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Welcome, ladies to another episode of The joyful scaling podcast. If this is your first time listening, welcome, welcome. We talk about all things entrepreneurship and life for the super smart, super ambitious, high achieving woman of faith, committed to scaling her business in a way that honors Christ. So be sure to hit that subscribe button, because you’re not gonna want to miss another episode. And if you are one of our loyal listeners, welcome back. And thank you. It’s pure joy serving you here through the podcast. I would love it. If you would take a second as you listen to the show to leave a rating and review. It’s encouraging to me and my team. It helps support the show. And it helps to get the word out that the Lord Jesus Christ is not only the Lord and Savior of our lives, but he is also the Lord and CEO really guiding it all of our businesses. Now, as I mentioned in the last episode, 2022 is a year when I’m going bigger and bolder than ever before into faith in Christ in your business. I’m telling you, he has completely transformed me as a CEO, even in these past six months, and releasing your tight grip on the steering wheel of your business. And instead, choosing, you know, deciding choosing that’s a powerful concept in life and in business, right? When we choose instead of gripping tightly to that steering wheel, and being in in absolute control and trying to do it on our own. I’m telling you, when you release that grip, and you surrender all of your fears, and your doubts and your insecurities, and you release them on surrender them to the Lord God Almighty and His perfect plan, that is the best thing you can do. Period. Okay, so are you ready for today’s show? It’s an interesting topic, we’re talking about the word ready. We’re talking about getting ready. Talking about being ready, okay. Because what I’ve found is that for women at the beginning stages that even in a multi six figures, this concept of readiness can really be a stumbling block. Okay, and so today, I want to help you create awareness around whether this could be a challenge and a stumbling block for you. And you may not even know it. And I want to share some insights into how you can know when you’re ready. And I’ll tell you up front, it is way sooner than you think. Okay. Now, before we dive in, I’m excited to share with you a brand new podcast resource that we put together over the holidays. And it’s called simply the joyful scaling guide. It’s a quick reference guide to our most popular episodes by topic, including the topics of faith, scaling, sales, marketing, and a couple more. Okay, we put careful thought and attention into putting this together, it’s so much more useful, you know, looking by topic at some of our popular episodes, rather than scrolling through the app, whichever app you’re listening to right now, scrolling through, like 220 Plus episodes, so enjoy and happy binge listening, I will pop the link so you can get an access to and download the guide. Score. Of course, you can always DM me, I love hearing from you on social, I can be found at Judy Weber CO at Judy Weber, co wherever you are on social just pop in podcast guide in the DMS and I’ll be sure to get that to you right away. Okay, now, on to readiness. Now, over the years, I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of women build their businesses. And I know for those getting started or in the earlier stages of their business when I asked, Hey, how are things going? I’ve often heard this. It’s going great. I’m getting ready. I’m getting ready. And that’s so interesting, those three words, right. And, you know, as the years went on, and I and I kept hearing this, I’m getting ready. That led to me asking a couple of questions. Like, first, what exactly are you getting ready for? Okay. And then the second thing, oh, okay, well, how are you doing that? Like, how are you getting ready? What are you doing? Right? And as to what exactly they’re getting ready for?



You know, I’ve heard things like well, I’m getting ready to open my business, or I’m getting ready to launch whatever it is they’re, they’re offering Right? Or I’m getting ready to you know, whatever it may be okay, but then they go on to tell me all the things they think they need. And when it comes to opening my business and officially you know Being open for business. I heard things like, I’m working on my website. I’m working with a graphic designer on my logo, right? I’m getting my payment processor in place, I’m, I’m getting my email system picked out, I’m doing all these things, right? And maybe even getting a freebie done my opt in and a funnel or maybe a blog, and of course, you know, getting the business license and applying for the EIN and opening a bank account. And then I say, okay, great. And how long have you been getting ready to open for business? And you know, this answer ranges wildly. But for many, they would say, three months, six months, even a year or more, getting ready to open for business. And then I finish, you know, I follow up that answer with this telltale question. Okay. When will you open for business? And the answer I often got was when I’m ready. Well, that my friends is a textbook example of circular thinking, like, I’m getting ready. And I know I’m ready. When? Ready. Okay. Ladies, you know, I’m a preparer. I’m a strategist, I am a thinker. I learned that in law school, I get paid to think. And you’re going to know even more and more and more, as you listen to podcasts that, you know, we need to be a strategic thinker as a CEO. I mean,



