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Alright ladies, welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast. And today I have a question for you ladies health and fitness. What has that got to do with freedom and success in our business? We’re gonna find out, meet Rebecca TABBERT. She is a former overweight atheist corporate girl turned fit, pushing 50, Jesus loving, purpose driven powerhouse entrepreneur, she left the comfort of a corporate paycheck. And I know what that’s all about, right? The big leap of faith to follow God’s calling to help equip and transport women through their own transformations. She’s amazing. And she’s the creator and host of the faith fitness and Freedom podcast. And now she is a Christian health and peak performance coach. Let’s welcome Rebecca.



Thank you. Thank you, Judy, I just want to say, first of all, thank you so much for having me. And it’s such an honor, I get to know you a little bit and got to know your story a little bit and going through listening to your podcast and your website, and just our interactions. And, man, I am so grateful for the work that God has done in and through you. And I just want to encourage our listeners that if for some reason they found this podcast episode and haven’t checked you out your story and the work that you do is so incredible. So I want to honor you for that. And thank you for having me here today. I really appreciate the space and the opportunity to just continue to work together and build His kingdom right



now. Yes, amen. Thank you so much for that, Rebecca. And you know, it’s so funny, because God’s timing is perfect. And he’s brought us together. And as much as I have a love hate thing with the Internet. Right? You know, I love it for this. I wouldn’t pay for this. So praise him for that. But today, you know, we’re going to talk about four lessons you learned, yeah, as a 12 year entrepreneur that you wish you would have learned sooner. But before we dive into that, I mean, listen in that bio, how did you go from an atheist to a Jesus lover? Like, can we just hear a little bit about that? How about your story?



Yeah, for sure. The I talk about it quite a bit, because I know that if it weren’t for God, working, obviously, behind the scenes, right, I denied him all the things, and really just placing people in my life that were just loved me where I was, even when I was against Christianity, telling them that it was a crutch and all these things. And then when I was ready, they were there, right. And so I think that that’s so important within the body of Christ. And for me, when I was pregnant with my son, who was going to be 23, and just a couple of weeks, I that was when I was kind of like, I don’t think I’m doing this by myself. And so that progressed into me asking questions with from a couple key people in my life at the time. And I when my son was about a year old, I ultimately asked God into my life, and then from there, God changed my life. So above and beyond I ever could have thought or imagined



Ephesians 320 My life first I love it.



You know, I just would have never even not only from the day that I accepted him into my life, but there was a pivotal moment. And I think that this is where we get to take those bigger leaps of faith, there was a pivotal moment, when my son was about two and a half, three, at the time, I was in the middle of a very, I had realized a very toxic marriage. And we were going through a very ugly divorce. And I just had this moment with God where He is like, there’s more for you. Right. And that is what truly began to transform my life, which is what then led me to be doing what I’ve been doing for the last 13 years. So not initially, God had a lot of work to do in me first. So I spent the first several years you know, climbing the corporate ladder, and by his word, the work ethic that I had, and the work that he had done in and through me by becoming healthy and fit. And this whole new level of confidence. So here’s this girl that barely graduated high school. And before I was 30, I was making north of six figures in a very corporate dominated industry, and then took a huge leap of faith to to do what I do now.



Yeah, let’s go back there just for a moment. So what were you doing in the corporate world? Like, like, yeah, if you love it, and then how did you decide to say bye bye to that big paycheck and do this scary thing.



I was totally scared. So I actually started as a receptionist, and I literally just it’s kind of like what we learned. Now I didn’t know how to I didn’t know I was doing it at the time. I didn’t know how to name it at the time, but you just continually show up and add value, right? And be that like, obviously the work ethic and the determination, grow your own skill sets and do the things right and so that’s how I ended up really growing in that environment. And I was in the retirement so service industry now remind you this was now like 1314, it’s become a much smaller industry. And so I basically started with the equivalent of what a CPA is, but for retirement plans, and in that environment, I got to build departments from the ground up, I was able to my last position there, I was a vice president at a large corporation, and was able to manage a team of I think we had like a dozen team members managing over a billion in assets, not the funds, but the Retirement Services piece of it, and the relationships that were tied to it. And God had been planting the seed to, like, recognize what he had done for me, right? Yes, I ended up with a body I never expected from where I started, but who he transformed me as a person as a mom the ability to go from barely counting, like dollars for groceries during that divorce, because I did take some steps back to like north of six figures completely independent. It was like, literally so transformative, not just for me, but the legacy that I got to change for my son, right. And so to be able to do that, for other women, you start planting the seed and be honest with you, the only thing and I’m sure that you’ve seen this, like I, I’m so honored to know your story or a little bit about it, right? And like, he gives you the first glimpse, right. And I think I’ve learned that he gives you what he thinks that like it’s a stretch and belief, but it’s what he knows that you’re able to believe from where you sit. And then as you start taking actions, he expands that I think, right at least that’s what he’s done. So good.



