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Ep 246: Drama-Free Selling: Prioritizing Authentic Human Connection

If you experience DRAMA when it comes to sales, this episode is for YOU!

My guest today loves helping women get out of their heads when it comes to selling. And be unapologetic about sales, so you can share what you have to offer in a powerful – and authentic – way. (Because it is, after all, about impacting lives!)

Meet Amanda Edwards. She’s the creator of the Imperfectly Ambitious podcast. And a business mentor, who specializes in leadership-based messaging and sales. She helps her clients communicate their message in a way that stands out from the noise & connects with their ideal clients at a deeper level. With 15 years experience leading sales strategy for Fortune 100 companies, where she learned: there is NOT a one-size-fits-all recipe for success. There is no magic script.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • how you can reframe your mindset around sales (sales is not a dirty word and it definitely is NOT a sin….it’s serving)

  • how selling can feel a lot more natural (and even fun)

  • how messaging is a critical piece of the sales process

  • how to connect with people on a deeper level (aka ‘meeting them where they are’)

  • the 3C’s to establishing trust

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