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Ep 251 Transcript


Welcome, ladies, welcome to thriver. Thursday live. This is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Today is part two of our two part series where I answer your top 10 Questions about building growing and scaling your business and doing it with simplicity, and with joy. So as you pop on, say, Hey, let me know who’s watching and where you’re watching from. Now, last week’s training and the video is available wherever you’re watching right now. And it’s also Episode 247, episode 247 of my joyful scaling podcast. So you might want to head over there to listen to it again. Because I’m hearing from you last week’s training was like life changing. I have heard from so many of you telling me the impact that last week’s training has had on you. And, you know, I want to read just a couple of the DMS that I’ve gotten this one is from Lilian, she says, Judy, you are on fire. I learned so much from Thursday’s training. She says the biggest takeaway for me was about how to manage better manage my time and approach every task with certainty that it will be accomplished. Such a subtle mindset shift shift, she says, but it’s already made a difference in how I’m getting things done. I feel more confident. I feel more empowered, more like a real CEO, brava Lillian, how awesome that is to hear another DM this one was from Michelle, she says, I’ve been watching and listening and following you for a while now, in the background. The way you bring faith and Christ into business is something that I didn’t know I needed until I found you. My business was floating along, but it had grown stagnant. She says, After the past couple of months, as I’m listening to your podcast and being intentional and applying what I’m learning, I see things changing. I know it’s God. She said I had my best month last month, nearly $30,000. And I know it’s because I’m living my faith inside my business and I’m putting action behind everything I’m learning from you. And I’d love to learn more about your mastermind. She says God bless you, Judy. And to that I say Hallelujah to Christ. Right for he is moving off to his glory. Amen. And amen. Right. So if you have not listened to that, you know, training or watched it from last week, do it because I think it’s gonna bless you richly. Okay, so my intention for today’s live, is that you would continue to experience an up leveling a shift in your thinking, okay? Now, if you listen and receive what I’m sharing, and you apply it, just like we’ve heard from the other ladies, right, how to run your business, working both in and out of your business right in it. And all right, I guarantee you’re not only going to sign more clients, and you’re gonna help more people, but you’re going to make more money. Now, by God’s grace, I pray that you would not have any guilt wrapped around the notion of making more money. Okay, but if money guilt, or money mindset is an issue for you, I encourage you to listen to episodes, write this down to 49 to 18 117 of the podcast and even go back to Episode 21. So I’m going to say those again, on the joyful scaling podcast, go back to listen to episode 249, to 18 177. And all the way back to Episode 21 of the joyful scaling podcast because that is where I talk about money mindset with a Christian perspective. Of course, besides that, we got to go to the Lord guy, right, seeking his good word on the subject. Okay. So last thing I’ll say on that is, maybe the very thing that you need to get to the next level, is what you’ve been kind of dismissing, which I know, in large part can be the mindset piece. We’re gonna talk about that a little bit today about strategy strategy, give me the strategy, right. But that may not be what’s missing in your business to get to the next level. Okay, so let’s go to God. And then we’ll jump right in to question six through 10 of the top 10 most asked questions about scaling your business. Okay. Heavenly Father,



thank You. Thank You, Lord, that there is this opportunity to, to get the word out about doing business your way here on the internet, reaching, you know, potentially 1000s and 10s of 1000s of people, right. Thank you, God that you have expanded the podcast to be in over 30 countries and we’re going to be hitting 65,000 downloads, it is only by your movement God that we can do anything of value. And so as the ladies here are listening, whether it’s live or on a replay God, I pray that you are here with us, and that you will click in their hearts and minds to receive what it is that you have for them through me. Thank you, God, we love you and we trust you help us to ever are love and trust you more in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus we pray, amen. Amen. All right, well again, if you’re here, would you please say hello so that I know who’s here so that I can reach back out and say thank you for watching. Okay, so before we dive in, I popped in the chat here, I did not do it on Instagram, but I want to invite you to accept a gift I have for you, it is my ultimate scaling guide. It’s a 20 page workbook, really, it’s a workbook. It’s not just theory, right? Where