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All right. Oh my goodness. I’m so excited for this episode. Welcome to this one from the joyful scaling Podcast. Today we’re talking about high performance. We’re talking about a go getter, who is so young, and has done so much. Oh my god, you’re gonna love her. She’s a high achiever. She likes to get it done and get it done well, but we’re going to talk about how sometimes when all we want to do is do the hard work. This is where Andrea shine, she helps her clients be like, No, you need a strategy. Alright, today we’re talking with a certified leadership coach for corporate women. Her name is Andrea Martin. She is the CEO of Andrea Martin consulting, she has quickly become the go to coach for high performing corporate women, an immigrant, a mother of two A wife, a people leader, and a coach, she fully understands the dynamics of what it takes to wear many hats while still moving towards your goals. And notice I said plural, more than one goal, right? How many of us out here is super fascinated and super ambitious? Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, which totally blows my mind. Like I am not a science person. That’s amazing. And she has a master’s in business. Oh, and did I tell you she loves the Lord Jesus Christ. I mean, this woman, the Lord God created like, just like she I’m tired, just like looking at her resume. Alright, she’s had experience leading multi billion with a B dollar projects. And she brings all of that experience and education together to deliver a straightforward, powerfully effective coaching perspective. Let’s welcome Andrea.



Oh my gosh, I want to bottle this up and just play wherever I go. Because I need that. How’s the biggest hype? I don’t need coffee after that. Thank you so much. So happy to be here? Well,



let’s do this. Let’s let the listeners in on a little secret. Andrea and I are in a mastermind together. And you know, I’m a people person. I love to meet people. So I didn’t know that she was a believer. But I’m like, you know, I want to get to know you better. Oh, my goodness, we were on the film. We were both like fell madly in love with each other. Just it’s right.



Yeah, absolutely. It was mutual. Absolutely mutual.



It was insane. All right, I want to start with something that you mentioned in your notes. And that is the hard truth. And I alluded to it earlier, that intelligence and hardware, it’s only gonna get you so far, because without strategy, you’re gonna be lost. I’d love you to, to kind of speak to us high performers and set us straight here.



Absolutely. And I see this so much with my clients, they are going after really big things, they’re have their blinders on. They’re putting their head down doing what needs to get done, they do it flawlessly. But then no one knows what they’re doing. No one knows all the behind the scenes. And I always imagined this as a theater. You know, you always focus on maybe the main singer of your an opera. And then you have that one backstage person that’s running around from one side to the other, they’re making sure the curtain goes up and down to the right time. But unless they don’t, you know, shine light on that person, we take them for granted. And it could be the smartest person in the room that know all the technology behind the scenes. But if we don’t shine light on that work, then we don’t know. And I just encourage, I’m a big, I’m a big proponent for advocating for what you do the value that you bring, and making sure that I call it don’t live in the shadow of assumption that people know what you’re doing. To take control of that narrative. Tell your story, your story’s worth being told, own it and be the narrator be the one that you know, at Shine said really with everyone else.



Yeah. And you know, as a former attorney, and I love advocacy, I love that word that is so good. We have to advocate for ourselves. And I know when I was in corporate and even in the law firm, for that matter. You know, it is easy, I think, especially as women to be kind of ignored. Like, I know, I was the go to for brief writing. But I wasn’t put on the big cases when I was with the big firms because that was a woman who actually had children who wanted to spend time with them. What do you think of that? Right? So how can we what are some tips maybe for how to advocate for yourself, if you find yourself in that situation where you feel like you’re trying to be vocal, but it’s nobody’s listening?



I like thinking about finding your stakeholders if you were in simpler for us owning owning a business like Who’s your ideal client, where who’s your upline internally, maybe within a corporation that you need to be thinking about providing your solutions, and just as much as any sort of burly anything you own. It’s not afraid of having a commercial on TV. They’re not feeling shy about telling you that a new iPhone is coming, you know, coming down the pipeline, we shouldn’t feel that way about shining light on what we’re doing and our talents and our gifts is essentially a way to actually provide more value to the company. So I like to think about ways that are less overwhelming because at times we the reason we Don’t do it. It’s because it feels like we’re bragging. It feels like Well, shouldn’t they know? I would know it because but the thing is everyone’s worried about their own lives. Everyone’s worried about us happening to them. Not really what what is that you’re doing? So simple ways would be, let’s say you have your stakeholder, you know who you need to let them know what they’re doing? How can you present this information in a way that is beneficial for them in the situation and beneficial for you? One of the things I like to tell my clients is when does your boss meet with their boss? Think you have to know this information? When did they meet with their boss, because what if every time before they have their their weekly meeting that they prior you’re sending them the wins of the team projects that are coming down the pipeline, you’re essentially saying everything you’re doing, but you’re providing it in a in a package way to where you’re going to make them look like the winner. And guess what people like to talk about the things that make them look like a winner. So now you’re getting exposure, not just to your boss, but did skip level as well. So he’s like, let’s work smarter around this. You don’t have to do more. But we just want to make sure everything you are doing is being shared in a way that it ties the connection on a business perspective to



