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Right, welcome. Welcome, ladies to thriver Thursday live, the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord. Today’s topic is a practical, workable framework for choosing faith over fear every single time, we need to choose truth over the enemy’s lies. I’m here on Instagram. I’m here on YouTube, LinkedIn, and my Facebook group. And I’m so excited that you are here. So please pop in the chat. Let me know who is watching. Now this is part two of my pursue the Impossible series. Like as I thought about this, pursuing the impossible is what I’ve done all my life. It’s not something I intentionally proactively did through the years. It’s rather what I discovered I did as I look back and reflected on my life, small town girl from a poor family with big dreams of feeling deep down inside that I was meant for big things. While my parents wonder how it would happen. I always knew I was going to college. I worked hard I got in, I graduated the top of the class, impossible goal accomplished. Later, I got over my belief that people like me didn’t go to law school. Like I really believe that. Right? So I got over that belief that was a lie. And what did I do? I took the LSAT, I got into Villanova law, I again, worked hard I made law review graduated the top 10 of the class and I landed incredible job opportunities to practice law and some of the very best firms in the greater Philly area. impossible goal accomplished. Right? Like how did that happen? I did not care if it was likely that a poor girl like me would ever go to college that learn law school. I didn’t let averages or what was probable stop me from what I felt that I was called to do. From what I knew, the Lord God had called me to. So years later, and three beautiful blows later, I started my first business that can 2003 I was an interior decorator. Now mind you, I was not professionally trained, did not go to school. I just loved decorating. And I watched every design show on HGTV. And I found that design was one of my many passions, and I was good at it. And while I knew entrepreneurship was not going to be easy, especially with three little kids under my foot, right, I decided I decided to jump in. And I was committed to that decision. And with that I took massive action. Because of my training as a lawyer, I was super strategic, very strategic about how to launch my business with a bang, I decided to participate in a local Home Show to get me in front of a lot of potential clients all at once. And I was determined not to be like most of the people you see at those shows, they participating. They paid to be there. But they’re sitting behind the table. They’re looking forward, disinterested or petrified to actually have to talk to somebody, do you know what I’m saying? So instead, I was very thoughtful and strategic. And I was thinking how, what can I do to attract people to my booth, so we can have a conversation. Long story short, I left that event, having booked 14 appointments, I was brand new, but I booked 14 appointments, and I went on to secure 10 clients in the next two weeks. Yeah, I would say that’s another impossible goal accomplished. God was at work through it all. He was the reason I could do any of it. And so to Christ be all glory and praise. Now, if you missed last week’s Training Part One of the series, you need to go watch it on YouTube, or listen on my joyful scaling podcast and I’m going to go back wherever you are, and drop the links to both Okay, in that training, I shared the one shift that changed everything for me. And it’s got nothing to do with a tactic. And it’s got everything to do with faith and how we think, okay, I go deep into this all important subject that nobody else is talking about. It is not for us, Christian ladies, it is not merely mindset. It’s about living your faith. And I mean, really living your faith. We’re all works in progress, myself included, so no shame or condemnation intended when you go back and it’s kind of tough love, right? But what is intended is to awaken you to go all in on your faith to live it. And I mean, live it out, like never before, to fully embrace who you are in Christ and allow your faith in Him to fuel you on to bolder, more courageous action. And not only in our personal lives, right, but also as business owners, we have unlimited potential to change lives. And then with that life change, we spur on this ripple effect to impact count. others, so we can’t play small. Okay? So listen, if you’ve been called Sr, to serve others through your business, like that’s why you’re here. Then I need you to stop doubting whether Is this what I’m supposed to do now stop doubting it. Stop questioning whether you’re a good Christian because you have big dreams, okay? Because it’s ridiculous. Those dreams are meant to make a difference. And yes along the way make money. That’s how it works. We need to stop feeling guilty about being ambitious, if that’s who you are, and I know that’s who I am. God made us this way. We need to stop believing the lies of the enemy, about the power of money, right? It has no power over you. When Christ is the Lord of your life. Can I get an amen on that one, serve God, keep him first in your business, do everything as unto the Lord. And when you go all in, on who we need you to be. And we say, Lord God, here I’m surrendering my fears, my doubts, my insecurities to you. When we do that, and when we allow God to really move in our