I highlight the four proven strategies, my clients and I use to experience exponential growth and generate, you know, millions of dollars, okay, inside again, you’re going to find not only theory, right, what the strategies are, but application as well, because I’m, I pose the questions that you need to answer in order to put those strategies to work for you. So no fluff, no BS, you know, that’s not my style, you get strategy and direction on applying for strategies in your business to get exponential growth. Okay, so it’s Judy You go there, you’ll be able to find it there. Okay. Let’s jump into the remaining five of the top 10 Most Asked business building and scaling questions that I’ve gotten. Okay, question number six. You talk a lot about strategy. What is strategy? And how does it differ from tactic? I get this question a lot. And I understand it because there’s a lot of muck and mire out there a lot of confusion about what strategy is and and how is that different from a tactic and they are very different. Okay. I’ve found that women tend to overemphasize the importance of a tactic, such as posting on social while grossly under estimating the strategy behind the tactic. Okay, strategy is the why the what and how. Strategy is the why the what and the how, and you don’t get to the how, like, how do I do this? What do I say? Until you answer, though? the why and the what? Okay, you have to approach things logically. So the why the what and the how the why is, why am I doing this? With any tactic that you want to do? Let’s keep it with the suit posting on social, you got to ask yourself, Why am I doing this? Does it make sense to do this in light of who I am and what my brand stands for? And the reason I love the why is because a lot of times we hear somebody, somebody important, some millionaire, some guru, say you got to do this. And all too often, women just go out and do it. And they do it just like the millionaire does it, then they wonder why things aren’t working for them? Well hang on a second. First, you have to determine that what you think you should be doing is in fact, what you should be doing. Okay, so the why is super important. So that’s the why the what is next? Okay, now that I’ve determined the why makes sense for me. Okay. The what is what’s the goal? Like? What do I want to accomplish by doing the tactic specifically? Okay, not just checking a box, I’ve gotten it done. But what do you want to do with it? Right? For example, the posting on social? Is your goal, to grow your following? Is it to get more consults booked? Is it to grow your visibility? Is it to really, you know, invite people to where you are in the world, your website, your webinar, your whatever, right?



So you got to identify what the goal is, it’s an important step that you can’t miss. Okay, so we had the why the what? And finally, the how the how is, okay, it makes sense for me, I have a specified goal. But now how am I going to use this tactic? How can I use this tactic of posting on social most effectively, for example, right? So you have to think it through? That’s a ways to do it, how am I going to do it, but you have to go through the why the what and the how, okay, and then you have to put your mind to work on it. Okay. Too often, women are just this, just do things. And that leads to work into hard working without a strategy and spinning your wheels. But here’s the good news. Having a well thought out strategy keeps you focused. And that’s what allows you to have six figure leaps in revenue, it’s gonna happen. Now, last thing I’ll say about strategy is there are three key areas of strategy in your business. And do you have a strategy for each of these? Okay, a marketing strategy, a sales strategy, and an operational strategy, the back end of your business. Now, that last one is not even on so many people’s radar, right? But it’s so needed in order to optimize the efforts of you and your team and to leverage the systems and the automation that you already have set up in the backend of your business. Okay. So that’s how you deal with strategy and difference sits between strategy than tactic a tactic is just doing. And if you don’t have a strategy behind it, there’s a heck of a lot of doing. And you know, are you even tracking the ROI? Right? Are you even seeing what the fruit of your labor is? is giving you? Okay, question seven. And by the way, if as you’re listening, you have questions, pop into the chat. Okay, I will get to as many as I can if I can after this. Okay, so question seven, how do I know when to hire? Right? How do I know who to hire first? Or even whether that person should be part time or full time or whether to hire them as an employee or as an independent contractor? Okay, well, obviously, with that question, there’s a lot of questions wrapped up into that whole thing of hiring. Okay. Now, I will promise you that in an upcoming joyful scaling podcast, I’m going to go into the dates. Okay, this is a very important issue. But for today, I’m going to say this. Think back to last week. What I find is so many women, you have a question, and then you just like, go into so much drama, and you just confuse yourself all the more and you you send yourself down this pit of despair? