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All right. Good morning. Welcome to thriver Thursday live the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m Judy Weber women’s business strategist and scaling expert with over 30 years experience in high level business in the courtroom as a trial attorney and in corporate in the C suite as general counsel and HR director of a multimillion dollar international company. Successful Christian women come to me to scale their revenue and multiply their impact, strategy and mindset. We do it all by His power and for His glory. Today, we’re talking about seven mistakes that even successful female entrepreneurs make that keep them stuck below $250,000. Is that you? What mistake do you think you’re making? Or what mistake Do you think others are making? I’d love to see that popping up in the chat. Hey there, Hannah, good to see you. Listen, today’s training is actually a precursor, an introduction, if you will, to an in depth Advanced Business Training, I’m doing a live coming up on May 5. And this Advanced Business Training is 100%. Complimentary. Although in the coming months, I’m thinking I’m going to turn it into an evergreen paid training. But you will have the opportunity to attend live without cost. And get all the advanced all your questions answered in a live q&a afterwards. So be sure to set aside 90 minutes it’s happening may 5 at 11 o’clock Eastern. And as I said, this is an advanced training because here’s the real deal, you have reached a certain level of success. But now it’s time to hone your CEO skills in a way that honors the Lord so that you can experience the miraculous in your business. That’s what God wants for you. My genius is in growing and scaling businesses quickly. And I’ve proven that time and time again, in my own businesses. Within a few short weeks of my very first business way back pre internet in 2003. I had 10 clients in just a matter of weeks. My first online business generated multi six figures in the very first year, how did I do it? I’ll tell you, I’m the training. Okay. And here’s what you’re going to learn in that advanced training. Besides the seven biggest mistakes that women make to keep themselves stuck at or below 250. I’m also going to tell you exactly what to do differently, so that you can break through your current revenue and impact ceiling. We’re also going to talk about the vital correlation. It is so important between faith and success in business. I’m also going to talk to you about the thoughts that you’re having about yourself, about your business and even your clients. Those thoughts that hold you back from next level success and how to eliminate them. Using my faith fueled thought model can’t wait to share that with you. You’re also going to learn the quickest path to six figure leaps in revenue, and the mindset shifts that are required to uplevel and scale towards seven figure revenue impact and freedom. That’s going to be one training you do not want to miss. So I you know, stop wondering what the most successful Christian female CEOs know that you don’t, because I’m going to share everything you need to know on May 5 at 11am. Eastern, there will not be a replay at this point I this training has limited seating. And I really want to pour in to those that take the time to prioritize their business and come to this trading, ready to learn, ready to implement and ready to see a change not only in your business, but also in you as a CEO, and as a faith filled daughter of the king. So be sure to reserve your seat. Now. If it’s not where you’re watching. I’ll add it later. It’s biz training biz training. Now before we dive into those seven mistakes, I want to start by reading Another review from my joyful scaling podcast. And if you haven’t yet done that, would you please take a moment today and do so it’s so important to push the show out there to be found because more women need to know how to do business God’s way and do it boldly without apology and all for God’s glory. Oh, Hannah says she’s so hyped to be here. That’s



awesome. It’s a blessing to have you here. So this is a recent review of the podcast by Nancy Z. And her brand is happy to be and she says this. Judy is an extraordinary CEO, coach and mentor. The joyful scaling podcast is so inspiring. Her passion for sharing wisdom is palpable and I love that she shares all this with her unwavering faith and love for Christ. And another review by Mel G H. E. She says this. Judy asks amazing questions and truly helps women and their desire to pursue what they don’t think is even possible. So great. Well, thank you to Nancy, thank you to Mel. I really appreciate that. And again, I would be honored to hear from you sister. So post a review online or head over head over to my website, Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast, scroll down a bit, and you’ll be able to leave a voice note with your review with a question or maybe a suggested topic or guest for an upcoming episode, maybe even you. Alright, so let’s dive in. Let’s invite the Lord God to be here with us this morning. And then we’re gonna jump into these seven mistakes. All right, Heavenly Father, thank you. Thank you God that this is this is a divine appointment that