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Hey everyone, how are you happy and blessed Friday, this time was to be spent with Dana. But Dana has a sore throat and some yuckiness going on. So we will be rescheduling that show. And that’s going to be a good one, that is going to be a really great conversation. But I wanted to hop on here for just a bit, I thought I’d share four things that produced exponential growth for me inside my business in 2021. Just four things. So this will be a short one, but take notes, because I want you to see if these four things might be able to help you move your business in significant ways, even by June, you know, even in this first couple of quarters. Okay, the first thing that allowed me to produce significantly more revenue, and do it in a way that felt really good was that I focused on simplicity, simplicity, that is a hallmark to everything that I do. And it’s because I’m really living it out. And I see how focusing on simplicity. Well, it simplifies everything right. So when I say simplicity, I mean, I looked at everything inside my business, from the offers, like do I need a whole, you know, offer suite? Some gurus out there, say you do? Well, don’t always think you have to listen to everything that gurus that have millions of followers and they’re making, you know, 10 million and more a year, they, what they say you should do or need to do, may not work for you. It may not right. So for me, I choose to have a lean and mean business, I want high profitability. I don’t want an army of employees, I want a few key employees. So for me simplicity. Okay, so simplifying my offers right now I have one signature offer. It’s my joyful scaling mastermind, I am going to be opening the doors next week for another another round of ladies to start. That is kind of where I am decided to put my business into less offers. But me showing up more for those clients in a more limited, more manageable number of offers, if that makes sense. Okay, so my mastermind that is my higher ticket right now, that is a one on one basically, with me delivered in a group setting. And so my clients inside the mastermind get a lot of access to me, right, weekly trainings, you know, constantly, you know, 24/7, basically, inside the Facebook group, we meet together live in April and November. So there’s lots of access and strategy direct from me, I know my clients, and I know their businesses. So that was important for me. So I very much streamlined my offer suite, for lack of a better word, okay? Then I also simplified the doing, right, so I eliminated what I don’t need to do. And first, let’s put it this way, your brain dump everything. If you feel like and I know a lot of you do. If you feel like you’re doing too much, probably because you are right. And if you feel like you are running out of time, every day, and the to do list just ever grows, and the projects just keep not being finished. Maybe you need to do that take the time to brain dump what you’re doing, because as a CEO, we really have to get out of our own way and stop being the cork, the cog in the wheel, right. So, you know, I wrote out what was I doing that I really didn’t need to do. If a guru told me to do something, you know, post five times a day, I wasn’t doing that, or be everywhere and do it all. I said, No, I’m not doing it. So what are you doing that maybe you really don’t need to do? And in the way of marketing? Do you track what you’re doing? To know what the ROI is to even determine if it’s something that it makes sense to continue to do? But anyway, I’m gonna I’m digressing a bit. So eliminate what you don’t need to do. Okay. And then as for what you believe you still need to do or that needs to be done. Rather, if you believe something still needs to be done inside your business, then you’ve got to determine if it’s something I need to do, or is it something that I could and probably should delegate to others? Okay, so the number one thing that I did, that produced really exponential growth in my business last year was simplification. And isn’t that a beautiful thing? Isn’t that a breath of fresh air? Right? It’s not doing more in factories figuring out



what what I can take off my plate. What I can take off of the business’s plate what it doesn’t even need to be done at all. Okay, so simplification, okay. The second thing that I did that produced exponential growth last year was and this really is the number one thing. Faith, faith, I run my business intentionally as a faith filled person, right Jesus Christ filled person. And as I do that, I’m creating a faith fueled business, not just faith based. My faith fuels my business, okay, built on the truth of God’s holy and perfect word. And I’m running the business in a way that is worthy of me being known as a Christ centered person, and my business, being a Christ centered business, right? And producing the fruit of the Spirit. I am, right as I’m running the business, so I’m running the business with more peace, and more joy. Right? More called steadfastness. Right. Patience, all of that. Right? The world. It’s funny. That’s that’s the faith aspect. And the world. They have they call it faith, but really, it’s belief, right? The world has belief, belief in the universe, or belief in themselves, whatever it might be, right. But for us, Christians, faith in Christ serves as the very root of our belief as Christians, right? We believe in Christ, and that is the firmest of foundations something real and substantive, even though we don’t see it, right. We know it. Right. And so faith in Jesus Christ as Lord is, you know, something you can really ground your belief in. And that faith, and that belief, right, allows you to believe even in the impossible dream, right, that you may have for your business. Now, look, not everybody’s looking to make a million bucks. And that’s totally fine. Success is not measured by dollars. I think success is measured by how I work as unto the Lord. You know, how am I impacting people’s lives? Right? And what’d he say, Well done, good and faithful servant. That’s success for me. Whether you know, you’re at the 10k month level, or the 50k month level or the 100k level, it’s how are you running your business? Is it is it run in the way that God would approve it. And when you have faith, combined with big dreams have big impact. And you really, really believe and your faith is stronger than even those impossible dreams. It seemed impossible yesterday, all of a sudden, they start coming to fruition. Okay, so first was simplify, like focus on simplicity. The second thing I did to experience exponential growth was really go all in on my faith. And, and frankly, as a part of that, too, I am more bold in my faith than ever before, both personally and in my business. So it’s been asked of me that, Judy, I see you only work with Christians, Christian women. You know, do you only work with Christian women who have a Christian business like that is the Christ is part of their brand? And I said, No, not at all. Half of the ladies I work with are bold about their faith in Christ as a part of their business and half love the Lord. They want to get to know Him more and build their business on him right on faith in Him. But Jesus is not forward facing in their business. So if any of you are wondering that, thought I’d throw that in. Okay, so we’re up to number three. What’s another thing that I did to experience truly exponential growth? I’m talking about six figure leaps in business, like nearly, you know, just over half mil. I mean, it was an insane year. I managed my thoughts, manage your thoughts, being intentional about what I think about, including what I think about me as a CEO, as a business coach, as a consultant as a marketing strategist, a sales strategist, right? What do I think about myself? And what do I think about my clients? What do I think about those offers? Do I believe in them? Do I think they work? Right? What do I think about them as I’m putting together intentionally thinking about what I’m thinking about as I am doing a social post?



