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Ep 230: Fire, Heart & Soul: Women of Resiliency

Whether you know it or not, sister: you are resilient!
It's how God made us.

My guests on the show today are on mission to make sure that women - ALL women - know that about themselves.

Meet Natalia Williams. Owner & Founder of Charisma Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio. Super passionate about encouraging female entrepreneurs along their journey, she sees the rise of women launching businesses as a huge shift in the workforce. Many having walked through great challenges to reach success.

Meet Melissa Fossett. Professional teacher in both private and public school settings, she founded Creative Minds Tutoring LLC, in 2020.

Together Natalia & Melissa launched a new & special community for women, called: Fire, Heart & Soul: Women of Resiliency.

Its mission: to bring inspiration and empowerment to female entrepreneurs through the power of story, community and support.

Listen to learn their vision for providing a place for women to share their stories of overcoming adversity and walking in resiliency.

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The group’s first LIVE event happens January 26th at the beautiful Commerce Club in Greenville SC.

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