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00:00 Welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast today, we’re talking about changing the world through taking action and life leadership. And I’m here with a celebrity, a leader Reynolds with women of faith. She’s an ambassador for Christ. How about that? That’s her? I’ll take that one. Yeah. Aleta is the president of women of faith. And she’s the host of the women of faith show. She’s a certified master Christian life coach, and she’s a sought after speaker. She serves as I do as a reference board member of ICCI, which is the International Christian Coaching Institute. There she is also a trainer and mentorship coach. A latest life purpose is inspiring others to find Jesus by bringing out God’s beautiful story in their lives. And her women of faith Instagram account those two and a half million followers. So if you are not already there, be sure to check that out today. Let’s welcome Aleta to the show.



Thanks for having me. I’ll take the ambassador for Christ in the day.



Man. All right, we’re gonna talk about so many great things. But I want to start with you had been an entrepreneur for many years, right? And then God called you into this life of ministry with women of faith. I’d love for you to tell us about that journey. I mean, what were you doing as an entrepreneur? And how did God call you to kind of switch gears?



Yeah, so my husband and I ran a health and wellness company and to the outside world. Everything looked amazing. We financially successful we were we had teams, we are impacting people, we had wonderful things. As entrepreneurs, we traveled, I mean, just all the things that people think it takes to be successful. And at the end of the day, I still looked at GJ and I said, Ben, I mean, that’s what I call him. I say bae, like, there’s more to us than this. What else are we supposed to be doing? And I felt like for years, I would just say we’re helping people physically. We’re helping people financially. We’re leading people. And we were bringing people to Jesus, even through that health and wellness company. And what I realized is that I was to be bringing people to Jesus and helping people spiritually. And so that really was the start of getting into ministry. And so when the Lord brought women of faith to us, we just believed that it was going to move forward. And it did. And so now we are really in the space that we feel like we’re supposed to be.



How hard was that, though? I mean, that does take a leap of faith, like, did you just leave all that behind in one day? Just like, like, shut it down? No,



we did not. And it was a huge leap of faith. I just knew this is what we were supposed to do. I knew it. And I didn’t know how it was all going to play out. I mean, one of my I would say one of my top spiritual gifts, is faith. And so I just knew it was all going to work out. But I will say, it’s been one of the most difficult times of my life switching over to ministry, because we haven’t been in ministry, we were entrepreneurs. And so we got to incorporate that though, together. And same with gj. He hadn’t been in ministry. So we came together, and we’re able to be entrepreneurs for Jesus.



Hmm, so good. All right. And I understand that, you know, whether an entrepreneur or in ministry, I mean, a lot of people look at what I do as a ministry, it absolutely is. And, and they often say ministry instead of business. And I kind of think that’s a great thing, because this is both, you know, Jesus is front facing for my brand. And part of what I do is, you know, want to deepen your faith and help you understand that Jesus is throughout your life, like every facet, including business, and we shouldn’t think that, oh, because there’s dollars and cents involved, that Jesus doesn’t want to be all over that. I mean, if anything, I think he wants to make sure that we keep him at the core.



Yeah, absolutely. I feel like we all are called to do God’s work in different ways. And it’s not our job to figure out and judge how God is calling other people to bring them to Jesus. Everybody has their own Path, their own purpose. And when we keep Jesus as the forefront, we don’t need to judge what anybody else is doing. God is calling us as a body of Christ to all be doing different things. And so we all have our own purpose. And to me, the important thing is to keep that unity when we’re standing for the same thing, we’re more believing for the same thing. We are to support one another unity is such a huge part of the the thoughts that I have, like it’s just a mission for me, let’s stay unified, and collaborate together to build God’s kingdom.



So good. Yeah, I think that this issue of unity, you know, Christ talked about it, you know, he’s like, you’ve got to stay together, you’ve got to stay together. And today, I feel like it we’re, the Christian church seems to have fragmented a bit. And a lot of that is on political lines, which is just I don’t want to get into that. But just to say, I love to keep that thought front of mind that unity is what Christ calls us to,



because that’s what’s going to make us stronger. As a body of believers, if we want to go impact the kingdom, if we want to build the kingdom, if we want to march to a billion, that’s one of our movements. If we want to march to a billion, then we have to stay together and lay down the stuff that doesn’t matter. So much of the stuff doesn’t matter. When we go to eternity. Did that matter? The things that divided us? Did that actually matter? And I think we just have to remember what actually matters in eternity. And those are the things we can unite on.



