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Hello and welcome to thriver Thursday live ladies, this is the place to be each and every Thursday at 11am. Eastern to learn powerful scaling strategies and of course grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Hi there I am Judy Weber women’s business strategist and scaling expert with over 30 years experience in high level business, first in the courtroom as a trial attorney, and then incorporate in the C suite as general counsel and HR director of a multimillion dollar international company. Successful Christian women come to me to learn how to scale their revenue and multiply their impact. It’s about strategy and mindset. It does take both, and we do it all by His power and for the Lord’s glory. Today’s topic I’m so excited about and when as you’re jumping on, please say hey, so that I know who’s here. Thank you for watching. They’re on Instagram. I love it. And many are watching here on what is it Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. Alright, so today’s topic, I did this scary thing. And it changed my life forever. Ladies, I’m going real. I’m going raw. I really want you to feel me on this one. I’m sharing about that big scary thing that I did last year. And believe me, I had a hard time sleeping for a while. I’m not kidding. Okay, but that big risk paid off, like tenfold and it’s still counting. It’s so good. And I’m gonna tell you all about it. It has literally changed my life. It has changed my business for ever. Any ideas what it could be? Pop it in the chat where you are. Alright, before we dive in, I want to read just a couple of reviews on my joyful scaling podcast. And this first one comes from Jennifer s. Who writes, I subscribe to the podcast after listening to Judy, I began to feel joy not only in my business, but in my Christian life. It’s always exactly what I need to hear. Thank you for that, Jennifer. And the second review by Chrissy Lee and Christie said I just listened to Judy’s joyful scaling podcast about when to be selfish in a good way in your business. So many interesting ideas, so much truth, really inspirational. Ladies, I want to thank you for listening. Like, we’re continuing to climb the global rankings of podcasts, we read one and a half globally. Now we’re in the top 1%. And I can’t thank you enough, you are the reason for the podcast. You are the reason for these weekly trainings. You’re the reason for everything I do and all praise and glory and honor to King Jesus. Before we dive in to what did I do last year that was so crazy, I want to make sure you know about a brand new Advanced Business Training that I’m going to be teaching live a week from right now.



It’s happening may 5, next Thursday at 11am. But this training is not going to be live streamed, it’s going to be we’re going to be in a private Zoom Room. And that business training in that private room is called how to break through beyond 250k. No replays. So you’ve got to attend live. Now I want to address something right up front. I heard from a couple of Realtors, who said, Judy, I’d love to attend live, but I can’t because I have a meeting. And I get it. I don’t know if you know, but I was a realtor since back in 2008. Although I’m not currently in production, I have an announcement for you ladies, and I really want you to hear me. You are not the employee of your broker, Nick rate, you’re an entrepreneur. So they can tell you, it’s their policy that you must attend. I’m telling you, you are the CEO of your business. So I want to encourage you to decide for yourself where you should be not just for next Thursday, but anytime you get to decide I want you to own your CEO role, I want you to take control. I also heard from one attorney and a couple of other professionals and I get it meetings have been scheduled. And again, we all have decisions to make a may offer this training at some other point. I don’t have it planned right now. But if I had to sum up the content, it’s going to be so juicy. Oh my gosh, you’re gonna love it. But if I had to sum it up, I would say you are going to leave next week’s training with a deeper level understanding of the CEO skills that you need to master in order to experience real breakthrough and get to that next level. Okay. Now when I say breakthrough, I’m talking about a dramatic shift in the way you do business. And in the way you even approach business and think about business. And of course, a dramatic positive shift in the results your business will generate. Okay, my genius is in growing and scaling businesses quickly. I’ve done it myself. The first business I had I had 10 clients in a couple of weeks. All right, my first online business my first year was multi six figures, okay. And I’m going to be sharing golden nuggets of wisdom that I garnered over the past nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur. Just very briefly, you’re going to learn I did To find the seven biggest mistakes that even smart women like you make, that are keeping you stuck. And if you missed last week’s training, which that was all about, I want you to listen to episode 265 of my joyful scaling podcast, because you’re gonna want that for context, I’m going to run through it really quick at the beginning of next week’s training. But go back to Episode 265. And listen, where I go in a little bit more depth on those seven mistakes and see how many of those you’re making. You’re also going to learn how to avoid those seven mistakes. That’s where we’re gonna go deep. And I want to tell you exactly what you need to do differently in order to break through that current revenue and impact ceiling that you’re hitting right now. I’m also going to teach you the quickest path to six figure leaps in revenue. Okay, that’s that all of that is the strategy piece. And then, like I said, In the beginning, it’s strategy and it’s mindset. So then we’re going to shift to