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Ep 258 Transcript


All right, welcome. Welcome, ladies to thriver. Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, if we haven’t met Hi there, my name is Judy Weber. I’m a business strategist and scaling expert, with over 30 years in the courtroom as a trial attorney. And in business in the C suite as general counsel and HR director, successful Christian women come to me to scale their revenue and multiply their impact. It’s all about strategy and mindset coming together. And we do it all by His power and for His glory. Today, we’re talking about Coach versus strategist like what’s the difference? And which one do I need? So I’m curious, do you have a coach now? Say yes or no in the chat? Do you have a strategist now? Yes, or no in the chat, okay. One person can be both. That’s me, I got the strategy. I got the mindset, and I understand how to coach. But hear me on this, okay. This is why I felt so. So compelled to bring you this training today. Each requires different and distinct skill sets. Okay. Now, in the context of today, I’m also going to take you through a process to identify which one you need, given where you are and where you want to go, including whether you maybe need both, right? You’re going to leave this training with the tools and the knowledge you need to make a decision from the highest place of service to you, your clients and your business. That’s a beautiful trifecta, isn’t it? All right. For that, we’re gonna make sure to thank my beautiful friend, Melissa Houston, who is a Forbes contributor, and the creator and host of the business society podcast. I want to thank her for featuring me in her most recent Forbes article, talking about overcoming money mindset blocks, and if you haven’t read it, you can visit Forbes article, yes, it was available, all lowercase Forbes article, that’s an amazing accomplishment to appear in Forbes, but, and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity, but all glory, the opportunity came only from the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ. So all glory and praise to Him. And I gotta tell you, you know, I’m always real with you. And I always speak from my heart. When I read the article, my heart was grieved. It may sound weird to you. But here’s the here’s the truth. You see, I’m all about Jesus. And his name was nowhere there. And so as I read the article, I thought, this doesn’t reflect the all important how? How is it? That coming from nothing, I was able to have the audacity to dream big, and more than dreaming the courage to go after those dreams. And that all important how is the person of Jesus Christ. And so to set the record straight, and I posted this on my post on my social yesterday, but I want to give credit where credit is due. And so here is I want to read for you the post that I did yesterday, because I want you to hear it from me, in case you missed it. That this is how I announced my Forbes feature.



Coming from worldly nothing, but having everything I needed from an eternal perspective, which is a loving family, who introduced me to the Lord Jesus Christ. I had to overcome money mindset issues in order to succeed and thrive as an entrepreneur, serving others to the outer most having a standard of excellence in all things, embracing who I am in Him powerful, courageous and bold, even when I don’t feel like it right. That is who I am believing His promises to equip me, where he’s called me succeeding without guilt, because Romans eight one says in Christ, there is no condemnation. A side note, I know that there are many of you that have mom guilt, and I used to have that too. And I’ll be honest, there’s still a little bit that I’m grappling with. But every time I have that guilt, I claim and proclaim Romans eight one. Okay, so then I go on to say, all of that took work, inner work, the work of knowing Him Jesus better so that I could know the me who the me that he made me to be better. I need to know Him. So that I know the me he made me to be better, right? The work of managing my thoughts being intentional with them, as we’re commanded to do in Philippians, four, eight, and this inner work ladies, I resisted it for years. My post goes on to say My prayer is that My story here in Forbes inspires you to not only do but joyfully pursue your inner work, the Lord God called me to help smart, high achieving Christian women like you scale and run. sophisticatedly simple. Gosh, I love that concept. sophisticatedly simple faith fueled businesses. Your businesses are businesses of significance businesses of impact. Businesses of service, and businesses have purpose Hallelujah to the Christ and all glory belongs to him alone. It is all him. Without Christ, I am nothing. Without him. I can do nothing. All Hail, King Jesus, hallelujah. Right? He is alive, ladies. He is moving. Trust Him, lean on Him, not yourself. And He will fulfill his promises to equip you where he calls you. Right. Finally, I want to say thank you to each of you this week who took the time to leave a rating and review on my joyful scaling podcast on Apple, we have nearly 145 star reviews which is crazy, such a humbling outpouring of your love and support and appreciation for the work that me and my team do. Right. And I firmly believe that in every thriver Thursday, training, just like today, and every time I go on