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Epson, your clients transform into bold, brave and beautiful ladies. So why don’t you if you would you’ve been in the business for a while now. Would you mind just sharing a little bit of your background with the listeners? Yeah, sure.



So I’ve been in the digital space since about 2004 2005. Ish. I started working as an accountant for a digital marketing agency, realizing I love the marketing side, and swapped over, and I’ve been in it ever since. And then obviously, the landscape has evolved over the, what, 1617 years. And it’s just one of the most powerful tools to build a business today. And what I love about it is, you know, going into business, I went to a business, high school and a business college. And, you know, the barrier to entry to build a business has been lowered so much because of the internet. And that’s why I’m, I love it so much. Because anyone with a skill set with a passion with an expertise can build a very successful online business.



Absolutely. I love that. Okay, so tell me why high ticket sales.



A few reasons, um, high ticket obviously creates cash flow. And if you’re in business, we need cash flow. I mean, that’s the first priority right? In high ticket allows that. And the amount of energy it takes to sell one 5000 $10,000 package is the same amount of energy, it’s going to take you to sell a 497 package or a $97 package. And obviously, if you’re playing on the low lower ticket game, you need more volume to hit your revenue goals. And unless you know, traffic strategy, you know how to run ads, you have a team, and you are a specialist in driving traffic to your offers, you’re going to really struggle hitting those sustainable numbers to provide for yourself and your family.



I love that. And you know, I really, I’m gonna say this word, I hate the gurus out there that suggest that, Hey, you want to make big money, sell a you know, $500 course and you’ll be rolling in it. And then to your point, there is such a high volume aspect to that, and you need so many leads that if you’re starting there, you’re going to get frustrated and probably going to quit, which is really a shame. All right, well, talk to me about your strategy, when it comes to working with high ticket coaches and other entrepreneurs.



Sure. So, you know, the lifeblood of any business is lead generation you need to be generating leads into your business. There’s organic ways to do it, there’s paid ways to do it, they all work, you just have to figure out what works best for you your personality, your schedule, your lifestyle, your business goals. So I have a method called the ATM method. And it’s how you make your business a literal ATM. And it stands for assets, traffic and mindset. No amount of strategy can replace mindset. That is,



repeat that again, that was too good. Can you repeat that,



again, no amount of strategy can replace mindset. You have to love your offer. You have to love how you’re serving your people. You have to be excited to show up for yourself, for your business for your clients. And you have to have the emotional intelligence to hold it all. Right. And, and that’s a biblical concept that I that I love that James teaches, right how to have joy and sadness at the same time. And what I have found coaching people, and even in my own journey, as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to still show up when life sucks. And you have to still be able to hold the joy and continue doing what you got to do when it’s good and not get complacent. So you have to be able to hold both sides of it. And let your mission and your vision be the thing that pulls you forward. Assets traffic and mindset, that’s the mindset piece. Um, assets are what it is that you have in your business that produces revenue, so or leads, right, which then lead to revenue. So that could be your Facebook group. It could be honestly your Facebook profile. A lot of people don’t like to know that. Like to admit that your Facebook profile is no longer a private thing when you’re an entrepreneur that’s doing organic marketing. If you’re willing to play the money game and pay you know Facebook to run ads or Google to pay to run ads. You can use your Facebook business page, no problem. problem. But if you’re doing organic marketing, to sell high ticket or to sell anything, then your profile has to be treated as an asset in your business, your email list, your lead magnets, if you want to get into funnels, there’s funnels and sales pages, and all of those things are considered your business assets. And you don’t need all of them. So don’t get overwhelmed with me listing them out. But you need to know which assets you need in order to get sales into your business. And then the last part is the traffic. And that can be an organic game, right, where you’re adding friends, you’re in groups, you’re doing search engine optimization, you’re doing Pinterest pins, you can be doing, you know, just making friends and getting into conversations and, and there’s also like tools to automate some of the organic stuff, lots of interesting things out there, they all work. And then obviously, there’s the paid traffic game, Google Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube ads, they, they, they work wonderfully, but you need to have the ads budget to it, which is why I go back to the high ticket. If you get really good at selling high ticket, you know, one 5k package could be life changing for some people, you know, four or 5k packages, you know, for 10k packages, 20k packages, whatever it is that you’re selling can be life changing for you. And you can take that cash flow then, and then reinvest it in traffic. But it all plays really wonderfully. And it creates a really nice ecosystem, where you’re always getting leads, you’re always nurturing them, and then you’re always selling to them. And when you have that rolling for you, your business,



love that. Okay, I’m going to unwrap a little bit of that, okay, I’m anticipating what the audience might be thinking. Because I’m all about high ticket too, I think it’s an easier, more sophisticated way to do business where you’re not worried about volume, it gives you the space, timewise and otherwise, so that you can really pour in and work deeply with your clients. And also love how you emphasize joy, because you know, I’m all about joy, joyful scaling, question about the marketing, you had said, you don’t have to have everything, you don’t have to certainly do everything and be everywhere. And so how do you help your clients choose, you know, which marketing activities they should be doing.