lives, when we be who it is He made us to be. That’s when impossible things happen for you, inside your business. What do I mean impossible things? Well, I’ll tell you what happens to me and it happens to my clients, right? Clients will come to you, seemingly out of nowhere. opportunities will present themselves to you opportunities that are like so big, you’ll think pinch me, is this really happening? You see God’s winner every time. And so when you walk in faith, and you step up to do scary new things, as a CEO, and you start every day, with hopeful expectation as to wow, how will the Lord show up and move today? What doors will be open? Right? And He reveals His plan and His pearls of wisdom about your business? When you live in your faith, trusting and believing and you’re hopeful and you know who’s guiding it all. You’re walking in God’s you know, in your God given purpose, and you’re faithfully stewarding and putting to use those amazing gifts and talents that he gave you. When all that happens? Your success is a done deal. It’s inevitable. Success, impact beyond anything you could have asked for, or even imagined. All by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in you. Hallelujah. And where did I get that? My life first? Ephesians 320 Look it up. Success is yours, my friend. And it begins with faith. How strong is your faith? Now, not faith in you alone? Okay, Judy’s great. I have faith in me. No, it’s not about self confidence. Okay. It’s about faith in the One who called you faith that he will do as he promised, right? One of his promises is that where he’s called you, he really quick you got to know he’s gonna come through on that. It’s faith, its belief it’s knowing. Okay, now all of that is a summary of last week’s training. But you will definitely want to listen back to the entire episode. That today I’m addressing head on the number one stumbling block that gets in the way of walking out that faith in the day to day as an entrepreneur. I’m gonna show you how to conquer it once and for all. Are you ready? Are You Ready? Ready? Ready. All right, let’s invite the Lord God to be here with us. And more than that, to speak through me today. And then we’ll jump in.



Heavenly Father, we thank you. We praise you God, that you are who you say you are, and that we can count on you. We can rely on you. We can like go all in and lead on you. And those beautiful, exceedingly great and precious promises that you put in your holy word god help us to live the faith that we profess, and and made that faith for others on to do the same. I pray, Lord, that I am just merely your vessel that you will speak today. Lord God, interrupt my thoughts interrupt my mouth, so that your message is the one that is released here, Lord, and may those words of you be felt and absorbed by the women listening here or on the replay Lord so that your will be done in their lives and in their business. We love you when we trust you help us to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Jesus your son, we pray, amen. Amen. Okay, so you started your day, excited, energized, ready to tackle it, right, feeling strong, feeling great. And then it happens. A client problem comes out of nowhere. Or maybe there’s a tech glitch, and that email never got sent, or your landing page isn’t accessible or that link just isn’t working. Or maybe it’s a person issue, maybe you had a fight with your husband. Of course, it was over something stupid, but the hurt is there, smack dab in the middle of your heart. Well, whatever the cause, and unexpected something happened, and it mucked up your day, right? It threatens to derail your awesomely productive day that you planned. Suddenly, you’re not feeling so excited and energized, you’re now feeling disappointed and dejected, you are exhausted, and unmotivated. And you look at your calendar, and you’re supposed to go live in two hours, and you know what, you just don’t feel like it. And your thoughts go, too, I can’t do this, I don’t have the energy, I’m not going to do a good job, you know, you become overwhelmed, you feel the pressure, because you know, you want to show up, you love your people. And you know, you should show up and be strong for them. But now these negative thoughts are rushing in these these bad feelings, right? And all your doubts and your insecurities and your fear seem to be pouring upon you. And it’s like I said, it’s overwhelming you. And it’s telling you, they’ll do it, the worse. Tomorrow’s another day. But while accepting that release, ah, just put it off, you know, that may initially give you a sense of relief, right? But at the same time, when you’re committed to your business right away, you get this knowing in your gut, right? This this nudge inside of you saying? No. Putting it off is not the answer. Do you got this? So what do you do? Well, ladies, this scenario, may yours may differ. But this happens all the time, doesn’t it? You find yourself at a crossroads a place that leads you to often think, what the heck am I doing? Like why am I doing this is this really for me. And at that crossroads, there are two paths you could take the easy road or the high road. Now, I’ve never been one to choose the easy road because I never ever wanted to be average mom said you’re a leader. She drilled that into me and I’m so thankful for it right? I refuse to choose the easy road just because it’s easy. I mean, I like to keep things simple. That’s like a main foundation and core principle of everything I do. Okay. But for me to take an easy way out. It’s got to make sense. And above all, it’s got to be the road that the Lord wants me to take. But Hmm, that begs the question, doesn’t it? How