that once we listen to you. And once we do things your way, God, that by your grace, we will see different results God so today we’re talking about the sales an important aspect of sales. The three aspects of sales God. And I know, I know that I know that I know that what I’m about to reveal here, which is really founded on faith and belief is it could be absolutely life changing. So Lord, may You speak through me, may I just be a vessel and you speak through me, God, and may the ears and the hearts and the minds of the ladies that are watching right now or will be watching or will be listening to this on the podcast, May May you quicken those hearts and minds and hearts to really absorb this amazing goodness that you gave me that I’m about to reveal to them, that we love you. And we trust you to the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, ladies. Well, one quick but important announcement is if you’re here, you undoubtedly want to work smarter, and you want to steward the gifts that God gave you in the very best way, right? You want to use your blessings and talents and ambition that he put inside you and put them to good use by serving others in your business. And that includes wanting to grow and scale your business, right. So if that’s you, and you have not yet downloaded my ultimate scaling guide, I want to invite you to do so today just go to my website, Judy Weber Dotco, Judy Weber Dotco. And right at the top, you’ll be able to pop in your info, and my ultimate scaling guide will be sent to you absolutely free. Now inside there, I share four strategies for exponential growth. Okay, we’re not talking about baby steps, we’re talking about exponential growth. And I’ve done it in workbook style, and I give you the strategy and the framework for you to then devise your strategy, right, because all our businesses are different. But you can all use the framework that I have inside the guide. And if you implement that right away, you know, good stuffs gonna happen. I know it, because I’ve heard about it from others who’ve done so. So if you’ve not yet grabbed my ultimate scaling guide, it’s free. My gift to you, the Christian woman who was unapologetically committed to growing and scaling your business, head on over to Judy Weber Dotco. Request your copy today. All right, let’s identify the three aspects to sales. Anybody think they know what they are? Because I’ve mentioned these in prior podcast episodes, and I’ve touched on it, I believe in another thriver, Thursday, live training. But today I’m going a little bit deeper. Okay, so what I’m talking about is the belief triad, okay. This is the belief triad, these are the three things that you have to have to show up and sell powerfully. And I call it the belief triad, because each of these things that I’m going to reveal here in just a moment, involves and requires your belief, right? And what you’re believing in, in each of those cases, is absolutely in service to the would be client. Okay, so what are these three prongs, if you will, of the belief triad? Well, first, it’s belief in yourself. It’s belief in your best clients. And its belief in your offer. Okay, let’s take these one at a time. Now. With belief in yourself and your offer and your best clients. I just want to start off by saying this, do not fluff this off. Okay, I’m kind of admonishing you that that’s, I love that word in the Bible. Listen,



I did this for years. Right? When I first started my business, I didn’t want the mindset stuff. I thought that was extra, just give me the strategy, right? But hear me Please don’t make that mistake. Because what I’m about to explain to you is the thing, the thing, not one of the things, the thing, that’s going to make all the difference to your bottom line, right to your ability to consistently sign clients and dramatically increase those conversion rates of leads to sales. I will tell you, when I speak with someone on a scaling strategy session because they want to work with me, my conversion rate at this point is pretty much 90% way above average. And it’s all because of my strong, strong strong belief in each of these three areas. Let’s take each separately. So belief in yourself. Like what does that even mean? Okay, simply this. What thoughts? Are you choosing to believe about yourself? Okay, is it thoughts like, I’m not good enough? I haven’t done this long enough. I’m not as experienced as I should be. Or are they thoughts like, I am enough right now. I can figure this out. I’m growing as a CEO daily. Now which of those types of thoughts dominate your brain on a regular basis? And