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Hello, ladies, welcome to thriver Thursday live the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Today I’m sharing the one shift that changed everything for me personally and in business. And now I’m going to warn you that you may have heard this before, at least some variation of it. But if you’re like me, for far too long, you resisted doubting that it even mattered. For years. I was like, yeah, yeah, whatever. Okay, until I decided to take another look. Examine it for myself in consultation with the Lord. God, Could this really make a difference? It sounded worldly. Like, that’s why I resisted it for so long. Sounded overly simplistic. Helped me Lord, I prayed, I want to know. And what I learned in my quiet time with him was, yes, this is huge. With me, so I can’t wait to get into the details. We’re going high level today. Ladies, this one shift has nothing to do with tactic. But it directly impacts everything you do, including revenue generation, right? Because the ladies that follow me here on LinkedIn, Facebook, watch me on YouTube, they’re on Instagram, and they’re going to be listening to this on the joyful scaling podcast. You’re in business and you want to make a difference. Okay, so this we’re getting to the very heart of business for the Lord doing it his way. But first, what do you think this one shift is that changes everything I want you to tell me in the chat, wherever you are. Okay. Now, before we dive in, I want to invite you to listen, if you haven’t already, to my joyful scaling Podcast, the podcast is dedicated to my mission, which is to change and definitely uplevel the way Christian women do business, and I want you to do it without guilt. It is not a sin to make money, so long as you keep the Lord God your first priority. And you focus on serving others with the gifts that He gave you. And I’ve got big, big news. I’m so excited about this. This literally just happened in the last 15 minutes. How would you? How would you like to be featured on the show? Let’s do it. I’m gonna pop the link to my website where you can in real time, like, like, hit a button and ask a question, any question that you would like me to answer on the show, you’ll be able to, as I said, just hit a button record from your computer from your phone, a quick voice memo. And I want you to ask me anything related to business scaling, phase, strategy, sales, marketing, whatever it is. Or you can also leave me a testimony about how the podcast has helped you. Whether it’s a takeaway or a breakthrough you experienced whatever it is, I want to hear about it. And if you want to go right now head over to Judy Judy Weber Cove slash get hyphen featured, I’ll make sure to add it to my bio there and Instagram and I’m going to come back and put it on the post wherever you are watching. Okay. But with the podcast, there’s 200 plus hours of free training to scale and build your business. And I have a guide. And I think that link is wherever you are s podcast guide. And there I break down our top episodes by topic so that if you want to binge on marketing, great, have at it. You want to binge on sales. Awesome. It’s there. Okay. So I hope you’ll take advantage of that resource. So let’s go to God invite Him in. And then we’re going to talk about this one important thing that could change everything for you. Okay, Heavenly Father, thank You. Thank You, Lord, for who you are. Thank you that in you. We have everything we need in you. We can do even the impossible. God, I pray that my words are really yours that you have for these beautiful ladies that you’ve uniquely designed for me to deliver, just as you have for each of them inside their businesses, Lord, may these words be yours, as I said, and may they really impact the lives of those that are watching or listening. We love you and trust you for that God. It’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son we pray, amen. Amen. Okay, ladies, today, I need you to open your heart and your mind to this nugget of gold that I wish I accepted years ago. You see, I heard this message but as I said, I always discounted it. Oh, what a difference could this make really right? And when it was presented, unfortunately, it was more often than not couched in worldly words. And of course, I would say no thank you to that. And I still do, right. But I was in coaching programs and Masterminds where I saw non believers thriving, making literally millions of dollars a year, or on the fast track to doing that. And I’ll be honest, I was jealous and resentful. And I go to God and say, Lord, why? Why are they successful? They’re making money. Somehow they’re convincing all these people to hire them. And I know that I can serve people at least as well as they can.