mindset, because listening strategy is not going to work. If you don’t have the right perspective, if you’re not doing things with the right mindset. And so in the way of mindset, you’re gonna learn the vital correlation between faith and success in business, right, you’re gonna learn the mindset shifts that are required to uplevel and scale to seven figures. And here’s the kicker, while enjoying more freedom, and we want more freedom in their business, anybody who’s sick and tired of being tied to their business to their computer to anybody, you can’t miss next week. Okay. And finally, mindset impacts your thoughts. So we’re going to talk about managing your thoughts, thoughts about you thoughts about your business thoughts about your best clients even right, and I’m going to share a powerful tool, it’s going to help you to do exactly that. Manage your mind, believe me next week is a training you do not want to miss it’s live. And here’s the deal. Success is not a puzzle that only a few women will ever figure out. Okay, success is available to you. I need to say it again, if you weren’t paying attention, come back to me. Success is available to you. No matter who you are, no matter where you are right now. And I’m sharing what’s required for the success you seek in next week’s Advanced Business Training. So don’t miss it. Be sure to register today to save your seat. Seating in this Zoom Room is limited to 100. And we’re getting close to capacity. We’re at about 80 Out of the 100 seats. So run don’t walk to get into the room. Okay, good. A is training the link is there for you and Instagram. I tried to put it here in the chat. Don’t know if it’s showing up. Someone might want to pop it in Biz trading. All right, let’s go to God in prayer. And then we’re going to dive into my crazy thing I did last year. Heavenly Father,



thank you, thank you, God, that you are at work, even when we don’t see it. Even when we don’t feel it. Lord, we can trust that you are in control. Hallelujah. God, I pray that you will speak through me today. I mean, today’s story about you know, that scary thing I did and the crazy difference it has made in my business and my life All Glory to You got All Glory to you. I do my part, but you do way more. And so I praise you for that. Please speak to each of these ladies, Lord, that are listening. And really make an impression on their hearts and their minds as they need to in order to fully embrace who they are in you and step fully into that CEO role that you call them to. Thank you, Jesus, we love you. And it’s in your name we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, if you’re chatting, I can’t see it. I don’t like that. I can’t see it. Sometimes streaming works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But all right, so what’s this crazy thing I did? That changed everything for me. Here it is you ready? I invested in a mastermind to the tune of nearly $100,000 Yep. Oh boss, wha re I invested around $75,000 And it was by far the biggest single investment I ever made in myself or in my business. And I felt compelled compelled to share with you about that decision to invest and the results that came with it. Okay, because I know deep down I know that this message is for someone watching or listening right now. Whether you’re here with me live or on the replay. Maybe just maybe what I’m about to share is your sign from God. When it comes to your investing in you. Like I always say go to God seek his good and perfect word. But here’s the thing I learned so much in the past year I have grown so so much in my faith that Christ is in the very center of my life and in my business. And I’ve grown as a CEO in ways that like, I don’t even know that I could express it all in ways that I would never have imagined. And so I wanted to take a few moments today to share my experience with you. And again, I pray that it blesses you. So it was last June, when I was considering joining this, obviously, very high end mastermind container with a person that I had been following for a couple of years. I admired her. I liked her style. And she seemed to know what she was doing. Right. She posted and, and shared great results that she had gotten for clients. So I booked a consult with her. And the consult went as planned question answer, question, answer. I was interested. Okay, so now came the big question. What’s the investment? When she told me, I like my heart sank? Like, I can’t invest like $75,000 in a one year container. That’s nuts. That was my first thought, like, like, is she freaking crazy? And I went silent. When she said, I didn’t, I didn’t even have words. And tons of thoughts just went racing through my head, you know, this, this was going well, you don’t really need this. It can’t be worth that much. Like it can’t be that valuable. Basically, my mind was telling me Don’t do it. Anybody been there? Anybody? Right? Oh, and then I thought of my husband. And while he has nothing to do with my business, I am the CEO, I do not need his permission. I thought, ah, what would he say? If I said yes to this? Like I was thinking his first response would be something like, Are you reading your mind? Like, what? What is that going to do for you? Like, what are you thinking? So all these things just kind of rolling around in my head, like fear overwhelm, like, this sense of disbelief, like, how could it possibly be that much, but yet, in the midst of all the negative, deep down, I wanted to do it. I trusted this person, she’s smart. Her business philosophy was solid. And she developed a sophisticated container, like obviously, right? Like riffraff is not getting in to a container at that price point. Okay, that containers reserved only for those that are really committed. And that’s another reason why I wanted in, right. But I thought, what, how much? So after I’m quietly going through all this in my head, she said, What do you want to do?