I know from speaking to my sisters, incorporate And then the law, that even though they know that they know their stuff in that setting, when they think about starting a business on their own, they’re like, Oh, I could never do that. I’m just like, what? You’re this impressive lawyer, you’re this impressive Senior Manager corporate. And you don’t think you could be an entrepreneur? Yes, you do. But you see how that thought, hold you back? Did you know that you get to choose your thoughts? Yes, you can direct your thoughts wherever you want them to go, right. And in that way, you manage your mind. Okay, so that you will never again allow yourself to ruminate in the negative, which I like to think there lies of the enemy, and I never want him to win. Right? Now, don’t get me wrong, a fleeting negative thought is going to come. Because that’s how our human brain works. We’re talking about that in just a moment. But when you choose your thought, when you are aware of your thoughts, when you’re intentional about what you’re thinking, right? You won’t allow those bad thoughts, that negativity to linger long, right? Because you know, they don’t serve you. So you’re just going to dismiss it, you’re going to reject it. That’s exactly what you should do. Okay. Now this idea of carefully and intentionally choosing your thoughts is biblical. Nothing woowoo about it. Okay, now I know some woowoo errs out there are telling you think and proclaim the name or whatever baloney they’re talking about. But listen, I’m talking about not just like doing things their way and stamping Jesus on it. I’m saying there is biblical foundation in this belief, triad. Okay. Proverbs 23, seven As a Man Thinketh So is he, you think you’re, you think that you have value? That’s gonna be your life? You think you’re not good enough all your life? Then that’s, that’s gonna be your life. Right? That’s the reality. Second Corinthians 10. Three, hold every thought captive, as unto Christ. Do you think God, put that thought in your head that you’re a loser? That’s pretty. That’s pretty brash and ugly, isn’t it? But don’t we sometimes call ourselves that? Ladies, if we’re honest. I sometimes call myself ugly. It’s horrible. But in love, I want to confess that to you. Because I want you to know you’re not alone.



We women are too darn hard on ourselves. Can I get an amen on that? But let’s turn that around, sister. It’s about our decision to believe that lie of the enemy or say no, no, I’m more precious than rubies. God told me that. I’m not gonna buy that nonsense in the world. I don’t care what I look like, I’m not picture perfect. Like those models. And by the way, neither are they. Right? All right. How about this Philippians 481 of my favorite verses. This is God’s exclusive list of things that you and I are to think about. What is that list? Whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable, whatever is lovely. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy think on these things. Okay, that’s the list. So let’s do an example here. If a thought comes up, you’re a fraud. Right impostor syndrome. Who am I to be a relationship coach, or an operations consultant? Right? Or for many of my friends and clients, a lawyer with my own firm, right, who am I? Or any of those thoughts of I’m not enough, or I can’t do that. Are they true? Oh, how do I know you’ve already done hard things? So I don’t care what it is. If you want it, you can do it. But you got to decide right? So that statement, or that thought isn’t true. That I can’t do it that I’m a fraud that I’m not enough. All that baloney right. Now or any of those things? Are those thoughts noble? Is it noble to call yourself a loser? No. Are they pure, admirable or lovely? No, no, no. Are they excellent or praiseworthy? No. So we’re not to think that simple. Hard to do, but simple in concept. Are you with me? Okay. Now that as opposed to this thought, while I don’t know everything, I know enough. And I am enough, because God promised to equip me to fulfill his calling on my life, and so I’m going to trust in His promises. Is that true? Yes. 1000 times. Yes. Is it right noble? Yep. Is it pure? Yeah. Admirable. Yes. Lovely. Yes. Is that thought excellent and praiseworthy? Absolutely. Because when we said when we count on God. And we we relay his promises. We’re bringing glory to Him and how he’s moving. So do you see your thoughts are so important? Because those thoughts fuel your actions, right? So can you see this down here? Let me move something so that I can see that you see. And of course, the computer’s being poopy poop, okay.