Yes, that’s why we are to keep our thoughts on heavenly things, not on worldly things. So good. But before we get to the movement, and your mission, I want to talk about something you said in the notes, I believe in life leadership as a model for everyone. Yeah, let’s, let’s talk about that.



Yeah. So if you think about just reading Proverbs, it’s all about raising your lid, as a leader yourself, how do you lead yourself? Well, so I think about it as being a leader, for yourself. The number one person you’re always going to lead the most is yourself. And I think of it emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, of course, financially relationally? How do we lead ourselves well, so that we can influence others around us in our home, our spouses, or children, our friends or community? I’m not talking about like corporate leadership when I say life leadership, necessarily, but how do we lead those around us? And how, what’s the point of leading them to influence them to Jesus, that’s the whole point of life leadership to me. But if you’re a mess, in a certain area of life, it’s hard to influence others, isn’t it? Even if it’s just one area that you’re not trying to influence them in? But if you are struggling in the area of life, like we have an opportunity to raise up in all areas of life so that we can influence others? Well,



so good, so good, so So can we give some practical steps on that, on how to really first lead ourselves? I mean, let’s get really practical. Yesterday, I went live. And I talked about how so many Christian women, they don’t want to put themselves out there self promotion is bad, and it just feels wrong. And I get it. But then if you don’t put yourself out there, people won’t see it. So even use that as an example of leading ourselves well, so that, you know, fulfill our mission.



Yeah, I think, as you were saying that I thought God confidence. I have God confidence, it is not a leader confident because people will say, Oh, you’re, you’re so bold, you’re so courageous, you’re so confident. I’m like, No, I’m not. If you knew me, 15 years ago, you’d be like, That girl has zero, none of that. And so, I have just learned that I am a daughter of the King and I was made in His image. And I am to live out the life he’s called me to do so. How do I not have confidence I was made in my in my creator’s image. So he’s confident he’s, he’s a beautiful Creator, He has everything that now he’s given to me and I can live into that image. So how are we not to share that with the world? So practically speaking, I think about all areas of life. So in a in a day, I wake up and I read my Bible, I pray. So there’s that spiritual aspect of my life, right? And then I go downstairs and I work out and just work out by myself for 30 minutes. And I take care of myself physically, and I feed my, the temple that God gave me, the Holy Spirit lives inside of me and He gave me a temple to take care of. So that’s the physical side. I read and I grow emotionally and mentally. On purpose. I choose a growth plan in that area. And then I have wonderful friends that I lean on that iron sharpens iron. So relationally I’m constantly How do I make my marriage even better than what it is? How do I come closer to old friends? How do I make new friends? So that relational piece, there’s everything and even financially, you know, we are to steward. None of that money is ours. That’s what you know, financially speaking, we should have the financial resources, we need to do the work for the kingdom. So there’s nothing wrong with having money. When we’re tithing, when we’re giving our offerings when we are pouring out and being generous people, God promises us a life of abundance. And so we can stand on that and be okay. With doing well, God wants us He wants us to have an abundant life here on Earth.



Okay, before we move into the march to a billion, I really want to land on something, and emphasize what you just said. So to the woman listening, who, like me, I’m sure like you, God put ambition in our hearts. And so to that woman who was kind of struggling with that ambition, and having big goals, including financial goals, but there’s like some guilt, because there’s just some lingering something in her mind that says, Wait a minute, that is not of Christ.



