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Ep 239: How to Land Major Publicity (Even if No one Knows Your Name) with Selena Soo

One of the most famous names in publicity today is Selena Soo (having garnered a reputation as one of THE best in the space) helping visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors reach millions with their message.

Selena has been featured in innumerable media outlets has helped her clients (many of whom have become industry leaders themselves) get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and even national TV.

Selena’s signature approach to publicity emphasizes relationships (with influencers & the media) in a thoughtful and authentic way. (Ahhhh, breathe in that beautiful breath of fresh air...this IS do-able, ladies)

On this episode, you'll learn:
- Selena's story (how she got started in publicity and the one event that changed the trajectory of her life)
- how Selena (an introvert) overcome her own fears of visibility & 3 tips to help other introverts do the same
- a practical publicity plan, including: where to start, how much time is required & more
- the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to publicity (and what to do differently)

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