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Ep 229: Kick Fear to the Curb: A Practical Framework That Works (Every Time)!

A Practical Framework for Choosing Faith Over Fear, Every Time!

In this Part 2 of our #PursuetheImpossible series, I share a practical (and simple) framework you can use to choose faith over fear, every time!

(YES, this totally do-able. For YOU, sister)

AND I introduce my faith-fueled thought model. Run a model every time a negative thought (ie, a lie) enters your head.

This is how you manage your mind, as a faith-fueled CEO who is making BIG impact, and doing it decisively and profitably.

>> Tell me: what was YOUR biggest takeaway? (share in the comments)

JOIN ME NEXT WEEK for Part 3 of my #pursuetheimpossible series when I'll do deeper into my Faith-Fueled Thought Model, walking you through real life examples of taking control & re-directing your thoughts - to the Truth in Christ.

It happens next Thursday @ 11 am EST, inside my Joyful Scaling FB group (! (Mark your calendars so you don't miss it)

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