that is so smart. I was I had a Monday, late morning meeting with the CEO when I was a director of HR and General Counsel. And yeah, if people would have come to me and said, Hey, make sure you get this bug in his ear. And it made me look good to heck yeah, I would have been all over it. That’s awesome. Really great. All right, let’s talk about reinventing yourself. Because I know for me sometimes when it got to be too toxic in one law firm, then I was like looking for recruiters. Okay, get me out of here. Get me out of here. But I know that there you can reinvent yourself even within the organization, right? Yes. But I think I think it can be difficult when, when we’re thinking of the players involved. So I would love you to speak to this idea of reinventing ourselves. Where do we begin?



Well, you know, that the thought of reinventing yourself came from, it’s going to be so different for every single one of us. But the idea that nothing is set in stone unless we want it to be that the path we took up until now, it led us here for a reason. And that now it’s allowing us to see maybe a different picture that now we’ll take a different journey. And I always like to tell my clients, anyone that speak to us, you cannot blame yourself from two years ago for having made a decision she or he made that decision with the best information they had at the time. You know, more now. So the question is, what do you want to change with new information that you know, and this is when reinventing yourself comes into place. And knowing that we evolve as humans that we have gifts that God knows that we have gifts that they we’ve been given. And if we don’t feel like we’re really able to express them in the way that we want to in the current environment, the we have every right to go find the one that we do. And I reinvented myself a couple of times. But I had a really big attachment to the engineering side of me, because well, I did my degree in chemical engineering, I worked in the energy industry for over a decade, I let large teams I was told I was you know, the next version of like, my boss was like, you’re gonna be me. And there’s a lot of identity attachment to when people tell you certain things that maybe you know, sound good to your ego. But I had to ask myself, personally, yes, I see what everyone’s telling me I’m going to gain. But what would I lose if I stay in this path. And what I was losing wasn’t worth losing for any sort of gain that was presented to me that wasn’t even really, really a shirt, it was more of this is what you could become what you could do. And I really had to maybe one day, you’ll be there. So it’s like, it’s not even I knew for sure what I would lose. But it wasn’t really for sure the game was actually, you know, it was gonna happen for sure. So, when it comes to reinventing, I think we are allowed to flourish in new ways. We’re allowed to thank God to replant ourselves in new locations if we want to, we know we’re not stuck in a pot permanently. And we need to follow that intuition. We need to when you pray, and you get that feeling, I think I share this with you. But God’s been yelling at me lately with a lot of the things that I’m doing and we just kind of have to lean into those signs. Anytime that I felt that being a business owner was a bad decision. Something happened that day that reminded me otherwise. And it’s I I’m a firm believer that it was God telling me like get that noise out of your head. I always imagined God talks to me like that. Like, stop, stop. I’m sure we all have our own version of what God’s talk to us live where like God’s very, like sassy with me sometimes. But it’s like get that noise out of your head because look, look what’s in front of you. Look what you’re doing and I Oh, it’s I can tell you how countless examples that I know for a fact when doubt has creeped in, I have been reminded that I’m in the right path, and but we just have to be open to listening to that voice of reinventing ourselves.



Wow, amen. Amen. Well, I’m interested, I think our listeners would love to hear how did you go from that big, important corporate job, to leaving it all behind and starting your own thing?