I mean, have you ever found that? Have you experienced that? Now, inside the container of these programs and masterminds that I was in, you know, I was able to see these ladies behind the scenes, as opposed to what you see when they went live, when they went wherever in the world, right. And I saw firsthand that I, you know, it seemed that their focus was the money, and that they really didn’t seem to care about their clients, it was all about the numbers for them. It’s about the numbers and the transactions, and you know, checking the bank account, and it really wasn’t primarily about serving that was kind of a byproduct. And I’ll be honest, their success, based upon that way that they were in doing their business, that success literally made me sick. And I would say, Why, God, why. And my next thought, when I would ask that was, well, of course, they succeed, God is allowing them to pursue their small God, money. And and I thought of that powerful scene in God’s Not Dead. You remember that where the old lady had like a lucid moment, as she was there with her son, who was super successful. And I played it back this morning, because I wanted to capture it here for you. He said, the rich son who did not believe was looking at his mom with dementia. She looked like she was zoned out, right? And he said, he shook his head, and he says, You believed and prayed all your life. You’re the nicest person I know. And I’m the meanest and you have dementia. And my life is perfect. Explain that to me. Of course, he didn’t expect her to answer because she was a dementia. And she was kind of zoned out. But God made her lucid in that moment in this movie. And he got exactly what he asked for, as his mom said, sometimes people live a life seemingly free of trouble. Your sin is like a jail cell. Except it’s so nice and comfy. And there doesn’t seem to be a need to leave the doors wide open to one day time runs out, the cell door slams shut, and suddenly it’s too late. And so as I was thinking back to that scene, I thought, Oh, that’s great. That’s what’s going on. non believers are making tons of money, because of how the devil is working in them through them. Right. But as I thought about that more, the light bulb really went off. And I said, Wait a minute, the devil works to keep those who are deceived, successful. He wants to keep them deceit. But hang on a second, oh, my God, the Lord God Almighty is exponentially more powerful than the enemy. You’re following me? So I thought maybe the answer to success is, you know, for the Christian is merely to live what I say I believe. But do it to the nth degree, like really live it. So what does that mean? That means to stop working so long and hard of my own strength, trying to figure things out on my own, or going to this program or that program, thinking they’re going to tell me exactly what to do when they’re not believers, right. And instead of the working harder, all we got to do is do what God tells us to do. To take him at his word. What would happen I thought, if I trusted him like never before, if I sought him, like never before in my business, and if I loved him, and everything that comes with that, like never before. What if I stopped worrying about the how, what if I stopped stressing about the timing of things? Because you know, it’s never gonna happen fast enough, right? And what if I stopped doubting myself and what I can do when I know that I’m walking exactly what God has called me to write? What if instead, I receive the peace, the call the joy, the ease Christ offers simply from walking in faith, believing before I see it, hallelujah. It’s been there the whole time. The answer is simply this. Live my faith. It’s that easy. And it’s that hard all at once, right? And then I thought about Abram, later to be called Abraham from the Old Testament. And God told him to do something kind of crazy. And Abraham stepped down in faith, and was blessed by it. And here we are today, blessed by it, as well. See, what we have as a purpose is intended to impact others



would even know how many or how far right? God said to Abram, leave your country, your people, your father’s household, and go to the land, I will show you not that I’ll show you right now, you won’t know the way you don’t even know where you’re going, or how to get there. But leave your country and go to the land I will show you. And you know what Abram did? He left. He left, he obeyed, not knowing where he was going, or what would happen along the way. He simply obeyed. He took God at His Word. And look how it turned out. God told Abraham, I will bless you, and you will be a blessing. Ladies, I’m here to tell you, that’s your story. That’s my story. In Christ, can I get a hallelujah on that? That is your story. When we seek God, and you say, What is my purpose? How can I fulfill your plan to your God for my life. And when we hear him, say, daughter, use your gifts to serve others through your business. And when we hear that, we then jump in with both feet, trusting him obeying Him not worrying about the way because we know he’s going to provide it right. And we’ll make sure that he does that. Because we continue to ask Him for wisdom along the way. You see, when we surrender our doubts and our fears and our insecurities to Christ, when we literally lay them down at the foot of the cross, and we trust in Him. When we lay them down those things, which by the way, those doubts and fears and insecurities and lies, you know that that’s exactly from the enemy, right? When we choose to put them aside and say no to being deceived any further. And when we go all in on who Christ made us to be, right, that impactful, Faith fueled business owner, that is successful, that is when we will not only bless others, but we will also be blessed by God’s hand. You see, we as Christ followers can be super successful in business. Absolutely, I firmly believe that. Not everyone’s gonna make millions. That may not be God’s plan for you and for many of us, right, but I’m here to tell you stop putting the brakes on what God wants to do, in and through you, including through your business, a business which by the way, he laid on your heart.



