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Welcome, ladies to thriver, Thursday, live the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord. Today we’re talking about visibility being seen. Visibility is a word that’s thrown around quite a bit. And as entrepreneurs, we need to be visible, aka seen by the right people, I’m gonna call them your people, we’re gonna talk a little bit about that, who are your people? The world is not your people, you need to have a segment of the world as your people, okay? But we need to be visible. But we also need to have a life. There are only so many hours in a day. So how do you create a visibility strategy that gets results without leaving you exhausted? Right? So you’re gonna watch or you’re gonna listen, when I turn this into the podcast, as I lay out five rules for doing exactly that a strategic visibility plan that is workable, okay, that doesn’t leave you, you know, with big bags under your eyes and three hours of sleep. Okay, you’re gonna leave here today with a workable framework and the confidence to take the necessary steps to get out there and get seen. All right, welcome, Marie. There’s a couple on Instagram if you could pop your names in so I know who you are. Because I sometimes can’t tell, you know, from the way your handles are in Insta, and I have a couple people here with me online, please let me know who you are by name. So that I can say hello and make this really relevant for you. Now, earlier this month, the whole month of February, we’re talking about strategy. So if you missed any of those, you want to go back and listen, go to the podcast, that’s the best place or actually, wherever you’re watching right now, you should be able to see that there as well. I talked about marketing strategy. We talked about sales strategy, right? All kinds of different strategies. And what we’re talking about today in the way of visibility is a subset of your marketing strategy. So let’s go to God in prayer. And then we’ll dive into these five rules so that you can put together a highly effective visibility, strategy for yourself. That’s not gonna leave you exhausted. That sound good. Okay. Heavenly Father, you are so good. Oh, Lord, we are in awe of you and how you move. Lord, may you be the voice that’s heard through me as your vessel God. If there is something that I’m saying that you want me to add to please just interrupt, I’m free and open to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, Lord, we invite you here with us. We know that when you are here, great stuff happens. This is when miracles happen. When you are here, and we feel your presence, you know, perfect love casts out all fear. We can say goodbye to all the stumbling blocks forever. We can say goodbye to the enemy’s lies, and stand firm in our faith in you. That is my prayer for this training. And in everything that I do, Lord, we love you. We trust you. Help us, Lord, to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, so the five rules for establishing your visibility framework, a framework that works for you, that fits into your schedule, and puts you in front of the right people. I want to say good morning to dureena, who’s watching from Dallas, welcome and Kate here in the Charleston area. And if you don’t tell me who you are, they’re on Insta, I don’t know how to call it out. Except Maria. I see my reasoning. Alright. So on this idea of visibility framework primary to all of this is knowing who your people are your ideal clients, like what are they care about? Where do they hang out? And you got to get there, right? So it this all starts with a decision, a decision that these are my people, there’s the world, there’s your target audience, and then your people or a segment of your target audience, like Like for me, okay. I love to serve women. But my smaller, you know, my peeps are Christian, entrepreneurial women. Right? And depending on what program, whatever you may be at the earlier stages of your business, or in my mastermind, you are scaling, but it’s the world and then women, and then Christian women entrepreneurs, right. I decided I could have chosen anything. That’s my decision. And I want you to make it if there’s any hesitation about who I’m afraid or, you know, I, I could work with everybody. Of course, you’re great at what you do. It’s not the point, but you got to decide who your people are. Right. And one more super important thing that overrides every thing that I’m going to be talking about today, and really everything I teach my clients and everything I share here and on my podcast. Seek simplicity. Somebody pops simplicity there. Hey Catherine, good to see him. Do you want simplicity



