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Alright ladies, welcome to this episode of The joyful scaling podcast. I am blessed to be interviewing a woman that I so admire. Her name is Selena Sue, and she is a publicity and marketing strategist. I found her four or five years ago, I’ve lost track of the time. She’s absolutely amazing. And she takes publicity to a whole new level in a way that feels good. So she herself has been featured in innumerable media outlets, and she’s helped her clients and students get featured in places like Oh, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes and Inc, and land interviews on popular podcasts and even national television. Many of our clients have become industry leaders with six and seven figure businesses. Hello, I want to write with raving fan bases, and hundreds of 1000s of followers. And as I mentioned, Celina signature approach to publicity comes down to this building a powerful and long lasting relationship with influencers and the media. And she does it in a very thoughtful, authentic way. Welcome to the show. Selena.



Thank you so much for having me, Judy. I am so excited to be here.



Yay. All right. Well, listen, I know your story. It is a powerful one about how you got started in publicity, you know, working in nonprofit making 40k in New York City. And yeah, faith you got in the right room, and your life in business, you know, that was the birth of your business. So why don’t you share that story with us?



Yeah, absolutely. So I would say that it actually began even before then, when I was in my mid 20s, I had a quarter life crisis, I was, you know, working at that nonprofit that you mentioned, feeling clinically depressed, having like a lot of self worth issues. And things got so bad that my mom had to fly all the way from Vancouver, Canada to New York, just to be by my side to make sure I was getting out of bed in the morning, you know, putting food in my body, she would accompany me on the subway, and I felt like I was this little school girl. But she would basically like taking me to work. And I remember saying to a friend, you know, I can’t keep feeling this way, I need to find a way to feel better. And I got introduced to this female life coach that had a group coaching program. And in the process, I got introduced to all these experts and authors and thought leaders, and I realized that when people like myself were struggling and suffering, whether they were struggling with self worth issues, maybe they are in an abusive relationship, maybe they don’t have a sense of life purpose, maybe there’s a health issue. But when any of us are struggling and suffering, we don’t just need more information. We’re also looking for inspiration. And for me, there is nothing more inspiring and more important than these role models, these people that embody a message of possibility, who have been through what you’ve been through, and can take you to the other side, whether it’s your feeling loss, and helping you create that successful business or anything. And so I really wanted to, you know, I asked my friends, like, have you heard about this person, that person because our work is so amazing. And my friends did not know who I was talking about. All these people that were mentioning, we’re in a way best kept secrets to them. And it made me realize, you know, sometimes people with the most important story, the most important message, something that could really or product or service I can really change people’s lives can be that best kept secret. And so I just became really passionate about publicity as a tool to get important messages, important people and important products into the spotlight, so that, you know, they can reach and help more people. So that’s really how my business began with that desire.



I love it. And to me, what made you very intriguing to me when I found you is that you’re very upfront to say I’m an introvert.



An introvert?



Yeah. And I know for me, I love being in the spotlight. Like I love being the person. And I kind of thought you couldn’t get publicity without that. So why don’t you share? How did you overcome your own fears of visibility?



