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All right, welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast question for you. Do you have millions of ideas



but you feel like you need somebody else to make them happen? Are you trying to find more time in your calendar and



maybe even more money in your wallet when it comes to marketing? Have you been told you need to do social media, but you’re just winging it because you really don’t have a clue where to start? Well, if so, this episode is for you, my friend. I want you to meet Nicole Smead. She’s a mom of two littles under six two little boys. And she’s the CEO and founder of smart cookie media. And she’s the creator of another amazing podcasts you should listen to called serial entrepreneur show. Through done for you services and workshops are team creates marketing strategies and events to help experts like you stand out online, from photographers to politicians and other go getters. Nicole has worked with clients across the US, Canada and Australia. Let’s welcome the call to the show. How are you? Thank



you. Thank you, Judy. Oh my gosh, I I am I don’t know enamored with whoever you just introduced. Thank you so much. It is funny. It is funny when we do the work for ourselves and say, Hey, I didn’t do that. I did do that too. Yes. So hard on myself. Right? Right. Yes. Right. Exactly. Yeah, thank you. It’s good to be here. I’ve been looking forward to chatting with you, anytime, all the time. But here especially,



you are awesome. I just love your wit. I love your quick brain. Okay, there’s gonna be so good. When Nicole and I met, I don’t even know somewhere online. And then we chatted and I fell madly in love with her because she’s just fun. She’s just fun. So you’re gonna fall in love with her. Alright, so she is a marketing guru. So grab your pen and paper if you haven’t yet. Alright, so let’s start it right out of the gate. What is the number one thing that stays the same? In marketing? regardless of what industry you’re in? Or what business?



Yeah, yeah, the number one thing all the time because we all get confused or discombobulated by digital marketing, or print or anything like that. But the number one thing I try to remind everybody is it story is if we are telling a story telling our clients story, more importantly, if we’re telling that story, and we’re telling it well, and again and again, over time, we are going to attract and draw the right people to us every single time. I don’t care if it’s in web, or print, I’ve even put stuff on billboards, everything in between. That’s the number one thing. And if we can all just get back to that and realize we’re all just connected by a story. We make it easier on ourselves.



Hmm, that’s so good. But I know I you know, especially in the past early on when I came online, gosh, almost five years ago now. Hear story. Tell your story. It’s a way to connect. And then it’s like okay, hmm, I’m looking at the cursor blink. So going to pull that out



of ours? Yeah. Yeah. So that’s just it. It’s it’s never really our story in the way that we think, Okay, do I start at the beginning of my journey? Do I start where I had the aha where, like, that’s, I think when we are inside the pill bottle, I’ve heard, we can’t read the label, right? It gets really, really confusing. And so are some of us could figure it out. But it gets a whole lot easier for on the outside. And I also give the example of when you’re standing on $100. Bill, I joke that US entrepreneurs, we probably would feel it go up up our bodies, but we’re standing on it, we’re so close, we can’t see the value yet. And so really, it’s when we can get out and chat with a customer we want. If we don’t have any a customer we’ve had in the past our favorites, please talk to your favorites. People who have worked with you even if you’re starting something new. And when we can tell how you have worked with their story, how I have transformed the client business, right? How I have worked with one photographer who at some point, I had to come to her and say, Angie, you had 82 leads this month. You can’t shoot 82 People all year. Do you want me to turn your ads down? You know, we turn the faucet off a little bit. And when she says because she’s she’s a smart cookie, she’s an overachiever. So she read was like, Don’t don’t break anything. It’s working. And I love it. But she was going to struggle to even call that many people back. So so we had to find a way like how do we you know, put up the flag a little bit and turn it down for her. And so that’s when I can share my story. And number one, it gets a whole lot easier. Now I’m telling it from the outside of the pill bottle, how I got to come alongside somebody and work with them. And then we don’t figure out well, where do I start? And when was the AHA, I’m tired of when people get confused and think that we should tell the furniture story when my grandpappy started a furniture store 875 years ago, I used to sweep the floor with them. No, no, that’s not the story. Like that’s cute. But if that’s are telling me and how you guys source materials that are that last those 75 years, it was not telling me how you make it, create it then I don’t want that story. Tell me how you change my life. And that’s when that’s when we’re all listening.