Stop feeling guilty about wanting to be successful. If you’re ambitious, guess what? God made you that way. And you knew you needed that drive, in order to overcome things and make things happen in your business, right? You needed everything that you got right now SR in order to do everything that he planned for you. And that plan was made before He created the earth. You’re special to the Lord God, He loves you. He made you with His loving and perfect hands just as he wanted to you were uniquely created with everything you need. Please don’t doubt that. God doesn’t make mistakes. So instead, we need to fully lean in to the faith that we profess. And I say this to myself every single day. We need to remind ourselves of that powerful truth, right? God is the way the Lord Jesus Christ is the way not a way the way in life in business. Right in life, this trouble Jesus told us that there are plenty of things to pull us off course, distractions, subtle, you know, statements that may pull you off of the track of Christ and make you go this other way because Oh, I see them succeed. No, sister. No. Don’t allow those, you know, deceitful actions that the devil puts in front of us to get you off course. As believers in Christ the Lord, we must be intentional in our faith walk, we’ve got to commit to daily alone time with him, and in his perfect word. So that why do we do that so that the treasures in our heart the truth set out in scriptures that many of us have heard many years over and over, right, so that the Holy Spirit can quick in our hearts and minds of these beautiful promises of God, so that we get refocused on our path, our mission, our calling, and our purpose here on Earth. And so in that way, we’re lovingly reminded of this. That success is ours. God never fails. Amen. Right. So listen to this, if if God called you to business, then he called you to succeed. That’s a fact. Now, your success may be different from somebody else’s success. Success is not measured by dollars. Okay. But success is yours. You see, it all comes down to faith. Now, those successful non believers I told you about, you know, what they did, and so powerfully, so deeply, that got them to their success. They believed they believed in themselves, they believe success for them was inevitable. They believed and ultimately what they believed that they had the power in themselves to succeed. That’s how strongly they believe that they actually made it. Now we know that belief itself, as Christians, without giving glory to Almighty God is like just crazy, right? I mean, humans are powerless, except by the permission, and the grace of our Creator, God, and God alone gives people with smarts and talent and everything else, right? That is indisputable. But isn’t it interesting that it is these non believers, faith and unshakable belief that literally propelled them to success? Now with that, how much more success is yours is mine. Each of us the very success God planned and has for us, if only we had the faith, if only we believed.



If only we had the faith to believe God, when He gave us that burning desire to launch our business, many of us I talked to, I’m blessed to work with hundreds of women and I speak to women every day. And they tell me they had this thing inside and eventually morphed into a knowing that they were to help people through their business, and yet they hold back. Now, let’s believe God, when He gave you that burning desire, let’s believe God’s Word that when he says, with him, nothing is impossible. This, there it is. Nothing’s impossible. Okay. Let’s have faith in what is possible. When we walk in our purpose. When we look to God for daily guidance, when we ask him to reveal Lord, Who am I tell me who you made me to be? And oh, the all important next step of that, listening to him. Okay. So, instead of taking big, scary leaps of faith and stretching ourselves to step into what God told us to do, too often, we doubt we fear, and we don’t do that scary thing, or we do. But we do it with hesitation, we don’t show up powerfully confidently. So in that, that hesitation, what happens is in fear, we water down our message, his message to the world through us, we water it down, because of fear. In fear, we say, I’m not feeling it today, bad hair day just don’t feel like it. There’s always tomorrow. In fear, we don’t walk our faith walk, and the enemy wins. And the world loses. And we lose. And our would be clients lose. Simply because our faith waffled. We didn’t believe and you know, the really sad part about it. It was a matter of choice. In those moments, we chose fear over our faith. And that’s the really convicting part of all of this It is a choice, it’s up to us. So will we do business pursuing the impossible? Knowing with God, nothing is impossible, really living into the truth that we say we believe, right? Will we do business that way, and really stretch our brains and go beyond our comfort zones, and do the scary new and different things. Because we’re called to make an impact, and share my message. You know, it’s our God given perspective and genius and solution that God specifically built you to put into the marketplace and bless others. Will we choose faith? In our calling? Will we choose to believe God? That He is who He says He is? That he can do what he says in the Bible he can do and which we profess to others? Will we choose faith? Or will we stay comfy? And as I say, take the easy way out. Join the masses. Right? Wow, I wasn’t gonna say this. But when I said that, yeah. Are we gonna do the easy and join the masses? And just blame and complain? God says, don’t complain? Or will we take the faith walk? And do the hard thing? And, and, and, and really believe what we say we believe and choose to go all in? Right? I don’t want you to give in to your fears, and doubts and insecurities. You know, if we do that, if we give into the enemy’s lies, we don’t have any room to look at others and say, Why can’t that be me? Why can’t business success be mine?



