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All right. Welcome, ladies. Hello, how are you? Welcome to thriver Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. If we haven’t met Hello, my name is Judy Weber. I’m a business strategist and a scaling expert. And for the past 30 years, I’ve either been a trial lawyer, or in the C suite as a general counsel and director of HR and these days successful Christian women come to me to learn how to scale their revenue and multiply their impact. Today, we’re going to be talking about being selfish. In your business, we’re gonna unpack what that really means, and how you can be selfish in your business to actually serve you and most importantly, serve your clients. But as everybody’s jumping on, please do take a moment. And wherever you are, whether on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, please do let me know who is here. Where are you watching? And what do you do? Hi there, hon. Teresa, good to see you there on Instagram. Okay, did you hear I’ve got to share this great news. My joyful scaling podcast has been ranked in the top right, number four in the top Christian women podcasts and number 14 in the top Christian business podcasts by Feedspot. So I say thank you to all my loyal listeners. If you have not yet listened to go check it out. The best place to find all the links is at Judy Judy Go find out why every week, hundreds of new Christian women are listening. On a personal note, I just want to share. I’m alone, my husband had to go to Florida, his mom was in a car accident on Sunday. She has a fractured vertebrae and a fractured rib. I can’t even imagine the pain and she’s got two black eyes because of the airbag. So I would so appreciate prayers for my mother in law for quick healing. Her birthday is coming up, she’s going to be 87. And so just your prayers on that is appreciated. And I am an extrovert. I



love people. I love coming to you every week. So being alone is kind of hard. For me. It’s very hard. So prayers for that. And if anybody ever wants to chat with me, just DM me and we can have a little chat at 2am or something No, not at 2am. But okay, so listen, today. Today, we’re talking about our business and being selfish in it. But we’re gonna unpack exactly what selfish means. But here’s my question to get it right out of the gate. Could it be? Could it possibly be that being selfish in our business? in specific areas that I’m going to go over? Could it really serve your client? Well, right. As Christians, we know that every sin is rooted in self, that’s a fact. So is there ever a time that being selfish is good and acceptable to God the Father, we’re gonna unpack that, because I want you to have absolute clarity around the issue. Because this is also a fact. I know this. being selfish, in specific areas of your business, not only makes running your business more joyful, but it does actually serve your clients the very best. And most importantly, doing this in the way I’m going to explain actually honors the Lord God Almighty. So hang on, you’re in for a ride. Okay, I’m gonna explain what I mean as we go through. But first, let’s pause and ask God to be here with us as we explore this interesting topic. Heavenly Father, we thank You God. I just love being able to serve so many ladies across the entire world, not only through the joyful scaling podcast, but also through these thriver Thursday, live trainings. Lord God, we need you here. Anything I have to say? Anything I can do without you means nothing. So God, use me I am your vessel. You know, if I’m saying something, please change my words. I know you can Holy Spirit move. We want to hear from you. Lord God, I pray that the words your words coming through me will bless and land in the hearts and minds of everyone. Every woman that’s listening, whether it’s now or on the replay, Lord God, we love you. And we trust you help us to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Your Son Jesus we pray. Amen. Amen. Okay, well, it’s interesting, because I posted about this topic on LinkedIn. I asked, Is it okay to be selfish as it relates to your business? And I gave them three options. Say yes. Right. Yes, it’s okay to be selfish. And then I said, please tell me what you mean by that? And if your answer is no, tell me what you mean by that. And finally, if you think it depends, like sometimes it could be okay, but sometimes not let me know. And I received more votes in that poll than any other poll that I’ve ever done on LinkedIn and that received 1000s of views. So I’ve clearly hit a nerve here. percent said never okay to be selfish. 20% said it depends. And a whopping 68% said yes. Now some of the comments and I want to go through this because it’s interesting. And it helps to kind of frame what we’re going to be talking about here.