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. You don’t even know where to begin. So you just keep saying question after question after question. Until you just throw up your hands and say, I’ve got to walk away. I’ve got to clear my head. This is just like too hard. But, but that’s the old view. Okay. So the CEO, you whenever you go into that drama, right? The overthinking when you say I don’t know, I want you to go to God. Go to God, he is a God of order. And then secondly, I need you to go to your own brain and put your brain to work. Now, I don’t know, like I said last week is a lie of the enemy. Right? And then to that, you might say, Well, Judy, I never hired someone. So I don’t know, like, What do you mean? Well, listen, here’s what I know, if you’re in business, and you are making consistent dollars, even if it’s 5k a month, right? You don’t know everything and guess what you don’t need to, but you do know enough to be generating dollars. And I know most of my listeners, you’re making 10k Because you’re at that six figure mark, and you’re looking to go more. So you know more than you think you know, even right now. Okay, but let me give you a little bit more insight into that. First starters, when you’re thinking, Gosh, I need to hire if you have not yet hired somebody, I want you to think about Hmm, what do I need help with? Like, identify the tasks specifically? Right? What tasks are important or even urgent, I want you to identify these tasks that you’re thinking you need help with. Because what I find is our brains, this is scientific, our brains don’t want to work hard. We don’t like the hard work of putting pen to paper and writing out things. We just kind of want to have a thought and then move on. Am I right?



Put it two in the chat right now, if I’m right about that. Our brain doesn’t want to work hard. It wants to preserve and reserve energy. But I’m telling you journaling and getting thoughts out so that they’re there to refer to right for others. Right? If you have when you have team you have the process already figured out. Or in this case, you put pen to paper and you’re like, Wow, I feel like it’s time to hire, what do I really need help with? I mean, that’s that’s the first thing before you even begin to think about who you’d hire, or what role you need to identify the tasks you want to help with. They don’t make sense, right? Okay. Another thing on this point? You know, do I need help? I want you to also think about what tasks are you doing now that you either hate aren’t good at or that you when you think about it? They’re not really CEO tasks, right? So as an example, I really want to caution you on something that I’m seeing out there and it’s not serving you, for the most part, okay, so I see a lie, a lot of money being spent on social media, social media, posting social media management type services, and all too often that money is not getting you an ROI. Okay, when you hire a company to post for you, and that posting is done on mass, and there was zero customization, you’re just post they’re just posting an article for you, right? And there’s zero of you, not your voice, not your unique perspective on it. It’s just here’s an article in love, I got to say to you please do yourself a favor and cancel that subscription. Like right now, it’s not doing anything for you. Okay? While the information posted may be helpful to your audience, maybe people are savvy these days, they see it’s a generic post, they know it’s not you. So they keep on moving. And if anybody disagrees, I’d love to have a little convo with you. Because I know it’s true. And I see this a lot in real estate. Well, I don’t have time to do it. I don’t know what to say. So I just hired them for $400 a month or something or 200? Like, what? And how much engagement are you getting? And how much client? You know, client? Leads? Have you gotten from that? A lot of times the answer is either I don’t know or zero. Okay. In Love. Look, I have to tell you, since when did just posting something that lackadaisical approach to your business? Like being average and PD being mediocre? Like, is that what you really want for your business? I thought you were an expert, I thought you were a thought leader. Right? handing off your social media content blindly to somebody and giving them carte blanche to post whatever, is acting wholly without strategy. And that decision is not been made by a powerful, confident and courageous CEO. That is a decision made out of fear, scarcity, or laziness, nobody’s listening. You’re making zero ground, no one’s impressed. Okay? Your audience knows it’s not you. So please stop spending that money every month. Now. If you’ve hired instead, a social media manager who speaks your voice who has access to your value vault of content, I teach that with my clients, the value vault, okay. And that social media manager customizes every post to look and feel like you and your brand rub off. Okay? And if that’s maybe what you think you need great, that may be your next hire. Doesn’t have to be social is not the only game in town. Okay.