That is so good. I mean, it’s the faith, and I love what you’ve said, We’ve got to believe we’ve got to what they say Futurecast, we’ve got to look ahead in faith, what our eyes can’t see, to what God is telling us is possible for us and so easy for him.



So he began to tell me and I was like, it’s he was a personal trainer. And I like I talked back, I was like back then I don’t even know if personal trainers made $15 an hour I can remember and I’m living in Orange County, which is like, you know, obviously, incomes are all relative, but like, I’m like, I’m a single mom, completely responsible for my child, and you want me to do what’s right. And but my company also gave they were closing the division at the time. So it’s kind of like, God was closing one door and I could have like I was getting offers and opportunities to, to continue in that industry. And but God was very persistent. And I had somebody that believed in me that I like, gave them this audacious idea thinking I would do it part time or something, maybe take some time off of corporate. And they encouraged me to follow that prompting. And so I did. And that’s how I that’s how I started. I could talk forever. So I’m gonna pause. Yeah.



It’s so good. So So but, um, you know, for those, most of the women that listen, they already have a business. Yeah, but I have no doubt that there are corporate women that to listen to this show, because I have a lot of follow me on LinkedIn. So for those, and I talked to a bunch of them, and actually surprised me with this. And that is they’re super smart. They are senior level managers, maybe even in the C suite. In corporate, they are lawyers, they are doctors, they are professional people, well schooled, big brains, big ambition, all that. And when the idea of entrepreneurship comes up, all of a sudden, they become afraid, so much so that it’s paralysis. So was that anything you experienced, or things were so clearly put in place by God that you’re like, I’m going?



No, it was I was scared of the my mind, I had people very close to me who were very much in that mindset of, this is what you do. And what I was choosing to do was irresponsible. And the way I was raised, the outlook of that would have been perceived as irresponsible. And it honestly was just knowing that this is what I needed to do. And I just took the next step. And in doing so, I will tell you also that first year of navigating entrepreneur versus the, you know, security of a paycheck. In my mind, there was times where I questioned also, but God just kept affirming and I think that’s where it comes back to. And that’s it just the relationship that we have with him the depths in the relationship, that our choice to show up and continually seek him. Right, and continue to take those leaps of faith because it was scary. And I will tell you my perspective, at least from what I experienced, I was able in the corporate environment to like I said, I had opportunities to build entire departments from the ground up and I naively assumed those skill sets would transfer into owning and operating my own business. But when you’re in a big corporation, you have teams and people that do the marketing and people that do all these things. Yeah, that kind of goes into the first lesson was that, although is is hiring coaches and investing in yourself heavily, really, right, because



I want to save that for just a second, I want to wrap this up before we get into those four lessons. But but this is going to be so good ladies. Okay. So before we go to those four lessons that, yes, that we all need to learn. And so this is just so good that you’re giving the ladies absolutely they are in preview. But when you mentioned that you got confirmation from God, that that was what you should do. I just something that triggered inside that’s a good thing. I would love to know more deeply what that is to you. So sometimes I have an idea even in a pivot of a business in the past or whatever the situation or leaving my you know, C suite job with a you know, double six figures and saying goodbye to jump into something full time. For me the confirmation was just like a feeling in my soul. That now is the time it’s okay. Even though the doubts his prompting by the Holy Spirit was was more was louder, I guess you’d say so what what were your confirmations that gave you that faith and the belief to say, You know what, this is the right next step for me?