And I remained quiet, like what felt like an eternity. And finally I said, I’m sorry, I really want to do this, but I just can’t. She didn’t push. She said, Tell me more. Wow, that opened the floodgates right at that. I think I just started ranting for a while, but I can remember right? Going back and forth. It sounds great. But, and then that rant, like I went, I really want to do it. But this sounds really terrific. But you know, but the rant there ended with me saying once more, I’m really sorry. I wish I could, but just can’t. She said, Okay. It’s a big decision, go do some thinking and praying and then Let’s reconnect in two days, okay. And I’m like, Sure. Let’s do it. And I hung up the phone asking God like, Lord, can I do this? Should I do this? And although God knows all and there’s no better person to go to no better person to run to for guidance than the Lord. And I did go to him, by the way. But in that moment, I was like, I need to talk to somebody, I need to talk to a live body like someone here on the earth. It’s crazy, right? How we think we need to talk with a human more than God. I resist that natural inclination. But I have to confess I struggle with that, especially in a hot moment like this. I’m an extrovert. I love people. I love talking with people. They give me energy. You know, so just being able to see or touch or audibly hear them. I needed that in the moment or so I thought, right. And you probably know if you’re following me for any length of time, I’m really close to my sister, my twin sister. Right. But I was like, would Jan even understand she probably think I was nuts, too, for thinking about this. And so I didn’t tell her which is also kind of crazy because we tell each other pretty much everything going on in our lives. Certainly big things like a 75k investment. Right. So over the course of the next two days, I prayed. I cried. I freaked out. And I made my decision. And that decision was always no. And I was actually dreading going to this coach on the follow up call and let’s be real, I could have blown it off. And I thought about it. I did. But then I thought that’s not professional Judy. Can’t do that. You got to honor your promise and get on the call. So that’s what I did. The coach was, of course, nothing but professional. She wasn’t pushy. Of course, I wouldn’t like that, right. But she was speaking truth. She said, Oh, and I’ll share that in a second. But the call started with me saying again, I really want to do this, but I can’t. And she has to, Judy, it’s your call. But let me ask you this. You say you really want to do this? Tell me why? That’s a great question. Those you do consults. That’s a great question. Why? Anything they say, Tell me more. Why do you say that? Why is that important to you? Right? So we talked about my why, like, where I wanted to go into business, like how I wanted to grow personally. And where I wanted to take the business to that whole new level, we talked about how this mastermind her mastermind would do exactly that. And about the support I would get and what it would look like on a practical level, all of it. And she said, after all that was discussed, she said again, alright, you. So what are you gonna do? And what do you think happened again? Silence. I felt so conflicted. Oh, I wanted. But how could I investing nearly 100 grand in a one year program? Listen, did I have the money sitting in the bank? No. But there was a monthly payment option, which was, it was doable, right. But it was a stretch in light of what else I had going on in the business, right? But I wanted to stretch myself. What was I really capable of? So I’m like, Lord, I’m saying to myself, Lord, tell me what to do. I scream that to myself, in my mind. And in that moment, I just felt so much pressure, like so much pressure and it wasn’t coming from her. It was coming from my own desire. From inside me, like I want this. But I can’t. That’s what I kept going back and forth. When it became too much as we were sitting on the phone in dead quiet as I was going through both ways, do it, don’t do it, do it, don’t do it. And I just burst out into tears right there on the phone. I’m telling you, it was an ugly cry. And I can’t even imagine what she was thinking. But I started just talking, basically saying the same thing. I



really want to do this. Like, you know, inaudible like, she didn’t say a word. You know, she just let me cry and blubber. She had no idea what I was saying. Right? She just let me process. And then it became quiet again. It was felt really heavy. God, what do I do? Tell me, tell me. Quiet. And then she asked again, Judy, what’s your decision? Are we doing this? Then I got this instant, like all of a sudden, it was like this instant, like glimmer of hope. An instant of I can do this that I felt deep down in my belly a certain way I can describe it. And I don’t know that it was a word from the from the Lord because it felt a little bit different than that. You know, that moment itself is actually kind of fuzzy to me right now. All I can say is there was a moment when I felt deep down. And it could have been something in my spirit. But I usually feel a little bit higher. And more in my mind then that in my belly, this was my belly. And I thought I can do this. You know, and even as I had that, yeah, Marie says that was Holy Spirit conviction. And even as I had that, then in my mind, my mind kept saying you can’t do it. Don’t do it. You know, so So was my belly, the Lord in my mind, the enemy? I don’t know. But like I said, I had the sense of I can do this. And so I said, Yes. Let’s do it as I was wiping my tears. Yes, let’s do it. And you know what, as soon as the yes was out of my