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Ep 272 Transcript


Welcome, ladies to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast. Today’s episode is all about health, wellness and healing. I want to introduce Tiffany Patman. To you she is a motivational speaker, a podcast host, a best selling author, and entrepreneur and the CEO of Tiffany Petland health and wellness, where she uses her experience of overcoming a life of abuse to help other women discover their unique path to healing and happiness. Welcome, Tiffany, I’m so excited to have you here.



Thank you so much. I’m excited to be here. And I just appreciate this opportunity to share my message with the world.



Yeah, it’s a good one too. Let’s jump right in, you wrote a book unlocking your ability to heal. And it is a memoir, it is so powerful. Why did you why did you write this book?



You know, for the past, I don’t know, it’s been a lot longer than 10 years now. But before I would say, you know, about two years ago, I had always said, you know, I’ve gone through so much, you know, crap in my life, I should just put it in a book because it would be entertaining, you know, and I never thought that was really going to happen. I honestly thought that that was something out of my reach. And, you know, as life continued, and thinking that life is grand, I had escaped the depression, I thought, you know, I thought he escaped it. And that was just a big fat lie. And until I realized, I found myself one day, laying in bed, fed up with life. I’m in Utah, we just moved happily married. You know, my kids, we bought our first house, I thought life was gravy, right? We’re living the American dream. And then all of a sudden, I found myself depressed, just fed up with life wanting to give up, I have gone through so much, you know, mental, physical, sexual, and substance abuse in my life. And I thought I was finally in a good place. And then it just got to the point where I was just like, I can’t take this anymore. I’m just done. I’m done. Why do I still feel this way? Why, what is going on? And I just laid in bed for a few days, literally giving up on life. And then my baby comes in the room and says, Why is Mommy laying in bed? That hit me, like you wouldn’t believe. And I knew in that moment, I cannot go down like this, I cannot do this to my kids. My children deserve to have a healthy minded mother. They do not deserve to experience the aftermath from what other people did to me, they do not deserve that. And you know, just knowing how my own mother was and wasn’t there for me and the things that she didn’t didn’t do for me. I just knew I had to rise above that and be better. And I had no idea what that looked like. So I just went on this massive quest to research because I was nursing my littlest at the time. And so you know, you sit around a lot, you know, your little baby. So I thought, You know what I’m gonna research so I started researching left and right, what stuck out to me were those three words, mind, body and soul. And I was like, Well, okay, then I guess every day, I’m going to focus in those three areas. And I’m like, okay, mental health, how do I do that? So I, again, started researching. And that’s when I started learning about different things to do. There’s a lot of coping strategies out there, which are great, but I was after something more, I knew I wanted to get rid of this once and for all. And I found you know, affirmations meditations. So I started little by little physical health. I was already eating really healthy, organic, lots of fruits and vegetables, but I had gained some baby fat you know, from the the weight from the baby. So I was like, You know what, I could get my body moving a lot more. A stagnant body does promote disease. So I was like, I can definitely up that increase that. And then my spirituality. I didn’t really spend time with God didn’t really know Jesus just I didn’t know. So I was like, you know, what, how can I start increasing my spiritual health? And I really I started by actually going outside and walking because I learned that just being outside connects you spiritually. So as I started doing these things, I started noticing, like, life got brighter. I started noticing little by little, and then by doing this, things started happening. And that’s when I was I was an entrepreneur, creating my business cosmic sweets. And I realized that I needed to build my business. So I attended a female conference, you know, in north of Utah. Mind you, I was still dealing with debilitating anxiety disorder. I didn’t have my face on Facebook, Facebook,