Yeah, absolutely. And I’d actually love to share a personal story with your listeners. So this is when I first started my business about 10 years ago, I had a client named kaneesha. And she was like Selena, I love your work so much. I want to do at the time, we were all using Skype, so like a Skype interview and share you with my audience. And there’s a part of me that felt excited because I knew obviously given my work, that visibility is so important. And then another part of me that was completely terrified. And I sat with myself, I was like, you know, I know this is a good idea for me. I’m gonna feel the fear. I’m gonna do it anyways. And so, you know, we’ve recorded the Skype interview, and I watched the recording later and it was so embarrassing. First of all, I was talking so incredibly fast, and I was in my head. So like, I was not maintaining any kind of eye contact. And then my interns were counting my filler words because I was also in Toastmasters, just knowing like public speaking is the thing I’m terrible at and they counted up to 100 and 37 filler words. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I felt like I was watching his horror movie. And I was like, This is so humiliating, no one can see this video ever. And my interns were like, you know, Selena, honestly, I don’t think it’s as bad as you think I really liked your interview. And I think people will be helped by it. And so I was like, Well, what if that’s true, and at the time, I only had like, 80 people on my email list. So I was like, You know what, let me just send it out and see what happens. And maybe this is the last, you know, enter first and last interview I send out. And then I stepped away to make a smoothie and just like, try to calm myself down for a few hours, and I checked my email, and people are like, Oh, my gosh, I love this, you know, you have such a way of telling stories and connecting with people, thank you. And it was really shocking to me. And I kind of came away with these four big takeaways that I want to share with your listeners. So they helped me even today with my fears of visibility. So number one is you’re usually doing better than you think. All of us extroverted introverted, we all have a little bit of a perfectionist quality to us, we really want to show up as our best selves. And we can be so critical, like, I’m like counting every filler word, but like, trust me, the people listening to your amazing advice, whether it’s me or someone else, they’re not counting every fellow work. So you’re usually doing better than you think. Number two, you know, this understanding that the only way to get better is to actually do the work. You know, sometimes we look at our, you know, role models, people have been in business for five years, 10 years, 20 years, and we see them gracing the TEDx stage, or just seeming so confident on video, and we’re like, oh, my gosh, I feel like a disaster compared to them. But you have to remember that they actually, they did the hard work. And the only way to get better. And this is lesson number three is through imperfect action, there is going to be a difference between how you are on day one versus how you are, you know, on day 1000. And the only way to start bridging that gap is to do the work and to show up imperfectly. And then last but not least, and this is what really helps me is remembering like, why are we doing this right? Like I’m not showing up in the media and getting on stages, because I want everyone to just look at me or to show off. I’m doing it because I think that I have a story, a message of information that can transform someone’s life for the better it can transform their personal life, their business life, help them step into their purpose and make their biggest impact. So that’s why I’m doing it. So along the way, if I’m tripping out with my words, or something isn’t perfect, it doesn’t really matter. The questions I asked myself are, you know, did I show up fully? Was I generous with my knowledge? And I have an open heart? Do I think that what I share could benefit people? And if the answer is yes, then I did a great job. And so despite being an introvert, and even today, still feeling scared, about, you know, certain media opportunities, I still show up, because I’m doing this because I really want to help people. And that’s really my you know, driving force Ford.



Yeah. And and I have to say, the first time I saw you, you have a very neat way of talking like, like, you know how certain people you just really click. So, really, it’s true. It’s like the words you use your mannerisms. And even right now, the way I’m using my hands, I mean, we may not when we look back at our videos, okay, example, we don’t like what we see. Okay, like you said, doesn’t really matter. You know, so but you will connect because I absolutely fell in love with you from the first time I saw you. So I say that in truth to you, Selena and also our listeners to understand that, you know, I don’t watch my videos. Because if I do, I’ll tear it apart.



Yeah, yeah, absolutely. No, also been times where I’ve watched people on video that I really admire. I remember watching. Well, actually, I was at an event and it was a very famous magazine editor. And she was tripping up on some of her work. She was a little bit nervous. And honestly, I liked her even more, because I couldn’t relate to her more. And she was just human. I really didn’t mind. It made the talk actually more interesting to me, like people want to see that human side of you.



