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Ep 237: The Belief Triad: Make Selling Joyful (& yes, even fun!)

Sales (& selling) have gotten a bad wrap. Just the word 'sales' conjures up a host of negative thoughts and feelings (….be honest, what comes up for you?)

I found that this is particularly the case for Christians, many believing that money is the root of all evil (which is actually a misquote of God‘s Word).

In this training, I share what I found to be the 'secret to success' when it comes to selling: the Belief Triad.

Have belief in all three of these areas and not only will you think positively about selling. You will look forward to it!

I know, I know. Seems too good to be true, right?

Well, where the Lord God Almighty is concerned, that’s par for the course!

And Jesus Christ is at the very center of THIS way of selling.

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