All right. Now, a little bit of a digression. But clearly I’m passionate about this issue, I hate to see you waste your money, okay? You need to be strategic about your hires, whether employees or vendors or independent contractors, every dollar you spend, needs to produce an ROI. And that includes team members, you need to set goals and KPIs even for outside vendors, so that everybody understands why they’re doing what they’re doing. Okay, activity without strategy, without a goal, without intentionality. And focus is just busy work. Meaning that you or your team is working a heck of a lot harder than you need to. And that’s costing you money, okay? You don’t want that. Now, who that first hire will be, it’s gonna vary, right? But after you’ve made that list I talked about earlier, right? I need you to group those tasks together, and decide, does it make sense to hire a specialist for five hours a week to do this, and another specialist to do you know, five or 10 hours a week to do that? Right. So maybe I’ll hire someone to do social content and repurposing. And then I’ll hire somebody else to handle my podcast production, right? You know, think about that. I found that hiring a couple of specialists who are really great at what they do, right? Rather than hiring one person who’s a generalist and not really an expert at anything, that may feel easier, just pile on one person that, you know, a great hourly rate, just pile on, that really isn’t the best course all the time, right. I get it, you may think managing one person sounds a heck of a lot easier. Maybe it is, but but maybe it’s not. Okay. Because if that one person you’re piling on, and they don’t really know what they’re doing, and they’re desperately trying to impress you. So they’re trying to learn and they’re trying to do all the things. They’re not efficient, they’re learning on the job. And, you know, what do you think the quality of the work is going to be, as opposed to hiring specialists to do what they do best? And kind of give them the KPIs, give them the goals, let it go with it. Okay, I hope that’s helpful. Like I say, look for another upcoming episode on a podcast for more detail. All right. Question number eight. How can I get more testimonials? I hear this a lot. Okay, social proof is important. Yes, yes. Yes. Make that a priority to get those testimonials. Okay. Now, my clients are awesome. And they get their clients amazing results. But then I look at their online presence and I say where are the testimonials? Right. And if LinkedIn is your go to Then I say wait, why do I only see three recommendations for you? Or five over on your Facebook business page or for you realtors, Zillow Look, I don’t care if you love or hate Zillow, I don’t care for them. But when I was in active production in real estate, my profile was stellar. Why? Because that’s where my people were. Everybody goes to Zillow. And so I wanted to be perceived as that go to mainline Philadelphia, you know, go to real estate professional, so I was there. Now, if you’re the type of business that you should be on Yelp, how many reviews you got for Google? Wherever that is for you? Right? How about your website? where are people going? That place should be overwhelmed with testimonials. Okay, now I stated the obvious. So how do you get more? You ready for this? Look, I do everything with simplicity, let’s not overthink it. How do you get more testimonials to things? Okay. Ask for them. And make it easy for your clients to do it to say yes. So I’m going to model this right now. Ladies, wherever you’re watching or listening, if you have received value from me, I would ask that you grab your calendar, your phone, whatever your calendar is right now. And I need you to plan when you are going to go to wherever you’re consuming this right now, online or on the podcast, and make a date with yourself to write a testimonial about me and the value that you’ve received. Okay, heck, you know what, go over to the podcast page, Judy And leave a voice note.



