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Alright ladies, welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast. Today’s show is dedicated to women on a mission supporting women on a mission. I recently joined a women’s groups called Women Entrepreneurs, Inc, founded by Melissa Barker, where it’s all about bringing women together, because together, we’re better. And today we’re spending time with Meredith Rigdon, the Greenville market director here in South Carolina, now you’ll hear she is a busy and not just busy, a productive mom of two, you’re gonna love her. So besides working as the market director for women entrepreneurs, Inc, which I’ll just say we okay. She’s also the founder and president of narrative strategic communications, where they provide content marketing and public relations. And is if that’s not enough, she’s the founder of Team richten, with the foothills Property Group. Now, prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, Meredith spent quite a bit of time in corporate America and she was blessed to work with some of the world’s most respected brands. Let’s say hello to Meredith.



Hey, everybody, how’s it going? Hi, Judy.



Hello, this is being recorded on a day when it’s kind of very outside, but but spending time with you and your smiling face just like makes everything feel better. I mean, really, it’s, it’s Nate Meredith and I just met, I guess, within the last couple of weeks. And when you meet somebody, and you have this instant click, it just feels so good. And that that is Meredith. So before we talk about women entrepreneurs, Inc. I gotta mention something I saw in your bio. You’re like, what is it okay, I was fascinated with the fact that you’ve competed globally in a half Ironman Triathlon, and that this year, you’re training for the full distance triathlon. Now I’m not at all athletic. So that just blows my brain. So with all that you have going on, including that, how do you juggle it off?



So I’m gonna give Ironman and their branding some credits. Because, um, their Iron Man’s tagline is anything as possible. So um, I have a coach, I don’t do this on my own. My coach is an amazing single mom and entrepreneur, but anything is possible. And and, yeah, I was watching other members of my team sign up for Ironman Arizona. And notice that a bunch of them, it will be their first full Ironman, which is 140 miles, which, when you have done was trying to count, I need to go count, I kept all the medals. I’ve done more than 15 of the 70 mile, half Ironman. And so it sounds like Oh, that would be no big deal. But it’s more than double. It’s kind of like when you go from one kid to two people tell you it’s more than double. Yeah, going from the half to the full. I mean, it just the first thing I said to my coach was, Can I do this? And she said, Yeah, we’re gonna take it one day at a time. So it really it’s, it’s a matter of time management. Time management is huge for me bedtimes are huge, which is good, because as a single mom routines become life. And so my kids know that bedtime is not negotiable. If you’re going to go to bed, they’re going to stay in bed, because guess what happens when they go to bed? I do too. Good for you. Yeah, but it’s, um, our family has been impacted by mental health in a big way. And I am very fortunate to have something that keeps me both mentally and physically healthy. And that strap on for sure. It’s my, it’s my antidepressant. It’s my joy. It’s my quiet time. It’s it’s where I get all my creativity. And so it’s it’s a huge spot of joy, which is probably hard for some people to comprehend.



So I have to ask, but I’m not at all athletic. I’m five, eight, and I used to be like, 135 pounds. Don’t ask me what I am now. But anyway, so people used to look at me and think that I’m athletic because I’m tall, but I’m not. And so I look at you, and when I picture Ironman, okay, maybe this is weird, but when I picture an Ironman person, I picture someone with bulging muscles. That may not look real feminine. Okay, that’s just kind of what but I’m looking at this beautiful woman who just I don’t know, I can’t really see your bulging biceps there. I don’t know. But but you know, or your paths, but you know, has health and fitness always been something that was kind of important to you



know, actually, it’s I love it when people say Oh, I’m not athletic. I’m like, I wasn’t either until I decided to be which is kind of you could take an entrepreneur lesson from that. Like, what do you want to be? What do you want to build? Um, I started running in college because if I’m 510 and most guys are either about my height are a little bit taller, or a little bit shorter. And I ultimately married a guy who’s a little bit shorter and he has a soccer player and a cross country runner in a tennis player and he was just like a small dude. And I was like, I can’t be one of these big tall women with this tiny little athletic husband. So I started running to be skinny, and which is a bad bad approach. And it was good at it, like accidentally good at it. I was banned captain in high school. I hope somebody from my high school listens to this and they’re gonna go, Meredith Morehead does Iron Man’s Yeah, I do. And



that is so good. I was in the band too. I was a band Vice President.



This is why we clicked. So honestly, I’m not athletic, either. I am just really, really stubborn. And if somebody tells me, I can’t do something, I’m gonna do it. I will say, with all honesty, I actually have a gift on the bike, I am incredibly strong on the bike, and I love it. It’s my favorite. And my swim coach laughs at me because I’m so tall and I got the shoulders you can’t see him. But he’s always like, man, you sure do look like a swimmer? So I’m gonna keep trying.