mic, it’s God who’s really speaking through me, right? He inspires everything I say, he inspires the work, I do all of it. He like gives me the download and I implement. Okay, so I just want to pause for a moment right now, to thank God, Lord Jesus Christ for His work through the joyful scaling podcast. Thank you, Jesus. Thank You, God. And now before I dive in, I want to highlight one recent review on the podcast by Nicole Elle. And she said this, a friend referred me to the podcast, and I immediately listened to three episodes. I didn’t want the teaching and clarity to stop. Judy speaks the truth with love, and doesn’t hold back any punches. She’s unapologetic and genuinely loves helping women reach their potential. It’s so refreshing to receive coaching that includes Jesus. Thank you, Judy. And my response to that is thank you, Nicole, and praise God that He brought you to the show through another sister in Christ and I pray that the show blesses you and everyone listening here right business God’s way there’s no better way. Alright, so let’s before we dive in, invite the Lord God here with us this morning, and then we’ll dive in to this issue of coach versus strategist.



Heavenly Father, thank You, Lord, there is such a wind and a storm outside and pots are falling over and I hear whistling through the door like I’ve never heard before. It’s really kind of scary. So I’m here alone, but the God we trust in you. And so at times like this, when maybe we have some fear, whether like my personal experience right in this moment, or the personal experiences of each of these beautiful ladies listening where as they’re working on their business, they get afraid, afraid to go live, afraid to send that email, afraid to even Craft It. feeling less than feeling insecure, feeling doubtful. Their god, thank you that in those moments, we can identify them as allies of the enemy. And we can choose we have the power by the Holy Spirit to choose faith over all of those lies for I pray that you are here you are speaking through me God I am your vessel used me Lord, may the words that I proclaim, be pleasing to you, God and edifying to every woman here. We thank You God, we praise you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. Amen. Okay, so have you noticed people calling themselves a bunch of different things, different titles, different words, so much so that it can be quite confusing as to what someone actually does. Right. And so I wanted to be clear about why I call myself the names that I do, right words that I use are not by accident. Little I do is without strategic and intentional thought behind it. And I pray that applies to the way you do your business as well. I am a business strategist. I’m a scaling expert. And I am a business coach, right? Because because all of that speaks to what I do and how I do it, right. But a coach and a strategist. I want to tell you what I mean by that, because there’s a huge difference in skill sets between the two. Right? I’m going to leave out scaling expert for a second and just talk about Coach versus strategist. You need to know that when you’re considering investing in help to build and grow your business, you need to understand the difference and what you really need right now, there is a caveat that I need to drop here and that is not everyone out there will be as careful and purposeful as I am in the words used To describe their skill sets, so there may be some out there who call themselves coaches, but they really don’t have a clue to what coaching really is. And the skill sets needed to do that particular work which have been talked about. And there may be those who call themselves strategists without a strategic think set under their belt. Okay, so let’s start with the definition for each. Okay, a coach, what is a business coach? Some definitions that I saw online are a business coach is a professional mentor who supports and motivates business owners. They provide recommendations for the company vision, growth and goals. Right? Another definition, a business coach will assist and guide the business owner in running a business by helping them clarify the vision of the business and how it fits with their personal goals. Okay, lots of different definitions. But a coach at the end of the day, is someone who I liken it to a therapist, okay, in that they ask client questions to help guide the client. Okay. So in large part, a coach, when they use the word, you know, aptly and accurately, a coach helps with the inner work. The mindset, the belief, or in my case, the faith, the faith fueled belief in mindset work, okay, let me tell you, this work is not extra. Mindset work, your belief foundation is just that foundational, in order to achieve your full potential, and to accomplish your God given purpose and calling on your life through your business. And for us Christians, that means that your mindset work should be rooted in the Bible, not woowoo nonsense, grounded and founded and rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ who is truth capital T, not old coaching, that throws out the word universe and puts the universe kind of personifies that and put the universe on equal footing with Christ. I mean, what a what, it’s just sickening and it’s disgusting, and it’s sinful, and it’s horrible, right? Okay. And, and understand this. There’s a subtlety the enemy loves to trick you. Okay?



