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All right, looks like I am live. Welcome. Welcome to thriver. Thursday live, the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Happy New Year. My name is Judy Weber. I am a women’s business strategist and scaling expert. And I’m so glad you’re here with me. I know it’s been. I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks, because I’ve been on vacation. And it was the best thing that I could have done. But in 2022, I feel like Oh, thanks for the love. They’re on Instagram. I’m actually streaming many places Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and my joyful scaling Facebook group for female CEOs. So wherever you are, say hello. But for me right now 2022. I see it as so full of promise. And I don’t know about you. But I don’t remember the last time I started off a new year with more excitement, and assurance of the abundance of opportunities. I am like bubbling over with excitement as to how God’s gonna move in my life and in my business and especially how he will move in the lives and businesses of my clients. Big shout out to the founding members of my joyful scaling mastermind truly the best of the best, this mastermind is exclusive. It’s reserved for my creme de la creme ideal clients, those generating a minimum of $17,000 a year. And they’re committed to making more impact and accelerating revenue growth as well as they serve their clients to the uttermost God’s way. Right, we start next week, I do have two spots still available, the final two spots able to be founding members and with that receive the very best investment pricing and a few other bonuses. So if you’re looking for a high touch high level container, weekly coaching and masterminding to live events so much more inside a community of devoted Christ followers, and really ambitious go getters becoming million dollar CEOs of their faith fueled business, I invite you to apply scaling console and the J, the S and the C are capitalized. I’ll go back and put that in the link for everyone. It is also a link there on Instagram in my bio. And for those not yet at 75k revenues for annually. Stay tuned, because I’m creating a brand new, unique container for you coming in quarter two. So if you’re excited about that, drop it in the comments. Alright, well, we’re opening this New Year, tackling the biggest challenge that I see women faces entrepreneurs, and you know it from the title sales. And I come here with a big promise. But I’m confident in making it right. If you resolve right now, to be 100% fully present, to be open to thinking of sales differently more powerfully. And think about it in a way that will absolutely bring joy to you read truly as possible and more profit to your business. You’re going to leave this training, not only feeling encouraged, but empowered and fully equipped. Okay, able, by God’s grace to approach the topic of sales in your business with a renewed excitement and expectation. Knowing that’s such a great feeling. You feel it in your bones, knowing that whatever your situation right now, you have got exactly what you need to sign your next client today. Okay, today, today is the day right? Does that sound impossible? Great. Pursuing the impossible is what we do here at joyful scaling. Ephesians 320 Is my life first. Okay. So again, if you’re watching me live, please take a moment say hey, in the comments, wherever you are, we’re streaming to multiple locations. And I do have a question for you.



When you think about sales, what’s like your biggest question I get? If you could ask me, your most frustrating question your Tell me about your biggest challenge when it comes to sales, pop it in wherever you’re watching, whether it’s live or on the replay. And I will come back and respond for sure if I have time at the end. I’ll answer them here. But if not, I’ll come back. All right, one more thing. Before we go to prayer and dive in to this awesome training today. I want to make sure you know about a brand new resource that my team and I put together over the holidays. It’s called the joyful scaling guide. And it is a handy reference guide to our most popular joyful scaling podcast episodes. And it’s broken down by topic with hot links right there in the PDF. And there’s links to all the platforms app on Apple podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, I Heart Radio, it’s all there for you. So for example, I want to hear shows on sales. Great grab my guy. I got my top. Oh well today I want to I want to hear shows on on marketing. Great you’ll see our most downloaded episodes there with nearly 225 episodes and well over 105 star reviews. The joyful scaling podcast covers all things business and life for the ambitious, high achieving woman of Christ, which I assume you are. Okay. So while you’re there, be sure to subscribe. New episodes drop every Tuesday with bonus episodes on Friday. All right, let’s go to God and seek His presence with us here today. Heavenly Father, you are so so good. Thank you, God, that you are who you say you are,



