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All right, we are live Welcome to thriver Thursday live the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and of course grow with your walk in the Lord Jesus Christ. We meet here every Thursday at 11am. Eastern Welcome. My name is Judy Weber. I’m a women’s business strategist and scaling expert for Christian women. With over 30 years experience in high level business in the courtroom as a trial attorney and incorporate in the C suite as general counsel and HR director of a multimillion dollar international company. Successful Christian women come to me to learn how to scale their revenue and multiply their impact. I’m all about two things, strategy and mindset because it takes both and we do it all by the Lord’s power and for His glory. Today’s topics goodie sales that feel good, what I call sell to serve it sales built on service sales, grounded in authentic caring about the other person. So get ready for a palpable shift, a confidence boost, and a dramatically different result to your bottom line. Welcome, welcome. Let’s start here. If right now, you’re hearing me or watching me because I’m going to turn this into a podcast episode for the joyful scaling podcast. If you haven’t listened, make sure you do with over I think I posted my 200 and 72nd episode today. But let’s start here. If today right now you hate sales. If that word is a dirty word to you, if you believe that sales is a sin, and that to be a salesperson is also sinful, right? If it just feels bad to sell people, I want to invite you right now for the next 30 minutes or so to open your heart and your mind. Not really to my words, but to what God says about this thing called sales. And my prayer is that during our time today, that the Lord God Himself would speak to you and bring clarity on what sales is at its root. And about how this thing called sales impacts your calling that is your service to others through your business, right. So let’s go to him and invite him in and ask him to lead our time together. Heavenly Father, you are so good God, we are just, we we kneel at your feet, we bow at your feet. God, I need you here God. This is a tough topic for so many Christian women. And I really my prayer is that Lord, you would take over, you know, you saw me, we were talking as I was putting these notes together, but take over. I’m open to the spirit to move as you deem appropriate got me to the ladies listening, be blessed by these words that are yours that are delivered by me. Lord God, I just pray for abundant blessings. As always, for any woman who was listening to the sound of my voice or here with me live, or at some point, we’ll watch it on the replay. Lord God, we look forward to how you will move. We trust you help us to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. Well, if you are here, please say hi in the chat so that I can come back and say Hello, and thank you for watching. All right. Before we dive into our discussion about sales, I’m going to give you a quick reminder, if you haven’t yet watched my Advanced Business Training from a week and a half ago, I think it was called How to get unstuck and break through 250k Be sure to do so by the end of the week. And I have the link here in wherever I am. Where am I? Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. I’m almost certain that if you go to my link, you will see a link to that. But if not DM me and I will be sure to send it to you. Hey, Regina, beautiful to see you, my sister. It’s been 1000 years. So here’s why you want to watch that advanced business training of how to get unstuck beyond 250k. Because if you are building a sophisticated ly simple business that has Jesus Christ at its core, and a business that gives you freedom, you can’t afford to miss this free training. So the link is there for you. If not reach out and I will get it right to you. All right. So sales. Let’s start with this.



What the heck is sales? Well, I found that many women, especially Christian women, hear that word and they pull back they retreat. Right? There’s like this overriding thought sales is bad. Sales is manipulation. It’s trickery, and it’s selfish, and it’s sinful. Be honest, what comes up for you. Okay, get it out. Whatever those thoughts are right now, when I say the word sales, feel free to type them into the chat. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of here because believe me, we all have our own money story. And for those like me raised dirt poor, you may have heard things like this growing up, rich people are greedy, every single one. That’s how they got rich can’t get rich without being greedy. And we Christians think that what Scripture tells us you know, we always go back to that verse that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven, right, a lot of negative stuff around the rich. I know, because I had to deal with that belief, those thoughts that I was fed for decades as I was growing up. And of course, we can’t forget the oft quoted, indeed, often misquoted verse, First Timothy 610, that says, the love of money is the root of all evil. But so many of us whether we misunderstood it from the pulpit, or whether the pulpit guy got it wrong. We were told that money itself is the