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All right, ladies, welcome to thriver Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I am Judy Weber. I’m a business strategist and scaling expert with over 30 years experience in high level business, in the courtroom as a trial attorney, and in business, the corporate world in the C suite as general counsel and HR director, successful Christian women come to me to scale their revenue and multiply their impact. It’s about strategy and mindset. And we do it all by His power, and for the Lord God’s glory. Right. Welcome. Today’s topic is not attracting the right client. Here’s why. Hey, Christina, good to see you here. Hi, Renee, over on Instagram, there are a couple of people watching me here, whether on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, please be sure to say hello so that I can acknowledge you although last week, I saw that you were commenting after the fact but it wasn’t coming through. So in any event, I thank you for being here. This idea of not attracting the right client, getting tire kickers, that kind of thing. I hear this all the time. Right? I see it out there. You’re getting on the phone with consults. And you can tell almost from the get go that this is not my person, right? They’re oftentimes not ready for you. Right? You’re up here with the experience and high level of service. But the people that are reaching out maybe what I call tire kickers, they’re not really serious. They’re not committed. And when you offer a free session or a console, they’re there to take full advantage. But then they do nothing with it. Right? They’re not ready for the awesomeness that you provide. They don’t do the work. And the funny thing is, a lot of times these same people who are not your people, they think they already know everything. Right? They just kind of took you up on your complimentary session, because they were curious about what to do and what you’d say, right. But they have tons of excuses, zero intention of doing things your way. And it makes you wonder why they would want to waste their time hopping on the phone with you. Like I said, they’re not your people, right? They don’t respect you. They don’t value you Not really. And you’re sick and tired of wasting your time with people that aren’t qualified people who are not your best clients, right? In fact, they’re the people you do not want to work with. Period. So if you’re frustrated with the people asking for consults, or responding to your emails, or engaging with your social content, wherever it is, right, this today’s training is for you, because I’m going to tell you why this is happening. And then I’m going to break down exactly what you have to do differently to uplevel the quality of your prospects, right and not just prospects up level your audience as well. Right. It’s time to get you in front of the right people. I don’t call them your ICA anymore. We’re not robots, I don’t even call them your ideal client. I call them your people. And it really came to me hard in the last two weeks as I was going to God with it. And I’m like, I don’t know, I just this ICA this, this avatar doesn’t feel good, right? Just never felt good for me. And even ideal client. I don’t know. Here’s the thing. God has people specifically for you to serve. And then as a personal relationship, whether you do one on one or group or whatever your circumstances, right, whatever your business model, but the right people for you are just simply your people, right? So get ready to learn how to do that today, how to reach out to them and get them to reach back out to you through the content you’re always putting out, right? I want you to commit ahead of time that you’re going to affirmatively apply what I’m going to teach you, because it’s gonna change everything for you. Okay, this



is gonna be good. Now, before we dive in, I want to say hello. Let’s see, Trudeau is here Trudeau it’s been 1000 years. So good to see you there on Instagram. We have Shimei we have George and Katie that I’m seeing that comment. I’m sure there are more. So please don’t be shy to say hello. All right. Before we dive in, I want to start by reading a review from my joyful scaling podcasts. As you know, these thriver Thursday lives are turned into an episode of the podcast, they go live either later today or tomorrow morning. So if you ever missed these and I’ve been doing every every Thursday, barring vacations, or last week when I was at my mastermind event, when the ladies were coming here to get some good work done, there are tons and tons of trainings for you to binge listen to on the joyful scaling podcast. Okay. So I want to take a moment to recognize, you know, the nearly 150 people who’ve taken the time to leave a rating and review on Apple. And if you haven’t yet done that, would you please