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Right Welcome. Welcome to thriver Thursday live ladies the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies. And of course, we’re going to grow in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ as well. Welcome, whether you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, on my joyful scaling podcast, I always turn these into podcast episodes because I know you ladies, tell me you love to listen again, as you’re walking, as you’re putting your makeup on and so on. Well, listen, welcome. Last month, the focus of our thriver Thursday lives was our mindset, right? It’s our thoughts and our beliefs, beliefs about ourselves and about our business, like, what do we do? How do we do it, and even beliefs about our clients, and all with the overarching truth that success begins and ends with your faith. Because our beliefs, our thoughts and our actions, all flow from what we believe, but we really believe our faith foundation. So if you missed any of the past episodes from January, whether you want to watch the video here, or you want to listen to the podcast, they are there for your consumption, I highly recommend it. Okay. Now, throughout this month of February, our weekly live trainings are going to focus on strategy. Now this is where I shine, ladies. After 20 years as a trial lawyer, and also in the C suite, I can’t help but think strategically, problem solving, anticipating what’s next and taking full advantage of every opportunity and even creating opportunities. That’s what I do. That is my genius by God’s grace. And so today’s topic is the best marketing strategies of 2022. And marketing. That’s one of my all time favorite topics to cover, because my opinion is very different than anything you’re gonna hear out there. Okay? It’s an entirely unique way of approaching marketing. And to die, no surprise, it’s grounded in faith in Christ. And it in no way I’m proud to say, involves faith, or really any concern at all. When it comes to an algorithm. I couldn’t care less with the algorithm says, Okay, we’re putting our faith where it belongs in the one who made us the one who matters okay, hallelujah. Can I get an amen on that? Look, from talking with you? Powerful Women on mission to serve with their God given gifts through their business? I know that the world has you duped? That’s right. The world has so many of you duped they’ve convinced you that success comes from the world. From outside of you, like you got to do it their way. Kind of do it this way, kind of do it that way. You’re never gonna make it right. But I’m here to tell you sister,



they are dead. Wrong. Can I get an amen on that? Okay, we are going to talk today about what marketing is and what it isn’t, what the true goal of marketing should be, and the best marketing strategy today, and how you can confidently choose your go to marketing strategy for the year. Okay. And oh, yes, praise God, that you’re here for this one. Okay. He is speaking, I am just the messenger. Okay. Now, before we dive in, I want to personally invite each and every one of you who are serious and committed to growing your business, I want to invite you to an upcoming masterclass, I’m leading. And it’s called three steps to scaling simply and joyfully. If you go to bit dot L y slash simple scaling, all lowercase scaling, you can register find out more about it. Listen, these three steps that I’m talking about. That is what’s standing between you and the business that you want. A business that serves your clients to the most literally changing lives for the better, all while allowing you the freedom you want, why you got into the business in the first place, specifically financial freedom, and even more time freedom. Okay, now I know for some of you, all of that may sound like just a dream. Like, it may not feel possible for you right now. But it is absolutely possible. And all it takes are the three steps I’m going to be sharing with you three steps that generated literally millions for me and my clients over the years and here’s the best part. We’re talking about success in business without compromising your faith ever. Okay, in fact, we’re doing business in a way that is not only faith based but faith fueled with Jesus at the very center of it all. Believe me. You don’t want to miss it. It happens February 15 At one o’clock Eastern, and you’re gonna need to register because it happens. It is Exclusive Zoom Room, the replays going to be sent to those who registered if you can’t make it live, but believe me, you’re going to want to change your schedule and make yourself available. Okay, so to save your seat or learn more, go to scaling, all lowercase. It’s free. It’s going to be more valuable, though, than anything that you bought. Okay, I guarantee it. Okay, again, scaling, let’s go to God and invite Him in. And then we’re gonna dive on into marketing. Heavenly Father, you are so good. Praise You, Lord. Hallelujah. It is so beautiful to be able to pause and come to you. There’s always time for you, God,



you but for you, we wouldn’t even exist. How gracious you are that you invite us to come to you.