I was hiding, I was nervous. I’m scared. I mean, in the past, I kid you not, I could not be in an environment with a lot of people without a drink in me, I needed that liquid courage at least that’s what I thought. But so I’m over here attempting this new lifestyle, this new thing to take charge of life, go to this, you know, conference to build my business. And but I was going to do this by myself, I was going to drive up north in the snow, because this was in January of 2019. And, yeah, the snow driving by myself, I was going to set up by myself a new place, like there was all the reasons to prevent me from going. But because of this newfound motivation to be the best I can be, I was able to do it. The affirmations that I played in my car helped me, I was like, I can’t do this. I’m strong, you know, all the things. And this is where I met my book coach, Christine Gale, of all places, I had no clue 00 This was to build my business. This had nothing to do with the book. It wasn’t even in my mind. But I happened to go to the restroom. And I see a woman there. And I don’t normally spark conversation, unless I’m with someone. And there’s a woman there standing in a skirt. And I got I feel must have told me to talk to this person. I was like, wow, oh, my goodness, aren’t you cold because I was freezing. Oh, and that just started the conversation. We walk out of the bathroom, she brings me to her table. And I find that she’s a book coach. And I tell her my story. One thing led to another. The next thing you know, I’m in her program. I’m writing my book, which is what I found out, what I realized was that this book wasn’t for me. It wasn’t for me to dump my stuff. for entertainment purposes. Like I thought all those years ago. No, this is bigger than me. This is not for me, this is for the world. And little by little I started realizing, understanding more, I continued researching more modalities for mental, physical and spiritual health. I started implementing those, and you started healing. And I talk about being addicted to something be addicted to your healing.



That is so good. That is so good. Well, I saw a stat, I think it was on your website. Your story is so powerful. And you mentioned there, approximately one half of all people will be exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. And I know that I believe that trauma could be relative because you know, my kids I’ve learned after the fact feel traumatized from our divorce, which was actually we agreed it was amicable, but it was a divorce. So it’s an ugly thing. But, you know, I got beat up by my first husband. I know you’ve suffered horrible abuse as well. So but but no matter how you define it, I think pretty much everybody goes through some aspect of trauma. So So what is the first step for someone out there listening, saying, Oh, my gosh, I can relate to the depression, I can relate to the billeting anxiety disorder, like, Where the heck do I begin?