Yeah, that’s such a good question. And I think I’ve learned more over time. And I think the more we pay attention to it, the more we grow in our certainty for it. So for me, yes, it was this knowing it was this intuition. And then, of course, as I teach, and I’m sure you do, too, that it’s also like, does what you’re thinking, does it align with God’s word, right? does it align with his word? does it align with what is in the highest good for you, for others, all those things? So there’s a couple of confirmation points. But I know that God has also given me that intuition. And then he’ll also just at different seasons and different times, it’s, you know, maybe somebody says something that kind of affirms what I had been thinking, and they have no idea. I think that there’s so many different ways or now, again, being further along in my into, like my I say, intimacy, but I mean, like the depth of relationship that I have with God. And it just gets even more and more clear. I hope that answers your question. But I don’t know. I don’t know that I I truly don’t know that I knew 100% certainty. I think that it was the it was just that pulling in that knowing if that makes sense.



So good. And what you just said at the end, is what I wanted to do before we move on, and that is it’s so easy for us, especially as women, I think, because we are perfectionists and a lot of us tend to be people pleasers. We as I you say that, yes, yes. And we want to do the right thing. And we don’t want to do the wrong thing. So So I love that you said I felt strongly in confirmation. This is what I’m to do, but not 100%. Because what I find is that women, whether it’s before they take that entrepreneurial step and actually open the doors, or even in the midst of it in the earlier stages, they they they ruminate in this idea of doubt. And what’s this really my calling? And you know, it’s just it slows them down. It’s a stumbling block. Yeah. So that’s why I wanted to go through that. So that if anybody out there is listening in, and you may have a bad day, and you may be saying why am I doing this, I should just go back to corporate or whatever. But listen, stop doubting stop ruminating. That’s the enemy’s lies. He is trying to bring you down. Remember ladies, John 1010, steal, kill and destroy that have the abundant life, the capacity to do the things that God called you to do, even if you don’t have all that figured out because nobody ever does. Right? Right.



Right. Yeah. All right, that 100 All right,



excellent. So we’re gonna jump into the four lessons you wish you would have learned earlier on and the first one you mentioned was investing in yourself, often and heavily. So tell us about that, if you would.



I had luckily I did start investing myself, maybe about year two. But that first year, I it was a challenge for me because I was like you just don’t know what you don’t know. And so being able to align with a coach and a mentor that has already done that, that has already laid out the blueprint and being unapologetic about the questions right that you in being 100% transparent about where you are and where you aren’t. I wish I had started doing that and had the confidence just in myself, I think much earlier on because I’ve I am so grateful that by God’s grace I’ve like created this amazing environment. But that first year was really, really hard, Judy, and I know that, and I definitely questioned, you know, Did I did I get it wrong, because this doesn’t seem to be working, and should I go back and I still kind of had that, and I had one foot on the dock and one foot on the boat, right. And then from year two to three, investing in coaching, I grew the business by literally 400%. And then after that, it continued to increase year after year by about 100%, which I saved by 100. Like, I look back, and seriously, because you know, type a high achievers, we don’t always, like give ourselves credit for what we’ve done well, and recently, God has taken me through this process of like, looking back and looking at what I was able to do. And I gotta tell you, it’s first and foremost, God’s work in it through me, but also like the investing in coaches and mentors along the way. And that bridge the gaps, because coaching is always going to well with the right coach, of course, and is going to collapse the time to your result in any aspect of life. Right. And so being able to do that some people I think, look at it as it’s a cost. It’s actually an investment in you and I love and someone that I heard recently was talking about, like, you’re betting on yourself, and who better than to bet on right, you know, who you are, you know what you’re going to do? Right? You align with a coach that you feel like you you know, the whole common know, like and trust. Right? Yeah. And yeah, have that in them, then you follow the proven process that they’ve created for themselves, and in my opinion for other people as well, right? Because sometimes you could do something, and then you don’t quite know, you haven’t yet figured out how you did it. So you, I believe that you also look for people that have evidence of doing it themselves and evidence of helping other people do the same.



That’s right. I love that it’s so important. And but you but you said I want to emphasize the cost versus the investment. You know, in my joyful scaling mastermind, the promises, you’re going to get for x your investment out of our time together, period, the end, at least. But that that’s the very least. And so it’s really important because there’s a cost to not doing something. So I should make a whole episode on that. But there is a cost ladies, if you’re like, Oh, everybody says I need one. But do I really I’m kind of sort of doing okay, imagine if you would invest and get 4x Your investment where you would be in six months,



right? And it’s kind of like even looking at hindsight. So it’s, you know, maybe you figure it out on your own? And maybe but how long does that take? Versus I was writing the other day, and it just came to me it’s like you you’re I believe that we each have a unique we have a common purpose as believers in Christ. But we each have a unique purpose in which you, I get to honor by cultivating it to the greatest extent of my potential, right? Or within the potential within it, right? That’s an active decision. And so how long are you going to put that off? Right? Do you really want to put that off? And or draw that out over the next 10 years, when maybe by investing in coach it happens in in five or three or two or six months? Right? You just don’t know? Until you step out in faith and task, right?