And even more gracious you are where you say come boldly to the throne. And ask me what you need. And I will give you wisdom. I love that Lord. It gives us such a peek into we can’t comprehend the depth of your love, Lord, but that that says so much, right? They’re come to me. I am God. I am the creator of the world. But I invite you in. So Lord, we thank you for that. We praise you for that. And we are asking that you be here with us and you promised that we’re two or more are gathered in your name. You are here so Hallelujah. Thank you God for being here. I pray that you are guiding the words I’m saying if there’s something on the page here that I’m reading from that I got from you know, preparation today in prayer that you want to change. Take overlord takeover I am your vessel. May your words hit the hearts and minds of everyone that’s watching now and may make an impact to serve your purposes. Lord, we love you. And we trust you help us to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus our Lord we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, thank you all for joining me say hello. Someone said hello from Facebook. I don’t know who you are. I’m so sorry. It doesn’t indicate who that is. Welcome. Welcome, everyone. Okay, marketing’s today’s topic, and I hear it all the time. You are saying to me, leads leads, I need more leads. That sound familiar. Okay. Leads Leads, I need more leads. Okay, we’re gonna be talking about that statement says a lot. But to me, firstly, that statement raises a bunch of important questions. Okay. First, why? If you would say that to me, I would say why tell me why you need more leads, like explain it to me, like, what’s the purpose? And if in response to my question, you say, Judy, if I had leads, I’d have more clients? And to that, I’d say really? How’s that? Tell me, tell me tell me. And then you might say, well, leads fill my pipeline of potential clients. And so if I had a fuller pipeline of leads, I have more people I could sell to people ready to buy? Okay, how do you know those leads are ready to buy? Hmm, great question, right? How do you know if someone is ready to buy? Especially ready to buy from you? Okay, let all this kind of just get in. Right. Another question that I have for those of you saying Leads Leads, I need more leads. Tell Me More specifically, what kind of leads you’re looking for? Leads are people right? So what type of people are you wanting to have in your pipeline? Do you know? And oh, by the way, when you have these leads in the pipeline, how will you get them from the pipeline to a client? Like what is your sales process? And does that sales process involve nurture? Hmm, okay, now, that raises yet another question in my mind, these leads are people, right? So in the way of nurture, what’s the goal of that nurture, right? Is it first and foremost to sell? Like the Guru’s tell you it’s a numbers game. Just keep getting the leads, getting the leads, the more leads the more sales or is the goal of the nurture really about relationship? Nothing more, nothing less. That’s powerful, right? Actually getting to know the leads as people, valued human beings, getting to know them, learning more about them, especially when it comes to your area of expertise and their situation right now to see if they need your help if they want your help if you can help them Right. And one final question when it comes to Leads Leads, I need more leads. Just saying that or even just thinking it. Does it feel good? Like is that statement is that thought Leads Leads? I need more leads? Is it at all empowering? Or is it in fact deflating? Like a showing of desperation and grasping and dare I say it, salesy,



huh? Yeah, I’m a deep thinker, high level thinking, looks critically with discernment at statements at information received. And high level thinking does not blindly accept out of hand, right? We don’t just accept you say something, a guru says something. And then I accept it as gospel truth. Heck, no. Okay. We are high level thinkers, we’ve got to be critical thinkers. That’s what CEOs do. Okay, so high level critical thinking, which is a skill set that every successful CEO possesses and holds dear right? This high level Critical Thinking demands examination of the information that’s being received. Because we realize that what’s good for somebody else, or their company, may or may not be right for me. And my company, right? independent analysis must be had, along with prayerful consideration before accepting any statement of fact, that’s put out into the world by anybody. This analysis and prayerful consideration requires a level of decisiveness, confidence and leadership. Exactly what a CEO needs to be right. So that you can think strategically to determine what is best for you. It’s a call steadfast knowing that there was always time to think, to consider to pray for guidance from the one who knows at all, can I get an amen on that? You see, too many believers react. They react to things the way non believers do blind acceptance, following without independent thinking. And that gets you into trouble and actually make things makes things harder than they need to be. And of course, this blind acceptance and following without thinking happens in all areas of our life, right? It’s not only in business, it’s in life, it’s in politics, it’s in education, it’s even in the church. Some say, Well, if a