So many reference God. But remember, even the devil believes in God, right? Good. He doesn’t know him as Lord. Okay. So as you go out, seeking business coaching your mindset work, helping overcome your mental stumbling blocks and your strongholds. I implore you, to ask this question, just one that’s going to empower you to discern whether the person you’re considering hiring as a business coach is of Christ. And that question is, who is Jesus Christ to you? And that a great question. Such a profound yet simple question. Indeed, whether one truly knows Christ. That’s like the all important, most important question any of us can answer. It’s the difference between an eternity with Him or separated from him. Okay, now, I want to give you a personal story on this. We’re hiring. Okay, I’m looking for a social media and administrative coordinator. So if that’s you, and you’d like to apply, DM me, okay. But someone reached out, I don’t know, last week or something via DM asking if we could use help in that area. And I asked them one simple question that same one, who is Jesus Christ to you? It’s important for my business, every member of my team must proclaim Christ as Lord period, the end. And you know what she said, her first response was, yes. And listen again, the question was, who is Jesus Christ to you? Her answer was, yes, I believe in God. To which I smiled and responded, thanks, that’s great. But tell me who is Jesus Christ to you? You know what she said, and it really hurt my heart when I read this. Religion is a private matter to me. I hope you’ll respect that. To which I responded, thank you. I left it at that. Now, think about it. You know me, it won’t take long if you look at any social platform or my website, what I’m all about, and at the core of who I am, is Jesus, hallelujah, I want to be dead to me and alive only in him. Okay. So I’m looking for bold followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to be team members. That is a core value of me and my business, right? So that response was not in alignment with one of my core beliefs. And so I didn’t look any further. That’s where I start with that question. It’s an immediate qualifier. That’s not a little extra that I throw in at the end. And I will admit that earlier On in my business, that was not my first question, big mistake. Okay, so let’s bring it around to you. Okay? Likewise, we as Christians are all called to live differently, to speak differently, to think differently, to do life and business differently. Okay? So as you look to hire a coach, and hired to help you with your mindset, your thought work your core beliefs which flows all flow from your faith, right? Wouldn’t you want to hire someone who has as her foundation, the Lord Jesus Christ? Like, why would you risk compromising? Taking your mindset where it shouldn’t go? Right now, I realized there aren’t many Christian business coaches who boldly proclaim and teach and adhere to the teachings of Jesus, but be discerning my friend, because it matters what you’re feeding your mind. Okay, now that’s a coach, let’s talk about a strategist, what do they do? Well, a strategist here’s one definition is a person responsible for the formulation and helping you implement a strategy, right strategist identify and determine solutions to improve and grow your business. And I love this General Electric CEO years ago said the right person leads to the right strategy. I love that. Now, a qualified business strategist is someone with the following characteristics, I hope you’re gonna write this down, okay. They need to first have relevant business experience, right? significant responsibility in business, okay, whether corporate or small business, right, timeless growth and scaling principles applied at all, there may be variations, whether you, you know, are a coach or consultant versus, you know, a, an agency owner, for example. But still, I mean, basic, timeless principles of growing business apply across the board. What is the relevant business experience of the people you’re considering to hire for your business strategy,



right? Next qualification you want to be mindful of when looking to hire a strategist is relevant life experience. I don’t mean to be me when I say this, but the fact of the matter is that a 20 or 30, something cannot have as rich a life experience as a 40 or 50. Something, right? That’s just map and even more than life experience. You know, when you think about it, everything that someone’s gone through, means that you’ve had the opportunity to handle life’s tough situations. And if we’re in Christ, learning and growing from each trial or situation that we’ve overcome by His grace, right. So we need relevant business experience, relevant life experience, but what else does a qualified business strategist need to have? How about this a strategic mind? A logical mind, I love this. And this is such a huge blessing that the Lord God gave me as a lawyer, you can’t play with the big dogs, with literally millions of dollars at stake, without the ability to think things through precisely logically considering all the evidence, right, considering