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Ep 275 Transcript


Hey there, welcome to thriver Thursday live. This is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. And I come here at each and every Thursday at 11 o’clock Eastern. My name is Judy Weber. I’m a women’s business strategist and scaling expert and I am setting the gold standard in business coaching for Christian women, unconventional in my approach and unapologetic about my faith in Jesus Christ. Super strategic, yet practical God has called me to uplevel the way his daughters do business, ladies, the Lord is calling you to do business boldly, courageously, faithfully, joyfully. impactfully. And profitably, right, running a business successfully, and compasses at all. branding, marketing, sales, operations, finances HR legal right, you cannot piecemeal your way to a seven figure business, right? Oh, well, I’ll take branding over here and marketing over here. And, and you know, Facebook ads over here. And I’ll I’ll take all these little mini courses. No, no, no, you’ve got to approach business, real business committed business making real impact in a comprehensive fashion. And that is exactly what I do with my clients. It’s strategy coupled with mindset, because it takes both to have a business that’s not only profitable, but a joy to run. And that’s what I teach all by the Lord’s power and for His glory. Hallelujah. Now, today’s topic, we’re continuing last week’s conversation. So this is part two, of actually a three part sell to serve sales training, right. And it’s sell to serve. That was the philosophy my philosophy that I introduced last week in part one, because sales is really built on service. And it’s truly grounded in authentically caring about the other person. But there’s been a slight change in the plan as to what this part two would focus on. You see, I originally plan to focus on the three key aspects to sales. And you may have seen that in the promo. But instead, I decided because I get to just like you get to decide, I decided that I’m going to spend time going into more depth in the sales conversation. So make sure you join me next week for part three, where I’m going to pull pull up this pull up from the specifics related to the sales conversation that I’m going to talk about today, to go in part three next week to talk about those three parts to advance selling. So let’s talk about for a moment what happened last week.



Okay, I’ve got to say my DMs were blowing up with thank yous and breakthroughs, okay, from ladies from across the US, Canada and really all over the world. It’s amazing, the reach that this show and the podcast, my joyful scaling podcast reaches. And what I heard time and again, was that last week’s training brought real shift, real life, change and mindset shift in your thinking when it comes to sales. And that’s awesome. So I just wanted to read one note that I got from Sabrina. And she said this, Judy, all my life, I had a love hate relationship with sales. It just never felt right. No matter what I tried, sales just felt fake, and manipulative. But something inside me clicked after watching your training. This is from last week. She says for the first time I see what sales really is, it really is about serving somebody, nothing more, nothing less. But that’s a great thing. Right? She said, you’ve unlocked a huge stumbling block for me, and I can’t wait for my next sales call. I’m excited to listen excitedly to help my prospects. She says to see the huge value I bring, and just how much their life can be different as a result of trusting me and saying yes to working together. And then she ends by saying words aren’t capturing the freedom I feel as a result of your training. Thank you. And to that I first say Hallelujah to Christ Beyond Blue. Glory. Right? And secondly, I just want to say bravo to Sabrina. And that freedom with truth comes freedom. Right? Where the Liberty where the where the joy of the Lord is where the liberty of the Lord is there is freedom, right? We’re truth is freedom is found. Right. So that is just awesome. And I got so many DMS like that. So I know that God is all over this sales training because it’s a hang up for a lot of ladies and especially as Christian ladies. All right. So as I said last week, as I’m talking about sales, because let’s face it if your sales aren’t converting, right, if your marketing isn’t bringing in the right people, and then when your conversations with people aren’t converting into new clients, business is going to suffer. So my prayer for each of you is that is that through each of these trainings, you would have that shift you would have a boost income confidence. And that would lead to a dramatically different result a better result in your bottom line. And again, not just from watching, and listening to these trainings, that’s the first part. But then you’ve got to apply it. apply what you learn. Because I know that when you do I know that when you do, your results are going to be different. Right? You will unlock that freedom that Sabrina was talking about. Oh, may it be Lord. All right, let’s invite God in as Kim to lead our time together in prayer. Heavenly Father, we thank you, I just love you so much God, and what a joy it is to serve you God above all you called me to, to empower women to bold in them to, to encourage them to give them courage to help them see that in you. They can stand courageous, just as David did, with a sling and a couple of stones against that mammoth Goliath that he knocked down with just one stone God, I pray that that is the kind of faith that we would all be growing into God, maturity in our relationship with you and trusting you all the more. Even just not just in life, but even in our businesses. God help us, Lord, to surrender. To give you right now we lay at the feet of you Christ, we lay at your feet, dear Lord, our fears, our insecurities, our doubts. You said, Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. So we come to you, God, we lay our struggles at your feet. We lay our hangups at your feet. We lay our fears at your feet, Lord. And we’re, we’re expectantly waiting for you to move. Thank You that we love you. We praise you in advance. We praise you always, no matter what the circumstance. In the mighty name of Jesus, your son, our Lord, we pray, Dear God, amen. Amen.