Yeah, that you’re not always polished. I totally get that. Yeah, right. So so for the ladies. And here, most of my listeners are at six figures or very close, and many are in the multi sixes, they’re working their way to the seven. Okay. And they might be thinking, you know, publicity is something I kind of put on the backburner, right? But they realize like, Yeah, that could give me some great visibility. So I’m wondering like, can you give us some practical talking points or plan, you know, steps, if you will, of, where do you start? Like how much time is required kind of where do we even begin,



right, of course. So I actually first want to start by talking about the benefits of publicity because I think when you understand the benefits, and you know why you want to make it a priority, and then we can talk about some of the initial steps. But first of all, I really believe that publicity is the fastest way to gain instant credibility. There’s other ways of course, like you could write a book, but writing a book takes a long time. You could try to grow like an Instagram following of 10,000 or 100,000 people, that also takes a long time. But in terms of publicity, being featured on someone’s podcast, getting an article online, in Forbes, you know, being featured in a local newspaper on TV, these things don’t have to take a very long time, these things gonna happen in a matter of weeks or months, if you know how to do them, right. So I do think that’s the fastest way to gain instant credibility. And I find that, you know, when my clients and students get publicity, like people are like, Oh, my gosh, your business is like booming, it’s going places, you’re everywhere. Like, it’s so exciting. It’s a sign that we’re we’re meant to work together. Whereas you could be doing other things behind the scenes, like enrolling a lot of people into your free challenge or webinar. And obviously, that’s extremely important. But it’s not doesn’t have the same credibility factor with the masses, as saying, I was featured in Forbes, I was featured in this top rated podcast, and so forth. So I think that you know, as entrepreneurs, we need to establish ourselves as a go to expert, as someone who’s, who’s trusted and knows what we’re doing. So publicity is a very powerful and fast tool to get that instant credibility. So that’s one. The other thing is, you know, when we’re out there growing our business, right, we want people to be talking about isn’t to know about us. Word of mouth is great. But you know, that’s kind of one at a time, where, as you know, we’re recording this interview right now, Judy, and I know that there’s gonna be 1000s of people, like 1000s of human beings that are going to listen to this interview, right? So that’s really leveraged impact. And I think that all smart entrepreneurs, especially if they’re scaling, you know, to the multi six or seven figures, they know that creating leverage in their business is important. So you definitely want to have that leverage. And publicity gives you that? And also, yeah, people just feel like you’re the one for me. So, so many reasons. Those are just a couple. But in terms of how to get started, you know, I I don’t believe that all publicity is created equal. You know, some people say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. And I would say that, yeah, some publicity is better than others. So number one place that we all have to start as getting really clear on our business goals. You know, do you like first of all, I think it’s important to get clear on what is my business model, right? How’s my boss is supposed to support my business model is that I’m trying to get her to buy my $20 book, or do I have a $10,000 program is a $20 book and a $10,000 program is a completely different thing, right. And so I have this concept called the publicity pyramid where there’s different levels of publicity. On the top of the pyramid are things like, you know, television, you’re reaching the masses, millions of people will tune in to watch TV. Towards the bottom would be your home base, like your blog, and the next level guest posting and then moving up to podcasts. Some of these things can be a little bit more niche, but it might be more of your ideal client, potentially, you know, if it’s a niche podcast, where people are tuning in to learn about wealth building or real estate, that’s a very specific audience versus just local or national TV. And I find that the higher ticket you’re looking to sell, it can be really valuable to consider those very niche publications, or, you know, podcast interview opportunities, even a smaller base that has the right people that’s more important. So I would say getting clear on what are the right opportunities for you. So in my case, I love doing podcasts because I love really going deep. I don’t think that for me for TV, like a three minute soundbite is really going to be able to convey my story and the ways I can transform people’s lives. So for me, it’s podcasts. And then, you know, it’s figuring out what are the specific media outlets that you know, I want to pitch so I have so many strategies, but real quick, I’m just going to share one of my favorite ones, which is a follow leader technique. So let’s say so for me about publicity expert, let’s say somebody was a public speaking coach. So they’re like, Okay, well, Selena is another leader in my field, right? So for each of you think about, okay, who are five leaders in my field, they could be someone ahead of me in business, maybe they’re in a similar industry, they do something slightly different, but they serve the same audience, right, who are five leaders. And then what you want to do is follow them and see what media opportunities they’ve pursued. So you can literally go into Google and just type in the person’s name and the word podcast, and then the podcast they’ve appeared on will pop up.