Ooh, tell me how you changed my life. Okay, that is looking at this aspect of story from an entirely different direction. I love it. That



yeah, good. Good. I wasn’t helpful.



Yes, this is so good. I knew it would be and something else you said I want to emphasize, talk to your favorite and best clients. I really I just want to before you answer give a little example here. I feel like a lot of women out there, even though it’s unintentional, we’re kind of thinking of our worst clients were anticipating objection, objections, which our best clients wouldn’t have, and what our worst clients have. And so what I find is a lot of your web copy a lot of your social copy, and anywhere else you’re writing, you’re really speaking to someone other than the one you really want to work with. So let’s talk about a second.



Yeah, yeah. So I worked in my background has a lot of software touches, and my background, I worked with a lot of grumpy engineers. And what I took away from those Times They Are they just view the world as broken. They are. It’s brilliant to be around them. But also, it’s hard to be around them. But what I took away from those times, was again, and again, we can’t build for an outlier. And that means we also can’t build like we can’t build for the one time that something breaks in, you know, in q&a, right? When they’re when they’re evaluating application that you just made something in the software, and something is breaking for one customer, they’re not going to rebuild it for that one outlier. And that’s the way we also need to treat it in our own business. Don’t build for that one outlier, because they are the loudest voice or more most recent bad example in your brain. Instead, yes, build for the ones you want, which is harder to do, right? We know that when somebody leaves a bad review on Google or things like that, you might go to Yelp and try to find your next hair salon or something, that it’s the naysayers that are going to quickly go there, right, the last time they had something bad, they’re gonna go there. But it’s when you can find a reputable brand and reputable brand that has a bunch of both, you know, that’s when that’s when I think we actually believe in social proof, for example. And so when I think about all of us writing our own copy, and we get that one naysayer, we have to just say, Don’t build for the one outlier. Let’s go back and build for who we want. And sometimes we’re like, Nicole, I want the one who has money. The one that the check cashes and I get that I get that I do. But when we can build for the people who are like us, like let’s be honest here this week, no one has overcomplicate avatars, and ideal clients or anything. We want to work with people who are like us who have similar energy, similar vibe. It’s why our brand why I called it smart cookie, because we all love a Goldstar. We all love finding the way and love working who doesn’t like working with a smart cookie, right? And so some people are like, Oh, but That’s you, right? No, no, that’s all of our clients. They’re all smart cookies, right? They’re all go getters. They’ll do incredible things. And so that’s I want to encourage anybody start to write for yourself, what would you need to see on the page? And if it gets too hard, then yeah, go go to some reviews, or some Amazon reviews and get in the mind of your ideal client to find a way to talk to just him or her.



Yeah, that’s so good. Because even just a silly example, that’s one and then we’ll move on, you know, when we’re talking about when we emphasize, get this free thing, get this free thing, here’s a discount, here’s a sale, it’s almost like you are shooting yourself in the foot, you’re minimizing your own value. And you’re you’re teaching your audience what to think about you.



