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All right, as soon as I’m live, okay, I am live Welcome, ladies. Welcome to thriver. Thursday live, the place to be to learn powerful scaling strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord. I’m here on Instagram. I’m here on Facebook, a couple of places and also on LinkedIn. Welcome, welcome. Today we’re talking about strategy, what it is, why it’s important, and the three components that make up this thing called strategy. So as we’re jumping on, please say hello, tell me where you’re from what you do. And of course, post your questions along the way. Okay. Did you know that while about 10% of women entrepreneurs are going to generate six figures in annual revenue. According to Forbes, only 2% of us will ever hit the seven figure mark. Okay. Now, I think that’s sad. And I’m on mission to change that. Okay. There are several reasons why there’s only one or 2% Hitting the seven figure mark, but chief among them is a lack of strategy. And here’s what I find. In my work as a business strategist working with really high achieving women. What I find is that even when we’re smart, even when we’re motivated, we tend to overemphasize the importance of the tactic, while grossly under estimating the strategy that’s behind the tactic. Okay, so we’re gonna unpack this thing called strategy, which is absolutely foundational in achieving high levels of success in business. And yes, definitely in hitting that seven figure, Mark. Now, before we go to prayer, I want to make sure that you know about a resource my team and I work really hard on to provide for you on an ongoing basis. And that is, besides these weekly lives, my joyful scaling podcast, and it was formerly called the she is extraordinary podcast. It can be found on Apple Stitcher, I Heart Radio, and wherever you listen, we have well over 200 episodes, and over 105 star reviews. And it’s a podcast that covers everything, all things business in life for the ambitious, high achieving woman of Christ. And if you haven’t checked it out, I encourage you to do so today and binge on episodes that cover marketing and sales and publicity and SEO and social media, business planning, balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship and so much more. And while you’re there, be sure to subscribe because new episodes drop every Tuesday with bonus episodes on Friday, and sometimes even more sprinkled in. Okay, you may be listening to the podcast right now, actually, because I turn these lives into episodes. And if that’s you, would you kindly take a moment to subscribe so you don’t miss another episode. And leave a review after listening because your feedback means so much. And that means the same to me your feedback here on Instagram, as well as wherever you’re watching here on stream yard. So let’s go to the Lord God Almighty and seek His presence with us here today before we get started. Heavenly Father, we thank You. We thank you for being who you are. And we thank you that we have the blessing of knowing you, Lord God, I am your vessel. I’m here for you. This business is to glorify You, Lord. So I pray that my words are pleasing to you redirect my words, Lord, I want to be available for the Spirit’s prompting. So we look forward to how you’re going to serve each and every one of these ladies, uniquely, as you do today, hitting the message and the words that you are allowing to flow from my lips to hit them in their mind and in their heart in a very special unique way. A message only from you, Lord to each one. Lord, we thank you, and we praise You. And it’s in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus we pray, amen. Amen. All right. So strategy, it’s word thrown around quite a bit in business. So



what does it really mean? Well, the definition is a plan of action that is designed to achieve a specific goal. Or it’s also defined as the skill of making those plans and carrying them out in order to achieve the goal. So strategizing at the end of the day is a skill, which is an awesome thing. Because that means it can be learned, okay? You should never say aloud, or even to yourself. I can’t strategize. I don’t know how I don’t know where to begin. Don’t ever say that. Okay, because you can acquire the skill of strategizing. And if you don’t know how great the worries you can learn, okay? Don’t overthink this. In fact, I don’t want you to overthink anything. Okay, I need you to decide the best part of your life. success in your business comes when you decide when you make that decision, that my success is inevitable. And I could do this. So I’m going to decide to learn. I’m going to read study, watch whatever it takes, and then I’m going to take action. That’s how we learn. That’s how I learned. Okay, so yes, strategizing requires us To use our brains that requires us to think you know what’s funny, and it’s actually pretty surprising. Our brains don’t like to do hard things, right? I mean, our brain is there to think, but it doesn’t want to think too hard. Okay? Our brains are naturally wired to keep us safe. And when we do new things, our brain naturally says, stop. Because our brain wants to maintain status quo, hey, let’s keep things where they are. Its job is to reserve energy to preserve itself and not work hard. Okay, that was surprising to me when I heard that. And when I think about it, I, it seems right to me, right? I know, there’s a whole bunch of science behind it. But I’m a practical gal. So to me, it’s like, does that make sense? Okay, great. Okay, so the way our brain works, that’s why when you do something new, for the first time, there’s going to be resistance. Okay, and that resistance could show up as fear, excuse making, maybe procrastination, or other things, okay. But now that you know that your brain is going to resist hard things, and maybe even this high level thinking I’m going to be talking about now you know, it’s there, so you can guard against it. Because success in your business is going to require that you stretch yourself and do uncomfortable things, things you’ve never done before. And that makes sense, right? Because inside your business, you are literally creating something, something amazing serving others transforming lives, you’re creating something from nothing. So that’s going to take effort, okay?



