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Ep 218 Transcript


Hello, listeners, I am so incredibly happy and excited that I’m having this conversation today. And I’m bringing you along on this journey with me because Judy and I met, actually, we don’t know how or when we originally met. But we most recently connected again on Instagram. And we have so many things in common. And one of those things is our faith. And the other thing is entrepreneurship. And we came together this morning to do a collaboration interview where she’s going to publish this episode on her show, I’m going to publish the episode on my show. And we want to inspire you in many ways. But the one thing that I think is going to be at the heart of our conversation is discernment. And this is going to be something that you’re going to, I think, have a mindset transition around a lot of things that you see in our secular world online, and the way you evaluate what you see influencers, and even maybe friends and family members putting out into the universe and the world that maybe isn’t aligned with your values, but you don’t even realize it yet. So without further ado, I’m going to welcome Judy Weber to the robin Graham show. Judy



blue. Thank you so much, Robin and I welcome Robin to the joyful scaling podcast. I love this I I’ve done this once before, probably a year and a half ago. And I just love Robin, let me let me let Robin in on a little secret that I don’t know that she knows when I lived in Pennsylvania. And I started my entrepreneur, my most recent coaching entrepreneurship venture back in 2017. It was a 2016. I found Robin. She at the time was this incredible brand photographer. And I just said, Oh my gosh. And so then somehow I lost touch with her like something happened, I don’t know. And as she said, this year, we reconnected. And so this is going to be a phenomenal joint conversation, joint episode collab, a conversation about God, faith, the impossible because you know, I would love to pursue the impossible because it really is possible in Christ. And we’re really going to talk about the heart issues about being a Christian who loves Jesus, and is ambitious, and has big goals in mind not only with impact, but also with dollars. And then we want to do this unapologetically. So with that, by way of background, let’s jump in.



Let’s jump in, where should we start? Do we want to start with money, and then go into discernment? I’m kind of thinking that might have a nice flow. What do you think?



Sounds great. Let’s do it.



Let’s do it. So you guys, I was listening to Judy show when I was recently in Florida for Thanksgiving walking the dog and I listen to the show twice, maybe even three times. But it was so good. So so good. Because at the end of the day, so many of us and I think Christian women especially have been raised to think that money is the root of all evil. And the reality is that money is not the root of all evil. But what is the root of all evil duty?



It is the love of money. And that is what Scripture says. That’s right. Yeah. And so it’s funny because and I have to admit, even I have a little bit of something there. Um, you know, when I think about I’m on my way to a million bucks annually. I’m just like, first of all, because I was raised dirt poor, it’s like I live my mantra pursuing the impossible, but there’s like this thing. It’s like, Is it really okay for me to make it and even have the dream to make it that that amount of money, but then I have to say, okay, that might be just a stumbling block because of the messages I received as a child. Money doesn’t grow on trees. The rich get richer the poor get poorer, rich people don’t like people. They’re mean they’re ugly, don’t go near and Baba, you know, all that. But but then there’s this thing where I look at the Proverbs 31 woman. And she was a serial entrepreneur, she did so many things, read it, ladies, if you haven’t read it in a while. And the Bible says that she was this wife of noble character. And the Bible specifically says she was profitable. So and also she was generous, and she loved her husband, she was great mom, all these things. So with that, then it brings me back to reality to say, You know what, as long as the Lord God Almighty is my focus, as long as I do, if I’m obedient to what he tells me to do as a follower of Christ, then you know, hey, I’ve got expertise. I’ve got knowledge. I’m helping people. I’m helping women get to places they never thought they could get And so if I’m giving them high value, then it’s not bad for me to, you know, demand high value in return. So I don’t know, that’s what do you think about that? Robin? What are your thoughts that come up.



So I love it. And I love that you brought up the Proverbs 31 woman, because I just did, I think it was episode 141 an entire episode on her. And she was an entrepreneur, and her heart was in such a good place, but she was profitable. And then she reinvested her profits into other businesses. Like there was one of the verses I can’t remember which one talks about how she took her her earnings. And she put that into it like making wine that like she, she reinvested so that she could continue to help. But she came from a place of love, she came from a place of obedience, and she came from a place of service. And I think if we can take that approach to making money in our businesses, then we have an opportunity to not open not only open up the doors for success, but serve on an obedient level to Christ and what he’s calling us to do, I think we often lose sight of what our calling is, and that if we have something on our heart, that’s the Holy Spirit kind of pushing us and nudging us. And at the same time, someone out there has this need that their heart is saying, or the Holy Spirit is telling them like, this is what you need to have help with. This is what the problem is you have. And so they’re together, we can we can come together, and then we can solve that problem for them. But we have to come from that place of obedience and service first. And that’s exactly what the Proverbs 31 woman did.