Yeah. So God’s calling you to something. God has placed you on this earth, first and foremost, to have relationship with him and point others to him. But he’s also called you to purpose of what you’re supposed to be doing here. So when we listen, when we live in God’s will, when we’re locked arms, walking down the path of life, and we’re listening to what God’s calling us to do. We have to take action. Right. And I think, for me, personally, action has been a huge, I naturally have that. But I like to move in front of Jesus. And then like, I’ve had to learn No, you walk with Jesus, you don’t run ahead, you don’t sit and hang out, but you walk and you take action to move forward. And so if you have guilty feelings, or if you have these ambitions, well, if God gave you that ambition, and your your desire of your heart is aligned with God’s desire for your life, who are you? Why wouldn’t you do what God’s calling you to do? We don’t have to feel guilty. The only person that we have to please as God, Amen. We don’t want to please other people. And if you can, those guilty feelings, a lot of times comes back to what what other people think, or why should I be doing this? You know, why would God choose me? I know I have felt that so many times. But if we say, look, God’s called me to something, and I don’t have to please those around me who I have to pleases God, because that’s who we answer to. In the end.



Yes, amen. And I guess that’s right, that the guilt does. At the end of the day, I think a lot of times, consider other people, what will my pastor say? What will my Bible study girls say, who don’t even have a business? And they’re like, wait a minute, what? What are you doing? So yeah, that’s really good. So ladies, if you need to, you know, hit rewind, and listen to that, again, I encourage you to always go to Christ and say, You made me this way, helped me to always stay focused on you, Lord, so that I never lose sight that you are the priority. But that’s so good, lean into the blessings and gifts that He gave you. All right, I really want to talk about something that you said in the notes, you have a deep desire to strengthen movements so that we can radically change the world. And one of them is your march to a billion. Tell us about that.



So that was actually a vision that God gave my husband GJ, he is a huge visionary. He has mentored me and led me in so many ways. Since we’ve been together. We’ve been married over 10 years now. We’ve been together for years before that. And he really helped me with my self limiting beliefs. And he was like, Look, you know, we can do anything. And so he wanted to impact a million lives. Okay, so let’s talk about what the next goal is. And so he said, Let’s march to a billion march to a billion lives impacted. Well, we can impact the world in a lot of different ways. But for us, we want to think eternal, we want to think building God’s kingdom. And so we really are dedicated to a movement of marching to a billion. I think about, you know, you mentioned two and a half million followers on Instagram, if each of us, just on Instagram, don’t think about Facebook or any other social media platform, but two and a half million people on Instagram, brought one other person to Jesus. We just impacted the world by two and a half million people. And so our heart’s desire is that we march to a billion together, and really with respect to that everybody doing what God’s called us to do.



So good. And I love your I love the Instagram feed on your I don’t know what you call it. I don’t know if I’m using the technical words, but there’s such good words from the Lord. And a lot of it is something that we’ve heard before, but it’s just you can never be reminded enough of God’s perfect word, right?



Yeah. So I’m just funny sidenote, sometimes I preach to myself, so I post all this stuff on Instagram. And you’re able to schedule it head, right? You can schedule days ahead. And sometimes I’ll pull it up, and I’m like, oh, preach that one. I needed to hear that today. So, you know, it’s stuff that you hear over and over and over, but sometimes you just need to hear it. And so I always laugh. I’m like, Oh, wow, I’m preaching to myself.



Knew whenever you posted that for the futures like, ah, you know what, yeah, Elite is gonna need this that day. So that’s why I’m making sure she you know, nothing is by chance. God is so so good. Anthony. All right. Oh, amen. Amen. So on the march to a billion, what how can we participate in that? Is it bringing people to your website to their Instagram, I mean, help us understand how we can be a part of that movement.



I think it just really goes back to living a life that pleases God, you know, like, be a life leader, take action in your life, do what God’s calling you to do. Our purpose at women of faith is to build God’s kingdom in whatever way that is. On our site, we have all kinds of resources, we have over 100 topics with all types of resources on there. So if you are struggling with forgiveness, or boundaries, or trials for depression, or marriage, there’s 100 topics that we want to help you with. And you know, we came together because we’re both life coaches. And for me, I’m how do we practically live out a life that is pleasing to God, I need tools, I need the resources to know how do I have healthier boundaries? How do I deal with anxiety, all of the things that we are sharing with people, it is biblically based, practical ways to increase your life so that you can live the life that God called you to



beautiful, beautiful women of I will put that in the show notes as well as the Instagram handle. You know what something you said, I forgot to ask about. And I really want to go back here. You said that your husband helped you with some limiting beliefs. So can we like, yeah, back the curtain a little bit? How did he do that?



