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All right, welcome to thriver Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are talking about all things, words, messaging in our business. And I need you to stay for the end because I’m going to be sharing three hot tips for creating hook headlines that are so enticing that your audience can’t wait to keep reading. Okay, who’s ready, happy and blessed Thursday, as you’re hopping on, please let me know where you are watching from and tell me what you do. Especially they’re on Instagram. Sometimes you have no idea who you’re talking to and what they do. So please do let me know. Let me ask it. How are you today? Like, are you hopeful? are you approaching today with that level of hopeful expectation as to how the Lord, how the Lord God is gonna move? Right inside your life and inside your business? Well, I sure am. I’m telling you. Look, I talk about this all the time. We serve the Lord God Almighty. And he always wins. Right? All right. We have a realtor watching from Winchester. Welcome, welcome, right. So let me tell you, I am on fire. I am on fire for the Lord. And I’m fiercely on mission to serve unapologetically ambitious, high achieving Christian women, don’t you? It’s been me all my life. Let me say that, again. Unapologetically ambitious, high achieving Christian women. Okay, committed to scaling your business. Well beyond six figures. I have my best year last year, hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of dollars. I had a six figure launch in December. And I only worked one week out of the month. I mean, this is the way God moves. Right. Watching from California. Welcome, Maryland. Listen, if God called you to business, he wants you to succeed. And you know that when he shows up, when he blesses, it’s not a little blessing. It’s over the top blessing, right? Look at his first miracle turning water into wine, that wine wasn’t just wine. But that wine was the best. That is who we serve. I think about this ladies. And then we dive in. If the Lord God cared enough to show up big time to spare the wedding host from embarrassment, right? That’s really not like an urgent matter in the world. Right? How much more do you think he cares about the outstanding service that you provide? That you’re able to do only by his grace, right? And as a result of the gifts he’s given you? How much more do you believe he’s going to deliver you? Right to move and directs you to take the necessary action to over deliver inside your business without exhausting yourself? Because you’re not doing it in your own strength? You’re doing it in his right. Welcome, Christine watching from Washington on Instagram, right? So, you know, seriously, he promised in His Holy Word, to equip you to fulfill your calling, stop doubting, start believing faith, you need to have faith in the Lord God, and you need to live out that steadfast faith. Even if you’re not seeing it today. That’s what faith is all about. Not seeing it, but believing it, knowing it, because of who we serve. Right? He is for you. And he’s waiting on you to show him that you do believe that, you know, he’s going to move. So show him your faith in him. You know, allow that big dream to stay that big dream in your head, start believing it’s coming. And then you know, say Lord, I believe I believe, help my unbelief and help me to get there. Right. All right. We’re also joined by a real estate agent in Oklahoma City. Awesome. And Shea is watching from Dallas as well. This is so good. Okay, so listen again, telling you, the Lord God is waiting.



He’s doing amazing things in my business and in the business and lives of my clients and he’s ready to do the same thing for you. If you believe you got to believe starts there. Okay, all this month, for every Thursday, live trainings are focused on business strategy. The first week of February, we focused on marketing strategy. Last week was all about sales strategy. And you can watch those prior trainings wherever you’re watching here. Or you can head on over to my joyful scaling podcast on whatever your favorite podcast platform is because I turn these thriver Thursday lives into podcast episodes. Okay. Well, today we’re talking about words, the power of words, messaging, okay. And let me tell you not enough time is spent strategizing and really giving thought behind our words, and that failure is costing you time and it’s costing you money. Okay? Make no mistake, there is power in our words, and it’s time to unleash that power. So get ready, sister, we’re talking about the power words. And let me just say this, this came to mind. How did the Lord God create the world? He spoke it. There’s power in our words. Okay? And hopefully at the end of this, you’re going to get some practical tips on how to higher level if that’s a verb, I’m using it as one how to higher level your words and get really strategic about the words you use. Okay, so let’s dive in. Let’s invite the Lord to be here with us. And then talk about words. Heavenly Father, thank you, thank you, God, that we are able to come together from all over literally all over the world. It’s amazing loreburn, I think about the joyful scaling podcast and in just over two years, 50,000 plus downloads, countries around the world and even things you wouldn’t countries you wouldn’t think about, like China and, and, you know, Russia and various countries in Africa and Europe and, you know, New Zealand and it’s just, it’s just insane, Lord, how you move, you are calling your daughters to more you are calling your daughters to be the strong, courageous, powerful, you know, movement, creating results, transformational, you know, work that where you’re calling us to this to serve in a mighty way. And you know, we can’t do it on our own. So you’re looking to us to trust you in that. Lord, I