I really believe it all starts with identifying the root cause a lot of people will say that they feel that they were born with it. And I feel that there could be a lot of truth in that. That’s why it’s really important to what I say is to create a timeline of your life. Because in writing my book, that’s literally what I did, I had to go back in time from as far back as I can remember and create a timeline of my life in chronological order. So it could make sense in my book, and I had no idea that I was going to receive healing from that and revelation of where these issues originated from. Like, for example, I started cutting myself. And I thought that it happened after the first time that I was incest recently raped at 12 by my 23 year old cousin. But it actually started a lot earlier than that it started after my mother and I had some sort of argument which was normal. And she kicked me out of the house and I hadn’t brushed my hair brush my teeth, I was barefoot. And so I was embarrassed. So I jumped the wall and the of the apartment complex where the parking lot was because there’s a big deserted area out there. So I jumped the wall and wandering around in the hot desert Las Vegas Sun and I found shards of glass on the floor, picked it up and started carving into my arm. I hate mom. And that just spoke mountains though, that because I had a misconception in my head that myself cutting myself harm happen at a different time where it didn’t. So it’s really important to know that because when you can identify the origin of your symptoms, then that’s when the healing process can start. Like you know and like you said we all experience things so I it’s really important to just try to identify Like, what happened and what emotions are attached to it, because when you can identify that, that’s when you can start the healing process. Another example would be with my mother, I knew that a lot of my symptoms, because I dealt with so much, it’s really hard to be like, Oh, this is specifically from that. So for me, because there’s so much I knew a lot of pain stemmed from my mother. So I opted to do a release ritual. And we all know writing is therapeutic, right? Well, I opted to type a letter. So that way, because I’m a fast typer. And I had a lot to say, it was like, you know how they say to do like a brain dump before bed. So you can sleep. This was what I call, like an emotional dump. And it was just to type and write out everything I could think of the things she did and didn’t do, how dare she, I wish she did this, why didn’t you, you know, and I was crying. And I call that honoring your emotions, I was crying, allowing myself to feel because I was bringing myself back to that time of my life. And those suppressed emotions, because I never resolved them and set them free. Instead, I suppressed them because I was never taught that if you that when you have an experience that you need to honor those emotions, whatever they are, sometimes it might be anger, you need to go safely punch a punching bag, maybe you need to go out into the woods and scream bloody murder, maybe you need to chop wood, you know, whatever that is for you, as long as you’re not hurting another person, but you’re releasing those emotions, we’re human, you know, God made us that way, we were meant to feel that we were never meant to trap those emotions. Because then what happens, they start to manifest into those symptoms of depression, anxiety, you know, OCD, PTSD, and the list goes on. They also manifest into physical ailments. That’s why they say there’s issues in the tissues. So it’s really important to just identify, start wherever you can, if you know that, like with me, my mother, like if you know that there’s something with you like, maybe it’s your father, your ex, whatever it is, dump it out, get rid of it, if you feel the need to cry, and scream, allow yourself to do that. And then the next step that I took with this specific thing, is I because I learned you’re supposed to I printed it out, and I fold it up and put in my back pocket. And you can do this alone with your husband, somebody you care about or even a group of people, whatever you have, but don’t feel like if you don’t have a group of people, you can’t do this. Because for me, I just had my husband, and that was perfect for me. And so we went to our little bathroom because I wanted to burn it safely into the toilet afterwards. So I read it aloud and My poor husband. I mean, he sat there listening to all this ugly stuff, you know, and he just he was my rock in that moment. And this time I really let it out. I was ugly, crying snot, you name it just surrendering, letting myself feel all the hurt and pain, crying and just releasing it. And then you can make positive statements like saying thank you for everything this has taught me, I no longer need to carry this in my life. You know, you could say pretty much whatever resonates with you. But it’s really just an affirmation of that this is not a controlling you anymore. You wrap this in love and forgiveness, and that you’re just releasing it and I burned it and put it in the toilet. And then the next thing you know, I drink water. And the next morning I woke up and the best way to describe it is as if somebody performed surgery in my heart space, because I felt significantly lighter. And little by little I started coming out of my show. So I know it chipped away at the depression. I know it chipped away at the anxiety disorder, a lot of stuff. So even if you can’t identify feelings that stemmed from one experience, you can always just do a dump an emotional dump and just get it out of your system and let yourself feel that would be the my best thing for somebody if you’re just hurting so bad. Take some time alone with yourself, perhaps listen to some worship music, you know, bring God and Jesus into it and just let your heart flow and just get rid of it because you do not deserve to carry it.



So good. And you know, I’m thinking about myself. When I was a little girl, I developed an eating disorder. And I don’t know like I still carry that it’s almost like when they say you’re an alcoholic, you’re always an alcoholic. So like I feel like I will always have this eating disorder which still shows up although I’m able to control it better now than then you know what I mean? And so I wonder though if I could actually experience total freedom from that. And and I as I look back as a little girl, I remember thinking or as an older woman and looking back as a little girl I thought I think I think I probably got too scared of choking when I watched an episode of Marcus Welby and a little boy was choking on a gumball. But then I wonder, hmm, my parents tended to fight around dinnertime. So you know, and I’m kind of frankly, I’m afraid to go back like, I don’t want to I’m like, I’m okay. Now, like, I don’t I wish I didn’t have this. But I don’t know. So anyway, this opens up some, some thinking for me to do.



That’s good, I’m glad. And yes, I do believe that you can free yourself from it. And I know a lot of people are afraid to go back to those times. I’ve also learned that there’s, it’s Dr. Matt and Tris, I forget her name. But I know it’s Dr. Matt’s method, the MDR method, the mental and emotional release method where he kind of brings you through a visualization. And it’s similar to what I kind of described a timeline of your life. And he brings you to a visualization so that we can go back in time. And remember that to identify the emotions that you’re feeling and what incident they were tied to. But he doesn’t necessarily have you re experience the trauma. He just has you like, understand and release those emotions. And usually he has you go through like a chart of emotions, a ton of emotions, to help get rid of things like that. So there’s there’s a lot of ways to actually release, instead of just coping through life, there’s actually freedom that awaits everybody. And I just want everybody to know that because, like I said, Everybody deserves to feel that freedom. Yes,



yes. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, hallelujah. And so that’s where I feel like I feel like I am allowing the enemy to hold me captive. And anybody else. Who’s that because there is whole 100% freedom in Christ. Now we as humans won’t maybe experience its fullness this side of heaven. But wow, that’s really good. Tiffany, you’ve, you’ve made me think. And I’m kind of scared. Why shouldn’t be afraid, right?