So if I, if right here we have a thought, okay, you can see that



when we have a thought, what happens, it makes us feel a certain way, it brings up a feeling or an emotion. So that thought of not enough makes us feel bad, negative, sad, frustrated, what else? Like everything, just yucky. And by the way, those feelings, they show up in your body. So you might have that sick feeling in your stomach, you might like your shoulders will just droop and it’d be like, you know, like think there’s physical manifestations as a result of that thought which lead to feelings. Are you with me? And so when that thought leads to a feeling, you’re going to it’s going to lead to a response, right? What is the response? And we often say that that response is an action. Right? Or, in many cases, inaction. Now, the funny thing is this response to those emotions which flowed from your thought, is what ultimately leads to your results. So when your thought is a negative lie of the enemy, you know, that ain’t going nowhere? Good. You with me? Okay, so we have to get our thoughts, right. to something that serves people something that’s true before God. Right? And that will move you forward. Because instead, when you’re thinking, I’ve got this, I don’t know everything, but I know enough. And I know God’s gonna equip me, Wow, what emotion comes from that, that emotion of optimism, that is an opportunity and potential, you’re just excited about the future. And fueled with that emotion, it just feels so good, you’re excited, you’re joy filled, that’s going to lead to a certain action, which is way better than the other thought led to. And that result is bound to be good. Right? So here’s a truth that I want you to understand, ladies, and I want you to act on this. Your results flow from your thinking. Right? I mean, we have this train here, those of you watching me right thoughts to feelings to action to results. But the bottom line is, you can just skip all that the thought, because it fuels everything that follows. The thought is what will ultimately determine your results. Okay, so here’s the good news. If you’re not in love, right now, with your current results, that’s okay. Because your current results are the result of your current thinking. And so the great news is that if you change your thinking, right, if you’re intentional about the thoughts that you think meaning you’re aware of your thoughts, and you choose the thoughts to ruminate on, then those new and better thoughts, like I am enough, I can’t figure this out. God promised to equip me, those new and better thoughts are going to lead to new and better results. Does that make sense? Okay, because I gotta tell you, the brain is a powerful thing. In the natural, right, in the natural in the world, its job is to keep you safe. It wants to conserve energy doesn’t want to work hard in that weird. But your brain doesn’t want to work hard is trying its job is to save energy. And so what that means is your brain will always resist change. And it will perceive any new thing, even things that are good for you, your brain is going to perceive that new thing as change equals bad equals no don’t want it. That’s what your brain will offer. Okay? Because that’s your brain trying to keep you safe. Okay. But the funny thing is, that’s the case. That’s how your brain works, even when your current situation isn’t that great. Right? So your brain doesn’t want to work hard. It wants to conserve energy. And so when you think, oh, I want to try this new thing, whether it’s going live or having a seemingly difficult conversation with a client or something else, right, whatever the new thing, your brain is going to offer all kinds of thoughts about why you shouldn’t do that thing. Okay, and that is why becoming aware of your thoughts. Learning how to manage your mind, by intentionally choosing your thoughts is one of the most critical SEO skills that you can possibly learn. Okay? Now, when it comes back to the triad, now we’re talking about thoughts and beliefs about yourself some examples of thoughts that hold you back, that your brain is going to offer is, this isn’t working. Right? If it doesn’t happen like this, your brain will say, it’s not going to work, stop.