pray that the words that I have prepared will please you and we’ll help move every woman that’s listening whether now live with me or in the replay. Lord, help us to move them forward. Nord, I know what’s your message that you have, have in your infinite wisdom said that I can deliver helped me to do just that, Lord. Thank you. We’re gonna thank you in advance for how you’re moving. We love you and we trust you help us to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen. Amen. Okay, before we dive into the training on copy words, and messaging, I want to I want to talk to those of you who have decided, you’ve decided that 2022 is the year your business grows exponentially well beyond six figures, okay, I’m going to talk to you right now. Those Christian women who are smart, you value education, you invest in you, right, and you’ve achieved a certain level of success in your business, you’ve reached six figures or you’re almost there, right? I want to invite you to apply to my joyful scaling mastermind, okay, doors are gonna be open for a bit. Now, this is a high touch 12 month container, where life and business transformation happens through application of high level strategy in every area of your business. And it’s all grounded in biblical mindset. Now, inside the mastermind, you’re gonna have access to live virtual trainings with me teaching you me, not somebody on my team, but me, you have monthly one on one sessions with me strategy sessions, right? Monthly copy, critique and support. Why? Because words are that important. So I’m investing in a copy pro so that I can bring that to you, right. And also, inside the Facebook group, you get feedback, as you’re doing the work that I that, you know, following my process, my joyful scaling methodology, you don’t get just a sentence or two, I give you a video feedback, like 510, sometimes 20 minutes, depending what it is right? You get access to me and my brain in a very high level, intense, good way because I want to make sure you succeed, right? There are two live in person events, one coming up in April. It’s a two day intensive, where we’re gonna roll up our sleeves and get work done. The other happens in November down in Florida, where we’re gonna get our hair and makeup done, we’re going to be pampered, we’re going to have a photo shoot and you’re going to leave with assets. It’s freakin amazing, okay, and we’re gonna have loads of fun done. They’re delicious food and drink and fun and short. Inside the joyful scaling mastermind I teach you how to achieve significant growth, both personally and in your business. And not only impressive, like revenue growth, one of my clients had an $86,000 month last month, but even more, you’re gonna learn how to set up your business for long term success, right how to implement a new simplified business model, how to develop true CEO decision making and leadership skills. In short, I’m gonna teach you how to make a faith fueled a business that impacts more lives while granting you the time and financial freedom that I know you’re looking for. So if that’s you, I need to take the next step and apply I’m going to pop the link back in but if anybody wants to type it, it’s scaling console and joyful scaling console. The first letters kept, okay, I’ll pop it in after this, okay. But what happens is you complete that we jump on a call. We talk about your business, you’re going to leave with a roadmap of like how do I get from where I am now to where I want to go? And I’ll tell you more details about the mastermind. And if we agree it’s a fit, then I’m going to invite you to join in, and you’ll be able to join in as a charter member, right, our founding member, round closed in December, but you can take advantage of the best investment pricing ever will ever be, as you come into the mastermind is a charter member with special bonuses just for you so, so much more I can tell you about it. But if you’re ready to pursue the impossible in your business, the first step bi scaling console, all right, today, we’re focusing on Words, Power words, words matter, because they either grab people’s attention, or you put your audience to sleep, and they don’t even see it. And what I see up there, and I mentioned this in a prior training, too many use generic bland vanilla words, from how you describe who you are, and what you do, to how you describe your clients. Right, and the transformation that you provide. If you talk about a transformation at all right? Your words, a lot of times are the words everybody else uses, I



always like to say it’s kind of a copy, paste, right? You, those of you that are that don’t have your messaging down, and you have no isms, right? Those those words and phrases to capture your your perspective on your work, and your philosophy regarding your expertise. If you don’t have your messaging dialed in, you don’t have a unique methodology or process, you don’t have that step by step that pathway or if you don’t teach your clients something, you don’t have the client experience dialed in, right, you have no proprietary method. And without your messaging dialed in, there are no compelling words that people can think of when they think of your brand. When you think of me, you know, I’m hoping that you get joyful scaling. I’m hoping that you get pursue the impossible. My expectation is that you know, that I’m all about the Lord God, above all things, biblical mindset, smart, timeless business principles. Okay? But if you don’t have that messaging doubt in your ideal clients aren’t even seeing you out there. You blend in. And listen, I get it. It’s scary to take a stand. And to be different, right? And there’s more than being different proclaiming to the world something new, right. But ladies, that’s what leadership and yes, thought leadership is all about. Okay. As an example, you let’s say you’re a virtual CFO. Great. Let me ask you of all the CFOs out there. What’s your unique approach to financial strategy to grow business?