Someone said, we can’t serve well, unless we take care of ourselves first. Right? Someone else said, by serving others, we’re serving ourselves, make sure you’re taking care of first in terms of boundaries, it is not selfish to take care of you. And still another perspective was, well, you got to pay your people so they can live a middle class lifestyle, even if that means that you can’t live a high class lifestyle. It’s also interesting, right? So clearly, we all come at this issue, right? And every question or issue with our perspective, based on our experiences, and for us, Christians, will hope through a biblical lens. Right. So what does God say? Right? That’s always my first question. When looking at a matter, what did God say? Well, the Bible makes clear a couple things, right? Do you want to others as you would have them do unto you, so we actually treat others? Well. Philippians, two, verses three and four, Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. But in humility, consider others better than yourself. Okay, got to put others above us. Okay. That verse goes on to say each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others. So it’s always what what is it? How are you serving other people, right, that is our focus as Christians, right. And when Christ was asked about God’s commandments, he summed it up by saying, Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, might and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. So clearly, as Christians, we are to value others and treat them well, and look to their interests, all of it. And we do that in an all and a respect for the Lord God and His commands. Can I get an amen on that? Right? We are called by God to treat our team members, whether employees or vendors or contractors, etc. We’re called to treat them fairly, with kindness and love. So where does selfishness enter any of this? Right? Well, several people who voted in that LinkedIn poll raise the issue. How do you define selfishness? Like, you know, what does it mean? We got to start there. And that’s really an astute observation. Because that definition is where my question begins like that. That’s, that’s, it’s a loaded question. Right? And you really can’t answer it until we define what the word selfish means. So I want to share with you what I thought it meant. And then what I found it to me in the dictionary, and they weren’t the same. So this has been just an interesting as I prepared for this, to me, selfish, generally speaking, could include anytime you think of yourself, your needs your wants, you know, and so anytime I think about me, that’s being selfish. And that’s very broad, right? So as a quick example, if I calendar me time on my calendar, is that selfish? I think most would say yes, because it’s pointed to self. Right? You’re prioritizing you. But that’s not a bad thing. Because our body is a living temple to the Lord. It is holy. So we must honor God by treating our body well. And so if we need downtime, if we need me time, and we do because we’re humans, you know, I guess it’s technically could be called selfish, but that’s not bad. Right? Does everybody agree with that? Okay. But here’s the thing. I looked up the definition of selfishness. And I was surprised, because here’s what Merriam Webster has to say about it. It’s quite narrow, as defined selfish this way. Selfish is concerned excessively, or exclusively with oneself. Okay, so you’re worried about yourself either too much, or only right. And you’re seeking or concentrating on your own advantage without regard for others.



That’s like, that’s like that’s like very narrow. So it’s yes, it is about me, but it is absolutely at the exclusion of concern for anybody else. Right. And then the other definition in Merriam Webster was a rising from a concern with your own welfare or advantage in complete disregard of others. Okay. You see, I was prepared to talk about how being selfish in your business can serve you and your clients. But with this definition, what I had considered to be selfish, like, although it’s acceptable, really isn’t selfish at all. Are you following me on this? I hope so. Okay, listen, because I would never, ever be concerned with myself at the exclusion of others. Right? I mean, and I don’t think you would be either, I would never pursue what’s awesome for me without thinking about how it’s impacting other people. Right? And I never do it. Because not only would that not feel right, we can’t always trust our feelings, right? But I would never do it because God says don’t do it. But I still wanted to address this topic, because I see too many women neglecting themselves, forgetting themselves almost sacrificing themselves in their business. Is that when I said those words, did it it’s striking her? Right? I see it happening. And they’re doing it out of confusion, I think, around the issue of is this selfish, right? Can I really do x? Or should I not do Y, and the concern is always other people almost at the exclusion of what’s good for you. Right? So please hear me on this sister. It is not wrong to take care of you. If you don’t take care of you, you will have no business you will have no life, you will have no relationships, you