It’s super easy, right? Just like leaving a voice note on Facebook Messenger or in the DMS on LinkedIn or Instagram. Tell me about your experience with me. And don’t worry about what you’re gonna say, Oh, God, I get nervous when I have to hit the go button. And what if you play this on the podcast, and I sound like a fool. Okay? When you think like that, you’re more likely to do it, instead of saying, You know what, I am a powerful woman of God. And I want to tell the world about the value I got from Judy Weber. So I’m gonna hit the go button, right over there on the Judy, for example, and I’m gonna leave a voice note, here’s the great thing. If you mess up, you can hit delete, and try again. Okay, but will you please do that as a favor to me? Right as a thank you for the value you’ve received by me, really? Through the Lord, right? So with that, by way of example, I’m making it easy. I’m asking for it. And I’m telling you where to go? Are you asking for testimonials? Right? You won’t get them if you don’t ask for them? And can I say this? You’ve got to ask early and often. So are you paying attention, I hope you’re taking notes. I tell my clients at the beginning of an engagement, tell your client what they can expect from you. For example, if you’re an ops specialist, tell them look, as we work together, you’re going to get your backend set up perfectly. Everything’s going to be organized systems processes, automation is going to be in place and your business is going to run like a well oiled machine. And when it does, I’m going to ask you to provide a testimonial about your experience with me. And how it saves you time and how it’s made you more confident as a CEO and how it has generated more revenue for you. Like, are you doing that? You’re good at what you do. Right? So tell them early on, here’s what you could expect from me and right up front set up the expectation that when you deliver on your promise, they’re going to leave you a testimonial. I ask it like that. I’ve never gotten a no. And here’s another thing, right? I said early and often. So you introduce the concept early. And then often, anytime there’s a problem solving issue that you’ve resolved anytime there’s a small win, remind them wow, this would be a great example, to mention in your testimonial, wouldn’t it? Whether they remember it or not? Or maybe you keep track of it. Okay? Because that all rolls into the second part of my answer. Make it easy for your client to leave a testimonial or a review. Right? Send them the link to directly exactly where you want them to go. Okay, now, as far as video testimonials, if you work with women, and I’m sure a lot of you do, maybe probably all of you do. A lot of women Oh, I don’t like myself on camera. I don’t want to do a video make it easy. Offer to do a short 10 minute zoom call be there with them, guide them through it, ask them questions, you can later edit if you need to make them feel comfortable, right? Or I’ll say this even in some cases, if if if it feels right between you and the client, write a short script or write some notes so they can refer to make it easy for them to do the thing that will help you. Okay. And finally, remind them if you send out an email, you know or you’ve talked on a phone and you look and they say, Great, I’ll take care of that today. And you’ll get it in there by the end of the week and we end the week comes in, it’s not there. Don’t hesitate to remind them, okay, don’t think you’re bothering them. You’re merely helping them with, you know, reminding them of the promise they made to do this. Okay? You’re thanking them in advance for doing this thing for you, as a thank you for your service. Does that make sense? If that makes sense? Hit a five in the comments, please. We’re doing good. Good stuff. Right. I hope this is resonating. I hope this is sinking in and, and through all of it. Just stand back when you have a question. Go to God. Guru, your brain, you do more than you think you do. Okay. All right. Question Nine. This is a good one. How can I get more yeses on my sales consults? Okay. Now, this, again, is a big, big answer. lots of moving parts. But let’s make it simple for you so that I can help you move the needle right now. Today, I want to give you a win. Okay, even through this one answer. So first, what is your goal on a sales console? What do you think your goal is? Or what do you think it should be?



Okay. May I offer to you that if your goal on a sales console is getting a client, that’s your problem? What? Yes, you heard me right. Your goal on sales consults. You know, your goal is helping the prospective client to a place of decision. A Yes, would be awesome. Okay. But even if the decision is no or No, right now, that’s a win, as opposed to oh, I have to think about it. Okay. If it’s a definite no great move on next. If it’s a no, not now, super keep nurturing them. Nothing’s gone wrong. Okay. You see on the call, your job is to serve them. And as you do help them to be real with themselves, right to help in love, call them out on their BS, for example, okay? If you are a health coach, and you’re talking with the person, and she’s telling you, I’m sick and tired of being tired, I’m tired of like feeling, feeling just worn out. I’m not taking care of myself, I’m not eating right, I don’t exercise. And you know, if that’s kind of what she’s telling you, and then you present her with your solution that you know, is going to get her from where she is right now to where she wants to go. And other clients. You know, you’ve gotten there, and they’ve gotten amazing results. And so you take her through what that journey to health looks like with you. And you invite her to work with you. And if you do all of that, and her responses, excuse after excuse, reason upon reason as to why it all sounds great, but I just can’t do it. Then your job is in love. explore that with her. Don’t jump off the call, right? I mean, you’re the expert, and in love you want to help her, maybe she doesn’t see something. So we’re going to help her uncover what’s really going on. Okay. So as an example, you’d