our value is created by our thinking,



okay, but as I’m saying, I’m a prepare, and I’m a thinker, so I get it, you know, I always want to be ready. And I’m going to excel at everything I do. But as your coach, as a scaling expert, I need to set you straight. Okay, getting ready for business need not, and in my opinion should not take months. Okay? So many use those three words, I’m getting ready, as an excuse, or a rationale, to basically get you off the hook from having to take the scary step of officially being open for business, okay. And in fact, you may say that with pride thinking, hey, I don’t blindly jump into things I think things through first I analyze my options, I want to make sure I’m doing things right quote, unquote, I’m acting as a professional, I’m dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s. But in love, I gotta say, no, ah, no way. That’s just what you’re telling yourself. And, you know, I admit, it sounds reasonable, perhaps even prudent. But at the end of the day, we’ve got to acknowledge ladies that entrepreneurship is a scary venture. Okay. It involves risk, albeit calculated risk, right? And this idea of getting ready, you’re over preparing, you’re overthinking, that’s going to ultimately leave you frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned. And at the end of the day broke, okay, this idea of getting ready, is a concept that’s not only reserved for those new to entrepreneurship, but also those doing those of you doing well. And approaching the six figures and maybe even those multi sixes, okay, now want to give you an example, if that’s you, if you’re looking to scale, you’re doing well and you want to take your business to the next level, I often hear you say this, I’m getting ready to launch podcast, getting ready to hire a VA or another team member, or I’m getting ready to raise my prices, whatever that getting ready thing may be for you. Do you see how you’re doing the same thing you may be okay? Because when you look objectively at how you run your business, are you in get ready mode for extended periods of time? And I need you to be honest with yourself. And that does not mean beat yourself up. No, never, never. That is not what I’m about. I’m about understand where your weaknesses are. Be honest. Identify pitfalls for yourself. Give yourself grace, be compassionate to yourself, oh my goodness, this idea of, of compassion for ourselves. That’s something that I believe more and more we women need to do more of because we’re downright mean to ourselves that it has to stop. But this idea of being honest with yourself so you can identify areas that you could improve upon. So that you can simplify your life. You can simplify your business and in fact accelerate the growth of your business. Okay. So but the idea of being ready, I want to right out of the gate. Start with this the obvious right? We women, at least those like me and those who follow me and I think this is gonna be you We are control freaks. And perfectionists. We’re Taipei’s. Right? Is that you?



Again, be honest, are you a control freak? Do you want everything perfect? Great. Me too. That’s how I’m wired. I believe God made me that way. But some years ago, I realized that my natural back end of perfectionism, right? And being a control freak that wasn’t serving me, it’s exhausting to try to live up to a standard of perfection. And the reason simply is not possible, right? And wanting to manage and control everything down to the my new disk detail. That’s absolutely exhausting. So for that reason, I like to say, I am a recovering control freak. And I’m no longer a perfectionist. For me. I don’t know why this is interesting. I’d love to know if this is you, too. For me, it was so much easier to say bye bye to perfection. Although I do maintain a super high standard of excellence in everything I do, right? But it seems so much harder to me to, you know, lighten up on the control. freakness right. I’m still working on that one. Okay, but this idea of getting ready. It is all wrapped up in these two hot button issues for us, ladies, perfectionism. And part of that people pleasing to I think we want to make sure we’re right, because we’re concerned about what others may think about it. But perfectionism and control freakiness. I like that word. I’m convinced that these are lies from the enemy. They are certainly not of the Lord. The Bible gives countless examples of our imperfectness. Right? Only Christ is perfect. We need him. That’s why he went to the cross. Right? And that when we as humans duped ourselves as some do into thinking that we’re all that in a bag of chips. Okay, we’re proudful right? The Look at me, look what I’ve done attitude in a way that is very self focused, and doesn’t acknowledge that everything we have is the Lord’s. That is not a good place to be. Right. And proverbs 1618. The pride comes before the fall, right? And so it is not good to be in that attitude of pridefulness. Right? And trying to maintain control. Oh, wow, that’s another No, no. Because as followers of Christ, we’re called to surrender control to the sovereign God, he knows best hallelujah. Right? That’s the truth. Now, you may be saying women, Judy, maybe not control freak or perfectionism. Right, I need to act responsibly. And I need to take time to prepare to get ready to do new things inside my business. So, Judy, don’t don’t don’t say that’s being a control freak or perfectionism? Well, I think it’s a fine line, okay. We need to be aware as to when prudent preparation becomes a mere excuse to take yourself off the hook to keep you safe to keep you playing small, right? When the getting ready, turns into overthinking and drama over all the details. Oh, my goodness, the how the you know, all the specifics. Details, by the way, which really aren’t as important as you may think they are, and may in fact, not be important at all. Okay, so as always, let me give you an example. I’m going to go back to the early stages of business. But again, you can use this example to see if it applies to you. If you are past the six figure mark, okay. But when in the early stages of your business too often, I’ve seen women spin out with so much drama on getting the perfect quote unquote logo or website getting a website just right, or getting that perfect username on social. Oh, and of course, the perfect brand colors, how they complement and go together. So important, we think right and, and getting the perfect fonts. But here’s the truth. And I’m telling you this in love, because you matter to me. And I’m here to help you to grow personally and professionally, right as a CEO and as a woman of the Lord. Here’s the truth. You don’t need any of that. The website, the logo, right? The perfect username or social. You don’t need any of that to actually open for business and make money yet don’t. Okay?