Right? And I always say tell me the last time in any marketing pick any strategies that you may have employed, the billboard you drive past that mentions mortgage rates, right? Or the I’ve written a billboard. I’ve personally written a billboard about substance abuse, right and of treatment center. So think about that. Or then think about the free lead magnet, how many times are you making your 100,203 $400,000 mortgage decision based on a sinusoid flying down the road 60 miles an hour, I don’t base my board’s decisions on that right like I need a little bit more than just like that 2.5 APR that they advertise the same way if someone’s gonna give me something for free, I’m probably not going to base my decision to work with them on that. So either find a way that you can invite them in to have some type of relationship but a coffee chat or video of you working on something else. But if you don’t make your decisions like that, there’s a chance that your best and ideal customer doesn’t either. Now I like all the I like all the insight I can get on someone I like turning over every stone I can possible. As a mom of two littles like there’s sometimes I’m up in the middle of night no one else’s. So I may as well like look at all the things on your website. But more than likely I’m not making a decision off of that there’s something else so what else can can you give somebody that does just that the other day I had we had to take our truck in. I cannot believe I’m gonna admit this, but I’m going to I rear ended somebody first time they like I have an NX Yeah, just little tap. It was right at the light like I truly just looked away like you do and pulled off the brake. I don’t even recall that I had time to accelerate. It just all happened that fast and the truck also breaks for you. So it’s very strange how it all happened. Of course Leave it to me to hit an attorney. That’s right. That’s not good. No, but leave it to me also to get out and chit chat with him for a little bit and make friends with him and his mom who was awesome car. Yeah, me and the baby in mind and him and his mom in his car. But anyway, so minor, thank God. But I had to take it into the shop, right? So like State Farm send you over, you know there were five top places they said do you want to get to our shop or one of yours? I said, well let me see yours. I’ll look up their reviews and see if I like them. And in doing so I found the top two I liked the reviews. The first one couldn’t get me in. Okay, and then for a couple days, the next one. Yeah, come on in right now. Right now. Yeah, or by the end of day, whatever works for you. Okay. And then I walked in, I told my husband like, hey, they can take us now. So we’re just gonna go hang out. Y’all come with you. I said they had 169 reviews, really? As Yeah, 100%. And then 4.9 stars. Like that’s, that’s pretty incredible. And so when I think about just that like exactly that, how can you make sure someone’s willing to tell your story over and over again. It was the ease of like, the other person was making me wait for days. I had a stronger point of where I was going with this to make to you, but I just saw flashing got distracted. But yeah, so anyway, so my point was exactly just coming back to making sure that that message of who you want to speak to is really strong. And you’re gonna they’re gonna find you every single time. Yeah, for



sure. And that’s what we have to trust. We have to I have to stress. All right, we’re gonna talk about shiny object syndrome now. And I think we all suffer from that to some degree. But how do we really manage that? What’s your take on it?



Yeah, so I have always heard some lines in the back of my head from whether it’s been teachers or instructors or my own made up story in my head, right, that you really should focus on one thing. As a marketer, we’ve said to people, that riches are in the niches right? And really the the word that really drives me crazy that I really don’t like this word, it’s find your passion. I’m not I don’t like the word passion. I think it’s maybe that is overused? Or maybe it maybe describes those like little novels in the grocery store or something. I don’t know. passion to me, isn’t quite it for me, I think because sometimes people think like, well, I’m passionate about my dog, or, you know, I like to go out to the gym or, and, and I don’t think that’s always what it is. It needs to be that thing that you could just talk about, and talk about and enjoy and enjoy and your enthusiasm for it. And your joy can get to somebody else that it can get contagious enough. And so if we can define passion as that, then I’m okay with it. But the here’s the thing is we’re always said, we’ve always been told to focus on the one thing, and I kept hearing that as I’m doing something wrong. That’s a smart cookie. As somebody who likes to be an overachiever, I don’t be doing something wrong. I’m the oldest I’m a rule follower, right? Like, I try to do things in the right way. And so it was always okay, then you have to choose, right. But what I always was always attracted to me what always came to me, wherever I was, was an entrepreneur. I could be in a hotel lobby, I could be at a restaurant, just in the back of this table. Somehow, the conversation always moved people. It was always an entrepreneur, they’re always engaged in the conversation, I could always pick them out. Like it was just like a little radar, right? Like, it was like, Hey, are you there? Like, yeah, I am. How do you know? Who do you know? No, I don’t know anybody, I can just tell the way you carry yourself. Well, year after year, after figuring out I’m not going to necessarily find that thing, right? Like I love my photographer, clients, I have a lot and they’re a whole lot of fun. But I do serve other audiences. It just happens that I serve about a go getter audience. And so with shiny objects, what I found out was, I don’t have to focus on the one I have to focus on the fact that I am an idea, girl, I am your strategy. When you want to come up with a method to the madness. When you’re confused on the ambiguity and the grayness of it all in business, you need someone that can shoot through it and see the lights of the Christmas tree light up in this step, this step this step. And so the way to manage when we’re feeling like, ooh, squirrel, ooh, that over there, certainly have, I mean, I live and die by the Google Calendar. It’s not on there, it doesn’t exist. It certainly have your methods for keeping them down. But then lean into it and realize you very well may have a strength, that it’s not that you’re getting lost in the shiny objects. Your strength might lie in your ideas, but you’ve got to get them down. Because if you don’t pursue them, you won’t, you won’t know, you know, your first idea may not be great. When you verbalize to someone else, oh, it’s bad idea. And lean into that a little bit. Accept that and then learn to leverage it, then learn to time block, then learn other methods that you can say, hey, I’m gonna be productive, I’m gonna run after it. Like it’s a sprint for 10 days for six weeks, whatever that is, and leverage and manage it that way. So you can feel that you’re getting those things accomplished, and that you’re not, you know, I think a lot of people have labeled themselves as ADHD without a diagnosis, a proper diagnosis. And maybe that’s true, you please go get an evaluation from someone you trust, then get a second opinion. By golly, don’t just say oh, I’m gonna go. That’s just what I’m a claim for my life, please. Life and death power in the tongue. Right? Don’t do that. But realize there could be a really incredible strength and just find your ways to leverage it. Wow.