Yeah, that is so good. And you you said the word, their decision. We need to decide if this is what God’s called me to, then certain actions will flow from that strong decision, and commitment and not going back and not looking back. You know, you know what happened to Lot’s wife, we don’t want to look back and become a pillar of salt. Right? We’re gonna try us. And we’re gonna take that aligns with our faith and saying, God took me here. I’ve no idea where I’m going like Abraham. Right. But I trust him.



Yeah. And then I don’t know, I don’t know about you do. But for me, it’s always been. And I think this is might be unique to each woman. So I’m thinking through my thoughts as I’m talking, but we carry in our stories and our beliefs. And we all have blind spots, right? And that’s the other value that coaches do, not only do they collapse the time to get you to the result in which they’re good at achieving, right. But they also are able to identify this, the areas and the components that you’re not seeing and call out your blind spots. And hopefully you have a truth telling coach by your side because I will tell you, one of my first coaches told me exactly that. You’ve got one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock, what are you going to do? You can’t be in both places you have to decide, right? And then when you make that decision, and you create certainty, which is I now I’m able to articulate these things. But when you create certainty around the belief certainty around the vision, you show up much differently, you take a lot more action, right? And that same coach was able to at the time, this is one of my original mentors is just amazing. And told me like I, Rebecca, I see you wanting to do all these things, but the light switch hasn’t flipped yet. And that was truly the two things spoken over me to me. Between that year two and year three, where it was the 400% increase, right. And so I just I can’t talk enough about the value of coaches.



Yes, I agree. And if any coaches are listening, and you don’t currently have a coach, right, like, that’s, that’s misalignment right there, you know, you’re telling someone to invest in you, but you’re not, I will always have a coach. In fact, I’ve already identified my next coach. Right. And she knows I’m coming. Right. Exactly.



And it’s great that we get to do that. And, and I think that it’s, it’s good to have a like, Well, I mean, obviously, we’ve been doing this now for super blessed that we’ve been able to do this for a long time. So we’ve been able to experience different things from different coaches, right that whether it be different personalities that we get to glean from like ways of being and ways of doing different niches, different aspects of business. So it’s just a critical yes of it. Yes. And



finding that right coach is so important as one other thing before we move on. But this is so important, ladies that if you are considering a coach, understand that you want a coach that has not already been experienced in business, but has gone through coaching themselves. And as Rebecca just said, with a bunch of different coaches, because even a bad coach, you can pull something from if you are paying attention, and if you if he if he or she is worth anything, right, you know, just learn and then that is incorporated into your style and your philosophy. And so then you can coalesce everything into something that makes sense for you and makes you such a more such a more valuable coach.



Right? I agree. And I think along those same lines, if I could add this really quick journey, because it just came to mind as you were talking, like don’t underestimate for those that are listening, regardless of where you are at whether you are scaling to, you know, six figures or your millions, and you’re looking at your next million, right? It’s always being that student, not just from the coaches, but also from like, what you surround yourself with the, what you read what you listen to, I’m a huge audio person. So I use YouTube read for a lot of things. But those are also important. Like that’s investing in your knowledge. Not in so I’ll just look at that, that like investing in your knowledge and in your growth as a person and all the different aspects, right?



Yeah, because we need to master CEO skills. And so we need to expose ourselves to the people who were there. Yeah, have reached where we want to go so they can help us. Okay, so good. All right. The second lesson you learned that you wished you would have learned earlier is do it afraid, tell us? Well,