Lord, You are mighty, you are awesome. You are holy. Thank you, God that as we fully rely on you, as we really put our faith and our trust in you, that we know that when you are our number one desire, everything else follows suit. Everything else falls into place. Lord, help us to live that out. Help us God, we love you. And we trust you help us to love and trust you more. In the mighty name of Jesus your son, our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, so sales, lots of negative around that word. And I’ve talked about this before. And I know for some, you hear the word sales, and your ears like bleed. That’s gross. But I mean, that’s kind of the gross pneus that I know some of you feel, right? It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. But today, I’m committed to changing the way you think about sales. In fact, I want you to know, I want you to leave this training, knowing deep in your soul, again, that whatever is going on right now, whether you haven’t made $1 yet, or whether you have made 500,000 last year and you’re looking to do more, you can do more, you have everything you need. Okay, today is the day, right? Tomorrow may be too late. So I know that may sound a bit dramatic. Okay, but today’s the day, so I’m going to start with this. How you think about sales will determine your results more than anything else. I’m gonna say it again, how you think about sales, what you think about when you are doing sales activities, that’s going to be what determines your results, even more than your actions. And I know that’s make sense. And I resisted it too. But I know it to be true. Now, if you think sales is sleazy, yucky, ooh, and feels like intimidation, and just plain old ain’t good. Guess what? It will be sleazy. Yucky, something you avoid, right? You’ll approach sales with hesitation and doubt and fear. And you may even avoid selling altogether. Okay. And when you’re in business, that’s a problem. But if on the other hand, you think sales is an opportunity to serve, it’s helping someone reach a yes or no, it’s giving value. When you think about sales that way, guess what it’s going to be, you will look forward not only to sales conversations, but you’re going to happily look forward to making offers. And not only an offer to work with you, but you’re going to include calls to actions in your social content, and on your website, and in your lives. Okay, now, the interesting thing is, when you have this negativity and an aversion around sales, this happens not just to those getting started or struggling, but it also happens to those that have closed six figures in business in a year. I know it Okay, and how can that be? Well, because you’re great at what you do, you get clients results, and you may enjoy a certain level of success, even if you really don’t like sales. But hear me on this. If that is you. Just think about the dollars that you’ve left on the table. Think about how your revenue this year could easily double or triple or more, if you would think differently and have a right perspective on sales. Okay,



are you are you excited? Are you ready for this? I hope so, look, if you have a knot in your stomach, when you think about sales, and at whatever level your revenue has plateaued, it is time to think differently, Okay, it’s time to embrace selling and understand the truth about selling. Okay, and the first truth that I want you to know is selling is noble. Selling is noble. Truly is indeed the very heart of selling is serving. Okay, selling is presenting an opportunity to the right person. Who is that your ideal client and and that and that opportunity that you’re presenting? could literally change their life. Right? I mean, we do important work, whether you’re a realtor, whether you’re a life coach, whether you’re a health enthusiast and activist and coach, I mean, whatever you are. And here’s the thing, when you care enough about that other person, that ideal client they’ve already identified, when you care enough about them, to invite them to work with you, so that their life can be changed and transformed for the better. It’s the most loving thing you could do. Just the most loving thing, sales is loving. It’s about how you think about it. Now, here’s an analogy to make this real for you. Okay? As a Christian, think about this, if Jesus changed your life, and he saved mine, I mean, he literally saved you from death, now and forever. Okay? Wouldn’t you agree that the most loving thing you could do is to tell others about Him and change their life forever? Right? You have something awesome salvation in Christ, he changed your life. And your heart is so full that as a Christ follower, sharing the gospel is something that you feel compelled to do something that you’d love to do and why it’s an act of obedience. Right? That’s what we’re called to do. But even more, it’s because you love people. You love them enough to tell them about Jesus. Okay, this makes sense. Well, while your services can offer something as amazing and kind of awesome as eternal life, okay, your services do I hope and expect change people’s lives, you are solving an urgent problem. And so again, to present that life changing opportunity, that solution to the problem, okay, and changing someone’s life who is desperately looking for answers, okay? To tell your ideal clients about what you do in those services, aka to sell. That’s a demonstration of love, and compassion and caring. Okay, when you are the expert, when you’ve got something to help somebody else, and you tell them about it, and you serve them in that way, that’s a loving act. Do you see that? Are you shifting your thought? Okay. Now, if you came into today’s trading, thinking sales is sleazy. I bet it’s because you’ve been sold to in a sleazy way. And that negative experience has stuck with you. Well, today, if you want to make greater impact, and grow and scale your business, I invite you, I give you permission. Not that you need it from me, but okay, I invite you to turn away from that negative experience, reject it as wrong, because it is. And I encourage you to choose remember, you get to choose, choose to embrace this positive perspective as to what sales truly is service to the other uttermost. Okay? Now, I’m gonna take this a step further. I believe that when we don’t sell, when we keep ourselves the best kept secret. That is really holding us back from walking in our purpose. If that’s you, in effect, you are hiding or burying your God given gifts. That’s a selfish act, right? Stop being selfish. Now, if that sounded harsh, that’s not me talking. That’s God, in the parable of the talents, remember the master in the story? God? What did he say to the man who buried his talent instead of putting it to use the harshest of words right? Rather than Well done, good and faithful servant that he said to those who use their talents and multiply them right?