the women that are here with me live right now. And those that are going to watch the replay or listen to this as a podcast episode. It’s no accident. They’re here because you want them here. And you brought them to me and I hold that responsibility to the utmost. I mean, that is a that is a responsibility that I really take seriously, Lord, so I am open to the Spirit’s prompting, move as you see fit. God put the words the right words in my mouth. And I know different women receive messages in different ways. They need different words. Lord God again, I ask you to bless the words that are coming out of my mouth, and may they be pleasing to you and advance your kingdom. Lord, we love you. And we trust you help us God to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, if you haven’t yet said hi there many watching here online. In what is it YouTube, it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, as well as Instagram, let me know you’re here. Alright, so here are the seven mistakes, okay. And inside the Advanced Business Training happening on May 5, I’m going to go much, much deeper in each of these. Okay, but for today, I want to lay out the foundation. I want to get you to think, Hmm, how many of these mistakes Am I making? Again, you don’t want to miss that complimentary training. Okay, so mistake number one that’s keeping you stuck below 250k is, you don’t know your numbers. You don’t know your numbers. One. Some of you might like to take notes here in the chat. Even mistake number one, you don’t know your numbers. Wherever you are today, sister, even if you’re not a numbers person, okay? I want you to commit to being a CEO and a CEO knows her numbers. So is this you? Do you avoid looking at your business bank account? Maybe, maybe you do that, but you’re not tracking your revenue? Or your expenses? You’re not keeping an eye on those right? Or perhaps you have no idea what your profit margin is.



Now, on a related note to numbers, do you have KPIs key performance indicators? Do you have the benchmarks to be able to assess, for example, your marketing? Right, your marketing efforts? How are they performing, or to gauge what each of your team members are doing? Like what results they’re producing for the business? I found an interesting statistic 79% of six and multi six figure entrepreneurs don’t know their numbers. You’re smarter than that Sr. Decide today that you’re going to dig into your numbers. And if you don’t even know what numbers and you’re not sure what to track or even how to track Be sure to attend my training on May 5. Okay, that was mistake number one. On mistake number two, you’ve got too many offers. Okay, mistake number two to many offers. And listen, I get it. The gurus are out there constantly talking about something they call the ascension model, you’ve got to have a value ladder, you’ve got to have a bunch of offers at different levels, right? Start with a $17 ebook, then have a suite of offers moving up from there, maybe a $297 mini course and then a 997, full blown course and maybe a $2,000 program and then a five and a 10. And maybe a 25,000. mastermind. But look, ladies, you don’t have to do it that way. Okay. If this is you, and you have all these different offerings, and all these different price points, no doubt, you’re wearing yourself out. You may even have a hard time keeping track of all the offers that you have. And believe me if you’re confused, I promise you your people are confused and confused, doesn’t buy, right, they just don’t buy they walk away. So how about this, by the way, the type of buyer that genuinely gets excited about a $17 ebook, probably is not the type of buyer who will ever buy your 25k program. Now there are exceptions to that rule. But you gotta admit the $17 quick fix, quote unquote, buyer, very different than the 25k. All in, you know, year long mastermind type person, right? The lower end statistically is more of a newbie, or they’re cheap, and they’re probably not super committed. That’s why they’re only willing to spend $17 In nudo kinda dip their toe in the water. It’s very different than the buyer of a 25k program, who was perhaps a multi six figure or seven figure business owner who’s got more money than time. And they’re looking for a solution ASAP, right? They’re looking for the expert. And they know that expertise comes at a premium. So I want you to simplify your business, my friend, speak to one buyer, and offer that one buyer, one truly transformational offer at a price that results in a win for you, and a win for your client. Okay, on to mistake number three,