About three years ago, or I guess a little bit more now. i So I’ve always worked in a very, like volatile environment with oil and gas. So I mean, people tell me all the time, like, especially that are not in the industry, I’ve lived through layoffs for the last 12 years. So whether one or two labs a year, it was like, Oh, here’s the other one that we’re having, like, it was just a very common thing. And as a mother of two young kids and the breadwinner of our family, I felt that I couldn’t be the leader, I was called to be with that fear in the back of my head of what if? What if? What if? Can I make the hard decisions? If I’m always worried about will the hard decisions hurt me politically? Will it hurt me with the wrong person? What if that person has to say my job security, and I told my husband, you know, I think I would like to create something that gives us this security blanket. And at that time, my husband was staying home with our kids, our daughter, she was, we were doing speech therapy, and we wanted to focus on certain things for her. So we knew where the focus was our family and I go, I have an idea of what I could do, I just need your support to make it happen. And I started working the weekends before work after work. And I did that for you know, almost two years. Without with with a lot of consistency. And by the time I was getting close to having to pick one or the other. A burly, great opportunity came in place to where my mom and I were going to become business partners and open up another business together. And I just decided this is the sign I meant to go all in and entrepreneurship, I see what I can do here. And that was last July, July of 2021, that I made the transition. But something I like to tell everyone is I grieved that for a while even though I knew it was the right decision for me, leaving my team that I had worked so hard to protect during so many layoff rounds, and coaching and mentoring. I did grieve it for a couple of months where you know, you feel like there’s that attachment still to that side of you that you’re like slowly cutting it cutting that cord. But it does come with some sadness, too, because there’s a chapter of your life that’s closing.



Yeah, yeah. And then that’s not it. So now you’re this amazing coach for women in corporate, but you’re about to open a brand new business. So I would love to tell the ladies what that business is? And how what why would you start a second business when you’re already this busy mama with great family as a priority? And just tell us about that?



Yeah, that’s been the theme of my life. Like why would you add something else to your play? Like I can tell you back to like, why did you pick chemical engineering? Why did you go get a masters when you were working? Where’d you go? It’s just always been, I, I like knowing that I’m stretching myself to new grounds. And I had worked so hard for so long to get my business into the six figure mark, and then you know that that’s growing in a healthy steady pace, that I’m like, Okay, now my, what else am I going to grow as like that, that he was there. And I kind of like living in a state of uncomfortable growing pains. I think I enjoy that personally. And if I’m not feeling it, I noticed my mood changes, I noticed that I don’t feel as challenged. And I want to show especially my my daughter and my son that gosh, you can do anything you want to do in life. And this is something that we’re venturing into, there’s very different to anything I’ve ever done, which comes with it. But some parts are actually very similar because while it’s there’s a lot of networking involved, I’m essentially doing everything I tell my clients to do to grow their careers, I’m doing it in a different manner. And so we’re doing a med spa, anti aging focused hormone replacement, your aesthetic side, it just really helping people biohack their bodies to ultimate wellness. And that’s really important. I think a lot of us let go of our health along the way and because we are so overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives that I wanted to create a hub where you know, we can really help you feel your best look your best and just overall look forward to the anti aging process.



Yeah, so but but help me understand. I think this would be a very interesting point. I know we didn’t talk about this, but if you wouldn’t mind going here. I’d love it. Like good. Listen, like let’s try to let’s try to give a peek into your day. Like how does it break down between mean, being a good spouse and being a great mom, and, you know, having this business and now getting this other one off the ground, like, like, when did you? Do you sleep at all?