in your business? We’re going to Talk a little bit later about over complication. Do you know who’s doing that whose fault that is? In love, I have to say it’s you. Seek simplicity, don’t get sucked in to what some person out there is telling you, you must do this, you must do that you must must must know, you must listen to the Lord, you must take action. The how, like, I think I told you this before, pretty much everything works, everything could work. So if anybody says this is dead, this will never work? No, it’s just because they want to, you know, sell their program. Okay? So seek simplicity, there will always be a complicated way to do things, and a simple way. And you get to choose. Now, you know, if you’ve been listening to me and following me for any length of time, you know that I invested heavily into myself, and my business through the years and one of my coaches, she taught keep it simple, make it fun. But her model, her method had complexity built right in to every step along the way. Okay, so I got sucked in to what she was saying simplicity. But when I got inside, I’m like, Are you kidding me? Okay, here’s what I mean by that. Her webinar template, everything was like, okay, webinar, because her webinars so freakin fun, right? But webinar template, you know, to to a sale, no call needed. I thought sounds great. Sign me up right. Now, she was more than membership, the lower ticket. So her wetness, let’s talk about some of the complexity that was built into her methodology. And this is what I want you to avoid, you do not have to set up your business with complexity, okay. And I was telling you, I’m suggesting to you that you intentionally create a business that is simple, simple for you. And simplicity built into whatever your service offering is to truly make it fun and light and doable for your people. Okay. So this coach, her webinar template was so super complicated. In her one approach, she said, this is the way this is the way you know, for me, it’s like, okay, you want to do this? Great. Let’s talk about that. You want to do this instead? Great, let’s talk about that. But her method was, this is the way you’ve got to use my webinar template. And it was so complicated. Like, I understand, I appreciate the template, but there was just so much built in, and I can’t even get into the particulars. Trust me when I say that. It was just, it was just so much. I mean, I I’m a worker bee, when I need to be, I love to think, but that was just so much complexity. I’m like this, this is not the certainly not the only way a webinars gonna convert, let’s put it that way, right. And then her sales funnel, complicated. You know, make sure you add this, make sure you don’t forget that. And for best results, you got to invest in this software, which by the way, was most expensive, and then she gets an affiliate. It’s like, Huh, you know, and the people in our group, so we’re just getting started. And yet, even for them, she was advocating you got it got to invest right upfront and this expensive software now, no matter what she left no alternative. And I saw so many people in the group feeling pressured and pushed in a negative way, a way that does not serve you as an entrepreneur that’s starting to build your business, right? So that’s something I’m very cognizant of. So what else was complicated the leaves, like her entire process was built on 1000s and 1000s of leads every month. So that almost required a team. And for some, like me, I choose to keep my team lean, I’m a boutique business. I’m not building an empire with five department heads and hundreds of employees, right. And because of the sheer volume of leads required to put her system to work. My coach, that coach back then, like three years ago said, you’ve got to do Facebook ads, you got to invest ASAP. But



I don’t even know if the webinars gonna work. I haven’t tested that yet. Why in the world? Would I invest in Facebook ads until I’ve tested and gotten it dialed in before I throw money at it? Because if I throw money at a problem, this is going to create a bigger problem. Are you following me on this? Right? Okay, so for me, I choose and I’m suggesting that you choose to follow a different path on approach to business that feels good, it feels more aligned with your goals and how you want your life to look. And that path is simplicity. So keep it simple. The simple does not mean easy, necessarily right? But it means doable. doable for you. Okay, with that by way of background, let’s dive into the five rules to create an amazing visibility strategy for you. Rule number one, focus on more on one place. Where are you going to be visible? Where are you going to focus your time efforts? And dollars? What platform or Where were you going to show up? Right? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, clubhouse, Pinterest speaking, blogging, podcasting. And let’s not forget good old fashioned networking. Right? Yes, it all can work. Okay. In large part, the effectiveness of your visibility strategy depends on choosing the platform where your people are, and giving them what they’re looking for, and doing it consistently. But all that starts with your decision. Simplicity. And here, one, go to platform or one go to place of visibility. And then you go all in? What’s yours? poppin in the chat, even now, if you’re like, all over the place, and you’re everywhere, choose one. Think about your people. Where do they like to consume your type of content? Because, you know, I know lots of people are on Instagram, but that’s not really where they go for business. Same thing with Facebook necessarily, right? I don’t No need to think about that. That was rule number one, the one place you will focus on