Wow, I love that. And as you were talking Robin, I was thinking, okay, what are what am I hearing from Ladies, ladies, even already making six figures and multi six figures, but they’ve kind of reached this plateau. There’s like this block in front of them. And so what came up for me just now is I hear a lot of them say, but I can’t do that. Or I shouldn’t do that. And so what was the focus of that sentence? I and so you know, I’m firm on this one, I self is the root of all evil. That is okay. The love of money is the root of all evil. The thing about every sin, it starts with self. If you lie, you’re trying to protect yourself. If you kill, you know, you’re trying to protect yourself, I guess, right? If you’re intentionally trying to kill some, like a bad guy, like a mafia guy, for example, if you commit adultery itself, right, because you’re like, Oh, I’m gonna feel good for half a second, right? So instead of the I can’t or I shouldn’t this get the focus off of us. And it’s on what you said service. Think about God gave us and blessed us with like, you’re a doctorate for God’s sakes, your doctor for you have a doctorate degree for heaven’s sakes, you have all these life and, and education and work experience as I do. So if we don’t share all that awesomeness that God gave to us, if we keep it to ourselves, it’s kind of like the, the parable of the talents. You know, God, what did he say to the one that buried the talent? Oh, you’re a wicked servant, like go, you know, as opposed to well done, you know, good and faithful servant. And so I think we need to stop saying, I can’t, I shouldn’t and worrying about us, because really, we think we’re being godly and saying that, but as I was thinking this through, I don’t think we are I think we have to look at the other people and say, If I don’t step out and do that scary thing, the new thing that I’ve never done before, by really going big in my business and allowing myself to dream big, and trust God to show me the way where I should pull back where I should go forward. If we don’t do that in service to others. Peck with us losing out, they’re losing out. And is that really what God wanted? At the end of the day? I don’t think so.



No, and I agree 100%, we’re doing a disservice to everyone. And we’re not following God’s calling. So at the end of the day, that’s a sin in and of itself, right. And let me tell you, I don’t need to add to my list of sentence. Maybe do I happen enough? But um, no, I love this so much. Because the and and here’s the thing. I think we question whether or not we and let me just preface this. I don’t like when people say oh, you deserve that. You deserve that. I don’t deserve anything. Yep. A single thing I have comes from God, every blessing I have is a blessing from above. He has blessed me with an incredible husband who loves me adores me is faithful to me works incredibly hard to provide for us. I have three amazing kids. I have extended family. I have incredible friends. I have people like you coming into my life just out of the blue Judy and I all those blessings aren’t their gifts. I didn’t deserve them. Am I worthy of them? Yes. Because Christ says I’m worthy of them. And I’m worthy of His love. And if I reflect back On worth being worthy of Christ’s love, I believe I’m worthy of being reimbursed for the gifts that he’s given me that I’m sharing. Hmm, yes. And our journeys are such that we we have had the experiences we’ve had. And I believe we have them so that we can then help others who are going through those same experiences a year, six years, 10 years later than what we’re going, we went through them. But everything when when, and I like the example of when my father passed away, I was so devastated. I loved him dearly. And it was one of those things where have you ever said to someone, oh, I know what you’re going through. And I think I had probably said that way too many times, when I had no clue, because maybe I had an inkling. But I had never actually experienced that exact thing that I was referencing. Whereas when my father died, and he suffered from cancer, and I was living 1000 miles away, I had two toddlers, and I was trying to go back and forth and all of these things. And people would say to me, Oh, I know exactly how you’re feeling. And I was thinking to myself, but Did your father have cancer? Did he live 1000 miles away? Did he die? And you know, no, of course, the answer to all of that was no. But what I learned from that experience was number one, never to say, Oh, I know how you’re feeling. But number two, that I went through that experience, because quickly after that my friends started losing their parents or older siblings, I was able to then help them and serve them. And so your entrepreneurial journey is just like that. Every experience, you’ve had to get to where you are today, whether it’s making $50,000 a year, $500,000 a year, or $5 million a year, it does not matter. Every experience, you’ve had to get to where you are today, God gave those experiences to you. So you can then take those experiences and serve someone else.