I see so many lacking brand, clarity, lack of brand clarity. Now, if I were to ask you, tell me about your brand personality? Would you feel confident with your answer? Would you even know how to answer right? Now look, I don’t mean to be critical. But you know, I love you enough to always tell you the truth. Even if it’s not pretty, right? I want to tell you what you need to know not necessarily what you want to hear, okay, because I want your business to succeed. And I believe that’s what God wants for you. Look, he gifted you and he put ambition in your heart, He wants your business to thrive. So you can help others with those gifts that He gave you. So your brand, when someone finds you online, your website social, right? When they see you in person, wherever it is, is it clear to them who you are? What you stand for your values, right? As they read your LinkedIn profile, for example. Is it clear what your perspective is on your industry? Does your brand have a unique look and feel? And have you created an experience for your people, your people meeting your very best clients, right? And finally, on this issue of brand, do you have your unique methodology and philosophy? And and you put that out into the world confidently as a thought leader. Now for where I sit? There is way too much cookie cutter copy and paste brands out there? Many doubting themselves and even worse, feeling unworthy. And so what do they do? They look to others. Oh, what’s she doing? Oh, what are they doing? And then they piggyback off what they see those other people doing, they just copy and paste without any regard for their own unique this write their own, you know thumbprint that God put on them. It’s a huge mistake. curating a brand that resonates with your people, a brand that creates loyalty, a brand that your people can really rally behind and get excited about. And a brand that creates demand for you and a desire to work with you a brand that allows you to break through that quarter million dollar revenue mark. It’s not rocket science. And all the training coming up in May I’m gonna lay out how to do that. Simple yet compelling. totally doable. Sounds good. That sounds great. Right? I’d love to see some excitement going on here. I don’t know if there’s an issue here in stream yard. I’m not seeing a whole lot of activity, but I see a bunch of people on All right, we’re up to mistake number four. Mistake number four that too many women make and it’s keeping you stuck is underpricing, underpricing the value of your services. I see so many women doing this. Look, I know money can be such a hang up lots of old money stories, maybe from our parents, or maybe our own shame around our history with money. And even for us Christians. I see this way too much erroneous beliefs around what the Bible says about money. Well, let me tell you, pricing matters, ladies. And to break through your current revenue ceiling, you have got to price based on value. Night, right? Not hourly, not not out of fear saying oh my goodness, Will anybody pay this? No. You are an expert. And your services provide such value. So you’ve got to remember that you get transformational results for your clients. And that warrants more of a premium price. Certainly not like Kmart. Okay, so I’m gonna do some quick math. Let’s say your monthly goal is 50k. Which by the way is totally doable. That’d be 600,000 for the year, totally doable. If you know what you’re doing, and I don’t care what you do. And if when I say that you’re like a really? Yeah, you could do this. If you know how to make 5k You can make 50k If you know how to make 10k You know how to make 50 Cat. All right. So let’s do some math. If you’re offered $500, you’re going to need to close 100 clients a month



to hit the goal. Now it’s possible. But that requires a steady flow of 1000s of leads coming through every month, like hundreds of leads coming through every week. So a lot of leads that requires you to get out there, right? And I’m talking about not just any leads, I’m talking about quality leads, like qualified leads. Okay, that’s the $500 offer 100 clients, it’s very different than if you have a 10k offer. Where to hit your 550 K goal, you only need to sign five, five clients a month. Okay. 100 clients, five clients. Now I hear you you’re saying but but but but but, Judy, it’s easier to sell 500 versus a 10k. My question to you is really, really tell me about that. Think about your experience. And think about closing 100 $500 clients, you think that’s going to be easier than selling five at 10k. I’m telling you, your your mindset has to shift there. Now I have some clients who have, you know, 20k, even 50k, and one of my clients has a 100k offer. Now, if you have 100k offer, you only need one client every other month to hit your goal that is absitively doable. And trust me, many of you watching or listening, have the expertise to warrant that price point. You just need to know how to package all your loveliness all your genius and how to sell it. So please stop undercharging. Right, we’re moving right along to mistake number five, and I call this the one woman show. Okay, tip number five, the one woman show doing too much yourself. Rather than a powerful CEO. If this is your mistake, you’re feeling much more like an overworked employee, you’re working too many hours, you’re doing too many administrative tasks, instead of spending your time being the visionary, engaging in strategic high level thinking you’re in the weeds doing. And I have one word for you. Stop. Now, let me digress for just a moment because I want to emphasize the importance of strategy. Like I’m a strategic thinker, former Trial Lawyer successful in one of the toughest venues in America, Philadelphia. And the only way I would win is strategy. And I want to win, I want it to win in the courtroom. I wanted my when I was sitting in the General Counsel and director