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Ep 225: How to Launch a Podcast to Grow Your Reach, Reputation & Revenue

If you have a podcast – or are thinking about starting one - today’s episode is for you!
Meet Annemarie Cross, Founder of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network known in the industry as the Podcasting Queen. An award-winning podcast host, recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting space.

Over the last 13 years she has interviewed thousands of guests, won awards in both podcasting and personal branding & has been listed among the top podcast lists for entrepreneurs worldwide, with her podcasts syndicated on both National and International Radio.

Grab your pen & paper as you listen and learn:

-the key indicators that you may not be ready to launch a podcast (yet) and what you should focus on first

-4 common things most business become fixated on when starting their podcast - and why they should NOT (if they want their podcast to generate real ROI)

-the Podcast Positioning Quadrant, making clear what you need to have in place to position yourself as a trusted authority in your industry

-the one simple (yet unknown) tactic that will enable you to nurture listeners into customers - from your very first episode.

> PLUS Annemarie explains how the right Name, Branding & Positioning can allow your podcast to become a saleable asset.

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