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Ladies, welcome to this bonus episode of The joyful scaling podcast. Yesterday I did an advanced business training many, many of you attended thank you to those who did for those who didn’t guess what, because of the demand, because you requested it, I’m doing it again, an encore presentation of how to get unstuck beyond 250k. And do it with joy and simplicity. And that is not an impossible thing. It’s absolutely possible. I’m doing it, my clients are doing it. And I really want to show you how we’re doing it. So check the show notes for the link to get in on this encore presentation happening may 10. At 1pm. Eastern again, it’s going to be a private zoom closed door room, you need a ticket to get in. So check out the link that I’m going to put in the show notes for you. what today is all about social media. And more than that it’s content. Wherever you are putting your content, whether it is in social, whether it’s on YouTube, whether it’s in Pinterest, whether it’s via a podcast like this, whether it is blogging, whatever your venue is, for showing up for your people. This, this episode is about creating your content, all of the content that you will ever need in about an hour of your time. That’s it. Now, some of you were like, okay, dude, this, this can’t even be I’ve been trying to do this for months or maybe years, and I still go to the computer. When I’m creating my blog, or I’m thinking about my podcast, I’m like, Okay, what am I going to talk about? Well buckle up, grab a paper and pen, because I’m going to show you it’s very easy. You can truly do this in about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. But that’s all it takes when you have the right pieces in place. Now that may be your stumbling block. And if as you’re listening, you’re like, Okay, wait, well, I don’t have the foundational pieces from which I pull to create my content, well, then maybe you and I need to have a chat. The doors are open right now, for the joyful scaling mastermind. And what that means is that you have an opportunity to apply if you meet our minimum threshold, our qualifications, our standards, which I’m not going to get into right now. I’ve talked about them before, just very briefly, a minimum 75k In the last 12 months, that you are super, super committed, that you are willing to invest in yourself to the tune of five figures. And you’re willing to do so and are looking forward to becoming a part of a 12 month high touch high value high access container where big dreams are pursued. And indeed we’re pursuing the impossible. So if that’s you, I’m going to have the link below for that to apply it’s scaling console, the J The s&c are capitalized, no obligation when you do that, but it gets you in line, because doors are opening. And I’m only letting 10 Ladies and so it’s a very elite group of ladies, but you’re learning so much inside and you’re growing so much. It’s just insane. Anyway, I’m not going to get into that. So let’s dive into the topic for today. But first, let’s go to God Heavenly Father, we love you and we trust you help us God to you know, trust you more in our business to make you more of a goto rather than an add on to to make you the priority rather than the oh, I don’t know what to do. Now I better go to God kind of thing. Lord God, we love you. And we want to do your work. We you called us to this business, help us God to you know, let all of the ideas that you give us, help us to give structure to them. And as we’re talking about today in content that’s put out there to serve and get little wins for our audience so that more and more people raise their hand to work with us. So that we can really impact the world, the way you the way you’ve purposed us to do their God. Thank you. We look forward to how you’re going to move. We’re going to do our work and we look forward to you fulfilling your promises. We pray all these things in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Amen. All right, ladies. So first, I’m going to talk to you about the content itself. There are really only three primary content sources. And there’s a bonus one that we can talk about, but you know, overall, it’s three. Okay, and they’re this Your philosophy,



your isms, and your methodology. Okay? So from your philosophy, your isms and your methodology, you will get all of the content you will ever need from now to the end of forever. Unless, of course, you switch your expertise. But barring that this is it. So let’s talk about each one. Philosophy. What do I mean by that? Ladies, you are an expert. That’s my expectation, you’re listening to this. So you’re serious about your business, you come to the table, offering huge value life transformation or business transformation, or both, for your clients. So I would expect that as that expert, you have a take on your work and on your industry, right, you do things differently? You know, and by philosophy, I’m talking about what are the key ways you do business for with your clients and for your clients? That has become your philosophy? Right? Like, for me, the whole pursue the impossible is a part of my philosophy. Right? And the whole idea of, you know, selling to serve, right? That is a philosophy of mine, that I incorporate into my curriculum, and my trainings, and everything I do with my clients. So what is your philosophy about your work? A part of your philosophy may also be calling out what you see others that competitors of yours doing wrong, and that includes gurus. So call it out as part of your philosophy, right. So for me, I think it’s nonsense to focus all of your time or so much of your time on social, when that is just one marketing tool. That is one place to show up. And the Guru’s and other business coaches out there are putting so much, you know, they make it feel so burdensome. And I don’t know anybody that’s broken down the content creation as easily as I have. And as I’m explaining to you in this episode, so I’m calling that out. Ladies, you do not have to stand in front of your computer, like, you know, all day long poring over that and being quick, quick, quick to, you know, respond to DMS at a fear we don’t operate from fear out of fear that I might miss something. Do you know any doctor or any lawyer that is sitting on social waiting to respond to DMS that come in? The answer is no. And why is that? Well, because they’re experts, they’re busy. Well, aren’t you an expert? Do something that is lead gen producing, right, like revenue generating, producing, like talking to people connecting with people? Yes, that could be in the DM, but it could be live could be on the phone, it could be through zoom, it is not only so crucial. So that’s part of my philosophy. And I call that out. Okay, so that’s what I’m talking about ladies in this first aspect of content, you know, pulling your content from this first area is your philosophy. What do you think about your area of the marketplace? Your little niche of the marketplace? Your competitors? How do they do it that you don’t agree with? What are the main ways that you do business? And, and why is all that important to your client and most beneficial to them? That’s all a part of this first area where we’re pulling our content from the philosophy. All right, the second one is your isms. These are the phrases that you say, or the words that you’ve coined, that go along with your work. Right. So So I have a bunch of these right, my isms, you know, you could you could say, pursue the impossible is kind of an ism to as well as a philosophy, right? Or I say, you know, fully embrace who you are in God so that you can step fully into your role as a CEO. kind of long, but that’s what I say all the time. You’ve got to fully embrace the Lord. Right? be who God made you to be. That’s an ism. Okay, what are some of your isms? Okay, and they tend to be that was kind of a long one, but you get the point. Think about words you’re repeating all the time.