of HR, see, I wanted that business to win. And now I want my business to win and I want your business to win. So you need strategy. It’s what I call the why the what and the how. And that basically means before you decide to do anything in your business, like for example, a marketing activity, or a collab opportunity, whatever it is, you need to be sure that there is a sound strategic reason to do so. Because what I see is too many of you are blindly without a strategy without a plan, doing things, too many things. You’re just doing. Okay, I’m coming, I’m gonna come up with a really profound point. So pay attention you are just doing because you think that your actions are going to lead to your results. But the fact is, while you surely have to take action to succeed, the thought behind the action is what actually produces your results. And we’re going to talk about that in great detail in my upcoming training happening on May 5. But when it comes to you doing all the things, trust me, I get it. You’re a perfectionist. You’re a control freak, or both. I used to think that too. I get Yeah. And you think nobody could do this as good as me. That may be the case but in love. I gotta say straight, more likely than not. They can do it better than you. And they should do it. Right because as the CEO of a growing business, your time is better spent on revenue generating activities, and in leading and overseeing others who actually perform the day to day tasks. Here’s another thing on the same point. I see too many women being penny wise and dollar foolish. They think that hiring help, that’s just going to cost too much, right? They see it as an expense. Ah, but they don’t have their CEO mind, right. They don’t know they fail to understand that there



is a way to ensure that each and every employee drives for revenue. And that doesn’t just happen, right? You, as the CEO have to put the right things in place. And I’m gonna go over exactly what those things are in my upcoming training, do you see how important that upcoming training is on May 5, that’s why I’m giving you plenty of notice to get it in your calendars may 5 11am, Eastern, no replaced, ladies, you gotta be there. Listen, in this way of driving revenue with your employees, you have to set KPIs for every person on your team, in order to ensure a positive return on investment, right? So that you get more money hitting your bank account as a direct result of having hired that team member. I can’t wait to go deep into that in our training. All right. So we’re up to mistake number six, and that is a lack of internal systems and processes. Look, scaling requires working smarter and leveraging everything you can, right including automation, including people, including processes, right, like doing what creatives and visionaries like you and me, we often aren’t wired for developing systems and processes and workflows like bleeping, I get it like the word system can be an intimidating sounding word. Right? It sounds complex. And it could make you become overwhelmed with just the thought, Oh, my goodness, how do I even create a system? Right? Like, where do I even begin, but I got great news for you. The reality is a system trust me, it makes things easier for you and your team. And it is not complicated. It does not have to be complex, right? In fact, a system, a process, a workflow, whatever you call it, it can be super simple, and yet profoundly useful and impactful on creating a revenue generating machine, inside your business, or you with me. You just have to know what systems and processes to put in place. And again, I’m gonna go over that inside the May 5 training. All right, I can’t believe it this time is going quickly, we’re down to our final mistake, that maybe keeping you stuck at or below 250k. And this is mistake number seven. But I really think it probably is mistake number one, because all of the others can flow back to this one. And that is a lack of faith, a lack of faith, specifically for us Christians, a lack of faith in Christ when it comes to our business. Like trusting that He will fulfill his promises. Every promise is yes, in Christ and knowing that right? And trusting that where he calls you, he will equip you. I’m talking about faith, believing and knowing, before seeing that’s faith, knowing before seeing, like belief is a firm knowing that’s faith. And so when it comes to your business, faith belief, this firm knowing that your success is inevitable, it’s happening. In fact, it’s already done. It’s just that we’re in the natural, and in our time, it hasn’t happened yet. But it’s coming. Like do you know that? Do you feel that deep down in your bones? Because this concept of faith belief, it’s foundational. Why? Because your faith informs your identity, your identity in Christ, your identity as a CEO, your identity as a thought leader, your identity as an expert. And from this identity flows, your beliefs and your thoughts about who you are, what your value is, what your worth is. Now listen up, because I’m about to tell you something that is just not talked about enough. But I need you to know this. I need you to know this. Somebody might want to tap this into chat, whether it’s live or on the replay. type this into the chat.



