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Ep 253: Pure Marketing – Highly Effective Marketing (that actually feels good)

It's time to take the reins and do marketing YOUR way (ie, as the Lord God directs you + in a way that feels authentic and on brand).

Introducing.....Pure Marketing!
-Pure marketing cuts through the hype.
-It alleviates that feeling of pressure.
-It takes away the heaviness you feel when the word 'marketing' is uttered; &
-It eliminates the ‘doing all the things’

Marketing is supposed to be a reflection of you.

Marketing is supposed to be a point of connection between you and your audience.

Marketing is supposed to be FUN!

Listen as we strip away the nonsense and the BS of conventional marketing...and replace it with authentic connection + relationship building. (((((sigh)))))

PLUS I give you an example of a 'core philosophy' (use mine to inspire you to develop yours)

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • what ‘pure marketing’ is (& why you should embrace it)

  • what core messaging is (& how it fits into your pure marketing strategy)

  • the things your core messaging must do (to be most effective);

  • 3 action steps to take to develop your core messaging

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