pastor says it, it must be true. No, no, no, not necessarily. And that’s why God is so good and gracious, he gave each of his children discernment, the gift of the Holy Spirit, hallelujah. Are we using that precious gift? God’s way, is not the way the world, His ways are higher, his thoughts are higher. Okay. So when we think and use our brain, and we are wise, by seeking the wisdom of God Almighty, right? That’s what we’re called to do. Don’t waste that precious gift. And let me tell you thinking, you may, you may, you may not get this, but let me tell you something, I thought it too. But thinking is fun. There is joy. When you exercise this muscle, I think it’s a muscle organ, your brain, okay, there is joy in using it. Let me tell you something else. Your brain is your most valuable business asset. Because your brain is where all creation happens. It’s where you imagine the possibilities. And it’s where you create the creation of your brand, creation of your proprietary methodology, your unique way of doing what you do and delivering results to your clients, right? The creation of your programs and your services, all the incredible value that you bring to your clients. It all comes from using your brain. Okay, high level thinking, I think it’s so underrated. But aren’t you tired of the copy and paste brand or program? The same old, same old where everybody looks the same? Everybody does the same? Listen, sister, God has more for you. God has better and he wants to give it to you.



And so we need to be sure that you’re seeking him asking God to reveal his wisdom and his way to you. And then our part in that is to listen. Once we ask we listen, we stand still with excitement to hear Hear his good word for us, right? That’s exactly what I do. And God has been so faithful to reveal things to impart amazing things to me. Because I not only asked, But I listened. And I receive the goodness that he has for me, thank you, Jesus, trust me on this lady’s high level thinking, strategic analysis, not blindly following, or even trying to keep up with the Joneses. That is God’s way of doing business. Okay, and it’s so fun. It really is fun. And in working with my clients inside my joyful scaling mastermind, I see them embracing the importance of this high level thinking, honing their critical thinking skills, and they are having huge breakthroughs and having fun along the way. They’re becoming the powerful, bold, courageous CEO that God made them to be. And their confidence reflects that their revenue reflects that one of my clients had an $86,000 month. Okay. My clients are seeing the possibilities. They’re pursuing even the impossible. And that’s yours. Right? When we pursue God’s plan and purpose, serving others through business, it’s limitless. Because our God that we serve is limitless. Hallelujah. So are we going to him so important? All right, let’s talk about marketing strategies. Type in the comments, the marketing strategy that you think is the number one best working strategy in this new year of 2022. Go ahead and let me know. They’re numerable really, as you’re as you’re going to be typing and writing that in, I want to just say this, the different marketing strategies, there’s so many variations on a theme, I mean, they truly are innumerable. There’s online, offline, paid and organic. Okay, speaking writing, video, networking, even snail mail, so many choices. And you know, sometimes the choices can feel overwhelming. You almost wish there weren’t so many choices, right? So how do you know which strategy actually works? How do you know what strategies will work for you? So in the comments, I have email blogging, ah, people focused marketing yay, one of my clients Beautiful. Okay. You might even be surprised with this answer. Hmm. Okay. So what do you think the best marketing strategy is today? Think it might be tick tock Instagram reels clubhouse, YouTube, writing a book running a Facebook group? How about LinkedIn newsletters, if you’re not subscribed to mine, they’re on LinkedIn, please make sure to seek me out. I have nearly 2000 subscribers. I’m so blessed. Thank you. Thank you. And I promise to deliver quality content for you each and every month. What about LinkedIn live? Or how about blogging, writing a book that I already say that podcasting or maybe getting on live speaker stages? Somebody else just said the one you do consistently? Well, absolutely. That’s true, right? And like I said, How about handwritten letters through the mail or email marketing and social posting and DMing? Right, what works? And how do you decide how do you decide what what you are going to focus on? Because surely you can’t do it all, despite what the gurus out there tell you to do, okay. Now, the number one marketing strategy for 2022 is a lot of things to a lot of different people. Okay, according to digital, in an article called 2022 marketing is in 2021, marketing. They have a list of five tactics to add to your marketing this year. And they include Twitter, automated messaging on Instagram, and adding an affiliate program. That’s what they think you should be doing. Now, Inc has their own list of strategies to implement this year, including, like an obvious guidance. Here’s one, it’s just it’s so obvious and simple. It’s like, Is this supposed to be news? He said, create remarkable content. Shoe, thank the Lord. We found that right couldn’t figure that out on my own.