There’s peaceful healing waiting for you. On the other side, Jesus is going like this waiting for you.



Yes, he sure is. Wow, that is so good. That is so good. So so help me understand this, the anxiety disorder because I, I have dealt with that. And by God’s grace, I’m telling you, he’s brought me through so much crap. And I didn’t go through this in depth, like analysis, or the steps that you’ve that you’ve laid out so well. But after you’ve gone through that, was your anxiety gone? Like, or was it an overnight type thing for that? Or was that more of an, you know, took some time.



I think that was gradual. I did become a little bit more brave, I was more willing, I was more open. My book coach challenged me to put my face and Facebook and I said, I was eager, and I was refreshed. And I was renewed. So I was like, Okay, I’m gonna do it. And I did it. But then I still noticed I had some issues, like going live doing videos, even podcasts like this terrified me. So like, all these things, I was still I was still feeling it. But I was aware of it. And when you’re aware, and you’re knowledgeable of what it is, and that it stems from something and that it’s not that something’s wrong with you, you know that you can actually rise above it, you tend to look at it differently. It’s conquerable. Like, you can conquer this for me gradually. And I think because I started opening myself up and rising little by little, I just got a little braver and braver. And as I got braver, I would do something a little bit out of my comfort zone. And I realized, Oh, it didn’t die. That’s a scary after all. So good. I did, I felt so silly afterwards. And I’m like, Oh, my goodness. But my book coach did bring me through a mini version of her breakthrough, which is similar to Dr. Max Mar program. And I was able to realize that I had lost the power of my voice because as a young girl, my parents did not raise me to use my voice. They didn’t raise me to speak up for myself. I was not protected in life. That’s why I was abused so many times by even family members, just people all around me left and right, as well as on the street. So there was I know that a lot of anxiety stemmed from all of that like a combination. So it just helped little by little, you get that little brave. That little, you know, bravery going. And then you take that first step. And then you just do like, yeah. And then you take the next step, and then the next step, then the next step. And I’ve gotten to the point where, when was it in February, I believe was February, I had my very first TV highlight here in Utah. Oh, wow, congrats. That’s great. And I know and that was me, the girl that was so timid and so scared, but you know, little by little, and that’s the point that I reached. And now I have a new goal. And that goal is what I’m actively working on right now, and that is to get my message on the TEDx stage. Oh, Oh, that’s so good. Do you have a title for your talk? Um, it’s possibly going to be unlocking your ability to heal, you know, discover your unique path to happiness. But it’s still a working title. So I don’t know yet I’m still I’m about 75% of the way and crafting my speech. Because I’m, I believe my new affirmation after attending this unleash arising breakthrough event, you know, rise higher into your calling, I, my new affirmation is that I am God’s faithful, empowering vessel for the world. So, I connect with God every morning every day, and I asked him to shine his light on me to use me to use my fingers, my thoughts, my words, and to help the right message come through to me, in this speech, to open the hearts of people all over the world. Because that’s my theme, and I believe it came from God is to spread the message of truth, and healing God’s truth that there is healing. It’s possible, and I’m living proof of that.