Amen. I love that. Wow, what a powerful story. And it says real life examples that really help us to remember and draw this point home. So thank you so much for sharing. I don’t deserve anything, I deserve death, but for Christ, but in him. And this is where we really have to look, ladies, it’s our identity in Christ. So it’s not self, I can’t stand when they say I’m self made. Really? Did you create yourself in your mother’s womb? Wow, did you give yourself your brain? No, I’m not self made. And I don’t deserve anything. But that’s not to say that I am not going to continue in my calling, as you said to lead women who are super ambitious, as I’ve always been by God’s grace, and really want to do big things. It’s not just about the money, primarily, it’s about impact, the money will flow from the impact. And so to me the issue of but I don’t deserve a duty and I shouldn’t you know, they’re thinking, you know, dreams so big. Hold on a second, it all goes back to your identity, your identity in Christ, Who did he make me to be? Are we having those conversations? Lord, Who am I in you? Right? And one of the things my mom used to always drill home, she was so good. I mean, because of her she was the matriarch of the family, my father believed, but Mom was the one that always talked about it. And she would say, Judy, where much is given much as expected, what are you going to do? God gave you a lot. He gave you a brain? He gave you you know, this big heart? What are you going to do with it? And so ladies, whenever we say, oh, golly, but I can’t dream that big. Why not go to God go to the source, the real source none of this universe crap. But we’re talking about the real thing, the the way, the truth in the life, Jesus Christ and say, Who am I and you Is this what? What you would have me to do. And as long as you’re having those daily, and multi multi times a day conversations with him, then you’re gonna walk that straight and narrow and do those crazy impossible, quote unquote, things. And you’ll blow your own mind on the impact and the results.



And love that you said that and I think if we are following our calling, and listening to the Holy Spirit guide us and putting these ideas in our head, and if you sit quietly I have never been good at meditating. But just recently in the past, I don’t know several months I’ve started but I I do this. It’s called it’s an app on Spotify. I found it but it’s called a biting Christ. I think meditations and it’s there like 15 minutes so they’re very, you know, easily accessible easily to do get, I sometimes will just do them in the bathtub. But you know what, I’m trying



to live in. Mission, aren’t we as women?



I love it. No, I’m like, oh, shoot, I make it is this like inappropriate, but I don’t care because that’s when I can focus right? Anyway, um, but it’s amazing how the Holy Spirit will give you downloads when you give yourself that grace to just shut off and relax and be guided. And I think that’s, that’s the key is to be guided by To be guided in a discerning way that allows you to know that when you’re being guided, you’re being guided by God, not by secular society. And I think that’s where we have. I think that’s where so many of these conflicting messages come from the I can’t the I should send all of these things because we’re looking at other people. And these are people, they are not God, they are people who are doing things and saying things. But if they aren’t aligned in Christ, then why are we listening to them? And I think they do to you said it. And I’ll let you elaborate on this. But when you were talking about these, like Kingdom printers, and these people that are that are saying one thing, but yet, their messaging is not aligned with that. And they’re talking about manifestation. And this is a pet peeve of mine. And I really haven’t spoken out about this on the podcast before but not yet. Right? And and it’s so refreshing to know that you are on the same page as me with this, because I don’t believe I can do anything or bring anything into my life by myself. I do believe my thoughts are going to create my results. I do believe I have to have an abundance mindset. But that abundance mindset means I am open to accepting the gifts that God’s got prepared for me. I’m open to receive the joy that is available to me if I want to tap into it. Yeah. And those are decisions I have to make. But they’re decisions I can make on Christ, not on my own heart, my own brain, my own doing. Yes, I have to take action to make anything happen. And to have an impact action is very important. We can’t sit and stagnant but at the same time, I can’t create $100,000 I can’t create 20 clients like I can’t bring those things to fruition without the help on your own. That’s right. Without the help of God. Yeah. Mm hmm.