Or you can go to their website, see if they have media logos, or a media page where they list out where they have been featured. There is a podcast search engine that is completely free called listen notes. And you can put someone’s name and and all the podcasts that they’ve been on will come up. So someone’s frequently out there, maybe they’ve done 2030 4050 100 interviews, you put five people’s names in there, you’re gonna have a really awesome media list that you can start with. So that’s kind of getting started as knowing what purpose you will move the needle for me, and what are the specific places that I want to pitch.



And you know what I love about that Selena? That took you very clear, very concise about five minutes to kind of brain dump all that. But when we break that down, yeah, and for me it time blocking you calendar it when am I going to do X or you know, a yeah, that is when we start to see the results. So ladies, if you want to go back, listen back to this, because what Selena just gave you is pure gold. Alright, so thank you for that. Okay, how about this? What are the biggest mistakes that you see entrepreneurs making with publicity? And what should we be doing differently?



Yeah, so I mean, there’s so many mistakes, one of the biggest mistakes is that people are, you know, showing up for, let’s say, an interview opportunity, and they’re not really clear what their intention is, right. So like, let me give you an example. So at one point, I had a mastermind, right, it was a $30,000 mastermind, you know, fluctuate in terms of how many people were in it anywhere from, like, 10 to 25 people. So that was like a $30,000 product. Now, sometimes you’ll get bored, like, I’m always talking about the same thing. I could be like, Oh, I’m always talking about publicity. Let me talk about like things like, how to scale your business, which is not my main focus, my main focus is how to scale you know, your visibility, and, you know, but like, if I was like, you know, let’s talk about like, how to hire a project manager. Well, if people talk about things outside of their core expert topic, then people are gonna come to them for that. Whereas like, I’m impacting millions programming, we’ve had 1000s of people go through that program, that’s really like, the first step to working with me. So I need to stay focused on my message of publicity. And so you know, like, when you think about your business model, is I want people to sign up a work with me one on one, do I want them to book a VIP day? Do I want them to attend my workshop? Do I want them to attend my group program? When you’re doing the interview? You know, make sure to be introduced in the right way. Oh, this is so and so she works with clients, one on one to get XYZ result. And then the interviewer talk about Yes, you know, when I work with clients, one on one, we do this XYZ, you know, this is an example of you know, the number one thing I make sure every client knows about write just being really clear about how you want to be known what your main offer is. And for it not to be a surprise, where after people listen to the interview, they’re not clear, like, what is their next step? What would be the best possible way for them to engage with you?



Hmm, that’s so good. That’s so good. So what would you say to those that this is kind of a silly question and left field, but it just popped in my brain? So I’m gonna ask it. What about those that kind of want to skip over, we talked about that publicity pyramid, they want to skip over, kind of the more local stuff, and they just say, you know, what, I’m reaching out to the Forbes women’s editor, and I know that she’s gonna want to talk to me or whatever, like, like, I want it. I want you to kind of address that thought that I’m sure some of my listeners may have.



Yeah, I think sometimes we can, I don’t want to call it skip steps. But sometimes we have low hanging fruit opportunities, right? Maybe we have a friend, and they’ve got like an awesome podcast, or they have a contact to Forbes. I’m all about, you know, leveraging and making most of the opportunities in front of you. But it’s also important to know that, you know, the way that you show up in media on day one is not the way that you’re gonna show up one year or two years later. So let’s say I had my dream podcast opportunity, I would probably want to get some other podcasts and to get some experience with practicing my story. And just expressing myself before I go for that really big, high stakes opportunity. You know, a lot of people say to me, you know, I want publicity, but I’m not ready yet. But I know, you know, Oprah knew my story. Like she would be all over it. And it’s like, you don’t want Oprah to be your first stop. You know, you want to be sharing your story beforehand. You want it to be such that when people Google you like a producer or a podcaster. They’re like, wow, this person shows up in my Google search. They have a body of work. They’re doing interviews, they’re writing articles. They’re serious. They’re out there helping people. And this is like their next step versus someone googling you and be like, Oh, they haven’t really done anything. Right. So we all kind of need to build our Google footprint. So yeah, I think it’s fine to say yes, some of those more prestigious opportunities. But if you’re just getting started, and you’re feeling like, you know what some of these opportunities I’m not completely ready for. It’s okay. Not everything has to happen tomorrow. It can happen three months, six months, or even a year from now.