the 1000s upon 1000s of relevant pages of case law, right? You just can’t plan to win a case without a higher level of thinking, okay, anticipating pitfalls, and proactively planning and strategizing how to handle them. So important. But that’s not it. Okay, that’s huge. But that’s not it. Because the next qualification you need is the ability to take the complex and make it simple. And this need to simplify must be a decided focus and priority for your business strategist. Okay. If I didn’t make simple some of the complex medical issues back going back to my trial lawyer example, if I didn’t make simple these complex medical issues involved in the case, the judge wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. The jury would be absolutely lost and there’s no way we could have won the case. But no one understands the issues involved, right and how the evidence bears on those issues. So your business strategist has got to be excellent at taking the complex and simplifying it. Another qualification, the gift of powerful and very timely decision making, okay, successful people think, but they don’t overthink, they carefully consider their options. They perform their due diligence, and then they decide quickly, they don’t have it all around. Okay, those that do do so because they’re unsure they’re uncertain. They’re confused, maybe overwhelmed, they’re insecure, they’re not they think they’re not strong enough or confident enough to decide. Ah, but that is a vital skill of the astute business strategist you need on your team. Okay. Now, another qualification, a business strategist must also have a practical pragmatic side, right meaning on awareness of all the things that could be done, right? Yet, the ability to know the client to know the client’s business to such a degree that that strategist can recommend go this way. Right, let’s start here and prioritize all the rest. You need a strategist that’s going to customize and personalize her recommended strategies to fit your needs, your skills, your goals, and your abilities. And that requires a high degree of access, and personalized touch. Right. And now we’re at the final characteristic of an accomplished business strategist. And that is, she needs to have an authentically caring heart. Your business strategist needs to care deeply about you and your business. It can’t be phoned in right through a sub coach, or team member of the strategist because after all, what skill set do they have? Okay, trust is at the core of every relationship, including your strategist, right? You need your trust that she has your back that she knows you. And even before that she cares to know you. Right. So if you’re considering working with a business strategist, I want you to ask these questions of her right? How many years experience do you have in business? How many years of experience do you have as a business strategist? Tell me about that. Right? And how many experience years of experience do you have in business generally like, like, what’s your prior work experience in corporate maybe or another entrepreneurial venture?



Venture? What awards and accolades Have you won? Tell me about that. Right. Another question, tell me your skill sets. What do you think you’re great at? Right? Do they even mention the ability to think at a higher level? Do they mention their ability to think logically and to prioritize easily? And their ability to think ahead and anticipate issues? Right? So they can reverse engineer? What has to happen to get you the results you’re after? Right? Do they mention this skill of simplifying even the most complex concepts? Right? As you consume their content? Are they making things simple? Do they explain things clearly? Right? Another question, Do they count their ability to make decisions confidently, powerfully and quickly? And in their content? Do they mention this as a skill set that they teach their clients? Finally, ask them to explain in detail, this is so important, ladies, don’t miss this. Ask them to explain in detail the access to you. Okay, the access, they will you will have with them personally, is directly how much time do I have with you, not just a team member? Okay, hold them to the fire on that. The feet to the fire. Now, the caveat here is, when you’re talking about hiring a business strategist, as a multi six, or perhaps seven figure business owner, you are at the scaling phase of your business. And I know a lot of people talk about scaling, and they’re like, you’re gonna scale to six figures. If you’re not at six figures, you’re not at the scaling phase. That’s reality. Okay, but if you are truly at the scaling phase of your business, you’re either looking for that high touch experience, right? That you’re looking for a high touch either in the one on one person to person mentoring opportunity, or perhaps a similar high touch mentoring, but in a small group setting like a mastermind, okay, that’s what you need in the scaling phase, a high touch, whether it’s one on one or group. And so that requires, you know, a lot of intimacy there, right. And that kind of access is not cheap. Right? Because in those scenarios