again, like we talked about, so I was doing things afraid, but I was still allowing in those beginning years, the fear to slow me down, I think is what you used the term earlier. And, again, hindsight being 2020 we don’t look back with any condemnation, I just have learned also to look very introspectively as like, I call it being a student of your mind and body with no condemnation, but like, okay, so that was that, how could I do it differently. And I think that if I was more aware of the fears that were coming up, and quicker to push through them, then there would have been even greater acceleration. So I do believe that it is the I believe that just to understand that fear is part of the process. Like I’ve realized now I’m sure God like I truly don’t think successful people get to where they are without recognizing this, but it’s that fear as part of the process and fear has become an indicator for me like okay, I must be on the right track. Right? Yeah, it’s big, scary, right? If it’s uncomfortable, then that means that it’s on to the next iteration. And so sometimes it’s been coming up in most recently actually, in just the last month I’ve heard a couple of different from a Christian perspective like follow the peace and with all love and respect and those clips could have been taken out of context and what have you but I don’t know if I had waited for complete peace I wouldn’t be here. I can guarantee it right. And in from everything from starting the business to I got, you know, blessed to be able to speak on stage at fitness business summit a few years back like it was scary to me. I was afraid, but you choose to recognize it step in faith and then do it anyway, again, assuming that it’s something that’s alignment for your highest good, the highest good, like we talked about before, right, assuming that it’s within God’s will and alignment, then you show up and you choose to do it afraid, using your, you know, God, given discernment to know the difference between like, Okay, I’m, the fear is coming up, because it’s new to me that from a science standpoint, the fear is also coming up because your brain is designed to keep you safe. So if it’s uncommon, if it’s not what it’s used to your brains like, whoa, right. It’s a natural response that God created us so that we learn to like, not stand in front of a lion, right? Yeah. Ever to recognize that that seem like natural response. And is, you know, when it’s because it’s uncomfortable. It’s because your brain is trying to keep you safe. And as long as you’ve used your God given discernment, then you get to feel the fear and choose courage, right? Because this retching and the discomfort is what allows us to step into our greatest potential, let’s be honest, there are it is more common to settle for just life as it is, right? We are living in a society where unfortunately, way too many people just live in autopilot, right? And so they are comfortable with even if it feels uncomfortable, that’s just their norm. They don’t stretch beyond, right. And if you fall into that pattern, then you’re just going to miss out on the opportunity to truly live to the greatest extent in which God has purposed for you. Right?



Yes, yes. Oh, my gosh, so good. And I want to piggyback on a couple things. You said, the natural response. Yeah, is the fear. But see, and I know you agree with me, we need to be aware of that natural response. And to go higher, we should have a supernatural response, right? Where we say, You know what, absolutely, I have fear. But I’m going to choose courage, just like you said, or there is chaos all around me, or my to do list is too long, or whatever is in your world at the moment. But peace, you can have peace through the chaos. And that’s for natural thing that but for, you know, a real relationship with Christ. When I say that, it’s like what peace in the chaos, but we need to know it intellectually. Now we have to actually experience it, and we can choose it. Because Jesus is right here with his hand saying, Here’s my peace. Right? Right. It’s your



100%. And I think that that’s what we get to continually, like, encourage believers to understand is like, we already have it, His Spirit lives in us. So everything we need in terms of courage, peace, all the things is already in us. And just as we have this unique purpose that we get to cultivate, we cultivate that relationship with God so that we have greater access to his spirit. Right? And, and what I mean by that, well, we’ll actually talk about it. And number four, so I don’t want to jump to that. But it’s such a critical part of being able to access all he has for us, even in his character, even in the peace, even in the wisdom, even in the discernment. We have we get to be active participants in being able to access it make sense? Yes. So



good. So good. And we’ll go deeper in just a moment. Let’s go to number three. The third lesson, the absence of a Christian entrepreneurial mentor, can cost you time, and impact tell us tell us about Yes,



yes. So I of course, this is a one that took me a very long time to to realize and don’t get me wrong, I’ve had truly the majority of my coaches in 13 years have not necessarily been or have not been Christian. And I learned so much from them. And it is also true that an example of what I mean by this is that exactly what I’m doing today is an idea that God put on my heart maybe I originally thought it was eight years ago, it’s probably closer to nine or 10 years ago. And I was in a meeting specifically this was you know, nine or 10 years ago before being online was so prevalent, and had this idea of being online and integrating both faith workouts at the time because I was still very specifically teaching workouts in addition to nutrition right? So faith, nutrition and workouts and I was told that it nobody would ever buy it it wouldn’t sell is what I was told right? Wow. And that person is amazing. I’m not gonna name names, but He’s amazing. He’s gone on to like be one of the well recognized names in the industry, and for coaching space and performance and all that that kind of stuff. And but obviously he got it wrong, right? And it’s because well, I will tell you when. So when you have these more impact driven visions purposes, those types of things, it’s still like even today I can invest in non Christian culture coaches, but it must also be balanced with a Christian perspective, right. And specifically, I really want to point this out too. And Judy, feel free to jump in, because I don’t know if you’ve experienced this. But I think it’s so critically important to understand that that does not mean that it’s your Christian friend who is working a corporate job, or your Christian friend that is, or like, even a loved one, or what have you, because they might have the best of intentions. But they also don’t have the entrepreneurial mindset. So as entrepreneurs, we have really big, what, like our goals, the risks that we take, the visions that we have, are uncommon, right? To



earn money. I love that word. Yeah.