because once you get that down and great, that’s going, that’s working. Now you can add another focus, okay, we’re talking about focus. Because I understand we could be everywhere, just like we could work with everybody. But when you you have no constraints. When you don’t choose overwhelm. That’s what will result. So if you’re on overwhelmed right now, it’s probably because you’re thinking, oh, I want to talk to everybody. And I want to be everywhere. Well, how big is your team? Too many are like one person shows here. And they are working themselves just to death. Really? It’s just not good. Okay, on to rule number two to your doable visibility strategy built on simplicity. Okay. Here it is on that one platform, you decided in rule number one. Rule number two is give them what they want. That’s important, not necessarily even what they need. But what they want. Do you know what that is? So here, of course, we’re talking about content. Okay? Now, if I utter the word content, and you’re feeling heavy, like, here we go again. Now I don’t know what to do. I’m on overwhelm la, la, la, la, la. Nope. Choose this thought, content creation is fun. Content Creation is easy. It is, that can be true for you. And it will be when you decide that it is. You see, I’m telling you, I’m going to beat this dead horse until you get it. You got to decide. Decide that content creation is easy and fun. When you believe that it can be and you create content from that place. Wow. Get ready to blow your own self away with the content you put out there. Okay. Now, generally, there are six types of content. And I’ve seen lists of four, three, a dozen. But again, keep it simple. So these are the different pillars of content creation. And I see Marie saying I love creating content. I know she’s very good at it. Alright, so the six types of content first education or how tos. We know that right? Kind of what



I’m doing here right now, how to create a visibility strategy that’s easy, or rather simple and doable. Okay. Education, how tos. Second type of content, entertainment. Just fun. You know, this could be behind the scenes. A peek inside your day. Whether it’s work or personal, just fun. Maybe a post about a fun fact. Getting engagement just having fun light. Okay. Content Type number three, your personal story or lesson learned. People want to understand you’ve been where they are. That way they begin to get that trust. Oh, she did overcome. She’s been where I am. She gets me. Okay, personal story lesson learned. Content Type number four core values, your mission, your y All of that it’s so important. Because that also is very important message really important messaging, when it comes to hitting the heart and the mind of your people. Right? I am a Christian business coach, Jesus is everything to me in my life in business. That is a core value of mine. If anybody hears this, they will either love it or hate it. They’re either like minded or totally the other way. That’s exactly what I want. Right? self identify? Are you a woman? Are you a Christian woman? Are you committed to building a business that matters? Are you uh, you know, ready to build a business on simplicity, and look to the Lord for guidance and give Him all the glory, right core values, your mission, your why next type of content is promotion. Okay, we’re in business. So we’re needing to sell. And selling is a good thing. It’s another decision, I decide to believe I decide to think that selling is serving, because it is selling is not a bad word selling is the way that I give. That is when I serve my people to the uttermost. So promotional posts when you have a launch, right? When you have a special sale, all of that, and then the final type of content is clients success stories or testimonials. And that’s always fun. That could be videos, it could be screenshots of success. It could be you know, reviews that you you know, again, screenshots of reviews, or comments in a Facebook group, or Gosh, it’s limitless, what it could be pretty graphic with a with a statement of, you know, adulation about how awesome you are as a whatever your thing are. If you’re an expert, if you’re a coach, if you’re a consultant, if you’re whatever that is, right. So again, the six types of content education, entertainment, personal story, core values, promotion, and client success stories. It’s it easy peasy. Mix it up. Have fun. Okay, but the strategy behind the topics that you address, you know, it’s important to make sure that okay, great, those are the types of content, I’ve got to have a strategy behind what I’m going to be putting out there. So what really are the topics that you’re going to cover within those types of content? Okay, I’m going to suggest five. Okay, five topics, five things you can do to find great topics to cover in your content. Okay, ready? Five topic ideas. First, what are the top 20 questions you get asked most by your people? Did you ever think about that? Have you? Do you have like a list? You might say 20 questions, when you put pen to paper and dedicate a half an hour, 45 minutes or even just 15 minutes to get started to think about? What are the questions that I always could ask. You’ll easily come up with 20.