Or? I know, right? My son, my son definitely makes sure it’s I don’t know. Yeah, it’s he’s here, I love him, but like, I’m gonna be like one day, your payback, you’re not gonna sleep in when you’re a teenager, because there’s no way. So actually my husband’s he, my husband, he works a very interesting schedule. So he actually works at a pharmaceutical company, and he has an early shift. So he, he’s 3am, to 11am. So I have structured my life to be really the primary caregiver of my kids my business to be run within the hours of eight and four, and I am hiring a really great staff to support me through the growth of this, the second business, and a typical day is waking, waking up around, you know, 6am, with my kids, hopefully, they slept till 6am. Some days, it’s 530, I, if I had anything to say about it, I am not the 4am person like the, you know, when the multimillionaires tell you their morning routine, that is never going to be me, I want to actually show that you don’t have to do that. I’m more of a night owl, too. So. So I’ll wake up, get the kids ready to go to school, I’ll get them I’ll get them going. And then I have a couple of stops that I do along the way. I’ve been really networking with the businesses here locally, especially recently. So I have a couple of spots that I go to talk to business owners, then I come home, I have calls usually from 10. till about three, I talked to several teams, I have a team to help me with my consulting business, I have a right hand, that she keeps me straight, I pretty much told her tell me what to do every day, I give her my vision for the month. And then I go, and I need you to remind me every day what I told you, I need to do, and she goes, You got it. So that’s what she does. Then I have a project management team that I meet with once a week that’s helping me with the construction of my other business. And I tried to close everything off by four and go pick up my kids will do activities, because I mean, I have a three and a five year old. So the teen Taekwondo, we have some gymnastic stuff that we’re doing dinner, bath bedtime, bedtime is around, I’m gonna be real a 30 I would love for it to be 730. But I have not figured out how to get my kids to go to bed at 730. And then they’ll do about a couple hours of work. So it’s more of the administrative stuff like they’re asleep, I’m in my iPad is things I can do. I’m reviewing some of the content and responding to some messages. But it’s just stuff that I can do while listening to music or my favorite thing is like watching like NCIS in the background or something that is like the mindless stuff that you don’t need to be like fully present. Like, it’s not like you’re like doing hard stuff. And that’s really a typical day.



Yeah, ha, that’s so good. Because one of the things you said in your notes is that you help your clients create a more balanced lifestyle, and you’re living in. So how do you and I think this might, you know, productivity and decision making skills may come into play? But how do you how would you help our listeners to create that more balanced lifestyle?



I love starting with your non negotiables. And that’s a great place for me to like, that’s my go to first like my non negotiables. And this is why I don’t believe follow my performance routine. So you can be as productive. Because what matters to me and what matters to you can be really different. And we all know we should honor the things that matter to us. And part of that is our non negotiables. I knew one of my non negotiables, especially transitioning into full time entrepreneurship was I wanted to take my kids to school and pick them up. I wanted to experience that. I’ve always said I’ve had this calling to always want to see my kids faces when they’re leaving school. I want to know their demeanor, I want to know, are they smiling? Do they look happy, I want to see who they’re hanging out with. Like I just I have this thing. And I have to do that. So I have structured my schedule to where those are moments that are important. And that’s I’m hiring someone to come into my other business. I go I need to trust that you can handle this between the hours of 330 to 430 while I go pick up my kids, because that’s important to me. And we have to honor the things that matter putting my kids to bed matters. So I kind of get my anchors. And then I go okay, what has to happen during the day? What is the real thing that’s gonna help you push forward what is noise and I have to be comfortable letting go of the noise. I have text messages that I have not responded to for the last couple of days. And I’ve had to say this is a boundary right now. Like I have to honor what drains my energy and what I can do when I have a little bit more time. But we can’t be everything to everyone. So I’ve chosen Who do I want to be with and who do I want to put as my number one and also being comfortable with have not been a people pleaser of, okay, I can’t, I can’t be everywhere. But I do have to stick with what matters, like date night with my husband once a week, that’s a non negotiable. So we make sure that we do that. And even We’ve had kids or kids crash or date night a couple of times when we couldn’t find, but at least we went out. And we, you know, we gave them their French fries, and they were able to hang out for a little bit while we talked. But there’s certain things that really matter. And I would just encourage your listeners, what are your non negotiables? What are the things that you look back at this week, and you go, you know what, I don’t want that to happen again. Like, how I feel right now versus whatever task I accomplished that day is not worth it. And I always imagine if you’re an Olympic athlete, and you got to the Gold Medal, the podium who’s cheering for you on the crowd? Are they part of your journey? Or did we lose them in the process? So get to the gold medal, but make sure that in the process, you keep the people you love and your top priorities as number one?



Wow, how did you get so wise? That’s such a



serious don’t how about that?



Really? I mean, okay, so so I’m really big on this thing about boundaries, huge about boundaries with my clients. And I’ve mentioned this many times on the podcast as well, like, people laugh at me, because I have 300,000 unopened emails, but I have many Gmail accounts. Some of it I don’t even go into, but I have no problem with that. But I used to. So did you ever have a problem with that? And if so, 100% Okay, so how did you come around?