I don’t know what you said. You nailed it when you said, Let this fact that you decided it was a decision. Yeah, I’m not athletic, quote, unquote. But I’m deciding that I am and therefore I am. So in entrepreneurship, no matter where you are today, ladies, if your business is kind of stalled, or if you’re, you know, you have big, big dreams. And you’re wonder if you’ll ever get there. The answer is yes. Who do you want to be? And what do you want to build? I think a lot of times, there’s a lot of indecision, we say we want x, but do we really want it? Because Are we willing to do the sacrifices that are required? Are we willing to put in the work? So that’s such a great life lesson and business lessons. So thank you for that. Alright, so let’s introduce women entrepreneurs, Inc, to those who may have never heard about it. And it’s kind of a broad question, but



yeah, so probably, if you’re anything like me some 42, you know, and all through it, no matter where you go in your career, your life, you’re exposed to networking groups, and women’s groups, everybody’s familiar with Vienna, all of these groups were or like, happy hour, you know, you show up and you pass your card around. Women Entrepreneurs, Inc, is not that at all. And we are literally founded on the premise that women need each other. And we want women coming into our group that are going to be open and honest with each other, that are going to support each other, and, and show each other grace. So and we have, there are certain elements of what you will experience when you connect and engage with women entrepreneurs ain’t that make us different. And our in person events, we have what we call our signature connection, opportunity. And you’ll have to come to one to experience it. But I can tell you, so I’ve been market director since fall of 2021. And so I’ve now led to in person events in Greenville, and I’m not making this up, I can’t like you just can’t make this stuff up. Every time I lead an event. And I also did a happy hour just was a casual happy hour, women walk away and I get messages and I get DMS on Instagram. And they’re like, Meredith, that was so different. Like, there’s just something about the spirit. We all know the law of attraction, Melissa Barker is attracting and building this tribe of women where we actually do care about each other. And I’ve noticed too, and I will say this in complete honesty, there have been some women who have come and checked it out and been like, that’s not for me. And I could tell from the moment they walked in the door, it wasn’t for them. So it’s it’s special. And we’re just we’re better together you can you’re gonna form friendships and business alliances and grow your business and get advice that’s gonna help you accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish.



Yeah, I’ve only been a part of it for I guess, two, maybe three weeks and I can feel there is a special vibe, a special energy and I don’t mean that in the worldly woowoo crap. But but that there is an the authenticity is there. And when you mentioned Melissa, she is so approachable. And let’s face it, leadership comes from the top down. I mean, she sets the pace of what is expected. And you know, earlier this week, she led the International Women’s Day initiative, and that was a great success. And she’s just it’s really neat by I’m only beginning to experience it, but I can attest to the fact that it is very different. One of the things that I want to talk about is, you know, opportunities to plug in. For example, joined, we speak the speaker directory. And I loved when I spoke with Melissa. And she’s like, Dude, this is not like a directory of 1000s. Like, like, my goal is to get each of you in front of the right people to she’s she’s like, on on mission to really present opportunity. So I would love to you know if you can even speak to that about how even the speaker thing is just set up differently, there’s a different purpose.



There really is. So um, we’ve we’ve probably all heard, it’s, it’s a best practice to have a word for the year, and w e word for the years visibility. And that’s because Melissa believes that her her sole mission this year should be bringing visibility to the women entrepreneurs that are a part of the group. And so we speak is in like, can I tell you, you’re in the Slack channel now, like I was thinking about the other day, because Melissa also owns a marketing firm. She’s kind of like me, she has more than one full time job. She’s I don’t know how she does it. People say that about me. But I’m like, You need to meet Melissa, she’s got me. She is so personally involved. She has built relationships with people, event planners, and corporate people, people who are the ones looking for speakers to bring them to events to bring them to podcast, bring them to virtual events. And she actually has relationships with them so that they come to her and say, We need a woman. So then Melissa can turn to we speak this network of curated women entrepreneurs, speakers, and say, I got a girl for you. And so it’s not just a part of my work is in public relations. And I do that for executives, we find places for them to speak to build their thought leader profile. That’s not what this is, people are actually coming to Melissa. And then she’s personally recommending. And she’s also going out and proactively searching for opportunities, and then advocating for us. And she also helps you build your speaker profile, she’ll help you with your keynote, she’ll help you become the speaker you want to be. And which I don’t I do that for executives, they pay me a ton of money. And well through the agencies that I work with. I don’t get it all. Um, but you know what I mean, like you’re getting a high level of coaching and guidance to build your speaker profile, it’s going to make you more visible and it could become an income stream. So yeah, and I’ve never been, I’ve done all the best programs, especially in Greenville, and the Greenville chamber, their banner program is leadership, Greenville. And I was in class 45. And it’s an incredible program. I’ve benefited more from women entrepreneurs than I ever did from leadership, Greenville. And that was a slow burn. It’s it’s a year long, very intense program, but it’s very localized. And it’s very much about the community. And we’re women entrepreneurs is about you, and it’s about your business. So