That’s so good. Before we get into this deep discussion, I want to say something funny, when you were talking about the appropriate thing about being naked? Do you know that when I was going through hell in my life, before I got divorced, by the father of my children, my prayer room was my bathroom. And I would sit on the toilet. So sorry, if that’s a little TMI, but it’s so funny, because, you know, it is what it is. So if that’s inappropriate, I’m not I really don’t think God minds where we are as long as we come.



And if you think about it, I mean, he knew us before we were even in the womb. So I mean, he seen it all.



got surprised. All right. So let’s, let’s talk about this. This is so good. First of all, I love what you said about your thoughts, create your results. And I will tell you, in the early years of entrepreneurship, I started back in oh three with my very first thing, I was an interior decorator. And at the time, my baby was two, I have three boys, my baby, he was like my little design assistant. And that was such a fun time. And he is my entrepreneurial kid come to imagine because so I wonder if that had something to do with it? Because he followed me around. Right? So anyway, but um, where was I going with that? Oh, so I used to think mindset was a bunch of bunk. Because a lot of the mindset out there has to do with manifestation speak it out to the universe capital you which Hello, it’s not a person. So no, it’s not. It’s the Creator, not the creation. You know, so they’re like, oh, you know, mindset was always based upon this notion of speaking out to the universe, and it shall be well, Jesus Christ spoke it to the universe and created it because He is the Almighty, He is God, hallelujah. So So that’s very different than if I speak, although our words do have power, especially when we’re in Christ. Because, you know, we have the Holy Spirit in us. But our thoughts, people always start with thoughts. But actually, your thoughts come from your belief system, that’s the foundation. And so you know, when we have these thoughts that aren’t in alignment with what we say, we believe, and what we really do believe Jesus Christ is Lord and with him, I can do anything. But there’s somehow this disconnect sometimes between that belief and our thoughts. And so that is when we have to hold every thought captive as unto Christ and say, Wait a minute, that thought just popped into my head that said, I can’t do something. Would the Lord Jesus Christ tell me that or is it really a sphere of the enemy? Right? Because the enemy sees that I’m getting closer to Christ, the enemy sees that I am walking in my purpose. And so he wants to take me off course. So that is where you know the thought, yes, but we got to go back to Philippians four, eight, God gave us an exclusive list of things to think about, right, true, noble, pure, admirable, lovely, excellent or praiseworthy. If the thought isn’t that knock it out. So I’m just want to say that because that’s that’s powerful. Too many times. We we believe our Thoughts are thought is just a thought, you know, we have to go by what does God say about that thought? And so on this issue of Kingdom printers, you know, I always tell my clients look, Jesus is front facing on my business. But it doesn’t have to be just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you have to be I am a Christian this I am a Christian that right, we will walk a certain way that should look different than non Christians. But you know, I like in some Kingdom printers, which I don’t even understand kingdom. I mean, we’re all looking to expand God’s kingdom, but I would never call myself a kingdom printer. And here’s why. Because most if not all the kingdom printers that I see out there. I liken them to Joel Olsteen. I personally don’t, I don’t really like Joel Olsteen as a pulpit man as a man of God. Because he seems awfully worldly to me. He seems awfully secular to me, and to make him seem and again, I you might say I’m being judgmental. But you see, I’m being discerning because I’m listening to what the man says. And I’m bumping it up against the Bible and what I know to be true in Christ. And a lot of what he’s saying sounds awfully like it’s wrapped up. You know, worldly stuff like universal universe, stuff, that occasionally let’s throw in a Bible verse just to sound right. And I could name but I won’t several Kingdom printers who throw around a Bible verse here and there. But really, the substance of what they’re saying, seems to be more grounded in the world, ie the enemy than in Christ. And so I’m sure I’m going to get backlash from this, but I’m fine with that. You see, because I’m standing strong for the Lord Jesus Christ. And so whether you are front facing with Christ on your brand or not, we really have to make sure that we don’t step into worldly stuff. I’ll give you a quick example.