All right. So before we dive in, I just wanted to make sure you all knew that there are a bunch of sales related episodes on my joyful scaling podcast so you can grab my podcast guide. Because you’ll want that if you haven’t grabbed that you want to go grab my podcast guide because there you’re going to find out most popular podcast episodes broken down by topic. Okay, so go to Judy If anybody wouldn’t mind popping that into the chat, wherever you’re watching right now, Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast, scroll down just a bit, until you reach the Resources section of that podcast page. And you’ll see the podcast guide along with some other terrific resources for you. Okay, so let’s start last week, we redefined sales. And I introduced myself to serve philosophy at sales is no bull, in total service to the other person. And the Proverbs 31. Woman confirmed all of that. Now, if you didn’t yet Listen, or watch last week’s training, definitely do that. Because this training will flow from that initial training, go to my podcast. I don’t know what the number is, but you will see it. It’s one of the last couple of episodes, or scroll up wherever you’re watching now to find last week’s training, but for today, I want to remind you that if selling feels hard, that the real reason that selling feels hard, is because of what you think sales is. Many hear the word sales and they think manipulation, arm twisting, convincing. And while we’ve all had horrific sales experiences, quote, unquote, make no mistake that is not sales. Okay? And so as I emphasized last week, sales is service, it is a conversation, it is you creating a safe space for the other person for that would be client. And if you’re watching, I’d love you to write sales is creating a safe space. That’s really important. Safety and trust. When you establish that during a sales conversation or a sales presentation, that’s gets you that much closer to a yes, people have to trust you. They have to feel safe with you. Right. So creating this safe space is all about asking questions. Probe probing questions, polite, yet probing questions, okay? So that you can fully understand where they are, where they want to go, listening to fully appreciate their frustrations, their challenges, their problems as they describe them. Right. What do they believe their struggles are? What do they think needs fixing, in addition to hearing what their goals are, like, what do they want? And I don’t just ask once I say really okay, what what, what else do you want? Or why do you want that? Right? What are they, because here’s the deal, what they think it will take, to get them to their goal is important for you to know. And what they’re willing to do. And not to, to reach those goals is also important information for you, right? And all the while, being curious, that’s another big word, curiosity. You see your genuine curiosity, meaning you’re actively listening, you want to hear, right, staying totally open to hear what that other person is saying, that’s gonna give you understanding. And that’s going to show that other person that you really do care, right? You care about what they’re saying. And then you’re not rote ly kind of holding a sales transcript in your hand and just asking question after question and ticking a box, like so many do.



