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Ep 231: 7 Things That Held Me Back from the Success That was Mine in Christ!

Despite your current success, do you ever feel like you're missing something?

Do you think you 'should' be farther along in your business than you are right now?

I see this a lot with my clients.

This got me to thinking: what ARE the stumbling blocks that hold us back from greater success?

I thought about my clients (who are the very best at what they do & do it with a focus on serving their clients to the uttermost).

And I examined my own entrepreneurial journey (and had a couple of gut-wrenching revelations...ouch!)

In this episode, I'm sharing it all with you. Specifically the 7 things that hold us back from the success that is ours in Christ.

How many of these do you see in yourself? (Awareness is the first step toward overcoming these stumbling seek them out with diligence)

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