take a moment today and do that it’s so important to get the show out there and be found so that more women will really come to know how to do business God’s way and do so boldly without apology and it’s all for God’s glory. So I want to highlight a recent review by Chris Scylla and she said this. What a powerhouse. I’ve been searching and praying for a Christian business coach who leads with Christ at the center of her life and business. There’s so many voices out there. But it’s important to me said Priscilla for a coach to incorporate biblical principles in their approach. And not just some vague idea of spirituality. In Christ, there is clarity, and she goes on. But listen, thank you, Priscilla, the Lord God is working Hallelujah, Hallelujah to the Christ. And actually, Priscilla is one of my clients. So she knows me very well how I work. And so I just take that it just humbles me. And it just, you know, it confirms for me yet again, that this is what I’m gonna be doing. Like, I have my people, God’s already selected him. I don’t have to stress about where they are, they’re gonna find me and he’s perfect timing. I’m still gonna show up here and elsewhere, right? The podcast, these weekly trainings, social posts, networking now that we’re able to get out all these things. But it’s up to him. Right? So I look to Him for strategy. I look to him to tell me how to think all these things. All right, I’m getting a little far afield. Okay, let’s invite the Lord God here with us this morning. And then we’re gonna dive into our topic. Heavenly Father, we thank you, thank you, God for all these beautiful people that you’re bringing together. And you’re calling your sons and your daughters together. In order to glorify you. You gave us this business, it is yours, God, help us all to hear from you to seek you out daily to hear from you daily, and to implement in a bold and courageous way. Because you gave us a spirit of not fear, but of power. Help us to live that out. God help us to live more faithful and trusting and relying wholly on you and living in the supernatural God, in work and in life. Because that’s where you call us to be. In the mighty name of Your Son Jesus we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, so not attracting the right client, quite common. And the reason is simple. And here’s the great news. It really is easy to fix, okay, you’re attracting the wrong people. Because you’re ready for this, here’s the why you’re attracting the wrong people. Because that’s who you’re speaking to, in your copy. And in your trainings, and on your website. Okay? Now, you’re probably none of you are probably intentionally doing this. Obviously, we don’t want to attract people who aren’t ready to work with us, right? We don’t want to attract excuse makers, and tire kickers and all the rest. But it’s happening because of something you’re doing, which is you’re speaking to the wrong people. You’re the words are, are hitting the pain points, and the emotions of the people you don’t want to work with. And I’m going to tell you why that happens in a second. But it couldn’t be you’re talking to the wrong people, because you haven’t clearly defined your people. Right? You’re trying to speak to everybody, oh, I don’t want to, you know, niche down because I’m afraid well fear, you never make a decision out of fear, that’s always going to be a loser. Okay? If you’re speaking to everyone, or trying to do it, nobody’s listening. Because people these days, they’re bombarded with information. They’re bombarded with ads and everything else, you need to cut through the noise by speaking specifically to them, to your people. Okay. But there’s another piece of this where you may know who your best clients are. But you need to be more intentional in your word choice. So that what you’re saying lands with them. Right? They readily relate, they see themselves in what you’re saying. And that draws them in to learn more about you and about your work. Now, I know how this happens, because just a couple of years ago, that was me. I longed to work with women who were serious about getting results in their business, those who were really committed to their business as a business, not a hobby, right. I wanted to reach women who were willing to do the work, whether they were in the earlier stages of business are already past six figures or even multi six figures, right. But what I found was too many in my audience were those who merely dabbled. It was my message about Christ that drew them in. They thought, wow, this is great. This is new, nobody’s doing this. And they enjoyed hearing from a woman me who exalted the Lord and put Him first. I can tell you I was baffled when I get on the phone. And too many were like God, I love you. You’re doing such important work. I think you’re great, but I can’t afford you.