You’re not like the masses, you do things differently, right? You’re listening. And your questions flow naturally based upon the conversation, because you care. And you want to learn about them. That’s huge. Ladies, you take it for granted. But I’m telling you just just slowing down, and listening, and making sure you capture, see, you may see I’m chatting, my hand is a pad I’m writing, I’m capturing what is being said. And everything I’ve said just now may sound like duh, of course. But let me tell you this, in this give me the perfect sales script world in which we live, authentic and sincere caring for the other person is a rare and beautiful thing. And it will stand out. And so when you do your sales calls and your sales presentations, this way, you’re establishing a real bond with that person, right? You are inviting trust, you are providing safety for them, you’re inviting them to trust you, you’re proving that by listening. And at the end of the day, again, before someone can buy from you, they’ve got to trust you. So that is so important. Don’t, don’t gloss over that. Be mindful of that, like make that an intention before you pick up the phone or before you get into that Zoom conversation, right. And when you engage in all this important dialogue, when you’re taking notes and capturing the details, then the next level of dialogue can be an exploration of their mind, an exploration of their mind, like what we will hear, you know, man, this is sales, people take action based on their feelings, and their feelings flow from their thoughts. And so when you have a client, and they say things like sounds great, I’d really love to do it. But whatever comes after the but you’ve got to explore it. And how do you do that? By asking questions. So let’s say you are a relationship expert. And maybe this part of the sales call goes like this. Well, you told me that you’re tired of living in a loveless marriage is eating you up inside, you’re drinking more than you want to. You’re feeling resentment and bitterness towards your husband. And there’s a lot of negativity, and that’s overflowing into your relationships with your kids and others. Am I right about that? And they’ll say yes, or whatever. I’m just giving you an example. And then you said like, these are your words. Now you’re talking to the other person. I feel like I’m living in a prison. Did you say that? That’s a big problem, right? And you also said that family is the most important thing to you, right? And mending those relationships means everything to you. So then you might ask, is it an overstatement to say that your family relationships are priceless? more precious than gold? Or diamonds or fancy cars or anything? Right? Okay, so you need a way to mend your relationship with your husband and your kids. So let me ask you, are you ready to fix this most important thing in your life? And you stay quiet. You may have said whoa, did I lose volume for duty? No, you stink. You ask questions And then you stay quiet. You ask those questions you got Yes, it’s along the way. Yes, this is important. Yes, this is a problem. Yes, I want to fix it. So then the ultimate question becomes are you ready to fix them with this most important thing, this most important problem in your life right now. And you stay quiet after you ask the question because you want to leave the other person in that uncomfortable spot where that silence is deafening and she’s feeling the pressure. Not to punish her. But because doing so is going to help her. Now you might say I don’t know how I feel like I feel like I’m being mean I feel like I’m I’m late Given her hanging, how in the world could me asking that tough question and staying quiet and putting pressure on her? How could that really help her? Well, I’ll tell you how. Because doing so shows her her own brain examining her own thoughts and her thought process. Because when she said, I’d really love to do that, but let’s face it, whatever comes after that, but is really an excuse. Am I wrong? Does anybody disagree with that? It may be a reason that is justified. I don’t know. But if you’re saying you really want this, but you can’t, whatever comes after the but minimizes the level of commitment to some degree. Right? You either are committed or you’re not. If you’re committed, no one’s gonna stop you, right? I’m committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.