say, Okay, well, you’ve told me X, Y, and Z, you want to get healthy. And my program sounded perfect. That’s your word. You remember that? Do you still think it does? You’d love to jump in. Right? But yet, you’re saying no. So tell me why that is? Interesting, right? You’re asking questions and actively listening, seeking her, you know, helping her to dive deep into her own self and identify the real deal. What’s really going on? You want this but yet you say no. So if that what do you think her easy answer to that is? Well, it’s just the money. You know, I wish I could do it. But the budgets tight we’re going to Disney and you know, whatever the excuses, right? Okay. Well, if you asked great questions earlier in the console, you can say, Huh, okay. It’s really interesting. Because earlier when we talk, you say it not in an adversarial kind of calling her a liar way. You are coming from a place of service, and love. So you really want her to, again, to realize what is going on inside of her. Like, what’s the real deal? So you can say, That’s interesting, because earlier, when we talked about getting healthy, you told me that when you did, you would finally be able to play with the grandkids. You wouldn’t feel embarrassed in a bathing suit. Right? You’d have more energy, all the things and then all of that, in your words. You said it was would be priceless. Like you couldn’t even imagine that happening, but you were excited at the possibility that it would. In fact, you were nearly crying as you describe that new life after. So tell me, do you still believe that that after is priceless. And the column I’m pausing this is this is sales ladies. I’m not putting pressure on her in a way that feels like you’re, you know, I’m calling you out in a negative way. Instead I’m saying, huh, you said this. But now you’re saying this. So what’s true? Because they both can’t be true. So then maybe you’d follow up? So but do you really believe that that after is possible for you? And then maybe recount other clients who thought the same thing? How about this one? They might say, well, I’ve got to ask the Hubby, you know, I love that one. So then I say, Okay, a couple ways to go there. But one thing is to say, what do you think he’s gonna say?



Or what do you hope he says? Or what are you afraid he’s gonna say? Right? Be willing to explore those hard places. Because I can’t sit here and tell you exactly what to say. Because there is no one perfect script. But when you make your number one priority on sales calls, you know, I need to help this person come to decision, you know, then it’s going to go better. You’re going to give that other person safety in just being real with themselves, right? You’re gonna and they’re going to trust you. It’s going to it’s going to be a service to them. Okay? You need to ask great questions need to have those questions already laid out, right? And then you need to listen actively, and take notes, you want to capture their words, okay? Because when you ask great questions, the person will tell you what they need in order to be a yes. When you listen, they tell you exactly what they need. Okay. And when you do all of that, you’re going to convert more calls to clients, no doubt, okay, now I teach my clients a specific framework for the sales call. So if you’re interested in learning more about that, and how we might be able to work together, then DME, and I’m happy to go into some of that with you and tell you how I work through my mastermind. It’s called joyful scaling for a reason. And it’s only three steps, we do the Jumpstart where we get your strategy in place, we optimize so that we can make sure everything you do and everything your team does is as efficient as possible. And then the why is the yield, we look at the results, the client experience, you know, for profitability, and, and a whole bunch of like, you know, tracking of business stuff that so many aren’t tracking. So when you do the jumpstart the Optimize and the yield, you scale from a place of simplicity, and joy. Okay. All right, that is a value a valuable call, when you serve the client with the one goal of I’m going to love on this person. And I’m going to get them to a place of decision and ask some tough questions if I need to, to help them see through their own BS to see what they really want. Okay, all right, this is making sense. I’d love to see some comments popping up about this. Okay, so now we’re on our final question, question 10. And it’s this, how can I stand out as the expert in my industry? Okay, I see others, my competitors, they’re not as skilled as me. And yet they seem to be doing better, they’re more successful. So how can I stand out and gain the reputation as that one to work with? I have a simple answer. Be that expert, be the expert. An expert is a specialist focusing on a particular area, they go deep. They have an extensive knowledge, great experience, right? And an expert makes it her business to learn everything she can in that specific area, to master the necessary skills and learn whatever needs to be learned. Okay, her expertise is specific. And because of her high level of expertise, she can charge premium prices. And she works in a clearly defined niche. Okay, so for me with respect to my mastermind, I work with successful Christian women who owned boutique professional services businesses, okay. They they have decided that building the Empire, with dozens and dozens of employees is not what she’s after. She wants to go boutique style, and have a lean and mean team You know a lot a lot of this if you if you happen to watch my million dollar year masterclass that I did last November, you may recall that I went through the example of two businesses, one Empire style, and the other boutique style. Now, the Empire business had lots of employees, tons of tons of overhead. And although they generated $1.1 million, the profit was just over 300. In sharp contrast, the boutique business generated just over 500,000, so less than half of the Empire, but the profit approached 300,000. So they were basically identical when it came to the profit.