will be burned out. You will be you will just become just exhausted to the point of just a place. It’s not good. Right? Remember the airbags on the plane scenario, right? Put your oxygen mask on before helping another with their mask, right? If it keep going, without caring for you, at some point, your body is gonna rebel, it will be too exhausted to keep going, it’s going to give in because it hasn’t been properly nourished, or properly cared for. And again, in that scenario, it simply has not been treated as a holy temple of the Lord God Almighty. Okay. All right. So here’s what I see happening out there a lot, okay, let’s bring it to business now. Women being selfish in their marketing, where they shouldn’t be. Okay? Women being selfish in their marketing where they shouldn’t be, and not being selfish in the running of their business as they ought to be. Okay, so what do I mean, women being selfish in their marketing? A couple things, two things, okay. First, in their social posts, they’re being selfish. And this comes from a misunderstanding about how to position yourself in a way that’s compelling. Okay. And secondly, women are being selfish in their marketing in their social engagement with others. Okay, in many cases, it’s really not there. So let me explain what I mean, as to the selfishness in social posting. Look, we’re told that we need to tout our experience and our background and our credentials so that our audience knows that we’re in authority, that we’re an expert, and we know what we’re talking about. And indeed, we should, but it’s about how do we do that? Right? When posting? I really want you to hear me on this. When we post on social,



our perspective, our primary thought must always be how can I best serve my audience, you need to be thinking about your person. Listen, back to all the episodes about ideal client not speaking to the world, your marketing has to speak to a particular kind of person. Okay, and you’re thinking as you post, what do they need today, you’re thinking about them, you know them. So you, you are really coming from a deep place of service, giving them something that’s truly valuable, that will be a win for them through reading your post. Okay. And the funny thing is, when we prioritize our audience and their needs, that’s when they benefit the most. And we do as well, right? Because the better you serve your audience, the more effective your marketing is. How is that? Well, because you serve them with value, what they really want, what they resonate with, okay, and then they’re gonna be drawn to you. Some may fall in love with you, and they’re gonna follow you with excitement because they get something every time they see you. And they feel it deep in their bones, that you’ve got their back. And that feels so good, right? And I know they’re ladies watching right now, who feel that about me. And you feel the love and you know, that I go to work. These thriver Thursdays aren’t just thrown together. They’re thought about ahead of time. What do my ladies need to hear today? What am I seeing? What is God telling me I should talk about, right? But what I see happen all too often out there is that posts are more me, me me, look at me without really serving or providing any value. Right. And I could go on and on with a lot of detail here. And I don’t have time to do that now. But, but even if you think that that’s not you, I encourage you to do an audit of your recent social posts and look objectively at it and ask yourself, Am I giving value? Is there something that my audience can and should be pulling from this that’s really going to move them forward in whatever work you do? Right? Or are my posts me focused? Right? Are we thinking about the best client? Because sometimes in this issue of, you know, offering value, a lot of times, a lot of times what who we’re writing to becomes the very people we don’t want to write to, we are so concerned about the objections and, and what those that that might kind of sorta want to work with us. Like they might have money objections, or they might not be ready. And, and whether we realize it or not, we are speaking to not our best clients. And that might be why your pipeline is full of not great potential clients, right? Those not ready to buy, those don’t have the money those that aren’t committed, right? So do that audit, and ask yourself, Am I really giving value? Or am I just talking myself up? Or perhaps in that last instance, you know, who, whose experience am I talking about? Am I really talking to my best client? Okay, and the second part of that selfishness, when it comes to marketing is being selfish in social engagement, ladies, it is like a wild west out there in it. Some horrible spamming going on random comments from complete strangers dropping links for their stuff in your post, it has nothing to do with the post that happened to me recently, like, I don’t know, if they think it’s a dating site. Do they not see that I’m married? Anyway, crazy write? Or comments that clearly point only to the poster and giving nothing of value to anybody? Often not really even relating to the conversation, right? And if that’s you, you may not even realize that selfish perspective you’re taking.