So, it really getting to know them and getting to know their lifestyle and their business goals. So for example, I’m a busy mom with three little boys two, four, and six. Right? Live launching doesn’t work for me. That kind of marketing strategy, it works. I hope it will make millions live launching. But for me where my schedule is so varied, most days. It’s too stressful on me. Even with a team even, it’s just too stressful on me, I’m more of an automation person, because it gives me more flexibility in my life. Right? It gives me breathing room. And it helps me relax and enjoy my business versus being stressed out about it. So that’s an example. Right? I have other gun.



So I’m sorry, I just want to say so when you talk about automation. So for you, in your situation with three boys, and I’m also a boy mom, I also have three boys, but mine are 2022 and 25. So a little bit of a different place. So So is that your primary that you have, you know, lead magnets somewhere and then you’re bringing them through your funnel? Is that what you’re doing?



Yeah, so I built my business doing webinars. So I would run traffic to my webinars, or do organic, you know, outreach and organic posting to get people to sign up for my master classes and webinars. And then I would sell to either book a call or sell a high ticket course at the end of the webinar. And then I automated a lot of these things, so that it would just keep running in the background. And all I had to do was play the traffic game. Gotcha. works really, really well. But I have other people who hate webinars, I have clients that absolutely hate them, they think there’s no connection, it’s so cold, they want more interaction with their audience. So for those clients, um, what has worked really well is just driving traffic to build a Facebook group and then they go live weekly, at the same time every week. But that requires a commitment from you, right? That you’re going to show up, you’re going to go live weekly, and you’re going to interact with your audience. Because remember the foundations to building an online business is building an audience nurturing them selling to them. So as long as you’re doing those three things consistently, all of the strategies work. So you just have to find which one feels really good to you.



Wow, I love that, and you break it down so easily. And this is what I’m about to simplify. So I love how you broke that down. Here’s online business ladies, build an audience, nurture the audience sell to the audience. And it’s funny, I think that so many don’t do the selling, they get so caught up in the other two. And maybe also they feel like, again, mindset that sales is a naughty word, and it feels bad. So they don’t do it. But then their business doesn’t move forward, and then they get frustrated and on and on. Alright, that’s really great. I love how simple you make it. So, for example, then, would you do you recommend that your clients choose just one, like one main marketing strategy to go all in on? Or do you prefer that they do one paid and one organic,



no, pick one and go all in on. Same thing with platforms. Because it is so hard to master one, versus having a diverted attention in three different places, you’ll never master any that way. So until you’re at multi six figures, some people even say a million, you Don’t divert from the strategy, you stick to what is working for you. And then you just figure out how to scale it. So unless you have the money to invest in teams, and have OBM, and project managers, and you can be doing all the things. No, you want to you want to go all in on one and make it work make it work.



Okay, so for someone do by the way, do you work with ladies just getting started? Or more seasoned? Do you have a preference?



I work with both, and I have different packages for each type. Um, because the newbies need, what the more advanced need at scale. You know, it’s just, it’s really the same thing. But it’s just at a scaled level. So I don’t differentiate, I work with both.



Okay, so can you can you clue us in on a when you know that a marketing activity is really starting to get traction? Like, for example, how do you measure that to you? In the example that you gave of growing the Facebook group? What is reasonable? Or what is the goal? I guess? If you start a Facebook group, what would be the goal and within what timeframe just to kind of give us some parameters, if you would?



Sure. You know, the goal, always with all of our marketing and lead generation is engagement, because you can have an audience of 100,000 people and not be making $1 If they’re not engaged, but you can have an I know people have an audience of just a few 100. And they’re making multi five figures a month. Because they’re engaged, they’re connected. They they love their message, you know, like, they’re in love with what that person is doing. And the person makes offers, so they buy. So, you know, things to look for is engagement. are you connecting with people? And on the flip side? Is your strategy getting you excited? Because if you’re excited about it, and you love it, you’re going to show up and do it. Because one of the biggest problems, honestly, it’s not even strategy. We’re back to the mindset. The biggest problem is showing up consistently and doing the thing. Yeah, if you just did the thing. I want a six figure business, but you won’t go live



really? Yeah. All the time. Yeah.