But here’s here’s where the rubber meets the road and why I love working with boutique style businesses, those that embrace the boutique business model, because that owner had much fewer employees much less overhead, she worked considerably less hours, and she netted just about the same amount. Okay. That’s the power. That’s the joy of the boutique business model. Okay, and that’s who I love to work with. And I teach them how to make more money to scale toward seven figures. Now, some of my clients, their goal is to make 300 others 500 Others Yes, I want to hit that million dollar mark. They’re all committed to making a big impact using their God given gifts. And again, they’ve chosen to do business with the boutique business model, where simplicity is emphasized. Okay, now, if any of you were like, Oh my gosh, this million dollar, you know, masterclass, where do I find that? DM me or pop it here in the comments, and I will come back and I will pop in the link. It’s over on my joyful scaling for female CEOs YouTube channel, so you can go over there. Okay. It’s also somewhere on my podcast, okay. Now, let’s see, let’s see. Let’s see. Okay, so getting to the question now of how to stand out how do you be the expert? Remember what I said, be the expert. Okay, pick a lane and go all in, you know, be not just the number one choice, but the only choice. Okay, put your flag in the ground. Judy, what are you talking about? Like, what? Okay, you can create your own, you know, only like you are the only choice when you create your unique philosophy about your work. And again, a lot of real estate agents and brokers follow me like, Judy, what do you mean by unique philosophy? Yeah, yes, exactly what I mean, what is your perspective on the industry? What’s wrong with it? What do you hate about it? What doesn’t work? What what has become conventional that that you don’t line with? Create a philosophy of real estate. Whether you work with, you know, buyers and sellers, and you work with investors or whatever the case, create your unique philosophy about your work? And secondly, curate your unique methodology. Okay, what is your steps? What are your pillars? What do you do as you work with your client to get from where they are to where they want to be? That’s your unique methodology. Call it out, lay it out. Mine’s joyful scaling. And I just went through it very briefly. But that is my methodology. You can do the same thing. Be the expert, believe that you are the expert right now where you are you don’t need to know everything. Indeed you all nobody does. And I need you to believe that your best clients are looking for you and they’re going to happily pay your fees even premium fees, because you’re the only game in town here the only one that does it your way right. And then believe God, love just believe in God. Believe God Okay, believe His promises Hey, he’s called you to business and he’s going to equip you with everything you need to succeed that’s his promise and believe he’s going to fulfill it look to him. Right make everything you do in business be fueled by that belief by your faith in Christ. All right, sure. I covered a lot of ground didn’t wait. So if you are leaving this training feeling so emboldened and so empowered, and if you’ve had a breakthrough and a shift, I want you to drop a 10 in the comments. Okay, whether it’s live or on the replay, I really want to see that or you might want to put break through so that I know you had a breakthrough and if you have a question I look at the time I really do have to run but if you also disagree with something or you know you just don’t use like no I don’t buy that. Go ahead and comment I will come back okay cuz I love you hearing from you. I want your feedback. This is a two way conversation when I come with you every Thursday at 11am. Eastern, I’m here to serve you and the very best that I can so that you have a highly impactful and profitable business and live a life worthy of your calling, doing business God’s way. And of course, doing it all from a place of simplicity, and joy. And all that begins with deciding that that’s the way you’re going to do business. You don’t have to overthink.



Right? You don’t have to make it complicated. Do it God’s way. That’s the best way. Alright ladies, thank you for watching on Instagram. Thank you for watching here. Love you ladies so much. I can’t wait to hear from you and less God bless. Enjoy your day.


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