Oh, Hallelujah, Jesus, you’re so so good. This is this is just so amazing. And it all makes sense that it’s, it’s God, we’ve through it. It’s the Lord Jesus Christ, we’ve through it. You said, another quote that I love from your website healing is how you reclaim your power. And that’s so true, because the enemy wants to see us beat up and stay down, and the shame and the guilt and all the crap and reliving the story of the abuse and and almost the sense of I deserve it. I will say that when I was beat up on my first husband, he was my high school sweetheart. And I can’t even imagine that that’s like a whole different person than I am today. And yet, it was me like, like, I was still in there. You know what I mean? But But when I think about that, in the beginning, many years after that, it was hard for me to admit that I was beat up by my husband. Because even as the words rolled off my lips, I felt like, I don’t know, I somehow felt like I deserved it. And so years later, is when I said, I’m gonna proudly say this, because other women have gotten beat, and I want them to know, it’s not your fault at all. I mean, it’s not no band, no matter what we say or do should raise his hand. You know what I mean? So So I just want to bring this back that you’re talking about. Overcoming and in Christ were more than overcomers. And he gave us a spirit of power, not fear. So this is all God, I have no doubt that God downloaded all this to you so that you could put it in your book, and impact like countless lives. I’m just blown away. I agree.



And you know what, I didn’t realize this. At first. You know, I didn’t realize it. Actually, in writing my book, I realized, I call it like, the Holy Spirit slapped me in the face. That’s the best way to describe it. Because I was writing the part of my story where I was living with my cousin after my parents, I they had taken me out of a mental hospital that was in for only two weeks. I don’t know why they took me out. But they did. And so take me home, they sent me to live with a cousin of mine. He’s one, he’s the second one who incestuous. They rate me while I lived there. But he, I was tricked because there was guys that I hung out with because they didn’t have any rules for me. You know, it was already drinking experience with drugs. I had so much trauma by this time of my life. And it was only what 1415 years old. And this guy cook shows up at the house. He spoke mostly Spanish, I recognized him but he didn’t really know him. He told me that he was there to pick me up to go meet the other guys. So here goes me going with them. He brings me to this apartment that I recognize been in before but this time it was dark and vacant. And again, here I am thinking oh, well, you know, last time they had drugs and alcohol, so maybe they’re just trying to be hide because the police or whatever. And then I go into the apartment, and I realized, oh, it looks like somebody had just moved out. You know how like when the car the floors in desperate need of a vacuum. And I remember feeling scared. So I asked him if he had a phone back then there were no cell phones. It was just pagers. And we had just gotten a pager my cousin’s wife got me a pager. And he said that he didn’t have a phone. And the next thing you know, he’s taking me to the back of the room. He takes advantage of me. He let me go. And I remember walking like this, and I wanted to run so bad because you know, you’re full of all that shame. It was full of shame. It was full of confusion. I just didn’t understand why this kept happening to me. And I didn’t want to run because afraid if you saw me run, he was afraid I was going to tell and he would come after me and tackle me like that. I didn’t want to walk too slow because I was so desperate to get away. But as I approached my cousin’s house, I saw a slew of cop cars outside. And my cousin runs up to me, and I don’t remember exactly what we said. But I remember crying and telling him you know the name of the guy puncher that was his nickname you because it runs off after him, I think he caught him and beat him up or something, which I thought was really weird looking back, it’s like, oh, so it’s okay for you to rate me, but not him. It was really odd looking back. But then later on my cousin’s wife tells me that the reason why the cops were there, called them because they received a page with a series of ones. And in that booklet, a series of ones means emergency slash help. And it was in that moment that I knew that that was God. God was always there. You know, there’s another time where I remember being driven out to the desert. And in Vegas, you can see the stars, you can’t see the stars, because the bright, the lights are so bright. But once you start driving out, you can see the lights. And I was scared. Because growing up in Vegas, I’ve heard of the dead bodies being buried in the desert. But this guy, random guy had picked me up, taking me to apartment drugs and alcohol drives me out to the desert. And I pretended to pass out because I was scared for my life. Next thing you know, he parks the middle of the desert, I hear his belt buckle. I know what’s about to happen. He violently has his way with me. And I do everything within my power not to murder a sound, because I’m supposed to be passed out. And I don’t know what compelled him. He drove me back home, like he could have or wasn’t home. But it was a place where I was staying. He could have kicked me out. And I could have been running, screaming bloody murder, nobody ever would have heard me. He could have killed me. He could have strangled me. There’s a number of things he could have done. But he didn’t. Why? Why would you drive me out because he could have easily had his way with me in a parking lot somewhere. Why? And I’m telling you, I know I feel it in my bones. I feel it in my soul. It was God. God has always been with me. And I never ever realized that to writing my book. And even more. So now looking back, I’m like he’s been there the entire time. So if you’re somebody that is down in despair, and you feel alone, you are not alone, my friend, you are not alone. God is there. And he is just waiting for you to open your arms to call out to him to surrender to Him. He is there waiting for you. He is your heavenly Father. If you feel like you don’t have a mother or a father or friend. You have a father. He’s the one that made you. And he is there waiting with you with open arms.