Okay. Alright, that’s topic I deal NUMBER ONE. Topic idea. Number two is, what do you teach? Or what do you do? Right? What is your philosophy? And what is your process? We talked about this before, this is your intellectual property. And I love helping my clients get crystal clear around their genius and help them develop their methodology their step by step their how to what they take their people, their ideal clients through, right. And it’s gonna vary depending on what your right what your expertise is. But your IP, your methodology, your philosophy and your process, that is your biggest asset, other than your brain. Because that’s where your value is, is your value is created your brain and then it’s all kind of put together in your own methodology. So there’s huge value in that. And your methodology. That’s where demand for your services really happens. That’s where it begins. And for those of you that are six figures or more, boy, I welcome you to talk to me about jumping into my mastermind. There is still time to join. All the ladies coming together live here in April in Charleston. For our two and a half day spring training. We’re going to have a full day marketing intensive followed by a full day sales intensive Gotta get lots of good work done, and have a lot of fun coming together. Plus, I’m planning a special excursion in the Charleston area. So for more information on my mastermind, if you’re had $75,000 in revenue in 2021 or more, this is for you. So DM me or leave a comment here. Hey, dude, let’s chat. And let’s do it. Okay. All right. So, topic idea. Number three. What interests do your people have? Especially interest that you share? Right? Like, like, let’s let me give you an example. A big interest of mine is praise music, which I think my ideal client, My people will also share. But there’s a significant segment of my people who will not share my love of club music. Some, well, some, well, sometimes I talk about that. But I’m going to talk more about praise music as an example, because I know my people will, like they’ll relate to that. But what interests and think about at least 10 interest that your people have. Okay, topic idea for content. Number four, what are their biggest challenges around what you do? Where do they struggle most? That’s huge. Right? agitating their pain point, may feel mean, but it is the best thing you can do. Right? Just like with us, we know that Jesus is the one and only Savior of the world. And so the most loving thing we can do is to irritate and agitate those that don’t know Christ, to the extent that not nothing mean. And those are might be awful words in this example, but the point is, I got to be in love true with them real with them about what’s going to happen. If they don’t understand that they need a savior. Right? So when you identify your people’s challenges, or pain points or stumbling blocks, and you lovingly, you know, identify that and show them how life can be different. And that goes into the next topic idea. Wow, that is a powerful post. That is a powerful, loving act that you do for your people. Okay. And the final topic idea is just that, what are your people’s dreams? Take those dreams, show your people what’s possible through working with you. Okay, so that’s it. Okay, so we have those topic ideas, you know, the six general types of content. Now you’re ready to create your content bank, your content bank, this is when we think of it all ahead. And when I say think of it all, there’s Oh my God, what do you mean by all you put pen to paper, and you think ahead



of time, you’re strategic in your approach. So that whether it’s a Google Doc, whether it’s in a notebook, wherever it lives, you have a content bank of topic ideas to show up at your one chosen place, whether it’s alive like this on a on a social platform, whether it is blogging weekly, whether it’s podcasting, okay, the point is, what did I say in the beginning, we’re keeping it simple. The step by step, we’re creating our content bank, we’re not going to overthink, because now that we have our content bank, it’s truly rinse and repeat. and repurpose. Okay. All right. Rule number three to your powerful visibility strategy. Again, I’m going to reiterate this as its own rule, and that is keep it simple. Okay, what I meant specifically on this one here is, I don’t want you to put too much into one post or one story or one article, or one talk or one, wherever it is, you’re showing up, right? Like keep it simple, don’t mix a bunch of topics or don’t have too many issues in one, live, or post or whatever it is, right. We humans like to consume things in digestible bites. And I got to admit, see, I’m the type of person I’m the type of person where I, I love to be. I don’t wanna say overwhelmed with information, but I love to learn, I love to learn. So because I love to learn and I want to know more and more and more, I’ve discovered that I tend to do this. I tend to put too much into one live that’s good that we identify that we’re aware, right? So always think how can I keep it more easily digestible, simple, clear, that’s always going to win. Okay, rule number four, for this visibility strategy is going to work is, I want you to think, as you’re creating your content. And as you’re showing up, the thought that you have, above all is, how can I help my people win today? How can I through how I’m showing up whatever that