Or how about these thoughts? That’s selfish of you. You’re being selfish. Or you shouldn’t be doing this, who are you? Or, Wow, you’re being inauthentic. Simply because you’re trying something new and different. That’s what your brain is going to tell you. Oh, you’re being inauthentic, right? Or you’re not meant to do that. Or that’s not you. Any of these thoughts sound familiar? I want you to think about that. I want you to really be intentional to catch your thoughts throughout the day. And in particular, when you’re feeling frustrated, because that’s a feeling. And we know that feelings come from a result of your thought, go back and say what am I thinking that led me to this feeling of overwhelm, or doubt or fear? It’s great exercise, ladies, right? And here’s the thing, when you haven’t mastered how to manage your mind, so when your brain offers up these goofy thoughts, you will naturally believe them. As if those thoughts are facts, as if they’re true, simply because your brain offered it. That’s how our human brain works. That’s why I’m telling you this, okay? And because that’s just the way our human brains work, there’s no need to beat yourself up for previously believing those what I call thought, thought errors, right there thought errors. Because as of now, right now, today, commit to being aware of your thoughts and not readily accepting them as true. But instead be discerning God calls us to be discerning. And we want to, as I say, bump up those thoughts against what you know to be true, and God’s Holy Word so that you could determine is that thought really true? Or instead is that thought a lie of the enemy. Or at the very least a thought error, just something my brain gave me to try to keep me safe. But now you know, that that natural inclination of the brain is really there trying to keep you safe, but that’s going to be a stumbling block. It’s going to be a limiting belief, if you believe that it’s going to hold you back. Does that make sense? Okay, because here’s, here’s the thing, your thoughts determine your life. And your thoughts, determine your business? Whatever your life looks like, now is the result of your thoughts up to now. I could be living in a very different situation, had I not gotten out of my first abusive marriage, right? If I had thought that I was the loser, my then husband told me that I was, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now to be honest with you. Your thoughts determine your life, they determine your business. And so the best news ever is this, you get to choose your thoughts. And as I was preparing this, it reminded me of Deuteronomy 30, where Scripture tells us we have a choice of two ways to do life, right? We can choose life, or we can choose death. Let’s choose life. Well, similarly, today, I’m putting before you a choice of how to think, stick with your old patterns of thinking, just accepting and believing those thoughts that your human brain offers. Thoughts on, don’t change, stay where you are, stay safe. Or you can choose a new pattern of thinking, fully embracing who you are in Christ, courageously trying new things, right, boldly choosing to think new thoughts, thoughts that are definitely going to stretch you thoughts as to what’s possible for you in Christ thoughts, even about the impossible, right, quote, unquote, that is absolutely possible in Christ. So old pattern of thinking, new pattern of thinking, what will you choose? That so all of that was the first aspect of sales, okay? You need a strong belief in you, you as the expert, you as a CEO, you as that authority in your industry that can help your best clients get results. Now, how strong is your belief in that regard?



That’s true. By the way, the stronger you believe in you in your calling, the more boldly you’re going to step into that calling, right and the more you’re going to surrender your doubts, your fears, your insecurities, and you’re going to lay Get them at the feet of Christ. And when you do that, you’re gonna show up more powerfully, and you’re gonna impact more lives. And of course, that in total service to those people that God has called you to work with. So in that way, I’m telling you, this is not about puffing yourself up and saying, Oh, great, I’m great, and getting arrogant and goofy. And that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about fully believing in you, as that powerful woman of God running this business, that is an absolute service to others, when you are firmly rooted in that belief of who you are in Christ as a CEO, not just as a person. Big things happen for you and your business. To see how that works. If not, tell me in the chat. Okay. The second aspect of sales that I want to talk about is the strong belief in your offer. Meaning, do you believe that your offer is highly valuable, and helps your clients get results? Do you believe that the way you structured that offer, whether it’s consulting service, one on one group coaching mastermind done for you done with you, whatever it is, do you believe deep in your bones, that that offer serves your client very well? That you carefully curated it in the way you did? Because it was in best service to the client? Do you believe that? Right? Do you believe that the value of your offer, right, the dollars and cents, shall we say, and the value even beyond the dollars and cents the intangibles as well? Do you believe that the value of your offer is such that it is an absolute win win for your client, that the value they receive from working with you exceeds the value they give you? In terms of payment? That is the way the math should work there, ladies? But