I love that. And I will tell you that rare is the time when I talked to a woman that she doesn’t say, Oh no, like feel like I have ADHD. And you know what that is, though? Because God made us to be yes. Brilliant. multitaskers Excellent. Right? We women, my husband’s like, how do you how do you keep all this in your brain? I’m like, I don’t know.



We don’t know, man. We don’t know how we do it. Sometimes it’s true because we just keep it there. And I think that there has been a shift and becoming aware of it. But I, I find a lot of times the Guru’s forget that. That’s what it took to get here that they had to manage a lot of things. And so I find that the shift is like, Oh, the mental load. I’m gonna pretending that motherhood and running a business or just I don’t know, showering for the day isn’t a lot of hard work when your mom right, like it’s just a lot. But I, while I appreciate the awareness of it. I don’t like the negative connotations that keep popping up with it. Yeah, it’s a mental load. But it’s the mom’s work like this is what’s going to define my kiddo in school, because I choose it, right? So I think in saying I choose this as a mom and get that quiet time, I’ve been getting up at 430 in the morning, and I’ve always said that four and five are four letter F words that are not in my vocabulary, okay, like, I do not use four letter F words. But you know what, I’m finding myself up at 430 to get settled to get in me, I’m going to choose this day, and it’s going to flow for me. And that has just been a game changer. Now today, my body was like 412 the coal get up for Trump? No, no, I actually need extra sleep. I’m feeling a little drained. But I find that when when Mama says right when Head of Household said I don’t know how to wipe out a husband, but I’m just saying when I say I’m going to choose today, then it’s not being distracted, then it’s not things overwhelming, you know, or out of control. I think that we need to, again, have the recognition. It’s a lot, but also quit using negative words like, like shiny object is is a negative connotation. Or, you know, mental load is. But that’s our work and we are good at it. I don’t even believe in multitasking. We just happen to be really good at switching. Right? We can bounce right? Right? We are doing one thing 100% of the time when we manage that booboo, right? We’re right there. And then right when we need to be back on that call, we’re back on that call. Because that’s what we’re really good at. Right? We can just bounce and we’ve and I want us to be positive about it.



Yes. And be proud of it.



Yeah, it is. Yes, it is a it’s a gift. Yes, exactly. It’s a it’s a it’s a gift that isn’t celebrated enough. And I think that that’s that’s what we’re missing from the conversation. I don’t hear anybody else. Talking about it that way I hear the gurus that have forgotten. They have forgotten because their journey now nine years now 13 years later, they forgot. That’s what it took. Don’t tell somebody now with the curse of knowledge and looking back. Oh, well, what I would have done if I could I keep seeing this theme of people saying like, well, what if I started all over right now from scratch? This is what I would do. You can’t say that to somebody, we can try to learn that. And maybe that’ll work. But that’s not actually what it took. Tell us the real story.



Oh, man. Ah, that was so good. Yeah, good. Good. I love what you said about I choose. Because when I really, and I will say this happened in the last two years, when I fully embraced that I choose. I choose how everything about my life and your decision is what will say, I’m going to finish this and I lacked the confidence and conviction to say I’m gonna work on this for an absolutely



yes. Like we choose a loli. We choose it. It’s ours. Yes. I love it. I love it.



So good. Okay, excellent. All right. So let me just say one more thing about the shiny object. Because the way the way so many women think about it is, you know, there’s lots of things I could do in marketing. I could do these five social platforms, I could network, I could, you know, all these different things. So do you believe that? If entrepreneurs are doing it on their own, maybe they’re getting started? Or maybe they just don’t have the funds to hire out someone amazing like you that they should choose one like one to go all in on before they spread themselves too thin? What do you think about that?