Now, Forbes offers this advice. They say marketers need to think strategically to focus on what really drives their business growth. Another Whoa, doesn’t that make it all clear? Here’s the point. Here’s the point. Ask 10 people, what the best marketing strategy is for the year and you will get guaranteed 10 different answers. Now, before that brings you a feeling of discipline. I’m here to tell you it’s great news, right? Here’s the truth. All marketing strategies work. When done right, by the right people. Did you hear what I said? So, you know, remember what some people say email marketing is dead? No, it’s not. They only say that because they want to focus you and convince you to do it their way. Others will say DMS are done, don’t do it, do this. Instead, I don’t espouse any one marketing strategy. When I work with my clients, I go through this rubric that I’m going to be going through here. And then together, we strategically decide what makes sense for you. There is no cut and paste. There is no go to one marketing strategy for all period don’t get what do I always say boom, swaddled, don’t be duped. Okay. All marketing strategies work. Something that somebody else says is dead could work for somebody else. Okay. And it all depends on so many things, the industry, your target audience, the execution of the strategy itself, among other reasons, right? So look, all of that opens up a world of opportunity for you, it has all the potential to work. So you have options. And that means you get to decide. And those options, and the fact that you are in the driver’s seat is awesome news, right? Especially for you control freaks out there like me, okay, but I’ve worked with enough women to know that the fact that all marketing strategies could work, could leave you feeling overwhelmed, maybe confused, maybe like, okay, ah, I’m throwing up my hands, because now I have no idea what to go, right. Um, you know, you could say, wait a minute, wait a minute. Now, now, I don’t know what to do, because I follow this woman over here. And she says do this. But just yesterday, I saw an ad pop up. And another expert said, This is the secret to consistent five figure months. And then the ones that here’s the way to six figures, and somebody else said this is the million dollar strategy that’s going to change everything for you. Does that sound familiar? But here’s the deal. As a business coach, my number one job, in my mind, is to empower my clients. My job is to teach you business, timeless marketing and sales principles that have proven to work for over hundreds and 1000s of years, meaning they will continue to work as long as the earth continues to turn. Regardless of the advancement of technology, no matter what new tactic comes down the pike, okay, no matter what little computer, whatever comes up, okay? You got to master business, ladies. That’s how you win. You got to educate yourself on the foundational principles, empowering you with the knowledge, the tools necessary so that you as the CEO can confidently decide where to focus you and your team’s marketing time, efforts and money. Ah, freedom, freedom. So let’s get educated. Okay, let’s get educated. Who’s excited? What is marketing? Oh, my goodness, how about we start here, Google that just pop in definition of marketing, you’re gonna get millions of results in about 0.57 seconds. Okay. So let’s keep this simple. Marketing, at its most basic, at its very foundation is simply this telling the world, who you are,



who you serve, what you do, and why you are the best. And not just telling them but showing them. All of your marketing does those things. It tells them and shows them who you are, who you serve, what you do, and why you’re the best, those four things. Okay. Now, admittedly, there are nuances and specifics under each of those four components that I just went through. But that what I just said is a working definition of marketing that will help you to guide yourself and decide where you’re going to focus your marketing efforts, time and dollars. Okay, so you’re like, what, really? How does that help me okay, you ask yourself these questions. EMI, and this is what you’re looking at what you’re doing now, kind of like an audit. Look at what you’re doing now. And ask yourself look at what you’re doing now and ask yourself, am I telling the world who I am, who I serve, what I do and why I’m the best? Does your website do that? Your social posts do that? Does your email do that? Okay, or eschar and be real. Okay, be honest. am I hiding? Am I holding that? Like, if I were to objectively look at your marketing? Will I easily see who you are? Like what you stand for what you believe what you’re all about? Is it clear who your ideal client is? Well, anyone who finds you on social or on your website, understand what it is that you do? And does your copy your imagery, the way you show up? Does that show people that you are the best? Ladies, that’s marketing? So there’s no need to overthink it? Right? Every marketing strategy you can name has worked for someone. And that same strategy has not worked for someone else. So it’s not about which one works, the question is, which one will work the best