do we know what Jesus would tell me to do when I’m in this situation? Okay. Let me say this, there are definitely times when issues arise. That would no doubt necessitate you rescheduling that live or whatever it is on your plate right to deal with an urgent issue. But let’s be honest, I circumstances rare, you know that a truly urgent emergent issue has to be addressed like right now. So short of that emergency type situation, the Crossroads you find yourself in is a choice will I choose faith and walk forward in my god given purpose with boldness, no matter how I feel? Or will I choose fear, which is what I’m referred to as any I really when I say fear, I really kind of bulk that into any and all the lies of the enemy. Okay? It’s not a good spot to be in doesn’t feel good. But it is bound to come up regularly in our lives. We know this, right? Because the enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy and he’s real. And he hates when you and I walk powerfully in our God given calling. he detests it when we show faith and do hard things and scary things and new things with confidence in who we are in the Lord, right. So we have to be ready to confront the fear and the enemy’s lies always in the battle, as Joyce Meyer so aptly said in her book is in the mind. So it’s imperative that we get control of our thinking, we must manage our mind, we’ve got to direct our thoughts to the place that God calls us to. And that brings us to this framework, which I call the faith fueled thought model. Okay, now I’ll explain it and then I’m going to show you that’s why I have this thing behind me here and this this. I don’t know what do you call it the Blackboard type of thing. Okay. Now, this framework, this model is something that I developed in conversation with the Lord, this is his and I feel called to share it with you so that you win and conquer the enemy time and time again, right to move you forward so that you can impact your clients lives and fulfill God’s plan for your life. Now, the way the enemy works is he puts that thought in our heads like who do you think you are? Can’t do that. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re not an expert. Nobody cares. Here’s what you have to say, right? All that and more. Okay? And the enemy loves when things happen. Some of those examples I gave him earlier that pull us off course and lead us to those negative thoughts and the defeat, but stronger is He that is in me that is in the world. Hallelujah. And so that’s what we go to. Okay? When those negative thoughts enter our mind, we must have a practical way of dealing with them to ultimately say no, always. So there we go. How do we do that? First step is we need to see it for what it is. It’s a lie. You can’t do that. You’re confused. Nobody cares. That’s all lie. We got to reject it. Okay, it is the enemy God would never ever say that. He comes from a place of peace and joy and, and possibility. Okay, so anything that is not that is of the enemy. So when we call out the lie, and we reject it, we refuse to further think about it, okay? When instead replace that lie with truth from God’s holy, imperfect word. And that is what we think about that is what we ruminate on. It’s being intentional about what we think about. And it starts with the decision, I decide that I will not let the enemy win. Not today. Not ever, can I get an amen on that. We’re going to decide that God wins and in him, I am strong. So I will choose faith over fear. It’s that simple, ladies, and I know as a practical matter, it’s not easy. Okay? But it’s that truth, what God says about your situation. Ultimately, what God says about you like who you are in Him, that then fuels us forward to take action, and move forward with our mission or purpose and fulfill God’s plan for us. Now, I said we replaced the lie for the truth. But before it’s even possible, you got to know scripture. Okay? Every word of scripture we know is God breathed and it is absolute truth. There’s no relative truth. There is God’s truth. That is absolute undeniable, right? There are no half truths in the Bible. Okay. Now, earlier this week, I posted seven of God’s amazing truths, his promises, right, as to exactly who we are in Christ as believers. I’m going to reference those Bible verses here in a minute. And I encourage you to read each of them and memorize them. Make it part of your walk with the Lord to seek out more of His truths, right. So you can add this to your library. Keep an ongoing library of go to scripture verses for when you find yourself at that crossroads having to decide whether you’re going to cower in fear, or stand strong in faith. So these Bible verses are Zephaniah 317, Proverbs 315, Hebrews 1321, Psalms 139 14, Second Timothy, one, seven, Romans 837, and Second Corinthians 12. Now if you’d like me to send you the IG stories that my team created, and they are beautiful, so that you can have them and keep them in front of you, just DM me, wherever you are, right now I am at at Judy Weber, co wherever you are, and I’d be happy to get them to you. Okay, so you have a negative thought, this lie, okay, and it could just suddenly pop into your head. Or it may be preceded by that monkey wrench, like the examples I gave earlier. But, again, I’m repeating this to make sure it sinks in. Whenever a negative thought comes up, choose faith, over fear. No matter how you feel, no matter how exhausted and defeated and sad, you feel right, you choose faith and be who you are in the Lord. strong, courageous, bold, determined. Now, let me pause and ask you. Can you do that?