mouth, I was like, Wait, did I just say that? Instantly, I became scared again, like freaking out of my mind scared? Can anybody relate? But at the same time, like, like, so many emotions were going on at that time. Super afraid, super. Like, Okay, Lord, this is this is my leap of faith, right? I was super proud of myself. And though the fear stayed with me for a while, and I’ll talk about that in just a moment, the fear was now sharing space with possibility and even excitement about what would happen in the next 12 months. And before I move on, I want to bring you into the picture. Okay, have you ever wanted to invest in something and thought right away like I want it, but I can’t do it. I want you to know, I totally get that feeling of being torn or being in that tough spot. And again, even though the business was doing great at the time, I didn’t have a spare 75 grand lying around. But what I did have, even through the fear, and the doubt, was a very strong sense that God, Jehovah Jireh would provide that he would fulfill his promises. And if he brought me all the way to this person, and I’ve been following into this call into this follow up call and I got that



glimmer of, yes. Then I said, I’m going in, right, I had faith.



And in that moment, even though when I look back now, I’m like, What did I say that? And I remember, like, looking around, like, Oh, my God, what did I just do? I had faith. And when I said, Yes, I stood tall on that faith, standing in courage, despite the fear. And now it was time for me to walk my talk big time. Okay, God was with me. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I just committed to something. So I was going all in. And I had an expectation that if I did my part, God would surely do his. And yeah, exactly. That’s what happened. So with, you know, the contract sign, and the first payment made, it was done, no turning back now. I’m telling you, it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Was I up for the task? My answer I had to be. So okay, fast forward to that night, I come home, because I’d made the call in my car. Like I didn’t want my husband to walk in to hear this. Okay, so I had been in my car. And I hadn’t told my husband, and I didn’t have to write I mean, it was my business. It’s my money funds are separate. I did not need his approval. But of course, I wanted to tell him, this is an exciting new thing going on. Right? It was a big darn deal. But I was scared to tell him. And for some reason, I just didn’t feel like sharing this decision with my sister either. I just, I wanted to, but yet, I didn’t feel like I could somehow anyway, I don’t think I thought I had just made a mistake. But I did have this thought my hubby and my sister and my kids. And everybody would think I was crazy. If I told him what I just did investing to the tune of nearly six figures. So I kept it to myself for a while. And that felt heavy, like a burden. And so I thought things through and I realized I need to take this thing to the Lord Jesus take this burden, this heaviness from me, please, I can’t carry it, please. And thank you for taking it. And I felt better. But now it’s bedtime. And all I could think about was like, What did you do? What did you do? Right? Can I get out of this actually had that thought? Can I get out of this? You know, I’m a lawyer. So of course, I’m thinking legally. Hmm. Is there a loophole in the contract? Is there a 24 hour remorse clause somewhere? How can I get out of this? My conclusion was you can’t. Thanks for all the love there on Instagram, right? You’re just scared. I said to myself, you can do this. And then I kept recalling scripture about who I am in Christ. Okay, now I feel better. Thank you God, right. But then quickly, as soon as it would go away the doubt and the fear would creep back in again, I’m telling you for like a week, maybe more, I had a hard time falling asleep, which is not the norm for me, I’m usually quick to fall asleep. Sleep is not an issue for me. Thank God. Boy, it was in the beginning there. I would think oh my gosh, how am I going to pay for this? Well, I really grow six figures worth like, can just imagine my thoughts, most of which were the negative, grounded in what the F word fear. Now I’m painting this vivid picture because I know that my experience is not unique. I know that some of you have wanted to invest even with me, I know that. And you’ve said I really want to, but I can’t. So this really isn’t necessarily a pitch to say say yes to me. Let’s go. Although that’s an open invitation to apply. Let’s see. But I really just wanted to let you know that at every level, there will always be fear. But as Christians, this is where the rubber meets the road Ladies, are we going to choose faith and like live and act out? What we say we believe? Are we going to take the easy way out? And you know, succumb which means to die to the fear. We’re gonna get into the enemy. Heck no, I hadn’t. I don’t want that guy haven’t even a moment of my time or my space. I don’t want him to get a win. So here I am a strong woman of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And yes, I was afraid. I was dealing with fear and I hated that. And so I prayed Lord, help me. I do believe Help my unbelief. I thought women look to me as a role model still lengthen me God, please fill me up a fresh with the Holy Spirit helped me to always choose faith over fear. I’m telling you this first couple of weeks worked up, but it was so good for me. Because with that I can definitely feel and empathize with women who want to work with me, who have fear and doubt they want the result. They want the transformation in their business and in their walk with the Lord.