To the man who buried his talent. The master said, You wicked, lazy servant, and later said throw this worthless servant worthless. Oh my god, that’s so convicting. The Scripture says, The master said throw that worthless servant outside into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. That’s in Matthew 25. Now hear me. I am not saying that if you don’t embrace sales in your business, you’re going to hell okay. That is not what I’m saying. But what I am saying is this. Selling is not evil. It is not selfish ambition when you had this focus to serve. And when your heart is fixed and focused on the Lord God Okay, now the enemy would love to convince you that selling isn’t for you. Why? Because if you don’t sell, that’s gonna keep you small, which means you’re not fully trusting God, which means you chose fear and a lie over truth, and trusting and faith, right? The enemy loves that. Right? So he wants you to think that selling is evil, so that you don’t trust God for His promises to fully equip you for where he’s called you. And as a result, you’re not going to fulfill your God given purpose, you’re not going to serve those that the Lord has already chosen for you. They may never hear of you. Or if they did, they may never work with you simply because you never invited them to work with you. And because you held back and because you avoided sales, that would be client who is looking for you? Exactly you she never knew about your fabulous program or service. And not only did you miss out on that blessed opportunity to help her, but she missed out, because you were selfish. Right, you didn’t step out in faith. And the enemy wins. He’s stolen, he’s killed, he’s destroyed. That’s what he does. But ah, stronger is He that is in me then is in the world, Hallelujah Jesus Christ has already overcome. So you know, playing small doesn’t have to be your story. I need you to step boldly out there and make offers, embrace sales, as it truly is service and the fulfillment of your God given purpose. Okay, let’s take a breather here. I’m not done. I’ve got two more points to talk about. But I want to check in Have you experienced a shift? A shift in your thinking about sales? Tell me tell me, Okay, write it in the comments, wherever you are. Live on the replay, I want to hear from you. Has the Holy Spirit nudge you that sales is is blessing another. And not only do they but you as well receive a blessing as you serve? Does sales feel different to you? Now I really want to know. And for those of you that still have like something there, that’s blocking a positive feeling about sales, I encourage you to go to God with that and ask Him to reveal to you and you know, lower, why do I still feel this uneasiness, you know, and ask him to help you work through that. So that you know his heart on the subject. Okay, we do that. Okay, point number two is this. Sales is about relationships. So not only a sales noble, and service and a blessing, but sales is about relationships. And you my sister are innately gifted in the relationship building skill. Okay. Now, relationships thrive on the following. And I want you to take note of how many of these describe you. Relationships thrive on empathy, compassion, vulnerability, authenticity, and curiosity. About an A true caring for another. Right curiosity, a wanting to to help them to know them, right? Because you care. Relationships also thrive on humility, putting the interests of others above our own. Now, with all of that, have I just described you?