looks like? How can I help my people win today? What valuable thing can you convey? That will maybe shift their mindset? Or is going to motivate them and spur them to action? Or, or what’s going to unlock a something, right? A simple step by step or just a simple something, an action that they can take? Right? What can I What can I present, that if they do it, they will get a win? No matter how small right something that will move them forward? This slide is intended by me to be exactly that for you. If you take notes, right, we’re going through these five rules. We talked about the six types of content. We talked about five topic ideas. If you have taken notes, listen back to this watch back. And if you implement, I know that you’re gonna feel great. I’m giving you a framework. That’s completely doable, isn’t it? Give me a one in the comments. If you think this sounds doable, and that this is presented in a way that’s easily digestible. And you’re motivated to do this right? I want to know if you are hit one. Okay. So when you do the work, when you choose one platform to really focus on and go all in on, when you identify your topics, right, you’re going to easily show up consistently excited to serve good, I’m seeing all these ones pop up. Awesome. Very, very good. I love that. That’s going to result when you implement, it’s going to result in a win for you, and likely new clients, maybe not today. But you see all of your effort, when you’re focused when you keep it simple, so that you can easily and happily show up consistently for your people. All of that hard work is going to be compounded. My joyful scaling podcast is growing leaps and bounds, it is insane. Hundreds and hundreds of downloads every single day. I remember when I got started, I was lucky to get hundreds and hundreds of downloads in a month. Now it’s every day.



And the Bank of nearly 250 Business Building life and business Christ focused episodes are there living forever, as long as Apple and Stitcher and whatever else, right. And on my website, so if you have not checked out my podcast, I want you to go to my podcast page, it is still being kind of built out. But I want to give you this URL. And if someone could pop it in the chat, I’d appreciate it. Because here, right under the headliner is links to the more popular podcast platform so that you can go to this URL I’m going to give you in a second. And you can find the apple, the Stitcher, the I Heart Radio, the Google Play all that right. So it’s Judy Weber Dotco slash podcast, Judy Ladies, that is a resource of it’s just invaluable, like priceless for you. Okay, and on that page, Judy Weber co slash podcast, you can request my podcast resource guide, that then breaks down our most popular episodes by topic. Thank you for popping that in. Katherine, I really appreciate that. So on this point, how can you help your people win today? Right. And Marie asks, Is it okay to right, how can I help you to win today? Straightforward. And thank you, Marie, for popping that in. Sure, why not? Right. I’m telling you that and this is like an example of a post. So yes. How can I that could be a post all on its own. I walk my talk. I serve my people. How can I help you today? Thank you, Katie. Alright, so Rule five, we’re on our last rule for you. And this is all rules related to your easy, easy to follow, simple to implement. doable, right? Visibility strategy, and Rule five is I need you to evaluate. I need you to analyze. Now. I’m gonna keep it simple. Okay, when I say evaluate, I’m talking about identify your top content. Okay, so it doesn’t have to be every day I don’t want You need to be crazy about looking at your insights. If a social, you know, platform is your chosen go to, but I do on a weekly basis, decide what day am I going to look at my insights? And then identify your top content? And then figure out Hmm, how can I address that hot topic? Again, maybe from a slightly different perspective, maybe in a related kind of way, or perhaps I can go deeper on that topic. And make you know, if there’s a topic, and I think I could break that down into three sub topics, great. Add that to your bank, and rise it to the top of the list. Because that original post or, you know, blog or podcast episode did well do more of that. Okay. So weekly, again, check your insights, and do this, okay, this is huge, I need you to hear me on this. I need you to do this from a power position. Not fear, not dread, not desperation, okay, I want you to you need to remember that you’re a CEO. Okay, it’s nothing negative when you’re looking at the data. That’s what we’re talking about. The views, the comments, the likes, whatever the metric, they are what they are. You accept them. And you don’t judge yourself on that