Does that sound doable? Now the toughest part of all that may actually be the awareness of that negative self talk. What I mean is, you may have heard those lies for so long. That you actually believe them. The lies like I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough. I’m unloved. I’m unlovable, I can’t do that, and so on. Right. You’ve heard them so long that you may believe them. Like those thoughts have become your thoughts so many times over and over net net net now. It’s habitual for you to think it and therefore you believe it. You actually unintentionally came to accept them as just who I am. But, but God, right, the best two words ever. Besides Jesus Christ, right? It’s the same thing. But God, I am here today, sister to bring the light to those lies, and to tell you that your identity is in Christ, and in him, you are worthy. In Him, you’re everything you need to be right. You are loved, you are lovable, and you can do anything since With God, all things are possible. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise You, Lord. So listen, one huge takeaway from today is pay attention to your thoughts, and do what God tells you to do. Right. And one of the things he says to do with your thoughts is to hold every thought captive, as unto Christ, call out the lies. You call them as you sees them right? No longer accept the enemy’s deception, no more. And then replace those lies with the truth of who you are, in Christ, powerful, courageous, equipped to do everything that God has called you to do. Now, can you do that? Will you do that? I’m praying that the Lord God’s gonna quick in your minds and your hearts to identify those lies to see them. Call them out. And then speak truth, God’s perfect truth over and over and over until his beautiful, empowering truth becomes yours, that it becomes real to you and you believe that you are everything that God says you are able to move mountains, even with faith as small as a mustard seed. That is my prayer. And I praise him in advance for how he’s going to move in your life and in your business from this day forward more powerfully than ever. How, why? Because of your faith, you’re growing and deepening faith in him. Okay, I know this is heavy, but this is so good. So good, right. Now, as hard as all that is, I’ve got to be real with you and say, you know, identifying the enemies blatant in your face lies like, like, you’re unworthy, and you’re unlovable, and nobody cares anything about you. And everybody thinks you’re whatever, right? All those lies. That’s kind of the easy part. When you know, scriptures, you can easily see oh, gosh, no, that’s a lie. I am not unworthy. God says I’m more precious than rubies. I am worthy. Okay. But the thoughts that become much harder for you to see. As thoughts that we as entrepreneurs, as CEOs must also reject. Besides those obvious ones, we just talked about our thoughts like these, I want you to pay attention, okay. Thoughts, like, I’m confused. I’m overwhelmed. This is too hard. How about this one? I hate sales. I can’t do sales. Or I can’t decide my niche, or I don’t know what program or service I should provide? I don’t know I’m confused. Or, well, that’s not working. Better change my offer. Better change my niche? Or how about this one? I need to lower my price. So more people buy? Or oh, gosh, I need to I need to add another offer? When you already have four. Okay. Stay with me. You may be saying God, what are you talking about? Are these lies? You may even be thinking, golly, I have those thoughts every day. If that’s you, how’s business? How’s business? If those are the thoughts you’d normally have? On a daily basis?