So I think that they don’t know what they don’t know yet. And I do hear common wisdom is like, oh, start in one platform and just build that one out. Okay, to what end? Like, what that that advice never comes with like a perfect prescription that you’d like drop off at Walgreens. And hey, when you get to 500, or 1000 or 10,000 followers, so so to me, it’s always okay to what end? So I would always say to any entrepreneur budget, no budget, anything in between someone just thinking about it. Always go to what is your strong side, right? Like whatever you’re comfortable in. If you enjoy Facebook, hang out over there. I mean, sorry, Myspace isn’t a thing anymore. But if depends on age group, if LinkedIn is your jam, then go do that. If it is two of them, you really love Instagram and you like showing off there and you have a world already started there. And then Facebook, then by all means, then do to do them. Well, I always talk about brands that stand out right and so to use some of the big ones like I’ll go to because we all we all like, like a food every once awhile. So I think of McDonald’s, or Starbucks or Coca Cola. I also jotted down before talking with you today, as I was thinking about like GEICO, or there’s a home improvement store Menards. That’s all across the US, at least in the Midwest, and the things that are consistent with all of them, or Chase Bank, I want to bring up Chase Bank, so they have jingles. Right, they might have a little song, save big money with Menards. Or they might have I’m loving it, McDonald’s, right? And then they might have colors that we recognize right away. And then they might have some messaging Chase. I don’t, I don’t, I would love to bank with a small bank, because it’s a small bank, and I’m doing small business. But guess what, Chase gets me. They give me all the tools. And then they have a killer slag a slogan, a killer slogan that says, Chase, what matters. And I’m like, Chase, you see me, thank you very much. And so what big brands are doing all the time is they’re just being consistent to beat the drum and just put out their messaging, some of them pay for a jingle. And so the same thing I think is true about small business owners is just get there, get consistent, use consistent colors. Don’t think that you’re beating a drum too much people aren’t seeing all of your things, it’s okay. And then just do that really well. So if it is one or two that you like, then do that really well. If you want to experiment that experiment, but decide what is the end, because you can have a successful crazy, successful business off of 100 followers, I don’t believe you have to have more than that, to have really great success. It could be 200 when they’re your right people when you’re attracting exactly that.



Beautiful, beautiful, and I love that repurposing and repetition that Edie is good in marketing, don’t think you’re, you know, boring people or, you know, that’s kind of the point, right?



It is 1% The point I always give the example of a stop sign. Can you imagine if stop signs were different colors based on the town that you’re in, or the city or state that you’re in, and you’re wanting to travel across town or across country? If a stop sign wasn’t bright red, I mean, across the world, right? We understand that red is a warning, right? It doesn’t have to be the word stop. Sometimes it can be a yield sign, sometimes it can be just, you know, hazard of any kind. And imagine if that stops and was just turned from your town to the next town. I mean, we’d have mass chaos. So they’re red, so people know to expect them there at the end. So people know, okay, you’re at the end, and then there’s going to be crossing. So be consistent in that color. Don’t feel like Oh, I gotta change it up, because I haven’t changed it up. Some of my clients are the same way like, oh, do I need new brand messaging? Do I didn’t need to do ads? Well, is the ad failing? No. Are you still converting? Yeah, like crazy. Okay. Then why do you want? Well, because I’ve just I got these new images, okay, but we, what we tested, the other ones they’re working for you. We can add a new one in it to experiment. But this is why we say like, make sure you stay consistent first, so people know to expect you and then you’re standing out. You’re doing you’re doing the job of a stop sign.



