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All right, welcome. Welcome to thriver Thursday live the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Judy Weber. I’m a business strategist and scaling expert, with over 30 years experience in a courtroom as a trial attorney, and in the C suite as general counsel and HR director. These days, Christian women come to me to scale their revenue and to multiply their impact. So excited to have you here today. Welcome, welcome. Today, I am introducing to you my philosophy on marketing is what I call pure marketing pure. So pure marketing allows us to cut through the hype. Pure marketing, alleviates that feeling of pressure around this whole thing called marketing, right? It takes away the heaviness when we even utter the word or think about marketing our businesses and pure marketing eliminates the doing all the things, right. With all of that, let’s take a collective sigh of relief, leave the pressure and the heaviness and the hype behind, okay, because look, marketing is supposed to be a reflection of you. Marketing is supposed to be a point of real connection between you and your audience. And marketing is really supposed to be fun. And today, I invite you to open your mind to the possibility and more than that, to the reality that there is an approach to marketing that combines effectiveness with joy, right? Because joyful scaling, that’s what I’m all about. And so to do. So we’re gonna go back to the basics, you can never go wrong when we refer back to the fundamentals. Are you ready? Okay, if so pop up ready in the comments. Okay. So as you do that, let’s invite God here with us because his presence is going to be what makes our time together truly powerful as he moves through it. Alright. Heavenly Father, we thank You God that the technology is working. Lord, we thank you for this opportunity to come together. As Daughters of you, God, you are the reason we do what we do. You have gifted us so graciously, and so abundantly with our gifts and talents. And you put that desire to build our business, which is really your business, you gave us that desire, because that is your purpose for us as we serve others. So Lord, take over on this training God made the spirit Holy Spirit move me to say the right words, and to Lord quick in the hearts and minds of those watching, whether it’s now or on the replay. Or maybe as we repurpose this into a podcast episode, Lord, may these words land squarely where they need to, in order to not only inspire those that are listening or watching, but to move them into action God, so that they can advance their purpose to bring You glory in their work. God, we love you and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus that we pray, amen. Amen. All right, Kim is here. She says she’s ready zenoss Here, Maria, and Penny. And some others, I can’t read the writing. I’m so sorry. On Instagram, it’s hard to read. Alright, so before we dive in, I want to make sure to invite you to download my ultimate scaling guide. It is a 20 page workbook, highlighting the four proven strategies my clients and I use to experience exponential growth and scale. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world. We know it’s crazy out there. But there are your best clients looking for you right now. And so if you’re at or close to six figures, and your your multi six figures and you want to get to that next level, I invite you to download this scaling guide. Because inside you’re going to find that only theory okay, but application, as I post the questions you need to answer in order to put the strategies to work for you right away. If you know me, you know it’s no fluff, no BS, you’re gonna get strategy and direction on applying for powerful scaling strategy. So head on over to Judy That’s Judy and grab your copy. It’s available to you as my gift today. Alright, let’s dive in to pure marketing. Let me ask you, when you think marketing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Go ahead and tell me in the chat. When you think marketing or when you hear the word marketing, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, for many, the term marketing has almost become synonymous with one thing, social media. And today I want to invite you to expand your brain beyond the norm.