for you. And you’re in the best position to determine that for yourself. If you use your brain, and you think at a high level, strategically, and all of that in conversation and consultation with the Lord God, now being me as a coach, and a strategist with 30 years, plus a business experience, sales experience, real life battlefield experience in the courtroom, in the boardroom, and in my 20s in the storage room of Macy’s, and on the sales floor, right, managing a multimillion dollar lingerie department, merchandising the inventory, leading a team of salespeople training them on sales, talking to the buyers in Manhattan, all of that real world experience in the work world, right? Plus 56 years of life on this earth as a lover of Christ, that all comes to bear on my work with my clients. And so I teach them the skills they need to see the possibilities to make sound wise decisions, to think and act like a leader. I teach my clients business, and specifically how to win a business. I’m a lawyer, I don’t lose, right? That’s not the name. Well, that’s not why we’re doing what we’re doing. Okay. It’s about tools, knowledge and skill set that will take my clients as far as God has purposed them to go, making greater and greater impact and experiencing joy in the process, joy in the every day, even in the mundane. That’s what we’re called to do. Right? And that is what makes my coaching so powerful. By God’s grace, I equip my clients to step into their CEO role as they fully embrace who they are in Christ. Hallelujah. That’s the point. Who are you in Christ? Take off the doubt the fear, the insecurity, right? High level coaching, real business training, a business, unapologetically founded on faith, faith in Christ, and that fuels everything you do. Your success is inevitable. Your success is limitless. When you implement timeless business principles, and it’s all founded on faith. It’s like a firm and confident knowing that this is where God has called you. So with that, what marketing strategy do you choose? Now listen, some



of my clients do cold calling. most do not. But there are those that do it. They love it. And they’re great at it. And it works for them. Some of my clients do live multi day challenges. Others do webinars, others wrote about nurturing their past clients and, and getting referrals as they meet new people, right. And still others focus on LinkedIn. And in each case, their business is growing. And they’re growing as a CEO. And as I said, one of my clients had a fantastic month at over 80 grand, and others had like 1215 $20,000, okay, it’s crazy, good. God is so good. They’re doing business God’s way and in a way that absolutely feels authentic to them and their brand. Right. So again, I come back to you, what strategy are you going to choose for your marketing? And you start with the very definition I gave of marketing, Who’s your ideal client? Where are they be there. And here’s the thing above all care about them. It’s not just a lead, it’s not like it’s not a transaction, ladies. It’s relationship. So you need to care about them. care enough about them to really get to know them, care enough to show up consistently for them, even when you don’t feel like it. care enough to give them real value. What they need to hear even if it’s not what they want to hear, right. Marketing is built on relationships. And that is a one to one thing, not a one to many thing okay? Give that serious thought like this is great. I’m able to through the podcast. You know get in the ear of 1000s of women every single week. That’s insane. I come live every week and I no more watch the replay that are here live with me. But this one to many thing has its place. But how I get from here, and the podcast to a client is absolutely a one to one thing. Right? How can you connect on that person to person level with the people that you really are meant to serve? Okay. And I love to follow up all of that with the question, How can I show up and connect differently? You see, the goal of marketing is to stand out. So if everybody’s going this way, I’m thinking, I want to go this way. Right? And guess who has the answer? The Lord God, right. When you’re in Christ, you’ve got him inside you. So let’s stop looking as believers outside. Let’s stop looking to unbelievers for advice, and let’s stop doubting, overthinking and being afraid. And let’s trust the one who called us to this in the first place. I’m telling you, he is dying to tell you the answer. And he’s waiting on you. He’s waiting on me to show him our faith that we really do trust him. And it’s that simple, ladies. Okay, you can’t hear anything. That’s weird. Maybe because the phone call came through. Sorry about that. I’m hoping you can hear me anywho sirs, let’s keep going and hoping that God will work out those technical glitches. Okay. So as I said, it’s that simple ladies. No, I didn’t say easy. Okay. There’s definitely work involved here. When choosing where to focus your marketing efforts was not hard. So don’t overcomplicate things. You know, Someone recently asked me hey, Judy, should I be on Tik Tok? It seems so popular now. And someone said that it’s the latest and greatest. What do you think?