Okay, so one of the very first times we met, you know, he’s a stranger at this point, one of the very first times we ever met, he asked me this question. He was a leader. Without any limiting beliefs, those were the key words without any limiting beliefs. What would you like to do? What’s your life? What would be a dream of yours? You know, what do you want to do? And all of a sudden, out of my mouth, even though I didn’t want to say this. And remember, at that point in my life, I was at the depths of my life, I was like, rock bottom, I was not doing well, all of a sudden, I say, I want to be a public speaker.



That surprised you, yourself coming out of your mouth.



Like looked around? Who just said that? Why did I say that? You know, and that was? So we met back that that was 1415 years ago. And so he has been the biggest mentor in my life, for sure. He has helped me. Be brave be brought into freedom. I’ll just say that from so many self limiting beliefs.



And just merely not merely but but by bringing you ever back to Christ and truth. I mean, how does he practically do that? I’m just curious. Like, is it is it his good words, and pointing back to Christ that just kind of flip a switch in your mind.



He is just very supportive, very inspiring. He has a very healthy confidence and self esteem. He doesn’t care what other people think, a lot of the things that I had to overcome in my life, he had no issues with and so he would call me out and be like a leader. That’s a lie. That’s a lie from the enemy. That’s a blind spot. This is something you need to know about, you know, and so he he helped me understand so many things that I did not know that I believed so many lies in my mind. And so he helped me transform my mind by sharing truth with me.



Wow, that is so so good. And before we move on to ICCI I want to talk a little bit about Is this healthy, not caring about what other people think? Because I think that’s a fine line. I mean, as women, I want to help. I want to nurture. I want to please. But that becomes past a certain point not healthy.



Yeah. So it’s funny because a lot of people ask me about this, because I really don’t care what other people think. I’m in a healthy way. Me too. And I don’t mean that to describe right? I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. I don’t mean that in a I just don’t care. Because that’s not my motivation for life. When I catch, I will say, sometimes I catch myself, Oh, well, what will this person think? And then like, it doesn’t matter? I was not. When I was growing up, I did not think that way. It was very much what will everybody else think, from the way I did my hair to what clothes I wore to what I said, I was a very quiet shy to myself type of child because I was so afraid. And I’m like, No, I’m not going to live a life of fear. And I think really, that’s probably what it comes down to more than anything is you’re afraid you’re fearful. And now I just, I know what I’m here to do. And I’m not going to be apologetic about it. I’m gonna do what God’s calling me to do.



I love it. I love it. And everyone I tell my clients don’t care about, you know what someone’s gonna think about your hair. Oh, I can’t go live because I’m having a bad hair day or something. People don’t care. I mean, we you know, so that is just so good ladies, listening. If that was for you, you’re welcome. Please receive that. Go to Christ. He doesn’t care. I mean, you know what, I’ll say something funny, elite, and then move on to ICCI. But you know what? I often think as I’m putting my makeup on, I’m not one of those girls that enjoys putting your makeup on. That’s kind of like a task for me, right? And you’re saying, Yeah, you do? Yes. If I wasn’t a man, I could just go live and not care. But you know what? And then God is so gracious because then he turns around and says, But you’re a woman. And aren’t you glad you got to give birth? You got to feel life growing in you, you get to be a mom, all these things. So it’s one of those things where it’s like, okay, there’s the good and the bad. So look for the good, right.



Okay, so this is kind of funny, too. So, I have asked if you had a superpower, which, you know, I know that this is just fun. Okay, so somebody said, if you had a superpower, what would it be? And I would be like, if I had a superpower, I want to snap my fingers turn around, and I’m ready. My hair is done my makeups on and my clothes are like getting ready, either. It’s such a task to me. But I do like to look nice. I do. I like to look nice. I like clothes, all of that stuff. So I’m thankful for that. However, I don’t enjoy the process either.



Isn’t that interested? You ever as a teenager?