Does that make sense? So to create a strategy, or this intentional plan, you’ve got to spend time thinking about your goal, like, what do I want, and then what’s it going to take to get there. And then when you’ve thought all that through, then you create the step by step to get you to your goal. Okay? That’s the skill, the ability to think and think ahead and consider not only the steps along the way, but also the obstacles that are likely to pop up as you go. Right? So that you’re ready for them. Now, my time in law school taught me how to do exactly that, how to think strategically, right? I anticipate obstacles, I identify challenges, okay, and then I proactively plan a way around them, or through them to win. I, you will never meet a lawyer that says I like to lose, I hate to lose, I always want to win. And so I love thinking strategically so that I can map things out to get from here to there, and do it the simplest way I can and to beat to overcome anything that comes my way and stops me or attempts to to get my goal. Okay. Does that make sense? As a successful, impactful, driven CEO, you got to hone your strategic thinking skills. Okay, that’s you, you got to do this. And at the beginning, you will be met with resistance. But the more you do this all important thing work, the easier it’s going to become. And I’ll tell you, as I said, I love strategizing. It’s actually my genius, okay, I’m great at it. I identify those challenges, I find or even create opportunities, and I plan things step by step. Now, one example of my strategic thinking, so I always like to be practical. One example of my strategic thinking is bringing these weekly thriver Thursday lives, right. I first decide when I wanted to come live on a weekly basis Thursday at 11. See this great, isn’t it? Okay? Then I named the show, what am I going to call it? Don’t overthink it, you can always change it, okay. Then I thought what topics are important for my, my audience, those wanting to scale, right. And then with each day’s with each week’s topic, then I have an outline, or the main talking points for each to each show. So that is my step by step. So when you decide to take that first step, and decide, decide that you will not be overwhelmed when you not only believe but you know that you will figure it out and you’re going to maintain control of your thoughts and you’re going to say, I will not be overwhelmed. I can do this right. Then you will realize when you decide that nothing is insurmountable, and nothing is really too hard. It comes to the decision. Okay, isn’t that reassuring? Now, you’ll only come to that place. That confidence that knowing when you decide that that’s what you’re doing, and take action on that decision. Okay, If that makes sense. So, do you have a marketing strategy? Do you have a sales strategy? Do you have a visibility strategy or a publicity strategy or an OP strategy? Okay, is there a strategic plan of any sort inside your business? Be honest, like think about that. Do I have not only a plan some scribbled notes somewhere on a sticky but but laid out mapped out? Do I have a strategic plan? And if the answer to that is No, trust me on this, you do not need a template. This isn’t a copy and paste kind of thing. Because your business is not like anybody else’s business, nor do you want it to be okay. So trust me, I know, I know you want a template. But trust me, when I say you don’t need one, you’ve got the brainpower to create this, okay? You just need to think you’re smart. Go to the Lord, seek His guidance. Take pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard. Write down what God is telling you spend time thinking and writing and getting those great ideas. And that those thoughts down on paper.