as I am, you know, writing an email, as I’m thinking about my master classes, as I’m delivering the master classes, what am I thinking about? Right? It’s important. You’ve got to be thinking right thoughts, Philippians, four, eight, you can’t be, you know, as we ladies often are self deprecating. And as we’re talking and delivering this, we look at ourselves in that camera and say, Oh, my goodness, look at my this, that and the other, nobody cares. And we can’t, as we draft our email sequence, say, Gosh, I wonder if this is gonna work? I still no, no, we’ve got to say I love my best clients. That is who I’m writing to. And I know her. And so this email is going to be received by her. She’s going to find it so valuable. I know it, I know it, I know it, I spend my time thinking about write thoughts. You know, I think about my life, my life, how am I? How am I living my life? I’m at that joyful scaling. Am I walking my talk? Right? am I experiencing joy? Could I experience more joy? How you should be asking yourself these questions as well. Right. And even the last thing I’ll say about thinking, you know, when we hop on the phone with people, whether it’s a collaborative opportunity, or whether you are going on a sales conversation, right? What are we thinking about? Are we thinking about, gosh, I can’t wait to serve this person, and ask some good questions and get them to think in and, and help lead them to a decision that is good for them the best next step for them? Or when you’re about to hop on a call? Are you having thoughts? Like, I’m not really into this? I she’s probably gonna say no. Anyway, I mean, these are important things. And you might think that some of those negative things I just talked about, were thoughts only from those getting started. But I know from working with tons of women that are at the six figures and beyond, sometimes those thoughts creep in, what do you do when they do? Right? Do you have a methodology? Do you have a way that you deal with those thoughts that you’ve got to kick out? Okay, so the four things I did to get exponential growth in my business last year, simplify, go all in on my faith, manage my thoughts. And finally, develop my own IP, my intellectual property, my own methodology, curating a step by step, right, basically taking what I’ve already been doing, and then simplifying it into my unique process that nobody else trademarked, of course, that nobody else can copy. Okay, creating your own methodology, your own pathway, your step by step. Have you done that? Have you done that? If you haven’t? My question is why? Why not? Look, I know, I work with coaches, as well as other other entrepreneurs, I work with a wide variety from various industries, right. And I know coaches sometimes get excited about their certifications, and that is a credibility marker, don’t get me wrong. And I’m also thinking about some other industries, like, like accounting or ops, and there are all kinds of certifications out there. But, you know, at the end of the day, I don’t really want you to tout somebody else’s methodology, you can incorporate it into yours. But I would urge you to create your own methodology, right, curate your own unique way of incorporating maybe those techniques or tools or processes, but make it your own. Nobody wants nobody, you know, people buy from people. People, you know, okay, I’m going to use a silly example, but I think it holds true. I’m in my living room right now. And you can see my decor. You can see the American flag. I’m a patriot. Some of you are gonna love that. Some of you are going to be like, she’s one of those. Okay. And I know that’s what you think about Jesus to some of you are gonna say, oh, my gosh, she’s so bold in her face. He claims Christ, unapologetically. I want that. And others of you are going to say, Oh, she’s one of those. But ladies, here’s the point. We’ve got to be authentically who we are



and more bold I get in, in totally embracing who God made me to be, as I used to say warts and all I am what you see, I am not the kind of coach that you know one way before the sale and a different way after the sale. Because to me, it’s not about the sale. It’s about relationship, and true life and business change. So, I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts. Which of these four ways these four things I did last year that significantly bumped up my revenue and my joy in in the business? You know, which of these might you think about? Looking further into for yourself? I’d love to know. Listen, Valentine’s Day is coming up on Monday. I hope and pray that you have a beautiful, relaxing, fun weekend. And I will see you next Thursday for thriver Thursday. Live laugh love you off.


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