What are they write them down. That’s your isms. And you’re like, Oh, God, why? Why do I care about that? Well, darn well, you should because you want to be I’m known for those isms, like me, she is extraordinary. That’s the name of this podcast way back when that still is in Islam. Right? Because I believe that every woman in Christ is extraordinary. So anytime you hear she is extraordinary, you should think of me. Anytime you hear joyful scaling, or anything around joy as it relates to scaling, you should think of me, right. Another ism for me is faith fueled business. Because to me, faith based is fine. But me and my clients, our businesses are fueled by our faith. So it’s faith fueled, right. So those are other examples of isms. And you just make these up, or you adopt them as your own, you don’t have to create new words per se. Right? Like Google, I don’t know who would have thought of that. That’s a totally coined word, it doesn’t exist. Right? Or Elon Musk? Gas, what’s the name of his car, now it’s drunk drawing a blank, but whatever his company name is, that word didn’t exist, he made it up. But you don’t have to or Zillow, there’s another made up word, you don’t have to make up a word. But if you do, that’s an ism. Okay, so she’d have a couple of isms at least, right? Think about that give thought to that, it’d be well worth your time. So that’s the second area from which you pull content. And finally, the third and this is where you will pull the bulk of your content is your methodology. And here’s the deal. I bet a lot of you don’t have a methodology that is fully mapped out. Or you do have a methodology, which is a process or a step by step of what you do for your clients. And if not a step by step, you have pillars that are kind of foundational elements of your work. And you have that you may have that, but you didn’t ever, like write it out, or put it out there as your own unique methodology or process. And why that’s so important is because intellectual property, which is what all of this is your philosophy, your isms, in your methodology. These are, these are intellectual property assets, which means they are yours and yours alone. And they make you have this this higher level perception of you out in the marketplace. Right, joyful scaling mastermind, nobody else can have it, it’s trademarked. My three steps to scaling joyfully, the jumpstart the optimize the yield. And I’ll also drop in the show notes, a link to my video where I explain exactly those three steps within the joyful scaling methodology that I’ve created. Right? The Lord God downloaded that to me, I took it and said, thank you very much, Lord. Thank you. Thank you. And that is my unique methodology. What is yours? Now, your steps could be, you know, ranging anywhere from three steps to like six or seven steps. And you know, there is no right or wrong, it’s what are the primary steps that your clients have to take to get from where they are now to where they want to be? It’s as simple as that. Or if you’re doing a done for you service, and they’re not doing any step by step? What are the main pillars, if you will, that you are providing for them? The main buckets? That’s another way to look, think of it? What are you primarily doing for them, as you’re working with them, you know, is a bucket for, you know, email nurture series or a bucket for SEO? Or, you know, this is what I’m trying to get you to understand. If you haven’t done for you service, what are the primary aspects of that service, which you could identify as pillars of the work that you do for them? Okay, that’s your methodology. And then within that, within each of those pillars, or those steps, I want you to think with for each one of those to identify five to 10 sub topics or sub issues under them.