I want to invite you to Stop following the herd. I want to invite you to go your own way. Okay? Do things that feel aligned with you, your brand your core values. And of course, do what the Lord God tells you to do, as you build, grow and scale your business. And so Kate said when she hears marketing, she thinks relationships bra, and Kim said social media, right? Okay, we’re gonna expand our mind today. Now, as we’re talking about doing what the Lord God tells us to do in our business, Okay, question, Are you praying specifically for Him to guide you with your marketing, and for God to guide you with your sales? And with your offer creation? And with your everything, right, there is no better business strategist than the Lord God himself. Right. And as a daughter of the king, are we consulting with him on a regular basis? Because after all, it is his business, right? So on the point of praying specifically, and the power of specific prayer requests made in faith and believing, and, and all of that, I encourage you to listen to episode 252 of the joyful scaling podcast, because in that episode, which just dropped on Tuesday, my guest, Meredith Rigdon, shares a personal story of exactly what happened to her when she prayed specifically, and how powerfully God showed up to answer that specific prayer is, what a good and gracious God we serve hallelujah. Right? So go and listen to episode 252, you’re going to be inspired to pray specifically, he is into the details he wants to know. All right. So let’s talk about marketing and walk through this thing that I call pure marketing. Okay, so let’s start with what is marketing. Marketing is simply getting in front of the right people, we don’t have to get in front of everybody. But we do have to get in front of the right people. When we’re there, we’re going to serve them. Okay? How do we do that? Well, we give them something valuable. What’s valuable, well, something that’s going to inspire them, and ideally, something that’s going to move them forward to give them a win. Okay, so for example, my ultimate scaling guide that I just mentioned, and I really go grab that, I put that together with you in mind, to inspire you to educate you on four specific scaling strategies that I know work. And then inside, I take you a step further, and I provide prompts and questions for you to ask yourself so that you can immediately implement one or all of those strategies and get results, right. That’s the goal of marketing. So that’s one example. Even as I show up for you here live every Thursday. That’s value. I’m sewing up for my audience, and I’m giving you value that’s simple, right? Okay, easily doable. Okay. Now, I call my approach my spin on marketing, pure marketing, because we’re removing some stuff. Okay. And I encourage you to take notes. What are we removing? When I’m talking about pure marketing? Well, we’re going to be removing any impurities. Okay? This marketing that I’m talking about is free of contamination. Free of the stuff that isn’t you? Has that feel amazing, right. Pure marketing also removes extraneous the unnecessary. Okay, now please hear me on this. You do not an all caps underlined bold, okay, you do not need to post five times a day on three or more different social platforms in order to generate six figures or even multiple six figures. Please do not bow to algorithms don’t waste your time trying to figure them out. They’re gonna change all the time. And by the way, it doesn’t matter just hype. Marketing is about relationships, authentic, organic connection. So doing all the things being everywhere wearing yourself out for you and your team in the process. It’s just not necessary. So when it comes to pure marketing, we are stripping away the nonsense and the overwhelm and the follow the guru do what I do approach to reaching out and serve people that’s what it really is. Right? They want you to copy and paste DMS and and as you do it, you’re thinking This doesn’t feel right but they say to do is successful for them. So I’m going to do it. No.



Toss it out. You’re going to feel great. Understand that when you do marketing right. As you do it, you are creating demand. Did you know that? Did you know that you have the power to create the demand. It’s true. So instead of that crap instead of the, you know, doing all the things and and doing what just doesn’t feel good, choose pure marketing. Because this is marketing that honors, who God made you to be the business and the brand he gave you putting joy into getting the word out about your business and how you help people. That sounds awesome, right? So listen, if what you’re doing right now is working, and you’re getting quality leads your pipelines full day in day out. And those leads are converting into sales brava keep doing what you’re doing, right. But I will tell you, not just many, but most of the women that I am blessed to talk with and work with on a daily basis. And many are well beyond six figures. They’re well into the multi six figures. But nevertheless, they still identified marketing and Legion as their number one business challenge. They feel like, they just haven’t figured it out yet. Something must be missing. And so if that is you, I want you to give yourself permission to say bye bye to what isn’t working, and try something that not only feels good, but honors your core values. And in doing so is highly effective to do what marketing is all about in the first place. Connecting and building relationships. Okay, with that, by way of background, how’s that going? If you’re catching what I’m dropping here, leave a one in the comments, this makes sense. And please do that, whether you’re watching live or on the replay. Okay, now, as we establish our marketing strategy, the first question we have to ask ourselves is, I need to get in front of people, once I’m there, how do I grab their attention? Okay. So to grab their attention, first you have to be where they are. And you have to catch them at a time when they’re ready to receive your something valuable. Okay. And once they’re decide, it’s such a powerful word, ladies decide it is in your control, decide what you’re going to do to increase the probability that your people are going to see read and listen to whatever the whatever the platform, right? What are they going to? What is it going to take for them to