It’s uncommon to most people. And so you want to be able to have that coach, that mentor, that is has the Christian perspective, or is a Christian, I should say, unapologetically Christian, and then is also the entrepreneur. That’s why people should be coming to you, Judy, for business, because you can hold space for both, right? It is true that like, not every business idea is meant to happen. But I do know that that particular one was like kind of squashed because the belief wasn’t there, right, the belief in being a Christian, that particular person, you know, just didn’t share that belief. So the lens, we all have lenses in which we see life through, right. And those lenses are impacted by our life, our circumstances and the meaning we gave to them. And that’s part of what creates our belief system, it also creates our blind spots. So when you have a really big goal, aspiration vision that is specific to our faith, a Christian segment, a target audience, that is Krishna, or integrates scripture in some way or something along those lines, you have to have the right person that can hold space for that, and help you expand that versus just say no, right? Yes,



work. That is so good. I love it. And the word that you said that I wrote down there is belief, belief, belief, belief, which is as a Christian, our faith, our faith in Christ. So this is, we’re going to jump into this even more in number four in just a moment. But ladies, if you really don’t believe that you are that expert, the go to expert, if you don’t believe that there are people out there, your people, not the world, this is like your segment of the world, your people looking for you. And if you don’t believe that your offer is a freakin bargain of the century because of how you pour into them. If you don’t have all that belief, you’re going to be struggling, or you’re going to reach a plateau. So this issue of belief and faith is foundational. And I just found out today on this recording date that my trademark faith fueled business got approved. So congratulations. Yeah, it’s not just a face, ladies, we need to have a faith fueled business. And so the faith fuels our beliefs, which fuels our thoughts which fuels our feelings which fuels our actions which are going to lead to our results. So this is so good. All right, lesson number four, that you as the entrepreneur or the operator of it all tell us about that right?



Obviously, my my area of expertise within all of this is the health and fitness side of it right? And what has become so crystal clear to me, especially as we’ve locked watched in the last couple of years, this reminder, this reminder that you are I am You are the operator of your life and business. So who you are being and how you show up on a daily basis you’re doing is critical in your ability to be able to continue to believe big, innovate, execute effectively and be in alignment with God’s plans for you. So if you’re not consistently cultivating your best in your mental health and your physical strength and when I say mental health, I don’t mean just avoiding depression. I mean your mindset like the ability to truly believe big as well as fuel your body to be positioned. To be able to think clearly, to be able to function at your highest ability, right? And it’s all dependent on being able to cultivate your health and your strength, both mentally and physically. And if you aren’t consistently doing that, then I would encourage you to consider that your results in what you are doing is going to be inconsistent. And your journey is going to be higher, harder. And we had this, I had this conversation with a girlfriend the other day, and she was like, but what I love her because she’s like, we always want those those friendships that like iron sharpens iron, right, but what about this person, and she was naming somebody that was is very, very successful within our Christian spaces. And yet they they, they clearly struggle with from a health perspective, and they have spoken about that and what have you, and this person has created so much credible success. And I said, I get that I can you imagine what he would have been able to create or what he would be creating, if he was actually well, because what you don’t realize, and this is, you know, again, over a decade of coaching both men and women, I can tell you that I can’t even begin to tell you how many women have come into me and they’ve struggled with weight, or they’ve struggled with, like their mindset, right? The mental strength, and they but they feel like they’re functioning. Okay, right. They feel like they they’re already successful. They’re seeing great success in their life, whether it be personal business, however, they define success, but they just want to lose some weight, feel a little bit better have more energy, right. And then they come back to me within the first few weeks of taking care of better care of their mind and body. And they’re like, I didn’t even realize what I was missing out on. Because if you are living in a way that is not healthy in some way, and it doesn’t have to be overtly, like horrible, it doesn’t mean that you’re eating Funyuns every single day or what have you. But to the extent in which you’re taking care of yourself, you that has become your baseline. So you just don’t know what you don’t know. Does that make sense? Absolutely. Like you think about just showing up. And God has like helped me redefine the word performance and all that kind of stuff, because I don’t know about you. But as like a former Taipei overachiever, I kind of had this negative connotation of performance. And God has really placed on my heart over the last couple years that our performance is simply how we show up every day. If he has given us this unique and greater purpose, which we have, then how we show up and execute on a daily basis is our way of honoring him. And in order to do that, if we’re not using the right tools that He’s given us, which is our mind and body, to the greatest existential extent, then we are hindering our ability to actually do that. Not only that, but I also believe that we hinder our ability to even be in relationship with him because you think about just from what you do know if you can imagine this for a moment and bear with me as I give you this analogy but even as because I know the women that listen to your your podcasts and YouTube you’re like we’re we get things done right regardless, so even if you’re sick, you’re going to show up and you’re going to get it done right under percent. Yep. And yet on the days that you’re sick if you really took a hard look at it, you know that you’re not firing on all cylinders? Makes sense? Yeah, for sure. So you get it done, but you’re not filing file fight are firing on all senators, cylinders compared to a day where you feel amazing and on top of the world, and all those things like the energy is much different, like anybody can compare those two days. I want to impress upon you, that you, when someone is not taking care of themselves in their mindset and their physical bodies, then their normal day is their sick day. They just don’t know it. Because they’ve normalized it