Right. So let’s just think about this. Let’s say you have, as an example, your methodology consists of three pillars. Let’s take my for example, JS jumpstart, oh is optimized y zeal. Those are the three simple steps to scaling big time, right? So I’m writing out each of those pillars and let’s say under each of those, I’ve come up with seven sub issues or topics that are addressed or covered or that they need to know about or learn about or do under those pillars, so three pillars, times seven sub issues of each, right there, I’ve got 21 topic ideas for content. Do you see how that works? And so, I’m saying that your methodology is the real bulk of the content, because this is your work with your clients. And so, yes, you’re gonna want to pepper, your content, wherever, wherever it exists out there, you know, with your philosophy and with your isms. But primarily, you want to share with them your methodology and aspect of your methodology like, like this podcast is a part of my J my jumpstart, because my J involves marketing strategy. And so you know, marketing strategy involves visibility. And so we’re talking about content creation that you can then put out there in the world to become visible. So as an example, here’s the sub topic, within my first pillar of my methodology, that I’m turning into a podcast episode that is chock full of value. Okay, so I hope that helps. So that within each of these things, I broke down the methodology. Let’s go back to the isms. So if you have even three isms, you can think about what you know, within the xi is extraordinary ism, let’s just use that as an example. What are some subtopics? I could think about, maybe there’s some Bible verses under there. Right? that I want to put Bible verses that point to the fact that God made you to be extraordinary, you know, something from Proverbs 31. You know, we’re not given a spirit of fear, but of, but a power. So that would be under there, maybe. Okay, so even within each of these parts, it’s always this is the main, these are the main buckets, if you will, within the methodology or within the isms or within the philosophy. And then under each of those, can we go deeper? Can we think about additional issues or topics that, again, all of this, when we’re creating all of this, we’re thinking of, and we’re obsessed with our best clients? What are their problems? What are their pain points? What’s my solution? And how can I create content around that? Okay, now, I hope this has been helpful. I told you, there’s a fourth kind of content bucket, and that is really just personal. People love to get to know you. Right, people, you know, I work with realtors a lot and agents and brokers. And you know, they’re like, Well, I



work with Coldwell Banker, I work for exp, or I work for whatever. And I’m just like, wait a minute, wait a minute. I know from having been a realtor for many years, that if your client loves you, they really don’t care where you’re working, where you’re hanging your license, right, they care about you. So that’s just one example. But whatever you do, whatever your industry, whatever your expertise, trust me when I say that your clients want to know about you, if you do a great job of putting out this kind of content, which is value based and specific as to your expertise, and your specialty, and your genius, and how you help your clients great, but don’t forget to pepper in also aspects of you as a person, right, and your brand is built upon you and your core values, and your firm beliefs and convictions. And your, you know, what makes you you that’s got to be an element to your brand. And so it needs to be seen, right? Maybe not just you in the zoo doing your thing, or you you know, on the job, but maybe you at the beach, or you in the mountains, or you hunting, or you you know riding a horse, whatever you’d like to do in your free time. So with all of that, ladies, I’m telling you, here’s how I break it down when you’re saying okay, great. How does this become done in an hour? Here’s what I tell my clients spend about 20 to 30 minutes once you have your methodology, okay, this is once you have all these buckets already established within the philosophy, that isms in the methodology, but once you have those buckets, and you know what’s underneath each of those, and you have, you know, you’re ready to figure out those sub issues or sub topics. This is what I’m talking about ladies. So once you have your methodology, for example, spend 20 to 30 minutes, just brainstorming under each of those pillars or steps. What could my sub issues or subtopics be 20 to 30 minutes off And then move to philosophy. Once you already have your big buckets of philosophy, your major philosophical points, then spend 20 to 30 minutes coming up with sub issues or sub topics below each of those. And then finally, spend about 15 minutes with your isms. Once you have them, spend 15 minutes, again, identifying the sub issues or sub topics under them. And that should take about an hour. And then all you have to do anytime you’re creating content in whatever format it is, is to refer to that document that has all of those beautiful major headings of philosophy, isms, and methodology and all those beautiful sub topics under them. Do you see how this can be so valuable? So that then you’re you’re not having to create something from nothing you’re creating from a document that is already comprehensive, and will keep you focused. And then I’ll give you a bonus tip. Hook headlines, hook headlines, ladies. It’s so important whether you’re creating that podcast writing that blog, or article, or you know, writing a social post that you grab their attention from the first line. So if you want my hook headlines, then I need you to do just one simple thing. Write a review here, wherever you’re listening, send me a screenshot. And you know, say Hey, can I have your hook headlines and I’d be happy to do it. If you have already been gracious enough to leave me a review a rating and review here on the podcast. Simply DM me hook headlines. Okay, DM me on it at Judy Weber co everywhere DM me, hook headlines, and I will send that right out to you. Alright, sister, I pray that this has blessed you. And I love your feedback. So do let me know reach out any and every time and let me know also, hey, you know what, as a reminder, go to my podcast page of my site, Judy Scroll down a little bit and you will be able to leave me a voice note where you can leave your feedback. You can even say hook headlines there. You can tell me how the show has been blessed you and benefited you and your business. I love to hear from you. It is such a blessing. So I hope to see you there or somewhere online because I love to hear from you. And I look forward to hearing back from you and seeing you next time.


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