In fact, if you’re spending more time scouring the internet for font and color ideas, but you haven’t even begun to get clarity around what I call the guts, the guts and the substance of your brain and meaning, who are you? As an expert? What do you do? How do you do it? What is your unique perspective, if you haven’t done that work, you are completely missing the mark. Okay? Because your logo may be super pretty, and brand colors off the charts beautiful.



But that’s just fluff. That’s superficial.



The substance of your brand, the guts of your brand, who you are what you do how you do it uniquely, that is what matters. That’s where the value is created. That’s where the demand for you and your services is born. And that think work is important and worthwhile doing. But even that need not be fully figured out, quote unquote, right? Before actually getting clients. In fact, you’re going to need to work with a number of clients in order to get that clarity around that vital brand substance. Do you see what I’m saying? Does it make sense? Okay, I always want to hear from you if I but if I’ve introduced a concept and you’re like, Whoa, I don’t get it. Reach out to me DM me on social at Judy Weber Ko and I will dive deeper into the subject. Okay, this is like a two way street here. Okay, so I want to know, does that make sense? Now I’m going to give you an example. If you’ve been in business for some time and doing well, and you’re looking to scale. And you’ve been, for example, getting ready to bring on team members for weeks and weeks and weeks, and months and months and months, right? You keep rewriting the job description, or you’re putting off taking step one to actually find someone? May I please kind of give you the blinking red light here. You’re overthinking. You’re getting ready. Okay, what’s really going on is you’re spinning in your drama, and you’re spinning your wheels saying no to the drama ladies. Just Just lay it aside, decide, okay? Instead, take imperfect action. It can be as simple as this. You do a social post saying, Hey, we’re growing. I’m looking for a team member to do X, she must meet the following criteria, ABC. Let me know if you know anyone. Or please share this post. Right? It can be that easy. And so in contrast to the you know, ever expanding to do list on getting ready,



instead, decide, decide,



decide that it’s okay to not know for sure what the heck you’re doing fully. Right. If entrepreneurship is new to you, of course, you’re not going to know what you’re doing everything. The doctor that starts her practice doesn’t know everything she will learn as she goes me as a lawyer when I you know, had that license and passed the bar and actually first appeared in court. I didn’t know what that guy was doing. We need to take a leap of faith after prayerful time spent and and the right amount of time preparing, educating, okay, but not overthinking. I need you to decide that 2022 is going to be the year you stop overthinking you stop getting ready to get ready to get ready. This is the year you will not overthink. I need you to decide that you are blessed. As a daughter of the living God, you are blessed with equipping God’s equipping as he promised, you’ve got everything you need right now. I want you to decide that you will choose faith over fear each and every time for the big things and the little things. Okay, I need you to decide that you will fully embrace who God made you to be. Who is that? You’re powerful? You’re courageous, you’re bold and yes for you introverts you are bold as well. Bold does not mean you know big mouth. gregarious. Okay, you can be bold as an introvert. Okay, so no excuse making ladies I want you to step into who you are in Christ. Proverbs 31. You are more precious than rubies. In the book of Esther, not just Esther but you my sister were born for such a time as this. And in Luke, we hear that with Christ all things are possible. That’s why here with me, we’re pursuit we’re all about pursuing the impossible because with pot with Christ, it’s all possible. In 2022, I also need you to decide that there’s no more playing small, no more thinking small, no more being small, okay. God gave you a spirit of power. And you will decide that you will live life as that powerful, perfectly imperfect. entrepreneur and CEO, decide that you will not allow drama and negativity to pull you off course you’re going to say no to the enemy’s lies, right? Decide that you will not let your feelings dictate your actions. Okay? The Bible says don’t go by your feelings, okay? Do what you know you need to do. And finally, I need you to know this, the decisions that you’ve made to this point in your life have resulted in the life and business you now have. Put another way, the quality of your life. Right. And the success of your business right now is a direct result of your past decisions. I want to say that again,