I think you, I don’t know if this is common. But maybe we all go through a process of we get those warning signs that we never thought we would get because we think we’re invincible, and we nothing can ever face us. Honestly, for me, I was I started losing my hair about two years ago. And it was really my cortisol levels were through the roof, because I was just, I was doing everything. And I laugh at this now. But like I was cringing when I was watching this, because I was watching an old training I had from like two years ago. So here like, I have two very young kids. And in the video, I’m talking about boundaries. And this clearly I’m looking exhausted. And I’m like not, not listening to what I’m saying in that moment. But I think knowing how important it is but still struggling with. I’m in this growth moment. And I think when you’re growing something, it’s so difficult to put boundaries, because you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity. Or you don’t want to feel like you’re not doing enough, when you hear of people grinding and living their dreams. And if you have things that matter like your people, maybe your kids, your your life, your with your family matters so much we can totally negotiate in that moment of why those, those boundaries are not worth it. Because we don’t have time we have so much to do. If we don’t do this, then how are we going to grow? And I’m doing this for my kids. So what excuse do I have, but if we lose ourselves in the process, and thinking back to the gold medal, I started really shifting how I viewed boundaries as part of my strategy. And seeing like, I show up 10 times more powerful. In a day with these boundaries, I actually show up even better than I did when I didn’t have them. So I’m like I’m doing more and maybe three hours. And that was an eight because I was exhausted. But I had to get real with myself and thinking about how do I want to get to the top, whatever top I’m reaching. And can I look back in this journey and say I would encourage other women in particular to take this journey with me? And if I don’t like how that sounds, I don’t want to do it that way. And that’s really what I had to kind of come to terms with



so good. When you’re talking about boundaries, is it a lot of around time? And if there are other things like what are some key boundary areas that maybe our listeners should kind of examine in their own life?



I I think one of the biggest things is actually some people in our lives. We I always look at the most important boundaries I think we need to be aware of is what makes our emotions swing from one place to the other. And that could be that one friend that is always just telling you everything that’s going wrong in their life since like, how do we it’s okay to love people from afar, but some boundaries in place, retrain those relationships and be like, Oh, okay, maybe I shouldn’t be, you know, sharing everything that’s going wrong. Maybe, you know, we can be a sounding board. But there’s a limit to that as well if you know certain things like if you’re highly empathetic, and you’re the one person that everyone’s telling them everything that’s going on and you’re carrying that with you that’s a sign that maybe there’s a boundary that’s missing. So I look at if your energy was a tank and I know if anyone’s seen like Monsters Inc. From this no robot like they were filling those tanks with energy. If yours is always flickering, ask yourself and be honest, if you were to look at the areas from family, from friendships, from your from work from your personal life from health, which ones of those are taking more than their giving you and reevaluating that because at the end of the day, if you lose yourself in the process, you don’t enjoy the journey, you’re actually not gonna go far because odds are, the journey will no longer be enjoyable. What you were passionate about will no longer matter because you’re not passionate about it anymore. And it’s okay to love certain people from afar. I think some relationships can be very draining, and it’s okay to acknowledge that it’s okay to say I love you. But I’m not responding to your text, like, I’m gonna put some I’m gonna put some boundaries here.



That is so good that and that can be hard, especially if it’s a close family member or very close friend. But it is. So it is absolutely empowering. I want to go back to one thing I see our time is going way too quickly. This spa that you’re opening did you have and I think I know the answer. Did you have prior experience with owning a med spa,



no SEER experience. And that’s actually going to been one of the biggest learning curves that I’ve had the last couple of months. But so I’m big on on creating high performing teams, that’s actually something I’ve done majority of my career. And I’m big on creating the right bonus structure. And I am a because of that in the way I’ve presented that I’ve attracted incredible talent my way, because I’ve never seen a compensation plan like the one I’ve put together. So I’m excited because the things I don’t know, I’m bringing in the right people and the things that I do know I’m gonna lean into them. But I’m very comfortable admitting what I don’t know. And I’m very comfortable paying the right person with the knowledge to do what they do best and lean into my own team to help me with that. But that’s part of that’s part of something I’ve had to kind of just roll with it too.



Yeah, yeah. But that takes guts. So I guess you were always a gutsy kind of lady.



I signed an international contract right out of college that made my mom like, freak out. And she goes, where are you moving to? I go, I’ll find out two weeks before I go. So I can say yes.



Yeah, you’re gutsy. All right. Oh, my gosh. All right, I want to circle back to your area of expertise, positioning your clients? How do you help them position themselves in the corporate world to get what they want?