yeah, that is so neat, because besides speaking opportunities, and press features, and then there’s the grants and award opportunities that are on you know, the members only hotlist so to speak. So it is very different than anything that I’ve been a part of. And, you know, let’s face it, there are tons of women’s groups, you know, and of course now I’m trying to think of them escapes my brain, but you know, elevate What’s that one that’s national, and they’re they’re really big. Golly, jeepers.



Now, what’s your chief? There’s upside. I’ve been a member of almost all of them. Yeah, there’s



one that I can’t remember. Anyway, I love this because I already had a couple of collab chats with some of the other members, just you know, and that’s, it really does feel like we’re chatting with friends. And that’s the way business should be done. That is the way it should be done. So it’s just a great thing. So so let’s talk about membership, and how to even get started and how to maximize you know, if you decide to do this, like what, what’s the next step?



Awesome. So once you become a member, and you have to engage like with anything you get out of it, what you put into it, but I can tell you what you put into we eat, you get back tenfold. I have worked I worked for Michelin, I worked for Sealed Air. I used to be an ambassador for trek bicycle, like a my marketing career. It’s always been like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I got to work with that brand kind of experience. And so you would know that. Then I’m interacting with some of the world’s best agencies, the world’s best marketers. I came into waiting Inc. and I did the first two virtual events that we did, blown away. Absolutely blown away. Here’s the lead magnet lady sooner Phillips who like, radiates joy. She blew my mind with her. She giggled with delight, as she taught a class on lead magnets. I mean, never in my life. So how can you not believe her? And how can you not get fired up without building your own lead magnets. And for all the years that I have advised my own clients in digital marketing and drip campaigns, and all of this, sooner blew me away, and she’s halfway around the world. So I don’t even want to know how Melissa found her but the woman did. So, um, and then in I want to say it was in January, it was right after the first of the year, she did another virtual event, it was really about PR about getting yourself in the media and doing it the right way. And it was with Jen Gottlieb who used to be on VH. One, and is just an incredible name. And really in celebrity PR, she made it so relatable, I kid you not God, as found off of that call, Little Miss, I have all this experience, went into my next zoom with a marketing client, which is a super cool company out in the Midwest. And like, just 101 was something I learned in that virtual event, which in Gottlieb, it was amazing. It was just this tiny little tip she said about how to take what you have, and make it marketable to the media. And I was like you guys, you know, that tiny little thing? What if we did this with it? And what if I went to that reporter and it was the way I was able to put it together in my head sold like we were in the news the next week, then. So now they just think I’m brilliant, which hopefully they’re not listening.



Well, that’s it. I mean, to me, that is just so good. Because, look, I come from nothing. Like daddy was a factory worker, mom stayed home. So years ago, when I started in this, I really didn’t get that my brains wouldn’t get me everything I needed. Like, I’m smart. I’m good. What, you know, let me let me help you. But you need to know people it’s truly is about who do I know, not that I can take from but who do I know, that I can build a real relationship with. And it’s a gift give. So you know, from what you’re talking about. It’s so funny how sometimes those little nuances, there’s little nuggets of amazingness when we have the capacity to like, receive it, hear it and run with it. I mean, that that just one engagement could more than pay. I mean, the investment is insanely, like well priced, too. So anywho and I usually don’t have ladies listening, what God doesn’t really usually promote things. I know I don’t so this is tell you something like this is this is something I believe in. And because I do and because I know you’re going to benefit from it in like 1000 different ways. This is why I wanted to bring Meredith on. So um, alright, so we talked about engaging. Talk to me about connecting with the local market directors like like, I don’t even know this is okay, I’m gonna say something crazy. You’re in Greenville. I’m in Charleston. So I guess you’re not my market director there would be?