Or my husband, they would say is so upset with me. I’ve wasted so much money on this business trying to get it going or or trying to get past this plateau. So he says, it’s not a business. It’s really an expensive hobby. And so Judy, I’m sorry, I wish I could work with you, but it’s just not a priority right now. Right? And it got to the point where I asked myself, What the heck’s going on? Why are so many ladies in my audience in this mode, right? Why are these type of women reaching out to me more than the ones I really want? Right? Where are the serious minded overachievers like me who love the Lord, I need more of them? Well, back then, I reviewed and assessed everything I was doing. I poured over copy on my website, copy on my social posts. And before long, I saw exactly why. Because that’s who I was speaking to. Right? I discovered that my copy tended to speak to those in the earlier stages of business. And I was not bold, Judy, in my copy. I spoke in very vague terms about results. I was wishy washy in my word choice. My calls to action were too often non existent. And put simply, like copy captured the experience of the underachiever. Not the overachiever that I am and that I wanted to find. But I gotta tell you, I was shocked when I discovered all of that. But I was determined to make a change. And I was encouraged and excited to see that if I just changed my copy my messaging, right? If I was intentional and specific with my copy, I knew everything could change. That’s exactly what I did. I up leveled my copy the words I used. In fact, you know, everything changed. Words matter, ladies. We’ve got to choose them wisely. Someone please type in a comment so that you remember it words matter. Okay, Words matter. I’m going to give you three tips and strategies to uplevel your copy. So get ready for that. But before I do, I’m going to briefly explain how that happened. Like how in the world was I talking to the wrong people? Because let me tell you, it happens a lot. For many of you, right? You may not realize it, but you may be doing that as well talking to the wrong people. Now want you to know, I often tell you, our brains are funny things, you can be super smart. But if we’re not managing our minds, if we’re not aware of how this lovely human brain works, we can fall into traps, right patterns, because we’re human. So here it is very simply, the words you use, have everything to do with what you think about. Right? From from the heart, the mouth speaks. The mind do you ever I remember the Bible, or the commentary talking about really, when talks about the heart, a lot of times it’s the mind, the mind and the heart work together. So what are you thinking about? And I know this sounds kind of crazy, but the human mind tends to think on negative things, rather than positive things, even as Christians. Why? Because we’re human. Humans love to complain. And even if you’re positive, optimistic person like me, we can fall into the natural and tend to see the negative side of things, the glass half empty. The human brain is there to protect us. And so its natural inclination is to play it safe. And concern itself with the negative or what I want to do that it’s scary. Oh, that’s pushing the envelope. Don’t want to do that. Right. And so we operate from this place of fear, or lack. Now, I hate fear. I don’t ever want the enemy to win. So I say, ah, ain’t happening. Not today. Not ever. Okay. The Bible tale tells us that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, ah, the Christ, but Christ or but God, those are the two almost awesome words in the Bible. We mess up. But God, we lose out, we



get it wrong, but Christ, you see, John 1010, Christ has come so that we can have life and life to the full hallelujah, I want to see that in the chat blowing up lots of love here, right? This is the power we have in Christ. Here’s the thing, when we operate in the natural, we will tend to think negatively and fearfully and we will hold back and play small. As business owners, that means we will tend to think about our worst clients. Those we don’t really want to work with, because that’s what we think about. So that’s what we write our copy to. Here’s an example. I’m going to really bring this home so you, right, who will make excuses and not do the work, who may not even show up for the console. We worry about those who don’t want to make the investment right? Those who say Oh, you’re great but too much money. Okay. And we fear will they respect me? Will they think I’m a fraud? Right? impostor syndrome is for real, right? And so while those kinds of thoughts are there, and they’re gonna come up, and the enemy loves to bring them to mind, unless we’re hyper aware, we may not realize they’re there. Because they kind of just lurk under the surface, right? They’re kind of there, but not consciously what we think about, but we don’t realize it, but they are there. Hope that makes sense. Okay, so So with those negative fear driven thoughts, our copy, our word choice will tend to address those fears, the fears and thoughts that are lurking underneath. But again, hallelujah, but God, that’s where we as Christians are so powerful, because we have the Holy Spirit. And so we have the power through Christ and the Holy Spirit to operate in the supernatural. That’s why we can do things that others can’t, because it’s really not us. It’s God through us, okay. So when we, when we utilize the power that God gave us, right, in