Okay, so let me explain what I mean by that. There are gurus out there that say, a comment on people’s posts, be thoughtful about it, the comment, just come up with something. And if you can interject something about you to make sure they know what you do. Or that you have this whatever, you know, go ahead, go for it. See what happens. Right? So so many women I see following this suppose Id winning formula. That may work for someone with a million followers. But it’s not working for you. And you’re wondering why and you’re working really hard. Okay. So don’t beat yourself up if that’s you. Because look, no matter what you hear out there. And no matter how big the who is that said it. Don’t do something that feels not good to you. Don’t feel something that feels gross to you. Don’t do it. Don’t believe that lie. I know, I know that so many of you want the how, oh, I want that one strategy that’s gonna do that. That’s gonna make all the difference. I want to know the step by step of what to do. But but you don’t go to your own brain and say, Does this really work for me? Does it even feel good? And you know, I’ve talked about this a while so I’m not going to belabor that. But look, if you don’t want to DM people, don’t do it. And don’t feel guilty for taking that stand. So I’m going to offer this thought for you. You hate social media. And you don’t want to make social a priority for you and your business when it comes to marketing. Great. Don’t do it. Freedom hallelujah. Right? Find something you love to do something that feels like you something that lights you up these lives like yep, can you see? And that’s something we’ll we’ll be a way that puts you in front of your audience. You’re right. People do that instead. Maybe speaking live at events, whether they’re big or small, right? Going to local networking, getting on podcast, whatever it is, there’s so many things so many options, and sometimes it’s those options that can leave you spinning and drama. I don’t know what to do. I don’t just do something, pick it. Decide. Okay, so I want to say something that I think may be a surprise for all of you. But it’s 1,000%. True. Okay, I don’t know that I’ve ever said it this way before, so get ready. Value is service is marketing is sales, I’m gonna say it all again. And what I say is you could actually put an equal sign. Okay, so So value equals service equals marketing equals sales. It’s all really the same thing. Right? Marketing is the value you give before they buy sales is kind of the value you give on the call to get them to say yes, and then there’s another part delivery, which is more value after they bought. But it’s all others focused to see. So rather than approaching marketing, and sales, with trepidation and fear and try to do it, right, know this, when you think of the other person first, and make the goal of every activity you do, serving that best client, truly giving that person something valuable, meeting them where they are, and showing them the possibilities available to them from working with you, you’re solving their problem, your business is gonna thrive, guaranteed, that’s the winning formula. Okay? Think of the other person first and serve. Because remember, it’s your thoughts, not your actions that create your results. And that’s biblical As a Man Thinketh. So is he. And again, I’m gonna repeat what I did I think last time, how I know that’s true is are you working long and hard, you’re putting the action in, but you’re not getting the result you want. Then flip it on its head. And before you worry about the doing, concern yourself with how you’re thinking and who you are being. And I know that’s kind of an out there concept, not talked about enough. That’s why I’m going to be talking about it more and more. Okay. All right. So let’s talk about the issue of being selfish, quote, unquote, in business in a way that really benefits your best clients. Okay, three things I want to cover here. And these are topics I feel very strongly about super passionate to get ready, because I’m preaching. Okay, who’s ready? Who’s ready for some preaching? Okay.



My goal through today’s training is really I want you to discover the power of prayerfully. Looking within all these three things I’m going to talk about so that you can really grow and scale your business God’s way. Okay. prayerfully. Looking within, what am I doing? Okay. So three things, three things as it relates to being selfish, okay, that I want you to do. Because when you do this, you’re really going to serve your best clients. First thing, setting boundaries. Okay, setting boundaries, what do I mean by that? Establishing parameters around access to you is one thing. Okay? So we talked about that. You need to make clear that you are not available 24/7 to your clients, I don’t care what they pay you, I don’t care what the container looks like, that is no way to live. And let’s be real, that is utterly disrespectful of any client to expect to view right. Now, a related point here, if you have members of your audience DMing you for free advice. You have my permission to ignore them. Okay, do not feel guilted into giving them yourself, your strategies, your mind your feedback, when that level that they’re asking for is reserved for paying clients set the line between valuable free content and the super highly valuable paid content and do not cross the line period. Okay, so setting boundaries as it relates to access to you and secondly, setting boundaries regarding establishing standards of conduct standards of conduct. Now, as an example, inside my joyful scaling mastermind, there are standards that all of the ladies inside must adhere to. Some of them include attendance at all group sessions, you must attend, right? And when you’re there, you’ve