do you believe that? Do you believe that the value is there, for example, an easy example is if you’re a weight loss coach, right. And if you promise that you’re going to learn to lose 50 pounds in six months and keep it off. And you charge you know, $10,000 When you understand and you’ve done the brain work, the think work, which I love to do. And you determine what is the result look like? It’s not just about keeping the 50 pounds off, but what does the keeping the 50 pounds off and living a healthier lifestyle? What is the benefit to your client, you know, longer life able to do more, got more energy can do things better, like could actually go swimming and or climb a mountain or play with the grandkids? I mean, this is what I’m talking about the value $10,000 a drop in the bucket to add on yours to your life to maybe get you off some some meds. This is what I’m talking about ladies. So do you believe that the value is there? It’s a no brainer, really, based on the transformation they get? And do you believe that your client experience is second to none, then it is very, very good, right? All these aspects of your offer all these aspects of your offer? You know, you get to decide how long is it? Right? What is the container? What is my process? Right? And you make these decisions again, with the client in mind. Okay,



so the more you believe that your offer is just the latest thing out there, it’s the best way to go from where they are your best clients where they are to where they want to go. That’s going to make selling so much easier. Do you understand? Because we’re talking about belief in you belief in your offer and emote. We’re gonna talk about belief in your clients. And when you go to a sales conversation with that belief, or even when you’re at a networking event, and and you’re talking with people, whether they’re actually ideal clients, or just if you’re at an industry conference in your meeting colleagues, when you talk about what you do, you’ll do you do so so much more powerfully when your belief in each of these areas is strong. Okay, powerful stuff, right? Because the level of belief ladies that I’m talking about, and if you zoomed out, come back to me, please. This is important. The level of belief I’m talking about transcends the natural. Okay. I’m talking about belief that’s grounded in your faith in Christ. Right, that faith that pleases God and opens up opportunities, the faith that opens the door to the miraculous hallelujah. Do you see the power of this ladies? The power is not mean Right? Power is not necessarily in you either. Right? It’s the power of Christ in us on Men, okay, but we’ve got to believe faith, we’ve got to believe. Alright, the third and final aspect of the belief that you need to increase your sales and make sales actually fun is belief in your best clients. Okay? Your best clients are those you are meant to work with. They’re not the tire kickers, the hobbyist, the uncommitted, okay, you know who your best clients are. And in love, I want to say don’t settle for anything less. Okay? Stop, stop, stop talking to the ones you don’t even want to work with the ones that aren’t committed, the ones that are going to come up with every excuse in the book, your best clients, be specific about who they are, and go for them. Okay, so what do you believe about those best clients? Do you believe your best clients are looking for you? Not just anybody, but they’re looking for you the way you do things, the unique package that is you and your services? Like Like, do you believe that right now? And they may not know you right now. But they’re looking for you. Like, there are people I know, women I know, that are looking for a Christian coach, one that’s not like kind of a foot in Christ and a foot in the world. They’re looking for someone like me, they’re looking for someone who actually is older, who’s had some experience in real life. You know, oh, gosh, she’s a lawyer, too. Oh, she’s been in the C suite, too. Oh, she’s been an entrepreneur herself since 2003. I know that that mix of who I am. There’s tons of ladies out there looking for me. Okay, do you believe that? Or do you believe? And are these your thoughts? Is it more for you like, ah, they can’t afford me. Or they don’t want this? You know? Because hear me on this, ladies, you’ve got to believe in them. Before they will come to you. I gotta say that again. Ladies, you’ve got to believe in your best clients, you got to believe they exist. You got to believe they’re looking for you. You got to believe they value you before they will come. It’s just the way it is. I’ve seen it time and time again, with myself with my clients with colleagues. Okay. Now, do you see how when I speak about belief, it’s really faith. And I’m talking about, okay, because what is faith in Hebrews 11? One, it’s believing before seeing. So why is this important? And how can we even do that? Well, this is important guys aspect of not only belief, but faith, the believing before seeing, it’s important because as Christians faith is the way we do life. Right? Faith in what hasn’t happened yet. unwavering belief is a part of our daily walk. Right? And your business is a part of your life. So why should the way you approach business faithfully be any different than how you approach the rest of your life? Okay, how can we believe before seeing easy, because God called you to business and he’s promised that where he’s called you, he will equip you wasn’t a conditional. I will equip you where I call you. So do you think he’s maybe waiting for you to step out in faith and do crazy big things that you have up to this point?