x, one, eight, you will, you will, when the spirit comes, you will be given power, right? When we do that, when we when we use that power, our thoughts are not going to ruminate on worry, and doubt and fear and insecurity, okay? Instead, our thoughts are going to be focused on the positive, we’re going to look for God to work. So rather than wondering, Am I good enough, or worrying about you, they think I’m a fraud. When we focus on Christ, and we operate from his power inside us, we focus on the very calling that God made on our lives. And we’re grateful for the gifts He’s given us, and the ambition that he put inside of us. No guilt on that. Okay, that’s a gift from the Lord. And so what will we think about when we’re empowered by the Holy Spirit, right, we’re going to, we’re going to be dreaming about fulfilling this high calling, right? And so we focus our attention and our time and our thoughts on our very best clients, your people, right? You know, their characteristics, you’ve taken the time to identify them. And you believe that those best clients are looking for you because they are okay, and you have faith faith, that God is moving, and he’s going to bring those best clients to you. You’re gonna have confidence in who you are in Christ, so that you rise to be that extraordinary woman that the Lord God made you to be right, that powerhouse of business, that decisive, impactful thought leader and CEO, and doesn’t that feel great? Doesn’t it feel great, that is where God wants you to live? In faith, in belief in power. So when we operate in that mindset, with a faith fueled expectation of awesome clients coming our way, and the important work that God called us to, and when we have faith that He will fulfill every one of his promises, including the one to equip us where we’re called, then our minds going to be in the right place, is going to be primed to use different words. And those words are going to be the very words that are going to speak to and draw in your people see that? Okay, I’m going to use me as an example. And then I’m going to go on to our top three tips to uplevel your words, okay. Now, before my copy tended to speak to the woman, okay, well, sorry, let me start again, before, like two years ago, my copy tended to speak to the woman who loved the Lord, but had doubts as to her calling. It did not speak to the woman committed to her calling. And part of that was, as I talk to women, I see they grappled with that.



And even when I have clients in my mastermind who are making 234 $100,000, we there will always be a piece of us that are grappling with this a bit, right? Like, am I good enough, especially as women, right? But I’m talking to the wrong person, right. So my copy tended to speak to the woman who struggled to reach consistent monthly revenue. The woman who wasn’t sure if she was really good enough, a woman who loved to listen to webinars and classes, but never really implemented. Rather than speak to the woman who I really want to work with the woman who is confident in herself as a woman of God as an expert who can help people and as an action taker, right, a woman who like me was super ambitious all of her life and didn’t just talk about doing things but actually did them. Okay. And so I up leveled my words. Basically, I decided now again, there’s that powerful word for entrepreneurs. I decided that, given my skill set, I would work with only those committed to growing their business. And so I talked about scaling business, rather than saying stop making excuses, do this today, my coffee, my coffee emphasize the importance of taking responsibility for your results, I didn’t have to drag people, my best clients don’t have to be dragged and convinced that this is their calling. And my best clients, my people don’t make excuses. They do the work, because they know where they’re going. Okay? And so rather than try to justify my prices, that’s so weak ladies, you don’t have to convince, you don’t have to justify, okay, that’s really coming from a place of fear and desperation. Rather than that. Today, as you see, I stand firm in my value, never arrogant, I pray to God to keep me humble, always, no matter what happens, how big we get how how well known we, we become because I am the go to business coach and strategist and scaling expert for Christian women, period. That’s my mission. That’s what I’m called to be. That’s what I’m called to do. So I stand firm in my value, and I make bold offers with a hefty investment. And I do so without apology without holding that. Because I’m standing firm in my value. I know who my best clients are. And they’re excited to work with me. And they’re happy to invest at a high level with me, because they know the investments gonna be worth it. And all of that happened, because of the words I chose to use. And that’s the direct result of my thoughts. I talked about this a lot, ladies, maybe it’s something that’s super important. It changed everything for me. What do you think about yourself? What do you think about your people, your best clients? What do you know about them? What are they looking for? In a person like you in an expert like you, right? And how can you help them specifically? Those should be your thoughts. So it makes sense. You see how that works? All right. So just for a moment, I



want you to pause. What do you think about? Are you worried about your prices? Do you get nervous when it comes time to talk about your prices?