you don’t beat yourself up. Again, this is data, that’s it, it doesn’t mean anything about you. It doesn’t mean that you’re not valuable or worthy, it doesn’t mean that you’re not good at what you do. It doesn’t mean that you are, you know, if it’s not where you want it to be that you’re a failure, not at all, okay, it’s just data type that in, it’s just data. So it is, don’t attach a judgement to that. You’re looking at this objectively, strategically, analyzing data, just data. Because the purpose of this is to identify what content served my people the best, what did they resonate with the most? Okay, just data. So make note, as you’re evaluating make note of those topics, or maybe the format. You know, there’s lots of different ways to evaluate it. You know, if this posted, well, was it a picture? Was it a video? Was it alive? Was it a poll? Like what was it right? And then evaluate what was it and then decide to do more of that? Make it make it easy on yourself? Coming from a place of power and do not overthink? Okay, so a quick example, if a personal story does better for you, then your how to content? Then I want you to think about that. Hmm. How can I weave in maybe some how to type content into a personal story? Exciting stuff, right? Is that hard? People like to know the people that they’re following, and that they may hire someday. Right? So that’s why personal stories do tend to do better. But you can absolutely start out with a story and weave in somehow twos, right? Maybe something you’ve overcome? And then how you did it. 123, right. Are your wheels starting to turn? Is this make sense? Look, I could talk about KPIs, and you must do this. And then that and then the other. But I don’t want to do that. So I decided, do you see a theme? My business is built around decisions. And then commitment to those decisions. And then implementation. And anytime drama comes up around my decisions. Oh, I chose wrong. Or maybe I should change this. And I’m looking to you know, give myself away out of those decisions and my commitment to them. Then I coach myself, I manage my mind and say nope, I’m not changing. What I’ve got to do is get right thoughts around those decisions, I decided and the data it is what it is. I am not going to beat myself up. I know who I am. I stand in my power. I know who I am in Christ. All of that. Okay. So I’m not going to muck up your evaluation by giving you you know, the typical jargon out there about these KPIs you must do. I will do it. Because after working with hundreds and hundreds of women, I found that those details create a stumbling block they used to for me So if that’s you put it to an end, let’s say with pride, right? Pride, meaning, you know what I am okay, with being vulnerable as to, you know, the issues that I have, I’m going to be aware of them so that I can decide that they’re not my issues any longer I could decide that. Those are the things I’m going to work on. That I need to work on my thoughts in those areas. You understand what I’m saying? So even as you are looking at anything as you’re listening to my podcasts as you’re watching this as you as you as you consume content out there, decide as you look at something, I am going to find the simplicity and the due ability. Whew, I like that one.



I like that word do ability, right? Can we pop that in do ability, I love it. Choose to find that. Okay? overload, overwhelm overthink, they are no longer, they are no longer welcome. Okay. And so, again, to serve you best, I’m telling you everything you need to know about evaluating your insights. And I’m not bogging you down with details that you don’t need to know. Right? Where you’re stressing about the details, so much so that the basics aren’t even done. No details do matter. Thank you for that, ladies. The details do matter. But the depth of those details will vary. Depending on where you are in your business. If you’re just getting started, you don’t need to, you know, overwhelm yourself Oh, right. These are the five KPIs now. Look at it, use your brain, this is your most valuable business asset I need you to write down my brain is my most valuable business asset. Lots of words, you can do this, my brain, I need you to not only write this down, I want you to type it, because I want you to have it there to look back at. And I want you to put that in your notes to my brain is my most valuable business asset. It is 1,000% true. I need you to know that. Okay, simplicity. It works. Okay, now, I thought that was it. But I was wrong. I have six rules. Okay. And this one kind of is doesn’t need to be a rule. This is another overarching thing. But let’s go. Let’s go here. Rule number six. Repetition is a good thing. Repetition is a good thing. Look, we’re going to create your content bank. And while certainly that content bank is going to be tweaked over the coming months and years right, once done though the bulk of it is going to remain. So what I’m saying here on the idea that repetition is a good thing is no need to recreate the wheel here. Okay, why do the unnecessary work? Why put pressure on yourself to overwork overthink, overdo. Draw the line in the sand right here today ladies and say no. Okay. Humans are busy. Very busy. Papa three, if you’re busy, I know you’re busy. People are busy Papa three in the comments if that’s you. So understand that you’re busy. Everybody else is busy. Your people are busy. Humans will miss posts, and podcast episodes and videos. Okay, you need to repeat your content, your messaging, you need to repeat it. Otherwise, your people are gonna miss it. And the more you repeat something, the more your awesome ideas, your how tos, your personal stories, all of it are going to be heard and absorbed, really received by your audience. Okay, think about that. The more you repeat, major philosophical approaches to the way you do what you do is that’s the only way your people are going to get it. Okay. Think about how you learn. The first time you hear something or see something, you capture part of it. And then the next time