consume? What you’re dropping that valuable? Something? Okay, there are several ways to grab people’s attention. You could do it with words, you could do it with pictures, you could do it with video, right? And if if marketing is in person, how else can you grab their attention? How about this by how you dress? Right? Always dress your brand, right? Or if your marketing is through snail mail, which still works by the way, don’t let anybody tell you it doesn’t. How what you send smells like that. Right? You have choices. And that’s a good thing. Okay, so don’t let all the choices that I’m putting in front of you overwhelm you decide, make the choice, that this is a good thing. Okay, this opens up opportunity for me that I have the ability to decide what I’m going to do how I’m going to do it, I don’t care what anybody else says about it. I care about serving the people God has put me on this earth to serve. And I’m going to grab their attention in a way that feels great to me. And we’re going to connect in an authentic way, if this feels amazing, I need to drop a two in the comments. And thank you, Kim, and Marie, for dropping the one on the last one. Okay, so what I’m about to share is going to make the biggest difference in the effectiveness of your marketing. And surprisingly, it’s something that nobody else is really talking about, right? Which when you think about it, again, this is a good thing. Because when you embrace it, in the context of this pure marketing that we’re talking about, you’re going to be ahead of the curve. And that is you’re going to base all of your marketing, you’re getting their attention all the value you’re giving, you’re gonna base it on your core messaging, somebody pop core messaging in the chat for me, make sure you’re paying attention good. Kate drops into she’s thinking this is good, Marie. Alright. So when I say core messaging, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. You already have your core messaging, at least in part, because it revolves around your work around your approach to your work, and around your beliefs around serving your clients, right beliefs about who the clients are and how to best serve that. And so even if you’ve never put pen to paper around your thoughts, right with with what is my work really about and how do I do it and and who really are my clients at a deep level, don’t worry, it’s already there. It’s inside your brain. And this exercise is good. Draw it out, write those thoughts. which is your unique philosophy, your perspective, your word choices, all of it involve your thought leadership. We’ve heard of thought leadership, right? Thought Leader, I want to be a thought leader, okay? You are a thought leader. If you decide to be good, you know that like, like, sometimes I think it’s easy for us to look at those that are ahead of us. And it’s so easy to identify them as a thought leader. Oh, my goodness, they, you know, come up with these amazing things, these phrases, the way they explain things, and oh, the container they create for their clients. How do they do it? Well, it’s called thought leadership for a reason. They think this is your most valuable business asset, your brain, don’t let anybody tell you it’s anything else. It’s not your email list. Although that is valuable. It’s not your website, certainly not your business card or your logo, your brain has lots of great thoughts. And what I find is that we, we have these great thoughts and great ideas, and they tend to be just kind of floating around in there, kind of floating around in our mind,



we really need to draw them out. And whether you like to put keys to that fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper, draw them out. And so what I’m going to be talking about is how to curate this amazing, unique thought leadership, core messaging, which is yours and yours alone. Okay. Now, I’ve talked about this before this idea of thought leadership and prior thriver, Thursday trainings, okay. And it really involves your perspective on your industry, where are the gaps? What’s the normal course of the way things are done that you disagree with? Right? Where do you draw the line? What myths are you going to call out? All of that is thought leadership? And also that is part and parcel of your core messaging. Okay, now, your core messaging has to do a couple of things to be really effective. First, it’s got to highlight your expertise, who you are, what is your experience? What’s your credibility? What’s your authority? Why should people listen to you? Right? Next, your core messaging has to inspire, it has to help your people see the possibilities, right, and inspire them to action. Okay. And finally, your core messaging has to show your personality, it’s got to be on brand, it’s got to be you, right? You got to give people a taste of what it would be like to work with you. And as I said before, it’s got to be unique said in a way, that has never been said before. You stand alone, boldly telling the world what you think, and how you do business. Okay. Now, if, as I said, never been heard before, you might say, wait, I can’t I can’t do that. Okay, first of all, can I offer that I never want you to say I can’t. I never want you to think I don’t know. Don’t Don’t let that be your knee jerk reaction to something new. Or something that sounds new. Let your reaction to things come from a place of power. Okay? Because the Bible tells us God gave us a spirit of power, not of timidity or fear. So let’s, let’s embrace who we are in God in Christ. Right. So when I say