makes sense. So even though they’re incredibly high performing, executing, getting a lot done, it actually means there’s even more for them, there’s even more in it for them to be experiencing even more in it for them to be giving. And that is why understanding that you are the operator is critical to being able to fully like leave nothing on the table. Make sense?



That is a mic drop moment, right there. Okay, that that if you don’t take care of your physical body and work on your mindset that you’re showing up sick to work every day, basically, and there’s so much more for you. That’s the word from God to me right now because I do not prioritize my health like I should. And so thank you for that good word, Rebecca. That shoot that’s just that’s just mind blowing right there. insane, insane. Well, we’re running out of time. This is so crazy. Um, Let’s see, before we get to the awesome offer the links that you have for our listeners, what what is one thing that might be on your heart that we didn’t get yet a chance to chat about?



I think I think we covered so much amazing grounded that I would just I the one thing would just be always to bring it back to God, like I am confident that when we put him first and we truly develop, which is such a critical piece to not get caught up in the busy, but to realize that all that we experience all that we have comes through him first. And so we don’t have time to not make him first, right. And being able to, to be in that position to to consistently work on our relationship with Him or understanding. And from there, all these other things are created.



Beautiful, and in the notes you sent me. I mean, you say at all don’t fall for the enemy’s lies. That busy is a badge of honor. Right? That is no honor. Right? That is not the goal, right? I



love Priscilla shires. The way she says it like when she’s explaining things. She says, If I were the enemy, I would write. And if I were the enemy, I would convince you that taking care of yourself is somehow selfish, right? self care is not selfish. It is actually the prerequisite for being able to experience and give all that God has for you. So of course the enemy wants you to think it’s selfish. Of course, the enemy wants you to think that you don’t have time for it.



Wow. So amazing. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. All right. So where can our listeners best find you?



The the website is Rebecca You could do Rebecca forward slash links. And that’s like, there’s a free masterclass on there. That goes into a couple more of the details underlying what we’ve talked about today, that is the master class, the five highly effective habits for Christian entrepreneurs. And then of course, there’s my podcast that faith fitness and Freedom podcast, and then on Facebook, Instagram, it’s all Rebecca TABBERT. And I also have a group on Facebook. That is the female Christian leaders, which is a community intended to for all of us to collaborate, because I do believe that together we rise higher.



Amen. Wow, Rebecca, so many golden nuggets. In this episode. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and all of your wisdom.



Thank you so much for having me. It’s been my pleasure and honor.



All right, well, ladies, we’re gonna drop that link into the show notes. Make sure you check it out. Rebecca’s amazing. You hear it it right. You felt that right now I have no doubt. But listen, if you are listening on Apple, and you have not yet taken a moment to leave a rating and a review, would you please do so now? We are climbing the ranks. We need your help to climb even higher so that we get this message of business with God at the center out and to more women so that we can spur more of our sisters on to the greatness that God has planned for them. So once again, Rebecca Thank you ladies, thank you for listening and we will see you next time.


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