root of all evil. That’s not right. Okay. It’s the love of money. Okay. So you know, when you have all these negative thoughts about money ingrained into your brain for years, even decades, it’s hard to knock them out. But the cold hard truth, truth is, ladies, if you’re in business, you must do it, right. And I’ve said it many times, it’s our thoughts that lead to our results, you can do it, you can take action all day long. You can download a free strategy from the big gurus all day long from now until who knows what, it can do nothing for you. I’m telling you, until you get your mind. Right. Okay, so if an overriding thought in your brain right now is money is evil, or it’s a sin to be rich, or even having big goals in my business? How dare I desire to have a seven figure business? Or even beyond? Right? If you if you have that thought, in your brain, any of them, your brain will literally run away from money, it will repel money. Why? Because you told your brain, money’s evil. And so you scratch your head. And you wonder why you don’t get engagement on your emails? Or why your calendar is not chock full of qualified consults. Your business may seem to be getting somewhere but stuck, right? I want you to know that, you know, I know you want to serve. And I know for you that feels really great. And helping other people with your God given gifts and talents. You know what comes so naturally to you those gifts, because God gave them to you, oh, how you want to serve more and more people. But let’s really talk about and identify that pink elephant. It’s here in the room right now, if those negative thoughts are in your brain,



in order to serve, you must first self. Right? Does anybody watching me right now disagree with that? If so, tell me, okay. Again, I’m gonna say in order to serve, you got to first sell. Anybody disagree with that? I mean, before you can call someone a client, they must first say yes. And selling, right. That’s what it’s all about your client saying yes, yes to the opportunity to grow and learn are in some way better than when they came right because of working with you. So before the work can possibly begin between you and a client, the client must first have heard of you must know enough about work and be impressed enough to consider working with you. And then feel safe, and trust that you know what you’re talking about. And that in fact, you can help them that my friend is sales, sales is not dirty. Sales is not manipulation. And sales is not selfish. Even if you had bad sales experiences in your past. I think we all may have right? It’s likely the stereotypical car salesman, okay. But that’s not sales, that is manipulation. What I’m talking about ladies is sales, and sales. Think of it this way. Sales equals service, truly, because it’s offering an opportunity to someone an opportunity to serve them by giving them something of value, something that they want. And so in exchange for that value that they will get from you, if they’re not only willing, but in most cases, they are happy to have found you and to provide you that value in the form of cash in exchange for how you’re going to help them that sales. Now, what is sinful about that exchange? Value for value? Nothing sinful about it, right? Gina says yeah, changing mindset already in how long have we been on nine minutes. But let’s have this dialogue right here through the internet, okay, because I want you to leave with a new, fresh right perspective on this thing called sales. So if there’s any, any, there’s anything going on tapping into chat, and I hope that I see it. I see Regina, I’m hoping that if anybody else is tapping it, she’s the only one I’m seeing right now, but there are many watching so. All right. So with that definition of sales equals service and pay into you for those services is only right, given that in exchange for that payment, you’re going to provide your clients something of value value, by the way, that is at least as valuable as the payment you receive, you want to set the value of that the investment for their client, such that it’s a windfall for them to give you way more value than you’re getting. That’s not to say that you’re not getting paid handsomely. It’s just that the value that you give so much more, okay, that is sales lady. So I want you to think on that. And as I said, if anything still feels wrong about that, pop it into the chat. All right, so I want to switch gears for just a second and talk about the alternative. So what if you run from sales, and you hide, you become your industry’s best kept secret, you don’t put yourself out there, you don’t invite people to chat with you on consults, you don’t put calls to action in your emails, or in your social posts or in your trainings? Nothing. And your thought is, if they need me, they’ll find me. You know, build it, and they will come. Right. So with that action, or perhaps more aptly described as non action, what’s gonna happen? We know absolutely nothing. Right. Now, many of you watching and listening have reached six figures and Bravo, sister, okay, you’re in the top, like 10 11% of all businesses, but many of you have hit a ceiling, you’re stuck. And you may have gotten business through word of mouth, which is excellent. And I know