It starts with understanding really clearly. What is it that you do well? And how do you help the company reach their goals? And it starts it’s very similar. If I were to look at it from a business perspective of what is your niche into inside a your, you know, maybe for your ideal clients, your specific niche? Well, what is your niche in your corporate in your corporate career and understanding that piece really well, once we start getting some clarity on that I have several assessments that we do several tools that we go through, all of the sudden they start saying, oh my goodness, I’m really good at this part of the strategy, I could really be actually, this is the team I really should be in because that’s where I lean in the most. So we look at your track record, we look at your results or your performance, where have you shined. And now that you know where you’ve shined, we make sure other people know that that’s where you shine. So we create the plan to bridge the two. So you become the go to person for those specific things that you’re naturally very skilled at.



Yeah, and I think I think the idea of gaining confidence to speak up, because I know when I think about who I am now and who I was, then it’s funny, because even though I thought it was a powerhouse, then I kept quiet when I shouldn’t have. So are there some tips to you know, I don’t want to fake it till we make it but but to really lean into who we really are. So that we have the confidence we should given all of our good all of our experience and good stuff we bring to the table.



I love leaning into the client’s personality. If I have someone that’s like highly technical, we put numbers around it, like you know how to speak numbers. So we’re going to talk numbers, you’re going to talk your numbers that you deliver. If I have someone who’s very people oriented, okay, we’re going to talk about people, we’re going to talk about the things that you naturally already talk about, but in no way that it relates back to you. And it’s not something that you’re talking with your peers. And I will challenge all my clients to have conversations with skip levels. And I always tell them start with the skip levels that are further removed from you. So you can practice fumble, and then we get closer and closer to the ones that are the stakeholders. So when you do have these conversations, you feel really clear. But the confidence piece comes back from and I see this is a theme of notice, lack of confidence is because of lack of clarity of what to talk about yourself. And if we can so clear that you practice with me and we are so crystal clear. What exactly is that you’re going to say? That you’re no longer having to figure it out that that removes a lot of the fear that comes with Is it lack of confidence or lack of clarity?



Oh, that’s so good. That is so good. And I can see that, you know, that works in the entrepreneurial space as well. Because I think when people’s like what do you do and they’re like Homina Homina you know, a lot of times they’re either like deer in the headlights they don’t even know what to say. Or the other extreme is they just keep talking ad nauseam because they don’t have any clarity around it to this, keep talking. For sure. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. Well, our time is up. So is there anything on your heart? We talked about so many great things? But is there anything on your heart Andrea that you really wanted to share that you haven’t yet?



The biggest thing would be to stop caring so much what anyone else has to say or feel about what you’re doing right now, if you’re being called to do something. Imagine yourself in two to three years, whatever those people, if they really are your people saying it will matter and focus on who could you help? whose lives are going to be affected positively by the work that you’re doing? Yes, it can be silly sometimes to be on video, it can be silly sometimes to write your thoughts maybe you’ve never had before. Maybe you’ve changed. Maybe you’ve evolved. Maybe your friend from 10 years ago doesn’t remember you this way. That’s okay. They can get to know the new version of you and stick to what you’re being called to. Hmm,



so good. So good. So where is the best place for our listeners to find you online?



I love my Instagram page has been my baby since day one. So Miss that Andrea that Martin. And you can also find me on LinkedIn at Andrea Martin. MBA is my URL, but I hang out on both of those. I love if you have a takeaway from this episode, I would love to hear it. That’s always nice to see.



That’s so good. There’s only about like a dozen or so. Well, Andrea, thank you so much for your time. This has been absolutely amazing. I really appreciate you coming on.



Thank you so much for having me. All right, ladies,



I have no doubt your head is swirling with lovely thoughts. And I want you to capture those thoughts. I want you to listen back to this. There are so many good nuggets here. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or whether you are in the corporate space, dig in and say, What can I get out of this episode? What can I use, and then implement it? Because that’s the purpose why we come to you so many times a week because I want you to move your life and your business or your corporate success forward in a powerful way. Always looking to God for His guidance. Right. So one last thing if you’d love this episode, I’ve no doubt you did. Please take a moment if you haven’t already done so and leave a rating and a review. It helps us it helps to push this out so that more sisters in Christ hear about joyful scaling and joyful business. Thanks again Andrea law. Thank you. All right, ladies. We will see you next time.


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