I just mentioned, you basically have access to the business strategist spreen. That’s what I offer my clients right in the one on one or mastermind setting, right? within certain defined times, right, but the access is significant. That’s what you want at that level. More access means more value, which means more of an investment. Now, those of you that are not yet at the multi six figures, maybe you’re approaching the six figures, right. You may want high level access, but as a practical matter, your revenue your budget may not be in the place where that high level access that I just spoke about is possible. Let me tell you, true business strategy is a highly refined skill set. It is a premium service. which comes with a premium price tag because of the value that the work imparts to you. So if that’s you, your best option is in a group setting where you can expect weekly or perhaps bi weekly access to that business strategist. Okay, so the access is is less, okay. But you still have the ability to get your questions answered by her not just a team member, and typically also receive detailed feedback via a Facebook group or slack or some similar Avenue. Okay, this group container with less access, but still direct access makes that access possible but at a reduced price point. Now, listen, that price point may still be a stretch. But I want to tell you from personal experience, I wouldn’t be here looking toward the seven figure mark, without having taken that leap of faith early on before I thought it was ready. Okay. All right. With all that said, How are we doing? How are we doing? Now? I have I want to answer the question. The last question here is, how do you know which one you need? A coach to help with mindset issues, someone to point out things in front of you that you can’t even see. Okay, right? Because you don’t know what you don’t know. Because you’re too in the weeds? How do you know if you need that coach, or if you need a business strategist, the person who considers where you are and where you’re going, as well as who you are? What your business is all about, with all that in mind, decisively recommend a proven strategy, or strategies to get you to your goal. How do you know which you need? My answer is it depends. Okay, don’t worry, that’s not the full answer. But that’s where we start. Okay. I want to keep it simple. And I want you to ask yourself, you know, this question.



When you’re talking about whether I need a coach, I want you to ask yourself, on a scale of one to 10, how strong is my mindset? Now? That’s a loaded question. Because you may not know how to access to how to assess or analyze the insert, right? Because in many cases, again, you don’t know what you don’t know. So how about this? Okay, where you are here. Ask yourself these questions. Do you believe? Like, do you feel like you are a CEO? Do you identify as a decisive, strong CEO? And you identify that so much so that this is how you talk about yourself? Like, do you really believe you’re a CEO? So if yes, your mindset is more strong than not strong, okay? But if instead, you believe you believe and you identify, not really, as a CEO, but more of an overworked employee, and you may tend to be more overwhelmed and confused than decisive. If you say, I don’t know a lot, or I don’t know where to start, or I don’t know how or I don’t know what to do first, then your mindset could definitely use improvement. Okay, now another thing to ask yourself as to Hey, do I need a coach? Right? Ask yourself this, do I tend to be optimistic? And more than that? Do I believe that my success is inevitable? It’s coming? It’s done? I’m on my way. If so, your mindsets do a pretty darn good, right? Or? Or do you tend to let the negative rule the day? More often than not okay? Along those lines do tend to worry and think things like, Oh, that’ll never happen. That’s not possible for me, or I doubt that’s going to work. Or why bother? In that case, I’d set needs some serious up leveling. And if that’s you in love, I want to encourage you to look inward, I really want you to ask yourself these questions. And if you missed them, go back, listen to the replay, or head on over to the joyful scaling podcast is going to be posted later as episode 258. And I highly encourage you to really consider these carefully. Because I’ll tell you this as a daughter of King Jesus, you already have right now, everything you need to succeed where he’s called you. Okay? But, but as I say, over and over, because I want to make sure you don’t miss it. You have got to live your faith meeting in order I just told you, you have everything you need right now. So then you might say, Okay, I don’t need a coach. I don’t need a strategist like I got it. All right. But but here’s the here’s the key, okay. You got to live your faith. Meaning you’ve got to surrender all of your doubts, all of your fears, all of your insecurities, and you got to surrender it to Christ. Leave those lies. Leave the guilt leave the shame and all of the crap, right? All of the lies of the enemy at the foot of the cross. Let Jesus take it. And why is that so important? Because