I don’t know. Probably not really? I think I kind



of did. I kind of did, but not now. Anyway. Alright, so let’s talk about ICCI. Because I’m kind of the newest member of the board. And I’m just so excited to be a part of it. And I’m not a life coach. Technically, I am a business coach. But of course, the a lot of mindset work, um, strategy and mindset. So I do you know, no, I guess the model and what we need to how to keep our minds how to manage it, right? But tell someone who’s listening who may be a coach, but not certified through ICCI? Like, why I see why is ICCI something that every coach out there needs to know about?



Well, when I came to know about iccr, I was like, Yes, of course, this is something that so many people want. I became a certified life coach back in 2008. So a long time ago. And it radically changed my life. I don’t even know what life coaching was back. Then I was wanting to go back to school, I wanted to become a counselor. And then somebody said, Why don’t What do you think about life coaching? I’m like, well take me through it. Let’s see what happens. And it completely changed my life completely and radically changed my life. And so that was I was being life coached by a Christian woman. So we incorporated the Christian aspect to it. But a lot of life coaching curriculum does not incorporate the fact that we follow Jesus. And one of the things I love about ICCI and why I’m a part of it, I I teach the training on helping women become Christian, women’s life coach, that’s the niche that I am focused on. It’s women’s life coaching. And the thing that I love about ICCI are two things that it is Christ on earth. When you listen to every see single course every single session, you see Jesus at the center of it, and why we are doing what we’re doing, because the world can teach you good things. But if you don’t understand why that is impacting the lives of others because of Jesus, it, we’re back in the world, the ways of the world. And so we have to be coached by someone who is in alignment with our beliefs. So that’s number one. And then number two, what I really liked by ICCI is the leadership team, everyone that’s teaching their curriculum to all of the students are in relationship. And I have built a really close relationship with a lot of the women especially, and I have a friendship with some of the other women. So we really have come together and said, Look, we want to model what we want other life coaches to do. I think it’s so important for other life coaches to have peers that they can bounce things off because iron sharpens iron. That’s what’s gonna make you such an amazing life coach.



Absolutely. And I am so super pumped to meet you and so many others at the upcoming conference. So you have been on the planning committee, I’m sure you are in the know. So tell us about the upcoming conference happening? Well, what’s the name of the city in Texas in September, darn it, I forget.



Dallas area, and it’s the weekend of September 29, October through October 1 That weekend. And what it’s really about is, again, bringing people into relationship and learning how to grow as a life coach, I think when you’re there in person, if at all possible. It can be life changing for you, you can have long lasting relationships with new people that you come to know and love. You can meet all the leadership teams, so many of us, I think, pretty much all of us will be there and have an opportunity, just stand there and have a conversation about, you know, what God placed on your life to do in that life coaching arena and come together and just knit our hearts together to do something for the Kingdom.



Yeah. And I think there’s something really powerful, as you said about live versus virtual. You know, being in the room is when you feel the energy. And it’s almost like, during COVID When we would watch Church Online. Yes, we were experiencing it. But it’s a whole different level. I mean, when you’re there you feel the Spirit moving. So I’m just so excited. And I’m going to be having a booth outside. So it’s just to me, it’s it’s really awesome. Where we come together, we learn from those onstage, we get to mix and mingle. And we’re all you know, we talked about earlier about unity, we are all unified in Christ. And there is like a brother sisterhood thing going on. It’s it’s going to be powerful.



Well, and I feel like you know, we’re already friends. We have this peer to peer relationship already. But I can’t wait to see you in person and just give me a big hug. You know, like, there’s, there’s something special and unique about being together in person.



Yeah, for sure. Awesome. And I’m going to drop the link so that you can check that out. Audience. Okay, I have one last question for you. Before we wrap up, our time goes too fast. I knew it would. So you’ve got three children. And you obviously are so passionate about your work and your hobbies with you. So a couple of two things on that. How do you balance or bring harmony to everything that you’re doing? And then what’s it like working with your hubby? Like, like, I feel like you’re with him at home and you’re with him at work? So how’s that? It’s so funny.



The same? People asked us the same questions all the time, because they’re like, how do you do it?



And you make it look so easy and great.