Like, let me be blunt? If I asked you that question, whatever you do, if I say, what’s your unique approach to your industry, to what you do? And if you don’t have an answer for me, sister, you need one. You need one right now, you need to create that. But I’ve got good news, okay. I’m not saying that you have to come up with something that has never ever been said before, or even thought up. Right? I think he’s lamentations. There is nothing new under the sun. People are people today, people are people back hundreds and 1000s of years ago. But what I am saying is as the CEO of your business, as a true expert, you have to do the thing work, so that you can identify your perspective on what you were talking about your perspective on your industry, your perspective on your work, and how you work, and how you get your clients results. And even your perspective of the world because we’re people and we relate to the people in ways outside of our work, right? So you need to curate a phraseology, love that word of phraseology, the words the isms that you’re going to use consistently, throughout your marketing. And you’re going to we these words, through your social posts, on your websites, on your landing pages, in your discussions online, when you do a live stream like this during your podcast interviews in your blog posts all about that, right? So do you get what I’m saying? I’m talking about unique words, which is messaging. Now, I don’t want you to hear this. Oh, my gosh, Judy says I need this. I don’t want you to go into fear mode. And overthinking and paralysis, right? I don’t want you to think Oh, my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin. Yes, you do. You’re a pro. You’re a pro. You just need to sit and pray and think and write and capture what God brings to mind. Okay? So instead of getting fearful about this idea that you need to create your messaging, I want you to hear this and get excited. Are you excited? Put yes or yes. I’m excited in the chat wherever you are right now, whether it’s live or on the replay because then you are declaring that you We’ll do this and you understand, it’s important that you’re excited to see what God has for you in this regard, because this is what you need to stand out. If you’re feeling like your posts are getting crickets, if you’re not feeling your programs, if you’re having a hard time getting clients, this is where you got to start. I don’t really care what color your brand colors are, what fonts you’re using, if your words aren’t hitting the heart, and mind of the very people you want to work with. All that doesn’t matter. Okay? So you need to go higher, and get clarity on your messaging, and boldly put it out there. Okay? You see, God has a message for this world. And he’s called you to deliver it for your business as you serve your clients, right. And if you’re in business, and you didn’t, before today, realize how important messaging and words were to your business, when I know, okay, and so in tandem, together with God, you’re going to discover it, make that your mission this week, maybe this weekend, put it in your calendar, write it down. Okay, me, I like going old school, I take pen to paper. And that’s how I do it. I just like think and I write, but lately, I’ve actually been going on Zoom, and I hit the go button. Thank you for the love, they’re on Instagram. And and I just start talking. And it’s funny, the words come out in a way that maybe they don’t come out when I’m writing, because they can talk a heck of a lot quicker than I can write. But what I’m talking about is turn on that Zoom. And just start thinking about your business and what’s going on that you hate what mantras or must do or the Guru’s saying that you just completely disagree with, what gaps are there in the way that your competitors do business without naming them, call out the gaps? Speak it. Right, once you have this messaging dialed in, you need to speak it over and over and over and over again, you need to capitalize on those gaps. And the myths call them out. And you need to leverage all of that. And when you do that, you’re going to be serving your target audience uniquely. And believe you will be hurt, your message will cut through the noise of sameness in the marketplace. Okay, if this is resonating, I want to hear from you. Okay. Kate says God inspired Yes, ma’am. Yes. You see, that’s when you’re going to find clients coming to you.