I bet I did. Okay, so we’re talking about sales not only being noble, but about connecting authentically. Listen, God made us women naturally relational. It’s how we’re made and statistics and studies time and time again, prove this. For example, according to an article by Harvard Business Review, and titled why women are the future of b2b sales. They concluded that the top salespeople are thinking day, women. Specifically, the article noted that women were leading global sales teams at major tech companies like Oracle and Salesforce. Women are leading Okay. Another study by an esteemed University concluded women and women led teams outperform men and men lead teams in sales. I love it. I love it. Am I getting through to you? Am I not only giving you you know a big list nickel foundation for the truth about sales. But also, you know a fact driven evidential evidentiary, Lee supported evidence solely I don’t remember the word number lawyer. It’s supported by the evidence that women are great at sales. You’re a woman yet got it. Okay. Now, in that last study I referenced, they concluded that women led teams had a 94% conversion rate 94%, which was three percentage points higher than the men led teams. And it was noted that women bring a different skill set to the world of sales, including an emphasis on connection and collaboration. So good. So so good, isn’t it? Why do we fight? Why do we resist? But God, you know, made us for? Right? Finally, one more study identified these sales skills that we women possess first, why just talked about it building a good relationship with the customer? Okay. Secondly, and this may come as a surprise, being able to handle any type of conversation effectively. That’s what they found. That’s what you possess. Now, some of you may be thinking, Judy, I don’t know, I don’t really feel great on my feet. Some questions I get just scare me. And in fact, I dread them. And I pray that my client doesn’t ask them during the sales presentation. Now in love, I’m gonna say a couple things first, don’t fear. Choose faith? basic, simple but profound, right? And if you’ve identified those tough questions that you dread, and hope they don’t ask, why don’t you proactively take that bull by the horns, and spend time thinking about how to respond? In fact, today, maybe that’s one of your biggest takeaways from today, I’m going to sit and I’m going to think about the questions I get during sales calls or sales presentations that I hate, that I don’t know how to answer and spend time thinking about how to respond. Do that strategic thick work today? Here’s the great thing, do it once. And you’ll not only not dread the question, now you’re going to be armed. And in a place where you hope they ask it so that you could wow them with the answer. Okay, ladies, listen, God gave you the skills to handle conversations and answer tough questions with ease, right? How are you able to do it? We listen. We care enough to listen. And so in response, we seek to serve and help which leads to deeper connection, you got me? You see, a lot of times, men, I don’t believe have our innate, like, like natural ability and interest to really listen to what the other person is saying. Like, we can focus on the other person, because that’s how God made us go all in on that. Okay. And the last sales skill noted in that study was that women, it’s their masters at establishing trust with a customer. And that leads beautifully into my final issue on this topic of sales, like you have what it takes. And that is people buy from people they trust. And we know how to establish trust.



When you genuinely care for the other person, and you take time to get to know them, and you ask thoughtful questions, and you take the time to listen, right? You’re being fully present, you’re not looking at your script. That’s why scripts, I’ve never been a fan of them. Okay. It’s not about the script. And you’re like following along. What’s my next question? When you’re not looking at that script, when you’re being fully present, and instead actively listening to what the client is saying. You’re establishing trust. And your goal is not just get the sale, gotta get the sale, right? Instead, your goal, your approach, your entire mindset, is service helping the other person determine Hmm, can she help me? Is this particular service a fit, should we work together? It’s as easy and simple and fun as that, okay. And your others focused heart, you know, is felt by the other person and that is when trust is really firmly established. And with trust comes confidence in you, for your would be client confidence to say yes, I want to work with her. You know, she thinks I know she can help me. Great. Again, selling is serving. It’s a skill that we women were gifted with by God. Are you embracing it? Are you trusting it? The powerhouse salesperson that God made you to be, are you going all in on her? Because it’s you. Because you know that at the end of the day sales isn’t really about you. It’s 1,000% about the other person that would be client. And those that get that and live that they succeed and thrive in sales, as evidenced by all those studies and things that I mentioned earlier. Those that don’t get that, that sales is serving, they make sales all about them. They’re self pushy, and they’re manipulative. That’s generally more of a masculine energy. And the studies, we just went over prove it is not nearly as effective as us simply being who God made us to be. Right. So I’m going to check in with you again. Have you experienced that shift yet? Tell me. Okay. Now, one final point to wrap all of this up. And this is foundational to success, whether success in life or in business, okay. Success starts with a decision. Success starts with a decision, you decide. You decide that success is inevitable. I want to hear I want to repeat this again, because I really want to make sure you hear me your success is a decision that you get to make. I know it may not feel like it, but it’s true. So today, right now, I encourage you to decide that success is yours. And that you’re going to see an entirely new level of success in 2022. Okay, now, on a practical level, I need you moment by moment. As you embrace who you are in the Lord, this powerful, courageous CEO, okay, I need you to decide that you will not be overwhelmed. Just decide it. Okay, you are not going to allow the enemy to win period VN. Okay, stronger? Is he that is in you, that is in your head whispering lies to you? Do you hear me? Can I get an amen on that. So you’re going to decide that you’re not going to be overwhelmed, you’re going to decide that, you know, you’re going to figure it out, whatever that is, right? You’re going to decide that you will take action, even when you’re not sure you’re doing it all the right way, you don’t have all the answers. And even when you’re nervous and scared. Decide. That’s the first step. Then the next step, and this is critical. After you decide you need to commit, commit to that decision.