Yeah, actually, you get Melissa and her team because they’re Oh, okay. Um, so Melissa realize that, like she wants to grow women entrepreneurs and take it to more cities and more markets. And it obviously started in Charleston, and she was getting traction. Greenville is a great example. She was getting traction here, but she’s from Charleston. So there’s only so much you can do when you don’t actually know people. And you just you just made the comment like you. You have to know people in the other way around, people have to know you. And that takes time. So she said I want to grow in Atlanta, Greenville and Charlotte in Raleigh. And in order to do that, I need a local woman entrepreneur there. And and it’s funny because recently, I think it perfectly describes what I do. They ran an Instagram post with all the market directors. And they called me the super connector and I loved it because I’ve been told that before. In my real estate work, I tell people, I you just got a new best friend for life and whatever you need, it doesn’t even have to be related to your house. I can connect you with that person. Like I have a gift of connection. And I was told that very early in my career by this woman who’s like an amazing publicist out in LA, she met me for like five minutes and said that to me, it’s one of those creepy things and it stuck with me and she was right. So local market director is there to connect you with people to make sure that you get engaged locally, to be a face and a human to actually get connected because in all honesty, Melissa is not going to accomplish what she set out to do with women entrepreneurs, Inc, if it’s just her and her team in Charleston, a woman in Greenville is going to be like, well, they are in Charleston, how can they help me? And but with me being here, I can’t tell you, it’s actually a little bit hard to keep up with. And I’ve gotten a little bit better about it, because Ironman, and but the the amount of coffee and lunch request I get, and I love it, and I don’t want them to stop coming. And sometimes it’s hard if I’m on deadline, or I have a swimming or run day, or something silly like that. But I cannot tell you, every time I sit down with a woman, and have coffee or lunch with her, we both walk away better in some way. We found someone to connect each other with us in her business, I connect her. It’s just It’s crazy. The world is a great place, if you’ll let it be, you know,



I love that the world is a great place, especially when we know the Lord. So before we get to this special opportunity that we have, for our listeners, I want to just touch on something that you and I chatted about right before we hit the record. And that is how how the Lord moves when we pray specifically, and do so in faith. So would you mind sharing sharing that story?



Yes. So I am actually in inner circle, which is a program of women entrepreneurs, Inc, and it’s a mastermind style, mentoring and accountability group. And I started out the year saying I am we had to set goals. And it’s you have to be really vulnerable and honest with these women, there’s five of us in Greenville, they’ve already become literally my closest friends, because it’s such a special space where we are each on the same kind of journey. And so I raised my hand at the beginning and said I’m a true creative. I don’t have money problems. But I’m terrified to look at my bank account. And I have to and with everything personally, that’s happened. I’ve my accountant can’t be the only one that knows what’s happening with my business. And every year when he sends me my tax return, I’m like, oh, thank heavens, you know, you have to stop doing that there too. Okay, so I raised my hand and said, This is the year because I have an amazing financial planner, who’s a woman. This is the year that I operate on a budget, I know what my budget looks like, both on the business and personal side. And I’m and that lose that fear of it. And so Stacy Gardein, who’s actually the Greenville photographer for W he is like a budget mastermind. And it’s because she was in the same position I’m in where she was kind of like I’m a creative person, and I don’t want to deal with it. And I’m just gonna turn my head and it’ll all be fine. She sat down with me. And some of the advice she gave me. We were talking about debt, we were talking talking about budgeting. And she said, You’re, you’re a woman of God, tell God what you want. Tell God what you need. And because she was giving me specific examples, and it’s interesting, because in the past month, the Bible study I’m in at my church multiple times, women have said, you have the ability to call on the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. And if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out. And I would hear women say that and be like, I’m not doing it. And it’s almost like, Well, I’m afraid what might happen if I do. Right? Yeah. Oh, Stacy. And I had that lunch. And at literally, so if you knew anything about real estate, there’s no inventory right now. And my team and I, we only have buyers, and it makes you work twice as hard for what you feel like is little to no results. And I told my teammate here in Greenville. We’re gonna pray for listings, I won’t want a month. And she was like, okay, she’s a Christian to God. I’ve been praying that for a week and Monday morning, I got a phone call where a guy said, hey, it might be 30 days or less, but I want you to list my house. And I hung up the phone and was like, Wait, or wait. Okay, you know, and you’re like, Oh, thank you, God. Did you just do that? And it has happened again, actually, this morning, an agent called wanting me to find a listing a seller for him in my own neighborhood. And I’m very particular about how I market in my neighborhood because I don’t ever want my neighbors to feel like, oh, there’s Meredith. She’s gonna try and tell us what her house is worth. You know, I never want them to feel that way. Because not everybody that knows me is going to work with me and that’s okay. Like I never and so I took a risk and I said, God, I feel like this is you trying to send me another listing. And so I put a little graphic up we had made in February for our team and said, Hey, guys, I got a phone call. There’s a family that’s dying. To live in here, if you just want to have a conversation, call me. And do. I feel like y’all should know. Like, if you’re thinking about it, I’m here. And so it’s just kind of interesting how, because we’ll bang our heads against the wall trying to hit these business goals. What if we just prayed for it and got real specific about it?