Are you anticipating people telling you? Oh, I wish I could but I can’t. I can’t because of this? I can’t because of that? Or, or are you hopeful and expectant? is talking about price, not an issue for you? Because you’re so solid in knowing who your people are? And what value you bring? And what they’re looking for. Right? In that regard? Do you provide that? Can you explain your value so clearly, and paint the picture of the results? You provide so vividly? That talking about the investment, and they expect it to be high? It’s just a natural, comfortable part of the conversation? I’d love to know where you fall on that. Share with me here in the comments. is talking price a problem? Is it kind of like a kind of get your nervous and gets that butterfly feeling in your stomach? Or is it just like anything else, any other part of the conversation? It’s just a matter of fact, no big deal. Now, with that mindset, wherever you are on that is your copy speaking directly to your best client. Do you want to work with people who value you and are willing to pay whatever price tag you stick on something? Because because they know they’re getting value, they’re not just throwing money at you for nothing, but they know you know what you’re doing. And they know you get results? Is your copy speaking to your best client? I encourage you if you have not already done so, you know, on this issue of mindset and the importance of faith and, you know, using words effectively download my joyful scaling podcast guide, where you’re gonna find my most popular episodes broken down by topic, right? You’ll find all the mindset episodes quickly, you’ll find all the marketing episodes quickly and all the branding episodes, you know, that kind of thing. And that is that Bitly that’s bi J, capital S, capital P for podcast, capital G for guide. I’ll come back and pop that in. So it’s Bitly s podcast guide with capitals at the beginning letters. Okay. Let us finally now that we have that background ahead of behind us, let’s get to the three strategies or tips about up leveling your copy. Okay, and that’s really messaging. That’s what we’re talking about here. Okay. The first tip is this You need to get clarity around your brand. You got to have a brand. And you need to have full clarity on what that brand is right? What do you stand for? Right? When you are strong and confident and clear about who you are, what you do, how you do it, what you stand for what you you know, refuse to do or be or something like that, right? All of that is your brand, your messaging becomes a continuation of the powerful words, the powerful words you use whenever you talk about you and your work. Right. Okay, so here’s what I want to say over the past 12 to 18 months, I have gotten crystal clear about my strengths as a business coach and a strategist, I 100% own my strengths. And I explained them clearly. Right. And I don’t just brag that I’m a lawyer. But I tell you why that’s important. Why my legal brain, both in the courtroom, and in the C suite matters to you how it benefits you. Right? I talk about those years in the C suite and the unparalleled value that that brings to my brain that I impart to my clients, right. And my clients that don’t have access to me and that Uber strategic brain, but I train my clients to strengthen their brain. So they can have an Uber strategic brain. And so they’re not relying on me, they come to a place where they are a mature, confident CEO. That’s the goal. I don’t want to necessarily have a client, you know, for 10 years, and they’re not learning anything. I want to impart autonomy, and the CEO skill set that by God’s grace, I have this little girl who came



from nothing from nowhere, okay. Now, another aspect of clarity around your brand, is your methodology. For me, it’s the joyful scaling method that is a process a step by step. It’s a pathway that I devised by God’s grace, he really downloaded it to me, nobody else has the joyful scaling method, its trademark, so nobody else can use it. And it is a comprehensive 360 degree approach to scaling your business with simplicity. And of course with joy, the joy found only in Christ. It is robust, it is high level, it is smart, and sophisticated. But it’s not all Frou Frou it’s layered with joy and fun, and most importantly, with Christ as the very foundation. So that today, there is zero doubt in the marketplace. As to who I am, Judy Weber is a high end high level exclusive services rendered only for truly committed Christian female CEOs, you do not cheat. In fact, as you would expect, because of my background, my experience and the results my clients get the investment to work with me is premium, you get what you pay for, I believe, and my goal and every day I worked toward setting the gold standard for coaching for the high achieving super ambitious Christian woman, period. And that came that clarity as to who the heck I am, came clear after spending time with the Lord. And that clarity with respect to my brand makes my copy land exactly where I wanted to. Okay. All right