Really, that’s it, okay. Now, if you perceive that as hard, if you say if you start right out of the gate, you say that’s hard, it’s going to be hard. And instead, if you perceive that as Oh, okay, I’m not gonna overthink this, I’m gonna take action on what you just said. And I’m gonna just, I’m just gonna do it. If you perceive that as easy and doable, guess what? It’s gonna be, you get to decide. I tell you that all the time. I’m going to keep telling it until it sinks in. Okay? You get to decide. And that’s truly amazing. Because the truth is, you control your thoughts. Excuse me. Now, let me tell you, I have overcome by God’s grace. You know, agoraphobia, anxiety, even some panic. And so I in an eating disorder, by the way, so I could be the first one to say that there was a time when I didn’t believe that I could control my thoughts. Okay. But I’ve come to know, as I’ve grown in my relationship with the Lord. And as I’ve studied and learned and worked on my mindset, that I know that I can control those thoughts. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the enemy wants to throw those nasty, fiery darts every time you’re walking in God’s will and in your purpose. But you got to understand those thoughts are going to come in, but it’s about what am I going to choose to think about? What am I going to ruminate on? What am I going to spend time thinking about? Okay, so that takes us to second Corinthians 10, verse five, where Scripture tells us hold every thought captive as antichrist. Okay, meaning we can’t let those negative thoughts control our life. When an unhealthy thought enters your head, you know, I’m not worthy, I can’t do this. This is overwhelming. We need to examine it. In the light of the knowledge of God. You know, we have to ask ourselves, does this thought that came into my mind have any basis in reality? Or am I anticipating something that may never happen, right? Like, that’s fear, I’m anticipating something that may or may not happen, right? And if that thought doesn’t have any evidence, in reality, then hold a captive to Christ. Don’t let it run wild in your mind. Don’t ruminate on it. Okay? Don’t let it lead your mind away from God’s goodness, because God doesn’t want you to fear he told us that 365 times you are in control of your mind. Okay, now, getting into the practical, what is strategy? These three components that I talked about? As I said earlier, too many of you are over emphasizing the importance of a tactic and grossly under estimating that strategy that’s behind the tactic. And one ready example is posting on social media. I see it all the time. You’re telling me, Judy, I know I need to be on social media, but I hate it. It’s too time consuming. You know, I’m not getting any traction. Okay, so my first question to you, I love these questions. Why do you think you need to be on social? Do you need to be on social? Hear me on this, please. You do not need to do anything. No matter who tells you that you do. You see strategic thinking, strategizing that puts you in the driver’s seat, so that you don’t just willy nilly do something. Unless and until you determine that it’s something that you should do that it makes sense for you and your business. So before you decide to do anything in your business, I don’t care who tells you what guru, whatever, I couldn’t care less, even if it’s me. I want you to strategically think through these three components to decide for yourself, whether in fact, you need to do this, okay? Or you should. Okay. So what are these three components there? The why, the what, and the how? I’m going to walk you through this, using that example of posting on social media. So here’s what that analysis looks like. First, the why, like, Why? Why should I do this in the first place? Does this tactic in this example the posting on social, does it make sense in light of my brand? In light of what I stand for, in light of my core values, and in light of who my audience is? And what’s important to them? Why should I do this? Right? Does it make sense?