you hear or see something, you get a little bit more. And it’s that same thing with your content that you’re putting out there in whatever format Okay? A real world analogy is movie watching. I never mind watching a movie that I loved a second or even third time and each time I pick up something that I missed. Here’s what these are. I’m going to say a couple of thoughts here that I really want you to own. Okay. Your people will appreciate your diligence in showing up for them. Your people will appreciate your repeating important concepts that they need to learn to succeed. Your people will appreciate your emphasis on things that they might have otherwise missed. Because your people don’t know what they don’t know that depending on your expertise, you know, you got to take that as you will, what is it that you need to emphasize? Because if you don’t, others aren’t saying it, and your people aren’t going to be served as well, because they’re gonna miss it. Okay? Don’t allow the doubts and the worries you have to be in your mind about people and how they will receive it, you know, in other words, if



you think, Oh, they’re gonna get sick of hearing this, and this one makes me crazy. I don’t want to bother them. I don’t want to annoy them. What, you’re the expert, you’re the pro, you are the go to resource on your genius. You don’t bother people. You help them, you inform them, you serve them. That needs to be your constant thought and perspective when it comes to repetition. Okay, he just because you’re, what if? What if it’s not? What if they are tired of this message? It’s what if they get it this time? And they’re so grateful? Do you see how the thoughts you know, I often say this, your thoughts are going to lead to your results, not your actions. If you do something with a thought, Oh, my people are gonna gobble this up, they’re gonna thank me for this, they’re gonna love me for this. They’re going to be served by this. You’re going to come in a way that’s so much more powerful than if the thought in your mind at the time is. I hope that they’re not tired of hearing this. I hope I hope they they don’t think I’m bothering them. Your thoughts, ladies? Okay. Now, here’s a quick exercise on repetition, I want you to, I want you to take your content bank, and for each of those topics that you write out, okay. I want you to think of at least five ways of addressing that same topic, but from a slightly different angle. Like what subtopics can you go deeper into? Okay, and this is an exercise, as you go on all this doesn’t have to be done in one day. This is just an extra taking your content bank to a new level, right? bulking it up, giving you more and more ideas. So when you have time, think of five ways of addressing each topic in a slightly different way. Okay, maybe a more general topic can be broken down into three or more sub topics. And then for each of those, how can I rephrase the issue? What examples can I bring to light that would resonate with my people? What are all the stories, my personal stories, both mine and my client, right, that I can highlight to bring that topic home to really make sure it lands with my people. Okay, now, that was kind of water in a in a, you know, coming out of hose. But the great thing is, this video will always live here, wherever you’re watching. And this will be turned into a podcast episode, it will be posted later today. So you can go back and listen. Because the next time you listen, you’re gonna catch even more. Okay? So we just went through the framework for you to create a visibility strategy that works for you, and one that’s going to get results. Simple, simple to create, simple to implement. Okay, simple to consistently implement. Okay? Now, one other aspect of this that I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t raise today when we’re talking about creating this visibility strategy, and that is time management. Time management, okay, if you would like my time blocking, training, something that one client said, Thank you, Judy, you literally changed my whole life. I need you to drop in the comments, wherever you’re watching or if you’re listening to this on my podcast, DM me on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn you can find me at at Judy Weber CO at Judy Weber co I’ll be glad to send you the link to the video training along with the resource guide. So if you want that, pop in the comments, time blocking, time blocking, and I will be in touch with the link. Okay. So as you’re working through these roles, and you’re making not only a visibility plan, you are scheduling the plan. Right? You’re creating a plan of your calendar related to your visibility strategy. Okay, so let me explain what I mean by that. So when will you do your showing up in that one chosen platform? And if you’re planning on doing weekly lives, for example, when will you do weekly lives? How long would they last? Or if you’re going to do weekly blog posts same thing like when will you decide on your weekly topics? When will you develop talking points for your script for that week slow? Something like that, right? I need you to think about how you’ve decided to show up. When we’re going to show up, specifically and pop it in the calendar. And you know, maybe you decide, You know what, Judy, I’ve been talking about, you know, you know, bulk creation, and posting ahead of time, and I haven’t done it yet.