something’s never been heard before, I think back to I think it’s lamentations. Nothing is really new under the sun. So when I say it’s never been heard before, what I mean is, it’s not like we’re coining new words. But we’re putting concepts together in new ways. With our spin on it. Okay. And here’s the beautiful thing when it comes to core messaging, there is no wrong. How many think that’s a great idea. Pop me a three in the comments if you agree with that. Okay. Remember, you’re the expert. You’re the professional. So you get to decide your core messaging and what it consists of, and nobody can say it’s wrong. It’s not. It’s absolutely right. That is what I call freedom. That is what I call leadership. And that’s going all in on the powerful, impactful and courageous woman of God, that He made you to be, right an extraordinary woman. And so, while your natural reaction to come up with something that’s never been said before or done before, while your natural reaction to that may be fear. I want you to choose, choose a different way. Choose to react supernaturally in faith. Again, fully embracing who you are in Christ. Hallelujah. Okay, make today make right now the moment that you decide to run your business differently, as that true leader, that decisive I can handle anything, because of who I am and who’s I am, right? That CEO is going to live her faith in her business, doing business God’s way. Starts with a decision. And then a commitment to keep going back to that decision, and not allowing the enemy’s whispers of lies and crap to get you off of it. Okay, so I told you what your core messaging is. And what it has to do. I’m so glad to see Stephanie says three, Kim and Kate, say three. But Ray are right. I’m glad this is resonating with you. Okay, so we know what it is. We know what it must do. Let me talk to you about three ways of how you curate or develop your core messaging. Okay, here are three action steps for you to take. You could take one or you could take all three, your choice.



I’m empowering you. Because you really have more power than you may give yourself credit for. And so but my hoping that as you watch me every Thursday, you see that I am living what I’m preaching, that that there is freedom that is yours in Christ, not just in life. While that’s amazing, but in your business. There is no better strategist than the Lord Jesus Christ. Can I get an amen on that? Thank you, Lord. So what are these three action steps to develop your core messaging? First? Take a look at your industry. Right? What do you hate about it? Hey, Jackie, right? What do you hate about your industry? What do you disagree with? What is just the way things are done, that really doesn’t serve your best clients? What in your opinion needs to change? Again, you’re the expert, call it out. Talk about it. Now, you may have seen in a bunch of you watching here on LinkedIn, you may have seen I recently did a post it was all over all over my social channels about what I see wrong within the business coaching industry. And I spoke about how the eight figure powerhouses out there seem to me to be pursuing the almighty dollar at the expense of client experience. Okay. And I not only got an incredible amount of feedback from my audience, but I received a personal outreach from one of those eight figure powerhouses. One of my former coaches, she saw herself in there, which is telling in itself, isn’t it? Now, that post wasn’t really calling out? Anyone person, it really was an amalgamation of several big name business coaches that I spent north of $200,000 for at this point, okay. I did not call out anyone by name or otherwise, okay. But when this woman reached out, I thought, wow, I really hit a nerve. And, you know, when I shared this with the ladies in my mastermind, my higher level program, a couple of them were like, Dude, I don’t know like, should you have done that? And it really shocked me, but But it made me want to reiterate with you today, that Be bold. I did not call anybody out by name, nobody could point to any of the coaches that I’ve had and said, Judy, called you out, Judy called you out? No, I would never do that. I conduct myself in a very professional manner. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t call a lie a lie. Or that I don’t point out a gap for what it is. Or how I how I do business differently. Right. Almost every set, right? These days, almost every market is saturated. That’s a fact. And so you have got to say something different. Or a phraseology that’s never been said before in order to stand out, right? And that just that doesn’t mean like, you know, take something you know, cut and paste it and put a new label on it. Know, think, say something different, be something different, do things different in order to stand out, right in order to be seen. And how do you do that you go within rather than obsessing Think about all the externals, I’ve got to find the right script, I’ve got to find the right this. I’ve got it. Oh, trust me, going within working with what God’s already given you, that will give you the longevity in your business that is lasting, not dancing and pointing in reels. That’s a flash in the pan. And by the way, does that really jive with who you are? Does it feel natural and good? And in keeping with the high level of sophistication of your brand? Doesn’t for me? In fact, I can’t stand when I hear the same songs over and over again. And boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, it makes me laugh. Yuck. And, you know, earlier this year, I talked with a woman who I don’t think she’s doing as well in her business as you might think. And the reason I say that is I can tell the what the questions people asked me, she said, Judy, what do you think about reels? Everybody’s telling me, I need to be on reels. What do you think? And I said, Well, long and short of it a tube to the answers to two questions. Number one, what do you think? And number two?