got to be fully present with your camera on dressed ready to go. Okay. There are more but that’s what I mean by setting standards. Okay. establishing standards of conduct makes clear, the high level expected and the standard of excellence that sets everybody up for success. This is why this absolutely benefits your best client. Okay, because you’re holding them to the standard, you’re going to be there, you’re going to be ready, you’re going to be with me, you’re going to be engaged, right? So what are your standards of conduct inside your work? Whether you work one on one or group format or something different? And have you hesitated to impose standards, thinking, Oh, I don’t want to offend anybody, ladies offending has nothing to do with it. Okay. Think of it this way. If setting high standards of conduct puts your clients on the best path forward to success, why wouldn’t you set those standards? Right? Because you’re looking to serve your best client to get the results they came for. So set the pace ladies set those standards, because you’re the expert, you’re the leader. Okay. Now, if when I say that your next thought is, well, what if that turns off some people? Lie answer is, you know, maybe they aren’t your best clients. And so maybe it’s time to set your own bar higher and make it a priority to find and serve only your best clients and no longer settle for anything. But can I get an amen on that? Right. Trust me, your best clients are looking for you. Right now. They’re out there they are. Okay, and I know a lot of realtors follow me. And I know that it’s saturated. I know this is a tough market.



Let me tell you something. Your combo of experiences and convictions and education and everything you bring to it. Someone’s looking for someone just like you. And if you’re not out there, if you’re if you’re home eating bonbons or something, and you’re not out there, because you’re just Oh, this isn’t working. And that’s what you’re feeding your mind that thought. You’re missing out on 10s of hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Maybe right? Thank you for the love on Instagram. Okay, by the way, remember, you are the expert. You’re a thought leader, right? If you don’t know what a thought leader is DM me and let’s explain. I should do an entire podcast episode on that. Right? You set the pace, which means you lead you don’t follow. Okay. Believe me your best clients want a leader. They want to hire a bold, courageous expert whatever you do, right? They don’t want a timid waffler. Okay, a lot of you right here are my clients right now. Do you like that upstanding firm? Does that give you certainty that you’re going to get what you came for? Right? So set boundaries, define those parameters around access to you your availability, how you do business and announce those things, not just to your clients even, but clearly and without apology to your entire audience, right? Because those boundaries really set you up as that expert who goes the extra mile to really do what you believe needs to be done, because that’s how you serve your clients to the outermost, okay. All right, if you have questions, post them, okay. Second issue, being selfish in your business that serves both you and your clients. Take clear stands and make them no shouting from the mountaintops. Okay? You know, this idea. Okay, I’m gonna start to preach. Now. This idea of I don’t want to offend anyone has become a rampant disease. offending someone has become taboo, something Top of Mind Over walking on eggshells. Why? In so many instances, Christians are more concerned about not offending more, they were concerned about walking faithfully, in our calling as unto Christ and standing firm without apology as to who we are in Him. Now, that may sound harsh, but I call it like, I sees it. Okay, lately, who here comes lately I have seen Christian women mixing it up with the secular Okay, in ways that absolutely muddy the waters as to what they really believe. Right? And listen, I’m not making judgments, I’m making observations. And I’m asking that we all take a much needed pause and think about what we’re doing. And here’s some things that I’ve seen lately that just really make me sick. Okay. Number one, why are Christians calling and referring to a spouse as a partner? I don’t have a partner. I have a husband. I refuse to adopt language that came into us by secularists who seek to upend what marriage is by God’s holy and perfect design. I will not use their words. And here’s why. Because using their words, by doing that, I’m showing my support of them and what they’re all about. Every time I use the word in the context that even a year or two ago did even exist. So I will never speak in terms of your partner. Similarly, pronouns, why as Christians do we feel the need to state our pronouns explain that one to me. God said, there is man. And there is woman, God said it, I believe it, and I will live it, even to the death, even to the cancellation, I will live what I believe I am a woman. So, you know my pronouns. Like, if I were to put my pronouns on my profile, that would again be an approving nod by me to the movement that started it, that movement is not a God, ladies, it is a movement of the enemy. It is a twisting of God’s order and a truth capital T. Right? Not doing it. I encourage you to think about that. Okay. I’m also seeing Christians sharing quotes from Buddha. Quotes from the secret the book about the law of attraction, and other similar things, right, other religions other what? Now you might say, Well, Judy, and I only did it because the sentiment was good, and it really points to the Bible. Of course it does. Any truth does, because the Lord Jesus Christ is truth. So there is no truth absent him, or outside of him. Right?