How’s it going? Listen, no judgment, no shame. This is a reality check. You see in working with clients inside my joyful scaling mastermind, and before that, inside my academy, I discovered the power of my clients thoughts. Our thoughts become our results. Let me say that again. Your thoughts become your results. So when you think I’m confused, or I don’t know where to start, or I just can’t decide, guess what? You’re right. That’s the result you get, you get stuck and you stay there. Am I right? And you keep ruminating? I don’t know. I don’t know. Okay. Now, while those thoughts may not be outright lies, because you may in that moment really feel that you may really feel I’m confused. I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know where to go. I don’t know where to start, right. So they’re not really like lies per se. but they are absolutely thoughts that must be rejected, so that you don’t remain stuck. You see, unlike the average business owner, high level thinking CEOs, like me and my clients, right, they’ve learned to manage their mind, meaning they manage their thoughts. They become acutely aware, they pay attention to what they’re thinking, because they know how powerful their thoughts are. Now, the Bible tells us this, this is not a woowoo type thing, I assure you, nothing I do is outside of God’s way of doing things, right. God’s way of doing business, in the Bible says, As a man thinketh, so is he. So yeah, God himself has told us, your thoughts are important. And that is why he commanded us to hold every thought captive, as unto Christ. bump it up, as I used to tell my kids against the Bible. What does the Bible tell us about that? Okay, now, as CEOs, we create our value, right? Through our thinking through our thoughts, as Christian CEOs were blessed to have the Holy Spirit and His infinite power behind those thoughts. So let’s agree, our God does not think small. Right. So whenever you think I can’t, whatever follows that no, this that thought is not from God, He is the source of all things of value, love, hope, joy, peace, life itself, there is no doubt in my mind, that in Him and through Him, and by him, we are called to pursue the impossible. So we need to reject any and all thoughts that call into question, that noble pursuit of the impossible. That’s fueled, it’s fueled by our steadfast faith in Christ. Okay, this is why, in my work with my clients in scaling their business, it is not just about the strategy. Okay, the strategy absent Christ can only get you so far. deepening your walk with the Lord is as important as any strategy or tactic that you could implement. Hey, listen, as Christian CEOs purposed by God, to literally change the world. Our precious time needs to be spent creating in service to our clients, creating amazing programs, courses, offers membership services, whatever that looks like for you. Okay, creating new ways of doing things more efficient, more productive, just playing better, creating new ways of looking at our industry, right, whatever that industry is, for you. fresh perspectives, being thought leaders, that’s what we’re called to do, right? Not only faith based, but faith fueled CEOs. We have a faith fueled business. Okay, now I’m going to show you what my faith fueled thought model looks like and how it works. Okay. But first, based on the model, as taught by the Life Coach School, which is absolutely useful. Okay, that’s what this this, my faith fueled thought model was based on, okay, the model as taught by the Life Coach School, but the only way that I found it truly powerful for me, was when I founded my entire thought life, on my faith in Christ.



So with that, let me show you. This is this is it now let me move this out of the way so I can see what’s going on. And if you’re listening on the podcast, you will need to watch this on YouTube so that you can get the full effect here. So this is my fake fuel thought model. Okay, so at the very foundation of everything we do is that our faith and our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, then becomes our beliefs. Right? Our perspective, our beliefs about the world and how we fit in it is all grounded in our faith. Right. So our faith leads to our beliefs and our beliefs then should lead to our thoughts. Our thoughts need to be grounded in what we say we believe what our faith foundation is. Here’s the thing, thoughts, then from a thought, we have feelings, those feelings will produce actions and those actions then will lead to results. But I wanted to kind of rewrite this to show you that the model from The Life Coach School begins with a thought. Okay, and it is useful, and we’re going to talk about that. But you see our thoughts How do I say this? Okay, let’s do this. So the thought that I talked about just now was I can’t decide my niche, or I can’t decide what program I should have, or I can’t even decide my goal for the year, right? My revenue goal, or I’m confused, basically, is what you’re saying. So in the typical model of The Life Coach School, they would say, well, that’s not a good thought. And when you think that I can’t decide, I’m confused, I’m overwhelmed. That’s going to lead to a feeling of overwhelm confusion, right? So it’s kind of the same thing. My thought is, I’m confused. That leads me to feel confused. Okay. So when you’re feeling confused, what actions are you going to take? Procrastination, disjointed kind of action, nothing really comes together. And when you have those kinds of actions, which is really inaction, the results you get is exactly what you thought, I can’t decide. You see what I’m saying. So no matter what actions you do with the thought of, I’m confused, you’re going to still get the same result, you’re not going to decide, you’re still going to be confused. Okay? So so what the model the life school model says is, well, you need to redirect your mind, and you have to have a better thought. You have to tell yourself, I can decide, I’m not confused. And there’s a whole way to do to get you from here to the opposite thought. But to me, it just never felt authentic. And so that is where I realized, wait a minute, I’m going to do for myself what I’ve told my kids, when you hear something, even when it’s yourself saying something, you need to bump it up against scripture. Like, is that really true? So let me let you in on a little secret, ladies. Whenever you hear the word, you hear yourself saying I can’t, or I’m confused, you know, it’s a lie. Why? Because I start with my faith. I examine my thought I hold it captive by looking at my faith. And God is a God of order, not a God of chaos. Number one, so I know that can’t be from God, that is a lie. I can’t is a lie. And we know again, I’ve said it a couple times here With God, all things are possible. So I know that’s a lie. So from that, then you can from being fueled by your faith, turn that thought around and speak truth.