And so with that commitment, I will obey Him. And if I don’t obey him, I’ll say, I wish I could obey you God, but it’s whatever comes after that ain’t a good thing. Right? So part of your sales process is out of a place of sincere love, and caring to help the other person. You show her how the butt is really coming from a place of fear. Like maybe Will this really work? Or from a place of comfort. She’s thinking I’m gonna stick with the status quo, even though it’s not ideal. Because just feels more comfy to not upset the applecart because I don’t know what will happen as a result, right? It’s fear. It’s, I don’t want to change. Because that’s the way our lovely human brain works, doesn’t like change. Right? And yet change is what this person in this example said she wants. And more than that, what she needs, okay? So you just explore with her in a loving way her brain. You say, you know, you might say, you’re telling me that you want this. But your brain is saying No, and that’s okay. That’s its job to keep you safe to avoid change, because it’s scary. But here’s what, here’s what’s on the other side of taking a leap of faith, and saying yes to the change that you know, will be good for you, and also good for those who you love. So do you see what I mean, by exploring the brain? Again, this is this is not from a place of judgment or condemnation? Never, never, never? Do we want to judge that person, or condemn them? Certainly, we are not able to do that we shouldn’t even try, right? And it’s not from a place of manipulation or convincing them that you know, you’re an idiot, if you don’t say yes to me, because you’re in a big pot of trouble here. Right? You’re not asking questions about her thoughts or feelings to try to convince her to work with you and say, yes, please hear me on that. That is not what we’re doing. Okay. The goal of any and every sales call is really to serve the other person so that whether she says yes or no, she leaves the call feeling heard and understood and served in a very positive way. Right, that you sincerely care about her that you helped her, and that she leaves the conversation, knowing that you know, your stuff that you are an expert, and that when she’s ready, if she ultimately decides no, not now that she knows that you could help her. And that my friends is sales. Okay. So again, the goal here in a sales conversation, despite what sales gurus may have told you, is not to get the Yes. The goal really is to get them to a decision. A decided yes or no. And perhaps the note was simply No, not right now, but it’s not on the fence. Right? You do not want and I don’t know. Or really and I have to think it over. Because we’re on their fence that when they’re on the fence that doesn’t serve them. Study after study has shown that indecision, staying on that fence saying the oh, I don’t know, right? That only increases your stress and overwhelm and anxiety, all very negative, all very damaging, right? It’s 100% human to put off decision making. And it’s 100% harmful. Okay? So we want to help the other person make a decision, the right one for them. Right? If they if they make a decision, you know, that’s grounded in fear. They take the easy way out. Oh, I don’t know what’s ahead. So I’m just gonna say no right now, right? I would love to do it. But that’s that scenario where they’re really out of fear saying no At the end of the day, right? That doesn’t help them. Now, a lot of Christians say, Now listen to me, because this might trigger you. But in love, I gotta say it, okay? Christians often say I need to pray about it. And I get it. I need to pray about things, right? But then they just keep saying that. So let me ask you, have you ever said those words, I need to pray about it just to get out of an uncomfortable situation?



Maybe just to get off the phone? I have. And I confess it, and I asked that the Lord God, forgive me for that when I say it, and I don’t really mean it. It’s not really going to Him in prayer. I just, I just wanted to get off the phone. I didn’t want to deal with it. Right? So yes, we need to prayerfully consider options, it is always a good idea to ask God for his guidance and his direction, because he knows all. But I want you to be aware of this because I we need to resist the enemy’s temptation to overthink and to doubt, the clear word from the Lord to go ahead with something. Right? How many of us have thought we’re like, Oh, what is his name? Gideon, who God said, do this? And then you’re like, is it really God? Or was that really me talking? Like, we’re not sure. And then the enemy wants us to ruminate in the doubt. And Ascot Are you sure got to hear from that again? Or was this really you? Right? So this is really a fine line. What I’m talking about here, ladies, and only you know where that line is for you. And in that situation as they arise. But, you know, did God speak to you about this? And yet you’re doubting it. You’re doubting what he told you? Or has he not answered yet? Right? I think we’ve all been there in doubt, and fear and beautiful friends, let me tell you, God doesn’t want you in that doubt place. Right? He commanded over and over in His Word, do not fear. So I’m just bringing this up now. Because I want you to be aware of your own feelings. So that you can be aware of how your prospects and maybe even your clients may be feeling so that you can make them aware of it, you can call it out so that they can really see it, see what’s happening and evaluate it from themselves in order to make that best decision for them. Okay, if you have any questions or any anything, put it in the chat. I know from last week past weeks, I’m not seeing all the comments going on in stream yard. Like