Wow. So good. So good. All right, the last thing I want to talk about, and this was new to me, at least in your take on it. So I’m excited to share it with the listeners. How can we as entrepreneurs use day rates in order to grow our offers? Because as you and I were chatting before we came on, this totally changed the way you do your business. And it sounds intriguing. So tell us,



yes. So So day rates are also known as VIP days, my clients will know them as a VIP day. And it is intensive work for me or my team, depending on what the day involves. But it changed my service based business, right. That’s what I am. I’m a marketing agency. At the end of the day, digital and print, we skew more digital these days. But we were service based. So like any sales professional author and a realtor out there, attorneys out there, we tend to have been holding out this pretend piece of paper like we are a server at a restaurant and taking an order, okay, you want this, okay, you want that you want that. And there might be a menu, they might know when it comes to marketing agency, I can get a website and I can get messaging and I can get ads, they might know those things are on the menu. But we you know, sometimes you’d find somebody’s ordering off menu, they’d be like, well, I want the turkey sandwich with bacon. But can you add avocado and then I’ll take a side of fruit instead of fries. Wait, what? So instead, I realized, when we thought this pandemic thing was just me a couple weeks, I was just coming off of a really big political campaign, my first one ever, you just want a giant endorsement. And then now all of our events were going to dry up, we weren’t going to have anything to do if we couldn’t be around people. And I was pregnant. So even if there was somewhere to be, no one’s gonna let the pregnant girl be shaking hands. And know that just wasn’t gonna happen. And so I looked at how can I help people buckle in? So any entrepreneurs out there ever have a unruly customer? I was like, How can I help my customers line up in supply and demand a little bit? Right? You create some scarcity. That’s real. The calendar is going to run out if they don’t book up these dates, and how do we get them in line for what’s next and then on their rollercoaster ride, strap them in? Like, this is where we’re going. This is not a restaurant anymore. We’re gonna go on a roller coaster. It’s called your business. And we’re gonna we’re gonna have a lot of fun and we’re gonna make it to the end and you’re gonna have a really good time. And I thought well I’ve heard these things out there that there’s these things called these day rates. And I thought, well, I can manage my calendar with the limited childcare, right? Again, pregnant, and one little kiddo home. No one wanted to be here because they didn’t want to get the pregnant girl sick. And so I thought, well, how can I do this, and I started introducing these days, so I only took an hour with the customer in the morning. And before you know it, customers, were booking my calendar out a month in advance. So what before they would hem and haw, I don’t know, maybe I need to think about it. Now it is, these are the six or seven hours of this particular day, we offer five or better introduce a sixth theme today. And all of a sudden, they’re like, well, I need this one, this one. But the next one, I’m gonna need something. So let me just get on your calendar now. And the kicker is, a lot of my audience is photographers. So they just knew like the session, you pay in advance, you book it on the calendar. And so I started teaching all my customers well, to book your day to reserve it here, secure here, and there’s a payment link. And guess what customers who would never have paid in full to book a day are not just paying in full and booking their day, they were asking great questions. They were doing their homework on time, not all of you, if you’re listening, some of you were still late with homework. And so it radically changed my business. I mean, pricing, price increase happened after that, I was able to hire more and serve more of my cookies. Because we were able to just create a marketing strategy for ourselves that included all the things included some scarcity, included service, and booked them out on a calendar. So it was okay, if I only had three days a week to work, because my whole month was booked, I was going to earn what I wanted to earn that month, and my family will be taken care of. And that business that other entrepreneurs business will be taken care of. Well, too.



That is so good. Yeah. VIP days. Yeah. So can I I’m just curious. Now, can you give us just a quick snapshot of a couple of your themes for your VIP day? Yeah,



yeah. So they started with Facebook ads. I giggled because I say started with it certainly is a start with because Facebook ads usually our speaking to the person who’s like, I have a great business, but I need to attract some more. And we can do that, right. We we know exactly the metrics to performance test, I say battle tests, sometimes we’ll battle test ads for the first 10 days to make sure we get it right 10 More if we have to. But usually we got to, we got to pretty down to a science. So that happens. But that’s just kind of the top of the funnel, right. And I’m interested in serving my client. So having in the case of like Angie, I was sharing with you at two leads that one went that was just a couple of months of working with her she had had leads for a while but nothing like that volume in the same adspend she had been spending so we didn’t prove that much. But then there wasn’t a plan necessarily to nurture them really well down the funnel. So not all 82 could convert, they weren’t all going to convert that month anyway. But she couldn’t fit them in if she could before you knew it. That was February, she was booked out till July. So it was working well for her, but not everyone was gonna get in. So what do we do with the next group besides nurture, so we need to nurture them. And so we started then another it was a two day VIP, though, where we would write 24 emails in a day. And then the following day, we would book them all out and get her automations working inside of Active Campaign. And then was born a pick your punch list day, because in her case, she’s just had some things that weren’t talking to each other right there in integration, zap and ActiveCampaign, MailChimp a few things, right. But they all need to talk to each other. So she had like this list of like, 18 things and she’s like, What can we do about this, I was like, we’re gonna call it the pick your punch list. And so then that then that actually became our bucket for the junk drawer, if you will, that could be off menu. But it could be contained. Here’s your six or seven hours to work with a marketing team in, you know, a little chief CEOs, you know, CFO CMO, marketing in your pocket with any questions. And from there, we’re able to service and help her with, we don’t help that particular client, but other clients have come on board that’s like, well, I need help with social Can you give me a bunch of social in a day we can. So we do 60 days of social in a day we write it, we get it scheduled for them. And they love that too. Google Ads was born through all of that if they didn’t have Google ads at a time, and finally we round it out with some press and media kits will be rolling out this year to