So I am going to map out time. On a Sunday, maybe like seven to 9pm, I am going to post all of my posts in social on this especially chosen platform ahead of time, so that then during the week, I can do stuff, what I say is where the real stuff happens, which is behind the scenes, I can set up collab chats, I can have consults, I can DM people not in a spammy way that we all hate, okay. So decide what you need to do to make this all come together, and then put it in your calendar so that not only you show up when you need to, for example, on a live, but you have in your calendar, when am I going to create the content? When am I going to think and create that amazing content, right? And then we do what you’ve decided to do when you’ve decided to do it. Okay? Keep it simple, keep it doable, show up to serve. And as I was writing this, I’m thinking Colossians, 323, whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, we’re doing it for him, we’re going to trust Him, we’re not going to worry about algorithms. News, decide that you’re going to refuse to engage in drama, around the details. You’re going to take action in faith. And you’re going to seek the Lord’s guidance, right, as you’re making these decisions. You’re going to make the decisions, you’re going to commit to the decisions, and then you’re going to implement and you’re going to trust that God’s going to honor his promises that he’s going to equip you to succeed. He’s going to bring things to you and His perfect timing. Because look, ladies, God is ultimately in charge. We know this. And we’ve got to know that not just in life, he is beautiful thing. He cares about us intimately. So he’s in charge of your business. And he always wins. And he wants his children to win. He’s ever faithful hallelujah. So what he’s doing is he’s looking to you to take action in faith. Faith fueled action, right done with courage and boldness and with confidence, we are walking in faith, walking in faith, right? What is faith, Hebrews 11? One, it’s the substance of things that we hope for. Right? It’s the evidence of things not seeing, it’s hopeful expectation, it is a no way that the Lord God Almighty will move. Right, it’s a knowing it’s a confidence, it is a steadfastness. And that requires a patience about it. And we’ve got to do our part and let God do his okay, because here’s the last thing I’ll leave you with ladies, Romans 828. We know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, those who are called according to His purpose, ladies, your business needs to be, you know, done in a way that honors the Lord. That only deepens your faith that is done from a place of courage and power because God gave us a spirit of power not of timidity or fear. And so we need to really lean in on what we say we believe. Our faith fuels the business. And, you know, I don’t know about you, but that’s a convicting thought, like, Am I really walking my faith walk in my business? And does that faith walk match the words coming out of my mouth? Just convicting thought, but it’s a good one. It’s a good one. Right? So I don’t see questions pop up. Thank you so much for joining me here. If you want that time blocking training, just put time blocking in the train in the chat wherever you are, and I will be coming back later today. Let me know what do you think did you learn something if you’d learned something today pop up quick for there, whether it’s live or on the replay, pop up quick number four in the comments. If you are glad to showed up today. If you feel served with a doable simple visibility strategy framework. I see lots of love on Instagram. Thank you for that. Okay, I’ve got to run. Ladies, I love you. I hope you can sense that. I hope that you feel it because it’s 1,000% right there. I continue to pray for you. And not only your business but for your personal life as well. Because as entrepreneurs, this can be a lonely endeavor. But that’s why I created the joyful scaling for female CEOs Facebook group, because it’s a place where we can all come together and be real, right? We’re in business, we feel called to business. And so we can’t approach it with hesitation, or fear or timidity. That’s ridiculous, right?



We’ve got to walk in a way that shows the world we believe God, we take him at his word. That’s what I want to do every day and I encourage you to do the same. So thank you for watching or listening wherever this is. I love you so much love. God bless you and I will see you next time.


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