many, many women who have six figure businesses through referral only. And that’s truly a feather in your cap. Because that can only happen when you are truly excellent at what you do. But just think, sister, just think about all the people you haven’t helped those looking for you but but they didn’t even know you exist, because you’re hiding. And in a fact, by hiding, you’ve buried your talents. Remember the parable, the talents, you’re playing small, and you’re running from this thing called sales? Because you think it’s something that it’s not. And when you’re running from this thing called sales, you make yourself feel better by saying sales is nasty. You know, people salespeople are horrible, and I never want to be called one of those people, right? But, hey, if it helps for you to call something different, go ahead. Okay. That’s why I love to refer to sales as service because that’s an accurate word for the exchange fair exchange of value for value. Now,



what does God say about sales? Okay, that’s what I really want you to hear today. Everything I’ve said has come from my study of sales, in getting my own mindset on money, right? And understand I’ve been in sales since my 20s, right out of college, in some form or another. Okay. So what does God say about sales? Let’s start with proverbs 31, the wife of noble character, that’s how she’s described in the Word. Noble. Gosh, I love that. Selling is noble. Ladies, that’s a million dollar thought someone please pop it in the chat. Selling is noble. It’s 1,000%. True. And it’s a million dollar thought. All right, so proverbs 31 paints a picture of this noble woman, she’s an adored wife. She’s a loved mother. And did you know she’s a serial entrepreneur? So starting at verse 13. It says that this woman selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. Verse 14, she is like the merchant ships bringing her food from afar and verse 16, she considers a field and she buys it. And then out of her earnings, she plants a vineyard. Do you see what I’m saying? Verse 24, this wife of noble character, she makes linen garments, and she sells them. And more than that, she supplies the merchants with sashes. Why? How does she do it all? She selects wool and flax, she buys a field, she plants a vineyard out of her earnings. So she must have sold something to have earnings. And this is a woman of noble character with me. Let’s continue verse 18, says that this woman sees that her trading is profitable. Oh, wait a minute. Look at your Bible. I’m sure there are various translations, but my translation and I think it’s the NLV says verse 18 of Proverbs 31 She says that her trading is profitable. So having a profit is okay, it’s more than okay this woman is of noble character, she is worth far more than rubies according to God. Now, it’s clear that her worth doesn’t come from her work, right? The profitability of her business, okay, that’s not where her worth comes from. But it’s also clear that the success of her Business does not negate or take away from her worth under the sight of God. Right, her profits her wealth does not diminish her godliness. I really want you to hear that ladies. This woman in Proverbs 31. She knows her priorities. God first. Amen, right family second and other third, right? And I’m gonna show you that. Verse 20 says that she opens her arms to the poor and she extends her hands to the needy, okay, she’s she’s, she’s charitable. Verse 15. Not only does she provide food for her family, she pays for food for her family doesn’t say she makes food. She provides food. Okay, that’s good. Especially you single moms. I used to be one. Okay, you can’t be fearing that. You know, you’re a lesser mom, or a lesser daughter, the king when you work? No, you’re doing what needs to be done. You’re providing for your family. Okay, so verse 1515. Again, she provides food for her family. And it also says she provides portions for her maid servants. Okay. So after the people in her life or cared for right God, first family, others through charitable giving, and through people that work for her, then comes her business. In fact, her business, at least in part, allows her to care so well for the people in her life. Can I get an amen on that? Are you with me? You see, her profit from her businesses provide opportunity and blessing to others. She’s not keeping it to herself. She’s not amassing this wealth. In this scarcity mindset. I’m gonna take it, I’m gonna hoard it, I’m gonna hide it away. No, she gives it freely. She’s generous, because she’s got her priorities straight. Okay. In other words, this wife of noble character, her profits, her money, allows her to do good in the world. It’s a godly blessing. She’s got money, she’s got wealth, but she is not greedy. She is not selfish. Heck, she’s the first one. I’m the last one to go to bed. Who can say that’s me for that. That is totally me, always has been. Right? This woman in Proverbs 31. She works with eager hands. And I picture that she’s got a smile on her face as she’s doing it. And I’m certain that as she’s working, she’s praising God. She’s grateful. Because she loves God so much. She offers her work to him. And she thanks him for prospering her and she shares the blessings that He provides with others.