only then will you be able to fully embrace who you are in him. That powerful, courageous, bold woman and CEO. Because that’s we made you to be, okay. Your identity is in Jesus. And if you need an uplevel mindset, invest in quality, Biblically sound business coaching, okay? Please do not risk compromising that most beautiful identity by working with a worldly mindset coach. And sometimes, you know, because there’s so few of us out there, you might feel like it’s okay to work with someone who says, whoever your source is, be it God, or the universe or a crystal, whatever nonsense, right? But really, we’ve got to be really careful what we are consuming. We can always change it and say, well, they’re saying that, but I put Jesus and yes, we need to do that if you’re in that situation, but why not go directly to, you know, work with someone that has Christ at the foundation? Right? Because, look, that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to do. He loves to put us in situations where Jesus and truth are removed. That’s why we need to stay aware, we can’t fall to his subtle lies and deceptions we need to stand firm in our faith. Okay, so that’s coaching. Alright, so so hopefully



you, you are armed with everything you need to discern and determine whether you need a business coach, let’s talk about how do you know if you need a business strategist? Okay, here’s some questions to ask yourself. Okay. First, do you have your top three business priorities to grow and scale your business decided? laid out? Second question, do you have your strategies in place? And one big one is your marketing strategy, which includes your messaging, your positioning, your visibility, right? How about your client acquisition strategy, your nurture strategy, your content strategy? Oh, yeah. How about your sales strategy and every sub strategy under that sales umbrella. Okay. And remember, strategy is the why the what and the how, and I’ve done another podcast on that you have to search the I’m sorry, I don’t have the number in my brain. But strategy is so key. It is not willy nilly. So do you have your strategies in place? Another question, ask yourself, how about your delivery strategy? How do you deliver services? Do you have it all mapped out in a way that ensures that your clients experience is going to be ordinary and productive, given them what they came for? Right? Another thing to look at is, do you have an operational strategy? That’s the backend of your business? And not just processes, but a reason and intention behind the processes that you have? Do you have that operational strategy in place? Now, if you said no to one or more of these, your business, no doubt would greatly benefit from working with an experienced business strategist. Okay, I promise you this. If you said no to any of the questions I just asked you, I can guarantee that you’re missing out on 1000s, maybe even 10s of 1000s of dollars each and every month. And that’s not an exaggeration, right? Depending where you are in your business. Right? If you’re at that scaling multi six figure level, you could be missing out on 2030 $50,000, maybe even $100,000 a month, that’s just slipping through your fingers. That ladies is the importance of strategy. Okay. Finally, how do you know if you need both a coach and a strategist? Well, based on the above questions, do you help your mindset, your identity as a woman and CEO of the Lord God? Do you need you know smart Savvy Business Strategy The what to do next, the how to do it most effectively and efficiently. I’m gonna tell you, in my opinion, I vast majority of you the both mindset and strategy, they simply go hand in hand. So I want to encourage you to be discerning in your choices, his questions, it’s those hard questions that may feel uncomfortable but but just decide they’re not uncomfortable, and you need to ask them. Tell me what you who is Jesus Christ to you? I think it’s probably gonna be the toughest question to ask, as I you know, reviewed the questions that I have here. But don’t be afraid. Because you’re interviewing the people you’re hiring. Heck, you’re paying for them. So they should understand. It’s an important decision, and they should be open to answering your questions. And you need to stop asking until you’re satisfied with the answer, okay? Because you need that info to make a best choice. And that’s what a successful CEO does, right? They take charge, they do their due diligence without apology, so that they can make the very best informed, educated decision for them, given again, where they are and where they want to go. So, which do you need? Sister? Do you need a coach? Do you need a strategist? Do you need both? As you consider that answer, I want to offer the truth. I want to hope that didn’t mess up my Instagram. Okay. So as you consider the answer to do I need to coach a strategist or both. I want to offer this truth. The best way that you can serve the people that you’re meant to serve, begins with being in front of them. Right. And so if you don’t have a visibility strategy, for example, something intentional with a strategic plan and purpose behind it.