Right. So the thing is, do what plays up to your strengths. I’m not saying it’s gonna be all the time fun and games, but if it plays to your strengths and something that you enjoy, you’ll be able to show up consistently and consistency is the name of the game.



Yep, yep. Oh, this is so good. The goal is engagement. Tada Tada Tada, that is just so good. I I’m just going to digress and tell you this Angelica i that hits to home so, so hard. Last October, Facebook, shut down my account, my personal account, and I couldn’t get back into my Facebook group. And Facebook wouldn’t help me get my old account that I had since 2008. Because some company in Korea, I don’t know they somehow they were able to determine that because they actually got into my my facebook ads account and they had put a $6,000 budget and I had never done a success another budget. So thankfully they stopped it but But what I’m saying is and then something happened by God. It’s Total God’s story. I’ll tell you that later. But it is so crazy because right now I have almost 3500 Ladies, but so many that had been in the beginning don’t even realize I’m back. So we’re trying to make a concerted effort to reengage, so I totally get you and I’ve been contemplating, should I just say the heck with that and bring everybody into a new group, because I want there to be, I’m pouring out to these ladies. But most of them



don’t hire, hire VA and have her tag everybody in every video you make.



Oh, wow. 3000



It’ll take her a while. But you know, you find a VA



and haven’t got a couple. Yeah, okay. Cool.



And have them have them tag the people in I had to do that. You know, because my engagement, the algorithm flip, engagement dropped, and I’m like, Oh, my goodness, what am I gonna do? Well, video is one of my strengths. You know, I’m a great teacher. That’s one of my gifts. Yes. And what’s the point? If no one sees my videos in my group, and I have a group of about 4000. And I’m just my, my, my visibility dropped because of the algorithm flip. So got a VA and started talking people?



Oh, that’s great. By the way, let’s have a plug. What’s your Facebook group? What’s it called?



It’s called mom entrepreneurs. Okay, well, I’m entrepreneurs. It’s an SEO friendly name, because that’s what people search for. So I get a lot of organic free leads into that group daily. Because it’s an easy name that people actually look for.



And you know, what’s really great about that, listeners, that’s another big thing. When you think about naming your Facebook group, if that is a marketing activity you want to do you need to think about keywords that your client is plugging into Google, because you’ll go up. That’s excellent. All right. I want to end by talking a little bit about God, and the impact he’s had on your life and your business. So how about we have that we go into that topic?



Sure. Oh, man, I just gotta say, God is good. You know, I’m, I was I’m the first believer in my family. I got saved when I was 24. And it was quite dramatic, which is so my style. It was very dramatic. I got sued for $3 million at 2223. Wow. Yep. And because I honestly don’t know why to this day. I don’t know why. Maybe my boss was in love with me or something. I don’t know. But obviously, I didn’t lose. I won the case. But it really shook me because my career was my God. And my career was everything to me. And when I thought I was going to lose that. It just devastated me. And that’s what brought me to Christ. And it’s just been an interesting journey. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Um, I had several small little side gigs since I was eight years old, honestly. i Wow. Yeah. I was a cat sitter. In my neighborhood, I was like, my first business and it was, I was high ticket to death destiny. Um, and you know, the entrepreneurial journey, I honestly had a lot of pride coming into entrepreneurship, thinking it was going to be easier for me because I have all of this business expertise and marketing expertise. And that’s where I learned about, like, really, mindset is the name of the game. And do you really trust the Lord because I can talk all day I can recite scripture, I can preach a sermon. But what does my day to day walk look like? Do I trust God will be bring the clients do I trust God will bring the fruits of my labor? A lot of times we want the answer before we take the step of faith, but that’s not how it works. And that’s been one of the hardest lessons for me to learn as an entrepreneur is making my walk my my talk and my talk my walk, you know, because it does take faith. You have to believe God, if God brought you to it, he’s gonna bring you through it, man. Yeah, and that’s I will say it has been the biggest blessing of entrepreneurship to me because it has really deep in my walk with the Lord and showing you that he is faithful to do all things.



Amen, amen. Now listen, I so love this and most of my listeners are believers in Jesus Praise God. But it whether you are you aren’t we always hear about mindset, and how important that is. And let me tell you something, when I first got into entrepreneurship, and oh three, I would be like Yeah, yeah, and give me


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