the quality of your life right now.



And the success of your business today is a direct result of your past decisions, big and small. That is a powerful truth. And so with all that, let’s let’s wrap up this episode. How do you know when you’re really ready, ready to do whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about planning about readying for? Okay, how do you know when you’re ready? The answer? You’re ready, before you think you are. I mean, if you wait until you’re fully ready, whatever that means, you may never jump, you’ll just spin in the getting ready, thinking, Oh, wait, oh, I’m not ready, I got to do that. First, I got to do this first. Right. Now, here’s a life example that I think almost all of you can relate to. And that is the issue of having a baby. Before you had a baby, you like me may have asked yourself, gosh, am I ready to be a mom? And in answering that question and thinking about that, you may have thought, you know, when I turn X years old, right? 25 years old, 30 years old, whatever. Or when I have X dollars in the bank, or when you know, when my husband and I live in a bigger place or live in a different city or whatever. Okay. You may have had that thought, when x happens, then I’ll be ready.



But were you



really ready? Even if you waited until that thing that you just mentioned, that you had thought about happened? Were you really ready before you actually held that little baby in your arms? And even then, were you ready? Right? And I guess the answer to that really depends on how you define ready? I mean, for me, I was not ready for how hard it would be to see my little boys suffer through sickness. Okay, and then more recently, how hard it would be to have to tell them that their father passed away? Was I as prepared to be a mom as I could be? Like, like, should I waited longer? I don’t think so. Okay, after praying the Lord to the Lord for guidance and strength, and after reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting during each pregnancy. I you know, I was as prepared as I needed to be. Okay, but what makes you really ready for anything is simply taking action toward that, again, prepare yourself as best you can. But at some point, deciding there’s that word again, that now’s the time. And, and deciding and really knowing that you’re going to be just fine. Because you’ve got Christ right there with you. Okay, and those decisions that I’ve been talking about all episode long here. It’s a leap of faith. But but it’s faith in something that we can really rely on right faith in God’s promises. We know that he’s trustworthy, and he’s promised to bless those who are obedient to Him. And we know that to please Him. You know, that’s impossible without faith, as Hebrews 11 Six. So today, I want to encourage you don’t keep waiting and readying to get ready. I want to encourage you to have faith, to stand on your faith, to take action that’s rooted in faith and fully step into your God given purpose to serve others through your business. And you’re going to succeed so long your as your business is not only based on faith, but fueled, fueled by your faith. Let your faith in Christ move you forward. And even when you you know that you don’t have everything figured out. You at the same time are confident in who you are in the Lord. and your faith allows you to take that step forward, knowing that you’ve got what you need right now. But you don’t know, you’ll figure out along the way. Because God is going to be right there with you. So I hope this has been not only inspirational, but as always, I want you to take action on this. I would love you to take a few minutes today. Go to the Lord and say, God, what am I? How am I playing small? What actions have I been thinking about? And I’ve really just been laying on them because I’m afraid helped me Lord to identify those and helped me God to to really take that leap of faith not just a step but a leap of faith and take crazy scary action. Because I know that you’re there with me, Lord. Okay, so I want to hear from you. What is that action that you’re going to take that you may have been holding back on? Things that you’ve been readying for but now you’re going to move forward? Reach out to me, let me know. Okay. And you might even want to snap a picture of you listen to this podcast right now. posted on social tagged me in it at Judy Weber CO and say, as a result of listening to this, I’ve been waiting to do X, but today is the day and I’m doing it. I’m moving forward in faith. Alright, thank you so much for listening. I look forward to hearing from you and see you next time.


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