Please do not share Buddhism or Hinduism or secularism don’t have the Law of Attraction nonsense. Why? Because by doing so, you are evidencing support for it. And you’re confusing people. At the very least, you’re confusing people. Right? For me, I feel the same way about quoting someone like like, I would never quote Tony Robbins. I would never quote Joel Olsteen. And I’m not putting myself up above anybody else. I’m giving me as an example of me taking a firm stand. I would never quote and I don’t quote people, I make up my own quotes, right? I’m a thought leader. Hello. But I would never quote people that I don’t that I can’t get behind. Right? So I would never coach all st. He’s all about the prosperity gospel, he doesn’t bring a full gospel, so I’m not going to do it. Right. So does the person that you’re quoting, does that person really aligned with who you are in Christ? Like, that’s your identity, right? So again, every time you quote someone understand that by doing so, you are really honoring them, you’re you’re throwing your support behind them. So, before the Lord God Almighty, is that what you should be doing? Is that what he would want you to do? I ask you to do your own self reflection on that. Okay. Now, this all may sound harsh, but you see, I love you enough to be real, okay? Because with God, there is no middle ground. He says, in his perfect and holy Word, you are either for Christ or you’re for the enemy. Those are the two choices. It’s clear. There is no gray area here, lady. So today, when the enemy and his little minions are working so hard to deceive, and they doing subtlety, you’re not gonna see him with his what his little horns and his little pitchfork or whatever with a tail. No, no, no, that’d be too obvious. He’s subtle. So we need to be more discerning today than ever. So I implore you, as your sister in Christ, to be selfish enough to take a stand a strong clear stand on what matters to you, and what you believe in, and do not waver from that. Right? And that strong stand will turn off a percentage of your audience. Some of you may not like what I just said. And in love, I say I don’t care because I love you enough to to lose you as a follower, right? Because I feel so strongly in this. Okay, so standing strong is going to turn off a percentage of your audience, but guess what? The people that are turned off, they’re not your people. Right? And that strong stand you’re taking, it is going to solidify support from the more important segment of your audience. That is your very best clients. Okay. So the best marketing is polarizing, don’t worry about offending, that’s good marketing. Right? And that is you standing firm in your Christian values, whether Jesus Christ is front facing of your brand as he is for me or not. Remember, this is your business. You get to decide what it’s all about. And another thing on the issue of offending, it’s a matter of the heart. Okay? That’s where God loves He doesn’t look on outward appearances, because they don’t tell the whole story. Only the heart does it. So if anyone feels offended, it’s a result of their judgment or something, you know, going on in them, right? We can’t control how somebody else thinks or feels, we can only act and speak from a place of true love and service to them. And the most loving thing we can ever do, is to tell the truth, even when that truth hurts, and to be who we are in Christ, because He made us and so he gets all the glory. Right, right. We worship and serve Him and Him alone. And if doing so, offends, well, then we’re in great company with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, right, who was wrongly accused, even in the face of nothing but love and service to everybody he met.