said tip when it comes to up leveling your copy. And again, this is probably nothing you haven’t heard before. But it’s so important. You’ve got to position yourself as the expert the authority and the thought leader. Now, when I say any of those three words, what comes up? Are you like, huh, am I really but am I? Well, you better you better know that sister. Right? Because people want to hire experts. People want to hire the authority, and they want to rub elbows with and work with thought leaders. So I need you to refer to yourself exactly as that. Okay. Talk about not only your past experience, as I said before, but importantly why that experience matters to your people like like you say you’re an expert at in business coaching. Why? Well because I’ve done this and because I’ve done that and because I was responsible for this and because I’ve achieved that right? And you know more than all of that in the abstract here is where all that experience comes to bear positively for you. In our work together. Right Now I want you to think about this, no matter what your industry is, your experience comes to bear. I’m gonna give you an example. When I got my real estate license back in 2008, I had been a lawyer by the at that time for about 13 years, okay? And I was thinking about how do I jumpstart my real estate business, I was a stay at home mom. But I, you know, me, I can’t just sit still. So I’m like, You know what, I’m getting my real estate license. And so I wanted to really jumpstart that real estate business and my thought was, hmm, negotiation is important in real estate. And my negotiation skills and my in depth knowledge of the law and contracts will absolutely benefit my buyers and sellers. And so by God’s grace that came to me and I lead that I lead with that in my marketing, and I put Esquire after my name, right, Judy Weber, Esquire realtor. And that immediately allowed me to stand out from so many other realtors, there’s not many realtors who are lawyers, there’s not, there’s not a small like two or four, right, but But it’s only a small percentage, wherever you are in the country. And so I lead with that. And I would, as I spoke with clients, I would highlight my legal background and experience and I would explain how that would serve them, and how they would ultimately win more with me on their side. Okay, and that leads me to a related point when it comes to positioning yourself as the expert as the authority and that is, ladies tell stories. Tell stories, stories about you. And client success stories that really point to and, you know, give, give a picture of how my experience and my unique background help my clients when you can do the same thing.



You probably as many women do look at your experience and your background and your education and think yeah, does that matter? And it’s no big deal. It’s it is a big deal. And you can never tell too many stories. Stories are memorable. People love to hear stories, they make you relatable. And they really help to establish a connection with your people, that all important rapport and trust being established right from the get go. Okay, final point on this is thought leadership. Your people, right, your people want to work with a leader, not a follower. So when I say you’re a thought leader, I need you to embrace that title. Be a leader in your industry, the competition is irrelevant. Say it with me type it out. The competition is irrelevant. You stand alone, you’re unique. Please don’t fall to the enemy’s tricks of comparison. Don’t think, Oh, I can’t do that. Or I can’t say that. Or I can’t lead in my industry. Because I don’t have X, Y or Z. God made you unique sister and you have exactly what you need right now to lead. Do you do you know that? I hope so. I’m talking truth is I’m not making stuff up. If God called you to business, and he allowed all this stuff in the past, whether it be good, bad or otherwise, it was all meant to bring you to where you are right now. You got everything you need right now. Okay, now, very briefly, a thought leader is someone who has thoughts that stand out. Often these thoughts go against what most experts in your industry are saying right now. So don’t be afraid of that difference. Be bold, call it out. One myth I love the break is the myth that to succeed in business. You got to post on social media platforms many times a day all day every day, right? It’s baloney. Now it may blow your mind. But the fact is, you can have a highly profitable business without posting on social media at all. Boom. As some of you may have said, Who? I think Judy’s lost her mind. No, I’ve seen it. I know. Like my first business was 2003 before the internet, and I was booming. Okay. Now, do I recommend that you don’t do social media at all given that here we are in 2022? No, it’s free. Let’s leverage it. It can even be fun. But there’s no need to work yourself silly and stay tied to your computer in order to find awesome clients. Okay, so that was tip number two. Now we’re on to our final tip to uplevel your copy and your messaging