Instead of you chasing your clients who is tired of chasing your clients put a number one in the chat right now, if you are sick and tired of chasing clients, put number one, you don’t have to chase them. But you got to have something to say, right? That’s the way I want to do business. I don’t want to chase and I refuse to be fused to chase, I want to be chased. I want to be pursued, because I know I got something that is so valuable. Not only my perspective, but my methodology, right? All of it works for the good of my clients, and ultimately the glory of the Lord. Are you with me? Okay. Again, if you’re simply repeating what you hear other saying out there, and you’re like, Whoa, she’s doing really well, you know, a million followers, and she’s saying this, so I can just kind of capture it for me. No, no, no. If you are saying what everybody else is saying, I need to tell you the truth in love, you have no brand. It’s just a copy, paste. Because a brand, by definition is unique. It’s different from the others, right? It’s a special way your audience and clients experience you and what you’re all about. Does that make sense? You see, when you do things the way I’m talking about now you are leading in your space, you’re not worried about what everybody else is saying. And you get to the point, right quick, when you have determined where you are in the industry and your thought leadership. You don’t even look at what other people are doing. Because you don’t care. Because you’re on mission. You have your message. Okay. That’s how you position yourself as a leader. And this is how you create demand for your services and your offers. And by the way, did you know that you create demand, it’s something that you actually have control over, at least in part significant part, you create demand, I’m going to give some examples. So grab your pen and paper, okay. You create demand by tossing around by saying repeatedly, words and phrases that make people get curious. You make them lean in, and then they ask Wow, what is that? I’ve heard that before. Tell me more. Right. Let me give a couple examples. I talked about the belief triad. And I tell you this is the key to selling authentically And I’m going to start talking about something I’m calling smart marketing. That’s marketing with intentionality and strategy. It’s doing less, but getting more and better results. Have you heard of the belief triad other than me? And when I tell you that that’s the key to selling, that feels good? Do you want to know more? Have you ever heard the term smart marketing before? And when I tell you, it’s how you do less, but get more like, does that draw you in? Like, Oh, tell me, tell me tell me, right? Go to work on your captivating and intriguing concepts? How are you going to lead your market? This is the key to more clients, this is the key to a fuller pipeline of quality prospects, right? This is the key to creating engaging content in the first place. Okay, your audience has to see you as different different than your competitors. Okay, now, I want you to understand that if you have any questions, pop them in. Okay. I want you to understand that when it comes to messaging, there are two aspects to it. Okay. This whole time, we’ve been talking about your thought leadership, your unique perspective, okay. But the second aspect to good messaging is, you know, focus on your ideal client. And that’s been kind of an issue for many, okay, now, curating messaging around your ideal client. What I mean by that is, words that speak to them into their challenges, into their problems into their joys into their dreams for the future, both as it relates to business, like how you serve them, and more generally, how their life is affected. Okay. How do you find the words you might be saying, okay, that all sounds good, but God, how do I find those words? That will, you know, draw my ideal client in as it relates to them? Like, do I have to create an avatar? And what’s that all about? It’s confusing, or whatever, I may have tried it before. Listen, how do you find words as it relates to your ideal client? The short answer is market research. You got to talk to them, then the issue becomes, okay, what am I talking to them about? Like, what am I asking them? What questions do I ask what information do I need in order to write compelling copy? Right, the messaging the words that are going to really grab their attention? Well, I got a confession to make.