You see, we can make decisions all day long. You might call those resolutions this time of year, right? I have a New Year’s resolution I’m going to eat right, I’m going to exercise, I’m gonna do this that net, right. But if we don’t if we make those decisions, those statements, okay. But we don’t honor those decisions by committing to them by pledging and promising to yourself and to God, I will do this. If you don’t commit. Those decisions mean nothing. Right? I want to give you some real life examples in business, okay? If you decide, especially if you’re a local business, if you decide to meet even one new person a day, in your local area. But every day, you don’t leave the house. That decision is useless, right? Here’s another example. If you decide that you’re going to interact and connect with three new people online every day, and you’re going to truly build relationships with them, then you don’t follow through that decision was really just words that are going to amount to nothing. Okay, another example, if you decide to roleplay sales calls or your sales presentation, you you you decide I’m going to do role plays 20 minutes a day, five days a week, but you let distractions, or the circumstances of life get in the way. You know, somebody called me away to dinner, somebody called me, you know, my kid is sick. And I know that happens. And sometimes that pulls us away. But I think too often we create excuses, especially now that we’re working from home more and more. It’s just too easy to make excuses for why we couldn’t quote unquote, get to what we said we were going to do today. So that decision, really at the end of the day wasn’t a decision at all. It’s just words, words that in the moment made you feel like you accomplished something made you feel like you moved your business forward. When in fact, your lack of commitment, that decision, you know that decision was just empty words. Your lack of commitment on that decision will keep you stuck. Now, on the whole issue of excuse making and overthinking, I want you to check out episode 223 of the joyful scaling podcast, you’re going to love it. That has been by far the most downloaded episode, you know, within a couple of days time that I’ve ever had, so you want to definitely check that out. Alright, so, as we wrap up, will you take control of your thoughts? Will you starting today started right now lean fully into who Christ made you to be a powerful, courageous woman of God. Moving in faith, moment by moment, okay, moment by moment, not just day by day, moment by moment, relying on the Holy Spirit’s prompting and guidance as you step into your God given purpose to serve others through your business, using your gifts. See, it all comes together. Will you do that? Will you decide to leave all your doubts and your fears and your insecurities at the foot of the cross? Decide to fully embrace who you are in Christ, decide to fulfill your life’s purpose, from a place of knowing deep down inside that With God, all things are possible. You see, and I want you to hear me on this. Okay, if you’re zoned out, come back in. You see the world may have positivity. Stay positive, think positive. Okay. But we as Christians have true power, positivity and faith is grounded in the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of lords hallelujah. So listen, today’s the day sister, embrace selling as the noble act that it is approach selling with hopeful expectation. It’s an opportunity to serve others. It’s time time to live the faith you profess you were born for such a time as this. So a lot said, as you just kind of lean back and soak all of that in. I want to say this, if you are optimistic about selling, and you have a changed mindset, Hallelujah to the Christ, hallelujah. But if you still feel hesitant, and you have some fear around that,



let me let me tell you, there is no shame, no judgment. Okay? If that’s you, I encourage you to watch back or listen back to this episode. Again, we’re going to be posting this as an episode on the joyful scaling podcast later today. But whatever you do, please do not miss the opportunity to grow, to grow in your faith in Christ as you grow as a CEO. Because you see ladies, you get to decide. I hope you choose success, because it’s yours. Now if we’re not yet connected on social, please reach out I’m available everywhere, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever you are at Judy Weber ko at Judy Weber Ko and be sure to subscribe to the joyful scaling podcast available wherever you listen. And if you would, please leave a rating and review to help others learn how to build and scale a faith fueled business. Now I went a little long so unfortunately, I don’t have time right now to answer questions that I promise promise that later today I will be coming back. And I will be responding because the fact that you’ve joined me here live or on the replay means everything to me. So God bless you, sister. Have a beautiful wonderful joyfilled Thursday. Laugh we’ll talk soon. Take good care.


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