The next one is what? If you decide that, you know, there’s a good reason why you should do this? Then what what is the goal? Specifically? Like what do you hope to achieve? By doing here? In this example, posting on social, be specific? Why would you do that? Why am I coming live with you every week? Is it to gain visibility? Is it to gain followers? Is it to gain some trust and establish credibility and authority? I don’t know. You got to decide. You got to decide the why then the what? And once you get there, then you can get to the how, how can I most effectively use the tactic? Or here? How can I most effectively post on social in order to achieve the goal that I’ve just set out for myself? This is strategy ladies, the why the what and the how it’s an intentional plan to reach your goal. Now, remember, when I said our brains don’t like to work hard it’s go to is to keep things the way they’ve always been? To take the easy way. That is why when you hear a guru say, do this, and they may even give you a template, and you think yay, work for them. gonna work for me. So you take their copy and paste template, you don’t give much thought to it, you take action. But you know what, it doesn’t work? At least that’s the conclusion you come to Okay. And maybe you’re right, maybe it won’t work for you, even though it worked for that Guru. Or maybe just maybe you don’t know if it’s gonna work for you. Why? Because you only did it for a short period of time. And you may have had unrealistic expectations, how long you would need to do whatever that tactic is. Or maybe you’re not clear on the details, right? The how of how to implement that tactic, because ladies details matter. Okay, so maybe it could have worked. But it didn’t at least that was your conclusion, because you didn’t think it through fully. Right? He didn’t strategize. He didn’t do independent thinking about it. You blindly accepted a model that works for a guru that might have hundreds of 1000s, or maybe millions of followers. He didn’t think about how you may need to have to adapt it to you and your situation. And so the results may have been less than stellar. In fact, the results could be in your eyes a failure. Okay, failure is a whole other topic that I should do another episode on at a later time. But strategizing, this high level thinking that I’m talking about is vital work for a thriving CEO. And that’s what you are Sr, you are a thriving CEO. Okay. Know that believe that if you don’t believe that you will struggle, I can guarantee you that. You can’t skip strategic thinking, Okay, this is your business. So you need to take control, you need to do the work. And the best part is though, when you do like when strategizing becomes something that you do on a regular and ongoing basis. It’s actually fun and exciting. Because it puts you in control. Who else is a control freak out there? I know I’m not alone, okay? If you want predictability in your business, you got to strategize. You got to know where you’re going, reverse engineer it. And you know, figure out how to go from where you are to where you want to go. Okay, I hope this has been inspirational and also something that I want you to now think about what’s my biggest takeaway? What am I going to do as a result of listening to this podcast episode or watching this video? Okay. All right. I want to end with this if you don’t have a marketing strategy If you have a marketing strategy but you’re not generating quality leads or enough leads, I want to personally invite you to join me tomorrow. Friday. Let’s hang out on a Friday afternoon right December 10 At one o’clock Eastern for my free masterclass it’s called lead generation made simple how to find and sign your very best clients. Those are the clients who love to work with right, the ones who value you, the ones who know you’re awesome, and they really want to work with you. All right, this masterclass is not going to be streaming on social, it’s happening in a much more intimate setting on Zoom live. Okay, there’s going to be a live q&a At the end along with an opportunity for some hot seat coaching, Hot Seat coaching if you’ve never done that, it’s scary and amazing all at the same time. Okay, so you may be chosen to get coached by me live at the end of the masterclass Okay, helping, I’m going to help you find solutions to your biggest challenge or your biggest questions. Okay,



so if you’d like to be among those considered for the live coaching, I need you to top height seat, Hot Seat, Hot Seat type Hot Seat, in the comments, wherever you’re watching, okay, but try to first be sure to register. Okay, you got to save your seat. I have had before I came on, I looked between LinkedIn and my landing page and some other places we’re at we have nearly 165 ladies that have registered, okay, but it is not too late to save your spot. Okay, I’m going to pop the link in below. After this. It’s Gen made simple. And the first letter of each of those words is capitalized Gen made simple Instagram, check the bio for that. Check that out for all the details and to complete your registration. Last thing I’ll say is these are the three big takeaways you’re going to learn at tomorrow’s masterclass. First, the number one lie you’ve been told when it comes to effective marketing and you’re gonna be so happy to learn that it is a lie. Alright, second, you’re going to learn the three things. Yes, it’s only three things you need to focus on to find the right clients. Again, these are the ones that you want to work with. They’re happy to pay you for your expertise, okay. And also, I’m going to teach you how to market your business in a way that actually feels good is in alignment with your values and your faith and it’s highly effective. Okay, so I really want you to join me there. So hi, Marilyn. So glad to see you and someone else who I don’t know said I agree you have to create steps to reach your goals. Absolutely. Absolutely. Alright ladies given the hour I have got to run but I am so hopeful to see you at the masterclass tomorrow Gen Made Simple. Hope to see you there if you have questions post them in the comments. I will always come back to answer them. Alright, wherever you’re watching or wherever you’re listening know that I love you know that you matter to me. Always let me know how I can serve you. Alright, laugh love you ladies. I will see you next time.


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