So um, I have three children. My boys are 24 and 23. They’re adults are out of the household. My daughter is going to be a senior, she just finished her junior year. So she’s going to be a senior she drives has her own car. So I’m very much close to empty nester type of lifestyle. But we work from home, I have my office DJ has his office. And so I don’t say I do balance it. I say I have a rhythm that sometimes I focus on family. Sometimes I’m very focused on work. Sometimes I’m traveling, sometimes I’m home, sometimes, you know, I’m meeting my business partner. And sometimes I’m meeting my husband, even though it’s the same person. So there’s a rhythm to what we do. And it’s not always pretty, it’s not always easy. And sometimes you just kind of sacrifice different things. But then you come back and you know, we were gone for a week. And my one son came home and I just sat and talked to him for three hours. And then my other son came home a couple days later and I just sat and talked to him for a couple hours. And my daughter and I took a nice long walk when I got back. So when we were we’re gone. We didn’t have a lot of time with the kids. But when we came home, there was that special moment with each one of them individually. And then the second part of my answer for how do I work with my husband, we’ve been working together since we met. And it’s not easy. It’s just not it’s not easy. Sometimes we’re both strong personalities, we’re we both have things that we love, and things that we think it needs to be a certain way. And so I do request prayers for us to stay strong, because in order to do what God’s calling us to do, and I know I say that all the time, but I think it’s so important. We just asked for prayers for our marriage, that we can do God’s work because together, we’re stronger. God did not make a mistake, he put us together, he gave us a covenant marriage, we have so much fun together. And there’s still the times that it’s difficult. So we just, we really pray against anything coming between us in our marriage. And



you know, the enemy would love to come between you. And so yes, we will definitely add you to our prayer list. All right, this is so good. Okay, before we remind the ladies, you mentioned it earlier about the amazing resources that you have on your website for them. Is there anything on your heart that we haven’t yet talked about? That the spirit is prompting you to say, hey, you need to touch on this. Anyway, I’m just



gonna say this really quick. But the person who’s gone through the most pressure, and pain and problems, is the most resilient, has the most growth, and has the most to offer the world. So if you’ve gone through difficult seasons, you’re a diamond, you’re a pearl, they are under the most pressure and pain. But the results of that pressure and pain and difficulty. And I know I feel like I just brought down the energy of this whole podcast. But if that’s you remember, diamonds are beautiful, pearls are beautiful. God is bringing you to something so beautiful. He brings Beauty from Ashes. And that’s my story. Like I was rock bottom. I had nothing to offer the world or at least that’s what I thought. But I was wrong. God just had a big plan for me to turn me into the diamond to the pearl to that that he wanted me to be so don’t give up.



I love that so much. And to that point, I mean, I can attest to that. I think I think every woman has gone through some element of trauma. Where there was that point, you can look back and you say I am nothing, I am worthless. This stuff that’s happened to me. So sister if that’s you take that to heart. And I don’t think you’ve walked down the room. I think you brought this powerful truth to to end this thing with a thank you for that. Yes. All right. So let’s let’s remind the ladies if they need a anything, where should they go on your website to find



it? Yeah, just go to women And look at the resource pages. There’s all kinds of free downloads are called cheetah hope. So look for the key to help. If you don’t want to buy anything, you just need some. Maybe a quicker, pick me up help in that area, go to the key for Hope grab that are key to help. And there’s also resources like I said, there’s books, ebooks, videos, classes, there’s all kinds of things that can help you get the help you need so you can move forward in your life.



So good. Aleta, thank you so much. This has been powerful, and I cannot wait to give you that hug coming up



in September. Thank you so much, Judy. Thanks for having me on. I love what you’re doing. And I’m I’m just cheering you wildly. I say that at the end of my show every time I’m cheering you wildly, because God has big plans for you and those that you’re impacting in your world.



Amen. I will receive that. Thank you, Sister, and thank you for all that you do. It’s just a joy to be collaborating, collaborating with you. Yes, amen. Thank you. All right, ladies, thank you for listening. If you haven’t yet left us a review. Please do that. Especially on Apple. We are in the top 1% I want to get in the top point 5% So let’s go right together. We can do this in Christ. Alright, thank you again and we will see you next time.


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