In my 20s, I would go dancing four or five nights a week, most of it was purely on the dance floor, sweating my butt off loving the music, and the lights. I love the club atmosphere. Everybody that knows me knows that, okay. But there’s certain music, I will not listen to again. And it was so awesome when I was coming to Christ, where the Holy Spirit as He was working in me, and he would say, Judy, why are you listening to this? You know, so I every listener here, what are you listening to in the way of music? Or what are you watching on television? What are you watching in the way of movies? What are you listening to in the way of podcasts? What are you following in the way of, you know, social accounts? Are they aligned with the Lord? You know, are you following a woman who every picture, she has a boob sticking out? I’m sorry. I’ll be honest, confession time. Part of that is jealousy because I’m flat chested. But anyway, no, the reality is, that’s not that’s not going to be a model of someone that I wanted to come. And I don’t care how much money she makes, certainly, who cares, right. But there are people out there, Christians who are walking kind of on the fence, they kind of have they seem to have one foot in the world and one foot in Christ, but you can’t What did Jesus say about that to Luke warms? I’m going to vomit. I’m going to speak, Adam. Yeah. So I’m going to wrap this up and hear your thoughts on this. But what I’m trying to say is, we need to be discerning. And I used to tell my boys this when they were little ever since they were like toddlers, I would say babies do not accept what anybody says is gospel truth, except the Gospel itself. If mommy says something, or if a teacher at school certainly says something, thank God, I said this to them, ever since they were little, don’t take anything at face value, even the man in the pulpit. You’ve got to say, Huh, what do I know about the Bible? What do I know that Jesus said, What did God tell me in the Bible? And does this really make sense in that, and I want to tell you where this came from, I very much as a young girl valued education. And my mom graduated high school, but she didn’t go beyond my dad quit in sixth grade to take care of their depression babies to take care of the family. Right? And so I’ll tell you, I’m ashamed of this, but I used to think my parents were stupid. And so I, I was raised in the church, but I feel like I kind of idolized the brain and I idolized knowledge and wisdom and education. And so if a teacher said something, I accepted it well, except I didn’t I never accepted the Big Bang nonsense. So I guess I you know, only certain things Yeah, but, but I really just want everybody out there to understand that we are called to be discerning and discerning really means judgment, but not judgment to condemnation, meaning I don’t like them or I will not be kind to them, but more judgment saying I cannot listen to that. I cannot see that that magazine that book. I need to put Take my heart in my mind, and hold every thought captive to Christ so that I don’t go down a wrong path. Because if you go down the wrong path by 1%, ultimately, you know, you’re going to be taken away from the Lord, which is a very, very, very bad thing. I’m sorry, I went too long, but



it’s fine. And it’s so funny. This the similarities we have. So my mother had me at 17, my dad was 23. And he, he went to trade school, he had a football college football scholarship to college and didn’t go he wanted to do what his father did, which was be a journeyman lineman for the power company. So that’s what he did. And then my mom wanted to go to art school, but then she got pregnant with me. So her dreams were kind of shattered, right? So we grew up so similarly, but my whole mission was to go to college to get an education that was going to be my way out of the tiny little town that we lived in, and that middle to lower middle class environment that we grew up in. I didn’t want to have any restrictions or, or disabilities per se, on based on financial status. Like that’s an I saw, education is my way out of that. And I was going to do it, whether it killed me. So we have that in common. I’d love that so much of our stories are so aligned, but I agree 100% that we all I think fall into that trap of this is what’s going to get me out of this. This is what’s going to take care of me this is what’s going to be the answer. And you picked up a book and I’m guilty of it. Just recently, I picked up a book by Grant Cardone, and I started reading it, I’m like, This is ridiculous, this is ridiculous, I do not need to do 10 times more, I am doing plenty. And my whole mission is to not do more. But so it’s it’s letting these outside influences take over our thoughts and our actions, which then take us down that path away from Christ versus leaning into him and the knowledge that he’s already given us. We just have to look at that. And remember that, first and foremost, then let all of these other things and all these other things people are saying and doing online, be our influencers. Christ is ultimately the only influence that matters.



Amen. Amen. You know, so many times the worldly, you know, these woowoo coaches out there. And these influencers, they say you got everything you need inside of you. And it’s true, but they miss the main point. You have everything you need inside of you when you had the Lord Jesus Christ. And if that’s offensive to anybody listening, sorry, not sorry. But in love, I want to say to you, you know, I pray that the Lord God, if you don’t know him, is trying to get your attention. And maybe this is the episode where he’s trying to get your attention, that He is the Way the Truth of life. And, and yes, it is a narrow path. But yet he wants to welcome everybody into the family, he is inclusive, but you have to do it his way. And so, you know, we do have everything we need inside of us, because He gave it to us. And when we follow him, he’s going to open the way I’m telling you, Robin, he has downloaded to me, my joyful scaling methodology he has downloaded to me so many nuggets of wisdom, I mean, 2022, I’m only going harder and deeper as his daughter, because I’m done even holding back a little bit on the fact that He is my Lord and Savior. And he is the reason why I’ve been able to achieve anything and everything that I ever have.