wow, that’s amazing. Wow. Yes.



And it, it was so important. I just want to say to anybody who was trying to figure I mean, I was I was building some websites not not. That wasn’t primarily but that’s a big project. So even in just saying I’m gonna go two days, you can’t, I can get a website done in a day. That’s true. I don’t, I call them website in a week, we’ll usually you know, work on a Tuesday on a tuesday if we do them. But what I found was in servicing clients this way, making sure that they had their needs met with leads, and then nurturing those leads, they’re always getting paid. So so it was making sure I dropped security so that when one of them wanted a website, shoot, one of our best clients wanted a website and I thought I can’t like I just can’t, I can’t give you the full level service that I need to I hadn’t figured out how to do it in a week yet. And I instead was like, I’m going to create a course. And so we called website in a weekend and I can do on the weekend because my husband can watch the kids and that’s what we’ll do. So here I am, like brand new baby and like I’m gonna teach you guys how to build your own websites. And then I had students who did it and so a lot of fun to have like this mini course where they can then create their own. And so now it will take some websites here and there but now we don’t have to do any more. We teach them.



That is so good. Oh wow. Well tell us about the Facebook group where anyone listening You could join and get some great weekly stuff. Tell him Yes, yes.



So on Facebook, find me at the entrepreneurs toolkit. I know it’s a mouthful, but you can find it. And every week I’m in there live giving a free resource free resource in terms of my training, but then often the actual resources and unpaid tool or at least as an unpaid version, as well. So I find myself to be a little bit techie. And I love to help out anybody who says they’re not tech savvy, show them that they can do this too. I love giving any messaging advice, last week was all about this one liner, one liner at any part of your of your marketing, you just get this one message, right, and everything else is easier. So I love giving that away for free. And we’ve rolled out a big goal that I have for the year is 100 website audits. And so we’re giving away 10, free 10 minute website audits in the group or you can find it on my website, because it’s a big goal for me to do 100 of these. And in 10 minutes, I’m gonna give you at least five ideas to implement yourself on your own website. Because when your website is running smoothly, then all of our marketing jobs a whole lot easier to so i want to give that and maybe your audience can take advantage of that too. eautiful we’re



gonna make sure we have all the links in the show notes. But where where else can they find you on social or anything like that?



Yeah, certainly on Instagram or Facebook, you can find me either place but that group that that’s where I like to live and hang out as much as I possibly can. But yeah, you can find me at Nicole underscore Schmidt on Instagram. And then on Facebook at the smart cookie entrepreneur.



Yeah, yeah. Facebook is where Facebook groups amazing, but I know some people be like, okay, yeah. Follow her else. Yes, yes, yes, yes. When a call. Thank you. I knew this would be amazing. So many beautiful nuggets of wisdom. I really appreciate it.



I appreciate you, Judy, thank you for all that you do for all of us. Seriously. You lead the way and we appreciate it. And I want to acknowledge you for it.



Oh, you’re so sweet. Thank you. Well, ladies listening if you got some value from this, and I’ve no doubt you did, would you please take a moment and leave a rating and a review especially if you’re on Apple. We have recently been ranked among number four think of the Christian women podcasts and number 14 of Christian business podcast but we want to keep going. Yay women, right. So please take a moment and leave that rating and review it means so much. Alright ladies, thank you so much for listening. We’ll see you next time.





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