I may feel overwhelmed. I may feel confused. But I know that’s not who I am. Because God tells me, I’m not. And so with that I that just knowing your identity in Christ, that you are powerful, that you are bold, right, that you are worthy. That spurs you on to say, You know what, I’m not going to go with my feelings. God says, Don’t trust your feelings go by what you know to be true. So if I know my identity in the Lord, I am not going to accept this. And I’m going to change my thought, I’m going to intentionally think something different. I’m thinking more powerful thought that’s ultimately going to get me to the result I really want. So as an example, it’s not that I can’t decide, you know, but but maybe I’m, I’m finding some difficulty in doing this. But a more powerful thought is, I can figure it out. With God, I can figure it out. And think about this, ladies. When you have a thought of I may be confused, I may feel confused, I may feel unsure. But when you then say You know what? I’m going to think not about that. I’m not going to even think that again, what I’m going to think of is truth that I can figure this out with God. I know I can do this. And so when you have that thought, fueled by your faith, and you get the Holy Spirit’s power involved in that he’s gonna love when you think that thought in him, I can do all things. I know, I can figure this out. I’m gonna ask God with that thought, all of a sudden you feel empowered. All of a sudden you feel like whew, I got this. I’m excited to go to the Lord. I’m excited to give thought to this and figure it out. And so that’s exactly what you do. And so ultimately, the result you get is You will figure it out, you will figure it out. Okay, that is the faith fuel thought model that will allow you to choose faith over fear every single time. Now, this is an entirely new concept. So I would highly encourage you to go back and listen to this again, watch this again. But I’m telling you, ladies, if you want crazy success in your business, and you are a Christian, who really, really loves the Lord, this works. I know. Okay, firsthand. Now, listen, join me next week for part three of this pursue the Impossible series where we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into this faith filled thought model. And I’m going to deal with even more with doubt, indecision and overwhelm, we’re going to go deeper with some examples, okay, and I’m going to be sharing how to achieve any goal you set. And yes, I said, any goal, okay, and guess where it starts, the thoughts, which really are grounded in your faith, okay. But in the meantime, if you are a high achiever, and you are 1,000% committed to growing your business, and you’re seriously thinking about working with a business coach to get you to your breakthrough into that next level, and you want to do business with Christ as the foundation, I’m going to invite you to a scaling strategy session with me on the call, I’m going to share my proven joyful scaling methodology, where it’s just basically three simple doable steps to business growth, and doing it all with joy. And on the call, we’re going to identify those thoughts that are holding you back. So to reserve your spot on my calendar, go to scaling console with a capital letter at the beginning of each word. So scaling console. Ladies, I can’t believe how the time has flown. I want to I want to invite you to ask questions here in the comments if you’re watching. And or tell me like was there an aha moment? When you’re like, wow, something hits you really hard, like a big takeaway, please let me know. Because then I know that I’ve served you well. Alright. So in the meantime, if you are not already in my joyful scaling for female CEOs and entrepreneurs who are Christian, if you’re not in my Facebook group, come on over and check it out. Just put in joyful scaling in the search bar in Facebook and you’ll find it and wherever you are, please do reach out. It would be my joy to connect with you. Alright, thank you for watching or listening as the case may be, and I will see you next time. Love you. Bye instead


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