and it’s this get specific. Please, someone typed that in the comments. It sounds so simple. I’m going to give you some examples. Get specific paint a picture of the after. After working with you here’s the before and here’s the beautiful after. Ladies say specificity is impactful, generalities are not that simple. Here’s an example. You could say my clients get results. Or you could say, my clients see a 25% increase in qualified leads in as little as 90 days. Which one’s more impressive? A or B? The answer is clear, right? My client gets results. Great. Who doesn’t say that? It may be true, right? You are an expert after all, but when you quantify with specifics, the type of results you get, and in particular, when those specific results are exactly the result that your people are desperate for, you are going to stand out, they’re going to be impressed. They’re going to trust you write. Okay, you gotta be specific. Here’s another example. Loose way, and keep it off with my blah, blah, blah program. Sounds good. How about this one? On average, my clients lose 25 pounds. And I have clients reporting, they’ve kept it off after two years, even five years and counting. Do you see the power and the impact that specificity brings? I hope so I encourage you to look at your web copy, review your recent social posts. Do you talk in generalities? Or do you get specific because specificity always wins? Okay,



I have one more bonus thought when it comes to up leveling your copy. And I always say this, but it requires emphasis because it’s kind of a scary thing to do. But let’s decide it’s not scary. Or let’s let’s acknowledge it could feel scary. But let’s decide we’re going to choose faith over fear. Okay, this bonus thought of how to uplevel your copy, be different. Be different. Don’t worry about what everybody else in your industry is doing. Do you. And in that way, be intentional about pointing out your differences, say something different, do things differently, you don’t want to blend in, right. And this is really cool. I was telling my clients last week, a beautiful example of saying something that’s really not new. But putting it together packaging it differently. So it sounds like a new idea. Here’s the example. It was a Liberty Mutual commercial. And the actor said this Liberty Mutual lets me customize my insurance. So I only pay for what I need. That has been a very popular commercial. And it must work because they keep playing it right. And you think oh my goodness, what? Oh, Liberty Mutual does something nobody else does. They customize insurance just for me. I don’t have to pay for what I don’t want. Sounds great. Right? Okay, let’s take a step back. And let’s, let’s let’s call it what it is. This is what the insurance industry has done since the beginning of time. That’s how insurance works. You tell the agent what you want. And they put together a quote, nothing new about getting only the insurance you want. But, but the genius is in the way Liberty Mutual couched it, they made it seem like it was the best thing since sliced bread. And the way they said it, the words they used and the passion with which the actor states it makes it sound like a whole new concept. So how can you do that? Think about that. How can you package something? And it could be something that’s been done forever? Right? It could be the normal course of how things are done by how could you say it with a fresh spin on it? To stand out and make people say, Wow, really? Wow. You see, that is the power of marketing. That is the power of positioning. That my sisters is the power of words. So I hope that this has been not only inspirational, but I hope a couple of light bulbs have gone off because that’s why I love to give examples so that you don’t just hear great theory or strategy, but that I give you a framework. I give you questions to ask. I give you some next steps to apply what I’m teaching. So I’d love to hear your comments. I do have to go we’re beyond the half an hour. But here’s what I want to remind you of. I want to hear your voice I go to the podcast page of my website, Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast, Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast, scroll down a bit, and you’re gonna see a picture of me with a microphone. Hit it, and talk. Tell me a question. Give me a review. Suggested guests. Maybe you maybe yourself right? Or maybe another topic you’d love to see me cover here or on the podcast, Judy I want to play you. I want to play your words, your beautiful voice on an upcoming episode of The joyful scaling podcast. All right, ladies, I hope that of leaving you feeling excited about up leveling the copy of your words, because when you do, you’re going to get more and more of those qualified leads the people that are your people that are going to be banging on your door saying, I want to work with you. How can I make that happen? All right. Love you, sister. Love. God bless. Have a beautiful rest of your day. See you next time.


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