But, like you, and like me initially, you think I can’t do it. So believe me, sister, the heaviness, the pressure, the horrible feeling of fear, I get it, because I lived it. And from where I sit today, I can tell you without any doubt, that scary investment was the best thing I ever did. Short of climate crisis, Lord, okay, that’s always my number one. But as far as growing me as a person, as a CEO, advancing the business, that was the best thing I ever could have done. Because here’s the thing, I really need you to hear me on this. getting results inside that mastermind, right, and let’s face it getting results in any program or anything you do. Getting results, it’s up to me. It’s up to you. Right? It’s up to you to do the work. It’s up to me to do the work. It’s up to you to follow the process of whoever whoever’s program you’re in. Right? And it was up to me to follow this coaches process all in. And it’s up to you to not only do but be right, so for me in this container, it was it was up to me to be the kind of CEO that throw $75,000 investment. That’s a huge like, leap. That was the biggest shift. And over the past year and a year is not quite there yet. But that shift I’m telling you has been palpable. I am not the person I was 12 months ago, hallelujah. Or even six months ago, or three months ago, I’m a different person growing, growing in the Lord growing in my faith. I am not the CEO that I was last year, because I took this unprecedented step investing, not really in the program, as much as investing in me, in my business, and God’s calling on my life. That because of that big scary thing I did, I grew and it was exponential growth, personally and professionally. And again, more than that my faith has grown as well. What I once believed, was really kind of out of my reach, basically impossible. Can I really hit that big number? I now believe it is absolutely within my grasp. It is 1,000% possible more than that the impossible, quote unquote, is absolutely possible. And it’s already done. Like I know, like more than I believe it’s possible. I know it’s coming. And I never would have had that knowing in my core, had I not said yes to that scary thing. Okay. See, I trusted that God could do anything that he wanted to, and that he would do that big thing and make this investment pay off. And I had to trust that before I saw it. That’s faith. So here today, looking back, I’m so confident that I made the right choice. God grew me it was all him. I did my part by taking that unbelievably scary leap, trusting that he would catch me and he did okay, just picture that Jesus catching you. Right? I had doubt because I’m only human. But I chose to believe God, to believe in His promises to believe all of them were yes and amen in Christ for me, believing that the Lord God was working all things out for my good and for His glory. I knew he had me. I knew it. I made a decision and as a person of God, I had to honor the commitment I made. And so I was determined, I decided to get exactly what I came for. And I went to work, working the process, implementing the strategy, but also an equally if not more important, doing the inner work, learning how to manage my thoughts and direct my brain like I get to tell my brain where I wanted it to go. Okay on productive thoughts on truth reflecting and God’s Holy Word, intentionally walking in faith, right through the fear and of course directing my brain when it comes to strategizing about my business, you know, creating value for for you ladies here. on the podcast or on my weekly trainings wherever it might be in my social content write daily and many times daily, I now say no to the negative. And you know what, there’s less negative coming into my brain. And the negative that is there, I just so much more quickly, like just stop it in its tracks.