Oh, man. Oh, my goodness, your story is incredible. And the strong, confident, determined on mission woman that I’m looking at right now. Like, like your strength is crazy. And It’s Supernatural. It’s from the Lord. There’s no other way about it. Right? And she’s raising her hands for those on the podcast. You don’t see it. He’s raising your hands. Right? So, so help us understand. You said this transformation and the realization that it is the Lord God who was seeing you through all of that, and that he has you on mission to use all that crap to help other people. And I’m just holding back tears right now that is so powerful, but help us understand. How did you get? Like you said, You got married and you had kids. And then the Depression came? Like, tell us if you would just what happened? Like, from the point of the crap ending when you met your husband and got married? And like, how did how were you in that time?



Things were not good. My husband and I both have a very toxic background. So I used to say I used to I don’t say that anymore, because I used to say that we had no business getting together. We had no business to toxic people. Yeah, right. Two wrongs don’t make a right type stuff. But now I look at it differently. I believe God brought us together to heal each other. And so we had it we didn’t have the best marriage starting. Yeah, it was not good. We fought a lot. Little by little, I did my best to go to counseling. I didn’t really get much help. I just didn’t like I I remember a time noticing that there was a time where I felt experienced a lot of jealousy. I was overly jealous because I had no value self love. I had a lot of unworthiness. So it’s really, really a jealous person. If I saw a pretty girl, I would get so jealous. So I was like, okay, if I’m having a problem, I need to do something about it. So then I remember the first thing I did was, I wanted to lose weight and make my body and get myself into a way that I could be proud of myself. So doing intervals I started losing weight, but then what I realized what I was doing, and I’m telling you this is God, what I was doing was releasing my emotions. I was listening to a really dark song like I don’t listen to this type of music anymore because I understand the power of vibrations. But I listened to the song by disturbed into the night because it talks about are you going to be a slave for the rest of your life and I I felt that way, a slave to all the men of my past that, you know, sexually abused me. And I would cry because like, I let my armor fall. And that’s what it talks about. And I would run and you know, when you’re an emotion is energy. So when you’re running or exercising or doing anything, you’re actually moving that energy. So I was basically purging that from my body without even realizing it. And I was honoring my emotions because I would cry, I would run and use that anger, and then the song, the words, and I would just burst into tears crying. So it started little by little, but I had no clue that that’s what I was doing, until we moved to Utah. And then I experienced that depression, that’s when I really knew I’m going to start healing myself. That’s when I had that mindset. But looking back, I had actually started a lot sooner, even with learning about nutrition, how the, you know, society and the government is not being 100% honest with us and our foods, you have to look at those nutrition labels. And that’s when I kind of just started it just went from there. And my husband has followed suit. When I started focusing on my mental health, the physical health spirituality piece, the spirituality piece was like the last piece that I really started honing in on and growing. And I believe when God felt I was ready, he brought me to California to the first unleashed rising breakthrough event that I attended. And it led it was all God, because it was so silly. Like my the book coach said, she told us to pick somebody that you would never hang out with on the weekend. And one of the book coaches had her husband there, and I was like, Oh, I know, I would never hang out with him because he’s married silly, right? But he was the one I was meant to be with. He’s the one chip ball. He’s an amazing man. He is the one that asked me if I would be willing to give my life to Christ. And it was because of him that I did it I finally came full circle. So I think God wanted me to experience all these things. He wanted to me to go through these things, then learn how to heal. He did all this that way I can learn because sure I can share my story, but it’s like, but what are people going to do? And I feel like that’s what God was teaching me that we all need to get back to a simple way of living. Because if you think if you you know if you know the Bible, God created the earth and everything in it. All the fruits and vegetables, the herbs, like we have everything we need. We were never meant to sit, you know, under fluorescent lights for eight hours a day. Not.