You’re not being seen by those people. All of them that you should be or could be right? There’s a significant risk, at the very least, that people that you’re meant to serve aren’t seeing you. Okay. And here’s another fact, if your visibility strategy, quote, unquote, consists of winging it, I know it’s not working, it can’t work. It’s impossible. Without a working strategy. You can’t serve your people, right? So in that way, by investing in you, by investing in a business strategist, you not only gain and benefit yourself, right? But in doing so you bless the very people that God called you to serve. Because now they’re able to see you. That’s just one example of strategy, right? And that’s a win win. And God gets all the glory for the success that flows from you, taking that leap of faith, trusting him to bring to you the right strategist, trusting that strategist and implementing what she recommends. Similarly, if, based on the questions we went over, you realize that your mindset needs to shift, right? If you long to make Christ, the very core of your business, whether he is forward facing on your brand, or just the way you do business, right? If you want your mind and your thoughts around your business to be centered around biblical principles, investing in a mindset coach, a biblical mindset coach is the absolute best thing you can do to allow you to fully embrace that identity of yours in Christ, as you experience breakthroughs in your higher level thinking, and your problem solving, and then your entire approach to working in and on your business. Right. And as Scripture tells us, as a man thinketh. So is he, our thoughts and our beliefs, all of them flow from our faith. And our thoughts are what lead to your results. And so as we wrap up today, if your results are not what you want them to be, if you know, deep down, I am holding back, right? If too much of your time is spent thinking in the negative and the impossible, as opposed to the positive, optimistic thoughts, right. And the fact that with Christ, everything is possible, even the impossible, then investing in a biblical mindset coach is going to change everything, not just in your business, but in your life. So if you need either or both, and you’re committed to up leveling your mindset and your strategy inside your business, if your business is your source of income, and you’re not, it’s not a hobby, it’s not a fun thing. But this is serious, right? And you’re ready for significant improvement in your bottom line and the way you do business. And if you want to do it with joy, with simplicity. And if you want to do it with a renewed focus on Jesus, I want to invite you to grab a spot on my calendar for a complimentary breakthrough strategy session. Okay, it’s scaling console, and J and joyful s in scaling seat and consult is capitalized. So scaling console. Now, I want to be clear, this is complimentary, but it’s only if you said yes to each of those qualifiers. Your business is serious, right? You’re committed not just thinking about but you’re committed to up leveling the way you do business, and you want to do it God’s way. Okay, I have limited spots on my calendar. So don’t procrastinate if this training touched you. If you experienced it, aha, as you were listening, maybe, just maybe that’s a prompting from the Holy Spirit for you to take action. So I encourage you in that instance, to listen and act on that nudging There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So ladies, thank you so much for being here with me. I pray that it has blessed you. I always come back later in the day to answer any questions. So please do pop that below whether you’re here on LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube, or whether you’re here on Instagram, thank you so much for joining me as always, every Thursday, I do this for you. Oh, I do want to mention I will not be here next week. Next week. I am hosting my master minders here in Charleston. So ladies that are coming I cannot wait. I cannot wait to meet you and hold you and hug you in person. Right? Love you ladies so much and for all of you. I just thank you for being here and giving me the opportunity to share the nuggets of wisdom and the experience that I gained by God’s grace and I pray that it is something that will inspire you to pursue the impossible for you because with Christ, all things are possible. All right, love you ladies luck, God bless you have a beautiful and blessed rest of your week.


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