I don’t see any comments in there a bunch of you watching on three different platforms. So I don’t know what’s going on folks. And I apologize. But all right. So that brings up another important aspects of sales that I want you to be aware of. Okay, and that is, ladies, whatever junk you have in your brain that will hold you back in your sales conversations. Okay, so let me explain. If you yourself, have money blocks, for example, any block, mindset block of any sort, but money seems to be a biggie, okay? So if you have money blocks, if you have hang ups, about investing, okay, you’re going to be more likely to bring up that hang up energy that block energy to your sales conversations. Now, I’m not talking about woowoo energy stuff, I’m talking about practical, you have a hang up, you have a block, and that hang up or block follows you wherever you go. That is why inner work is so important. Are you listening? Because I know this is for somebody right now. Okay. So if you’ve got money blocks, those money blocks are going to be present in your brain as you’re having sales conversations. And so with that block being present, when the would be client says, Oh, that’s too expensive, or I’d love to invest but, or I have to ask my hubby, because I can’t do this without him. Right? Your own money hang ups will let her off the hook. And you’ll be more apt to say okay, understand, go talk to your husband get back with you when you can. That’s not sales ladies. Okay? And that’s definitely not in service to that other person. Instead of a very, instead of that, you know, you could have continued the conversation to help them kind of see their own mind. Right. But if you have your own money hang ups and that’s where your brain goes. You’re gonna let them off up. But a very different conversation once you’ve worked through your own money hang ups and blocks could go something like this. When they say that’s too expensive, or I, that’s a lot to invest. Wow, I’d love to but right, you could say, really? Wow, I’m surprised. In light of the value in the results you’re going to achieve from working together, most people expect the investment to be a heck of a lot more. And I’m quiet again for purpose. Right? Let them respond. That’s gonna require that they look at the thoughts. They’re gonna say, Uh huh. Wow. I thought it was expensive. Oh, right. So when you say wow, I’m surprised most other people expected the investment to be a heck of a lot more. And you let them sit in that and think about that. And then if you’d like to be, you know, kind, I



guess it let them off the hook after a couple of minutes, then you can say, Well, what do you mean, when you say that’s too expensive? Set? You’re asking them you’ve said it. Tell me what you mean by that. You’re helping them explore their brain. Now, that question of what do you mean, when you say that’s too expensive? And not saying it in such a way? Like, how dare you but more like, it’s interesting. I’m curious, what do you mean by that? Tell me, right. So you’re coming from a place of curiosity, and you’re creating a safe space? I want to know it curious. What do you mean? Right? So that may feel like a hard question to ask. And you might be saying, Hey, do you know what now I’m out? Okay. I am not putting people on the spot. That is the epitome of pushy and salesy. It can’t be good for them. How can that be in service to them? Anybody feeling like that right now? Anybody? Okay. Let me show you how asking tough questions like that is absolutely in service to that. Okay, let’s say this person is well qualified. Okay. She has the characteristics that you’ve already identified to be those of your best client. And she does have the financial resources. Now, you’re saying, Judy, how can I know that? Well, you better know that, okay. Because when you have an offer in the 1000s of dollars, you should not be spending time on the phone with unqualified people. So to assure that they are qualified, you need to require that an application be completed. And two questions I like inside the application are these first, a multiple choice question. Are you ready to fix your problem? Choose the answer below, the best indicates your answer. And the choices are something like yes, this is an urgent problem. I must fix it ASAP. Or, Yes, I want to fix it but not necessarily now. Or I don’t know. It’s a problem. But depending on what it costs, I may have to live with it for a while. Or no, I love to fix it. But it’s not a priority. Right? That’s the first question. And you can listen back to the podcast or listen back to this video to capture all of that. Okay. And then the second question. Okay. It’s really talking, playing all dollars and cents here. Okay, something like, do you understand that working with me inside the whatever the private one on one, or inside the blah, blah, blah, mastermind begins at 5k? Or begins at 20k? Whatever it is. And multiple choice answers again, might be something like, Yes, I understand. And I’m excited to work with you and I have the resources, or, Yes, I understand I really want to work with you. And I will be resourceful to find the money to invest ASAP. Or, you know, that’s more than I thought I’d love to work with you, but not sure if I’m going to be able to invest right now. Or the final answer. This is a great one. Yikes. I don’t have that kind of money, right? The phraseology could be tweaked, but you get the idea. Okay, and finally, one other way to do it is to simply ask how important is this for you to fix right now? And the multiple choice responses are, I have financial resources, and I’m willing to invest to fix this problem. Or I have access to the financial resources to invest, or I