Absolutely. And I feel the same way because I feel like I was so afraid of being canceled. I was so afraid of people not liking me or not wanting to be around me because I was a Christian or because that my my business is founded on that. And in January of 2021, a client reached out to me and this was actually for at first branding, photography, and second for coaching. And she reached out to me and she said, I saw that you’re a Christian woman. And that brought me in to call you. She was I was looking for someone who was a Christian businesswoman that I could work with. I’m like, Okay, so that’s a good thing. I have that on my website, because that was intimidating to me to put that on my website. And so, you know, for me, that was kind of the launching pad for me for 2021 where I decided that those devotions and journaling I did every morning, were going to become deeper. Now they’re going to be done at nighttime too. And I’m going to start depending on God, I’m not going to depend on all these earthly features and factors and tools and kits. I’m going to go back to the basics with what I know is inside of me, and with who I know is guiding me and that is how My book came to fruition like if I had not been listening, and let me tell you that book was on my heart for years, and I sat on it. And it’s very vulnerable. It’s my story from, you know, childhood on, I tell some not so pretty stories in there about my life and about my, my parents, you know, and nothing bad about my parents, but just the decisions they made in parenting that in their lives that affected me and affected my sisters. And, you know, I love them dearly. And I will never ever, ever take that back. But I think we all go through, like I said, at the very beginning these experiences in life that were meant to take and then serve and use them to help other people. And if we aren’t willing to listen, and act and take on that vulnerability, that is that is necessary to act, and then accept the grace that goes along with doing so. We’re not going to do what we’ve been called to do.



Yeah, I love it. You know, I’m in everything you said there. It’s like, to your point, simplicity, yes. Simplicity. I’m 56 I am closer to not to be morbid, but I’m closer to death and birth, I believe, right. So so to me, I’m just like, Okay. And I’m even more emphatic about my clients and my followers, stop downloading, you know, all the freebies, and go to God, He is the biggest strategist, he is the best strategist, he nobody has his brain and just trust that he’s going to tell you what you need to know and what you need to do, and just follow it. And I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly you flourish you know, when you get back to the basics and it’s so funny I just yesterday did masterclass lead gen made simple. And where I really talk about the big lie that the Guru’s are telling us it relates to tech. And then the three things you need to focus on to really get your marketing going. It’s it’s three, so if anybody wants the link to that, you know, just DM me at Judy Weber co I’m happy to do it. And I guess we’ll we’ll do it in the in the I’ll share it in the show notes for this one. It says simplicity. You don’t need all the crap that these worldly gurus are pushing on you. Tech is not the be all end all. At the end of the day. Businesses, people, if you’re listening to this podcast right now, it’s probably because you love Robin, or you love me not because of who we are, but who we are in Christ and the messages that we speak out of love and service to you. So that’s really, that’s all you need really to be successful in business have that heart and I love what you said in the beginning, Robin love obedience service. I couldn’t have said it any better.



Yeah, yeah. And I have to say like, this is kind of funny that you love that. I said that because remember, we were talking at the very beginning. And we were like, what, how are we going to do this? What are we gonna talk about? And I’m like, I don’t know, Holy Spirit activate. Because Oh, man, thank you, Lord. That’s exactly what happened. Because Judy, we dropped some major value. But I’m, like, just incredible nuggets of, of guidance for people who are maybe on the fence of whether or not faith is important to them, or whether or not they know Jesus, and whether or not they want to have a relationship with him. But I would encourage anyone that is curious about faith or is curious about, you know, building your business on faith in Christ reached out to duty, or either one of us would be happy to have that conversation with you, and give you some guidance, and maybe even give you some scripture verses that could help you or call you or guide you. But I think the most important thing is that it’s not religion, it’s not spiritual, it’s relationship. And until we have relationship, we can’t move forward, we can’t get off the couch and take the intentional action. So I just want to encourage you that there’s a lot of surface things that are being stated in our world today that that aren’t necessarily true. And that’s where this discernment that Judy talks so gracefully about comes into play. So you can look at it as judgment or you can look at it as discernment. I think they’re almost one in the same as long as you’re not condemning the person that you are discerning.