In this regard, I used to focus on trying to identify kind of like this fictitious ideal client avatar. And I do still think there’s some value in that. And when I mean that, it’s like, it’s like, interviewed 1020 30 of your ideal clients, right? And you look for patterns. Like, how old are they? Where do they live? What kind of car do they drive? What kind of podcasts do they listen to? Where do they shop? What books do they read? What do they do for fun? What are their what keeps them up at night? All those still are good questions, okay. But as I finessed This, in my own business, and in working with clients and seeing how they have kind of struggled with this, what I’ve found is that the market research and these questions are so much more than the demographics and even the psychographics, right? You need to reach your ideal client at a heart level. You need to understand how to how to make them feel like What feelings do they want to feel as it relates to what you do. So that they you know, that there’s a relatability there. Okay, and I know this is somewhat of a nebulous topic, but I don’t know how else to describe it. So just stay tuned. Okay, stay with me, the most important thing to get when it comes to understanding your ideal client is how can you make them feel something great, whatever that is that they need to want to engage with you to be drawn in? What is important to them? Like, what are their core values, identify those that align with yours and focus on that, okay? Because when you get your people at the feeling level, your messaging and your copy can speak to how they’re feeling where they are right now, for example, stuck, frustrated, whatever’s going on, right, versus how they’re feeling, when they experience, you know, what they really want. So you have to draw that out in your questioning. Okay, and the best way to do this is on the job training, right? You will never fully get to that deeper level until you do it a couple of times and talk to people. What I found is that too many are afraid to ask deep questions. So the questions We are more surface, and they’re superficial. But you’re gonna get in their head, right? But I’m going to give you a little a little trick a little secret as well. Okay, here’s the here’s the secret. You have insight right now, in this moment, because in many cases, you are both the before and the after. Right? So they give you a real life example, me as a business coach, I have lived and felt and experienced life before, the multi multi six figures moving toward the seven figures that I have now. So I could speak to that. I could speak to that exhausted and overwhelmed, and constant doubt and, and all of that, right, the fear, right. And I also know how life is very different right now, what it’s like running a highly profitable business versus those old days when I was just trying to pay the bills. Okay, so so if you’re like, I’m just getting started, or if you know, Oh, I already did some market research. And I don’t want to, you know, be too imposing on my clients, the best clients won’t hesitate to get on the phone with you. Let me start there. And there’s the ones you want, right. But again, let’s start where we are stuck with, oh, I don’t know, I don’t know. And start with what you do know. What was life before, if you’re a health coach, and you help women drop that 25 pounds and stay dropped right at that news dress size. And you experienced that, probably, because that’s how it is when we’ve overcome something we want to help others that is our calling. That’s why God allowed it in the first place. So when you want to get insight into how you want your ideal client to experience and to feel you when you show up on a live, or when you show up on social or when you show up on a podcast, whatever, just look at yourself, this is me before and write it down. Really go back and remember how you felt. It may make you cry. That’s okay. Go deep with yourself. Start there. And then what’s life like now? And how are you feeling now? Okay, so let’s review. How can you master this thing called messaging? Okay? First, always go to God, always go to him first. Be still and know that I am God. Listen, for him to speak, expect him to speak and allow Him to reveal the message he has for you. He’s got the words, and he wants to deliver them to you, I



have no doubt about that. And ask Him to reveal the very people that he is called for you to serve. Because right now, to many of you, your ideal client, if I ask you that you hate that question. You’re like, I can work with everybody. Ah, that’s not the question. Yes, you probably can. But who are you going after. And so think of it this way. This is the world. I don’t know if y’all can see me, this is the world way out here. And this may be a segment that you’re going after a target audience you’re going after. But even within that target audience, let’s go even smaller and say, Who are your ideal clients? What do they look like? I don’t mean what do they look like look like but but tell me about them? at a heart level, okay, God could reveal all that to you. Okay. So always go to God, when you’re trying to master messaging, look to the Lord God, first, he knows everything. And then secondly, look at yourself, the before and after, and then talk to your ideal clients that you’ve had in the past that you love. And ask them, you know, what were those challenges? And,



and how are you feeling before we work together? And how are you feeling now? And what were you longing for? And, and all these things, right?



And then with all that written down, can’t keep it in your head. It’s gonna get lost. You need to pause and and then pull it all together. Right? Focusing on the heart level. All right, so Whoo, good stuff. Yeah. Kate says, Oh, you said curate and I, I missed the word you used. curate a? I don’t know, you have to go back and listen, I’m sorry. There’s so many things. Okay. Ah, you have to go back and listen, and I said so many things. And it’s not even on my script necessarily. I just have an outline. So I’m sorry. But alright, so now on end with three tips for creating hook headlines. Hook headlines that are so enticing your audience is going to keep reading, Judy, what is the hook headline? What are you talking about? Okay, your emails, your subject lines. Your social posts. A lot of you are saying come to my free this. It’s awesome. And I’ve said it before to think about this to somebody really want to free anything anymore. Do they? Or are they looking for something that’s going to move them forward? Like, what’s the free thing about? That’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a hook. A intriguing couple of words that leave the person who sees those couple of words ready for more. Okay, so here’s three tips. Tip number one to create that hook headline is going to get them to read the rest is be shocking. shocked them say something they didn’t expect, make a bold, unequivocal statement. unequivocal. Now me as a lawyer, and an ethical lawyer, a trial lawyer when I was doing my briefs, and as I was arguing, I, I would always be very careful in my words. Well, that’s to me being a good lawyer. And we never want to lie. Please hear me on that. But when we equivocate on a statement, then it’s like we’re not sure. Let me give an example. And you have to plug in your you know, fill in the blanks here. Example number one about being shocking. Think blank is your problem. Think again. And in my example, I did a post recently that said think lead gen is your problem. Think again. Now, that’s a bold statement. In that statement, I’m basically saying Legion eight the problem ladies not doing it. Not enough. I’m not saying Oh, Legion may not be the problem. i There’s no equivocation. You think this is your problem wrong? And I’m boldly stating it. Okay. Here’s another example on the bold, shocking statement. The real reason why blank. So an example This, for me is the real reason why too many Christian entrepreneurs fail.