Yes, that’s so good. That’s See, this is exactly why everything I do is built on faith. Where you know, just what you said, you know, not by my, my, by Your power, I always forget that Zechariah. You know, it’s not by us. It’s by His power and we overcomplicate it, when we really I think we literally get in the way of his work. He wants to bless us originally, when we are willing to step out in faith. So I love that. And when you said, I prayed specifically for one listing a month, do you know what I was thinking? Right in that moment? Pray for five.



Done, right. Well, that phone call that came this morning, I was like, well, there’s my April listing, holy moly.



And one last thing, and then we’ll wrap it up. But you know, it’s so funny when you said, Well, you know, gosh, can I do that? And I’m kind of afraid of the floodgates like what could happen. I do want to relay this story. It’s not about work. It was about personal life. Years and years ago. I experienced the Lord in a very real like powerful way. Like I was the middle of praying for people on my list, ladies in my Bible study. And I was so intensely praying that I can’t even really describe what happened. But I felt I felt the Spirit moving me so powerfully, it freaked me out. And it made me open, my eyes go up. I literally went. And I was afraid I my kids were in the house. I go, guys, because I really I even have chills now tell the story. I just felt so it was scary. Like, you know, that’s the power of prayer, right? That was years ago. And you know, I never ever experienced that again. And so when you said that it quick, in my my heart to say, You know what, you it is scary. Like whenever anybody in the Bible, you know, is met with the with the angel of God with Jesus Christ and with his you know, Gabriel or Michael. It is like a scary thing. But I think we should seek it. I think we’re called to seek it. We certainly aren’t supposed to work in the natural realm. We are to operate in the supernatural, which is what faith is all about. Yeah. So



yeah. In their call, like, it’s kind of like it and sometimes people I mean, myself included, you can have very shallow prayers, like, but what would happen if you got super specific, you know, yeah,



I believe that you believe that you believe Hey, it’s coming. That list is coming tomorrow, that next clients, you know, gonna ring me tomorrow. I mean, it’s possible and I see it in what I’m doing and in my work with my clients, so I know it’s possible. So I loved your example. And and the reminder that the more specifically we pray, you know, then the more we’re really saying, We’re believing God for that. Right and saying, Okay, God, we believe you. And if the enemy whispers in my ear, who are you to pray for that? And who do you think you are? I will reject it and say night night, in the name of Jesus, flee, because that’s just nonsense, right? Oh, it’s so good. Okay, thank you for sharing that. Okay, so we’ve got to wrap up but you have a special promotion for our listeners. So I’d love you to tell us about that.



We would love for you to join women entrepreneurs, Inc. We’re going to give away one month free and I can absolutely wholeheartedly make a promise. As a Christian woman, no one would a promise means that if you will join for one month and engage get in the website, engage in all the resources, do a virtual event engage with Melissa get a 15 minute phone call with her so that she can talk to you and learn about you get in the private Facebook group. And if you if you need advice on things if you need to one of the girls in inner circle owns a spa here in Greenville, she ends organic tan and she’s building this incredible skincare educational course and she’s beta testing it with women entrepreneurs, Inc women so she’s not having to pay for focus groups. She’s got her market right here and we’re all telling her what we would love to see in her offering. So I can promise you, if you will use this code and come in if you will engage it will pay for itself before you ever have to pay for it.



Hmm, wow, that’s beautiful. And the code is welcome 22. And we’ll put that in the show notes as well as the link to join. Well, oh my goodness, Meredith the time just flew. I knew it would thank you so much for being here and for sharing so much of your heart with us. It’s been great.



This is an honor. Thank you so much for having me on. I really appreciate it.



Absolutely. And ladies, listen, if you’ve enjoyed this episode, and you probably have if you had like an aha moment, throughout these 30 minutes, what I would love you to do is to pause right now if you would, and consider leaving a rating and a review because it means so much we’ve expanded to more than 30 countries, we’re about to hit 65,000 downloads and I couldn’t do it without you. So tell others about it. Leave that rating and review and also go to my website and leave a voice note I want to feature you on an upcoming episode go to Judy You will see it it’s like leaving a private message in you know, Facebook, just hit the button, leave a voice note and you may be on the show. So thank you all again for being here. We will see you next time.


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