So that’s great advice. That’s great advice. Well, I understand that you are going to bless our audience with a little something special. So why don’t we talk about that for a moment?



Yes, absolutely. So one of the things that people always ask me is, what do I say to the media? What do I pitch to them? What will they be interested in? Because the truth is, there are a lot of people that are reaching out to the media, if you’re looking to be featured in Forbes, or maybe on your favorite podcast, you’re not the only person reaching out. And so what I’ve done is I’ve put together this 12 month publicity calendar, so it’s 12 months worth of story ideas, special dates and hugs we get into the media Because at certain times of the year, the media is really excited to receive pitches about certain kinds of stories. And that makes what you’re sharing more special because you can tie it into something that is relevant and interesting to the media right now. So this 12 month calendar is actually over 40 pages worth of story ideas that my team and I put together, we spent a ton of time on it weeks and weeks and weeks. But you know, you can get instant access to it. And you can get it at impacting calendar. So it’s one word, Judy j u dy calendar. So impacting calendar, you can get our 12 month publicity calendar, you know, people have used this calendar to really map out their social media content, their newsletter content for the year, and addition to their publicity content. And people are like, Oh my gosh, you could like sell this. It’s so valuable, but it is 100% for free. It’s a free gift to you. So you can go ahead and get an impacting calendar.



Wow. So you know, thank you for that. Ladies, do not wait, go snaps that right now. Because as Selena says, this is a this is a workbook, really, that can get you to that next level in 2022. This is wonderful. So before we go, tell us where can we find you? Where’s the best place to find you?



Yeah, I mean, so the best way to stay in touch is definitely to get the publicity calendar because you’ll stay posted on all things in my world. But in addition, my website is just my name, Selena, s e l e n a su s I’m also on Instagram, I love connecting with people there. So those would be the top two places to find me.



Okay, super. And I’m going to end with this. This is kind of off topic. But I don’t know if I ever told you Selena, my favorite place on Earth is a place called Rosemary Beach, Florida. And it is on the Panhandle. And I will be there. In the next few years. I used to say three now. It’s 2022. I’ll be there in two years. And so I just look to you as inspiration. You came, you know, in New York City, but you wanted to live where you wanted to vacation. And so awesome. So any insights on that for the entrepreneurs that have these big goals?



Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, I’m all about people creating their dream life, and just getting really clear on what it is that your heart desires. So yeah, I used to live in New York City. And while I loved it, I also kind of grew weary of it. And I was looking to, you know, be somewhere that was warm here around, and basically live where other people vacation. And I used to think like, you know, that was something I could do when I retired, I decided live my dream life now. And so I think for all of us, you know, we put our dreams on hold, whether it is choosing to live somewhere that we really want or choosing to make the impact that we want to make. And I know for myself, like, you know, I love the saying I didn’t come this far just to come this far, you know. And so if you’re following Judy, and you are looking to scale your business, I know that you’re meant to make a big impact in the world. And I you know, the saddest thing I think, is when people have so much to share, and they just keep it bottled inside, because they are afraid. And so you know, when I think about publicity, I kind of think about even like a spiritual thing. It’s about stepping into your full potential and making your biggest impact and transforming lives. So I’m so excited for people to check out the publicity calendar to use all the free tools I give them to start getting out there get their message out there and in the process, reach more people grow their business and build their dream life.



Wow. I love that we are so like minded pursue the impossible. And publicity is a great way to get there. So Lena, thank you again.



Thank you, Judy.



Alright ladies, thank you for listening and we will see you next time.


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