Okay. Third, thirdly, we should absolutely be selfish about deciding who we do business with, right, specifically getting clear on the characteristics of those best clients, and deciding not only the who, but the how, how are you going to do business? Right? Do you decide to do business in the way of building an empire? or building a boutique style business? Do you provide done for you services? Or do you do more DIY? Do you go deep, with a select few clients charging premium prices? or providing more generalized information and resources to the masses through a lower ticket course or membership? Look, no one way is best. And no one way is wrong. You get to decide. So you’ve got to be selfish. Like it’s you make the choice. And once you decide, don’t waver from that decision stand firm without apology, like, why would you apologize? And by the way, who would you apologize to write success in business happens when you decide and remain committed to those decisions that you’ve made? And then you implement that simple, Decide, commit, implement, okay, you decide who you work with, and how you do business, you decide, right? High level thinking, high level decision making, is what CEOs do. Right. And as Christian CEOs, we’re called to not only high level thinking, but actually operating, not in the natural, but at the supernatural. Right, we’re going to move in and by and through the Holy Spirit. And so what that glorious news means is that you operate from a place of hopeful expectation, you believe you know, that God’s gonna move because you’re doing your part. Right? And you’re operating from a place of confidence and certainty. Now, I’m not talking about self confidence. If you follow me at all, you know that right? I’m talking about confidence in the one who made you confidence that he doesn’t make mistakes, confidence that he will keep all of his exceeding the great impresses promises, including his promise to equip you for everything he’s called to to write. It’s deep belief, knowing, certainty, confidence, faith. And it’s this all important faith foundation, that is at the core of my work with my clients inside the joyful scaling mastermind. This is an exclusive, intentionally intimate group, where one on one access to me in my brain happens inside a group container that operates at the very highest levels. So if you are watching, or listening, because I’m going to turn this into a podcast episode, if you have made $75,000 In the past 12 months, and you’re committed to growing and scaling your business in 2022, let’s chat to see if the joyful scaling mastermind is your best next step. When your faith fuels your business. running your business becomes fun. I mean, it’s there’s less stress and a whole lot more fun. That’s why I call it joyful scaling, right? And so the drama that maybe you experienced daily now, when we go through the mastermind and do the work that happens less than less, right, as you learn to manage your thoughts, and think and strategize and make decisions and operate at the highest level. Right? You learn about the belief triad, master this and your success will truly become inevitable and you’re going to hit your goals no matter how ambitious or aggressive they are, right inside the mastermind, you’re going to learn about pure marketing, master this and your marketing is not only going to be super effective, but you’re going to be chomping at the bit to get out there and do more of it. You’re going to love it. Learn about authentic selling, right and when you master this your sales are going to actually become predictable. So it’s scaling your business to multi six figures. Right? If growing you as a true CEO and growing in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, if these are priorities for you this Here, schedule a consult today, I’m very open with the fact that I’m very selective with the ladies I accept into the mastermind. And I am selected without apology, because what I’m creating through the mastermind, and the results happening inside are of the absolute highest caliber. And that’s how I choose to do business.



So if that is something that sounds great to you, and resonates with you, I invite you to DM me wherever you are. Or you can go to scaling console, I’ll come back in wherever you’re watching and put the link there, I’m sure it’s in Instagram in my bio, but scaling console with a capital letter J, joyful scaling S. see console. Alright, I’m not seeing questions, I pray that this was valuable for you. I really hope that today you are walking away with a couple of new thoughts. And if they’re if I had, if I could sum it up. In one thing, I would say, what are you believing? What are you believing about you? And who you are? What are you believing about what you do? And what you’re offering right now? And what do you believe about your very best clients? And when you think about those three things, write about me as an expert, you as an expert, about what you do as you work with clients. And when you think about how can I really serve my best clients even more and even better, to get them quicker results. That is when you’re using your brain in the right way. Focusing on that, because that is work, to believe as deeply as you need to believe to get to that next level in your business, when you work on that. Instead of ruminating in the drama of indecision, and doubt. When you focus master your mind right on the right stuff, or believing truth of who you are and what you do and how you do and who you work with. You’re gonna see dramatically different results. And I’m telling you business is fun. It’s not something that you dread even social posts becomes fun. Okay, all right. I love you. Thank you for joining me and I will see you back here next Thursday at 11am. Eastern, and let’s be in touch. Okay, write me um, check me out at on my podcast page on my website, Judy there if you scroll down a bit, besides getting all the links to the podcast platforms all over wherever you’d like to listen, you can actually leave a voice note for me. Okay. I want to hear your questions, your comments, any thoughts you have for me? I’d love to hear it. So, luck. God bless you, sister. Have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day and week


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