And by the way, there’s no need to say that because guess what? Go back and listen to the beginning. Success is yours. He’s called you to business. God wants that for you. And God always wins, hallelujah. He’s waiting for you, sister, to live your faith. Jesus said, Oh, ye of little faith, of how he longs that we would have faith that we would simply believe. He said, even the faith of a mustard seed will move a mountain from here to there. faith of a mustard seed. That’s all we need. But we must choose faith. And when we do, that means we look the enemy in the eye. And we say in the all powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ, He gone. And he will flee. Hallelujah. Now when I wrote that, I feel like some of you will say, wait a minute, I don’t want to face him in the eye. That’s scary. Okay, hold on a second. Not when we know who God is, and who’s we are. Not confidence in me, confidence in Him and who he’s made me to be? Do you see what I’m saying? When you look the enemy in the eye in that moment and say in the name of the Lord God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ be gone. Not only will he flee, right? You can then step into your faith and do the very thing that God’s called to to in power. And that, my friends, is what’s going to get you to your success, that you’ve always dreamed of the success that God Himself has for you. And he says, Here you go. Are you gonna believe me for this? Are you going to walk your faith? Are you going to live it? Okay. Now, I just want to say, you know, too many women have heard a misquoted scripture that leaves them feeling guilty about making money. Let me say this, and it’s probably the 1,000th time I’ve said it, money is not the root of evil. It’s the love of money. And so if you grapple with this issue about how it’s a sin to make money, it’s a sin for me to aspire for more, I want you to check out episode 218. That’s 219 and episode 175 of the joyful scaling podcast. If this is a stumbling block for you, those two episodes are definitely going to help you.



So as we wrap this up, the one shift that changes everything is the very thing that brought you to salvation and eternal life. Faith in Christ. The devil works works to steal, kill and destroy. But Christ has come to give you life and life to the full. So when you walk in faith when you’re all in, and you be that extraordinary woman and successful CEO that God made you to be, success is yours. Now, one final thought, faith in Christ, total belief in Him is not just a mindset. Okay? Mindset is a perspective it is a belief system. But our faith isn’t just in our minds our faith in and love for Christ is in our hearts. It’s it’s an all consuming thing, right? It’s belief to our core that impacts everything that we think everything we do. And that’s why faith is the very foundation of every thing I teach. What I call the faith foundation is the guiding principle for my joyful scaling methodology. If you haven’t yet seen it, or if you’re like, God, what’s that all about? It’s like scaling your business in three simple steps. If you want that video, DM me or leave a message, wherever you are, and I’ll be sure to get it to you. Listen, my prayer is that after watching or listening to today’s training that you’re going to make today, today is the day says the Lord, make today the day you commit to choosing faith over your fear every single time and allow your faith not only be the basis of your business, but allow your faith to fuel everything that happens in and through your business. It’s about pursuing the impossible. Now listen, if this is like if you’re thinking this is great, I love it. But how do I do it? Okay, hang on, because next week, next week’s thriver Thursday live meet me back right here again next Thursday at 11. I’m going to share a very practical framework, the exact framework that me and my clients use for choosing faith in the moment. Okay, and as an ongoing thing, a continual thing, truly believing that in Christ success is yours. Okay, now I’m looking at the time I unfortunately have to leave if you have questions. If you have, you know, want want to check out the joyful scaling methodology if there’s any way that I can help you. If you want to leave a message for me on my you know, and you want me to answer a question on the joyful scaling podcast, be sure to come back, check out the link or wherever you are, I’m gonna put it in my bio, because I want to hear from you. You matter to me, you, my sister, are the reason why I do what I do every day. And I’m telling you, I sprang out of bed, even in the five o’clock hour. Because I’m on mission to change and uplevel the way Christian women do business. All right, and if you want to join me in that mission, tell others tell others about the thriver Thursday live tell others about the joyful scaling podcast. We need to come together now as daughters of the King and really set the world on fire with the God given gifts and talents we have and walking in our purpose. So once again, thank you so much for joining me. I love you love. Have a beautiful blessed rest of your week and I can’t wait to hear from you. God bless


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