You’re like, Okay, what is it? Faith, lack of faith. Wrong, wrong theology, thinking it’s a sin, to pursue money. We’re not pursuing it, but but even to what it



  1. It’s, I could go off on that tangent, but the real reason to many Christian entrepreneurs fail. I got I have tons of podcast episodes that address that also. We need to be bold in pursuing business God’s way. And let the money comes in is have big dreams to impact that’s gonna translate into dollars. Anyway, that was a digression. Okay, so So tip number one for creating hook headlines that are going to really grab their attention. be shocking, make a bold, unequivocal statement. Got that. Okay, tip number two, use numbers. Odd numbers work best, they say, and I found it to be true, too. So here’s a couple of examples. The three most underrated steps to blank, the three most underrated steps to blank. Here’s another example. Five words to never utter when. Right? But these are really just formulas for templates. So take these templates and make them your own, make them make sense in your world. Okay. All right, third tip, identify their biggest problem and call it out and provide a simple solution. That’s concise, right? I mean, this is all about saying a lot with a little. That’s when you really have messaging and copywriting down. So here’s an example. Struggling with confidence. don’t develop self confidence master this instead. Or if I wanted to be concise, I could say struggling with confidence. Master this instead. Or master this? I could just say that right? Another example here of identifying the big problem is attracting people who can’t afford your services. Do this. Believe me? People are going to read it. Absolutely. People are going to read that. Okay, questions? I’ve got like two minutes if you have a question. Marie says, free can look cheap. No doubt about it. And it’s funny. I just was on a friend’s Facebook page. Yesterday. I hadn’t seen her to want us to check her out. And every then I went to a website and everything was free. And I thought How was she making money? A free talk here and a free session there. There was nothing on there that indicated that It was a paid anything. So be careful about that, because you’re setting them up how people think about you is because of how you set them up to think about you. Think about that one, right? So, yes, so Marie wrote down these tips, I’ll summarize it for you make it bold, a bold, unequivocal statement for that headline. Secondly, use numbers. People love numbers, it’s the kind of standout and the third thing, call out the big problem and provide a solution. Alright, I don’t see any other questions. Ladies, look, I want you to not only be here with me, and I’m so blessed to have you here with me whether on Insta or somewhere here and in the other world, but LinkedIn and Facebook and YouTube, I want you even more than the learning is the application. So will you grab your calendar as soon as this is over? Even now? Will you grab your calendar and do a an hour block and say this block of time is devoted to me mastering my message? Oh, you’re so welcome. When are you going to do that, grab it right now. In fact, wherever you are, I would love you to snap a screenshot of this training right now.



Grab a screenshot and say whatever you want to say you could you could do, you know, learning about messaging, you know, something like that, or, you know, building my business investing in me, whatever it is, and tag me at Judy Weber Ko, wherever you want to put it at Judy Weber, co Okay, and maybe maybe use a hashtag thriver Thursday, so it’s easy for me to find it. And someone is going to win an amazon gift card. I want the word to be spread both about this weekly live stream, and my joyful scaling podcast. If you haven’t yet left a rating and review on iTunes, please do that. Because it helps me to get the word out helps me to reach more women like you who so need this, this real, authentic talk about how Christianity and massive success in business that can go together. It’s not an oxymoron to say that I am a seven figure, you know, Christian entrepreneur who loves the Lord. You can love the Lord and make money because you’re making big impact value for value. Right. Okay, I look forward to seeing these posts on social. I look forward to seeing you next Thursday. We’re going to tackle another strategy Business Strategy Session for our last Thursday together in February. And let me know how this impacted you today. Drop if you would just a quick note. I learned this or what a breakthrough. Thank you, Judy, because I’ve learned X, Y and Z. Okay, the more specific I really appreciate it. If you have questions, post it and tag me. I’ll come back and answer myself personally. Okay, thank you for joining me and hopefully I will see you next Thursday. Wow. God bless


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