Does it really make sense with your brand? And and and is it really speaking to your ideal client? Are they there? Are they looking for you to go? boopity? boopity? Bob? I don’t know. I can’t answer the question. But you can. I have never been one who paid attention to trends. I’m not about start now. That’s not who I am. And I refuse to apologize for it. To the contrary, I stand proudly in it in my conviction standing for what I believe in. And I’m modeling exactly that. Right. Okay, so that first action step to develop your core messaging, look objectively at your industry, what is upside down, call it out. Okay, the second action step is review the competition. Now notice, I said review, not compare, not stress, okay. So, by this, I mean, kind of grab a handful of competitors, and look, what do they do? That really doesn’t serve their clients? Because their clients are your clients, right? And again, we never call them out by name. Because that’s just not professional, we don’t need to, okay, just identify what isn’t truly in service to their clients that they’re doing, what they’re doing wrong, or what they’re not doing. Okay? Where are the gaps? For example, what parts of their audience? Are they really not serving? Or even talking to? Like, where are the holes in their marketing? Where are the holes in their process? Okay, and know what they do well, as well, because maybe you want to consider doing a little bit of it with your spin on it. Okay. So we look at the industry, we look at your competitors. And finally, the third action to develop your core messaging is create your core philosophy. Okay. Now, your philosophy is already here.



You just got to draw it out. Okay. Now, I’m not talking about dissertation. Okay, I’m not asking you for, like a master’s degree type work. I’m asking you to identify three to maybe seven statements, beliefs, concepts, core values that you want to become known for. Right? What do I want to become known for? I’m gonna give you my examples, a couple of them, right? Things that you’re going to be talking about in your marketing, things you’re going to be talking about on your website, topics of conversation during your podcast, interviews, things like that. Okay. So think about that your core philosophy. As an example, here are some aspects of my core philosophy. One of them is what we’re talking about here today, pure marketing. Okay, that’s one, one aspect of my core philosophy as I work with my clients. Another is what I call the belief triad, the exact three things you need to believe deep down in your soul. That’s it, these three things, and then you will get consistent sales and predictable revenue. The belief triad. Another aspect of my core philosophy is the faith fuel thought model, the faith fuel, not just faith based, but our faith fuels, our thoughts, and it’s that thought model, okay, faith is the number one success metric in business. So the faith fuel thought model is all about how do I coach myself through the negative self talk, and those stories from the past A replay in my mind, how can I intentionally direct my thoughts to truth? Ultimately God’s truth? How can I manage my mind as a faith filled and faith fueled CEO? Okay, so, Faith fuel thought model is another aspect of my core philosophy. And finally, what I call the boutique business model, okay, this is how I do business, and how I teach my clients to do business. Okay, so for those interested in building empires with hundreds of team members, that’s not the boutique business model. Rather, this is all about those looking to build a highly profitable, highly impactful business with what I call a lean in maintain, right? It’s a business focused on time, freedom, and money, freedom, freedom for you, the CEO, while still serving your clients to the outermost so all of that are aspects of my philosophy of business. Okay, so that, my friends, is pure marketing. Now, I hope you took notes. And more than that, my prayer is that you’re going to implement the steps I’ve laid out for you. Now, if you didn’t take notes, no worries, because my team is putting together a beautiful PDF summarizing exactly what we’ve just gone through. It’s not quite ready yet, be ready by next week for sure. But if you would love a copy of my free PDF on pure marketing, drop the Word, PDF, just write PDF in the comments, wherever you’re watching, whether it’s live or on the replay, okay, and if you’re listening on the podcast in the future, head on over to the podcast page of my website, Judy Weber co slash podcast. And leave me a quick Voice Note requesting a copy. Or of course, you could DM me on your favorite social platform. I am