Well, my prayer is after listening to today’s training, the answer is clear. Or at least the way to find the answer is clear. Okay, go back to the definition of marketing and ask yourself Does being on tick tock make sense for me and my brand in light of who I am, who my ideal client is, how I do business and how I want to run my business. You see, I gave you the process. So when you have the process, but you know, the questions to ask, you possess the best path to finding the answer for you, you get to decide you’re the CEO. That’s what you do. Powerful stuff, right. All right. If you have questions, post them in the chat. If we run out of time live, I promise promise, I will come back and answer every comment later today. Now, if you are ready for more in your business, if you’re ready to do business God’s way, if you want real solid business training and not the latest tactic, instead, you’re looking for timeless, proven strategies that get results. If you’re looking for high level coaching and mentorship and solid strategy, grounded and founded on faith in Christ to grow your business from where you are now at or near six figures to multi six, and even seven figures, I want you to apply now, for a free consultation, where together we’re going to audit your business. And we’re going to map out the best way to get you to where you want to go. And do it with joy all along the way. The link should be there where you are it’s there in my bio. It’s scaling console with a capital J S MC joyful scaling console. Okay. In the meantime, I want to remind you to check out my brand new podcast page on my website, we’ve been working hard, Judy Judy, it is still a work in progress. But there you will find a really cool feature that allows you to record your voice directly to me so that I can feature you on my joyful scaling podcast. Now listen, I know you probably got questions, you got mental blocks, you got questions about overcoming sales objections or challenges with managing your team or maybe hiring a team member or handling a difficult conversation with a client to name just a few. I want to answer all of them. But I need to hear from you in order to do that. Okay, so head on over to Judy Scroll down a bit, you’re gonna see a button to click, and you can record your question. Or if you only have a question, I’d love for you to provide your feedback to the show. Okay, you can leave your testimonial right there. You don’t have to do it on iTunes. You can do it right there. Let your voice be heard. Leave a comment or ask a question today. Go over to Judy And then listen to upcoming podcast episodes to hear you featured on the show. Okay, I think there was an issue with Instagram so I’m not seeing anything there and I don’t see any questions pop up. So I am going to head out on this Thursday morning. I thank you for watching me oh what was the link for the coaching session All right, there is bit dot L y slash joyful with a capital J scaling with a capital S console with a capital C Okay, bit Why slash joyful scaling console? I would love to chat with you. And so I look forward. I wish I knew who that was, but I’m sure I’ll see you pop up in my acuity. Alright ladies, I love you so much. I’m here for you and come back every Thursday in February, we’re going to tackle strategy. And next Thursday, we’re tackling Ah, another goodie sales strategy. So in the meantime, if you have a sales question, going over to Judy Weber co slash podcast would be a great way for you to send me a voice note. Hey, Jude for the sales strategy session coming up next week. Here’s my question. I’d love to hear from you. Okay, you matter to me. I love you. Wow. God bless you have a beautiful rest of your day.


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