Right, and that you’re loving them, like I said, So here’s one quick example. And then we’ll wrap up here, we were talking about earlier about the example of homosexuality, you know, where the Christian Faith says that is wrong. And there are some Christians out there some people who call themselves Christians, and they may be I can’t judge their heart only the Lord can. Who would say, you know, homosexuals aren’t going to get to heaven. they’ve sinned, and therefore they’re not. I have have a couple of cousins who are homosexuals. And the one I don’t know. But the one I do know, he’s a beautiful man and I pray for His salvation. So it’s the issue of I discern, I judge that conduct as not godly. But that doesn’t mean I hate them. It doesn’t mean I bash them. That means I love them. And I’m going to speak truth to them to see if they can come around because ladies sin is sin. So if you live yesterday, and I just use as example, where if you swear, then that’s as bad a sin as killing or, or as being homosexual. And it doesn’t feel like that. Because it everybody swears don’t they are, you know, I don’t know what it is. But but the point is, we all sin. So whether you do the easy, simple, like no big deal, quote, unquote, sin of swearing, or the big sin of killing or whatever, really, we have to understand what Jesus said, When we have a bad thought. We’ve committed the act. So you know, so I just want to impress upon him, because when you said gracefully, I explained it, I want to make sure that everybody knows, I love people. Like, and the older I get, the more mature in Christ that I get that love is just more, it’s just more and more. And so the most wonderful thing is if when you sin, the Holy Spirit is calling you out on it. It’s a beautiful thing. Don’t look at it as saying, Oh, I’m I’m a poopy because I did this and I’m a loser. No, no. When God catches me in that, and he goes, god, did you just say that? Did you just think that? Did you just do that? What I do is I feel the remorse. And I immediately say, Thank you, God, because your word says you will only discipline those who love so thank you, God, that you’re not giving up on me, thank you, God that you call me out on that helped me Lord, to to change my mind or to change my thought or to change my action to be more in line with what you want me to be. So I just want to impress upon that everything I do comes from a place of love. Because as Robin said, Christ is love. It’s about relationship, religion. You know, that’s nothing. Yeah.



It’s not its relationship. And, and I love that you brought this into play, because at the end of the day, God created all of us, and He loves us equally. And it’s not our job to judge. It’s not our job to criticize. It’s not our job to condemn. It’s our job to love. And that’s it. God has called us to love one another, just as He first loved us. And that’s how we should be living. So when you come from that place of love, and service, success is around the corner. Like God isn’t calling us to do things so that we can fail and fall on our face. We may have those experiences, but they’re they’re meant for us to learn. That He has called us to love and to serve. And if we follow in those callings, we can achieve that success and we can accept the gifts of payment from those who we’ve served.



Yep, payment and money, payment in joy and satisfaction, looking at the amazing, amazing transformations that our clients get so great. Yeah, very well said. Thank you, Robin, this has been so great.



Oh my God, I hope listeners that you’re you’ll come back next week for more. Every episode is different. Every episode is unique. This is a pretty deep conversation. But I think it’s one that because of where we are in the world today because of secular society because of the messages that we are being bombarded with on social media and the news every single day, we have to start discerning what is right what is true. And take that to heart and not just listen and absorb and believe what others are saying. So I hope that that you did learn from this episode. If you did, please leave both of us a rating and review. That is how more listeners will find our shows and learn from us. We are here to help to serve to love and and really help you make an impact in your business as well just like we want to do with our businesses. So we’re here for you. If you have questions, you know how to reach us. We’re both on Instagram, you can DM us, you can also just email us My email is Robin at the robin grant calm, Judy, your email is



Judy Weber That’s the best one.



That’s the best one. So there you have it. Ladies. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here for listening to us to accepting us and then going forth and putting your good into the world.



Yes, please don’t be a stranger. We would love to hear your feedback on this episode. Thank you, Robin. Thank you ladies and we will see you next time.



Thanks, Judy.


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