at Judy Weber CO at Judy Weber CO. So, I’d love to know kind of what is your reaction to this? I’ve got to run because we’re past 1130. But I really want to know what your biggest aha was? Do you find this concept of saying goodbye to what doesn’t feel good? And goodbye to the pressure and the heaviness when it comes to marketing? And are you excited to think about wow, I am get to curate my philosophy and incorporate that in my core messaging? Do you find that to be empowering? Right? Or do you find it to be overwhelming, because here’s the truth. You get to decide. If you decide you know what, it’s a little like new, and I’m not sure I totally get it. But I’m excited, I’m empowered, because it gives me the control. If that is you, great. And if you decide that, that’s gonna be your reality. But if you allow yourself, this is what I’m talking about in managing your mind the faith fueled thought model, that if you allow yourself instead to ruminate on all that you don’t know, and create all the drama, then that’s going to be the result. And you’re not going to embrace pure marketing, you’re just gonna keep doing it the old way.



That doesn’t work. The old way, it doesn’t feel good. So I want to I want to implore upon you to take control where you can, and you can control this and decide this is awesome. Doing the do, even if it’s imperfect, I’m going to create my core messaging, I’m going to take those steps that Judy just outlined, and I’m going to do it. And then I am going to try new things. And I’m going to watch what happens. And I’m going to do it all with a faith of a knowing right faith is believing before we see it. Too often, I hear lady say, I will really feel like an expert worthy of being heard and listened to. When I have so many clients. I don’t know what to do it. There’s always that when when this happens when I make X amount of dollars, then I will feel a certain way. No, no, no. Faith is all about believing and knowing before you see it. So here’s what I know you’re here because you have a business. Here’s another thing I know if you love the Lord Jesus Christ, you did a lot of praying and soul searching before you hit the go button and open that business. So stop doubting whether this business is in his will for you. It absolutely is. So now it’s a matter of if I believe God is beautiful promises that says he’s going to equip me where he calls me. If I know that he’s called me to business, then I’m going to believe that he’s going to equip me and maybe this isn’t by an appointment that you’re listening or watching right now, right? Maybe that’s exactly what you need to move yourself forward and really stand firm in your faith and not allow worldly external voices, be it from the enemy or a minion of the enemy. Really, right. You’re either up Christ or you’re the enemy. Don’t allow the noise and the nonsense and the hype to pull you off mission. Our brain doesn’t want to work hard. It’s funny how that is. But thinking is not really like a fun thing. Like we can think about having fun is thinking ever like coming to mind? No. Let me tell you something. When you train your brain, and you manage your thoughts, and you put pen to paper, and you take out a fear and put it onto paper, and really create your messaging and your philosophy, it is absolutely free. It is absolutely empowering. And your clients are going to gobble it up, and I don’t care what industry you’re in. It works. Your clients want to hear your take on what you do. So please stop copying and pasting stuff. If you are paying somebody to mass post on social unsubscribe today. It’s a waste of money. I’m telling you, it is a waste of money. You would be better off posting once a week with your voice than posting three times a day with copy and paste baloney. That I know, nobody’s watching the copy and paste. We all know what stock photos look like these days. Ladies. We want to see you. We want to know you. Okay, could you tell us what that podcast was again? Sure. It was episode 252 of my podcast. It’s called the joyful scaling podcast, joyful scaling. And if you go to Judy Weber, J udy, w e b e That’s the best place to find all of the links because at the top of that page, I have links to all of the most popular podcast platforms again, Judy Weber co slash podcast if somebody could pop that maybe into the comments that would be awesome. Alright ladies, listen, thank you so much for watching. I look forward to hearing about your core messaging and reading about your philosophy as I see you online. So thank you again, have a beautiful blessed rest of your week. Love Love you so much.


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