have minimal financial resources to invest right now. Okay, so there are lots of ways to get the idea of where they are you excuse me before you jump on the call. But if you get nothing else out of this training, I need you to hear me on this. Asking these questions on the application is smart business. Put them out there knowing that doing so asking these questions on the application Shouldn’t is serving not only you, but also them. Neither of you has time to waste, am I right? And so if you charge 10k, for your signature offer, and the value of what you provide is two times that, or three times that, or five or 10 times more. That’s right. And someone wants a chance to pick your brain or chat with you. And those are all in quotes. And they have no real commitment to fixing the problem. They’ve never invested at that level before and they never will. And there is zero, then I will tell you this, there’s zero reason to have that conversation, not not. Because here’s the truth. You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make a drink. So there’s lots people often want pick your brain, okay? You could have the very solution they’re praying for and that they wished existed. And when they discover you, they’re like,



Thank you, God, but yet, they’re not truly committed to finding a solution. And getting it solved, right? Because they’re making excuses. They’re pointing blame at why they can’t. It’s his fault, her fault, their fault, right. But they’re even applying when they know how valuable they are, that you are huddling me to say that again, the fact that they’re in that place where they have no real commitment to solve their problem. They’re not willing, they already know that they can’t afford you. Okay? And it’s not like they’re like, they know that they’re going to have the resources to do it, but they just have no desire. And there’s no way they would do that, because they just don’t understand the real value, because they’re their excuse makers and blamers. Okay, the fact that they apply, they are being disrespectful to you, they don’t value you. You are an expert, my friend, you are professional experts and professionals don’t allow their brain to be picked. Period. Right? That’s very different than you showing up one to many on trainings like this. My ideal client is a committed Christian woman who has her doubts, right? We’re not perfect. But she’s committed to her calling in business, serving others through the God given gifts she has. But I know that there are some people that follow me that are that are repeating year one in year 456789 10 in their businesses, and they want to invest with me, and they see other people coming in and doing big things. And yet, they’re still staring where they were five years ago. They’re gonna get good value from this in the training if they would only apply it. But I do not want you on the phone call with tire kickers. So let’s bring this back. Get rid of that negativity. I just I just want you to understand this is why applications are good business. This is why asking hard questions on a sales call is absolutely in service to them, because they’re on the call with you because they want to change if they reached your qualification filters, right? If they’ve surpassed that, and they truly are qualified, and they fit your best clients characteristics, right? So with those qualifying questions asked, and you’re on the phone only with your best clients because you filter them out, right? The most loving thing you can do with them the most in service thing you can do for them on that call is ask good probing questions, and capturing their answers. And sincerely wanting to understand where they are, what’s going on? What are the problems, what are their goals, and then identify once you’ve once you’ve gone through all of that, before you get to the Ask of working together. After you fully understand what’s going on with them, then you identify for them the problem and this is like the aha moment for them. Okay, because your identity of the problem may or may not be what they thought the problem was. But you’re the expert. So you know. So it might be something like, you might say thank you for helping me understand where you are and what’s going on, based on what you’ve already told me that you tried in the way of fixing your problem. I know what’s been missing. And I’m excited to help you bridge that gap and get you to whatever they said their goal was. You say that and be quiet and they’re going to be intrigued. And they’re gonna say, well tell me what what’s missing, right? And so here’s an example. You thought your social media strategy needed to be tweaked in order to fill your pipeline. But changing your content strategy on social will not get you a different results. What you really need is, whatever it is right It could be really to simplify your offerings, you have too many, and you’re confusing your audience. Or maybe the real problem is it’s your mindset, you are holding yourself back. Right? Your decisions are being made out of fear. And that is preventing you from doing X, Y, and Z. And from there, then you could explain a bit more, though what the process you have to fix that, not getting into the details of the how, but the what. So for me, for example, you know, inside my joyful scaling mastermind, I take you through three simple steps to scale your business with joy. They are A, B, and C, right. And then as you do give examples, like my client, Samantha, she came to me with these challenges. And so together, we did this kind of work. And today, she three extra revenue. She’s hired two amazing team members, and now she’s able to take weeknights and weekends totally off without guilt.