Because I’m saying no to the enemy’s lies, about who I am, and what I really can do. And I say a heck yes to who God says I am worthy, chosen loved, able to do crazy things by the power of the Lord God, working purposefully every day to drown out the enemy’s voice, so that I can hear more clearly, the Lord’s sweet voice cheering me on imparting his wisdom. We tell you, this past year has been a crazy ride. But I praise Jesus for it. I praise him for all the ups and even the downs, because there have been some downs. You know, it’s not like I want this to be clear, too. It’s not like I said yes to this crazy $75,000 investment. And then everything was, you know, roses and lollipops. It wasn’t, I cried. I told you to begin, I could hardly sleep. But you see, I praise God for blessing me throughout all of it, with his strength, with his determination, with his empowerment. With his deepening of my faith. I praise him for the blessing that it is to work with my clients. All of them get the benefit of my investment in so many ways. And some of them are here on Insta. I can’t see who’s with me online. But they know ask them yes, my clients who knew me before this big scary investment if they see a change? And they would say an emphatic Yeah. Right, I’m more optimistic than ever before. And it’s not just optimism, like hope. It’s like a knowing again, the future is beyond bright. I know that my God is on the throne. And he is in absolute control. And in him anything and everything is possible. Even massive impact on the lives of so many women with a beautiful ripple effect on the lives of their families and others, right. That’s what I’ve gotten through this year of crazy, scary stuff. But that making that investment, I’ve made a massive impact on the lives of so many of my clients. I’ve had financial success that allows me now to tithe to a degree that again, is going to impact countless lives. And I now have a life of freedom and it’s getting Freer by the day, there’s heightened sense of peace and calm, worrying less and less trusting Him more and more. I’ve definitely matured as a CEO, everything now is at a higher level, my work, my clients results, right? Decision making now made from a complete place of confidence, leading my team with more clarity, handling stressful or difficult situations from again, a place of strength. Nothing could rock me right now. Not with my business. I’m telling you, when you make the right investment, your business, your life can be completely transformed. Now, Marie, who is one of my clients, on instance, she just said gaining sharpness, relevance, confidence, powerful anointing for strategy. Yes, yes. So listen, Sister, if you’re considering investing with a Christian business coach, I want to encourage you couple things, do your due diligence, look at their depth, and their breadth of experience, their education and their results, and then go to God for his wisdom. And then make a decision powerfully from a place of faith. And if that decision is a yes, do the work. Because it’s up to you to get everything you came for. Right? I’m so excited for you. Who’s excited?



I’d love to hear a takeaway. Okay, but listen, I am so excited to spend time with you next week inside the Advanced Business Training, how to break through beyond 250k. And as a quick reminder, next week’s training is an advanced training because I develop the content specifically for those who are already at at least six figures. So if you’re between 102 150k That’s exactly for you. Right so if you’re within that range, and you feel like you’ve reached a plateau like there’s the ceiling and you can’t get past it. You’re gonna you’re gonna learn exactly what you need to do differently to get to that next level and keep going all the way to your first million dollar year. It’s possible for you sister, okay, God called you to this Unless you’ve got the expertise, you’ve got the heart to help others, so the sky’s the limit. So I want you to save your seat now do not wait. Okay, I don’t want you to be locked out of the room when we meet capacity. Like I say we only have about 20 seats left. So register now Biz training all of that in lowercase BIT dot L y slash advanced biz training, do it now. We’re going to spend about 90 minutes together, you will have the opportunity at the end to ask me anything. I’ve allotted plenty of time for q&a within the 90 minutes. Okay, so if you have a specific business challenge, bring it to the training. I’ll answer as many questions as I can. All right, sister, I’m not seeing any comments. I’m not sure if that’s because stream yards, like not working or whatever. But listen, I pray that this life has inspired you to dream even bigger, and to see through God’s eyes, what’s really possible for you, and to seek His wisdom and grow in your faith evermore. Right. And by the way, like I say, I’d love to hear from you. This is a two way street. This is this is what it’s fun when it’s a two way street. And that’s what makes next week’s training so exciting for me, so that we can all be in the room together and we can really have a back and forth. But as for now, tell me your big takeaway from this training right now. You can tell me in the chat, I’m going to come back to it later. Or reach out via social I am at Judy Weber CO at Judy Weber co everywhere. Alright, ladies, have a blessed rest of your Thursday. I cannot wait to spend time with you next week inside the how to break through beyond 250k advanced training next week. Thank you luck, God bless, love you and we’ll see you then.


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