Your business is the result of who you believe you are. I want to say that again. Your business is the result of who you believe you are. So are you feeling stuck in your business. I can promise you, you’re stuck because of your belief. If you don’t see yourself as a CEO, well, if you don’t believe you are a CEO, then you won’t right. And that may sound harsh, but it’s the truth that you need to hear SR to allow you to get to the next level, to make more of an impact to serve others and serve them better and to serve more clients always at the highest level providing that greatest transformation. And all of it has as its foundation Your faith. So the question is, how strong is your faith? Your belief, your knowing as to who you are, and what your value is. You see, too many Christian women have belief errors, some call them thought errors. And so see if this sounds like you. Do you wonder, is it okay for a Christian to pursue a seven figure business? Do you ever grapple with that question? Well to answer it, I’ve got two questions for you. Okay, you ready? First? Are you putting your trust in Christ? or money? Guessing Christ. But answer are you putting your trust in Christ or money? Secondly, Are you motivated in your work? By helping people or making money? I’ll tell you this. I have never met a woman, even an unbeliever who answered the second question. Oh, yeah, I’m in it for the money. It’s always I want to help people. That’s how we ladies are. Okay. And if that’s the case, now, the big question is, what are you putting your trust and faith in Jesus or money, right? If you said, Jesus, awesome. Because here’s what I want you to know. It is not a sin to want to make seven figures, eight figures, whatever. Like, like, why put a limit on it? Scripture says that it’s the love of money, which is the exultation of money as an idol above God, that is the root of all evil, not money itself. Money is a tool, I mean, right. So if you keep things in their proper perspective, and you desire to make a great living, so that you can serve more people, so that you can donate to more causes and build His kingdom, that can’t be wrong, your hearts in the right place, right? Again, if you put your faith and trust in Christ, and you’re motivated to do your work, as it means to serve, it is 1,000%, okay for you as a Christian, to dream big, even a seven or eight figure business, even a nine figure business, and on the Advanced Business training coming up on May 5, I’m going to identify more common beliefs or thought errors, and I’m going to show you this is going to be a powerful tool for you how to eliminate those thought and belief errors. Okay, using my faith fueled thought model, which has been a life changer for me, and so many of my clients that one tool alone, if you apply, it will easily help you 2x 3x Even 10x your revenue. How do I know? Because I’ve seen it, myself and others. Okay. Well, that is today’s training, the seven mistakes that even successful women like you who are super smart, make that keep you stuck below 250k. Do you have any questions? Now remember, you’re gonna want to go to Biz training, all one word, all lowercase right now, because you want to save your seat to that live training, right? Remember, no replays? It’s happening May fifth at 11am. Eastern. So go check out all the details. Register now. Biz training. All right, I’m not seeing questions. So I’m going to leave you with that. But listen, I love you. That’s why I show up here every Thursday. I’m here for you. If you as you’re consuming this, you have a question, pop it in the chat. If you say oh, here’s another big mistake I have and and you think I might have missed it.



Okay, tell me because I love your feedback. I want this to be a two way dialogue. So if you’re listening on the podcast to this after the fact you know, reach out I can be available on DM at Judy Weber CO at Judy Weber co wherever you are is where I am. And I respond personally. So once again, thank you all for watching, or listening as the case may be. And I really hope to see you live on May 5 at that Advanced Business trading. I put so much into that. You’re it’s kind of like a mini MBA of sorts. Okay, so if you really want to get to beyond the 250k mark, even even by the end of this year, it is possible and I hope to see you on that training. So, enjoy the rest of your day. God bless luck, and I’ll see you next time.


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