And by changing your mind, do you see that sales is in fact a good thing? It can be right. So the money itself is not evil. It’s about your heart. It always has been right. The Bible tells us that, you know, we judge we shouldn’t but people that Judge they judge on outward appearance, God judges from the heart. So it’s about your heart. It’s about your priorities. Right? There are rich people who love the Lord truly know the Lord. And they’re faithful to him. And they live in joy and thankfulness. And they are generous givers, and they love doing so. Just as there are poor people who regrettably don’t know him. And they live and if they do know him, they don’t live into their faith because they live in anger and bitterness. Right? And when they get something of value, they keep it to themselves. So it is not money in and of itself that makes you good or bad sinner or saint. It is who you are in Christ. Who he is to you. Can I get an amen on that? Okay, now I’m going to share something with you. Just the other day I got a comment on a post a social post that makes this point so well. Okay, and it’s this when we snap to judgment based on wrong theology, the words and the thoughts that come out, show your ignorance Okay, I’m gonna be as respectful as I can but but this this post, it didn’t anger me it mourned my heart. So you’ll know why in just a moment. My post was simply this a reference to Philippians 413 Where Scripture tells us all things are possible with Christ. And my social caption said this sister, you can do all things in business and in life. It says so in the good book. All you need now is a faith fueled plan. Okay, so it was directed to women in business who loved Jesus Christ and inviting them to CTA the call to action was learn more about the mastermind specifically made for Christian women. And here was the comment on the post. Please don’t try to use God’s word to manipulate and justify your get rich quick schemes. Hold on, which is hilarious because y’all know me right if you follow me It all I don’t do get rich quick, Kay. All right, she goes on to say, oh, and then manipulate don’t try to use God’s word to manipulate what manipulation. Manipulation is a twisting of truth. I speak gospel. And I invite them to learn more. It’s not manipulation, nothing in the post is. Anyway, this comment goes on to say Jesus tells us in Proverbs 1527, that the greedy bring ruin to their household who’s greedy was greedy anywhere in my post. Greedy is a selfish desire for something. And when it comes to my business, it’s not about me at all. I’m walking in faith, I am fulfilling God’s calling on my life. If I were to bury that voice that God gave me and and y’all know me, I’m an extrovert, I love to talk and I am bold in my speech. So if I were to hide the talents and the ambition, and the gifts that God gave me, that would be sinful, because that would be selfish of me not to share all of that with the world. Because that’s my calling, right? Because I’ve been called and ordained by God, to help those who need my help. And that plan was set in motion before He created the earth. Okay, hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus, man, always stay tight to you so that I walk in your will Lord God. Now that my friends, if I buried all of that, that he gifted me with, that would be a sin. And so my heart truly mourns for the hearts of those who the enemy has deceived.



It’s the enemy that loves to twist the Word of God, and the specific words God uses in order to keep us from doing the very work, that the Lord God Almighty made us hand crafted us to do. So trust me, ladies. Over the years, I have devoured God’s word and I pray that he would tell me the truth, the absolute truth, his truth, right about money, and about profit and about business and about sales, all of it. And what I presented today may only be a sliver of all that God says on the subject, but I can tell you this, my fervent study of the Word and my private devotional time with him absolutely confirms for me that when your priorities are right, that he and he alone is first, then above all, you seek to please Him, which is only possible when you walk in faith, right without faith, we can’t please God. And when you choose faith over fear, moment by moment, taking courageous, bold action more and more every day, right taking those leaps of faith when opportunities arise after prayerful consideration and when you surrender your life and your business wholly completely to Him, when you first seek to serve and not to simply become rich, and when profits are stewarded in a godly manner, when you’re that joyful giver, and you tie that you sow into the kingdom, and you’re generous with all that God has given you. He had don’t and keeping your eyes on him you give and keeping your eyes on him, you make sure that every service you offer give so much more value to your clients, then, then then you get back from them so that it’s your clients who receive a windfall because they get so much more value than the dollars they gave you. That my friends is a business that is fueled by faith, faith in Jesus Christ, and that faith pleases God. So remember, sales is service. Selling is noble. Okay. Now, if today’s training doesn’t make those two statements true for you, I want to encourage you to spend time with our beautiful savior and ask Him to reveal his perfect truth to you specifically, you don’t have to take my word for it. Do your own study, I encourage it. confirm for yourself what is true. Search the scriptures my sister and seek to hear directly from the Lord God himself. Okay, so I hope this was helpful. I want to I want to hear from you. If you don’t feel comfortable in the chat, reach out to me DM wherever you’re watching, okay, and make sure you come back next week. When we’re going to dive deeper into this thing called sales. I’m going to reveal the three key aspects to sales and spoiler alert. Each of them is in complete service to the client to the would be client so be sure to come back and join me right here live next Thursday and every Thursday at 11am. Eastern for our weekly thriver Thursday live training. Now if you’re watching on the replay, be sure to comment so I can come back and comment back to you. If you have a question. Ask it in the comments. I’d love to come back and continue the conversation personally with you. God bless you, sister. Love you so much. And I will see you next week. God bless


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