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Ep 234: Self Sabotage & the 3 Categories of Thought (+ a Special Invitation)

This is a raw conversation - intended to bring awareness as a tool to help you overcome a potential stronghold - sparked by a comment my sister made recently: 'self-loathing is a problem for women.'


I thought 'is that true for me?' (or is the term 'loathing' a bit of an overstatement)?

Listen as I make some tough confessions about myself when it comes to self sabotage & self loathing.

I also address the 3 categories of thought (where do YOU spend most of your time?)

Inside I share my powerful (grounded in God's Holy Word) step-by-step for overcoming 'the negative' that the enemy seems to feed our brain with. So you can pursue, without apology, those big 'impossible' dreams that the Lord God Himself put in your heart.

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