Not done out of fear, out of insecurity, and believing those crazy thoughts that our silly brains offer, right? So believing before seeing is as easy as trusting in the faithfulness of Christ, knowing that he is reliable and walking confidently in him, this is how we roll right? Hallelujah, Jesus, hallelujah, praise his name. So believing in our best clients means again, they’re looking for me right now. They’re ready to work with me. They look forward to seeing my content those already those warm people that already know you do I want you to believe and really believe this deep down that they look forward to seeing your content, whether on social in an email on the stage in a podcast, I mean, believe that it’s true. How about this, that they see you as the expert as the leader and they value your expertise? And I want to believe that my best clients they invest in themselves, do you believe that? So again, these three aspects of sales, you got to have this belief it’s got to be strong in yourself in your offer and in your best clients and that belief, or lack of it is gonna come through in your content and in how you show up. Okay, so growing your belief in these areas. Ladies, this is your daily work. This is your daily work, more than simply trying the latest trendy tactic, or downloading or watching some guaranteed strategy. Okay, this is where your work is. Okay? So I want to end today’s training with an exercise that I encourage you to do today. And regularly. Okay, so here’s the exercise. As for each of these areas of belief, I want you to rate yourself on a scale of one to 10. How strong is your belief? So maybe for yourself, it’s like a seven for your best clients. You’re like, oh, I never really thought about that. Maybe a five? And maybe you’re off? Or you’re like, Huh, you know, I know it’s good. But it could be better. So I’ll give that a six. Okay, so you rate it. And then I want you to ask yourself, why did I choose that number? Like, why did I? Why did I land on seven and not six, or seven and not eight. This is the kind of thing work that led me about one or 2% of people do. But those one or 2% are the most successful, joyful in life. And in business, do you want to join them? And I encourage you to do the work. So then once you say, wow, why did I pick that number for each of these, then I want you to ask yourself, what would need to change in order to increase my belief to get that number closer to attend. So let’s take the lowest one, five, wow, that’s only mid mid level belief,



what would have to change so that I could bump that number to like maybe a seven or eight, what would have to change? Okay. And as you think about what would need to change, I need you to remember this, that what that something is that you determine has to change must be 100%. In your control. It can’t be conditional on what others do. Or on outside circumstances, right. And we know this because as a CEO, you must take responsibility for your results, right, the results that you are creating inside your business, and digit, you know that that you’re creating, every day you’re creating, you’re creating offers, you’re creating clients, you’re creating dollars in your bank account, you’re creating value. So as you evaluate your level of belief, put your brain to problem solve, what can I do to increase my belief in each of these three areas, okay, and decide to be more aware of your thoughts. Commit, ladies commit to being intentional in choosing thoughts that serve you choosing thoughts that are in alignment with you, as a daughter of the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, as one who is specially appointed by him to do the work that you’re doing. And as I mentioned earlier, give yourself grace, that when your brain offers up those nasty thoughts that are going to come to you that are going to be keeping you stuck, and tell you not to do that new thing, expect them. That’s just how the human brain works. But when they come up, see them for what they are thought errors or perhaps even lies of the enemy, and then choose differently. Choose your thoughts intentionally. Okay. Believe in your calling, by God, believe in his great and precious promises in faith, belief. Trust Him, and then fueled by that faith, pursue even the impossible. Dream Dang. Go to God with those dreams? Is this your vision for me, Lord, right. Pursue even that impossible dream, a dream, I believe that he would give you right that vision. Knowing that in Christ, even that impossible is possible. Hallelujah. All right. Thank you, ladies for joining me today. And be sure to reach out at Judy Weber co wherever you are right now. I’d love to hear from you the DM What was your biggest aha from today? Or, you know, if you struggle with sales still, you’ve listened to all three, you still struggle. You know, let’s go pop it into a DM and let’s chat. Okay. And if you haven’t already done so, I would so appreciate it if you head on over to Apple, and leave a rating and review on the podcast. I know so many of you are such faithful listeners. And I truly love you i truly value you. Be sure to let me know of other guests that you’d like me to have on or, or topics that you’d like me to go deeper and it would be my joy to do that for you. So one quick thing before I end I’m on vacation next week. I’m going to Florida, my favorite place on the earth. So I will not be joining you next week. But I will see you in two weeks. And until then, God bless you, sister. Love you so much. Thanks for joining


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