Okay, that makes sense. But all the way along, you’ve been asking questions, to get little guesses along the way. Does that make sense? What do you think of that? Do you believe that would work for you? That’s a good one. Explore that one. If they say I don’t know. Let’s talk about that. Why not? What has been your experience in the past? I’m giving you so much great information tip, you’re taking notes. Listen back to this one. Are you excited to enjoy those save results? And then if you go through all of that later, when we get to the part where she says that sounds great, but you can go back and ask those hard questions, loving Lee helping them see their own brain, helping them evaluate their thoughts so that they can determine what’s really going on with me. Right? Wow, I didn’t realize that about myself, that I say I want this. But I’m, at the end of the day, not really committed to that, right. And so I want to, I want to leave you with this super powerful thought, Okay. The reason your prospect thinks they can’t, is the very reason they need it. So, for example, I mean, and I don’t know that this is going to make the point, because I was like, Oh, I don’t know, that’s the best example. But it’s all I have for you right now. But so open your mind and listen to this. Okay. So like, like, in this example, I’m about to give you this person, well, I’ll just, I’ll take you through it. Okay. For an example, if someone says, I can’t invest in you or lose 20 pounds in 90 days program right now, even though I’d love to, because I just don’t have the time right now, like summers coming, the kids are home from school. And I just won’t have time to devote to this right now. And so your answer to that, if you are that lose weight, lose 20 pounds in 90 days person, you could say I hear you and I understand. But what I found is busy moms like you will never find the right time to pause for you. You got to make the time because it’s important not only to you, to make you feel better, be healthier, look healthier, but but it also has a ripple effect on those who love. Right, you told me you’re going to have more energy, when you lose weight, you’ll want to be more active and excited to play ball with the kids in the backyard, you’re gonna feel sexier. So you want to vote, avoid alone time with your hubby, like life will be better all around for you. And so you’re telling this to the person, right? And so you’re saying it is not selfish to carve out the time to do this work that you’ve said you want and really need. Because in fact is going to make not only your life better, but everybody’s better. So my question to you is my friend, this person on the phone you’re talking to? If not now, when? That’s a great question, right? That’s one of those heavy questions that make them explore their brain. See, our brain is there. But for some reason it doesn’t want to be used. It wants to take the easy way out. So again, you say If not now When? Because at the end of the day, it’s not really it’s really not about time. It’s about commitment. So are you committed? And then as far as time you can say look, and I want to assure you participating requires just three hours a week. That’s like point oh 1% of the hours of your week. Like that’s not a big chunk of time. Surely you have it because once you learn how to eat healthy and cook healthy, you’re going to have more time in every week and a better quality time each and every week. So time is the very reason you need to say yes right now for you. What are your thoughts? So you see what I did. This is not in convincing that last question that was the linchpin of putting it totally before then it’s totally their call. Time is the very reason you should say yes, right now, what are your thoughts? You’re not pushing. You’re not saying you’ve got to say yes, right now or you’re an idiot. I’m that’s not what what we did, right? Right. You’re not saying do this or else you’re not judging, you’re not manipulating. You’re not convincing. You’re, you’re simply laying out the facts, right, laying out the facts. It’s almost like, wow, it just came to me. I didn’t think of this before. But it’s like, you know, I’m an attorney. I’m a trial attorney. So it’s like, here’s the facts, you decide. But you show them their brain, give them their best information laid out as objectively and honestly as possible. And then you simply ask them to decide what do you think?