No, we were not meant to suppress our emotions. That’s why they manifested as symptoms of mental illness that we were never meant to live that way. Being outside more, you know, this is God’s beautiful, majestic world. Why are we indoors? 24/7. Like we were meant to be out there. And I feel like God is using me to share with the world to kind of get back to the way he meant for us to live. Sure we have freewill. But still, God does not want this life for us. You know, he wants us to break out and be healthy minded. And we can all do that. Just by focusing every day on your mental, physical and spiritual health. I call it like my healing trifecta. And you could create your own. That’s what’s important is you choosing things that resonate with you as a unique individual, because I can tell you to go running and you’re like, Oh, but I hate running. I love swimming, though. Okay, then go swimming to what works for you. And I’m telling you, you will start experiencing it, do it one day in one day, if you hit those three areas, I guarantee you, you will feel the difference. And then if you do it every day, every week, every month.



So good. Grow your activity. I mean, I was holding back tears there for a bit as you were talking because the Lord Jesus Christ was in every moment. And then you’re talking about this conference, and they just happen, right? They just happen to say, who would you normally not spend time with? And you just happen to pick this man, and he just happens to bring you to Christ, you know, introduce Christ to you or has to question, you know, only the spirit can bring us to him. But wow. I mean, your life was so touched by the Lord. And you know, without him, it could have turned out so differently. You know, it really could have and, you know, the other thing that came out of that, is that just this past,



when was it last? In March, March, the week of St. Patrick’s Day, my husband gave his life to Christ was baptized.



Oh, that’s so good.



My 14 year old has given his life to Christ, like children are praying now they argue over who gets to pray at night and at the dinner table. So everybody gets great, you know, it’s having a ripple effect. And I’m like, I just want to shout from the mountaintops you guys you know The Lord is here like just surrender. Like, like just to surrender. There’s so much peaceful, beautiful healing that awaits you. And I’m just so excited for everybody to experience it, because it’s just truly amazing.



So good Tiffany, I knew this was gonna be a good episode. I didn’t know it was gonna be so powerful. I tend to cry. But I usually hold it together. But this was just so the Spirit is here. And it’s just so awesome. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. All right, so as I regather myself here, where can the ladies listening find you, because I’m sure they’re gonna want to connect. I’m sure they can just find the book wherever. But where would you like them to meet up with you?



Tiffany is the best place to reach me. I talk about everything that I do my philosophy and healing mentally, physically and spiritually. And for those that register, I actually have a free gift for you where you can receive the self care section in my book, there’s three sections for mental, physical and spiritual health. And there’s just ideas in there that you can take us find what works for you to create your very own healing trifecta. And the book is sold on Amazon. And you can get it as an ebook or paperback for now, I’m working on the audio version, because I know a lot of mamas are busy. And so that’s coming soon. And I encourage you to register your email because I’m going to be doing some amazing events, live events here in Utah. So if you want to know when that the next one’s going to be the very first one, by all means, register your email so that way we can be in touch.



Definitely, I’m gonna leave those links in the, you know, in the show notes about social VR you if you’d like to hang out on social at all?



Yeah, I’m there everywhere. And you can access that through Tiffany I’m everywhere. Just type in my name, and you’ll find me.



Beautiful. Tiffany, thank you, sister. It has been an absolute honor giving you this platform, because God is moving mightily through you. I mean, it’s just incredible. So thank you so much for sharing your heart and your faith with us.



Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you.



He is good. Amen. All right, ladies, thank you so much for listening. If you haven’t yet left a review, please do so especially on Apple so that we can go up in those ranks. And by the way, let us know what topics you’d like to hear what guests there are, you can go to Judy and leave me a voice note. I would love to feature you on an upcoming episode. So thank you again, and we’ll see you next time.


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