Does it feel like the right thing to do right now? Okay, another example, clients who come to me, let me give you an example of what I mean, when I say what they say is the reason they can’t is really the reason they need to, because that’s the stumbling block. Okay, so clients have come to me saying, I need to work with you, Judy. But then they say, Ooh, but before I do, I need to make more money first. I can’t do this right now. Well, here’s my question to them. How much money is enough? And how long have you tried to figure it out on your own? And you haven’t done it? And out of love, I need to ask you what makes you think you’re gonna be successful on your own now? And that may sound like a hard question. But the way I asked it my intonation, it’s not judgment. It’s not. It’s just, I’m curious. Right? And then you might reference some of your results. You know, you know, I’ve had clients who have been where you are, it’s a scary thing. I invested heavily into coaching, and it’s the scariest thing in the world. But the results speak for themselves. Are you ready to learn how to do business simpler with a proven plan, so you can enjoy 27k weeks? Like Emma or 80k months? Like Kim, right? Are you committed to getting there? The first step to transformation is deciding. That’s why it’s so important on a sales call to get them to a firm decision, a firm yes or no, if at all possible. Now, sometimes, if your price points like 3040 50,000 or more, then it makes sense in a lot of instances, not all to then schedule that follow up call, but you never just leave it up to loosey goosey. We’ll see what happens. Call me back when you’re ready. Right? That’s not how it’s done, right? But But But hear me on this, the first step to a transformation is a decision. What do you really want? And you decide, I really do want to lose those 20 pounds in 90 days. I really want to learn how to scale my business with simplicity, right? And so if they if they’ve decided that’s what they want, then the next step is commitment to that decision. And then going all in doubling down on whatever you decided to invest in, right. But the first step is deciding what do you really want?



Okay, so it makes sense. I don’t see questions in the chat. Nor up there on Instagram. I know this, I feel like this is a this is a little bit like kind of a esoteric kind of intangible discussion. Because there’s so many ways that a conversation could go, there’s so many words that can be used, there is no one right way to handle every single call. And this is why it’s so important to have a framework for your sales calls. Right? And I have that framework. It’s a simple six steps, six steps, oh my goodness, and but it’s really easy. It’s laid out very simply inside my joyful scaling mastermind. If you are committed if you’ve decided that you want to scale past where you are right now, if you’ve made at least 75k in the last 12 months. And you are really interested in joining a Christ centered, Faith fueled community of women who are doing business at this higher level right inside my joyful scaling mastermind, which is a high value high touch high level thinking decision making real CEO skill set learning right, that’s reserved only for Christian women who are committed to scaling towards that seven figure I would love to have a scaling strategy session with you. So you can Go to scaling console, the J is capitalized, the S is capitalized, and the C is capitalized. So again with a capital J scaling with a capital S, consult with a capital C. And there you will get on the calendar for a true scaling strategy session. And you’re going to have to answer some questions. And so I will put you through my qualification filters, as I encourage you to do the same. And once your application is accepted, the date and time for our strategy session that you’ve selected, you and I will come together, not somebody else, you and me to map out how we’re going to scale your business, how we’re going to make scaling that business simpler, more doable, more joyful, and how you could also at the same time grow in your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So thank you so much for watching here. I really do pray that it has opened your mind to some of the more difficult aspects of a sales conversation. And join me same time same bat channel next Thursday for part three, where I will break down the three parts to really mastering sales. Advanced selling is what we’re going to be talking about next week. And I pray you will be joining with me then. Until then, have a beautiful day, a beautiful weekend. Well, God bless you, sister. See you next time.


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